EWA Show #2: Hangover (3/27/2010)

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EWA Show #2: Hangover (3/27/2010)

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A note to our readers- in order to get the most enjoyment out of the OWWF, it is best to read ONE LINE AT A TIME, so you don't accidentally spoil something for yourself. Also, in another tab or window, you might want to keep the OWWF roster sign up thread open for quick reference to people's characters and moves.

Enjoy- Big Red Machine, yourcrapsweak, & Aggro316


The show opens with Jewel standing in the ring. The fans are pumped for the beginning of the show, chanting “OWWF! OWWF!”
Jewel: The following matchup is your opening contest and is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit! Introducing first, from Los Angeles California, weighing in at 239 pounds… COREY ROSE!

Rose runs down to the ring, wearing tattered jeans, a t-shirt, and a denim jacket. He carries his 59's Les Paul-guitar to the ring with him, slapping fans hands as he goes.
He climbs up the steps and into the ring, and plays the last few chords of his entrance music on his guitar, in sync with the speakers. He puts down the guitar and takes off his jacket, handing them to a ringside attendant.

Jewel: And his opponent, from Buffalo, New York… JOEL CARRRRTER!

Carter runs down the ramp slides into the ring, and beats his chest, then throws his arms up in the air.


We start the match off with a collar-and elbow tie-up. Carter uses his size advantage to get better leverage, and manages to lock in a standing side headlock. Rose elbows him in the gut and shoots him off the ropes, and into an Arm Drag. Rose goes for an arm-lock, but Carter rolls him over into a lateral press:


TW-NO-! Rose gets his left shoulder up.
Both men are back on their feet, and we get another collar-and-elbow tie-up. Carter again tries to force Rose down into a standing side headlock, but this time, Rose uses leverage against Carter and flips him over into a snapmare, followed by a headscissors. Carter kip-ups out of it. Superkick by Carter… Rose ducks, and throws a kick of his own, doubling Carter over. Rose goes for the Double Underhook DDT, but Carter reverses it into a modified bridging Northern Lights Suplex.



Rose gets his shoulder up once again.
Both men are on their feet, and the fans clap in appreciation. Carter goes for a Carterizer, but Rose spins out of it, then kicks Carter in the gut, and hits him with Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker. Rose waits for Carter to get up, then Spears him. Rose Stands Carter, facing Carter’s back, and locks him in a Full-Nelson. Rose goes for the CIC, but Carter drops down and hip tosses him over and locks him in the Carter Clutch. After about 7 or 8 seconds in the hold, Rose manages to get his feet on the ropes, breaking the hold.
Carter goes to knock Rose out of the ring with huge a clothesline, but Rose ducks it, leaving Carter draped over the top rope on the bottom side of the ring. O’Connell roll by Rose.

Carter kicks Rose off of him. Carter goes for a clothesline, but Rose ducks it, then springboards off the opposite ropes, twisting around in mid air, and hitting Carter with a dropkick, sending him rolling out of the ring on the side closest to the hard camera.
Rose climbs through the ropes and onto the ring apron, near the bottom left turnbuckle. He runs towards Carter and jumps, hitting him with a flying discus elbow off of the apron, and on to the floor. The fans cheer.
Rose gets up, and climbs up to the top turnbuckle in the bottom right corner of the ring. He climbs plays air guitar for a few seconds, while waiting for Carter to get back to his feet. FLYING DISCUS ELBOW OFF THE TOP TURNBUC- CARTER CATCHES HIM! Carter charges ahead, and rams Rose’s back into the ring post, then hits him with a Spinebuster on the floor!

Carter catches his breath for a moment, while the referee stats the count on the floor. “ONE!” The crowd is showing their appreciation to both men, by way of a “HOLY SH*T!” chant! By the count of “FOUR,” Carter is up and on his feet, and by the count of “SIX,” he is back in the ring. Rose, on the other hand, is still writhing in pain on the floor. By the count of “TEN!” Rose is finally able to pull himself up using the barricade. Rose stumbles across to the ring, and is leaning on the apron by the count of “THIRTEEN.” At “FOURTEEN!” he starts using the ropes to pull himself up onto the apron. At “FIFTEEN,” Carter runs across the ring and nails him in the face with a dropkick.
Rose is back on his feet at “EIGHTTEEN,” and goes towards the ring apron at “NINETEEN!” Carter again goes for a baseball slide to keep him out, but Rose dives into the ring to the side, avoiding the baseball slide, and preventing himself from being counted out.
Carter keeps the pressure on Rose, picks him up, and hits an Inverted Death Valley Dri- ROSE COUNTERS WITH AN ARM DRAG! Carter springs to his feet quickly, though, and nails Rose with a Superkick.





Carter signals that the end is near, and picks Rose up in a bear hug. SPINEBUS-DDT BY ROSE! ROSE COUNTERS IT WITH A DESPERARTION DDT!
The ref starts a double count, which reaches “SEVEN” when both men reach their knees. They are both back on their feet at “NINE!” Rose goes an Irish Whip into the bottom right corner, but Carter counters it, whipping Rose into that corner instead. Carter goes for a big shoulder block in the corner, but Rose uses the ropes to flip himself over Carter. Carter crashes into the turnbuckle, and Rose grabs him from behind. Inverted Suplex by Rose… but Carter lands on his feet behind him. Release German Suplex by Carter… Rose lands on his feet behind Carter! German Suplex by Rose… Carter Rolls through it, and grabs Rose from behind. Bridging Back Suplex by Carter… but Rose lands on his feet, holding onto Carter’s neck... Cross Rhodes… It hits!
A “THIS IS AWESOME!” chant breaks out, and Rose climbs to the turnbuckle in the top right corner. He waits for Carter to get up, then leaps at him with a Diving Crossbody… CARTER CATCHES HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS! F-5! Carter stalks Rose, waiting for him to get up… GORE! Carter goes for the pin.



Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner… JOEL CARTER!
Carter gets his arm raised by the ref, then retreats up the ramp, beating his chest as he does.

After Rose has gone back up the ramp as well, we are ready for our next match


Carlos: For our next bout, we have a tag team match up involving four men who, as mentioned in the OWWF newswire, have never even met! 3 of the competitors are making their debut here in the OWWF tonight.

Fooda: So don’t expect Freebird like cohesion people!

Carlos: Over to Jewel.

Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is set for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by his manager Todd Trepain and hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, "Mr. Wrestling"...... Jimmy Carnival!

Carnival and Trepain come through the curtain and head straight down the ramp towards the ring.
Trepain holds the ropes open for Carnival as he enters the ring. Carnival marches over to Jewel and grabs the mic.

Carnival: It’s bad enough that last time out I beat up some beach bum loser, but now I have to share a ring with three guys no one has even heard of??? Well after tonight, I am demanding more serious competition!! I am here to WRESTLE!!

The crowd give a mixed response as Trepain takes the mic.

Trepain: Get it? Got It? Good!

The crowd jeer as Trepain hands the mic back to Jewel.

Jewel: And his tag team partner, weighing in at 245 pounds and hailing from London, England, George “The Aggro” Adams!!

Adams heads straight for the ring. A short but bulky guy with a buzz cut, he’s wearing traditional amateur wrestling attire, white with red trim, with short black boots and black knee pads. He has a white towel draped around his neck. Adams uses the steps and enters the ring through second rope. He walks past Carnival without so much as a glance and stands with his back against the turnbuckles holding both ends of his towel. The crowd give a lukewarm reception.

Jewel: And introducing their opponents, first, hailing from parts unknown, weighing 273 pounds and accompanied to the ring by Ivy. He is the gates guardian, he is The Reaper!

The Reaper comes out onto the stage. He stands there for a few moments looking towards the ring. A very alluring young lady appears slightly behind him and on his left hand side. They make their way slowly toward the ring. The Reaper is wearing black wrestling attire covered in strange symbols. He also has some interesting face paint. The Reaper also uses the steps to enter the ring. Ivy also enters the ring and joins Reaper in the centre. The Reaper looks from one of his opponents to the other, expressionless.

Jewel: And he’s tag team partner,

A young man bursts through the curtain and onto the stage.

Jewel: Weighing in at 150 pounds and hailing from Dallas, Texas, Shawn “The Future” Steeeevens!!

Stevens is wearing black trunks with “Future” written across the back, with black boots and knee pads. He also has some black sunglasses on. Stevens makes his way to the ring, handing out photo’s of himself to fans along the way, some get thrown back. He looks into the camera, “I’m wrestling’s past, present and future people”

Stevens slides under the bottom rope and springs to his feet. He looks towards the camera and strikes the classic double bicep pose.

Fooda: Whoa, looks like the 2 point 4 inch pythons are about to run wild!!

The ref now stands in the middle of the ring. Both “teams” stand in opposite corners. Carnival stands in front of Adams, who pushes past him and walks to the centre of the ring. Carnival has a momentary look of annoyance and then gives a ‘whatever’ type gesture and makes for the apron. Stevens is looking up at Reaper and gesturing for him to start the match up. The Reaper looks down at Stevens for a moment and then steps through second rope to the apron. The ref signals for the bell and we are under way!!


Stevens turns and goes to meet Adams in the middle of the ring.

Fooda: That’s a nice touch.

Carlos: What is?

Fooda: Letting the Mini’s start things off!

Carlos: Will you stop!

