BCW Mayhem: Show 1 Month 2

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BCW Mayhem: Show 1 Month 2

Post by Chris Everlast » Mar 5th, '11, 15:52

Fireworks go off as NJ Legion Iced Tea plays, the camera panning over the crowd before stopping at the announcer's table.

Kirby: Here we are, live, BCW Mayhem. I am Chris Kirby and with me is the living legend himself, Mark Darling! The arena is PACKED tonight after what went down at BCW Rebellion!

Mark: Oooh yeah, and I am excited to see the fallout of the first BCW PPV since the revival, Kirby!

Kirby: Yessire - We had our new world champion crowned, Davis Hardy, who went over our expectations yesternight, going over Judas Salem!

Mark: That means, the Alliance are currently holding two of the three titles in BCW, the World championship and the tagteam championships. Also, we saw the inring debut of James North in a fourway survival match. He gave it all but came short and we have a new number one contender for the BCW International championship, Brent Kelly.

Kirby: AND we got joined at the announcing table by non other then Chris Everlast himself. Who also said he's now signed with Battleground Championship Wrestling, effective after Path To Glory. So let us get the mayhem rolling, folks!
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Re: BCW Mayhem: Show 1 Month 2

Post by kirbs2002 » Mar 5th, '11, 21:04

The crowd quiets down as the arena darkens and Atrum Sanctimonialis slowly heads to the ring. They get into the ring and Heather grabs a mic to address the crowd.

Now, you don't need to state the obvious. We know that an explanation is necessary. First off, about our actions last night: that was these fine women's favor to me. The tumor to professional wrestling known as "Prophecy" will be no more. NNTK especially had to go because he was defacing our honor code and spreading lies about the five of us.

She pauses for a moment...

Secondly, about what we seek to do: We've formed to combat gender inequality here and all who seek to maintain it. What Matt Driver did last night is an utter embarrassment to this business. He mocks Sophie Irvine as being "just a girl" and thinks that she has no chance, but when she brings the fight TO HIM, he takes the ball and runs home like a child who didn't get his way. That was when we decided that someone needed to stand up for us.

She then turns and faces the rest of the women. They nod at her and she nods back.

And finally, I shall introduce us all. Myself, Sister Heather, founder of this union.

The in-ring camera cuts to Allanah.

Sister Allanah, 15 year veteran of this sport. Her wise insight will ensure our success.

The camera looks up to Ronja Martinsdottir.

Sister Ronja, 6' 7" in size. Her immense strength will allow us to bend the sexists to our will, as she does to her opponents.

The camera pans over to Beautifully Dangerous.

And Sisters Nina and Kayla, a friendship from childhood. Their family-like bond and unparalleled teamwork will serve as an example to us all, to ensure that we work for one common goal.

Heather passes the mic to Allanah

Together we are Atrum Sanctimonialis and we exist solely to abolish the sexism that poisons this business. We will fight until the end and we will either succeed together or fall together.

All five women:
Long live the Sisterhood!

Allanah drops the mic and all five head back to the locker room, as "With Ravenous Hunger" (Satyricon) plays to a mixed reaction from the crowd.
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Re: BCW Mayhem: Show 1 Month 2

Post by Chris Everlast » Mar 8th, '11, 15:17

Superstar (Saliva) booms over the crowd as the Alliance appears ontop of the ramp to cheers.

Andersson: ''This match is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit. On the way to the ring, accompanied by the Alliance, weighing in at 236 lbs - JAAAMES NORTH!''

The group is spearheaded by James North who's in wrestling gear. Next to him is Davis Hardy in jeans and a 'DOMINATE' t-shirt, with the World title draped over his shoulder, and behind them are Spider, Leah and Randall , all in casual clothing, Spider and Randall also holding the tag team titles.

Kirby: ''Well, James North being accompanied to the ring by the Alliance, I wonder if they'll play any part in the match?''

Mark: ''Neh, North is just too good to need any help.''

