Somebody Set Me Straight on The Undisputed Era...

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Somebody Set Me Straight on The Undisputed Era...

Post by Bob-O » Mar 22nd, '18, 11:06

Specifically Adam Cole, but Fish and O'Reilly as well.

What's the story on these guys?

In my discovery of The Briscoe Brothers, I was introduced to Adam Cole. After he jumped Mcintire at TakeOver I did a little more homework on him, and absolutely got excited. The pops he gets, from his NXT debut to The Royal Rumble, proved to me that he's a bigger deal than I originally thought. He's probably my favorite thing going in WWE right now.

That said, firmly, what's the deal with him? He's insanely charasmatic, very hateable (that 'smug thing' he does in the corner when his opponents come out is AWESOME), he just has all the subtle things of his character worked out to a tee. Throws a great promo on the fly, he's great in the ring - like, carry a match with anyone great... but, what's he missing? Why do I feel like he's going to absolutely tank on the main roster? Maybe it's because he's smaller? I didn't feel that way with Rollins, Ambrose, Nakamura, Balor, Owens... I knew they'd be just fine when they got the call. Maybe it's because he's not dominating the show, or just his booking in general? I mean, he jumped the champion in his debut, and they blew the angle off at a house show (a house show with special guest referee Shawn Michaels, but still...), the losses to Allister and Dunn... maybe that's it. After this week's episode, it seems like they're attempting to do a little damage control with him, but still. As great as he is at his job, maybe he just looks a little generic? I feel like he was what heel Ziggler was supposed to be. What's he missing? Or, what am I missing? Help me out here, why is this the only time I've been dreading somebody I like getting called up?

I haven't looked into reDRagon a whole lot. I like that they're successful, but Kyle O'Reilly makes me uncomfortable. He reminds me of the way dudes act in porn before the actual porn starts happening. Like, you're thinking, "people don't act like this irl, but it's porn so who cares... lol but what if they did?" - Kyle O'Reilly does. Mute any Undisputed Era promo and cover up Kyle O'Reilly and you've got what looks like a wrestling promo, insert Kyle O'Reilly and I'm not sure if it's a wrestling promo or if we're about to go for a ride on the Bang Bus. Seriously, who would you rather have staring in your window at 3am? Luke Harper or Kyle O'Reilly? Think about that. YOU DON'T WANT ANYONE LOOKING AT YOU THE WAY KYLE O'REILLY LOOKS AT ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. The camera, his title belt, the fans, the punching bag, Bobby Fish... anything. What's the story on this guy? What am I missing?

Bobby Fish? I like him! I get the feeling that he's legitimate and just tolerates the other two. He comes across as so nice, like he doesn't belong with those guys. It hurts the credibility of the stable. Cole, who's so douchy you're waiting for him to drop the other two. O'Reilly, who just looks around for something to put his wiener in to. Then there's Bobby, with his sweet mustache, just lookin to tie people in knots and win matches. He smiles a lot, I'd like to drink a beer with him and talk about wrestling.

Anyway, that's my take. I have a feeling ReDRagon is dropping the titles and they're getting called up after Wrestlemania (call it a hunch, but I feel like they're gonna be The Mean Street Posse 2.0 for Shane). What am I missing? I know these guys have a history, I know they had to have been signed and paired up for a reason. Are we seeing squandered potential here? Are they a product of indy wrestling's scramble after WWE raided it? Again, I absolutely love everything except the way Kyle O'Reilly looks at things, but I get the feeling they're missing something...


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Re: Somebody Set Me Straight on The Undisputed Era...

Post by Big Red Machine » Mar 23rd, '18, 07:45

Cole's size could indeed be the issue.

As for Kyle... that's just Kyle. With him and Fish, NXT hasn't really given them the chance to be their obnoxious heel selves (mostly because Cole dominates the promos), but basically they are total jerk heels, with Kyle being kind of whiny, too, just to make him even more punchable. Give them a big dude (Donovan Dijak?) and put them on Smackdown and these guys could be your new Horsemen.
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Re: Somebody Set Me Straight on The Undisputed Era...

Post by RedSon » Mar 23rd, '18, 08:18

undisputed era are a good example of vanilla midgets, great wrestlers, but small and generic looking. their 'i'm from the indies' gimmick doesn't allow them to show much character work, so unless you followed them in the indies, it's hard to get invested in them
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