WWR Mayhem Show 3

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WWR Mayhem Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Aug 6th, '11, 03:00


~The crowd cheers as the opening credits roll, the sound of Chris Kirbys voice comes into earshot~

Kirby "Welcome everyone to WWR Mayhem!!! The premier Friday night show across the world!!! Tonight were gonna hear from The Renegadez on their return to WWR last Monday on Vortex!! We also have a night filled with action and hopefully were gonna get word on the condition of Charles Remington-Smythe after the incident with Jordan Stone on Vortex!! But right now 'Magnificnet' Mark Darling is in the ring with a microphone so lets go straight to him!!"

~The fans boo as Darling acknowledges the camera being on him. He lifts the camera up to his mouth~

Darling "Settle down.........."

~Fans boo even more~

Darling "..............now on Vortex my Exodus made a statement of intent, to take the tag team titles from those idiots.....Awesome Booty. But it isnt just tag team wrestling that interests me. I want success in the singles division, so at this time let me introduce to you my newest acquisition..............Chuck Voorhees!!!"

Kirby "What?"

Lebeau "Well I dont believe it!! Hes actually managed to get this monster to sign with him?"

Kirby "I gotta say I didnt expect to see Voorhees in cahoots with this weasel!!"

~Voorhees walks down the aisle to the ring, the sound of dark euphoric geneirc music reverberates across the arena~

Lebeau "Look at the size of him, hes gotta top four hundred pounds now!!"

~Voorhees enters the ring, walks over to Darling and they shake hands~

Darling "Now I know a lot of people are thinking....-"

~The lighst flicker~

Darling ".....er why have I decided to take on someone as unstable as mr Voorees here. Well....-"

~Lights flicker again~

Darling "....umm...."

Kirby "It appears we have a problem with the lighting!"

~Lights go out~

Lebeau "Oh crap."

~The lights come back on and Vade Kruger, crowbar in hand is standing over Voorhees who is out cold. Darling is next to the ropes and he hasnt seen Kruger yet, the fans cheer as Vade looks at Darling who turns round and screams before falling through the ropes. Kruger smiles as the fans laugh at Darling. Vades smile soon disappears, he looks at the crowbar, then at the microphone which Darling had dropped on his way out of the ring~

Kirby "Umm, Rob?"

Lebeau "I have no idea!"

~Vade picks up the microphone~

Vade "Shut up."

~Fans boo~


~Fans boo again~

Vade "This pile of crap right here is typical of what Tony Bastion is bringing to WWR!! Hes poisoning the wrestling business!! You saw on Vortex after my brutal match with Everlast when he walked away and straight out of the building, even his puppet 'Sassafras' Roach was lost for words when Bastion was driven away in his limo. He doesnt care about me, he doesnt care about the guys in the back and he sure as hell doesnt care about any of you people!!"

Kirby "Bastion did leave pretty quickly on Monday...."

Lebeau "Maybe he had another engagement to attend...?"

Kirby "Hmmm..."

Vade "And you people still boo me?? Really?? So just like I..._"

~The fans erupt as 'Sad But True' bellows across the arena and Tony Bastion appears, holding a mic and blazing angry~

Kirby "Well heres the boss"


Vade "I didnt see it when I signed my contract 2 years ago. And I doubt the family of Marcus Shields saw his!! Oh thats right yeah his family got NOTHING when he died!! His wife and child lost their home, they now live in a tiny trailer out west somewhere and you dont give a damn Bastion!! All you care about is money!! B*stard!!!"

Bastion "Youre wrong, you know it, I know and all these people here know it!!"

~Mixed reaction~

Bastion "The real reason I came out here was to announce the main event for WWR Heresy which is less than two weeks away. You need to lisen good and hard Vade. Because you will defend the WWR World Title against..............."

~Fans await Bastions announcement~

Kirby "Who?"

Bastion ".....wait for it........."

Lebeau "Come on!!"

~Fans get impatient~

Bastion ".............................SASSAFRAS!!!!"

~Fans immediately erupt into cheers~

Kirby "I knew it!!"

~Bastion drops the microphone and walks to the back, drowned in cheers as he disappears. Kruger leaves the ring after a moment, smiling as he walks to the bacl~

Kirby "Wow. The biggest match in WWR history has just been announced."

Lebeau "For sure."
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

Post by kiel297 » Aug 6th, '11, 05:06

Kirby: Up next ladies and gentlemen we will be broadcasting the exclusive footage of the brawl that may have ended Charles Remmington-Smythe's career. That's right after this short commercial break!

~cut to commercial~
~back from commercial~

Kirby: Welcome back to WWR Mayhem! Now we all know about the history between Charles Remmington-Smythe and Jordan Stone. It all began when Charles was abducted and held hostage by Stone, who was at that point unknown.

Lebeau: That's right, but Stone brought Smythe into the arena, and from there it all turned sour for him. Charles was able to get free, and unmasked him in front of the world!

Kirby: From there, we saw Smythe and Stone get into fight after fight, but we didn't see them in the ring together until this past week on Vortex, in the huge ten man elimination tag team match! As expected, Charles was unable to control his rage, and it led to the two men battling it out to the backstage area. This is what happened next.

A quick transition, and the camera cuts to Charles Remmington-Smythe and Jordan Stone trading lefts and rights through the curtain into the Gorilla position.

Jordan Stone gets a low blow in on Smythe, leaving him vulnerable on the ground. Stone picks up a steel chair, and begins wailing on Smythe with it, delivering shot after shot to whatever part of the body the chair comes down on.

Finally Stone drops the chair and picks up Smythe. He threatens a cameraman and takes his belt. Stone mercilessly wraps the belt around Smythe's throat, and begins to pull. Smythe however gets in a cheap shot, and Stone staggers back up the stairs to the upper levels of the arena. Smythe, with the belt still wrapped around his neck, follows Stone up the stairs, but when he gets there he's met with a vicious foot to the face.


Stone grabs the strap of the belt still around Smythe's neck, brings him to his feet, and with a sick smile, pulls the strap, swinging Charles Remmington-Smythe round him and straight THROUGH the second story window, out to the floor below with a crash.

The people around fly into a frenzy as just about everyone seems to be shouting at Stone and trying to force him back to the locker room! The cameraman edges towards the window slightly, and gets a shot of a bloody and battered Smythe laying there motionless. The transition plays and the camera is back on Kirby and Lebeau.

Kirby: It is my unfortunate duty to announce to all of you, that with multiple fractures, deep cuts and some mild head trauma, Charles Remmington-Smythe has been sidelined indefinitely.

Lebeau: It's horrible man. When you set out to try and end somebody's career, and take away their livelihood, you don't deserve to be in this profession. But I can guarantee you, when he comes back, Smythe's gonna be back with a vengeance, and God help Stone when that day comes!

Kirby: Well speaking of Jordan Stone, I've been informed that due to his actions on Vortex, effective immediately, he is suspended indefinitely. We wish Mr Smythe a speedy recovery back home in England, and we hope to see him again soon.

~Cuts to commercial~

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

Post by KILLdozer » Aug 9th, '11, 15:13

*the show returns from commercial as "The End Of Everything " plays loudly in the background, with NNTK sitting in the middle of the ring in a steel chair, as the crowd roars with boo*

Kirby: "What's he doing?! Sitting out there like he owns the place!"
Lebeau: "He practically DOES own the place! With all his results in the ring lately, it's getting hard to not believe what he says about The Origin, huh, Kirby?!"

NNTK: "Monday on Vortex, after Bastion put me in a ten-man tag match, my hand was raised after I broke all of my opponents. Not only did my team get the win...but Tokyo Drift is gone as well. They're done with this company...MY company! I guess the Double Chokeslam I give them both sent them on their way. So, that's the first two pieces of garbage sent out of here."

*the crowd boos louder now, as NNTK continues to sit in the chair*

Kirby: "That's right, they were cut just the other day!"
Lebeau: "NNTK kicks their a** in that match and now they're finished! Imagine that!! HAHAH!"

NNTK: "Neither one of those two could even compete with me a few days ago out here, because I am the best superstar in all of this company. I always have been. Not one man can touch me, on the entire roster. Anyone who should stand in front of me will be driven down before me at my feet ..Tonight I'm challenging anyone, ANYONE, who thinks they're going to be able to defeat me tonight."

