EWA Show #1: The Beginning (3/6/2010)

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EWA Show #1: The Beginning (3/6/2010)

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SHOW # 1:

A note to our readers- in order to get the most enjoyment out of the OWWF, it is best to read ONE LINE AT A TIME, so you don't accidentally spoil something for yourself. Also, in another tab or window, you might want to keep the OWWF roster sign up thread open for quick reference to people's characters and moves.

Enjoy- Big Red Machine, yourcrapsweak, & The Great Khali

A brief video package is displayed featuring a few of the OWWF's wrestlers, the feed then cuts to The Asylum, a small arena with seating for about 200 people that are sectioned off from the ring and isle by a waist high, black painted steel railing. It is an old building, built sometime in the 1960's, with some slight modifications done over time. The walls are made from a solid red brick which has remained unpainted its entire life, while the roof is lined with visible wooden rafters. The ground is covered by unforgiving grey concrete, with a red carpet covering the floor down the isle.

A few small pyrotechnics go off, after which the camera directs to ringside where a lady stands in the center holding a microphone.

Jewel: Good evening everyone my name is Jewel and I am your Ring Announcer here at the newly formed OWWF. At this time I would like to introduce our Commissioner, Khali.

Music hits the arena to the attention of the crowd, as a man walks out, takes a short look around then makes his way towards the ring. He climbs the steps and enters through the middle rope to join Jewel in the ring. she hands him her mic, which he thanks her for, she then leaves the ring.

Khali: Greetings all, my name is Khali and I am your commissioner here at the OWWF, I would like to thank you all for joining us tonight for what is sure to be a night packed full of action and excitement.

The crowd seems to like the approach of Khali and lets out a few small cheers.

Khali: Before we get to the action I would like to introduce your commentators, Carlos and Fooda!

The camera focuses on the two commentators located at their table each wearing a headset with mic attached, they both let out a small wave to the crowd. It then switches back to center ring, onto Khali who continues speaking.

Khali: And if I could just take up one more moment of your time, I would like to speak briefly about the OWWF. The Obsessed With Wrestling Federation is in its infant stages but we are already building ourselves on the basis of giving you people, the fans, what you want to see. Even though we are just starting out our roster is filled with a diverse range of skilled wrestlers that are sure to bring you entertainment. So without further delay, let's get to my favourite part, the wrestling!

The crowd lets out a big cheer, as Khali leaves the ring, being replaced by Jewel.

1. UNKNOWN (w/ Valerie Knot) vs. JOHN HALL

Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, the opening contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit.
Introducing first, accompanied by Valerie Knot, weighing in at 235 pounds, this.. is.. Unknown!

Unknown slowly walks out to the ring, stopping halfway to do his signature crucified taunt as Valerie Knot works the crowd around him. He gets in the far corner of the ring and stands there, motionless, staring at the stage waiting for his opponent. The music changes.

Jewel: And his opponent - from Portland, Oregon, weighing 221 pounds, John Hall!

Hall comes out alone, arrogantly strutting down with his arms out in a way that screams "ain't I just the best?" Despite his arrogance, he slaps people's hands in the crowd - even though most of them don't really want to. He gets a little heat.

Unknown doesn't budge at the bell (and hasn't since he entered), but Hall scampers around, ready to get this underway. The commentators remind the fans how this is the OWWF's very first match, and how special it truly is.

Unknown finally exits his corner and directly goes for a collar-elbow tieup. Hall twists the arm and Unknown summersaults out of it, kips up and grabs Hall's arm in response. Hall springboards, goes split-legged on the top rope to untwist his arm and executes an armdrag to send Unknown to the other side of the ring. We have a standoff and the fans clap in appreciation.

Another collar-elbow tieup again lands Unknown in another arm bar, which Hall quickly turns into a hammer lock. Unknown reverses the hold into a hammer lock of his own, but it's reversed again by Hall. Before he gets to reverse it a second time, Hall reaches across Unknown's face and suplexes him on the back of his head. No hesitation for a cover, but Hall only manages a two count.

