BRM Reviews the 5/17/2017 NXT

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BRM Reviews the 5/17/2017 NXT

Post by Big Red Machine » May 19th, '17, 01:46

BOBBY ROODE YELLS AT HIS LACKEY- surely you didn’t expect a star of the magnitude of Bobby Roode to carry his own bags, did you?

DREW MCINTYRE vs. SEAN MALUTA- this was like one of those old “ROH squashes” where they let the squashee look credible but it’s clear who real star is.

KAYLA INTERVIEWS DREW MCINTYRE- She asked Drew being in the crosshairs of Wesley Blake concerns him. He said it doesn’t. I laughed my ass off. Then he challenged Blake to a match next week.


Also, he’s wrestling Roddy at Takeover.

HIDEO ITAMI VIDEO PACKAGES (aired in several parts throughout the show)- these recapped big moments in his career. His NXT career, I mean. There were no clips of him wrestling Nakajima in NOAH or slapping Samoa Joe in the face at ROH In Your Face.
Wow. I had totally forgotten that The Ascension were once something to be feared.

UK TITLE MATCH VIDEO PACKAGE- I swear they’ve shown this video package at least fifteen times already. Ah. Here’s some new stuff.

ASUKA INTERVIEW- this took place in a moving car. She answered none of the questions, like the interview was an imposition upon her and a waste of her time. Then she got out of the car and there were fans there and she was a total babyface. It was odd, but that’s what we were supposed to think.

My explanation for this is that Sonya is Daria Berenato’s identical twin, separated at birth. What an amazing coincidence that they both became mixed martial artists and then pro wrestlers for the WWE.
Well… Lacey Evans has her entrance down. I just hope she’s not dizzy after all of that spinning.
This match was quite good for the time it got, considering the experience levels of the two women involved. It had a very raw feeling to it. You should definitely make an effort to watch this one.

Los Ingobernables reference by Nigel on commentary
Man. You’d almost think that these are two world-traveled veterans and not developmental wrestlers or something. And how about hat reaction to Ohno kicking out at one? That’s what happens when you don’t overuse something like that.

A fun go-home episode of NXT.

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