BRM Reviews the 2/14/2018 NXT (great!)

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BRM Reviews the 2/14/2018 NXT (great!)

Post by Big Red Machine » Feb 15th, '18, 21:24

WWE UK TITLE MATCH: Pete Dunne(c) vs. Roderick Strong- 8.25/10
Roddy worked the back while Dunne worked over Roddy’s arm, and every time Roddy got an advantage, Dunne was able to cut him off by going after his fingers. This was pretty darn awesome.

VELVETEEN DREAM PRESS CONFERENCE- he’s facing No Way Jose next week, but he makes it clear that he’s got a real problem with Tyler Bate.

ALEISTER BLACK PROMO- he says that he “being driven” to possess the NXT Title. He gets interrupted by Killian Dain, who warned him not to get in his way on his route to the title. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Dane talk before, either as Killian Dain or as Damo. He was very good, as was this segment. Dain turned to leave. Aleister told him that he would have to “fade to black” and Dain pretty much brushed it off.

TM61 vs. JOHN SKYLER & ANDREW DUCKWORTH- fine semi-squash.
TM61 got to look dominant, but they included a spot or two specifically to remind you that whichever one of them had the knee injury could be vulnerable.

NXT WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH: Ember Moon(c) vs. Shayna Baszler- 6.5/10 (but perfect for what it was)
Ember took it to Baszler right from the beginning and was really dominating her. She set up for the Eclipse but Baszler rolled to the outside, so Ember dived onto her but hurt her injured arm. Baszler went to work on the arm and probably could have ended it easily but instead she tried to break Ember’s arm on the outside but Kairi Sane came out and made the save, resulting in Baszler winning by DQ. Kairi and Baszler had a brief post-match brawl as well which resulted in Kairi sending Baszler scurrying.

Another great episode of NXT, but I am completely baffled as to why they didn’t make the match with the clean finish the main event. You lose nothing, but gain a more satisfying conclusion to your show, so why not do it?

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