With Unknown on the ground, Hall gets up and eyes Valerie Knot. He winks at the smokin' hot Knot, but she turns her head in disgust (though Hall isn't too bad looking himself). He notices Unknown getting up, but immediately capitalizes by running to the ropes and hitting a sick shining wizard, knocking him right back to the mat.




Unknown won't be counted out this quickly. They exchange more and more combination wrestling, which abruptly ends when Hall executes an inverted cradle suplex. Hall gets the upperhand, and locks in the Dragon Special! There's no way for Unknown to escape at this point. His back looks distorted and he's screaming in pain. After a while in the grotesque hold, Unknown moves his right leg, and stretches it to his side, knocking Hall's foot off balance. Hall still has his head locked in, but Unknown flips over the grounded Hall, and puts him in a pinning predicament with Hall still clutching the head!



Hall bridges up at two and turns him around, STILL holding the head. He picks up Unknown into a vertical suplex, and turns it into a powerbomb that looked painful on the neck!



STILL NO! Unknown desperately gets a shoulder up.

Hall picks him up and whips him into the corner. He places him sitting on the top rope, and follows him up. Going for a Frankensteiner, Unknown pushes him in the middle of performing the move, sending Hall into a backflip onto the mat, and he lands on his feet. Before Hall gets an opportunity, Unknown jumps off the ropes, runs to the other side, bounces off the ropes and hits Hall with a Busaiku Knee Kick that turns Hall inside out and into a backflip.




Hall just gets the right shoulder up. Unknown gets up, and signals for the end with his crucifix pose. Knot gets a slow clap going on the outside as Unknown picks up Hall, and puts him on his shoulders for the Harriman Driver! With everything he can, Hall squirms out of certain doom and wriggles out of the ring, walking down the isle and holding his face in agony. We get a strong "BOOOO!" from the crowd. With his back turned, Unknown runs, bounces off the ropes, springs off the top rope..

Halfway down the isle, both men lay while the fans scream and the ref makes his 20-count. At about ten, Unknown is revived and uses the guard rail to aid him in standing up. He kicks Hall while he's down, but picks him up. Unknown whips Hall into the rail, but its reversed and Unknown takes the blow. The ref is at around 15 now, and Hall rushes back to the ring. Knot goes to the aid of her man and encourages him to make it back to the ring. In pain, he makes it back just in time.
Hall kicks him as he slides in, and picks him up. He yells and thrusts his arm in signal for the end, and whips Unknown. Going for the Blizzard, he just barely misses as Unknown ducks and sneaks behind him, grabs him for a German Suplex and throws him behind him. Hall lands on his feet, slyly springs off the middle rope, trying for a moonsault, but Unknown catches him on his shoulder. Hall tries to turn it into a DDT, swinging around his neck and hooking the head, but Unknown doesn't fall down as Hall's feet touch the mat and bounce right back onto his shoulders as Unknown lifts him up, onto his shoulders. The fans grow with Hall set up, and he hits the Harriman Driver!




Jewel: Here is your winner.. Unknown!

Unknown scores the three count and wins the opening match, and the fans clap in appreciation, as they had throughout the duration of the match. Knot comes in the ring and raises the hand of her man, and they walk backstage together, leaving Hall in the ring, clutching the head he was just driven on.

Hall walks backstage, still clutching his head, and we are ready for our next match.


Jewel: The following match-up is a scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 265 pounds… CHRIS CALAWAY!
Calaway comes down the ramp, slides into the ring, and immediately gets into a ready position to start the match. No posing, talking… just business.

Jewel: And his opponent… from the shadows and darkness, weighing in at 235 pounds The Dark Warrior… EXODUS LICRAINE! All eyes turn towards the stage expectantly, but no one comes out, nor does any music play. The lights in the arena dim, leaving everyone very confused. On the side of the ring behind Calaway, a man in a black hooded cloak jump the barricade. He gets into the ring behind Calaway and starts to beat him down from behind.