*suddenly, "Silhouettes" by Smile Empty Soul blares out over the arena and Lionna McKnight walks out to a mixed reaction, filled with mostly boos; NNTK looks up at her as she walks down towards the ring, microphone in hand, and ducks in under the ropes and into the ring*

Lionna: "Now, hold on... Just relax, I'm not here to interrupt, instigate problems, or challenge you or any of the like... I heard what you just said backstage, and I agree. I saw your match and you were in a league of your own. Trust me, I'm someone who knows talent. So I must say that after listening to your challenge there, I'd like to propose a challenge of my own. I've been all around this entire world and I'm here looking for competition from the best women WWR has to offer. I will crunch, snap, and twist whoever is willing to step into the ring with me tonight. And since we're the two best in this promotion, why dont we just make this an open challenge for any mixed tag, to give them a fair chance? The two of us, against any male and female competitors here on Mayhem? What do you say?"

*Lionna looks at NNTK with a smile as he gazes back at her from behind the mask, extending a hand for him to shake; NNTK takes her hand and shakes it as the crowd roars out with boos louder than ever*

NNTK: "You're on. Tonight, we lay waste to whoever steps out here."

Kirby: "What?!? Lionna and NNTK teaming together tonight in mixed tag action?! But who's gonna accept?! That's a tall order for anyone, no doubt!!!"
Lebeau: "HA! No one's gonna come out here! I don't think there's one person stupid enough to do that, let alone two! They'll end their careers tonight!"

*as NNTK and Lionna stand in the ring and soak up the jeers from the crowd, "Twilight of the Thunder God" by Amon Amarth begins to play over the loudspeakers; the crowd pops*

Kirby: "Ronja Martinsdottir?!"

*Ronja stands on the stage and stares down at the ring, raises a microphone to her face and says (in her thick accent), "I accept!"*

LeBeau: "Alone?!"

Lionna: "You can't accept! You don't have a partner!"
NNTK: "Yeah! And NOBODY, especially you, can take BOTH of us on and survive!"

Ronja: "Shut up! I have partner!"

*just then, Sassafras appears on the stage, right behind Ronja; the crowd explodes into deafening cheers, and a "You tapped out!" chant comes from the crowd, directed at NNTK*

Kirby: "Yes, NNTK most certainly DID tap out last week, to Roach's Humbler! And now Roach and NNTK will apparently face off again, this time in a mixed tag match!"

*Sassafras and Ronja smile at the shocked expression on the face of Lionna, and NNTK's apparent rage, as he destroys the steel chair he'd been sitting on in the ring; the crowd cheers loudly as the camera cuts to...*
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

Post by Styles » Aug 18th, '11, 04:34

I Get Off by Halestorm plays and Bobby Anderson hits the ring.

takes mic.

Bobby Anderson: "Well, Well, Well.... I'm bored. And I need a match, I've been sitting back there twiddling my thumbs and playing with myself for far too long. I welcome any one to come out and face me"

"No-one? Somone's gotta wanna face me!"

suddenly on stage a man appears, long brown hair, a short beard, red wrestling shorts with white boots, kneepads and elbow pads.

Kirby: "Isn't that Vince Black's kid?"
LeBeau: "You mean Johnny? Yeah I know this kid"

He salutes to the crowd to a small cheer and runs into the ring

Bobby Anderson: "You think you've got what it takes to face me?"

Johnny Black stands there contemplating for a second and out of nowhere busts Anderson in the face.

Kirby: "KID'S GOT FIRE!!!!!!"


Black rushes Anderson with lefts and rights and clotheslines him over the top rope. Before joining him on the outside and beating him around the ring.

LeBeau: "Be careful what you wish for Anderson!"

Black pushes Anderson back into the ring and slides in. Black lifts up Anderson and whips him against the ropes.


LeBeau: "Haven't seen that move in a while! He's got to have him! COVER!"


Kirby: "Kid was close! Talk about impact!"

Anderson is on his knees having recieved a quick beating. Black walks up and signals for the DDT.

LeBeau: "Ive heard about his Blackout DDT, this thing is lethal"

Black snaps Anderson to the mat with the Blackout DDT.

Kirby: "OH! The quickest DDT in the business!"

Black covers

Kirby: "Wait a minute, what? "

Black stands back away from Anderson having stopped the cover. Black jumps to the outside of the ring and grabs a chair

Kirby: "The hell is he doing!?

Black slides into the ring, the ref gets in Black's face


LeBeau: "Holy Sh- COW Black just laid the referee out with a chair!"

Black walks over to Anderson who is now getting to his feet


LeBeau: "Eat steel Bobby!"
Kirby: "Damn that was a chair shot."
LeBeau: "Take a look at Anderson, he's busted wide open."

Black drops the chair on the mat and grabs a mic

"I've been watching this company a long long time, my old man Vince Black even wrestled here once or twice, it was known as the "friendliest locker room" in the business. Bullcrap, I've been in training in the background for 6 months & watched the locker room fall apart. I've had enough of the shenanigans, backstabbing and crap that has hit this company.

Tony Bastion and his board of yes men have no idea how to run a company.
Whoever the hell you guys have as booker needs to be taken out the back, and shooting.

You've got guys at the top who have been at the top since for-goddamn-ever. Same World champions, same guys getting the shots, hogging the light. This is supposed to be a revolution, not freakin WCW. I'm bored of this crap, Bored of NNTK, Bored of Vade Kruger, Bored of Shane Lynas, Bored of every goddamn guy wanting to turn heel and join the bad guys, you guys want a real heel? Here, watch"

-Black picks up the chair and hits Anderson again with it-

"I can keep this shit up all day long, it's nothing personal Bobby, it's just business. Let's talk about that "Business"

Let me tell you about the monopolising of the top spots in this company bad booking & trash that this company throws out. Tony Bastion, Mr. Big Dick clearly gave the booker four instructions. Make Lynas a star, make Kruger a star, make NNTK a star and fuck everyone else. I put that on Tony Bastard & his team of booking know-fuck-alls booking shit.

Now let's take a look at the trash on this pathetic show. You got the big three cheeses running around doing whatever. Tony Bastard clearly has no idea how to command respect from his locker room. Ever since he took over this company has gone to shit. My old man Vince was a Road Agent back there, making sure the prima donnas got exactly what they wanted, blue m&m's and whatever they desired, but they got more prissy as Bastard lost more control. My Dad quit in disgust and left, but I didn't give up so clearly.

I see guys like Bryan Dean, real wrestlers, honest wrestlers, great wrestlers, go greatly unused. Great friends go vastly unused. If I had a camera and mattress we could make a better damn wrestling show.

What you have to understand from me is, I'll outbrawl the best of them, I'll outwrestle the best of them, but first of all, I'll kick your ass. I take all challengers, from the Bobby Andersons to the Bryan Deans, Even you Vade, Shane or NNTK. Anytime you band of merry bastards"

-Black climbs out of the ring and walks over to a fan-

"Hey Kid what's ya name?"

Fan: "David"

"Okay David, what have we seen here since I entered, I walked down, beat Bobby around, Chair shotted the ref, who is still down by the way. HEY REF. YOU CAN STOP SELLING NOW, you've seen Bobby then get beat with a chair, who is over there by the stage with an emt looking at his cut while he "Sells" that he's a chair injury, no wait, I think I did get him with that chair, woops, just call me Ken Anderson

this is a stage for a show, every piece is put together by writers, bookers, agent, talent scouts, tv producers, script writers.... don't get me wrong it's a great show, but a "Show" none the less. It's not a sport, it's an art, it's an art form. Let me make one thing clear, I'm not here to be a Sports Entertainer, I'm not here for 4 minute spotfest matches, I'm here for real wrestling. If I can't find it here, I'll disappear to EWA."

Black drops the mic with the crowd stunned he leaves.

LeBeau: "Woah."

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

Post by Robert Randall » Aug 18th, '11, 21:14

*the show cuts to commercial*

as we come back to Mayhem, Robert Randall, Leah, and the Sons of Fortune are shown in their locker room talking as Xander comes into view.

Xander "Uhh Rob, may I have a moment?"

Randall "As much as I don't like you, yeah sure."

Xander "I just wanted your thoughts on recent events here in WWR."

Robert Randall grabs the mic

Randall "My thoughts? Well let's see, Kruger beat Everlast on Vortex, so maybe now Everlast can pay attention to me and give me my Contintental Championship match at Heresy I've been waiting for. Then there's NNTK... We're friends and all, but earlier tonight he claimed that he's beaten everyone and also said that he is the best in WWR. Honestly NNTK, you don't hold a title that says you're the best here, Vade Kruger does. Now I know I never held the WWR Heavyweight Championship before, but we all know, when it comes to skill, AIN'T NOBODY COMPARED TO ROBERT RANDALL!!!"
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

Post by KILLdozer » Aug 19th, '11, 09:05

The show returns from commercial to Kirby and Lebeau at the table as the fans cheer loudly.

