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Cero Reviews STARDOM Sendai Cinderella

Post by cero2k » Nov 30th, '20, 14:58

STARDOM Stardom Sendai Cinderella
November 15, 2020
Sendai, Japan

Future Of Stardom Title Match
Maika (c) vs. Saya Iida - 7/10
This isn't that weird to see in many Japanese promotions, but I love me a stable that supports each other like Donna del Mondo does. Find yourself a stable that is not egotistic enough that they won't hold the ropes for you. And talking about DdM, they haven't been with the promotion for long, but between them, Giulia especially, and Saya Iida for that matter, STARDOM has a big chance to win all the Rookie and Most Improved of the year.

The match was a great opener, Saya is a total destroyer, packed in a small package, while Maika is just a well rounded wrestler with a big future.

Riho vs. Starlight Kid vs. Hanan vs. Hina vs. Saya Kamitani - 6.5/10
We have two STARS and two QQs, and Riho who has been more on the STARS side, and thus, we got some team moves here and there. We did get Riho vs Kamitani which was likely the thing that most people wanted to see, at least I did.

The match was all fun, quick action, a lot of spots with all women involved and one with the referee. Starlight Kid won, which seemed like the right decision since Kamitani and Riho, the two that are slightly higher than her in the totem pole, didn't need a win here.

Oedo Tai (Natsuko Tora, Rina & Saki Kashima) vs. Cosmic Angels (Mina Shirakawa, Tam Nakano & Unagi Sayaka) - 6/10
Good stuff, but nothing outstanding, I actually felt it went a couple of minutes longer than it should have. Sayaka was the babyface in peril, Shirakawa got the pin at the end. Actually, some of the Shirakawa vs Rina stuff at the end was somewhat sloppy.

Current OT theme is perfect for Natsuko, but I really miss the campy happy Oedo Tai theme.

High Speed Title Match
AZM (c) vs. Gokigen Death - 6.5/10
DEFINITELY High Speed. This lasted less than 4 minutes and in those minutes, they managed to get a bit of GD offense and AZM turning the match around and winning. Nothing against GD, but neither of her last gimmicks would had made me think she had any chance in hell at defeating AZM.

Momo Watanabe vs. Himeka - 8.5/10
Great stuff, Moo looked dominant even if Himeka took over the second half of the match. I didn't fully agree with Momo being so hurt when she won, she could have had a stronger comeback into the win. She's definitely being built towards a title match soon, and defeating Himeka and standing tall would had been better

SWA Undisputed World Women's Title Match
Bea Priestley (c) vs. Syuri - 8/10
Good match, it was short, but it felt really packed. They're both kickers, so they worked each other's heads for the most part, with the small difference that Bea's approach was to try and take out Syuri's leg early on, but as the match went on, she did enough damaged and moved into the head work. Syuri at the end won the SWA title, and I wasn't all that surprised, she is definitely rising as a wrestler and you can tell the promotion likes her, I do believe she has finally signed with STARDOM.

Post-match - Syuri told Bea that she sucked, and so Bea threw a fit as she was carried to the back. Syuri said that she wanted to change the rules of the SWA title so that she could wrestle more Japanese nationals and make the title shine.

Wonder Of Stardom Title Match
Giulia (c) vs. Konami - 9/10
This was awesome. Konami has always been one of my favorites, totally underrated, and Giulia, is in my opinion, hands down, the most improved wrestler of the year.

There was a lot of grappling in this match, some striking towards the end. They both worked on each other's arms, and other than that, the match consisted on the slow progressions towards their respective finishers. Konami actually got to kick out of some of Giulia's bigger stuff like a crunchy and escaped the Stealth Viper, but at the end, Giulia won with the Glorious Driver.

This match had the most disgusting sounding headbutt I've ever seen, it sounded stiff as fuck, like not even Shibata, Ishii, or Thatcher sounded as stiff. They seemed ok afterwards, so that thumb must have taken all the force.

World Of Stardom Title Match
Mayu Iwatani (c) vs. Utami Hayashishita - 9/10
This match was arguably way more dramatic than the previous match, but I think that going from a submission based match into a big moves type of match had the crowd a bit tired and it took a while for them to get passionate about the match.

The match was a match between the two top wrestlers in the promotion in terms of wrestling talent, Iwatani always delivers, and Hayashishita, who is only a couple of years in and has risen to become one of the top wrestlers in the world brought the fight to Iwatani. The bigger spots of the match were the Piledriver and Neckbreaker to Utami and Mayu respectively, they were the two big points were the match changed momentum.

I especially loved the end of the match, Hayashishita had complete dominance over Mayu, who started to seem desperate to get anything in, her movements seemed like she knew she was done for and went for a desperation roll up but she couldn't keep the pin down, and it was just a matter of Hayashishita to hit the Towerhacker Bomb for the win.

Mayu had been a great champion and she could had kept it and gone further, but I'm not gonna lie, I am extremely happy for Hayashishita, I've been a fan of her since her STARDOM debut. In a small promotion, it's hard to say that this opens up a bunch of new matches, but it will fell like a change of

Post-match - I don't think that it's something to look into, but Iwatani was so mentally destroyed that she even pushed off Starlight Kid after the match when she tried to help her, and Iwatani just limped her way to the back, not waiting for anything or anyone.

Hayashishita got her title and throphy. She said that coming in, she felt the weight of 10 years of history with Mayu, but that this is the start of a new era. She made an open challenge for her first defense at the end of December.

Out came Giulia and Syuri from Donna del Mondo. Giulia said she wanted to see who was the strongest of the two champions. Syuri challenged to a double title on the line match. While they were making cases about what titles should be best for a double champion, Momo Watanabe jumped in and said that all she cared for was the red title and that she wanted a shot.

Utami chose the one person that has a 0-1-1 record against, and that is Momo. Giulia not allowing herself to be outshone, challenged Syuri for a title vs title match. December 20th, Momo vs Hayashishita and Giulia vs Syuri.

Queen's Quest closed the show.

Great show, really eventful with two big title changes. The wrestling all around was good to great, the two final matches were top notch, and they built a really strong show to close the year.

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