Daffney Resigns as SHINE Hostess, Wants Manager’s License

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Daffney Resigns as SHINE Hostess, Wants Manager’s License

Post by cero2k » May 2nd, '13, 12:49

Source: Diva Dirt

Daffney has resigned as SHINE hostess (and possibly her commentary position), in order to “be of greater use ringside and in the locker room”.

The “Scream Queen” has been hostess since the inaugural SHINE show and has decided to quit the role – in presumably a kayfabe storyline – due to the disrespectful actions of Mercedes Martinez. Martinez’s latest act of villainy was interrupting the in-ring birthday celebrations of Nikki Roxx on SHINE 9.

Daffney is applying for her manager’s license and intends to “straighten out” the roster if she must.

SHINE officials have released an open letter written by Daffney on their website. It reads:
An Open Letter to you all ~

Last spring when I first got together with Sal, Howard, and Lexie about forming a new Womens Federation I cannot tell you how exciting it all was. To be a part of a revolutionizing product from the ground up has been such a fullfilling project and I am so proud to watch it soar. BUT – and it’s quite a big but – it seems as though things have changed in my absence from the locker room.

From early on I found myself a little disheartened by some of our athletes’ attitudes. Throughout our first year, quite a few of the ladies on our roster have shown a lack of good sportsmanship and have been very disrespectful to myself, SHINE management, and the other women that work for our company. And it all came to a head at SHINE 9.

I have sat idly by for months now as I get microphones slammed into my chest and dissed by some of these rookies coming in. The final straw – after interrupting Legacy Awards and Legends recognitions since our debut show – Mercedes Martinez ruined Nikki’s birthday celebration and literally left cake on my face. Well, no more. I do believe it’s time to get my hands dirty.

It’s time to step away from Event Hostessing – maybe even commentary. For now I feel I can be of greater use ringside and in the locker room. I have applied for my Manager’s License and fully intend to straighten out these “ladies” if it’s granted. Wait til they get a load of me.

Live LOUD,

Daffney retired from the ring in 2011, hence her non-physical role in SHINE. She recently settled a lawsuit with former employers TNA over their handling of injuries she had sustained in the company.

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