Cero Reviews SHINE 2

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Cero Reviews SHINE 2

Post by cero2k » Jun 28th, '15, 12:40

Ybor City, Fl
August 17, 2012

Leva Bates Promo - She is dressed as Captain Sparrow because Pirates and Ninjas are mortal enemies and she's fighting Portia Perez, The Canadian NINJA tonight. Decent promo, but I hate Captain Sparrow

Mercedes Martinez Promo - Good

Jessicka Havok Promo - Great! Reby Sky is going to die tonight.

Daffney is the Madaam of Ceremonies tonight again. Sans the goofy hat, so i'll take that as an improvement

Kimberly vs Su Yung - 4.5/10
Redemption match from SHINE 1, since they both lost their matches. Match was good wrestling wise, but it's those matches were the girls work so easy on each other that it looks like they're just going by the motions and not necessarily trying to hurt each other. There was a random curb stomp that didn't lead to a pin intent, and the next thing was Su Yung playing possum and winning with a roll up, so yes, Su Yung played possum to a curb stomp.

Sojo Bolt vs Heidi Lovelace vs Taeler Hendrix - 6/10
Sojo and Hendrix, both being from TNA/OWV, are debating with each other who's taking out Lovelace, they go all "Oh no you didn't" on each other, so Lovelace attacks them, which lead to a spot where Heidi throws them both out and I'm here waiting for a suicide dive to the outside and it never happens, it just felt awkward. There were several 3-person spots, some of them that mostly work because of the women style moves. Taeler Hendrix was the MVP of the match. Sojo lifted Heidi to a Muscle Buster from the floor!

Reby Sky Promo - Great rookie babyface promo, but her delivery was meh.

Sassy Stephie vs Mia Yim - 6.5/10
You know how the opening match you felt the girls were not trying to hurt each other? well Stephie and Mia did it right, the offense of both girls looked painful and were mostly moves that you would actually go for if you're trying to beat down someone. Finish was good.

Jessicka Havok vs Reby Sky - 7/10
Havok used to have such an awesome attire, basic and imposing. I love when big powerfull girls work with the smaller flexible ones, the offense always looks extra painful and unique. Reby Sky's debut on wrestling is likely like those that Roman Reigns or The Miz had, where fans feel they're just there for knowing the right people or working the right place, but I have to hand it to Reby, whoever taught her how to be a babyface with fire did a great job, Reby makes this rookie gimmick work. Match was a great showing of power vs heart. At one point Reby kicks out of Havok's finisher, and thus Havok goes crazy and pretty much amputates Sky's arm.

Daffney + Jazz segment - Stupid, why is Daffney barely asking Jazz this stuff

Kimberly parking lot stuff - she kicks a car in the parking lot, then camera turns and the car is actually banged up. Works perfectly!

Rain vs Santana Garrett - 5.5/10
The two MVPs of SHINE 1 in my opinion. Match was somewhat slow, Rain dominated most of the match leading up to her winning using the ropes. Kinda lackluster of a match.

Portia Perez vs "Captain Sparrow" Leva Bates - 6.5/10
Portia has the greatest and mightiest entrance music in wrestling history. Captain Sparrow shenanigans aside, the match was fun, wrestling also got a whole lot better once they were done with the comedy stuff. Finish felt that it came after the wrong move, but good nonetheless.

Post-match promo - Leva says she wanted to fight Portia here so she could earn a shot at the SHIMMER tag titles between the NINJAS and ReGeneration X on October's show.

Made In Sin vs MsEerie - 6/10
According to Daffney, this match had a 37 1/2 time limit. Match starts with Made not being able to fight MsChif because she is scare of her when she screams, so Kay puts some tape on MsChif's mouth, then they wasted a huge awesome babyface in peril story, where MIS could have dominated the match on MsChif because she can't scream and scare Made, and at one point she would take it off, scream, and hot tag; however, what really happen is that as soon as Kay put the tape on her, she fought back and took it off. April Hunter comes out and took out MsChif with a mini-bat to the knee, after this MIS wins and MsChif never got the hot tag in, making this the weirdest babyface in peril spot.

Post-Match Segment - Daffney sucks at interviewing. Made In Sin announce their new insurance policy: April Hunter.

Jazz vs Mercedes Martinez build up video - good, they made it seem like a bigger deal than it really is.

Sara del Rey on commentary for the main event

Jazz vs Mercedes Martinez - N/A - Awesome segment!
Fuck yes! Jazz just jumps to the ring and starts beating this shit out of Martinez! Both women brawl to the bar side of the place. Ref is trying to enforce the outside count, but is ok with Jazz hitting Mercedes with a chair, I figure that at one point ref kinda gave up, then he remembered he has ref powers and throws the match out. Jazz is pleading the ref to restart the match, he won't, and Mercedes ends up taking him out accidentally, and they continue fighting, another ref comes out and Jazz takes him out. Whole roster comes out to break apart the fight. After all is over, Jazz kept kicking the ref.

Portia Perez promo - Good, she pretty much calls out Leva's BS on getting a title shot.

Rain Promo - 5 seconds long.

Su Yung Promo - It was good and cute. She wants to tag with Tracy on SHINE 3.

Santana Garrett Promo - Good babyface promo

MsEerie promo - CVE was ok, MsChif was great, i missed her. Super short too.

Great show for SHINE, felt that things are moving forward and not just a bunch of exhibition matches, got me hyped for SHINE 3.

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