DING DING DING! The ref rings the bell, signifying the start of the match.

Carlos: I guess that must Exodus Licraine.
Fooda: What a weirdo! Why can’t he use the ramp like everybody else?

Exodus continues to beat Calaway down, stomping on him relentlessly. Calaway manages to crawl to the ropes, but Exodus still doesn’t stop the beatdown. The ref gets between the two of them, giving Calaway time to pull himself up, but Exodus shoves the ref out of the way and starts throwing some hard punches at Calaway’s gut. He goes for a Straight to Hell. But Calaway catches him and manages to hold him in the air, then spins around, hitting Exodus with a Sambo Suplex. Calaway rolls out of the ring to catch his breath, while Exodus gets up, clearly mad.

Exodus slides outside of the ring and goes after Calaway again, landing some hard right and left hooks, then Irish Whipping him into the ring steps. Exodus once again starts to stomp on Calaway, as the ref’s ring-out count has now reached “two.” Exodus slams Calaway’s head into the now dislodged steps, (3) and drapes Calaway’s body over them, face down, with his head laying on the top step. Exodus climb onto the apron (4), gets a running start, and dives off the apron to crush Calaway’s head with an elbow drop... but Calaway rolls out of the way (5), and Exodus’ elbow smashes painfully into the steel steps. Calaway rolls back into the ring, at the count of “seven” and catches his breath while waiting for Exodus to recover. Exodus, for his part, is clutching his elbow in pain. He gets back in the ring after the ref counts “ten.”

Calaway offers a Greco-Roman Knuckle Lock, but Exodus just goes to punch him in the gut. Calaway catches Exodus’s arm, and transitions into and arm wrench, then brings his other elbow down onto Exodus’s injured elbow. Calaway hits a German Suplex, but keeps the waist-lock on Exodus, and picks him up. He then transitions from the waist-lock, grabbing Exodus’s arms and holding them behind his back while hitting a Bridging Tiger Suplex. Calaway quickly locks Exodus in a Half Nelson, then lifts him up and completes his trifecta of suplexes by hitting a Half Nelson Suplex. Calaway goes for the pin.




Exodus gets a shoulder up. Calaway hits a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex and goes for the pin, but Exodus kick out after two. Calaway targets Exodus’s injured arm with a few kicks, and Exodus rolls out of the ring to recover. Rather than pursue him, Calaway stays in the ring, giving Exodus all the time he needs.

Exodus slides back in after the ref counts “eight,” and once again goes after Calaway with hard punches. The first punch is a feint, which throws Calaway off, allowing the second, to get through, and the second makes way for punches three, four, five, and six. After a hard shot to the gut, Exodus picks Calaway up and goes for a Crucifix Powerbomb, but Calaway manages to get free and turns the move into a backslide.




Exodus kicks out. Exodus takes another swing at Calaway, again feinting first before going in for the real punch, but Calaway is ready for it this time, and catches Exodus’s arm in another wrist lock, which he transitions into a hammer lock. After a few seconds in the hammer lock, Exodus manages to twist himself around and hit Calaway with a huge clothesline. Exodus once again picks Calaway up to go for the Crucifix Powerbomb. This time the move hits, and Exodus goes into the cover.




Calaway kicks out. Exodus picks Calaway up and goes for an Irish Whip, but Calaway reverses it with an Irish Whip of his own. Calaway charges at Exodus for a running dropkick as he comes off the ropes… but Exodus stops himself by grabbing the ropes, causing Calaway to land flat on his face. When Calaway starts to get up, Exodus hits him with a Big Boot. Exodus calls for a chokeslam while waiting for Calaway to get up, and when Calaway gets to his feet, Exodus goozles him, and hits him with a Chokesl- CALAWAY COUNTERS IT forcing Exodus down to the mat by his arm! Calaway locks in the South Side Stretch on Exodus’s injured arm, and after 20 seconds in the hold, the Dark Warrior is forced to tap out.
Jewel: Ladies and Gentleman… your winner… CHRIS CALAWAY!

