2 Cents: Bobby Lashley as TNA World Champ

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2 Cents: Bobby Lashley as TNA World Champ

Post by cero2k » Aug 15th, '14, 10:43

He has lasted a while with several defenses now in the books. What's your opinion on Lashley as World Champ and his reign?

I'm personally liking it a lot. He's seems the part and thank god TNA was smart enough to not let him talk that much, MVP as his mouthpiece is perfect. His matches have been quite quite good, even the Hardy one which i wasn't looking forward too impressed me huge.

The only problem i see with him is that he's kinda backseat to the Bully/Dixie storyline

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Re: 2 Cents: Bobby Lashley as TNA World Champ

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 15th, '14, 11:51

Agree with everything you said, though, with the way things have been done, I don't see him playing second-fiddle to Dixie/Bully as a problem. When he has defended the title it has always been in the main event, and all of the Dixie/Bully stuff took place in the first two months of a four month gap between PPVs. Meanwhile, they just needed to have Lashley defend the belt in main events against credible challengers and have good matches (which he was), while building up his challenger for BFG (which I assume will be Bobby Roode), which they have also been doing (though not as well). Now that the Bully/Dixie stuff is over Lashley and the TNA World Heavyweight Title can take center stage again in the push towards BFG.
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