The Alliance stays on the outside as North steps up the steelstairs, climbing up on the turnbuckle from the outside and pointing out at the crowd who positively react back. He takes his cross-necklace off and gives it to the referee, getting into a corner. Even Flow (Pearl Jam) booms over the crowd who goes even hotter for Kelly who heads out on the ramp.

Andersson: ''And his opponet, weighing in at 228 lbs, BRRRRRENT KELLY!''

Kelly heads down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans. He stops at the Alliance on the outside, giving them a respectful nod before sliding inside the squared ring, raising his arms proudly. The music slowly cools down, Kelly and North meeting up in the ring and shaking hands.

Kirby: ''Both these competitors are true sportsmen, filled with respect for the business and everything in it!''

The bell rings and the two men start circling around the ring, both looking determined to win the match. They lock up and starts throwing eachother around in the ring, before Kelly whips North into the ropes. Kelly leapfrogs and catches North with a wheelkick as he comes back. Both men get up quickly and this time Kelly hits an armdrag. Again both men gets up and again Kelly hits an armdrag. The two men get up again and have a staredown, the crowd applauding both.

Mark: ''Oh, man, this is great!''

The two men lock up, this time North is the one whipping Kelly into the ropes, hitting him on the rebound with a high knee. Kelly gets up and North bounces off the ropes, leapfrogging over Kelly and hitting him with a stiff superkick as Kelly turns around. Cover.


T-Kirby: ''Kelly kicked out!''

North gets up quickly and brings Kelly with him, scooping him up and slamming him down. North springboards off the middlerope with a moonsault, but Kelly gets out of the way. He (Kelly) quickly gets up to his feet, assessing the situation. As North gets up, Kelly runs up on the top turnbuckle and hops off with a flip, hitting a dragoncanarana, hooking the leg.


TW-North kicks out!

Mark: ''Such highimpact intensity.''
Kelly grabs North by the hair and pulls him up, whipping him into the corner. Kelly sprints against him and leaps with a flying crossbody, but North ducks out of the way, letting Kelly Crash and burn. North doesn't waste much time and spins Kelly around, starting a barrage of backhand chops before whipping him into the opposite corner and following after. But Kelly lifts his lowerbody up and lands behind North, charging at him. However, North is one step forward and monkeyflips Kelly into the turnbuckle, actually making Kelly flairflip up onto the topturnbuckle.

Kirby: ''Woah!''

Mark: ''North is one step ahead of Kelly on that one.. And what does he have brewing now?''

North gets to his feet and the gears in his head starts spinning. He charges at Kelly who's sitting on the top turnbuckle and hops up, hitting a reverse Frankensteiner TO THE OUTSIDE!

Kirby: ''Holy crap, did you see that?!''

Mark: ''MY GOD!''

Crowd: ''This is awesome!''

The referee starts the countout as the two men writhe around on the floor.



North gets a hold of the apron, and Kelly's got a hold of the security barricade.


Kirby: ''Come on, guys!''

North gets up to his feet, Kelly losing his grip of the security barrier and falling back onto the floor.


North rolls into the ring, holding his knee in pain.


Kelly seems to barely be moving.


Kirby: ''COME ON!''



TE-North interrupts the referee's count, grabbing onto his jeans, pleading him not to count out Kelly. The ref looks confused, but does as North says, stopping his count.

Mark: ''What?! REALLY?!''

North shows his gratitude to the referee, before rolling out to help Kelly up and push him into the ring.

Kirby: ''That's true respect for the business, Mark! That's a real wrestler!''

North rolls in after Kelly and takes a breather, kneeling at the ropes. After North realizes he can't be much nicer to Kelly lying in the center of the ring, he hops over and slaps on a chinlock. He wrenches the hold for a couple of moments, the crowd slowly starting to clap in rhythm. Kelly feeds energy from the ensuing clap, slowly getting to his feet, hitting an elbow to North's stomach. One more, and one more makes North let go. Kelly whips North into the ropes and hops into the air for another leapfrog.. BUT SO DOES NORTH! The two men collide and collapse onto the floor. The referee starts the knockout count.




