BRM Reviews the 6/6/2017 205 Live

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BRM Reviews the 6/6/2017 205 Live

Post by Big Red Machine » Jun 9th, '17, 10:32

NOAM DAR PROMO- We get a promo from Dar explaining that Alicia Fox isn’t with him tonight because she’s at home recovering from injuries suffered on Sunday. He also responds to some stuff that Cedric Alexander said last week. Cedric comes out and interrupts him so they can have their scheduled match…

Cedric wins a very good match.


DASHA INTERVIEWS TJP- interesting contrast between this and the video package. I like that they’re managing to keep him a heel even though he is in what would normally be a babyface spot in this feud.

MUSTAFA ALI vs. LOUIE VALLE- no rating, good segment.
Ali is squashing this guy and he goes up to the top rope to hit his finisher, but out comes Drew Gulak IN A SUIT AND TIE, with a sign that says “No Fly Zone” and a bullhorn, chanting “SAFE AND SOUND! FEET ON THE GROUND!” I both love this and hate it. Well… I think how I really feel is that I hate it, except that I really want to see it in CHIKARA.
Anyway, this distracts Ali and Valle rolls him up but Ali rolls through the roll-up and pins Valle with one of his own and then yelled at Gulak. One little touch I liked was that he actually looked over his shoulder once or twice to make sure Valle wasn’t going to attack him from behind. Gulak then cut a promo in which he congratulated Ali. Why? Because Ali won this match without using any high-flying. He used this as evidence that his philosophy of Catchpoint not going to the top rope is the only way Ali will ever achieve success. He said that the fans were losers and that Ali should ignore them and join him in his “campaign for a better Combat Zone 205 Live.” Ali dove onto him instead, then knocked over his sign. I see this going in one of two directions: Either we get a “Bill Watts Rules” match where coming off of the top rope is a DQ, or because we’re just ripping off indy angles now, we do the Christopher Daniels vs. Doug Williams stip from the first Glory By Honor but instead of shaking hands, if Ali loses he won’t be allowed to come off the top rope.


SWANN, TITUS, & TOZAWA BACKSTAGE- this was good, but unfortunately for Tozawa his facial expressions are so great that WWE is just going to slot him in a comedy role forever because of it.

DASHA INTERVIEWS NEVILLE- good stuff from Neville.

TJP didn’t get his entrance shown. That doesn’t bode well for him in the…

WWE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Neville(c) vs. TJ Perkins- 7.75/10
Pretty great match, but for a pay-off for a storyline that has lasted over a month I expected more. I was utterly shocked at Neville’s clean victory here. At this point who is left for him to face? I’d say Tozawa and Kalisto, but they’re both currently involved with Titus O’Neil. What other babyfaces are there?

This was a very good episode of 205 Live. This show feels like it has been a casualty of there just being so much other wrestling out there that it’s hard to find time for 205 Live. This could, of course, be helped by doing a better job of getting over the interesting stuff on Raw, but I really think the solution is to separate it from Raw (and SD) and make it its own show. Tape monthly like NXT does (probably on a Saturday Night) and build to bi-monthly PPVs (again, like NXT tends to do), and maybe have them only join the main roster for the Big Four (which should differentiate them from NXT). A more dedicated show that doesn’t rely on the ever-changing Raw booking to get its biggest angles over has a better chance of replicating NXT’s success (or perhaps eclipsing it, as it won’t suffer from the perception of being less than the main roster).

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