Cero Reviews Women's Wrestling Revolution Presents WWR vs The World

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Cero Reviews Women's Wrestling Revolution Presents WWR vs The World

Post by cero2k » Nov 23rd, '18, 13:16

Women's Wrestling Revolution Presents WWR vs The World
October 28TH, 2018
Deer Park, New York

Alpha Female vs Kimber Lee - 5.5/10
Alpha Female came out wearing a skull half-mask and looked terrifying. Alpha started the match strong and within a minute she had an Anaconda Vice in the middle of the ring which Kimber Lee managed to make the ropes. Lee tried to use some speed on Alpha getting some two counts, but Alpha simply cut her off and went back into the punishment, getting a cocky near fall after a Dominator.

They kept going back and forward with Alpha having control and Kimber Lee having small comebacks and flurries of offense, looking for quick pins, only to be cut off again by Alpha Female, until one of those cut off was another Dominator and Female got the pin. This match kinda made Kimber Lee look like she came in with zero plan, especially since this is supposed to be the rematch from the MYC, yet she fought like hoping her normal offense would hurt someone like Alpha Female. I think if they had tried to do a 'hoss fight' here instead of clash of styles, Kimber Lee would had looked like being at the level of Alpha Female

Post-match - Alpha Female offers Lee a hand shake, who takes it, only to be attacked by Female once again.

Thunder Rosa vs Harlow O'Hara - 6.5/10
Thunder Rosa started the match trying to get everyone to dance, including O'Hara who simply used the opportunity to clothesline Rosa. This match was a far better display of power vs speed clash, with Rosa doing a lot of lucha ranas, pins, and submissions; meanwhile, O'Hara kept it grounded and focused strikes and tossing around Rosa. At one point, O'Hara caught Rosa in the Butterfly Guillotine, which sets up The Confessional, but Rosa kicked out at two. Rosa came back and hit a top rope Footstomp for the win. Good match considering that O'Hara is still quite green.

Skylar vs Alisha Edwards vs Davienne vs Oceanea - 6/10
Oceanea has a good build, but dammit, she really needs to get a better attire and drop the facepaint, it looks more like a zombie than someone from the deep blue sea. Alisha, Davienne, and Oceanea somewhat, are all heels, so they all ganged up on Skylar until the heels are forced to fight each other. This however, made every single one of Skylar's comebacks look great and get good reactions.

They did a spot with all four women locking each other with submissions, the set up was weird, but the final structure looked cool. Last few minutes of the match saw all four of them just going at each other all over the ring, it was intense enough that the botches looked vicious. Skylar got the pin over Oceanea with a bad looking Pedigree. It was fun.

"The Bad Girl" Penelope Ford vs "The Destroyer" Jessica Troy - 7/10
They started the match going toe-to-toe with chain wrestling and looking form some submission locks, Troy working Ford's arm, but as Penelope made a small comeback and brought the strikes into the match, Form changed her offense and started going for more chops and kicks. Troy cut her off again, dropping her with a neckbreaker, and once again, Troy was able to focus on the arm. Ford went for a Lethal Injection, but Troy blocked it and hit a Backplex for a near fall. Ford got a near fall after a cutter that looked more like a stunner, and as Troy goes for a German, Ford counters, hits an Okana Roll, and bridges for the pin and win. Good match.

Karen Q vs Zoe Lucas - 7/10
Match started with chain wrestling, with Zoe's British style and Japanese experience, she worked in some great looking arm locks, at least until Karen Q got out and went for strikes instead. Zoe Lucas didn't fully lost control as she can keep her own with her kicks. They kept going back and forward for the rest of the match, at one point getting into a strike off that Karen Q won and finally made a comeback strong enough to get a near fall after an Exploder. Lucas came back with a DVD and Penalty Kick for a near fall. Finish saw Q hit a full Nelson Slam for a near fall, but at the kick out, Q turns it into a Boston Crab that Lucas tapped out immediately, probably due to the difference in size between them. Both women are great, I'm really surprised that WWE hasn't snatched Lucas away already.

LuFisto vs Shazza McKenzie - 7.5/10
LuFisto's wounded owl headdress needs to go, doesn't look bad, just weird. Match stared as a fairly sporty trade of wrestling, but as it went on and they found themselves outside the ring, it got more intense. LuFisto worked over Shazza's back, while Shazza was mostly working the chest via strikes. They followed with all back and forward wrestling, a lot trading power moves like each of them hitting Exploders one after the other, followed by simultaneous clotheslines. Shazza started getting some momentum chasing her finish, but at in the corner, LuFisto blocked her, hit the Burning Hammer, and the win. Really good match, this was a better Alpha Female vs Kimber Lee than the opener, it still had some issues that I'll bring up at the conclusion of the show.

