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Cero Reviews STARDOM Kawasaki Super Wars

Post by cero2k » Nov 3rd, '21, 21:38

STARDOM Kawasaki Super Wars
November 3rd, 2021
Todoroki Arena, Tokyo, Japan

Mai Sakurai vs. Waka Tsukiyama - No Rating
I didn't get the match on my stream, but I know that Sakurai defeated Tsukiyama and afterwards, they were both attacked by a masked person. The mask looked like an anime that I can't pin point.

Future Of Stardom Championship Match
Ruaka (c) vs. Lady C - 5/10
Ok match, nothing special. This was C's first ever title challenge, so of course she lost and Ruaka didn't even need to cheat to beat her. This is about building Ruaka a bit, so I wouldn't book this any differently.

Post-match - Ruaka cut her winner's promo about V1. Mai Sakurai challenged Ruaka to a match for the title. Tsukiyama also jumped in with a challenge, and Ruaka gave her the shot instead. Ruaka dodging the person that got the win tonight.

Goddesses Of Stardom Tag League 2021 Block B Match
Hanan & Rina vs. Oedo Tai (Fukigen Death & Saki Kashima) - 6.5/10
This is part of the ongoing Tag League, where indeed Rina and Hanan are teaming up, but Rina doesn't stop being an Oedo Tai member, so she juts had fun in this match, betraying her partner and using her as a weapon, but also making the effort to get the win. Every time Hanan would get the upper hand, Kashima would convince Rina to attack her partner. Eventually, things were just too much for Hanan and ended up losing to Kashima.

Mina Shirakawa vs. Maika vs. Saya Kamitani - 6.5/10
This was a good match, but it was definitely built from the work of Maika and Kamitani. Don't get me wrong, Shirakawa was good, but her whole plan in this match was about making alliances, and so she kept getting taken out, allowing Maika and Kamitani to wrestle, and then Shirakawa would come in to try and capitalize, and eventually, that whole plan worked, Maika took out Shirakawa with a superplex, but Shirakawa jumped in, paired up with her and pinned her after an Implant DDT.

STARS (Koguma & Mayu Iwatani) vs. Donna del Mondo (Himeka & Natsupoi) - 7.5/10
This was really good, but what I liked the most were the one-on-one pair ups, we've seen Koguma and Natsupoi do High Speed matches before, but here we got to see Mayu pair up with Natsupoi a bit, and then a great long run with Himeka. I was really glad they wrestled to the time limit draw, I totally expected STARS to win because Mayu, but seeing DDM survive and push them to the limit was way better. The end of the match actually had Himeka completely dominate Mayu to the point that Mayu had to get carried to the back by Koguma, while Himeka dominantly walked to the back. I don't know under what circumstances, but hope we get a singles between them with Himeka looking this dominant.

Post-match - Starlight Kid tried to talk Momo into leaving QQ's and joining Oedo Tai, but obviously Momo rejected the idea. This gave me the idea that we could be building towards a rematch with big repercussions.

Afterwards, Koguma challenged SLK for a shot at the title.

High Speed Championship Match
Starlight Kid (c) vs. Momo Watanabe - 9/10
This was freaking awesome. It was really intense and they built it further to the point that both women brawling into the ramp and getting themselves counted out was really exciting. Momo was all business and SLK was still able to use her speed advantage to cut her off early on. Momo would come back and beat the shit out of SLK, prompting Oedo Tai to interfere with more regularity. Eventually the match spilled to the floor where more than wrestle, they just started disrespecting each other, Momo tore up SLK's mask, SLK threw water at Momo, and with so much heat, they just brawled into a draw.

Post-match - Syuri was cutting her winner's promo, challenging Konami for a briefcase/SWA title match at the Yoyogi show, but since Konami is still injured she doesn't know if she will be ready. Himeka stepped up and put her name up as plan B if Konami doesn't recover in time.

SWA Undisputed World Women's Championship & 5STAR Grand Prix Contract Match
Syuri (c) vs. AZM - 8/10
This was really good, the complete opposite from the previous match, this had two wrestlers that somewhat respect each other, but they're not friends or anything like that, they went at each other with everything they had. AZM worked over Syuri's arm, while Syuri mixed up striking with leg work. The match wasn't all that long, but they kept a good pace and both women are really good at bringing intensity, and given that they're both submission wrestlers, Syuri tapping out AZM under 15 minutes wasn't unexpected.

Wonder Of Stardom Championship Match
Tam Nakano (c) vs. Unagi Sayaka - 7.5/10
Really good match, there is no doubt that Sayaka has improved much since her debut and any deniers should be denied entrance to the internet, but she's definitely not world title match level. I think she's perfectly ok for this level of show considering that the show is supported by other matches, but this couldn't have worked as the main event. Having said all that, the match felt like it was perfect for a Japanese crowd, with Sayaka trying to overcome Nakano, coming close, and at the end failing.

Post-match - Tam thanked Sayaka for the match, and as she was about to talk about future challengers, Shirakawa jumped in and challenged Tam.

World Of Stardom Championship Match
Utami Hayashishita (c) vs. Hazuki - 8.5/10
This was really good, I think the MOTN will fall between this and Momo vs SLK. Kinda crazy that it only took Hazuki about a month to reach this level after being retired for almost two years.

The match was a good speed vs power match, with Hazuki using all her High Speed technique to get offense and counter many of Utami's moves, but Utami was still too powerful to put down, so she kept coming back stronger. Hazuki was really good at taking down Utami as long as she had space to gain momentum, she got a couple of dives in and some submission, but she just wasn't able to take on every Utami bomb.

Post-match - Utami and Hazuki talked about the level of STARDOM and how it grew since she left and came back. Utami called out Maika, who was already agreed to be her challenge in Yoyogi. Maika and Utami talked some trash at each other , Maika left, and Utami closed the show.

Not a SOTYC, but definitely a great show. This show was somewhat built during the Tag League, but they still managed to bring in some drama and story into the matches. We're still building towards Queendom, so some of the matches are really predictable, but they still deliver really good wrestling.

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