Cero Reviews STARDOM 6th Anniversary Show

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Cero Reviews STARDOM 6th Anniversary Show

Post by cero2k » Nov 9th, '17, 15:16

STARDOM 6th Anniversary Show
January 15, 2017
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Azumi & Arisu Nanase vs Ruaka & Natsuko Tora - 4/10
Azumi and Arisu working heel, they get the heat on Tora for a bit. Arisu and Tora were good, Azumi ok, and Ruaka sucked. Good for an opener. Finish saw Arisu pin Ruaka with a cool looking bridge.

Konami vs HZK vs Kris Wolf - 6.5/10
Wolf leaves the ring at the start and hangs with the crowd watching HZK and Konami battle it out, but she didn't last long and came in to get in there. Most of the match was all 3 women going at it back and forward, a slightly more focus on HZK vs Konami, but Wolf kept herself relevant. Match was hard hitting, HZK is fucking awesome, she has that Joshi "make everything look painful" gift, and Wolf oozes charisma that she could turn you into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Finish saw HZK roll Wolf to a pin, actually, it was that pin where they roll over the ring, but in one of the rolls the ref actually counted 3, so I'm not sure if it was a screw up.

Saori Anou vs Hiromi Mimura - 6/10
Completely back and forward action in the middle of the ring, this HAD to be about 85% kicks and 10% running, and zero rest holds. There was a good near fall with a beautiful NorthenLights Suplex. Match ended with the same bridge as the opener with Saori going over. This was a good match, awesome stamina, and great strikes, but everything happened so fast paced that you never really get a chance to process what's happening. To quote JR, these girls need to slow down.

Momo Watanabe vs Shayna Baszler vs Jungle Kyona - 7/10
Man, Momo is usually really physical, I wanna see her think she can stiff Baszler and walk out alive. In there pre-match promos, Kyona says she's going after Momo, Shayna cut a good promo saying she is tired of STARDOM messing around with her matches since this was supposed to be just Kyona vs Baszler, BUT as Momo claims, Iwatani is scared of her and claimed she was sick to postpone their High Speed Title match.

Baszler was the powerhouse of the match, beating them both at the same time with a test of strength (as in one girl in each hand), so Momo and Kyona, while trying to beat each other, had to also work together some times to try and hurt and slow down Baszler. At some points, they would manage to get rid of Baszler, but it was always for a short while, she would come in and beat the shit out of both girls. Finish saw Baszler hit a one handed suplex thing on Kyona. If this was to build Baszler as a monster and the other two as 'never give up' fighters, this was a success.

Goddess of Stardom Championship Match
B.Y. Ho (C) vs Kay Lee Ray & Nixon Newell - 8.5/10
Early in the match, KLR and Newell dominated the match, they did the Suzuki-Gun shtick to drag their opponents to the back, taken them out with a plancha from the top of the stairs balcony, and then run back to the ring for the count out, it's not a common thing to see in STARDOM, so it was good heat here. The Europeans maintained control for a while, working Kairi Hojo and perfectly cutting the ring in half, with a few awesome hope spots where the hot tag looked inevitable.

Yoko came in and had a great run, she and KLR were a great pairing, Yoko has some of the best kicks in the promotion. After a few more kicks to the head, Newell and Hojo made their way back to the match and went all Tornado Tag. Great near falls as KLR and Newell were dominating, but as they're about to finish Hojo, Yoko kicks Newell mid air to take her out and they finish KLR for the win. Awesome match, Yoko Bito is seriously underrated.

Post-match - Hojo cuts a promo putting over KLR and Newell as the best in Europe, but they still are not B.Y.Ho. Newell answers that they respect them, but Hojo hasn't pinned her and thus challenges her for the White Belt and they get face to face and seal the deal with a hand shake, right before she cheap shots her and walks out.

After that, HZK and Momo come in and challenge for the tag titles. Momo calls them old ladies, Kairi and Yoko accept it too. Any more challenges?

World Of Stardom Championship Match
Viper vs Io Shirai (C) - 8.5/10
From the get go, this was to be a powerhouse vs speed match, imagine Angle vs Big Show, where in pure strength, Io couldn't do anything against Viper, she couldn't tackle her, whip her around, and every time she could get some offense on her, Viper would just overpower herself of any predicament. Eventually the heart and speed of Io start to tire Viper and get her off her feet, and Io starts building momentum.

They technically told that same story twice as Viper would eventually regain control of the match, only to build to a stronger comeback from Io. The second half of the match were amazing as in Io is in full comeback, hitting moves on Viper left and right, but Viper is still trying to not completely lose control, and thus hits a big move every other Io move. Finish came with Io hitting a German on Viper followed by another Straightjacket German on Viper and pinning her with the bridge. Another awesome match.

Post-match - Io puts herself over by saying how heavy Viper is and how she was able to beat her, but she does say that last time it took two moonsaults, and this time, it took two Germans, so it always takes two of her finishers to put her down. She talks about this being her 10th defense of her second reign and calls out to whoever is next that wants to challenge.

Out comes Shayna Baszler, strikes her, grabs the mic and cuts a small promo saying there is only space for one Queen in STARDOM, and that is the Queen of Spades. She beats down Io, but Viper defends Io and she and Baszler get in a small brawl. Baszler retreats, Io thanks Viper, invites her to joing Queen's Quest, but Viper leaves without answering. Io thanks everyone as the show goes off. Good angle, but these ladies have no sense of promo work nor acting.

Good show overall. Most of the card exceeded my expectations. There's a lot that could be better, but that is really on the promotion, not this specific show.

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