Undeniably Impressive vs The Bird And The Bee - 7/10
This is contested under Lucha Tag Rules. TB&TB is Solo Darling and Willow Nightingale. UI is Tessa and Indi Hartwell.

Solo and Tessa started the match with some mat wrestling, move-by-move until Solo gets enough offense and forces Tessa to get out of the ring to catch a breather and cut off Solo. Indi and Willow come in and do more of a power vs speed exchange, with Willow getting the upper hand thanks to her size. Solo comes in and starts working over Indi until she tags in Willow, and thanks to Tessa's interference, they cut the ring in half on Willow.

They worked over Willow for a while, really great offense by Tessa, with Willow having small hope spots here and there, but Tessa wouldn't let her off until Willow managed to hit a superkick on Tessa that rocked her enough to tag in Solo for the hot tag. Tessa regained control over Solo Darling, but UI lost it as soon as Indi came in. The last few minutes of the match, the match got all Tornado Tag with TB&TB going for the kill, but not being able to land it. They traded finishers on each other, ending with a corner version of the Hart Attack and the KRS-1 from TB&TB on Indi for the win. Finish was ugly, but the match was pretty good; however, there was no need for lucha tag rules at all. Tessa is worth a million bucks.

Terra Callaway Promo - She cut a promo saying that she was only brought it as a back up and she wasn't going to be disrespected like that, and thus called out anyone who wanted to die tonight.

Terra Callaway vs Delmi Exo - No rating, ok segment
Terra attacked Delmi during the introductions, she hit a Sidewalk Slam and had the pin, but Terra herself broke it up. She continued this type of punishment over Delmi until Harlow O'Hara came out for the save, only to be attacked by O'Hara too, giving Delmi the DQ win. Oceania came out for the save and the Sea Stars are reunited. Kinda weird doing a segment like this at the end of the show, but given Terra's argument, it makes more sense to wait until the end once Terra can confirm she got flown in for nothing.

NWA World Women's Title Match
Jazz vs Jordynne Grace - 4/10
I don't know if Jazz knows that Grace is coming in with a legit injured ankle, but a lot of her offense at first hit the ankle, and I'm hoping it's all good since I was cringying for Grace. She did however transition into the upper body as the match went on.

The match itself was more of a hoss fight, with a lot of striking and high impact moves. Jazz started getting frustrated that she couldn't put Grace away, and started pulling out some dirty tactics like raking the eyes, and following it up with either a submission or a big move, constantly looking for the win. It was until after halfway through the match, that Grace started to make a comeback and chase her powerbomb finish, and then out of nowhere, Jazz hit an ugly looking Michinoku Driver for the win. Pretty bad match, Grace never had a proper comeback, so it almost felt like an extended squash at the end. It did seem like Grace had re-injured her ankle.

Finally got around to reviewing one of these shows, which given the name of the promotion, I just felt like it was my duty to check it out. I liked the overall feel of the show, felt like it had better production than other all female promotions in the US, I liked the selection of talent, which are mostly a lot of women that hit up the female super indies, and granted this may be a one off thing since it's a promotion vs the world show, it gives me hopes for the rest of the shows coming up. Wrestling itself was up and down, some of these women are really talented, but some aren't there yet and sometimes the pairing wasn't the best. I wasn't a fan of the main event's finish, but i'll give it the benefit of the doubt since I don't know if Grace got injured there at the end.

I do have a small complain with the wrestlers, I saw a lot of spots and taunts repeated one match after the other, like both Penelope Ford and Zoe Lucas do a leg split in their introductions, and it's those things that is a bit of a pet peeve in indie wrestling. I understand that some moves get popular and everyone wants to do them, and as long as they're not finishers, I really don't mind if everyone hits an Exploder in their match, but stuff like introductions is more character based and I think there needs to be more communication between the wrestler's. This isn't a WWR problem, it's an overall wrestling problem, unless you're ok being a generic wrestler.

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Re: Cero Reviews Women's Wrestling Revolution Presents WWR vs The World

Post by KILLdozer » Dec 15th, '18, 22:18

Lufisto still wrestles? Next to WWE LOL.
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