Kirby:"Were back live on WWR Friday Night Mayhem! And now weve got NNTK/Lionna V Roach/Ronja! This match is sure to be intense,hard hitting,and just an all fight after what weve seen them all do recently! Remember how Roach got the win with that Humbler in the sixty minute clasic last week?!?"

Lebeau:"Lionna is the absolute real deal..Ronja has no idea what shes in for..Shes severely outmatched,regardless of her size advantage! And yea Roach won,After NNTK unloaded on him out here for most of the match! He nearly injured him in three places Kirby! And another thing Kirby..How many times you gonna keep bringing up that Humbler? Your'e gonna get your mouth rearranged by NNTK if you dont watch it!"

Now Twilight of the Thundergod by Amon Amarth plays to a huge reception from the fans as Roach and Ronja walk out together .

Anderson:"The following mixed tag team match is scheduled for onefall....Introducing first,from Memphis, Tennessee and Reykjavik,Iceland respectively....Mike "Sassafras" Roach..and Ronja Martinsdottir !"

Kirby:"Theres Mike Roach and Ronja Martinsdottir,the first team in this match! Listen to the crowd!"

Lebeau:"Yea,That man..(Rolls eyes) Both of these two are gonna get taken down a peg!"

They continue down the ramp slapping hands and gesturing for all the fans who continue to cheer more for them as they walk up the steps and into the ring.

They stand out at ringside now on the other side of the ring,waiting and talking over who will start.

Now Suddenly the ringside area flashes bright red all around,as it shines through the arena all around.."The End Of Everything begins to play to loud boos from the crowd.

Anderson:"And their opponents...From The Netherworld...And Detroit,Michigan...NNTK and Lionna Mcknight!"

NNTK walks out with Lionna as the crowd erupts with more boos now...NNTK wears the usual black and green Origin shirt with black Hockey mask,trunks gloves knee pads and boots...Lionna's ring attire consists of a black t-shirt with dates,numbers, accomplishments and titles listed all over it in white,going up and down and across both the front and back,white wrist tape,and long yellow and black tights,that have a black crown on one side, with black boots with yellow kickpads as well.

NNTK stares at Roach as they walk down towards the ring,then cuts his fist across his throat at him as they continue down to more deafening boos.

NNTK steps onto the apron and over the top rope into the ring as Lionna walks around to the corner..Ronja goes to her corner as Roach steps into the ring across from NNTK..NNTK raises his arms into the air over his head as Roach watches then flings them back down as flames come shooting straight out of the turnbuckles..Roach turns and looks at the distraction and when he turns back around NNTK puts him on the mat with a big right hand out of nowheres as the crowd boos.

Kirby:"Did you see that?!! Those flames shot outta their and Roach looked and comes around and gets cracked over the head by NNTK!"

Lebeau:"Good! Pay attention to the man in front of you! "

The bell now rings as the lights have returned to normal and "The End Of Everything" has cut out as Roach starts to get up when NNTK knocks him back over with a jumping enziguri to more boos now.

Kirby:"And were underway in what some are referring to as "NNTK V Roach Part 2!" They tore the house up last time and this should be excellent as well!"

NNTK jumps and comes down on Roach in the face with a knee drop,then goes for the cover.

Lebeau:"NNTK with a cover on Roach! Just kicked out before one!"

NNTK picks Roach up and comes running off the ropes towards him,when Roach catches him,stopping him and throwing him backwards with a belly to belly suplex as the crowd pops.

NNTK gets up quickly and Roach lifts him across the shoulders and plants him with a Samoan drop,then comes down with a leg drop in the face to more cheers from the crowd.

Kirby;"Roach got it turned around and hes got a pin! O-Oh no not quite a one count there!"

Roach backs up and over to Ronja and tags her into the match to a pop from the crowd.

NNTK is up now and stands staring at Ronja across from him. The ref hollers at him to get out and make the tag.

Kirby:"Tag Lionna now damnit! Dont touch her bastard!"

Lebeau:"I hope he does,,Knock the s**t out of her,Kick her head off !"

The crowd begins to boo as NNTK continues looking at Ronja with an icy stare,then gets louder when he tags in Lionna.

Kirby:"About time! Now lets see how this goes !"

Lionna comes in under the ropes and her and Ronja go into a collar and elbow tieup,when Lionna nails her with a quick stiff kick in the right kneecap,bringing her down slightly.

Lionna smacks Ronja with a hard backhand slap,measures her then hits her with a sharp kick in the head that can be heard all around the arena.

Lebeau:"Oh! Lionna just shook the huge vertical base of ROnja and just CRACKED her with that head kick! "

Lionna now straightens out Ronja's right leg,then stomps the right kneecap a few times,then her legs and twists around and locks in a figure four,to the shock and awe of the ground.

Kirby:"And shes got her in that figure four trying to work the knee she just kicked out!"

Lionna grabs hold of the leg as she leans all the way back in the ring,cranking back on the hold hard as Ronja reaches for the ropes.

The ref asks Ronja if shes going to quit but she refuses loudly,continuing to try for the ropes as the crowd starts to cheer.

Ronja trys to reach for the ropes and is about a fingertip away with her long arms when Lionna manages to slide over some and grab onto the ring rope for leverage as the crowd lets out nothing but boos for Lionna.

Kirby:"Ah come on! Get off the ropes ! Ronja nearly had a rope break on the other side too!"

Lionna leans back clutching the ropes as she forces more pressure on the Figure Four when the ref starts the count.

"One! Two! Three! Four! Get off the dang ropes now McKnight!"

Lionna finally releases the ropes and breaks up the figure four,when suddenly Ronja runs across and takes down Lionna with a running lariat out of nowheres to cheers from the crowd and Ronja tags Roach as Lionna rolls over tagging NNTK in.

NNTK and Roach meet in the center of the ring,staring down each other as the crowd lets out a mix of cheers and boos.

Roach punches NNTK,and NNTK returns fire,and before you know it theyre swinging for the fences,with the crowd chanting "SLUGFEST!"

Kirby:"Theyre just throwin shot after shot at each other!"

Roach unloads as he gets the advantage with punch after punch as the crowd goes wild,when just as it looks like NNTK is staggered,he lunges out a hand,grabbing Roach around the throat.

The crowd gasps as NNTK chokes Roach and lifts him up in a press high overhead,then drops him down and catches him and slams him down on the knee with a shoulder breaker to the injured arm from last week as the crowd roars with displeasure.

Kirby:"Oh MAN what power and strength from NNTK,just attacking Roaches shoulder from last week when he threw him into the table!"

Lebeau:"He tore up the arm and shoulder in that sixty minute instant classic and NNTK's going right back at it! Just remarkable ringskill!"

Roach falls to the mat,clutching his shoulder in pain,trying to work it around and fight through the pain,then NNTK grabs the arm and pulls him to a vertical base by it,then twists it around to the side,then headbutts Roach in the now exposed shoulder sending him down to more boos from the crowd.

Kirby:"Again right back to the shoulder,this time with that vicious headbutt!"

Lebeau:"Weve seen this before from NNTK,Single out a body part and go after it,,Break his arm!"

Roach starts to get up shaking the arm,when NNTK stops him with a kick in the gut,then turns him and lifts him up and slings him down into the ringropes with a huge hammerlock scoop slam,landing him on the injured arm as the crowd continues to boo now.

The cut on Roach's shoulder has been opened up slightly again after it grazed the rough ropes.

Kirby:"Look at his arm! Its bleeding again! Not this again!"

Lebeau:"Your damn right!"

Roach shakes his head and wrings his arm out more now as the crowd begins to cheer loudly for him..He runs across the ring full speed going for a clothesline but NNTK ducks out of the way and jumps into the air and snaps on the cross armbar,bringing Roach down hard.

Kirby:"Counter into the Armbar by NNTK! "

NNTK pulls back on the arm as hes got it locked with both hands and legs,cranking back as the fans cheer "ROACH ROACH ROACH ROACH!"

Roach shouts out in pain refusing to give as the ref asks him,The whole time NNTK yanking at the shoulder and arm,Roach trys to get to the ropes but he cant budge NNTK .