No victory poses from Calaway. Just a small arm pump as celebration, and he is on his way up the ramp and back to the lockerroom.
After Calaway is gone. Exodus silently walks up the ramp and back to the lockerroom as well.


Jewel: The Following matchup is scheduled for one-fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, from Malibu, California, weighing in at 233 pounds…. SURFIN’ SCOTTIE ADAMS!

Scottie comes out with a huge surfboard, puts it on the entrance ramp and slides down to the ringside area. He runs around the ring, giving fans high fives as he goes. Scottie gets into the ring, climbs a turnbuckle, and throws his arms into the air, shouting YEAH!!!! Then does a backflip off of the turnbuckle, and lands in a surfing stance. The crowd absolutely eats it up. They LOVE Scottie!

Jewel: And his opponent, being accompanied by Todd Trepain, he is from Montreal, Quebec, and weighs in at 250 pounds… Mr Wrestling… JIMMY CARNIVAL!

Jimmy and Todd come down to the ring. Todd holds the ropes open for Jimmy, and Jimmy gets in the center of the ring. He takes a look at Scottie, then turns to Todd and mouths “I have to wrestle against THIS? Come on!”

The match starts off with Scottie doing a surfing pose or two, while Jimmy Carnival looks at him disdainfully. Carnival walks up to Scottie, and challenges him to test of strength. Scottie accepts, and the two lock up. After 30 seconds of back and forth struggling, there is no clear winner. While the two still have their fingers interlaced, Scottie catches Carnival by surprise, jumping up and hitting a monkey flip. Scottie rolls onto Carnival, disengages his fingers, and quickly locks Jimmy in an arm lock. Carnival does a backwards roll, and breaks the hold by ringing his other forearm down onto Scottie’s arm.
Collar and elbow tie-up, now. The two men push each other around the ring, bouncing off of the ropes on all sides. As they approach the ropes nearest to the camera, Carnival backs Scottie into the ropes, but instead of just pushing and twisting away like both men have the last few times they came to the ropes, Scottie jumps and pushed off the middle ropes with his feet. This extra boost of momentum allows Scottie to push Carnival down onto his back. Scottie takes advantage of Carnival’s surprise to break the collar and elbow tie-up, and locks him in another arm lock. Carnival quickly gets to the ropes, forcing a clean break. The two now try for some amateur style takedowns, but neither man can get an advantage.
Carnival eventually gets behind Scottie and locks him in an Abdominal Stretch, but after only a few seconds, Scottie is able to escape the hold by taking Carnival over with a hip toss, then locking him in a headscissors. Carnival is able to power his way out of the headscissors, then locks Scottie into a headscissors of his own. Scottie is able quickly escape from the headscissors, and hits the seated Carnival with a dropkick. Carnival rolls to the outside to regroup, and talk strategy with Todd, while Scottie poses in the ring, to the applause of the fans. A “Let’s go Scottie!” chant breaks out.
Scottie goes for a Senton Plancha, but as Scottie goes over the ropes, Carnival slides under the ropes between his legs. Scottie is able to land on his feet on the outside, though, and poses one again. A baseball slide by Carnival kills Scottie’s momentum and sends him hard into the barricade.
Carnival takes a moment to pose, mocking Scottie, before rolling his opponent back into the ring. Todd Trepain jumps up on the apron, distracting the ref, as Carnival takes the pad off the top left turnbuckle.
Carnival goes for a big Release German Suplex… BUT SCOTTIE LANDS ON HIS FEET! Scottie shouts “SHARK IN THE WATER!” as he lunges forward towards Carnival’s legs, and takes him off his feet with a back leg trip, then locks him in an ankle lock. Carnival struggles in the hold for about 10 seconds, before he crawls to the ropes to get a clean break.

