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BRM Reviews SHINE 53

Post by Big Red Machine » Sep 9th, '18, 14:07

SHINE 53 (9/8/2018)- Queens, NY

SHINE TITLE TOURNAMENT QUARTERFINAL MATCH: Ivelisse vs. Candy Cartwright (w/the Cutie Pie Club)- 4.5/10
Ivelisse advances after Aja Perera stops Candy from using her SHINE Nova Championship belt as a weapon.


SHINE TITLE TOURNAMENT QUARTERFINAL MATCH: Mercedes Martinez vs. Stormie Lee- 6.5/10

SHINE TITLE TOURNAMENT QUARTERFINAL MATCH: Priscilla Kelly vs. Santana Garrett- 6.75/10
They did a very good job of getting the hate across, and I thought the finish was about the perfect way to prove Priscilla correct about Santana there being something phony about Santana.

SHINE TITLE TOURNAMENT SEMIFINAL MATCH: Mercedes Martinez vs. Ivelisse- 7.5/10
An excellent wrestling contest (with some hard striking thrown in there as well).

SHINE TITLE TOURNAMENT SEMIFINAL MATCH: Allysin Kay vs. Santana Garrett- 6/10

SHINE TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Twizted Sisters(c) vs. The Cutie Pie Club (Kiera Hogan & Dementia D’Rose)- 5.5/10
The announcers pushed that Hogan & D’Rose were at ringside for Candy Cartwright’s match but Cartwright was not at ringside for theirs.

SHINE TITLE TOURNAMENT FINALS: Allysin Kay vs. Mercedes Martinez (w/Ivelisse)- 7/10
These two had quite the brawl here. Kay’s unnecessarily dickish behavior towards Ivelisse on the outside wound up turning the crowd on her, though they still popped huge when she finally won. Kay wanted a post-match show of respect from Martinez and Ivelisse. She got it from the former but got flipped off by the latter.

This was a decent little show from SHINE. The wrestling was fine, the crowd was hot, the show was easy to sit through and the climactic moment at the end of the tournament felt big. That being said, nothing here was gripping enough to make me excited for the next show. That doesn’t mean I won’t watch it, but unless something really exciting gets booked, SHINE will remain taking a backseat to many other promotions in my priorities list.
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