The camera zooms in on Kelly who's got a cut below his right eye.



Kirby: ''Wow..''


The camera zooms in on North who's got a busted overlip.





The bell rings and the crowd boos.

Andersson: ''This match ended in a doubleknock out at 10:47, leaving this match a tie!''

Superstar (Saliva) hits and the Alliance goes into the ring to help both men up to their feet to the cheers of the crowd. Spider helps Kelly out of the ring and James North stays in the ring with his fellow factionsmen. Andersson hands a microphone to Hardy.

Hardy: ''Well, I came out ontop yesternight. I beat the odds.. I beat the odds twice in one night.''

Hardy looks down at the belt in his hand with a slight smile.
Hardy: ''And tonight North gave his all in the ring against Brent Kelly, and showed what true sportsmanship is. This is what the Alliance stands for. Truth, honesty.. respect.''
The crowd cheers the fourtet.

Hardy: ''We have almost finished our mission to keep the titlebelts out of reach from the corrupt people on the roster. Judas Salem.. NNTK.. I ran through you both last night. I went through fire and flames to get this title. And Randall and Spider, they also fought to get their titles..''

Randall intervenes and snatches the microphone from Hardy, looking at the crowd.

Randall: ''We had better things to do..''

The crowd boos.

Randall: ''Okay, honestly, the girls nearly had us. Kayla and Nina, they're tough.. But we just got these belts - And we're not gonna drop them in A LONG while. So we did what we had to hang onto them. So, Beautifully Dangerous, if you want a rematch, you'll get it - NEXT WEEK. How does that sound, girls?'' 

The crowd cheers, albeit lighter then at the start. Hardy takes the microphone back and nods.

Hardy: ''Now, give it up for North and Kelly for delivering this great match.''

Hardy and the Psykos starts applauding North and Kelly who's still on his way up the ramp as Superstar (Saliva) hits the speakers, the faction heading out.

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Re: BCW Mayhem: Show 1 Month 2

Post by NWK » Mar 8th, '11, 15:54

Just as the Alliance heads backstage, the Jumbotron starts starts going crazy
Kirby-Ummmm....it seems as though we're having technical difficulties.....

The Jumbotron goes back to normal, showing a man sitting in a recliner, wearing a Player Uno-esque mask, with the Super Nintendo 'A' and 'B' buttons on the cheeks. He is wearing a plain black T-shirt and denim shorts. On the wall behind him, you can see three championship titles in a trophy case. He seems pre-occupied with playing an original Game Boy. He looks up at the camera and sets the game down.

Man- Evenin' folks. My name is Ian Sterkley, but I prefer to go by The Gamer when I'm in the ring. As y'all can tell from that little display earlier, I love to play video games, 'specially the old school stuff. Now, that might make you think, "Oh hahaha, is the nerd gonna get in the ring? For Schizzles?"

Gamer pauses
Gamer- Yes, my friends, for schizzles indeed. See, nerds....we nerds have a bad reputation as computer loving do-nothings. But, as you can see from my three VCW Championships, I ain't your average gamer geek. I work my ass off in everything I do, everything, from video games, to wrestling.....

Just then, a tall, skinny, brunette wearing a tanktop and some jogging shorts walks into the shot.
Woman- Crap, am I late for the promo hun?
Gamer- Nah Anna, I knew you had Christoph to take care of, and I'd new you'd come in when you were done with him.
Anna- Okay!

Anna proceeds to sit on one of the arm rests of the chair.

The Gamer- Anyway, as I was saying, I work really hard at everything I do, especially at supporting my wife and child. I plan to serve as BCW's representative of nerds, geeks and dweebs everywhere. And The Gamer....
Anna- And his wife Anna!
The Gamer....Are here to educate the world ' bout what a nerd can do, one 5 star classic, at a time. All you have to do, to start the mayhem.....
Gamer and Anna, together- Press start.

The screen goes black, and the words "Press Start" flash on jumbotron as BCW goes to a commercial.
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