Stevens starts talking trash to Adams, making a slapping gesture with his hands and then points his finger in Adams’s face. He does the double bicep pose again. Adams responds with a stiff kick to the mid section, which receives a few cheers, and then a quick scoop slam. Then a quick leg drop. Pin attempt!!




Adams grabs a handful of hair and brings Stevens to his feet. Irish whip, Adams connects with big shoulder block, sending Stevens back to the mat. Adams then hits a jumping elbow. Stevens rolls away clutching his chest. Adams pulls Stevens up and fires him into the corner, where Carnival is standing on the apron. Adams comes over and lifts Stevens up so he is sitting on the top turnbuckle. Adams starts to climb the ropes when Carnival tags himself in!! Carnival comes in and Adams jumps down, the two look at each other with Adams saying “What you doing?” Carnival gestures “Get outta here” with his thumb. Out of nowhere Stevens hits a double Flipping neckbreaker from the turnbuckle!!! The crowd show their appreciation for that move. All 3 men are down, but Stevens manages to scramble to his corner and tag in the Reaper. Adams rolls under the bottom rope and Carnival is getting back to his feet. Reaper walks over and just stands there for a moment before delivering a measured kick to Carnival’s midsection, followed by another. Reaper backs Carnival into the centre of the ropes and hits 2 knees, also to the midsection. Irish whip to the other side, Carnival comes back and Reaper delivers a big back body drop. Whilst Carnival is on his back, Reaper lands a jumping knee to the face. Carnival rolls towards the ropes, Reaper follows. He jams his right foot under Carnival’s chin and uses the top rope for leverage. Carnival grabs the bottom rope as he chokes!

Ref: Come on break the hold!!! Come on, 1...2...3...4...

Reaper backs away. Carnival clutches his throat and is coughing. Reaper turns and stalks the ref towards the other side of the ring. Seizing the opportunity, Stevens dashes along the apron and gives Carnival a couple of stomps to the chest.

Fooda: I guess that’s a form of teamwork

Carlos: More like a sneaky cheap shot on the part Stevens in my book Fooda

The Reaper turns back to Carnival, who he pulls to his feet. Reaper sets up a suplex and has Carnival’s left leg hooked. He lifts him up and stalls in mid air, takes a few small steps backwards, then BAM! Into the bridge, pin attempt,



THR...NO! Carnival manages to kick out.

Carlos: Nice Fishermans suplex there by The Reaper.

Reaper picks up Carnival and sends him hard into a neutral corner. Reaper walks over and hits couple of measured reverse elbows to the head of Carnival. He then brings his left leg up and applies his foot to Carnival’s throat again.

Ref: Get outta there man, 1...2...3...4...

Reaper pulls away. He stares at the ref who backs up but reiterates the rules to the Reaper. Reaper grabs Carnival and guides him to the centre of the ropes. Irish whip, Carnival is sent across the ring, Adams tags Carnival, Carnival rebounds, Reaper grabs him around the waist, lifts and spins, CRASH!! Huge Double A spinebuster!! The crowd enjoy it, but now Adams, the legal man, is standing behind Reaper, poised. Stevens is shouting for Reaper to turn around but it’s too late. He steps backwards into a rear naked choke by Adams! Reapers arms are flailing about wildly. Ivy is on this outside crashing the apron with her palms. The ref looks a little confused, is it a blatant choke or legal submission??? Meanwhile, Trepain is frantically trying to get his man Carnival to crawl to the ropes. Carnival manages to roll away under the ropes, to the outside were Trepain tries to revive him.

Carlos: Adams has that submission locked in, can the Reaper break free???

Fooda: He’s like a fat kid on a cup cake, he won’t let go!!

The ref comes in, The Reaper looks to be fading, he has slumped down to his knees. The ref lifts Reapers right arm up, he holds it up momentarily, then lets go,


He lifts it again,


He goes to lift it a third time but, BAM!!! Stevens flies in with a springboard clothesline from the outside!!! He takes out Adams!!! The Reaper falls face first to the mat. As Adams gets up, Stevens kicks him in the gut and goes for a Twist of Fate, but Adams shoves him in the back, towards the ropes. Stevens comes backwards off the ropes and Adams hooks both his arms. Adams goes for a Tigersuplex attempt but Stevens manages to flip out and land on his feet!! He grabs Adams’s wrists from behind and twists himself around. Stevens hits the Paradox (a corkscrew Unprettier!!).
Adams is out! The crowd loved that one! The ref needs to regain control and he forces Stevens towards his own corner. Stevens steps through the second rope and stands on the apron. The ref turns round as Reaper is very slowly crawling over to Adams. He reaches his opponent and drapes one arm over his chest,



THRE...NO!! Carnival reaches under the bottom rope and pulls Reaper off of Adams!

Carlos: Reaper had Adams beat!! No way was he getting up after that amazing move from Stevens!

Carnival unloads with some rights to Reaper, then a European uppercut. He rolls Reaper back into the ring on the ref’s 6 count. Carnival then scrambles up the ring steps, reaches over the top rope and tags Adams, who is slumped over the second rope near his corner now. Carnival comes in and unleashes some vicious stomps to The Reaper. He then shoves Adams through the second rope to the apron. Carnival turns back to Reaper who is nearly to one knee. Carnival goes to ropes and fires back towards The Reaper, Shining Wizard!!!!

Carlos: He may have knocked Reaper’s lights out with that one, COVER!




Carnival brings Reaper up to his feet and sends him to the ropes opposite. Reaper comes back; Carnival hits a beautiful dropkick, right on the money. The crowd clap in appreciation. Carnival drags Reaper to the ropes. He puts Reapers left arm over the top rope and pulls his forearm back through the underside, yanking it up behind Reaper’s back.

Ref: Hey, hey, hey c’mon, 1...2...3...4...

Carnival releases!

Carnival leans against Reaper and the ropes. Irish whip, Reaper bounces off the other side, Carnival goes for a bicycle kick but Reaper ducks and keeps going. He rebounds off the other side and hits a Spear!! Both men are down. The ref starts a count, 1...2...3...4...5...
The Reaper struggles to his feet, then stumbles backwards, clearly groggy. He half falls backwards into his corner. Stevens then tags himself in!!

Carlos: We’ve not seen one intentional tag so far in this entire match!

Fooda: What did you expect? You couldn’t match up 4 more different wrestlers if you tried!

Stevens springs onto the top turnbuckle. He gains his balance, and then launches himself, Frogsplash connects with Carnival!! Pin attempt,



THR...NO! Adams comes out of nowhere and makes the save, kicking the back of Stevens’ head! The ref tries to force Adams back to the corner, but Adams notices The Reaper regain his composure across the ring. He pushes past the ref, runs over and clotheslines The Reaper over the top rope down to the floor. Then Stevens runs up behind Adams and hits a dropkick to the back of his head, sending Adams over the top rope as well!! Stevens goes back to Carnival and lifts his right leg, he steps over it with his left and goes to spin around, attempting a figure four, but Carnival kicks him in the butt and sends Stevens onto the ropes. Carnival rolls onto his front and Stevens springs over him on his way to the other side. Carnival jumps up and as Stevens comes back, Carnival leapfrogs. Stevens then handsprings into the ropes and scores with a jumping reverse elbow! The crowd pop!!
Outside, Adams and the Reaper have got to their feet; they face each and start beating the holy hell out of one another with lefts and rights! An all out brawl ensues and they are fighting up the aisle.
Back in the ring, Stevens goes to apply another figure four on Carnival in the middle of the ring but notices the skirmish going up the aisle. He goes over to the ropes and starts shouting at The Reaper.

Stevens: Get your ass back down here you freak!!

Stevens gives a "forget it" type gesture with his hands and turns around, only to be meet by a Superkick from Carnival!! Stevens falls backwards, bounces off the ropes and Carnival grabs him by the throat. OH CANADA!! Chokeslam onto Carnivals knee!
Cover by Carnival,



Carnival gets the pin! Todd Trepain dives into the ring, grabs Carnival by the right arm and raises it before the ref can.

Jewel: Here are your winners, the team George Adams and "Mr Wrestling" Jimmy Carnival!!

Carnival looks up the aisle and shakes his head as a few security staff pull Adams and The Reaper off each other and usher them through the curtain.


Jewel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match up is set for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. Introducing first, hailing from parts unknown and weighing in at 264 pounds, this is Gear Creed!

Creed makes his way down the ramp, halfway down he stops to pose. This is received by a chorus of boos. Creed reaches the ring and jumps from the floor onto the apron. He steps through the ropes and makes for the corner. Once there he stands on the middle turnbuckle and strikes another pose. The crowd continue to voice their disapproval.

Jewel: And he’s opponent, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 221 pounds, Chriiiisss Eveeerrlast!

A young gentleman comes through the curtain onto the top of the ramp. He is accompanied by an attractive young female wearing a rather fetching little number!
Everlast offers the lady his arm to which she duly obliges. They make their way towards the ring.

Carlos: Chris Everlast another debutant here tonight folks. From what we know he is an extremely confident young man, and he’ll let you know it.

Everlast escorts his lady friend around to the time keepers table and grabs an unused chair for her to sit on. He then makes his way up the steps into the ring.
Creed‘s eyes are fixed on Everlast, whilst he limbers up. The Ref calls the men to the center of the ring and signals for the bell.


