Did You Know: John Cena's Ford GT

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Did You Know: John Cena's Ford GT

Post by Bob-O » Jan 11th, '20, 11:06

Stirred up over AEW's angle with Moxley being given a Ford GT, apparently John Cena had some very real life issues with his.

John Cena purchased a limited edition Ford GT in 2017. Ford GT buyers have to go through an application process, and as part, are under contract that they cannot sell the car within two years of purchase.

Cena sold his after three months.

His side of the states he couldn't fit into it, which makes sense that he only put 30 miles it. Ford's side of the story is more to the tune that he not only sold the car 21 months before he was allowed to, he also PROFITED over a million dollars in the sale (bought for 500k, sold for 1.5m) to a farmer in California.

Cena and Ford Motor Co settled out of court, but the story of the car is interesting yet.

In the two years that Cena was to have kept the car, it changed hands 5 times and has accumulated 635 miles. The whole point of Ford's application and contract to buy this car is to maintain the exclusivity of the brand while making sure it's seen in "the right" hands. Of the 635 miles on the car, 600 of them were put on it by the California Farmer.

John Cena's Ford GT is apparently meme among car enthusiasts, as it's absurd such a masterpiece of a vehicle can't find an owner... not even one under legal obligation. I had no idea!

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