BRM Reviews wXw Femme Fatales 2016

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BRM Reviews wXw Femme Fatales 2016

Post by Big Red Machine » Apr 14th, '18, 18:29

wXw Femme Fatales 2016 (10/1/2016)- Oberhausen, Germany

FEMME FATALES FIRST ROUND MATCH: Leah Vaughan vs. Melanie Gray- 6/10
This was awesome for the time it got. Melanie’s arm was injured going in. She got shined up, then Leah worked over her arm, hit her moonsault (after missing the Flying Dutchman early on), but Melanie kicked out, made her comeback, and won.

JINNY PROMO- f*cking awesome, as always.
First she buries the fans. Then she vows to end Dahlia Black’s career and says “if she dares to come out here in an outfit I disapprove of, I’m going to make her feel as much pain as all of the animals when they get skinned for my fur coats.” Best heel in the business.

FEMME FATALES FIRST ROUND MATCH: Dahlia Black vs. Jinny- 4/10
Remember what Jinny just said? Well Dahlia came out in a top that was half green and half orange, with black trim on the bottom, an orange skirt with a black waistband, green, very visible leotard-bottom-like underpants because her skirt was sitting up so high, pink knee pads, and black and white sneakers.
Needless to say, Jinny did not approve. She slapped Dahlia in the face, Dahlia responded with a forearm, and we were off and running with a slugfest. Jinny took over and spent most of the match just beating Dahlia about the head. Dahlia got one move in, then went for Dark Side of the Moonsault but stopped to redo her hair tie first, causing her to miss, then get hit with the Styles Clash and lose. I thought that made Dahlia look like an idiot.

FEMME FATALES FIRST ROUND MATCH: Alexis Rose vs. Alpha Female (w/Marius van Beethoven)- no rating, fine semi-squash.
Alpha Female was a tank. Rose was allowed some offense in the form of a few running dropkicks, but was quickly cut off and put down.

FEMME FATALES FIRST ROUND MATCH: Pollyanna vs. Shanna- 5.75/10

A decent big woman vs. little woman match for the time it got, though sloppy at times

FEMME FATALES FOUR-WAY ELIMINATION FINALS: Melanie Gray vs. Shanna vs. Jinny vs. Alpha Female (w/Marius van Beethoven)- 4.5/10
Melanie is eliminated by Jinny due to interference from Marius van Beethoven. Shanna and Jinny might have had Alpha Female beat but they fought over who would get the pin even though it didn’t matter one lick. They then had their segment, with Shanna eliminating Jinny, leaving us with just Shanna and Alpha Female. The ref saw Marius interfering but didn’t call for the DQ. This happened a second time, then Shanna won.

This show was less than an hour long, and it shows. The strange part is that the first three matches were quite good for the time they got. The big mistake was giving too much time to the fourth and fifth matches. The fourth one just went too long and the fifth one should have just been a squash. Even so, this really would only save about six minutes, and while that would have certainly helped the main event a bit, I really don’t see why the show couldn’t have gone another ten minutes. It’s not like wXw wasn’t using the building later anyway. Not so coincidentally, that show, World Tag Team League 2016: Day 2, will be my next review.

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