2 Cents: TNA's New PPV Format

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2 cents: John Cena
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2 Cents: TNA's New PPV Format

Post by cero2k » Jan 17th, '13, 13:08

We all know now that TNA has changed their PPV format to 4 main canon PPVs with a set of gimmick, non-canon PPVs during the year. The main canon PPVs are now Genesis, Slammaversary, Lockdown, and Bound for Glory. While the One Night Only PPVs have been announced to be stuff like an all Knockouts show, X division shows, nostalgia show, etc.

What's your opinion on this move by TNA? About the shows themselves?

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Re: 2 Cents: TNA's New PPV Format

Post by Big Red Machine » Jan 17th, '13, 14:59

I don't like it. I started typing out why, but then I decided I could make a whole article out of it, so I will post that sometime tonight.
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Re: 2 Cents: TNA's New PPV Format

Post by yourcrapsweak » Jan 17th, '13, 20:49

I like the idea. TNA should make their PPV's feel more important and because they're more spaced out, people can now start appreciating them and buying them more because they feel like a big deal when they happen. However, the shows have to be good for this to work. That's another story.
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Re: 2 Cents: TNA's New PPV Format

Post by RedSon » Jan 17th, '13, 21:48

i like it, like yourcrapsweak said, this will make the shows feel more important, missing a show means not watching a ppv for almost 6 months.

also, the one night only ppvs seem good. mostly nostalgia and tournaments, i'm all for that
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