Both men circle the ring momentarily and then go into a collar and elbow tie up. After a few seconds, Creed shoves Everlast into the corner, hard. Everlast shows a very brief look of concern. Creed grins a sick grin. Everlast comes back to the center of the ring and we have another collar and elbow. Again Creed shoves Everlast into the corner with force. Everlast looks more angry than concerned this time, Creed strikes a bodybuilder pose. The crowd break out into more booing and a few other obscenities. Everlast purposefully comes to the centre of the ring and initiates another collar and elbow tie up. This time, Creed grapples Everlast into the corner, neither man lets up and the ref has force his way between the two of them. Whilst the ref is ducked down, Everlast releases the hold and gets Creed with a thumb to the eye!! Much to the crowds delight. Creed reels backwards clutching his face, the ref looks at Creed then at Everlast. Everlast raises his hands in defence. Everlast then races out of the corner and hits a clothesline, Creed goes flat on his back. Everlast hits 2 rapid falling elbows and then goes for the quick pin.



Creed powers out of the cover impressively. Everlast actually lands on his feet.

Carlos: Wow, look at the power there from Creed!

Creed sits up but is favoring his eye. Everlast does not let up though and hits a drop kick to the back of Creed’s head. Everlast goes for another pin,




Creed powers out again.

As Creed sits up, Everlast takes hold and hits snap suplex in the center of the ring. Wasting no time, Everlast brings Creed to his feet and goes to the ropes. Everlast comes back and connects with a discus elbow. Another pin attempt,




Close call there, not as much authority from Creed this time around. Everlast applies a reverse chin lock.

Carlos: Everlast impressive so far Fooda, taking away Creed’s vertical base whenever possible.

Fooda: That’s textbook stuff Carlos, keep the big man grounded.

Everlast is hounding Creed, “Say it Creed, say it!! Ask him ref, ask him!!”

After around 40 seconds, Creed makes it to his feet. He hits a couple of elbow to Everlast’s mid section. Creed then hoists Everlast into a fireman’s carry, but Everlast manages to slide down Creed’s back and turns it into a roll up pin,




Everlast darts across the ring, coming off the ropes as Creed just makes it to his feet, Everlast hits a running neckbreaker. Everlast ignores the pin chance and steps through the ropes. He blows a kiss towards his valet then turns back to face the ropes; he takes hold of the tope rope. Springboard leg drop connects! The crowd show their appreciation. Cover by Everlast,




Creed kicks out, but he is looking very groggy. Everlast complains to the ref about the count. Everlast goes to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He bides his time as Creed finds his feet and shakes off the cobwebs. Everlast launches himself and goes for a cross body, but Creed catches him!! Creed hits a backbreaker, holds on and delivers a fallaway slam! Both men are down, the ref starts a count; Creed uses the time to recuperate. Creed is up on 7, Everlast is pulling himself up by the ropes.
Creed again shakes off the cobwebs but this time a menacing look takes over his face. He paces over to Everlast and unloads with some clubbing forearms, knees and stomps, beating Everlast back down to the ground. Creed looks out at the crowd and snarls. The crowd boo in return, thumbs down gestures aplenty. Creed brings Everlast up then Irish whips him into the far corner. Creed follows up with a running clothesline whilst Everlast is against the turnbuckle. Everlast falls face first to the mat. Creed once again brings Everlast to his feet, this time he applies a waste lock from behind, then hits a beautiful German suplex into a bridging pin,




Creed picks up Everlast, sending him for the ride. Everlast comes off the ropes and Creed hits a quick powerslam. He gets to his feet and strikes another pose in the middle of the ring, “You Suck!!” chants fill the Rodgers Ballroom.

Carlos: Creed is definitely more Mr Universe than Mr Popular here tonight.

Creed turns his attention back to his opponent. He brings Everlast to his feet and cinches in a bear hug, lifting Everlast off the mat. After around 10 seconds of writhing in pain, Everlast gets a couple of shots off to Creed’s head but to no avail. Creed applies more pressure and throws Everlast from side to side. The ref is having a close look as Everlast slumps over Creed’s shoulder. The crowd start a “Lets Go Everlast” chant as the ref raises Everlast’s left arm,

It drops ONCE....

The ref lifts it again,

It drops TWICE....

The ref lifts for the last time,

It drops....NO!!! Everlast clinches his fist and halts the third drop!! The crowd start to rouse Everlast as he pumps his fist. He leans back, straightens both arms then slams his biceps either side of Creeds head!! Once is not enough though, he does it second time, then a third. Finally the big man releases the hold. Everlast falls to his feet. He goes to ropes, bounces off but Creed hits a huge shoulder block!

Fooda: Like chasing the bus and the damn thing stops!!

Creed leans on the top rope and grins. The crowd boo. Creed then looks down and notices Everlast's pretty valet. He exits the ring via the 2nd rope and jumps down to the floor. The ref starts the count. He stands about 8 feet away and does a few more poses. (5) The lady isn’t interested and waves Creed away. The crowd heckle Creed, who is still trying to impress. Everlast meanwhile has regained his composure and stepped through the ropes onto the apron. (10)

Carlos: Creed might want to turn around!!

Creed does indeed turn around, only to see Everlast come flying at him!! Everlast pulls off a flying head scissors from the ring apron!!! Creed goes crashing into the guardrail!

The crowd pop and burst into a “Holy *CENSORED*, Holy *CENSORED*!!” chant!

The ref meanwhile is up to a 15 count. Everlast pulls a dazed Creed to the apron and bundles him into the ring. Everlast enters the ring on 19. The crowd applaud the action. Everlast brings Creed to his feet and backs him into the ropes, Irish whip attempt by Everlast but Creed reverses. Everlast comes back off the far side and Creed goes for a back body drop, but Everlast slides between his legs, jumps up and hits a superkick to the back of Creed’s head!! Creed staggers around like a drunk while Everlast sprints to the corner and mounts the tope rope. Creed has his back to Everlast who jumps and hits a cutter from the top rope!!!

Carlos: My god what impact!!!

Everlast goes for the cover,




Everlast gets the win! The crowd give a great response. The ref raises his right hand as he favors the back of his head with his left.

Jewel: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner, Chriiiss Everlast!!

Everlast leaves the ring and goes to the time keepers table. He says something and is handed a mic.

Everlast: The move that just finished off that muscle bound meathead is called the Everlasting Impression, and that’s exactly what I’ve just made, here in the Rodgers Ballroom!!

Everlast offers his arm to his valet and they leave together up the ramp.

4. SCOTT LOGAN vs. JACK SQUAT (w/ Sarah Kaminsky)

Jewel: The following match-up is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 240 pounds, SCOTT LOGAN!

A man dressed in plain jeans and sneaker walks to the ring. His torso is bare, and his fists are taped up. He throws a few punches and elbows at the air, while the crowd cheers appreciatively.

And his opponent… being accompanied to the ring by Sarah Kaminsky, from Verona, New Jersey, weighing in at 243 pounds… JACK SQUAT!

Jack runs down to the ring, gets on the top turnbuckle, and pumps his fist. He jumps down, turning around in mid air, and walks over to Logan. Jack offers Logan a handshake, which he accepts.


Logan gets into a traditional boxing stance, his fists up in a guard position, while Jack gets into a traditional wrestling stance. Jack puts his hands up to offer Logan a collar-and elbow tie-up, but instead of accepting the hold, Logan starts throwing high jabs. Jack is, for the most part, able to protect himself with his arms, but a few jabs get through, and Logan also manages to back Jack up towards the bottom left corner of the ring. Jack eventually manages to duck a punch and take Logan down with a double-leg takedown. Jack quickly grabs Logan’s left leg with both hands, and tries to roll him over for a single-leg crab, but Logan uses his other leg to kick Jack away. Logan rolls backwards and quickly hops up to his feet and gets back into his guard position. The crowd applauds the Indy Standoff.

This time, Jack offers Logan a test of strength. Logan finds this more to his liking than he did the collar-and-elbow tie-up, and accepts the challenge. They struggle for about ten seconds, and neither man is gaining any ground. Jack Squat then turns the test of strength into a monkey flip. Jack then locks Logan in a seated chicken wing. Logan struggles in the hold, but is eventually able to get to his feet and twist of out the hold. He goes for a right hook Jack’s stomach, but Jack avoids it, and locks Logan in a sleeper hold. After about ten seconds, Logan manages hit Jack with a few elbows to the gut, then shoves him off. Jack rebounds off the ropes and comes back at Logan. Logan throws a huge right hook at Jack, but is surprised when Jack avoids the punch by leapfrogging over him. Jack lands on his feet, bounces off the ropes, and comes back, drilling his opponent in the face with a running dropkick, just as he turns around.

Jack hits Logan with a Flair Knee Drop, then picks him up in a standing waist-lock. One German Suplex! Jack stands up, keeping the waist-lock on: Two German Suplexes! Jack brings Logan up once again, and goes for the Hat Trick… He hits it! Jack then climbs up the bottom right turnbuckle. He waits for Logan to get up, then hits him with a Kane-style flying clothesline! Jack goes for the cover:




Logan kicks out, but Jack goes right back to bringing the pain by hitting the grounded Logan with a dropkick. Jack picks Logan up for a body slam, but Logan is able to slip free behind Jack. Logan goes for a clothesline, but Jack ducks. Logan’s momentum carries him into the ropes, where he is able to stop himself. He turns arou- HUGE CLOTHESLINE BY JACK SQUAT, sending Logan over the ropes ad to the floor.

