BRM Reviews the 5/23/2018 NXT

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BRM Reviews the 5/23/2018 NXT

Post by Big Red Machine » May 24th, '18, 21:59

HEAVY MACHINERY vs. TM61- 6.25/10
Coach is in the crowd. I really hope this doesn’t mean he’s coming to NXT. A good tag team match with TM61 once again using illegal leverage via feet on the ropes to pick up a win.

BIANCA BELAIR VIDEO PACKAGE- bad. This was them producing a video to tell us that we’ll get a video package next week.

Lacey got some good heat, Kairi made one of the most awesome fiery babyface comebacks you’ll ever see, and then… just watch the match. I loved this.

CATHY KELLY INTERIVEWS JOHNNY GARGANO- he’s in a neck brace and I guess they’re teasing a retirement.

BURCH & LORCAN INTERVIEW AFTER LAST WEEK’S WIN- they want a tag title shot


HANDICAP MATCH: Lars Sullivan vs. Ricochet & The Velveteen Dream- 6.5/10
TVD turned on Ricochet. The match was great up until that point. Lars pinned Ricochet with the Freak Accident.

DAKOTA KAI INTERVIEW- this loser is getting a title shot next week for some reason. She is failing to speak into the mic so she’s hard to hear. Shayna Baszler showed up to bully her some more. The only way she leaves the ring alive next week is if Baszler decides it will be more fun for her in the long run to keep Dakota alive for future torment.

JOHNNY GARGANO (& CANDICE LERAE PROMO)- He tried to tease retirement but the fans weren’t having it. I think the idea here is that he and Candice had decided that he should retire but Johnny just changed his mind right now.
He calls out Ciampa. Candice is trying to tell him he’s not healthy enough. Ciampa comes out and cuts a promo at him. Meanwhile, Candice has run off to the back, presumably to get security to stop this. Well... not security, exactly, but she came back with some referees. They’re all trying to keep Johnny away from Ciampa. Taunting happened. Eventually Ciampa knocked Johnny off the apron and he landed on Candice… and apparently when she is playing the role of Mrs. Johnny Gargano, Candice ceases to be Professional Wrestler Candice LeRae and thus loses all of her hit points, because we were supposed to think that she was near dead from this bump that I’ve seen her take a million times before in matches.

A decent episode of NXT. Lots of set-up going on. But make sure you watch that Lacey Evans vs. Kairi Sane match.

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