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Re: 2 Cents: Hulk Hogan

Post by Phreak » Feb 15th, '13, 16:31

I liked Hogan and for all purposes I was one of thsoe lil fucken "hulk-a-maniacs" that even wore the yellow and red to school.

but his constant need to be front and center of everything he does is bullshit...yes I am aware its hard to leave the lime light when billions of fans love your old crippled ass.. but come on TNA isnt about TNA its just a new "Brook and Hogan" show with a wrestling ring.

I also don't like how (rather its scripted by bullshit writers or not) that he talks about "TNA being full of hungry young wrestlers" when all we see is mainly Hardy, Hogan, Sting and Bully and even with the A's n 8's issuing the challange of "your best against ours" it'll still be Hardy (most likely) Sting and Bully and I wouldnt be shocked if Hogan teamed up with them

don't say its "a youg mans game" when the 4 people we mainly see is the same 4 old guys .

and sueing for what was it 15million for back sugery cause he couldnt wrestle CEna and other big names from what 5+ years ago? i mean come the bloody hell on...it's just something Hogan is trying to do to stay in the spotlight and get some revenge because he's Ex-wife fucked him over and over in the divorce and what money he wasted on Brooks "singing career"

there is not one back surgeon that would give anyone a better chance of "getting back to normal" than 50% chance that means yeah.. you might be able to or you might not...flip a damn coin

over the years hogan and his hooker(ish) daughter has lost my respect...I get to the point when I do watch TNA, I know hogan will be seen 2-6 times per show, so when he is seen, I mute it or turn it


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