While Logan recovers on the outside, Jack takes the opportunity to jump up onto the top right turnbuckle, and starts to sing a song to the tune of the Kemptown Lady: “Jack is gonna kick your ass! Doo-dah, doo-dah! Jack is gonna kick your ass, all the live long day!” The audience joins in on the catchy tune, and Jack waves his hands like a conductor, leading the audience in song..

Now fully recovered, Logan slides back into the ring. Jack goes for a Whisper in the Wind, but is met with an elbow strike to the back by Scott Logan. Jack crashes down to the mat, again landing on his back. Logan quickly rolls Jack over and kneels down by Jack’s head. Logan hits Jack with a few Austin Aries-style knee strikes to the head, then locks Jack in a sleeper hold. Jack manages to get to his feet, but Logan transitions the sleeper hold into a sleeper slam, planting Jack right back down on the mat. Logan moves over to Jack’s legs, and locks in the Brooklyn Cl- LARGE PACKAGE BY JACK!




Logan kicks out, then catches Jack with a quick elbow strike to the face, leaving him stunned and on one knee. Logan stalks Jack, waiting for him to get up. When Jack makes it to his feet, Logan charges at him, and connects with a running knee lift. Superkick by Logan! Pin attempt:




Jack kicks out! Logan wastes no times, and climbs the bottom left turnbuckle. He dumps off the top rope, bringing both of his knees up high for devastating diving double knee drop which connects with nothing but the canvas, as Jack rolls out of the way.

Jack recovers, then runs off the ropes and hits Logan with a Shining Impact! Jack once again runs to the ropes, but this time he walks up them and springboards off of them, twisting in mid air, and connecting with a Springboard Elbow Drop!




Logan kicks out!

Jack brings Logan to his feet, then hooks his arms for a Pedig- LOGAN FIGHTS OUT OF IT, and charges forward, he shoulder now firmly lodged somewhere between Jack’s intestines, forcing Jack backwards into a corner. Logan hits Jack with a few shoulder thrusts, then hits him with a Drop Toe Hold. Logan gets across the ring and once again stalks Jack. Jack gets up to his knees, and Logan charges across the ring for a Shining Wizard… but Jack manages to roll out of ring just in the nick of time, sending Logan crashing into the bottom two ropes.

Now standing outside the ring, Jack gives Logan a quick elbow strike to the forehead, sending Logan backwards, to that he his now lying down on the mat, with he knees folded under him. Jack jumps up o the apron, and hits a slingshot leg drop across the throat of Logan. Jack picks Logan up, and drops him on his head with the Jack Hammer! Jack goes for the pin:




Jewel: Your winner… JACK SQUAT!

The ref raises Jack’s hand, and he motions for Kaminsky to get him a mic. As she does, Jack offers Logan a hand. Logan accepts it, and Jack helps Logan up.

Jack takes the mic from Kaminsky, turns to Logan, and says: You know, maybe your right about yourself, Scott. Maybe you don't have the same skills as some of the other guys around here. But if that's not going to stop you, because you know that what you lack in mat skills you make up with heart, then you, my friend, have the attitude to succeed in this company or any other!

The crowd cheers, and Jack offers Logan a handshake. Jack and Sarah Kaminsky then leave the ring and walk up the aisle. Logan picks up the mic and tells the crowd: Mark my words... I will work as hard as it takes succeed in this company!

The crowd cheers once again, and Logan walks up the aisle, and goes backstage.


Jewel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit.

Eerie music plays and it creeps the fans out. A solid man with a mask with horns that face the ground emerges from the curtain, and he is freaky looking. The fans don't know how to react. As he walks down the isle, Jewel makes the introduction.
Jewel: From the depths of Hell, weighing in at two hundred and fifty five pounds, EL DEMONICO!
El Demonico gets heat from the crowd by looking at them weird and intimidating them, and slides under the bottom rope into the ring.

The music stops and a new song plays.
Jewel: And his opponent, from Minas Gerais, Brazil, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds, The Brazilian Warrior... RODRIGO MACHADO!
Machado works the crowd and gets a few pops, and enters the ring. He politely asks for the mic from Jewel, and he gets it. He speaks with a light Portuguese accent.

Machado: Hey, look, where you from, really man?
There is no response.
Machado: I know you speak Spanish, I heard you talking to yourself backstage (the crowd laughs). I'm a proud Brazilian, but you know what? My country, though I'm proud of it, does not make me great. I make me great. A nation does not make a man... His actions do. So prove it in the ring!
He extends his hand for a handshake.
El Demonico scans his hand for a second and decides to bash his elbow into Machado's head instead!


El Demonico has the upper hand right at the sound of the bell, and delivers a Kane-like uppercut to Machado, sending his against the ropes. A kick to the midsection and a whip sends Machado running, El Demonico misses a clothesline, and Machado bounces back and connects with a dropkick. Demonico immediately gets up but Machado has momentum, and he delivers a tilt-a-whirl spinebuster to Demonico as he runs towards him! Cover!



THR - NO! Demonico gets the shoulder up!


Machado grabs the arm while Demonico's down and extends it, then continues to thrust his legs up and behind him and drive his knees into the kink of the elbow a few times. He picks him up and works the arm for a bit, skips around the ring and executes an armdrag. Demonico comes back but he just armdrags him again, and they repeat this one more time, much to the fans delight. The third time, Demonico slides to the outside to recuperate and get his act together. At the ref's 7 count, Machado sits on the middle rope and holds it open, inviting Demonico to come back inside. Demonico finds this insulting and does not accept his invitation. Machado gets back inside and Demonico gets on the apron. Machado charges him but he is caught with a stiff forearm and knocked back. Demonico jumps over the top rope and turns to springboard off the middle rope and execute a moonsault onto Machado! He stays on top of him for the cover!



NO! Machado kicks out!


Demonico picks up Machado and belly to belly suplexes him right over his six foot four frame with ease. He gives a menacing stance, I guess you could call it (since he's wearing a mask) to the crowd and drags Machado closer to the turnbuckle. He steps over him to the corner, yells out an evil cry in Spanish, jumps up to the top turnbuckle, and executes a beautiful split-legged corkscrew moonsault, better known as a Starship Pain! Machado gets the wind knocked out of him and he's down for the pinfall!



THR - NO!! Machado just gets the shoulder up!


Demonico jumps onto the middle turnbuckle away from Machado, and points into the crowd. He hisses something in Spanish and cuts his throat to a loud roar of boos. Machado, however, is back on his feet now and runs over, goes under him, and picks him up into a powerbomb, but he stalls, spins around and plants him on his back! Demonico squirms around and forces himself to his feet immediately with the aid of the ropes and adrenaline, but Machado is behind him, turns him around and whips him. Demonico comes back and is backdropped wayyyyyy into the air, and astonishingly is able to grab the legs on his way down and sunset flips him into a pin!



NO! Machado flips out of it, runs against the ropes and lands two feet right to the face of Demonico, who was sitting up but is now flat on his back, clutching his face.

Machado waves and the fans pop, and start a slow clap. Machado goes to the top rope and signals for some fan support once more, which he receives, jumps off into the air and comes down hard with an elbow drop!

Carlos: BEAUTIFUL elbow drop, right in the heart, if he has one!






A few kicks and he picks up Demonico and signals for the Samba Drop! Machado gets Demonico set up, spins him around but he doesn't go down, instead Demonico reverses it into his DOWNWARD SPIRAL!





Jewel: Here is your winner... EL DEMONICO!

Demonico doesn't accept his hand to be raised, instead, he goes after the vulnerable Machado on the ground. He kicks and punches, and goes down for some mounted punches.
Ignoring the bell, he gets up and yells at the referee. Demonico picks up Machado and whips him into the corner, and follows up with more punches. He puts him on the top turn buckle.
He follows him up, and... DOWN TO HELL! The fans gasp!

Carlos: What a despicable display! A complete disregard for the rules and he already won the match! What's the meaning of this?!
Carlos: Yeah but what for?
Fooda: Who cares, HOLY CRAP! He won this match! Ladies and gentlemen, your winner... El Demonico! (We faintly hear Fooda clapping)

El Demonico is shown in the middle of the ring, staring at the limp Rodrigo Machado.


We cut to a video package hyping up Tanakashi Shupiro, showing him just destroying a whole bunch of opponents in Japan. When the video package ends, Jewel is the only person in the ring.

Jewel: Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to introduce to you, Tanakashi Shuuuuupiro! Accompanied to the ring by his manager, Kiiing Kaaanngg!

Tanakashi comes through the curtain and stand atop of the ramp. In tow, is a smaller guy in a suit. Also, a referee is standing just behind them.

They survey the crowd, Kang shakes his head. They head to the ring.
They make their way up the ring steps, along the apron, another disapproving look toward the crowd before Kang sits on the middle rope to allow Tanakashi entry. Once in the ring, Kang darts over to Jewel and snatches the mic from her. He then gives her a shoo, shoo gesture with both hands. They stand side by side in the center of the ring, pausing whilst the crowd give a few boo’s and thumps down gestures. The ref has stayed outside the ring.

Kang: So, this is Amelica? And this is the OWWF? And you all Amelican wrestling fans?

Crowd gives a little pop.

