A Female SHIELD in NXT?

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A Female SHIELD in NXT?

Post by cero2k » Jun 10th, '13, 22:08

Source: ringbellesonline.com

Well, yes and no.

Footage has leaked out of some of the WWE developmental talent trying their hand at promos while being watched by their peers. Among them are a number of the Divas-in-waiting trying new styles – and in some cases, new gimmicks.

The screengrab to the left is from a promo by Paige, Summer Rae and the recently released Anya. Shot on December 13 last year, it pre-dates the feud which Paige and Summer are currently involved in, and is about a month after Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns debuted on the main roster as The Shield. It looks like an idea was toyed around for a female version in NXT to revitalise the women’s division, but never came to fruition.

It’s an interesting prospect though – Paige as the workhorse, Summer Rae as the mouth and Anya as the muscle could have been something which may have worked. As it turns out, we’ll never know, but you can let the idea run around in your mind for a while.

You can watch the video after the jump – and be fast, as there’s no telling when it will be pulled from the Internet. Also there are videos of Emma being slightly delusional, and Sasha Banks requesting a match from Charlotte – who may have been touted for a matchmaker role.



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