BRM Reviews the 8/2/2017 NXT (awesome)

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BRM Reviews the 8/2/2017 NXT (awesome)

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 3rd, '17, 22:44

The match was short. But very good for the time it got. Mendoza had a good showing, but the finish could have gone a lot more smoothly.

PAUL ELLERING PROMO- SAnitY are getting a tag title shot at Takeover, so Ellering cut a promo on them. The promo was fine, but I kept getting distracted by the fact they chose to cut this promo in a hallway with a leaky roof.

Asuka was a HUGE asshole and finally got what has been coming to her. Ember nailed Asuka with the Eclipse and Asuka sold it like she was dead. Now that we know this move can put Asuka down, we can build the story of the match around it.

BOBBY ROODE INTERVIEW- Bobby was great but the audio was ATROCIOUS. He’s having a talking segment with Drew next week. Roddy tried to attack Roode after Booby said mean things about his family and had to be held back by other wrestlers. Regal scolded Roddy for not being professional and keeping his anger in check while backstage. Roddy is desperate for another shot at Roode.

STREET PROPHETS VIDEO- they have names now. One of them is Montez Ford, and the other is Angelo Dawkins, who feels like has been in developmental since I started watching it back in the fall off 2011 The internet tells me that this is untrue as he signed with WWE in December 2012, but the point remains that he has been around forever and I still didn’t recognize him. In case you are wondering why WWE hasn’t just given up on him yet (I know I was) the internet also told me that he is 6’5”, 280 lbs.

Nigel compared Deville to Cyborg (Cris Justino, not Victor Stone), which is ironic considering the challenge Cyborg would make after this was all taped. He also compared her to Holly Holm, which was also ironic because Sonya immediately proceeded to engage an exaggerated version of the antics that led to Bethe Correia getting knocked out by the aforementioned Holm a few weeks ago. This time, however, the woman being a jerk did not get any comeuppance, and Deville won a short but very boring in just over two minutes with a triangle armbar.

HIDEO ITAMI INTERVIEW- Yeah… KENTA’s English is not where it should be. He’s lagging a lot behind both Nakamura and Asuka, and he’s been coming to the US for a lot longer than either of those two.
Everything else they did here was pretty good. Speaking of “pretty good,” they did an angle to build up to Hideo Itami vs. Alesiter Black at Takeover, which should be a lot more than just “pretty good.”

Percy Watson mentioned that Kyle was a former ROH World Champion. When Mauro mentioned Pancrase I had a wonderful vision of Vince watching this with Hunter and demanding to know why the hell he was talking about a pancreas.
Another AWESOME NXT main event pitting Aleister Black against a member of reDRagon.

An excellent episode of NXT, even with a dud in the middle of it.

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