Kang: Well Amelican wrestling fans, I am King Kang and this is Tanakashi Shupiro, the Japanese wrestling god!! And guess what? We no like you al’eady!!!

Shupiro gives a slow shake of the head. The crowd boo’s a little louder than before.

Kang: We come to Amelica to show you how cwappy your wrestling really is!!. We come to Amelica to make you look foolish!! We come to Amelica, to hurt you!! Ha ha ha!

The crowd boo louder and there a few you suck shouts and middle finger gestures.

Kang: We come to Amelica to prove Japanese wrestling the most superior wrestling in world today and Shupiro-san most superior wrestler in world today. And we start right now!! You ref, here now!!

The ref enters the ring.

Kang: We issue open challenge, right here! Any Amelican in back who think he better than Shupiro-san, you come down to ring. Then Shupiro-san prove we speak true words!! Who know, maybe Shupiro-san let you admit Japan better than Amelica without hurting you??

The crowd boo and let out more you suck chants.

Carlos: Well it looks as though Tanakashi Shupiro and King Kang are not here for a popularity contest. Let’s just hope they can back up those strong words!

Shupiro faces the ramp, with a look of stone. Kang walks around the ring making a “Well??” type gesture with his hands.

Kang: Come on, any Amelican man can come down. Or you all..., what you say? Chicken?

Some familiar music hits and the crowd goes wild!!

Fooda: What the...???

A man bursts through the curtain. He stands atop the ramp, beer in hand, cigarette in the corner of his mouth.

Carlos: It’s the Badass, its Mark Woodbridge!!!

Woodbridge looks at the men in ring, then to the fans left, then to the fans right. Then he makes for the ring. Halfway down the aisle, he flicks the cigarette away then drains the tin of beer and tosses it into the crowd, who scramble for it!

Woodbridge climbs the ring steps, through the middle rope. He walks past Shupiro and Kang but doesn’t take his eyes of them. He stands on the middle turnbuckle and with his right hand thumps his chest 3 times whilst exposing intense, gritted teeth. He jumps down, grabs a mic from jewel ringside and turns his attention to Shupiro and Kang. The music stops.

Kang: Ahhh, Mr Woodblidge. You come to answer challenge? Or you admit we Japanese superior to you low-re Amelicans?

Woodbridge: Challenge? Japanese superior what? No no, I come out to see if you two would come back and fix my old broken down VCR?!?!

The crowd pops.

Woodbridge: You see, I gotta couple of old John Wayne movies on video cassette that I really wanna sit down and enjoy with a case of beer or 4!!

The Crowd love it. Kang is incensed. Shupiro has a very disapproving look on his face but has not moved or taken his eyes off the Badass.

Kang: Ha ha ha ha, you velly funny man mr Woodblidge. Unfortunately, the Japanese wrestling god no understand your joke. The only joke to him, is you!!!

Woodbridge: Well since we got this language barrier problem, I’ll use a language thats understood all over the world....here’s to yer!!

Woodbridge flips the bird in Shupiro’s face and starts unloading with right hands!! The ref signals for the bell, DING DING!!

Carlos: It’s on folks!!!

Woodbridge forces Shupiro to the ropes with the punches and then clotheslines him to the outside. Kang goes to grab Woodbridge from behind but receives a huge lariat as Woodbridge spins around. The fans mark out. Woodbridge picks up Kang and tosses him over the top rope on the opposite side of the ring to Shupiro. Woodbridge goes back to where he disposed of Shupiro. The ref tries to stop him leaving the ring but he gets brushed aside. Shupiro is standing, groggy, by the ring apron. Woodbridge hits a couple of rights before sending his opponent into the ring steps with a huge crash. The Badass turns to the crowd and gives them the Bradshaw type beer gesture and someone hands him a brewski. (8) Woodbridge takes a swig of beer, picks up Shupiro by the hair and unloads the beer on the side of his head (12).

Fooda: Woodbridge will probably regret wasting that beer this time tomorrow!

Woodbridge quickly rolls Shupiro back into the ring and follows him.
Woodbridge picks up Shupiro and hits a huge chop, to which the crowd respond appropriately, followed by 2 more. Now Woodbridge has Shupiro in the middle of the ring. He lifts him up into a gorilla press and then hits a slam. He goes for the pin.

Carlos: This one could be over!


THR....No! OOOOHHH from the crowd. Shupiro gets a shoulder up.

Kang is now on his feet but not too with it.

Woodbridge stands up and brings Shupiro to his feet, he raises his right arm, so to signal a lariat, then he runs to the ropes.

Just as he hits the ropes, Kang reaches in and trips Woodbridge, which the ref misses. Woodbridge gets up and turns around. He reaches over the top rope and attempts to grab Kang. At this moment, Shupiro hits a running knee to Woodbridge, who bounces off the ropes and falls backwards onto the mat. He writhes around in pain.

Fooda: Along with beer, that knee could have done some real damage to Woodbridge’s kidney!!

Woodbridge makes it to his knees. Shupiro hits a stiff kick to the back, then 2 more in quick succession. The Badass is face first on the mat, clutching at his lower back. Shupiro slowly brings Woodbridge to his feet. Irish whip into the corner, more damage to the lower back. Woodbridge stays in the corner, just managing to stay on his feet. Shupiro stands in the opposite corner; he says something out loud in his own tongue then runs at Woodbridge, who attempts a weak clothesline. Shupiro ducks it and counters by jumping into a full nelson, with his feet landing on the middle ropes. He lifts Woodbridge off the mat, full nelson sit out bomb, Tokyo Colonoscopy!!

The crowd reacted with an ooohh!

Carlos: what strength displayed by Tanakashi Shupiro!!

Woodbridge arches his back in pain. Shupiro brings Woodbridge to his feet and hit some hard knife edge chops. Snapmare takedown out of the corner.

The crowd start a lets go Woodbridge chant. Kang starts banging his palm on the apron and shouting stuff in Japanese.

Shupiro sits Woodbridge up and applies an arm bar. Woodbridge starts to hit the mat with his legs, trying to build a head of steam. The crowd start to clap.

Carlos: Look at Shupiro’s left knee, he has it buried right in the lower back of Woodbridge.

Woodbridge manages to adjust slightly so he can make it to one knee.
He manages to make it to both feet so Shupiro delivers a kick to the midsection and sends him for the ride. Woodbridge comes off the ropes and ducks the knife edge chop from Shupiro, keeps going and comes back again off the ropes. Lou Thez Press!!! Piston like right hands!! The crowd go wild! The Badass stands up and thumps his chest and spits out a few profanities.

Fooda: uh oh, look out, he’s gonna blow!

The crowd are willing Woodbridge on.

“F*** him up Woodbridge, F*** him up!!”

Shupiro is on his feet, Woodbridge sends him to the ropes, Shupiro comes back and ducks the lariat attempt, he fires back from the other side but ...... APPALACHIAN SLAM!!

Woodbridge goes for the Cloverleaf, but Kang jumps up on the apron. The ref goes over to Kang. Kang grabs the ref by the shirt and is shouting and pointing at Woodbridge. The Badass leaves Shupiro and goes over to Kang. He pushes the ref aside and grabs Kang by the throat.

“Your gonna get your f***ing head kicked in!!”

Food: My god, we got 300 psychic’s in attendance!!

Just as Woodbridge is gonna take out Kang, Shupiro charges from behind, driving his shoulder into Woodbridge's back, and saving Kang from a sure beating.

Shupiro grabs Woodbridge's wrist and lifts him up for the Samurai Drop, but Woodbirdge manages to escape from the move, and lands on his feet behind Shupiro. Shupiro turns around, and is hit with a kick to the mid-section from Woodbridge. He shoves Shupiro’s head between his thighs..

Carlos: He’s going for it folks...

Woodbridge lifts Shupiro from the waist, then elevates him up high with his pants.. then.... SLAM!!






Jewel: Here is your winner, The Badass, Maaark Wooodbridge!!

The ref raises Woodbridge’s hand as his music hits. Woodbridge walks to the corner and stands on the second turnbuckle. He thumps his chest 3 times then raises his right arm. He jumps down and leaves the ring through the middle rope. He climbs the guard rail and gets in amongst the fans. A few of them offer the badass a beer, which he gladly accepts! He then stands on a chair and chugs one, two then three!! King Kang herds the battered and bruised Tanakashi Shupiro up the ramp, and to the backstage area.
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Re: EWA Show #2: Hangover (3/27/2010)

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Jewel: This matchup is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. Introducing first, from London, England, weighing in at 290 pounds, Big Nasty Kev Carnage!

Carnage gets in the ring.

Jewel: and his opponent, from Jobberville, Massachusetts, weighing in at 210 pounds... RICKY ROCKS!

Rocks runs towards Carnage hits a dropkick hardly effecting Carnage. Rocks then runs bounces off the ropes but gets hit by a clothesline from hell by Carnage. Carnage picks up Rocks and hits a belly to back suplex. He picks up Rocks and hits the Trent River Plunge for the 1-2-3.

After the match Carnage picks up Rocks and throws him out the ring and picks up the microphone:

"MERRITT ROOK, GET OUT HERE NOW!!!! At OWWF: The Beginning was going to be the start of my Reign of Carnage over the OWWF!

I saw how you came to the ring; so arrogant, so cocky... and then you saw me standing in the ring and, my friend, I could smell the fear. I've seen skinny little toe-rags like you before. You're all mouth and no action. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and "help you into the ring".

