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BRM Reviews wXw We Love Wrestling #35

Post by Big Red Machine » Nov 5th, '22, 19:12

wXw We Love Wrestling #35 (7/16/2022)- Frankfurt, Germany
The broadcast date for this one is 7/20.

Ahura won cleanly in eleven minutes, although the first ninety seconds or so was gaga. Ahura has a new finisher, which is somewhere between a Slingblade and a Zig-Zag. I don’t see Ahura winning the title, so bringing him in with momentum only to set him up to quickly lose to the world champion seems like a waste, especially if he is going to be carrying around the old Shotgun Title belt that was stripped from him and insisting that he is still the rightful champion. It’s possible that Norman costs him the title and they feud, but if that’s not what they’re doing, this seems like it will wind up being a big waste of both momentum and the opportunity to do a storyline that you don’t get the chance to do particularly often (with the guy having his own belt and claiming to be the rightful champion, and having something of a solid argument).

LSG is here because he will be a new trainer at the wXw Wrestling Academy. He cut a promo about how he loved his time in wXw, but now he will show us all how he as grown and become the “Ace of Space.” Also, he is here to coach youngsters like these, and like his friend The Rotation. He spoke with confidence, but it sounded like one of those indy promos you’d here in the early 2000s where it feels like the confidence is something he learned in an acting or public speaking class. Like he was here to give a speech, and as a result it sounded a little arrogant (especially for someone who really isn’t even close to being a big name). The other two came off much more like real people, speaking about the betrayal they felt when their trainers turned on them. This was doubly impressive in Tihanyi’s case, as he was speaking English, which isn’t his first language.

In his pre-match promo, Levaniel promised to respect Jurn Simmons’ wishes and not get involved in the title match at Dead End 2022.
This was a fine match with a great finish. Said finish saw Hektor g for a moonsault press, but Levaniel just turned sideways and stuck his knee out, and Hektor’s chin landed right on Levaniel’s knee, then Levaniel pinned him. Any time you see a spot and immediately say “that looked so sick it needs to be the finish,” and then it actually is the finish, it’s a great finish.

They are inexplicably booked in a match where Maggot is defending his Shotgun Title against his pal Heisenberg… and Maggot’s girlfriend Baby Allison is the special guest referee. They explain that Norman Harras is doing this to try to split them apart. That does explain it… although it then requires an answer for the question of why Norman would be doing this.
They claim to have a plan, and it seems clear that their plan is for Heisenberg to just lie down for Maggot. Aren’t they supposed to be babyfaces? I don’t know why the crowd started cheering them back in March, but wXw should have responded to that by either having them actually turn face or by trying to make them more heelish (or at least just ignoring the reaction). Instead, what wXw did is having them continue to act like heels, but start booking them against other heels, so the fans would keep cheering them anyway.
Heisenberg didn’t seem so thrilled about all of this, but agreed to go along with the plan.
Then Ahura showed up, all happy and signing. Heisenberg immediately walked away. Ahura was a complete and total douche here. This served the purpose of giving us tension between these two. The tension wo& up being more about Ahura claiming to have “left the spotlight to” Maggot rather than Ahura walking around with a Shotgun Title belt when Maggot is the rightful champion, but that fact was used to get into what feels like it will be the bigger issue between them, and the way they did it certainly fit both characters. The problem is that the booking seems to suggest that all of these people are supposed to be babyfaces, but they all come off like total heels.

ORSI vs. B3CCA- 4/10
They did stuff for a while until we got a weird finish where Orsi seemed to kick out but the ref said she didn’t get her shoulder up. I couldn’t tell whether she did or not, but based on the expression on B3CCA’s face, I’m assuming this wasn’t the planned finish.
On her way to the back, B3CCA told the camera that she won without even having to use her “finisher” (I hate when wrestlers use that term), and therefore she demands a title shot.

Archer says that the new guy is much better than Dan, and I completely agree. He comes across like a f*cking professional. Then the guy noted that Archer lost the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title the last time he was in Frankfurt, and Archer got upset with him and dragged him off. Rott & Flott cut a promo building up their title defense against Only Friends at Dead End 2022. Then Archer came back without the interviewer and told Jurn that he would not win the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title at Dead End.
I’m not really sure why Only Friends are getting a title shot, as they lost their last one cleanly. If you want to give them a title shot, build them up first!

ELIJAH BLUM, LSG, & PETER TIHANYI vs. AMBOSS (Robert Dreissker & the Arrows of Hungary)- 7/10
This was a great fifteen minutes of action. This was what the Amboss vs. semi-random team of guys main event of the previous show needed to be.

wXw SHOTGUN TITLE MATCH WITH BABY ALLISON AS SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE: Maggot(c) vs. Vincent Heisenberg- no rating, bad segment
Their plan was to both get counted out on purpose. I was SOOO happy we didn’t get one of those stupid New Japan “I’ll just lie down for you” tease situations. Before Baby Allison got to ten, though, Director of Sport Norman Harras came out and said that if the match wasn’t decided in the ring, he would strip both Maggot and Baby Allison of their titles.
NOW Maggot and Baby Allison tried to get Heisenberg to lie down for Maggot. Heisenberg eventually gave in and did so, but then decided to kick out. Maggot and Allison again tried to talk him into laying down, but Heisenberg refused, and we got a real match after all. When Heisenberg finally got his first pin on Maggot, though, Baby Allison refused to count. She was eventually cajoled into doing so the next time. The match continued until Baby Allison decided to put a stop to it, slapping them both and demanding they all sit down and just wait the clock out. They did just that, so the match ended in a draw. Norman Harras came out to yell at them. Baby Allison slapped him, and Norman vowed that there would be consequences.
Yes, this sets up a feud, but it wasn’t fun to watch, and it came out of nowhere. And why? So we can return to the idea of Norman being obsessed with becoming Shotgun Champion? It has been OVER A YEAR of this. It sucks, and it takes a guy who should be on his way to being a big star and turns him into a joke by constantly making him look like a failure. Is that (and making us sit through a match that ended in two minutes of people just sitting down in the ring) really worth setting up a feud between Norman and Maggot? Couldn’t you have come up with some other way to set this feud up?

TRISTAN ARCHER & ROTT & FLOTT vs. JURN SIMMONS & ONLY FRIENDS (Bobby Gunns & Michael Knight)- 8/10
They referee totally lost control of things and stopped counting them out at one point, which is very rare for wXw. The rest of the match wasn’t quite as chaotic, but it was just as crazy. This was your typical awesome six-man tag to build up both the world title and tag titles matches at the PPV. Knight got a submission victory on Nikita Charisma while Bobby Gunns had Michael Shenkenberg locked in an Octopus Hold, essentially post-facto justifying their tag title shot.

This was a good show from wXw, essentially correcting the mistakes of the previous show… albeit with one big mistake in the Shotgun Title silliness. It did a fine job of building up to the big show, which was the real goal here, so mission accomplished.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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