Carnival is frustrated. He realizes that he has severely underestimated his opponent. Another Collar and Elbow Tie-Up ensues, but Carnival quickly manages to get his right arm free, and starts POUNDING Scottie’s face with short but stiff rapid-fire forearm shots. Carnival then hits an STO, taking Scottie down, before continuing to rain down with forearm shots. Carnival starts to do an Undertaker-style forearm grind down onto Scottie’s head, and the ref breaks it up.

Trepain shouts “THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!” as Carnival gets up, and walks to the other side of the ring. As Scottie starts to get up, Carnival rushes across the ring and hits him with a Shining Wizard!




Scottie kicks out!

Carnival doesn’t miss a beat, though. He gets right back onto Scottie and puts him in an armlock. Scottie manages to get to his feet, but Carnival is still able to control him by transitioning his armlock into a hammer lock. Scottie gets to the ropes, but instead of giving Scottie a clean break, Carnival wraps Scottie’s arm around the top rope and pulls on it, causing illegally applied but intense pain.
Carnival holds on through the ref’s count of 4, then delivers a nasty forearm shot to Scottie’s arm before backing away.

Once Scottie is away from the ropes, Carnival is on him again, this time with a fireman’s carry, which he then expertly transitions into a grounded chicken wing, going back to work on Scottie’s right arm. Scottie manages to roll away, alleviating the pressure on his arm, then hits Carnival with a Superkick. Scottie now goes on offense, hitting Carnival with a few punches, before lifting him up for Fun in the Sun. Carnival manages to wiggle out of the move before Scottie can hit it, though, and lands behind Scottie, locking him in another Hammerlock.
Scottie breaks out of the hold by throwing some elbows behind him, which catch Carnival in the side of the head. Scottie goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Carnival, being the technical expert that he is, manages to counter the move, landing on his feet behind Scottie, and hitting him with a German Suplex. Scottie tries to get to his feet, but Carnival brings him back down to the ground with a Back Stabber, and follows that up with another grounded armlock.

The fans start a slow clap, and Scottie seems to feed off of their energy, and fights his way to his feet, although he is still in the armlock. Scottie again throws some elbows behind him at Carnival-

But Carnival knows that its coming this time, and is able to duck under Scottie’s elbow, then quickly brings his head back up trapping Scotties formerly free arm behind Carnival’s back. Carnival the uses his own free hand to grab Scottie’s hips, and hits a beautiful armlock-back suplex, dropping Scottie down with all of his weight landing on his own arm.
Carnival smells blood, and flips Scottie over onto his stomach, locking him in a Fujiwara Armbar. Scottie struggles in the hold, for about 15 seconds, while the crowd chants “PLEASE DON’T TAP! PLEASE DON’T TAP!”
Scottie manages to roll himself and Carnival over to the left, into a position where Carnival still has solid control of Scottie’s arm, but his shoulders are down now down on the mat as well.




Carnival holds on for as longs he dares, trying to get a submission victory, but releases the hold in order to get his shoulders up before the ref’s hand hit the mat for the three.
Carnival gets up quickly, and lands some stomps onto Scottie’s right arm before he picks Scottie up and Irish whips him into the top left turnbuckle, then follows it up with a big running clothesline, which knocks Scottie off of his feet and causes him to land on his but in the corner. Carnival runs to the other side of the ring and hits Scottie with a hesitation dropkick.
He drags him out of the corner and goes for the pin.




Scottie grabs the bottom rope!
Again, Carnival doesn’t miss a beat, and goes right back to work. He picks Scottie up, then hits him with an overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Carnival quickly gets right over to where Scottie’s body is lying, and picks him up, locking him in a waist-lock. Carnival brings Scottie back over towards the top left turnbuckle, and with both men standing with their backs to the turnbuckle, Carnival hits the Au Revoir, causing the back of Scottie’s head to land against top (previously exposed) turnbuckle, which makes his neck bend forward sickeningly. Carnival quickly rolls out of the ring, avoiding Scottie’s body, which crashes painfully down to the mat in the space that Carnival had just occupied. Carnival quickly rolls back in the ring, and drags Scottie away from the ropes. Carnival goes for the pin.