Lebeau:"Roach is fucced man,Weve seen NNTK lock on submission holds before after working an opponent over and then be very difficult to get loose from!"

Roach musters a second strength and yanks across the ring to the ropes,getting the ropebreak as the crowd goes crazy,NNTK doesnt let off though,still pulling the armbar.

Kirby:"Rope break come on let loose!"

The crowd boos like hell as the ref counts all the way to four before NNTK finally lets go,then goes to pick Roach up when he starts fighting back again,countering NNTK shoving him off of him.

The crowd cheers loudly for this,as NNTK comes back in towards NNTK,but Roach again defends himself by pushing him away to more cheers from the fans.

NNTK now runs in at Roach,but Roach ducks,sidestepping,and when NNTK turns back around Roach drops him with a heavy ddt as the crowd pops louder yet.

Both men are laid on the mat a little aways from each other.

Kirby:"Roach suddenly countered all of NNTK's attack on the injured arm and shoulder,but I think he just landed on it when he hit the mat! Both men are down!"

Lebeau:"Roach got a few lucky reversals,shut up..But you gotta believe the first man up will have an advantage here!"

Roach lays stretching the arm and shoulder in pain,slowly getting up,when suddenly NNTK slams his fist into the mat and gets up to a vertical base as the crowd gasps.

Kirby:"He just jumped up! Oh man!"

NNTK now hurrys over to Roach and gets him up to his feet by the arm,as he pulls him towards the corner,then twists the arm around as he climbs to the top rope,then walks along the rope some before jumping off and smashing Roach in the exposed shoulder as the crowd lets out a storm of boos.

Lebeau:"He just went "Old School" on em! You know where weve seen that before!"

NNTK reachs down pulling Roach up off the mat slightly by the hair,when the crowd cheers as Roach starts once again fighting NNTK off,throwing punchs right at him from the mat.

Kirby:"Roach again trying to mount some kind of a comeback!"

NNTK begins fighting back at Roach as well,throwing hard shots right his way as they both brawl for the momentum and leverage in the match...Roach is steadilly when NNTK slaps him then hits a straight kick to the face dropping him down to the mat .

Lebeau:"He just rocked him! Now what?"

NNTK stands to the side of Roach and lets him get up some then jumps and dropkicks him hard in the shoulder as the crowd boos.

Kirby:"Again going back to that shoulder! Now you can only believe hes going to go for another submission attempt on him!"

The cut has gotten noticeably more opened now,leaking blood down Roach's arm some to the shock of the crowd as they again begin to chant "Holy Shitt!"

Lebeau:"Look at that bad arm from last week! He wasnt quite healed and hes going after it!"

NNTK now grabs Roach by one arm and blasts him in the jaw with three stiff shots in a row,then turns around and sits down,locking the arm between his legs as he wraps both arms around the neck and face of Roach,locking on a cross face as he locks the hands up.

Lebeau:"Oh hes got the crossface on ! Hes got that arm cinched in his legs as well straining it just trying to rip it apart!"

NNTK now pulls back on the hold as he wrenches Roach backwards ,gripping both fists together jamming them into his face as Roach trys to get loose as the crowd is letting out mixed reactions.

NNTK adds more as he tightens the legs around the arm and stretches back more as Roach is crawling across the ring..

NNTK is shaking his head as he continues to torque the hold as he yells at and berates Roach..the fans lets on with anger at this.

Kirby:"Exactly right hes sitting down on the arm as hes applies the crossface trying to wear Roach out!"

Roach starts crawling across the ring more as the crowd starts screaming "Sassafras Sassafras!".

Lebeau:"Dont let him over man!"

Kirby:"He HAS to get there to save the arm and the match possibly!"

Roach begins to get more across the ring as the crowd is hot encouraging him,when NNTK stops him out in the middle of the ring.

Lebeau:"Hes got him stopped in the center! Put it away!"

Kirby:"Dont give Mike!"

The crowd is going crazy as Roach is fighting and trying to struggle for the ropes or a counter as the pain is really shooting through the injured limb now,Roachs face turns crimson bright red as he yells loudly and somehow jerks to the ropes as the crowd erupts.

Kirby:"He got the break! He got it! That was starting to look ugly there!"

The ref orders NNTK to break it up as Roach clinges to the rope,but NNTK refuses as he keeps hold of the arm and fists locked across the face to roars of anger from the crowd.

Lebeau:"f**k the rope break! Destroy Roach! This isnt about vendettas,this is about what NNTK said before the match!

Kirby":bulls**t! Let up off him ! Thats part of the reason why that arm is in the condition it is,cause he wont clean break submissions and gets nearly a whole five count at least!"

The ref begins to count NNTK out,calling for the break,he gets all the way to four before NNTK releases and stands back,looking down over Roach,when he turns around and tags in Lionna,whose smiling and jmping frantically to get into the match.

Roach manages to get up and tag in Ronja as well to pops from the crowd,and then both women are in the ring.

Lionna jumps quickly and puts a tight front facelock on her,pulling her down the mat..Ronja begins to get up and Lionna quickly ducks behind and kicks her in the back of the shin,then slaps on a full nelson as she has her on both knees.

Lebeau:"Look at this,Big Ronja here getting outmaneuvered by Lionna Mcknight,shes continuing to put on a clinic out there!"

Ronja powers out after a minute,when Lionna nails her with a quick snap kick in the back,then turns her around in an dragon sleeper as she has an inverted facelock on,Lionna squeezes down on Ronja,after a few minutes Lionna drives a knee against the spine and jumps onto her back and locks in the body scissors as well as the crowd boos Lionna .

Kirby:"Shes obviously at a technical disadvantage Lebeau,all this chain wrestling and mat wrestling,striking on the ground this isnt her style,she needs to get up ...Shes been grounded and slowed down!"

Ronja refuses to quit though,as she manages to get an energy boost and turns around,getting to her feet with Lionna on her back to pops from the crowd,Lionna starts hammering away at her with one hand as halfway keeps the choke on ,bringing her back down as the crowd boos.

Lebeau:"Looked like she had an opening with that power and strength but Lionna cut it off !"

Lionna slowly pulls her up from behind,then grabs the arm behind her back,clapping a hammerlock on her wrist,then spins her around and goes to take her head off with a clothesline,but to a huge pop from the crowd Ronja manages to hooks Lionna around the waist,countering her with an overhead bellly to belly.

But Lionna landed on her feet,straightening out in mid air,and she waits as Ronja turns and then runs and bounces off the second rope with a springboard and lands hard on her with a crossbody in the gut and chest,taking her down.

Kirby:"Did you see that?! The agility!"

Now Lionna runs a hand through her long dark hair as she pushes it back,then goes over the corner,going up top as she steps back to the turnbuckle as she has Ronja down.

Lebeau:"Look at this..."

Lionna goes flying off as she front flips through,coming down on Ronja with major impact,as she hits hard with a 450 Splash.

Kirby:"Oh ! Big 450!"

Lionna quickly into the cover hooking the leg...

Lebeau:"One! Two! Kickout from Ronja there after a long two count!"

Lionna now pulls her up ,then smacks her over the face,then comes from the side and boots her in the face,Lionna measures her from the front,But Ronja stops her with a heavy chop across the chest,Ronja gets to her feet when Lionna flys through the air,jumping for the Pele kick in the face when Ronja moves,and Lionna catches the ref.

Kirby:"Hey she took out the ref with that back flip kick!"

Lionna turns and sees whats just went down and Ronja reaches out and grabs her up with a chokeslam clutch around the neck,but with the ref down NNTK runs in from behind and quickly jumps up and takes Ronja down with a vicious Zigzag type move to boos all around the arena.

NNTK has left the ring and Lionna rolled with the fall and shifted her weight down on top of Ronja into a cover as the ref comes to.

Kirby:"Damnit! Cover from Lionna here! One! Two! T- Kickout just in time there after NNTK just illegally attacked her!"

Lebeau:"Ah he had to save Lionna dumbass!"

Roach stands on the apron furious,shaking his head and waving his hands about what happened..Lionna pulls her up and hits three standard suplexs in a row..then turns her around and locks in a butterfly lock,then a guillotine choke with scissors..Ronja makes it up and slams her down with a spinebuster,breaking free with the counter to the fans delight.

Lionna starts to stagger up,At that moment Ronja comes forward with a big boot,but Lionna ducks down slightly and throws the ref in the way as he eats the heavy kick from the big blonde as the crowd boos.

