Cero Reviews DDTxChris Brookes Produce #3 - Danger & Pleasure Tour '96

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Cero Reviews DDTxChris Brookes Produce #3 - Danger & Pleasure Tour '96

Post by cero2k » Apr 6th, '21, 18:58

DDTxChris Brookes Produce #3 - Danger & Pleasure Tour '96
April 4th, 2021
Saitama Wrestle Budokan, Saitama, Japan

DDT Extreme Title Match
Chris Brookes (c) vs. Mecha Mummy - 5.5/10
Fun match. Story here was that Mecha Mummy and Shota were planning on turning Brookes into a Mecha Brookes, but Brookes was prepared for them and brought in some water based weapons, since it's Mecha Mummy's weakness. The referee didn't allow him to spit water for COVID concerns, Mecha Mummy destroyed Brooke's water gun, and so Brookes not having his to main weapons, had to fight him on while Masa filled out the kid's pool outside the ring.

Brookes survived the Mecha Drill, the Mecha Fist, being sent into the castle of chairs, and even at one point stole the Jet Scrander and used it against MM. At the end, Masa tossed a beer on MM, Brookes got MM with the Rocket Punch, sending MM to the pool, and Brookes used the malfunctioning to pin him for the win.

Post-match - Mecha Mummy revived and attacked Brookes, but suddenly Mokujin ken showed up and got in a fight with Mecha Mummy for the big pull apart.

The New Men's Club (Hagane Shinnou, Makoto Oishi & MEN's Teioh) vs. The 37KAMIINA (MAO & Yuki Ueno) & Keigo Nakamura - 7/10
This was fun, good wrestling for the most part with the small exceptions of some miscommunication in a couple of spots, and just the fact that Teioh is 54 years old, but even for a man that age, he was moving quite good.

Good match, but not much to it. match was your typical 6-man match with Nakamura get worked on for a while and quickly turning into tornado tag with both teams coming in and out. At the end, Men's Club triple teamed Nakamura and got the win.

HARASHIMA vs. Baliyan Akki - 7.5/10
I'm so accustomed to seeing Akki wrestle in the ChocoPro environment, that I don't always know how to read his selling, sometimes I'm surprised by how good he is, and when he botches, I wonder if it's just actual ring rust from working inside a ring. Miscalculating a 450 splash and landing slightly further than your opponent feels like something that would happen if you're not training and working in a ring as often as you do in a mat in Ichigaya.

Match was great for what it was, it went about 15 minutes or so, but it was all action. No doubt HARASHIMA is one of the best wrestlers out there that should be more famous, to be this great at his age is amazing. HARASHIMA worked over Akki's midsection, which Akki sold like he had trouble breathing, and this is when I don't know if Akki gets blown up easily, or he's just a good seller. Akki would eventually make a comeback and get some good hope spots, at one point hitting a Namaste 450 Splash for a near fall. HARASHIMA won with Somata a couple of minutes later.

Another good short show produced by Brookes, a little taste of all types of matches with a comedy match, a multi-man action match, and a good singles match. Worth the hour it takes to watch this show.

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