You see, 50% of the match was over when I hit you with The Nottingham Destroyer and gained the 1-2-3. Now... an intelligent wrestlers would have headed to the back and called it a day, but not you!! Your pea sized brain decides to keep interfering in the match. I HAD WOODBRIDGE BEAT. He would have never been able to beat me if you had stayed away from the ring!

Now that little stunt will cost you your wrestling career. I'm challenging you to a match at OWWF's third show, and Rook... I'm gonna teach you a VERY important lesson: you haven't seen ANYTHING yet! Carnage is going to be unleashed!!!! I'll be at the show waiting for you. The question is; have you got the balls to face the biggest, baddest, nastiest wrestler in professional wrestling today?"

Carnage angrily leaves the ring, while medical personnel carry the jobber backstage.

Phreak def. Josh Storm and Hazard in a 3 Way Elimination Match.
Phreak pinned Hazard with a roll-up
Phreak pinned Storm after a Phreakish Intents


Jewel: The following contest is a tag team match, and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, at a combined weight of 545 pounds... Chris Calaway and “Mean” Mark Roberts… POWER & PAIN!
Calaway and Roberts come down the ramp, and get into the ring. They high five, then respectfully roll to the outside of the ring to give their opponents time to be the center of attention for their entrance.
Jewel: And their opponents… introducing first, from Malibu, California, weighing in at 233 pounds…. SURFIN’ SCOTTIE ADAMS!

Surfin’ USA, by the Beach Boys plays over the speakers, and “Surfin’” Scottie Adams comes out with a huge surfboard, puts it on the entrance ramp and slides down to the ringside area. He runs around the ring, giving fans high fives as he goes. Scottie gets into the ring, climbs a turnbuckle, and throws his arms into the air, shouting YEAH!!!! Then does a backflip off of the turnbuckle, and lands in a surfing stance.
A “Surfin’ Scottie “ *clap* clap* clap* clap* clap* chant starts, and Scottie soaks up the love the from the fans. The chant ends when his music stops and the lights dim.

Jewel: And his tag team partner, from the shadows and darkness, weighing in at 235 pounds The Dark Warrior… EXODUS LICRAINE!

Rather than come out from backstage like everybody else, Exodus comes out from the crowd, hopping the barricade about halfway down the aisle near the entrance ramp, and walking to the ring. Exodus gets in the ring, and Scottie offers him a high five, which Exodus ignores, leaving Scottie hanging. Exodus looks over at Calaway & Roberts, and waits for them to get in the ring.

Calaway and Roberts confer on the outside, and Calaway rolls into the ring, while Exodus climbs up onto the apron, in the bottom right corner of the ring. Scottie looks at Exodus and asks “Do you want to start, or should I?” Exodus ignores him, and remains standing in the ring. Scottie shrugs his shoulders and says, “okay, I guess you want to start.” Scottie goes to the apron in the top left corner of the ring, and the ref orders the bell rung to start the match:


Exodus starts by throwing some heavy punches at Calaway, but Calaway is able to avoid them. Eventually, Calaway is able to catch Exodus’s arm, and wrench it around, gaining control of the matchup.

Calaway applies a hammerlock and sweeps Exodus's legs away from the front, bringing Exodus face first to the mat. Calaway still has hold of the arm and drives some a few knees into it. Calaway spins around, moving into a front face lock. After a few seconds, both men work their way up to their feet. Calaway attempts an Irish whip but Exodus reverses it, sending Calaway into the corner. Exodus runs in to follow up but Calaway hits a reverse elbow counter and then a European uppercut. A kick to the mid section, then Calaway tries a double underhook but Exodus counters with a back body drop. Calaway manages to grab his waist though, pulling off a sunset flip with a pin attempt,



That's all though, as Exodus brings his knees together either side of Calaway's head. Exodus rolls backwards onto his feet, as does Calaway. Exodus charges forward hitting a huge clothesline to an oncoming Calaway. Exodus stands for a moment in the corner, head lowered slightly, ignoring Scottie's clapping and outstretched arm on the opposite side of the ring. He turns around as Calaway has rolled onto his front and is nearly on all fours. He brings Calaway up and shoves him into the corner, he then unloads with some stiff punches to Calaway's mid section.

Ref: Hey get outta there, c'mon 1...2...3...4..,

Exodus steps back. He turns his head to the ref, then back to Calaway. Exodus then slaps both his hands around Calaway's throat, he takes a few steps backwards and goes to lift his opponent off the mat. With this, Calaway reaches around the back Exodus's head with both hands and falls to his knee's, driving the top of his head up into Exodus's chin for a jawbreaker. Exodus fall backwards and Calaway rolls over to his corner to tag in Roberts. Calaway dashes back to Exodus and brings him to his feet. Meanwhile, Roberts has taken position on the 2nd turnbuckle. Calaway double underhooks Exodus, turns towards his corner and pulls of a double underhook backbreaker! Roberts then hits a flying leg drop!!! Quick cover by Roberts,



THR... NO! Shoulder up from Exodus.

Carlos: Great double team by Power and Pain, leading to a near fall.

The crowd claps in appreciation of the teamwork. Scottie tries to rouse his partner from the apron.

Fooda: So far, Exodus has not even acknowledged his partner during this match, let alone tagged him in.

Roberts pulls Exodus up, they stand face to face and Roberts lifts him from the waist with both arms. He then charges into the far corner, driving Exodus into the turnbuckle and ramming his shoulder into his mid section. He hits two big shoulder thrusts, then pulls away. He grabs Exodus by the wrist and applies an arm wringer. He pulls him to the middle of the ring. Roberts powers into the same arm Calaway worked on earlier, with his shoulder. Roberts sends Exodus to the ropes, who comes back and ducks a clothesline. He hits the ropes opposite, flies back towards his opponent and gets lifted of the floor by his waist. Roberts is going for a spine buster, but Exodus manages wrap his arm around Roberts' neck. He thrusts backwards and counters with a huge DDT!! Both men are down and the ref starts a count.

Carlos: Exodus needs to Scottie into this match now!!

Exodus rolls to one side and gets to one knee, his back to Scottie, his head lowered. Scottie has his arm outstretched and is desperate to get in. Exodus however doesn't so much as look at Scottie. Instead he stands up delivers a stiff kick to the head of Roberts, who was just starting to get to one knee himself. Exodus doesn't stop there. He circles Roberts, delivering hard stomps all over the big man. Exodus then pulls Roberts up by the hair. He hits Roberts with an uppercut to throat, then sends him into the corner. Exodus pauses for a moment, then runs at Roberts. He jumps and goes for a big splash, but Roberts rolls along the ropes just in time. Exodus' chest hits the top turnbuckle. He doubles over, arms across his chest. He stumbles backwards. Roberts goes to the ropes just by the corner and hits a clothesline. Whilst Exodus is down, Roberts drags him closer to his corner. He exposes Exodus' arm and grabs hold of his wrist and shoulder, he then drives three large knees into the bicep of Exodus. He quickly tags Calaway, who comes in and mounts the 2nd turnbuckle. Roberts turns back to Exodus and stands on his wrist. Calaway jumps and lands a knee to the arm of Exodus.

Fooda: Wow, these guys are really working on that right arm of Exodus.

Exodus rolled away in pain after the strike from Calaway. Calaway brings Exodus to his feet and takes hold the right wrist. He straightens Exodus' arm vertically above there heads and brings it down across his shoulder. Exodus falls to one knee, clutching at his right arm. Calaway hooks his head with his right arm and drapes Exodus' left arm around the back of his head. He grabs Exodus by the tights. Beautiful Snap Suplex! He keeps a hold of Exodus and lifts him back to his feet. A pause, then another Snap Suplex!! And he still doesn't let go! Again, they are in the middle of the ring, another brief pause, BAM! Three Snap Suplexes!!! The crowd claps and cheers! Pin attempt from Calaway,




Calaway goes around to Exodus' legs. He grabs both ankles goes for a Texas Cloverleaf, but as he leans forward, Exodus reaches up with his right arm and grabs Calaway by the throat. Exodus stands up, keeping Calaway goozled, and hits him with a chokeslam. Exodus, by now quite tired, as he has wrestled the entire match so far by himself, takes this time to recover, while Calaway gets back on his feet.

Exodus kicks Calaway in the gut, then picks him up for the crucifix powerbo- CALAWAY COUNTERS IT, controlling Exodus' arm, and forcing him to the mat. He locks in the South Side Stretch! Exodus struggles in the hold, and Scottie rushes into the ring to break up the potentially match-ending submission.

Another quick tag by Power and Pain leaves Roberts as the legal man, and he Irish whips Exodus into the top right corner of the ring, then follows up with a shoulder thrust to the guy. HUGE one-armed, overhead Sambo Suplex by Roberts! Exodus lands face first in the ring, just a few feat away from his corner. Roberts follows Exodus over, put Scottie runs into the ring and hits him with an Elbow smash, leaving the big man stunned. Scottie grabs Exodus and drags him the few feet to their corner. Scottie gets on the apron, and tags himself in!