Lebeau:"Look at this clumsy woman,just kicked the ref!"

Kirby:"Lionna did it,using him for a shield!"

Ronja forcefully grabs Lionna by the neck,when Lionna ducks behind quickly and twists her around gradually as she brings the giant down with a neckbreaker over the shoulder.

With the ref still down and out from the giant boot in the face,NNTK goes up top and comes down on Ronja with a diving headbutt in the face,then rolls out the ring as Lionna goes into a cover as the crowd yells "You suck!" at NNTK.

Kirby:"One! Two! T-Kickout from Ronja after yet again an illegal move on her from NNTK!"

Ronja pushes Lionna off her and then manages to roll over and tag Roach as Lionna tags NNTK..Roach comes right in and NNTK is already ahead of him,but Roach takes him down with a strong clothesline,then another tough clothesline to the face,then another is Roach is getting rolling with the fans behind him.

NNTK is shaking his head getting up,Roach kicks him in the gut,doubles him over and spikes him with the pile driver to the crowds excitement..NNTK begins to rise as Roach backs off some,and NNTK runs and Roach slings him down hard with a heavy Samoan Drop.

Kirby:"Oh man another counter from Roach! Right in blazing up with a furry of offense!"

Roach goes up top now above NNTK whose laying on his back.

Lebeau:"Oh what is this,,Get down!!"

Kirby:"Maybe goin for that big diving leg drop!"

As Roach begins to prepare to leap,NNTK quickly gets back up and sprints into the corner..Jumping onto the top rope with Roach..Then quickly slings him overhead with a nasty Superplex as the crowd gasps.

Kirby:"WHAT A COUNTER!! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?! He just jumped up!"

Lebeau:"Thats the best around here Kirby,remember that."

Both men lay on the mat motionless for a few seconds,NNTK makes it up slightly before Roach,and he allows him to turn standing..then closes the gap as he collides with him with a massive running crossbody.

Kirby:"Cover! One! Two! Roach getting the shoulder up!"

NNTK hooks Roach in a suplex clutch then pulls him up,But Roach ducks down out of it and puts on his own suplex clutch,then takes NNTK over for a vertical suplex but at the last second NNTK rolls through with the momentum and drops Roach with a neckbreaker.

Lebeau:"What a counter! What a fight they've put on! NNTK and Roach at it again!"

NNTK now stomps Roach in the shin,then comes down off the top with a big stomp to the knee.

NNTK then grabs Roach by the leg and turns him over,applying the ankle lock,pulling Roach to the middle of the ring.

Kirby:"Oh no,Weve seen this before,theres that Ankle Lock! Hes got it on the same leg from last week too !"

NNTK has it with both hands,Wrenching and pulling back as Roach extends one hand,trying to get an opening somehow.

NNTK begins yanking back,twisting it side to side as he puts force on the ankle.

Lebeau:"Good! Just like last week nowheres to go for Roach either!"

NNTK jerks back on the ankle,Continuously pulling as Roach still trys to counter.

Roach pulls slightly across the ring as the fans cheer,but NNTK merely shakes his head and pulls him right back to the middle.

NNTK is cranking more on the leg,as Roach shakes his head in defiance..Roach begins to start gaining more distance towards the ropes,but again NNTK will have none of it and stops him dead and takes it back to the middle of the ring as the crowd boos.

Roach trys to fight again,crawling on his stomach,getting a few inchs,but NNTK forcefully jerks him back across by the leg.

NNTK is looking down on Roach with anger in his eyes(or eye),trying to cripple him with the dangerous hold..Roach trys to move on his elbows now,But NNTK only adds more strength,cutting off all of Roach's momentum as he freezes where was trying to crawl.

Kirby:"Lebeau I hate to agree but Your'e right,The ropes are the only way out of this!"

NNTK starts pulling to other side of the ring,keeping Roach far from the ropes,When The fans start to erupt as Roach has suddenly made it halfway..They boo when NNTK yanks him back every inch.

Roach now somehow out of nowhers uses all of his strength to half pull,half lunge to the ropes getting the break,but NNTK refuses to let up on him.

Kirby:"Ropebreak! Or not..."

NNTK instead grapevines the leg and really cranks back hard as Roach shouts out in pain as the crowd boos,the ref counts to for before NNTK lets off the leg and backs up.

NNTK now pulls up Roach,again trying for the suplex.

Kirby:"It looks like were gonna try this again!"

NNTK goes to swing him over,Roach yet again manages a reversal,taking NNTK over with a suplex,but again NNTK reverses it by turning through the air over Roachs shoulder and pulls him down with an inverted DDT.

NNTK goes into a cover now hooking a leg.

Kirby:"Another counter from NNTK out of the suplex,they know each other well! One! Two! Roach stayin alive for the team!"

NNTK jerks roach up by the neck and slaps a gloved hand around the throat,and cuts his throat with the other fist as he looks at Roach,NNTK now sends him flying high up into the air and then throws him on the mat with the one armed choke slam.

Kirby:"He got that HUGE monstrous ONE HANDED choke slam ! Hes got em!"

Lebea:"Yep! Goodbye Roach! I got some Raid for ya!"

NNTK with a hard cover with the forearm in the face of Roach.

Lebeau:"One! Two! Roach kicked out there again!"

NNTK backs off and stands staring down on Roach,letting him stand,when Roach out of nowheres tosses him with an overhead belly to belly as the crowd goes wild.

Kirby:"Roach back! Make a tag! "

Roach lets NNTK upand throws him with another suplex,then gets the Vertical finally and then another huge Samoan Drop as the crowds still on fire..then he makes the quick tag to Ronja who comes in to more excitement from the crowd.

NNTK rises and tags Lionna's smaller hand as he leaves the ring,

Lionna comes in to heavy boos and she grabs Ronja in a single arm Cravate then blasts her with a back elbow then does it again two more times..As Ronja goes to one knee,Lionna comes off the ropes and fires back in with a leaping roundhouse as she smashes Ronja in the side of the head hard.

Lionna goes to the outside,then measures Ronja and hits the ropes with a Springboard Shooting Star Press as the crowd gasps.

Ronja grabs her gut from the impact and Lionna slightly rolls away too,holding her own gut.

NNTK has gotten down off the ring apron and slid Lionna A steel chair into the ring near her as Ronja is still down.

The ref sees the chair though before Lionna can use it grabs it ,turning to throw it out the ring.

As the refs back is turned..NNTK has slid in the ring as Ronja is getting up,as she pushes up,leaning bent down,NNTK runs forward,cracking her over the back of the head and neck with a nasty scissors kick as the crowd boos louder than ever.

Kirby:"Hey! Hey! Damnit! When the ref got rid of that chair he crashed her with that Scissors Kick! That was just a set up!"

NNTK is gone out the ring when the ref turns , as Ronja staggers over stunned,Lionna ducks behind and locks both arms in a chickenwing and quickly takes her down with a Double Chickenwing Legsweep Facebuster as she bounces off the impact.

Lionna pushes her over and goes for the cover as the boos continue.

Lebeau:"One! Two! T-What?!? No! Damnit!"

Ronja has gotten the shoulder up to Roachs delight and everyone elses..excluding NNTK and Lionna..Ronja gets up after a few minutes as Lionna kneels over her ,then Runs in with a mega clothesline as the fans goes nuts.

Ronja then runs in again taking Lionna back down with a running boot as the crowd continues to get behind her.

Ronja now has Lionna down as NNTK paces on the apron,intently staring..Lionna gets up as Ronja measures her,then grabs her with both hands around the neck and takes her down to the mat with a double hand sit out choke slam as the crowd goes insane.

As soon as Ronja sits down though,NNTK runs in off the ropes and slams right into her face with the Lifetaker Kick as boos come from all over as he knocks her flat backwards.

The ref blatantly saw this though and rings the bell,Disqualifying NNTK and Lionna as the crowd cheers loud.

NNTK stands looking at the ref and suddenly jumps,taking him down with the Lifetaker Kick in the side of the head as well now.

Kirby:"What the f**k!?!! Talk about Sore losers !! He FINALLY gets caught attackin Ronja when he kicked her in the face and then kicks the ref too!!!"

Lebeau:"DQ'd?!? What a raw deal! Id kick em too!"

Anderson:"NNTK and Lionna McKnight have been disqualified,,so your winners by DQ...Mike Roach and Ronja Martinsdottir!!!"

