BRM Reviews the 5/1/2018 205 Live

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BRM Reviews the 5/1/2018 205 Live

Post by Big Red Machine » May 3rd, '18, 09:24

Heels win after the Japanese have a miscue. Itami shoved Tozawa down after and left without him. The announcers pointed out that it was Itami who accidentally hit Tozawa so he has nothing to complain about because it was his fault. They did a good job of letting Tozawa’s reaction sink in.

DREW GULAK PROMO- Look! He’s talking right into the camera. And it’s a real camera, not a cell phone! And it’s camera that someone else is holding! (If only said cameraperson could hold the damn thing STEADY). The promo itself was good.

BUDDY MURPHY vs. LIAM LOUIE- non rating, excellent squash.
Murphy dominated the jobber and was awarded a win by referee stoppage after letting the guy out of a pin after multiple powerbombs. The fans chanted “GILLBERG!” at the jobber. I believe there were also “KILL THE JOBBER!” chants, which is one I haven’t heard in a while.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT- Cedric Alexander came out to brawl with Buddy Murphy as revenge for Murphy ruining his championship celebration a few weeks ago.

Next week we’re getting Lucha House Party vs. Gallagher & Kendrick. Also announced is Murphy vs. Ali.

DASHA FUENTES INTERVIEWS CEDRIC ALEXANDER- he points out that he didn’t attack Murphy from behind like Murphy did to him because unlike Murphy, he is not a coward. He says that if Murphy wants to fight, he knows where to find him. Good babyface promo.


DREW GULAK vs. KALISTO (w/Lucha House Party)- 7/10
Gulak went after the mask a lot, but still won clean via Dragon Sleeper.

A very good episode of 205 Live (for a one-hour show). Not as good as usual, but we still got a great main event and everything feels like it’s going somewhere.

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