2 Cents: Chris Sabin as World Champion

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2 Cents: Chris Sabin as World Champion

Post by cero2k » Jul 20th, '13, 13:10

So it's been two days now since Sabin won the title at Destination X, ballsy move on TNA to put the title on him and he may end up being a transitional champ, but he did indeed defeat the leader of the Aces and Eights who has been the center of all major booking in TNA in the last year.

What are your thought on Chris Sabin winning the title? was it a wrong move? the right move? what are you expecting to come out of this?

The way i see it is this. Aces and Eights, as much as I like the gimmick of the stable, the story line has gone way too long now, it took too long to unmask, to reveal the leader and purpose, and now to defeat, I'm all for a long out angle, but the execution hasn't been the best. Chris Sabin defeating Bully MUST become the start of the end, i don't see it dying on the next Impact, but I expect that by BFG, it has to be the end, DOC leaving, Ray losing the title, TNA acknowledging that Brooke is with someone else now, all these should sum up and kill the angle once and for all. Sabin should defend until BFG and then whoever wins it (magnus or AJ IMO) should challenge Sabin and move on to new paths.

I'm glad Sabin won the title, i don't think anyone ever expected Sabin to win a world title in a company that wasn't ROH, and it shows that TNA will still surprise us now and then. I just hope that by his next defense, he wins it in a stronger, cleaner way.

your 2 cents?

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Re: 2 Cents: Chris Sabin as World Champion

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 20th, '13, 19:17

I am very happy for Sabin and didn't see it coming, but I hated everything about the way they did. See my a review for a more detailed account, but long story short, it felt soooo anti-climactic on about three different levels.
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Re: 2 Cents: Chris Sabin as World Champion

Post by Big Bad Booty Daddy » Aug 25th, '13, 15:20

Great in the ring, boring on the mic

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