The crowd pops now loudly and Roach tackles NNTK out the ring through the ropes,NNTK lands standing though and Roach and he begin immediately slugging it out again,,all around ringside,throwing each other into the posts,across announce tables,and over the steel ring steps really giving it to each other.

Kirby:Theyre still not done! Roach and NNTK swinging for the fences on each other! Brawling all over !"

Now theyre near the guard rail,trading shot after shot after shot as the crowds gone nuts..Roach swings and gets a good shot,stunning NNTK..Roach goes for another swing when NNTK stops him with a kick in the gut then throws him OVER THE BARRICADE INTO THE CROWD!

Lebeau:"Theyre in the crowd now!"

Roach is up and hes throwing blows with NNTK again now as they're moving through the stands,fighting all over the place..soon they continue walking until they go through the exit in the crowd,smashing each other with rights until theyre out of view.

Kirby:"They just left fighting all the way to the back! I think we can say well see them again together on Vortex!"

Lebeau:"Look at Lionna in the ring!"

As Ronja is still down trying to shake off the effects from the kick..Lionna has jumped up top and comes off as she rolls through the air a few times and crashes down on top of her with 630 senton as the crowd goes wild.

Kirby:"HEY! Thats that 630 Senton we saw last week! This is over whats going on!?!"

Lionna now pulls her up with a front face lock,then turns her back to her and clutches hair hair with both hands,then slings her over shoulder with the Snapmare by the hair,then she quickly locks in the Triangle choke as she lands hard in a sitting position in front of her.

Lionna throws her self back to the mat wrenching the choke as Ronja tries to fight with everything in her giant massive frame,but its no use as Lionna quickly makes her pass out to roars from the crowd as "Silhouettes" by Smile Empty Soul.

Lebeau:"Good! GOOD! Looks like Roach and NNTK isnt all we haven't seen the last of ! What a statement to Ronja and the rest of the womens Divison!"

Kirby:"That was a load of s**t! She just choked her right out after the match! Plain and Simple,no sugarcoatin!"

Lionna now lets up and releases the Triangle choke as the crowd boos even more as she leaves the ring and goes to the back as the show cuts to commercial.
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Aug 21st, '11, 08:05

~Show comes back from commercial break to Bryan Dean and Viggo Dynamite grappling in the ring~

Kirby "Were back on Mayhem and the Dynamics title is up for grabs!!"

Lebeau "Yeah Viggo in control of this one at the moment, that armbar slowed Dean right down!!"

Kirby "Dean took the fight right to Viggo at the bell, having lost to him last time around he knows what hes gotta do!!"

~Dean rolls out of the armbar and onto his feet, but Viggo hits an armdrag, then another. After which he goes to apply an armbar but Dean kicks him in the head, Viggo spills onto the ropes~

Kirby "He knocked him silly with that one, Dean off the ropes!!"

~Viggo goes flying out of the ring, over the top rope to the floor. Dean caught him with a big clothesline~

Lebeau "Whoa he put everything behind that clothesline then!! Look, Dean is going to the air!!"

~Dean has climbed to the top rope and leaped off.......landing on Dynamite outside the ring. Both men are down~

Kirby "BRyan Dean really taking it to Dynamite here, doing things he really doesnt usually do!!"

~Dean rolls back in the ring, breaking the count. Then he rolls back out and picks up Viggo but Viggo drags him chin first onto the guard rail. Viggo rolls back into the ring~

Lebeau "Mmmmm thats gotta hurt!!"

~Dean drags himself up and onto the apron but Viggo grabs his head and pulls him through the ropes, hooking him up and slamming him down head first into a DDT. Cover by Viggo, hooking the leg~



~Kick out from Dean. Viggo grabs Dean and drags him to the middle of the ring, then goes to the crner and climbs to the top. He measures Dean and leaps off, connecting with a massive elbow off the top~

Kirby "Shades of Randy Savage there..."

~Viggo covers Dean again~




~Again Dean escapes the pin attempt. Viggo shakes his head before dropping the leg on Dean and covering him again~



~Kick out from Dean, who then rolls onto his stomach and starts dragging himself towrds the ropes but Dynamite stomps on his back, then kicks him in the ribs as he tries to roll over again~

Lebeau "Well Viggo is giving his best but Dean keeps kicking out!!"

Kirby "Sign of a true champion!!"

~Viggo lifts up Dean and smashes him with a forearm to the face, then whips him to the ropes but he put his head down, Dean boots him in the chest and nails him with a clothesline. The fans give a decent pop as Dean gets up and screeches as he gets a second wind. Dean picks up Viggo and whips him to the corner, Viggo bounces back out and Dean whips him to the other side, Viggo falls over due to the high impact. Dean runs to the corner, jumps and bounces off the second rope but Viggo gets his knees up. Dynamite rolls an arm onto Dean~




~Dean rolls a shoulder just before the three, Viggo and the fans cant believe it. Dynamite drags himself to his feet and waits for Dean, then as Dean gets up he goes for the superkick but Dean ducks out of the way and goes for a suplex but Viggo blocks it and hooks him up for the Viggoplex but Dean counters in mid air, spins and attempts a cutter but Viggo counters that move and drops Dean down with a reverse neckbreaker. Viggo picks up Dean and applies an arm ringer, then hooks underneath and lifts up Dean in a pump handle slam but instead lifts him right up into a cutter~

Kirby "Oh what impact!! What action!!"

Lebeau "That was awesome but I think Dean is done!!"

~Viggo covers Dean~




~Dean again rolls a shoulder to the utter amazement of everyone~

Lebeau "Wow, my God hes one tough son of a bitch!!"

~Viggo checks with the referee that it wasnt a three count. Dean lays flat on the mat as Viggo walks back to him and lifts him up, hooks him up and slams him down with the Viggoplex~




#Bell rings#

DA "Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this match and NEWWWW WWR Dynamics Champion, Viiiggoooo Dyyynammiiiiitee!!!"

~Viggo falls to his knees in exhaustion as the belt is handed to him, Bryan Dean is still flat out on the mat as 'Aint It Fun' plays~

Kirby "Both men gave it their all but in the end its Viggo who comes through as the new WWR Dynamics Champion!!"

Lebeau "Whatever way you look at it, if Dean had won this match then he would also have been a worthy winner. Congratulations to Viggo!!"

~Viggo celebrates and leaves the ring with the belt, back up the aisle and to the back~
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

Post by Sassafras » Aug 21st, '11, 17:20

*show cuts to commercial; when it returns, the camera is following NNTK and Roach, still fighting it out in the back as countless security guards try to separate them; Roach hits a security guard with a superkick, and continues throwing lefts at NNTK; suddenly, Tony Bastion appears, holding a can of pepperspray at the ready*

Bastion: "Stop it, stop it! Both of you, or I'll go to my office and shred both your contracts. Roach here can go back to Japan. What other company would have YOU, NNTK, going around attacking people like you own the place?!"

*NNTK begins to speak*

Bastion: "Shut your mouth! You don't own this place, motherf*cker, I do! Monday night on Vortex! NNTK, you and Shane Lynas and Rob Randall...will take on Mike Roach and two partners of his choosing!"

*the crowd in the arena can be heard roaring*

Bastion: "Roach, pick a team."
NNTK: "Why can't we have Vade? He wants the entire Origin, let him have us! And why does Roach get to pick his own team? Probably be some Japs nobody knows!"

*Roach makes an attempt to lunge at NNTK, but Bastion stops him*

Bastion: "I said you aren't the goddamn boss, here! You're lucky I don't make you go it alone against Roach and EVERYONE else on the roster who doesn't like you. You think you'd fare so well against 95 percent of the locker room, tough guy? Kicking women in the face? You make me sick! Besides, I don't want Roach and Vade in the same match until Heresy. Have you READ the Internet message boards? This is more talked-about than ANY match in the history of this organization. Plus, I have plans for Vade at Vortex, anyway. Now leave the arena, NNTK. Roach, hit the locker room and calm yourself."

*NNTK walks away with a mumbled comment about "Tony B*stard running WWR into the ground"*

Roach: "One of these days...I'm going to do everything in my power to end his career."
Bastion: "Well, not today, big man. Let the plan play out. We're just 9 days away from Phase 3."
Roach: "I can already taste the blood."

