BRM Reviews the 2/7/2018 NXT

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BRM Reviews the 2/7/2018 NXT

Post by Big Red Machine » Feb 9th, '18, 00:56

NXT TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Undisputed Era(c) (w/Adam Cole) vs. SAnitY (w/Killian Dain)- no rating, meh segment
SAnitY jumped Undisputed Era from behind and security had to separate them. Undisputed Era tried to leave but Regal came out and booked a six-man tornado tag for tonight’s main event. Okay… but what about SAnitY getting their title shot?

I totally forgot this feud was happening. Thankfully they had some clips to remind me that last time they met, Moss & Sabbatelli won because of illegal leverage. The crowd really hates Sabbatelli. He tried to cheat the same way on the finish but this time the referee saw it. Then Heavy Machinery made their comeback and won with their finisher.

POST-MATCH SEGMENT- Moss walked out on Sabbatelli. The crowd enjoyed this greatly.

JOHNNY GARGANO PROMO- He says he’s coming for Ciampa, but he gets interrupted by Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega. They take exception to him saying the he earned the fans respect. Vega savaged him with her promo. The crowd chanted for Candace, and Johnny reminded Vega that Candace kicked her ass at the PPV. Vega started to get in Gargano’s face so Candace came out and shoved her down. The heels retreated to the stage and Vega screamed “what is it going to take to get rid of you?” Gargano says he wants another title shot. Vega says okay, but if he loses, he has to leave NXT forever. Johnny accepts. This was really good, but I thought Candace should have gotten the chance to talk here.

SHAYNA BASZLER INTERVIEW/PRESS CONFERENCE THING- she came off like the cockiest piece of sh*t you’ve ever seen. It was excellent. She told the reporters that Ember Moon wasn’t a real champion “and you can tell her I said that.”

TYLER BATE INTERVIEW- it seems like he’ll start to face non-Brits now.

BIANCA BELAIR vs. JESSIE HILL- no rating, good squash
Bianca bulled her up into a cut-throat variation of the Rack, hit her with Mark Briscoe’s Cut-Throat Driver, then hit the Alley-Oop for the win.


TORNADO TAG TEAM MATCH: Undisputed Era vs. SAnitY- 8/10
The match was the expected wild brawl, with some weapons even being brought into play. SAnitY won.
This match was interrupted for a long commercial telling me that WrestleMania was just sixty days away. Dude… I’ve already subscribed to the WWE Network. You don’t need to sell WrestleMania to me.

A very good show from NXT combining some little segments with great promos and an awesome main event which kept the show from feeling like a second straight week of choppy post-Takeover water-treading,
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