BRM Reviews the 4/4/2018 NXT

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BRM Reviews the 4/4/2018 NXT

Post by Big Red Machine » Apr 4th, '18, 22:25

DUSTY RHODES TAG TEAM CLASSIC FINALS: Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne vs. The Authors of Pain (w/Paul Ellering)- 6.5/10
Just when things were getting good, Undisputed Era (Cole & O’Reilly, as Fish is apparently injured) ran in for a double DQ. The look on O’Reilly’s face when Regal’s music played was awesome. Regal said that instead of no winner meaning they won’t defend their titles at all, they will now have to defend against both teams, and the winner of that match will also get the Dusty Cup. This was all fine, but it’s really awkward that Undisputed Era have the chance to win a tournament they weren’t even in.

NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH VIDEO PACKAGE- guys… this seriously might be the single greatest hype video package of all time. It got over all of the individual personalities in the match, as well as the importance of the title. Everyone should go watch this now. And at least once every day until Takeover.


The graphic left out the u in Vanessa’s last name. Either that or her TitanTron video added one that wasn’t supposed to be there. Bourne has improved since we last saw her, but this was basically an enhancement match for Kairi Sane.

LACEY EVANS PRESS CONFERENCE- this was the most wonderfully cartoonish heel promo I’ve ever seen. She is dressed one stepped away from being full on Cruella de Vil, and her promo was fit in with this perfectly. This was awesome.

COLE & O’REILLY YELL AT REGAL- Cole is unhappy that Regal is making him wrestle twice. Regal tells him that if he doesn’t want to wrestle twice then either the titles will be vacated or Cole can pull out of the North American Title match. William Regal is what an authority figure in pro wrestling should be.



These two were having an AWESOME match… and then they took a spill to the outside and the other four guys in the Ladder Match all ran out to have a stare-down with each other… and then the show just ended with no finish. WHAT THE F*CK?!
Even without the stupidity of going off the air with no finish, I would have hated this anyway because of how forced this felt. The first guy out was Velveteen Dream, who teased diving onto Dain and Sullivan, and I didn’t think this fit in with Dream’s character at all. Cole came out next, and while I could see him doing something like this, I don’t think he would do it this particular week based on what Regal did earlier. EC III might be someone who would have come out and tried to attack these two, but he is too smart to come out and attack these two giants unarmed, and while maybe I can see Ricochet doing it, by the time he came out it all felt way too forced to matter.

Aside from that last segment, this was a good go-home show from NXT, but in a vacuum it’s pretty disappointing, especially in the ring.

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