*Bastion walks away and Roach walks over to the water cooler, grabs the tiny paper cup and fills it, then walks over to the superkicked security guard and pours the water on his face to revive him; when it doesn't work, Roach grabs a tee shirt form a nearby table, rolls it up and places it behind the guard's neck as he props him up against the wall; Roach shrugs and walks away*

Kirby: "This is getting intense! What a match, made for Vortex!"
LeBeau: "I don't like what those two have up their sleeves."

*camera cuts to...*


Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

Post by Styles » Aug 22nd, '11, 08:23

- Camera cuts to Johnny Black backstage walking -

- He walks through a door into the parking lot where Bobby Anderson is being loaded into an Ambulance, there's several EMT's & a couple of road agents -

- Black walks up and leans over Bobby Anderson -

Road Agents: "Back off Black"

- Tony Bastion walks into shot -

Tony Bastion: "Don't you think you've done enough kid?"

- Black spins on his heels and turns round -

Johnny Black: "Done enough Tony? If you'd have done enough in the first place this company would be better presented, look better and be able to hold onto its top stars instead of running away"

Tony: "This is outrageous Black, you've concussed Bobby over here, real bad, you should see the size of the laceration on his head, he didn't do anything, your beef is not with him."

Johnny: "Hold on Mr. B, Bobby was an accident, I didn't mean to hurt him, that's not what we do here in this business. I admit it, my beef isn't with Bobby. It's with you and your fucking board of directors who don't care what wrestling fans want. Nobody wants to see NNTK, the guy's a bonafide freak, yet he operates a top spot. Why? Because he's friends with Shane. and Vade Kruger is fucking talentless yet he's a two time world champion here? Why because he sits on Shane's shoulder and whispers creative ideas in there?"

Tony: "So why Bobby huh? He was supposedly your friend, why not Shane? Or Or Or Vade? Or even NNTK huh? Why Bobby?"

Johnny: "He's a good friend, a great friend. In fact, I'll show you"

- Black runs over to the ambulance, pulls the crash trolley out of the ambulance just as its loaded up and throws it on its side and puts a couple of kicks into Anderson -

Road Agents: "What the hell John?"
"Get outta here"
Tony: "Get him out of here"

- Black lays a right hand into one of the road agents who approaches him -

- Black straightens his jacket and walks off chuckling -

LeBeau: "Well this guy is messed up"
Kirby: "He moans about top spots yet he doesn't target those in the top spots! He's nothing but a coward"

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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Aug 22nd, '11, 13:17

~As the camera shoots back to the ring, the sound of 'Cold' hits the arena and Vade Kruger appears to a very mixed reception as he walks to the ring. He is dressed in jeans and an 'Amplified' t shirt, long hair down and has in his posession the WWR world title belt. He goes straight into the ring and signals for the music to stop~

Kirby "I can only assume hes out here to talk more crap!!"

~The fans boo and cheer at the same time as Vade lifts the microphone up to his mouth~

Vade "Now, it seems that some of you people out here are beginning to understand what I am trying to say, in that Tony Bastion uses you guys, the people at home and most of all he uses myself and all the boys in the back. He sucks us dry of talent, burns us out and then dumps us on the scrap heap when he cant make anymore money off us."

Lebeau "What rubbisj, Bastion is a businessman!!"

Vade "Now I saw what Johnny Black has done tonight and Ive heard what he said and you know what - some of what he said I agree with!! I will even say as much as some of what he said is RIGHT!!! This company would be a hell of a lot better if Bastion wasnt running things, sh#t right now its like WCW in the late 1990's around here!! As for being 'talentless' mr Black, I would be careful how far you go.........you aint messin with Bobby A now your trading insults with the best in the business!! So a word of warning, watch your back!! The fans wont stand behind you will they"

~Fans boo~

Vade "And yet you people continue to boo me, Lynas and NNTK!! We are trying to SAVE you all from the cancer that Tony Bastion is!!! Hes a scumbag and doesnt give a sh*t about any of you!!"

~The fans begin talking amongst themselves around the arena, then they start throwing things at Kruger, paper, bottles, food, even shoes. Kruger just stands in the ring taking it all in. He smiles. Then lifts the microphone to his mouth~

Vade "So, you all continue to be fooled. Well listen to this, if I dont win my match at WWR Heresy against Sassafras Roach, then I will quit WWR!!"

~Fans cheer~

Vade "Yeah thats right, then youre all gonna be f**ked!!"

~Vade drops the mic and leaves the ring to the sound of his music~

Kirby "What a loser!!"
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

Post by KILLdozer » Aug 28th, '11, 00:01

The camera cuts back over to ringside with Kirby and Lebeau behind the desk.

Kirby:"Were back on Mayhem and up next weve got Tommy hawk in action in just a few minutes,and the man hell face at Heresy is out of the building! NNTK isnt in the arena now,Bastion sent him out of here after what happened with Ronja and Roach!!"

Lebeau:"That was about ass backwards,this is NNTK's area he should be sendng Bastion home!"

A video package now plays highlighting everything thats happened between Tommy Hawk and NNTK since Path To Glory.

The fans boo as the War Party is shown injured at the PPV,then shows all the confrontations and the times Hawk was cheated and assaulted by NNTK,and the matches between them as well.

Now Trail of tears plays to an extremely loud pop all over the arena as Tommy Hawk walks out.

Kirby:"Now well see what Hawk can do tonight,you know hes gotta be looking for some practice before the ppv!"

Anderson:"On the way to the ring,from The Hot Springs Rezervation,weighing 226 pounds,Tommy Hawk!"

Amderson:"And in the ring,from Florida,weighing 200 pounds,Steve Jones!"

Lebeau:"Ah Hawks a lowlife whos not going anywheres here in WWR! Hes a no talent piece of shitt!"

Hawk runs down to the ring and dives in through the ropes and sprints across and nails a dropsault in the face of jones as the crowd cheers loud.

Kirby:"Hawk getting a quick start!"

Hawk now runs across the ring at the downed Jones and flips and lands on him with a senton to the gut.

Lebeau:"Hes all over him,but I still see nothing in this guy!"

Hawk turns and poses,shouting and taunting to the crowd who hollers,then suddenly a man comes walking from the crowd dressed in a black jacket with the hood over his head,a black bandana tied over his face,and dark black sunglasses with black gloves and long black pants with combat boots,the fans watch as Tommy watches the man in black walk over to the ringside and stand near the apron at the opposite side of the ring,

Kirby:"What the hell?!! Whose this strange man with his apperance hidden!?! This disguised man in black has come down and taken an interest in the match!"

Lebeau":Hmm Very interesting.."

Tommy turns away from the man now ,back to Jones in the ring,then pulls him and hits a jumping hurricanrana as the crowd ignites.

Hawk runs at the ropes and springboards nailing a lionsault on him now,then turns around,bouncing off the ropes with a shooting star elbow as the fans go insane,

Kirby:"Hawks rolling hot now!"

The man in black at ringside watches on more,intently staring at Tommy.

Hawk runs forward and and crashes into Steve Jones with a flying legdrop,then rolls across the ring with a rolling thunder.

He stands in the middle of the ring,screaming to the crowd again before looking at the hooded stranger once more,then goes out and comes down with a massive springboard elbow as the crowd goes completely nuts.

Lebeau:Big deal not impressed!

Hawk goes into the cover now pinning him.

Kirby:"Cover! One! Two! Three! Thats it what dominance from Tommy Hawk!"

The bell rings and just as soon as Tommy goes to stand up as he breaks the cover,the man in black rushes into the ring and nails him from behind to heavy boos..then picks him up and lifts him high overhead around the waist and quickly flings him back through the air with a freakishly strong German Suplex..then gets him up again and lifts him way up above his head and shoulders and slowly sends hims crashing down with a murderous Belly to Back Suplex..then turns him around and takes him over with a dangerous Snap Suplex,then once again gets him back up and hurls him across the ring with a crushing Belly to Belly Suplex as the crowd roars.

Kirby:"Hey! That man is all over Tommy! This mystery man is destroying him!"

Lebeau:"FUckin awesome! I love it!"

The man lifts him violently to his feet by the hair,then wraps him up in his arms around the neck and leg then muscles him off the ground and turns around and comes slamming down on top of him as he destroys him with a ring shaking T-bone Suplex as the crowd pours out boos.

Kirby:"What the fuck!?! Whoever that is is annihilating Tommy!"

Lebeau:"Wait a minute hes gonna show himself!"

The man now reaches up and removes the black hooded jacket,then takes off the bandana from his face,then finally removes his sunglasses...the man stands in the ring in a black WWR T shirt as the crowd boos louder than ever as the masked attacker is NNTK.

