Did You Know... Kazuchika Okada

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Did You Know...The Rock
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Did You Know... Kazuchika Okada

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 15th, '18, 23:57

Did you know that Okada's loss to Jay White on the opening night of the G1 marks the first time he has been pinned/submitted/counted out/DQed in three singles matches in a row since returning to New Japan from his excursion? The only other time he has lost three in a row were losing the IWGP Heavyweight Title to AJ Styles, a three-way for the belt at the first ROH/NJPW show in which AJ pinned Michael Elgin, and then losing to AJ in a rematch. Since his return to New Japan, the only other time he has failed to win in three singles matches in a row was at the end of the 2016 G1 when he suffered two losses (to Fale and Ishii) and then went to a draw with Tanahashi. Even losing TWO singles matches in a row has been rare for Okada, only happening a three or for occasions, and almost always in the G1.

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Re: Did You Know... Kazuchika Okada

Post by cero2k » Jul 16th, '18, 09:36

and that's how you build a strong champion and strong contenders. Wins and losses matter

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