From the apron, Scottie hits Roberts with a springboard lariat, taking the big man down. Scottie is a house of fire. Every time Roberts tries to get up, Scottie knocks him down again. Scottie picks Roberts up and goes for a vertical suplex, but Robers shows off his technical skill, blocking the maneuver by hooking his leg behind Scottie's. Roberts hits Scottie with a vertical suplex of his own, the picks Scottie up for a Spinebuster, but Scottie reverses it into a Monkey Flip. When Robrts gets up, Scottie floors him with a superkick. Scottie drags Roberts near the bottom left corner, and goes to the top rope. Tidal Wave by Scottie... Roberts rolls out of the way, but Scottie is able to roll through the move, and he pops right back up on his feet.

Scottie charges at Roberts, but winds up on the wrong end of a scoop powerslam. Roberts then hits Scottie with a Falling Gutwrench Powerbomb. Cover by Roberts:



THR-NO! Scottie kicks out.
Roberts grabs Scottie and drags him over to the corner, then tags Calaway in. Calaway climbs to the top rope while Roberts picks Scottie up. Combination Spinebuster- Missile Dropkick from Power & Pain! Calaway goes for the pin on Scottie:



THRE-NO! Scottie kicks out!

Calaway grabs Scottie's arm and goes for a kimura, but Scottie rolls him up with a small package.



THR-NO! Calaway kicks out!

Both men are up. Scottie goes for a superkick, but Calaway catches his leg. Dragon Screw by Calaway! Calaway locks Scottie in the Texas Cloverleaf! Scottie is in the middle of the ring, and is in great pain. A "PLEASE DON'T TAP!" chant starts, , but is countered with a smattering of "TAP!" chants from Calaway & Roberts' fans. After about 20 seconds in the hold, Scottie manages to crawl to the ropes for the clean break.

Once Scottie is back on his feet, Calaway goes for a northern lights suplex, but Scottie hooks his foot under the middle ropes, preventing Calaway form hitting the maneuver. DDT by Scottie! Both men are down! It takes both men until the ref's count of "FIVE!" to get to their feet. Calaway tries for a snap Suplex, but Scottie lands on his feet behind him. Tiger Suplex by Scottie! Scottie picks Calaway up, and hits him with Surfs Up! Scottie goes for the cover:



THRE-NO! Roberts comes in and breaks up the pin!
The ref sends Roberts back to his corner, as Scottie, brings Calaway back to his feet. Scottie picks Calaway up and goes for Fun in the Sun, but Calaway is able to squirm his way free, and land behind Scottie. Wrist-clutch back suplex from Calaway drops Scottie, with his back landing right on his own injured arm. Calaway rolls Scottie over and goes to put his arm in a leg-scissors for the South Side Stretch, but Scottie trips him up! "SHARK IN THE WATER!" Scottie shouts, then locks his opponent in an ankle lock. After about ten seconds in the hold, Calaway crawls to the ropes to break the hold.

Scottie charges at Calaway for a big clothesline to send Calaway over the ropes, but Calaway ducks it, then delivers a stiff kick to Scottie's back. Bridging Tiger Suplex by Calaway!



THRE-NO! Scottie JUST manages to get a shoulder up.

Calaway keeps up the offense, sanding Scottie up. Calaway goes for a northern lights suplex, but Scottie clubs his back, stopping the move. Scottie lifts Calaway up onto his shoulders... Ligerbo- hurricanrana by Calaway! Calaway pulls Scottie up... Wrist clutch exploder suplex by Calaway... Scottie lands on his feet. Calaway turns around, and gets stunned by a superkick. WIPEOUT BY SCOTTIE!



THRE-NO! Roberts comes in and breaks up the pin! So close! Roberts goes back to his corner. Both men get to their feet, clutching at each other. Right hand by Calaway, right hand by Scottie, they trade rights. Kick to the gut from Calaway, Irish whip to the corner, but Scottie reverses and send Calaway into the corner. Scottie runs towards his opponent, forward roll, he spings onto Calaway in the corner, hes going for a monkey flip, he raises one arm in the air, but wait, Calaway get his arms under Scotties legs! He lifts him up, Liger Bomb out of the corner!!! Both men are down again in the middle of the ring. On the refs count of 6 Scottie is on one knee whilst Calaway gets to his feet and dives across to tag in Roberts. Roberts charges at Scottie and goes for a big boot, but Scottie ducks, they spin around to face each other, Surfs Up!! Scottie hits a Sky High on the big man!! Scottie rolls away to the corner, he is exhausted and pulls himself up by the ropes. He slowly climbs through the ropes and steps onto the second turnbuckle. His head slumps in tiredness, but he pulls himself up tope rope. Roberts has made it to one knee though, he sees Scottie about to ready himself for what looks like a Tidal Wave!. Roberts dashes to the ropes, knocking Scottie of balance! He cringes in pain as he straddles the the tope rope.

Carlos: That could be difference maker, right there!!!

Roberts goes over to Scottie, he stands on the middle turnbuckle and sets up a superplex, he goes to lift but Scottie holds on to the tope rope, he then shoves Roberts backwards, who lands on his feet. Scottie dives over Roberts, Sunsetflip pin attempt!



THR...NO! Roberts kicks out, Scottie rolls backwards, jumps up and makes a dash for his corner! He nearly makes it, but Roberts grabs his ankle!!! Scottie stretches out his right arm as far as he can, he is inches from the ropes!!

Carlos: My god, why wont Exodus tag in??? He just has to reach out and tag his partner!! Its a matter of inches, dammit!!

The veins in Scotties neck are at bursting point as he reaches for his partner, but there is still no tag!! Exodus just stares at him!! Scotties tries one last burst, but no, Roberts yank him back hard. Scottie flies backwards, Roberts grabs him and lifts him onto to his shoulders, Muscle Buster!! In the middle of the ring! Scottie is flat out on his face. Roberts looms over him and signals to the crowd. Roberts hooks Scotties legs surfboard stretch style then applies a Full Nelson!! He pull upwards. THE RACK!!! The pain is excruciating, Scotties face says it all. He tries to see it but there is nothing he can do and after nine seconds, he has to tap out!!


Exodus leaps to the floor ringside and just leaves, he doesn't even glance back at Scottie. The crowd are on him and he gets a ton of heat.

Jewel: Here are your winners, by way of submission, POWER AND PAIN!!!

Calaway and Roberts celebrate and make their way up the ramp. Scottie is struggling, the ref has to help him roll out of the ring and assist him up the ramp.
The crowd clap and give a "Scottie, Scottie," chant.

Carlos: Well folks, I got know idea what the deal was with Exodus tonight, but I do know that young man going up the ramp put up one hell of a fight!

9. Submission Match
UNKNOWN (w/ Valerie Knot) vs. SHADOW

Carlos: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s about that time for our main event tonight. Unknown, with Valerie Knot -
Fooda: Oooh yeah -
Carlos: Will be taking on Shadow, in what will be the OWWF’s first ever submission match. Here’s a look at how this match culminated within that last few weeks…

We cut to Unknown and Knot’s promo (which can be “watched” in full here: http://www.owwfan.com/viewtopic.php?f=185&t=25500), and we see flashbacks of Shadow’s match while Knot talks. It then cuts to Shadow’s response (http://www.owwfan.com/viewtopic.php?f=185&t=25603), while eerie music plays in the background.
We cut back to the ring with Jewel in the center of the camera, mic in hand.

Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the MAIN EVENT of the evening. It is scheduled for one fall with a time limit of show-time remaining, and will be a submission match! The ONLY way to win this contest is to make your opponent submit.
Semi-familiar music blasts.
Fooda: Alright, talking’s over. I’ve been waiting weeks for this.

Unknown and Valerie Knot walk out from behind the curtain and step down the few stairs to the aisle. Knot poses around her man and works the crowd, but Unknown seems to be all business. They enter the ring and Unknown goes to his far corner and patiently waits, as he did at The Beginning.

His music stops and another song picks up after about ten seconds of suspense. After the song plays for another ten seconds or so, Shadow emerges from the curtain and is well received by the fans. He quietly walks to the ring, and sits, Raven style, in the corner opposite to Unknown, who by the way still hasn’t moved.

Jewel: Introducing first, in the corner to my right. Accompanied to the ring by Valerie Knot. He weighs in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds.. This… Is… UNKNOWN!
Unknown does as much as turn his head to the fans for a brief moment, as his way of acknowledging them (though not in an arrogant way).

Jewel: And his opponent, in the corner to my left. He is from your childhood nightmares, and weighs in at two hundred, and forty-eight pounds. Ladies and gentlemen, the Original Psycho… SHADOW!
Similar as Unknown did, Shadow does not move, but merely moves his eyes to scan the crowd.

Carlos: And finally after our official introductions, we are underway with our main event.
Fooda: This crowd is ready, Carlos.
Carlos: Gonna see some great, technical mat wrestling here folks. Pinfalls don’t count, someone is gonna have to give up!