Kirby:"WHAT?!? Thats NNTK!! Bastion ejected him from the building earlier he shouldnt be here! I see the plan now! He snuck back in with a disguise and came out to get the major upper hand on his opponent at our next ppv in ten days! He was sent home by management but he still shows up!"

Lebeau"Good!! Bastion aint shit,that fucker! He aint the man in control here,this IS NNTK's house..Hawk and everyone else are only visitors and if they dont act right theyre gonna get the rug pulled from under them!"

NNTK now turns back to Hawk,then beats down upon him as he hammers away with over and over stiff rapid fire blows...it doesnt take long before Hes got blood coming from Hawks mouth then he gets him up on the top rope then goes up after him and nearly brakes him in half as he takes him over with a deadly Superplex..the crowd gasps as NNTK jerks him into the air by the neck then goes up after him and just about breaks his face as he catches him in mid air with a Jumping Reverse STO...Obliterating Hawk with the endless rage as the arena booms with storms of boos.

Kirby:"Hes beating him to pieces! Hes looking to take out Hawk and maybe permanently put him on the shelf,he might kill his career if this keeps up!"

Suddenly Sad but true bellows out as Bastion runs down to the edge of the ring ,mic in hand as the fans pop big.

Bastion:"I threw you out of here and said to go home! Thats more than enough,,Get off of him now and out of this building,,youve gone way too far just now out here my friend..Not only did you sneak back in but you came in under a disguise so noone would see you!! Leave now or Ill send security for your ass and theyll get you out of here trust me!"

NNTK:I dont take orders from YOU ,or anyone else..Ive created my entire legacy in this place and noone will tell me how to do things,Im in charge in this building,not you Tony..Ive had sweat pour in my eyes and nearly broken my back to bring this company on my shoulder...So Ive earned the right to do whatever I want...I suggest you get your security or sit down..

The crowd lets out a slight mixed reaction,filled with mostly boos as Bastion turns around and waves his hand backstage and five men in t shirts come out to the ring.

Kirby:"Get him off the property security! Hes done enough damage tonight!"

The men come down and enter and NNTK spikes one in the face with the Lifetaker kick..Then puts down another as he damn near beheads him with a Lifetaker Kick..then grabs another up then almost drills him through the mat with an Endless Rage..the other two run at him and get caught by the necks with a vice like choke grip,then theyre both sent up and down with a unbelievable five hundred pound double endless rage as the crowd is speechless before ringing out echos of boos.

Lebeau:"Alright! Take that! NNTK just beat everyone down out there!"

Kirby:"Jesus! He pulled a ruse on Tony Bastion when he slipped back in and attempts to end Tommy hawks career here in WWR! Then he runs through Security like it they were defenseless children! Major statement made by that man!"

Lebeau:"He just showed em who really holds all the cards,Hawk wil be lucky if he makes it to Heresy Kirby! Playtime is over,he just massacred him!"

Bodys lay broken around the ring at NNTKs feet as Bastion stares down at him furiously,NNTK looks back at him with an icy unwavering gaze as The End Of Everything begins to play over the speakers as the crowd boos more..NNTK then turns and leaves out of the ring then walks over the barricade into the crowd,then walks through the fans all the way out of the arena as the show cuts to commercial .
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

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As the show cuts in from commercial, Robert Randall, Leah, and the Sons of Fortune are talking. As the sound cuts in Randall is talking.

Randall "A'ight look guys, Leah and myself feel that you three are done with your training under our watch. However, we'll have to see how well you use what we've taught you in the last couple of months."

North "Finally, some action!"

Randall "James! I'm glad you're so anxious for action, because you're in action in tonight's main event against..."

North "Against who? Who's my opponent?"

Randall just grins, steps up to North, and says "Against ME! See ya out there buddy." then he and Leah walk out

The Jones' brothers look at North before speaking

Marcus "Ouch, good luck man."

Evan "Yeah, he's younger AND he's got the experience over you."

North "I'm not complaining. Action is action and I can't wait to prove myself."
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Re: WWR Mayhem Show 3

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Anderson:"The following match is scheduled for onefall and is your WWR Mayhem Main Event of the evening!!! Introducing first,From Lafayette, Indiana,weighing in at 236 lbs,,Accompanied by Marcus and Evan Jones,Representing The Sons of Fortune...James North!!!"

The crowd boos loudly as Undead plays loudly ad North walks out in the usual long black tights with gold trim,with North going down one side in gold,and SoF going down the other in gold,with gold kneepads and black boots with gold kneepads .

Kirby:"This shoud be quite interesting,Student facing Teacher here tonight for the main event!'

Lebeau:Ah dont be so dramatic,Robert Randall will teach North some things or two and hell come out of it better off,that is all.

Anderson:"And his opponent,accompanied by Leah Luxon,From Worcester Massachusetts,weighing in at 245 pounds,the leader of The Sons of Fortune,,Robert Randall!!!'

Randall and Leah come walking out to louder boos as Undead blares out again,Randall wearing a black Sof basketball jersey with black trim,and black and gold basketball shorts with Sof going down them on one side,with black wristbands and elbow pads with black Nikes. He takes the jersey off and arrogantly throws it over a kids face with a cocky laugh as the crowd boos more.

Randall and Leah walk down the ramp and Randall goes up the steps and into the ring,,he walks to North and they shake hands.Randall then tells North to show him his best stuff.

North goes for a side headlock on Randall but Randall roughly tosses him off and North gets back up.

North and Randall lock up in a collar and elbow when Randall ducks down and lifts North with a Scoop slam and powers him down particularly hard.

North turns over and shakes it off and looks at Randall who tells him to "come on dont be easy on me now!"

Kirby:"Rob Randall is not playing lightly with his protege North,hes giving it to him stiffly!"

Lebeau:"Rightfully so,this is about North showing some skills hes learned under the tutelage of Randall so he better step it up!"

North runs in across at Randall,who stops him with a knee strike to the gut then quickly smacks him over the back of the head as hes got him bent down to boos from the crowd.

Kirby:"Now that was just shitty!"

Lebeau:"Hes trying to get James North's attention,thats all so shut up and watch your language!"

North looks across at Randall then dashes at him when Randall drops him hard with a clothesline.

Randall goes for a pinfall attempt on North.

Kirby:"One! Kickout at out and a half!"

North comes up now and quickly kicks Randall in the gut planting him with a ddt,then another as he pulls him back up.

Lebeau:"James North getting some offense in there!"

Kirby:"Well see how it goes from here !"

North gets him up then jumps across his shoulders then spins him around and around with a headscissors takedown .

Lebeau:"Hes got a bit of momentum here on his side!"

Randall comes up and hits a quick dropkick right in the face of North then pulls him and takes him over with a vertical suplex .

Randall leans down and offers a hand which North takes and Randall helps him up,when suddenly he attempts a clothesline and North ducks it,comes back around and spins nailing a running wheel kick in the face.

Kirby:"Damn! Randall went for a cheap shot but countered in a big way!"

Lebeau:"Once again all part of the test!"

North turns back to Randall again and this time runs in and cracks him in the face with a rolling savate kick to shock from the crowd.

North gets a hold of Randall and takes him onto his feet and then swings away with several punches in a row,then spins around and nails a big roundhouse kick in the head as he drops him hard.

North leans down and reachs for Randall to pick him up but Randall leans forwards and gives him a quick poke in the eyes as the crowd boos with anger.

Randall then rolls out of the ring towards Leah who helps him stand,Randall wipes his mouth to reveal blood on his hand from the roundhouse kick .

Randall stares at North and just starts to laugh and grin as he and Leah back up the ramp as Randall is counted out to boos from the crowd.

Anderson:"Robert Randall has been counted out and your winner by DQ,James North!"

The bell rings as Undead plays with North getting his arm raised by the ref in the ring,Randall is by now out of sight.

North leaves the ring to several boos with a few cheers mixed,and the Jones brothers stand and look at each other for a minute and then shrug their shoulders and turn and follow North up the ramp as the crowd continues to boo.

Kirby:"That was kind of a cheated ending to mayhem huh Lebeau!"

Lebeau:Randall went rough against North,then North startin comin back,really getting shots in on him,when eventually Randall had enough and left! But thats the end well see you on Vortex you dont miss that six man tag !

The show now cuts out as Undead fades out.

end of show
when I say I'm the ish, I'm not being cocky or conceited, I'm merely telling you what others told me "Rob, you're the ish"


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