Cero Reviews STARDOM New Years Stars 2017 - Day 4

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Cero Reviews STARDOM New Years Stars 2017 - Day 4

Post by cero2k » Nov 15th, '17, 12:29

Stardom New Years Stars 2017 - Day 4
January 29, 2017
Tokyo, Japan

Ruaka vs Arisu Nanase vs Kaori Yoneyama - 3.5/10
They tried to do some x-division style 3-women spots, they failed at it. Match was mostly Ruaka and Kaori double teaming Arisu until it became a fight between then, then Kaori fought Arisu for a while and ended the match with Kaori winning. Not a good opener.

There's a really happy impressed fan really close to the microphone, it's really annoying.

Konami vs Natsuko Tora - 6.5/10
Konami's pre-match promo was saying that she has never seen her matches, yet they teamed together at the beginning of the year, way to not pay attention Konami. This was a great match, hard striking and submission based, Konami worked the whole match on Tora's leg ending with a submission to such leg. Tora had some hope spots here and there, but Konami really dominated the whole match.

Deonna Purrazzo, Shayna Baszler, & Christi Jaynes vs Oedo Tai (Viper, Kris Wolf, & Kagetsu) - 6.5/10
I think Jaynes is the first ever wrestler I've seen that wrestles wearing normal rim glasses. Oedo Tai had some kinda of elastic strip that they would put in their opponents's mouth, go to the opposing corner and release the band slapping them in the face, it looks so fun to do that, it eventually played against Wolf who also got slapped in the face when Baszler simply opened the mouth.

The match was focused around Viper vs Baszler, which led to the finish when Viper and Baszler would brawl to the outside leaving Purrazzo and Wolf alone in the ring after Kagetsu's gastank shtick backfired on her, and so Purrazzo took out Wolf for the win. It all points to Baszler vs Viper before Baszler can get her title shot against Shirai. Fun match.

ICW Women's Championship Match
Kay Lee Ray (C) vs Jungle Kyona - 7.5/10
This is Kyona's first ever title challenge, so she came out with a full entrance attire, that, i'm sorry, looks awful. This was a surprisingly good match, probably the best Kyona match i've seen of her. It was a back and forward match all around, KLR started with the offense, but Kyona turned it around. Kyona worked on KLR's abdomen, and later transitioned into trynig to choke her out, and when that didn't work, she was like fuck it, i'm gonna knock her out. There was a really good rear naked choke spot that Kyona locked and KLR couldn't get out of. This told a good story of a girl that is not an ace at all, but brought everything she had against someone that was clearly far more powerful, and took KLR out of her game and forced her to bring out the real offense. KLR won with a Swanton Bomb and out Kyona over after the match.

Remember that fan I said was really close to the mic? Well in this match there was a spot where KLR is choking Kyona with her fannypack, but the ref takes it away, and in that distraction, KLR takes off her shirt and chokes Kyona with it. That fans reaction was a loud and clear 'OHHHAAAHH!!'

Queen's Quest vs Yoko Bito, Mayu Iwatani, & Hiromi Mimura - 8/10
HZK has beef with Bito, Momo has beef with Iwatani, Io is just here to chill out. Those things were the first things addressed in the match, with Mayu starting the match with Momo, who got the upper hand; then we got Yoko and HZK, with Yoko getting the upper hand, and finally we saw Io come in with Mimura, who actually had Shirai on a leg lock for a while. QQ got control of the match at this point, working on Mayu; Yoko Bito got the hot tag and all hell broke loose. They fought some more, Mayu and Io paired up for a bit before getting Momo and Hiromi in, and after a buuuunch of spots, Momo pinned Hiromi (she's the only one without a title nor contending one). This match got incredibly fun at the end. The amount of punishment Mayu took was big.

Wonder Of STARDOM Championship Match
"The Pirate Princess" Kairi Hojo (C) vs "The Girl With The Shiniest Wizard" Nixon Newell - 8.5/10
They played around the size vs speed factors here as Nixon is somewhat taller than Hojo. Newell worked on Hojo's arms and upper body to take away the Elbow, Hojo in return worked on Newell's legs, to take away the Shinning Wizard. Match was back and forward, with awesome selling and some great near falls. Hojo defended with her Elbow, which didn't look as awesome as it usually does, but it does play with the work that Newell put on it. Great match.

Post-match - Hojo is saying her thanks, but HZK and Momo get int the ring to build up their tag title challenge coming up. Momo's lack of charisma seriously hurts when you watch it. Hojo cut a great promo, but I think she fucked up the ending because she started laughing at the end. Hojo at the end gave everyone to say some words. Kyona thanked the fans and said she failed to win the title, but she'll keep trying. Hiromi said she was frustrated she lost to QQ, but she'll try again. Natsuko is also ashamed she lost tonight. Just a huge band of losers, but Hojo puts them all over.

I totally thought about skipping this show, but it ended up being pretty good. Decent build going forward.

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