Shadow pulls himself up and Unknown finally budges out of his corner, and they circle each other. Unknown proposes a Greco-Roman knuckle lock and Shadow carefully accepts. They lock one hand, and Unknown offers his other hand. Very slowly, Shadow creeps his hand closer. Just as he’s like an inch away, Unknown as quickly as a fox twists Shadow’s arm into an armbar. Before Shadow even knows what’s going on, Unknown pulls the armbar into a cutthroat position, and simply flips him around by sweeping his legs and drives Shadow right on his head. However, he hasn’t let go of the arm, and then he sits on his back, grabs the head in a Cobra Clutch, and pulls back into a modified Camel Clutch. Then after only a few seconds in the hold, he lets go and spins to the legs, hooks his legs into an STF, and bridges back with his stomach up and the legs hooked to grab the head in a beautiful looking submission. Shadow is too close to the ropes though and scrambles for the break, and Unknown obliges almost immediately.
Unknown gets up and walks to his corner again, just staring and smiling at Shadow, as if he was saying “Why don’t you just give up now?” He believes he really made Shadow feel like he made the wrong choice in accepting this match after having Unknown toy with him, but Shadow knows he can’t underestimate his opponent any longer.
All while the standoff, the fans clap in appreciation. Rodger’s Ballroom begins to cheer, “F*ck him up Unknown, f*ck him up! *Clap, clap*”

After the brief suspense, we get a collar and elbow tie-up, and Shadow is being more aggressive, as he pushes Unknown into the corner. The ref comes in for a clean break, but instead Shadow pulls him out of the corner and back to the center of the ring. Shadow connects with a hard knee to the stomach, and puts him in a gutwrench position, setting up for the Psycho’s Redemption, and picks him up over his shoulders! However, Unknown isn’t going down like this and he squirms and fights it, causing him to slide down Shadow’s back, but Shadow cleverly grabs the head as he falls and drops Unknown into a sick looking neckbreaker! The fans gasp in awe.
Almost as to mock Unknown, Shadow applies the same bridging STF hold as he was in before to Unknown! After about twenty seconds of agony, Shadow releases the hold and goes to his corner, eying Unknown and cynically smiling.

Fooda: They’re playing mind games, Carlos! They’re playing mind games!

Valerie Knot pulls her grounded man to the apron and she whispers something in his ear. Unknown seems to agree to whatever she tells him, and gets to his feet.

Unknown calls for another Greco-Roman knuckle lock, and Shadow seems a little impatient. He reluctantly agrees for some reason, probably feeling a little more confident.
After they lock in one hand, the Rodger’s Ballroom splits in half -
“Let’s go Unknown!” “Let’s go Shadow!” ”Let’s go Unknown!” “Let’s go Shadow!”

Carefully, they totally lock up and commence a test of strength. They are evenly matched, however, as they both try to bang chests and get the better of their opponent, and neither of them prevail. Shadow jumps up and attempts to monkeyflip Unknown over him, but Unknown doesn’t go over and instead shifts his weight to fall in front of Shadow where he started, and pulls him up onto his shoulders for a powerbomb, but Shadow reverses it into a hurricanrana! Unknown springs up immediately but Shadow is one step ahead, and springboards off the middle rope into a moonsault. Unknown sidesteps him and Shadow lands on his feet, Unknown however runs to the corner and jumps on the bottom rope, springboards to the middle rope, springboards to the top rope, and springboards off THAT to hit a moonsault, however, he kind of sidesteps him and Unknown lands on his feet as well, but he catches him and German Suplexes him! Unknown again lands on his feet and sweeps the legs out from under Shadow and he grabs the head in a headlock on the ground. Shadow quickly gets to his feet with his head still in the hold and elbows him in the midsection to set him free, and whips Unknown into the ropes. Shadow falls under Shadow and leap frogs over him, and the third time around, Shadow goes for a lariat, but Unknown ducks and grabs the arm into a hammerlock, which Shadow quickly gets out of, though Unknown still has the arm. He twists it and Shadow summersaults and kips up to get out of it, then runs against the ropes. Unknown is ready and backdrops him over the ropes, but he lands on the apron. A punch sends Unknown back a bit, and Shadow springboards off the top rope into a 450, but Unknown catches him in midair and POWERBOMBS HIM! He goes for a cover but the ref reminds him there are no pinfalls! Unknown falls to his back and gasps for air.
“THAT WAS AWESOME! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap*”

After some time recuperating on the mat, Unknown is the first up. He goes to pick up Shadow, but he’s playing possum and rolls through, grabbing the ankle and putting him in an ankle lock! Unknown screams in pain and reaches for the rope, but he’s too far and Shadow is grounded as well, preventing Unknown from moving! I think he’s gonna…

Carlos: Woah woah what the hell is going on?

The fans attention abruptly turns away from the action and to the entrance-way, as Josh Storm is shown to cameras, slowly walking out to the ringside area.

Carlos: We saw Unknown come out during Storm’s match earlier, and now Storm is out here! What in the world is going on?
Fooda: He has a right to see this match Carlos! The place is sold out, he wanted a good view! This is a great match so far!
Carlos: I think he’s got a little more on his mind than watching the match, Fooda, but what is it?

Shadow breaks the ankle lock and goes to look at Storm, who is quietly and calmly walking closer to the ring with his arms crossed. Shadow seems confused, as does the crowd and Carlos and Fooda. Unknown shakes off the pain in his ankle and sneaks up from behind Shadow, hitting a vicious enzugiri. With Shadow down, Unknown sees Storm on the outside, and does nothing but look at him.
Storm approaches closer to the ring and the referee finally speaks up. Unknown drags Shadow to drape him over the middle rope, and he springboards off the ropes, over the top rope and executes a guillotine leg drop.

The camera cuts to the ref in Josh Storm’s face, and Storm just smiles and slowly walks backstage, not looking back.
It then cuts to Valerie Knot, who is behind Carlos and Fooda’s announce table, preaching to the television audience after stealing Carlos’s headset.

Knot: You see that? That perfect enzugiri? That absolutely beautiful legdrop? That is MY man, and he IS the man. Shadow is looking pretty weak, just as I suspected. Either he isn’t focused, he isn’t trying, or he actually is trying! HA. He really didn’t know what he got himself into, did he?
Fooda: Tell ‘em baby girl!
Knot: Don’t call me that.
Carlos: Give me that!

Unknown goes back inside the ring and applies a chinlock to Shadow, stretching the chin and the neck pretty hard, causing red to peek through the slightly chipped paint on Shadow’s face. After about thirty seconds, the fans grow and begin a slow clap. Shadow “hulks up,” if you will, and slowly is able to get back to his feet. Unknown tries to control him with a side headlock, but Shadow retaliates by suplexing him. Unknown rolls out of the ring for a breather, but Shadow doesn’t want to rest now. Instead he follows him and beats on him on the outside, even performing a snake-eyes on the guardrail. Knot comes to help her stunned man and encourage to follow Shadow who returned to the ring. Shadow runs to the opposite side, bounces off the ropes, jumps to the top rope, springboards, 450 splash, but HE HITS VALERIE KNOT INSTEAD OF UNKNOWN!

Shadow can’t believe what he just did, though he’s more concerned with the fact that he just missed his target instead of hitting a woman. Unknown explodes on Shadow, beating the crap out him with lefts and rights and stiff kicks galore. Another whip sends Shadow into the stairs that are part of the entrance stage set up. He checks on Knot, who is knocked out, and before Shadow gets the chance, he runs towards him at 150 miles per hour and hits a Busaiku Knee Kick that not only causes Shadow’s head to crack against the stairs, but Unknown crashes into them as well. Everyone’s down now, except for the crowd because they’re all on their feet, chanting “THIS IS AWESOME! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap*

Unknown drags Shadow to the top of the stairs (there are only four or five or so). While on his knees, Shadow connects with a few punches to the stomach that gives him enough time to get to his feet without trouble. Shadow puts Unknown in a suplex position, and signals for something epic, to which the crowd responds positively. He tries to pick him up but Unknown fights and kicks to prevent it, and he escapes his clutch. Unknown collapses Shadow’s knee and tries to kick him in the head, but Shadow ducks and grabs the leg. He stands, still holding the leg, reaches over his head and locks his hands in a cradle, and cradle suplexes him OFF THE STAGE TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!

After a minute or so of stalling in disbelief and the crowd going nuts, Shadow drags Unknown back into the ring and signals to the fans for the end. Some kicks and elbows to the back, and Shadow puts him down with a brainbuster. He then sets him up, and locks in the Satan’s Stretch! Unknown desperately squirms and wriggles, trying to get out and away, but it’s too hard. After seemingly forever in the hold and several long, dragged out screams of agony, Unknown taps out…

ALMOST! He decides to man it out and FINALLY makes it to the ropes! Shadow has no choice but to relinquish the hold, and he’s pissed. He positions Unknown more towards the middle of the ring, and goes to the top rope. The crowd, with no knowledge of what is about to happen, is hushed, yet anxious. They grow as Shadow flies off, and explode when UNKNOWN GETS HIS FOOT UP AND INTO SHADOW’S FACE! Unknown gets up and staggers around while Shadow is stunned, and goes for his crucifix pose. He picks up Shadow, and reveals a new move to the OWWF audience, a deadly double underhook piledriver he calls the Unknown Driver!
Unknown immediately after grabs a leg and hooks in a single-leg crab, and Shadow screams at the torque on his lower back. He squirms towards the ropes, but Unknown cleverly presses his shin on top of the already weak neck of Shadow, while still holding in the crab!

Shadow has no choice and after some intense pain, Shadow gives in and taps out!


Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the match… UNKNOWN!

Unknown collapses and falls to the mat, as the ref raises his hand. Knot slowly creeps into the ring and checks on her man, and she’s in pain herself. Shadow does not and cannot move after such a hard fought match.

We hear the fans chant “OWWF! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap*” as the camera fades to black…
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