2 Cents: Daniel Bryan #OccupyRaw #YesMovement

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2 cents: John Cena
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2 Cents: Daniel Bryan #OccupyRaw #YesMovement

Post by cero2k » Mar 11th, '14, 12:12

The Angle, the segment, the whole storyline...what's your opinion?

slow burn? damage control? still interested? lost faith?

share your thoughts

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Re: 2 Cents: Daniel Bryan #OccupyRaw #YesMovement

Post by Big Red Machine » Mar 11th, '14, 14:41

I have no idea whether this is damage control or whether it was their plan from the beginning, but as long as it winds up where it needs to in a logical manner, I will be very happy
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Re: 2 Cents: Daniel Bryan #OccupyRaw #YesMovement

Post by Bob-O » Mar 11th, '14, 18:07

Definitely damage control, but stemming from his "heel turn" with the Wyatts. I don't think the current scenario was the plan all along though. I think where we sit today is incredibly circumstantial on CM Punk's decisions. Now that I've come to terms with his departure being real, I'm thinking Bryan is now filling in for him in both matches, which I can't believe they would have had planned all along.

I think the match with Sheamus was the original plan, but a much bigger deal than whatever they're having him do now - I'm thinking in that Punk/Jericho spot on the card from a few years ago. Bryan comes out looking like a badass, and is put back into the title picture going into Extreme Rules.

This is better.

That said, I think it's beyond Dragon damage control, and more into "Punk's Gone and Nobody Likes Batista and Wrestlemania is F*cked" control.

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Re: 2 Cents: Daniel Bryan #OccupyRaw #YesMovement

Post by Legacy54 » Mar 14th, '14, 21:39

I thought it was "Hijack RAW" it makes more sense that way oh well. All I know is that it was given that Trips was gonna agree whether Bryan did this or not. Either way I like it,

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Re: 2 Cents: Daniel Bryan #OccupyRaw #YesMovement

Post by kirbs2002 » Mar 14th, '14, 23:09

That segment was awesome. My sides were splitting and that's the most marky I've been since Mankind won the title from the Rock in '99
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