Did You Know...Kenta Kobashi

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Did You Know...Kenta Kobashi

Post by cero2k » Aug 3rd, '17, 22:41

Kobashi only used the Burning Hammer 7 times in his career. Here's all of them.

Burning (kobashi/akiyama) Vs untouchables c (misawa ogawa) ajpw tag titles ajpw October giants series aichi pref gym 23/10/1999 misawa takes the move

Kobashi and shinzaki (known in USA as hakushi) Vs misawa and omoriajpw october giants series kouraken hall 25/10/1998 debut of the move misawa takes the move

Akiyama Vs Kobashi noah great voyage ariake colosseum 23/12/2000

Kobashi Vs Misawa c ghc championship noah navigate for evolution Nippon budokan 03/03/2003

Kobashi c Vs Akiyama ghc championship noah departure Tokyo Dome 10/07/04

slightly clipped version with Mauro commentary

Kobashi c Vs Taue ghc championship noah navigation over the date line Nippon budokan 10/09/2004

Kobashi Vs KENTA noah navigation for evolution Nippon budokan 05/03/2006

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