Did you know....WWF

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Did You Know...The Rock
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Did you know....WWF

Post by cero2k » Oct 18th, '19, 09:31

used to own a hotel but never did anything with it?

full article: https://ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com/2 ... nd-casino/

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Re: Did you know....WWF

Post by KILLdozer » Oct 18th, '19, 09:45

*when you find out 20 years later The rock wasn't just being funny and creative when he said "SD hotel"...*
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Re: Did you know....WWF

Post by Bob-O » Oct 19th, '19, 19:16

Only WWE could find a way to have shaky camera footage in a CG Animation.

I REALLY like that logo, though.

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