Scottie somehow kicks out!

Carnival stalks Scottie, waiting for him to get up. When he does, Carnival goes for Bicycle Kic- SCOTTIE DUCKS, and grabs Carnival’s ankle! “SHARK IN THE WATER!” Scottie applies a Single Leg Crab for about 10 seconds, but then lets the hold go. Scottie stomps on Carnival’s back, then jumps on his back, and lands in a surfing position. Scottie “surfs” on Carnivals back, then jumps up and hits Carnival with a double knee drop, diving both of his knees into Carnival’s back.

A “LET’S GO SCOTTIE” *clap* clap* clap* clap* clap* chant starts, and Scottie goes for a Mexican Surfboard on Carnival. After 25 seconds in the hold with the fans shouting for him to “TAP!” Carnival is still refusing to give up. Scottie lets go of the hold, and drags Carnival over towards the bottom left corner of the ring. Scottie climbs the turnbuckle, and pretends to surf on the top rope, and shouts “TIDAL WAVE” before jumping off into a Senton Bomb and landing right on Carnival’s knees!

Scottie clutches his back in pain, while Carnival gets up and delivers a hard kick right to the back, then runs off the ropes and hits Scottie with a running dropkick to the back. Carnival locks Scottie in a Full Nelson and stands him up, only to send him crashing back down to the canvas with a Full Nelson Slam. Carnival picks Scottie up once again, but this time goozles him, then hits the O Canada! Carnival goes for the pin.





Todd Trepain gets in the ring and snatches the mic out of Jewel’s hands.
Trepain: Get that piece of crap out of the ring!

Carnival picks Scottie up and toss him out of the ring. Trepain then hands Carnival the mic.

Carnival: I thought that the OWWF was supposed to be a place where serious WRESTLERS come to WRESTLE, but apparently, I was wrong. I came here because I thought that I was going to get some REAL competition. Not some B.S. wanna-be surfer punk! Oh, well! If this place can’t give me any real competition, then I guess it will have to be just another one of the many promotions that I come in and DOMINATE!

Trepain: Get it? Got it? Good!

Carnival: Au Revoir.

Carnival tosses the mic over towards Jewel, and he and Trepain leave the ring. After they are gone, Scottie gets up, clutching his back and arm in pain, but despite the loss, he still gets a rousing ovation from the crowd.

4. Hardcore Match
DISNEYLAND REJECT (w/ Maria Mastodon) vs. SHADOW

Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is a special hardcore match, where there will be no count outs or disqualifications, and falls count anywhere! Introducing first, to be accompanied by Maria Mastodon, weighing 240 pounds, the Disneyland Reject!

A formidable pair walks down the aisle. Disneyland Reject carries a giant hammer and sports a Mickey Mouse mask and bloody tank top. Maria is much larger than him, weighing an immense 500 pounds. They enter the ring as Reject awaits his opponent.

Jewel: And his opponent, from your childhood nightmares, weighing 248 pounds, the original psycho... Shadow!

Shadow walks out to the ring, alone. Looking formidable in his own right. He attempts to enter the ring but Maria Mastodon gets in his face before going through the ropes. The ref gets in her face, and in a fit of rage, she grabs the ref by the shirt and throws him across the ring! Reject comes and pats her on the back as they go to the outside to get Shadow together. Little do they know that Shadow has gone and grabbed himself a steel chair, and he whacks Reject with it very hard. This actually shatters his mask, and reveals a ski mask. Maria's face grows red, and chases Shadow around the ring. He runs, throwing things like steel steps and the time keepers table in her way behind him. He gets a fair enough distance away from the mastodon, and signals for a fan to throw him their chair. The fan obliges, and he throws the chair right at her head! She's reeling for a bit, but Reject comes up from behind Shadow with his hammer to the back. Shadow goes down slowly with his back arched in pain.

Reject flips him over and wedges the hammer's handle in his throat, choking him. He laughs reminiscently of a clown, and giddily claps his hands and looks at the fans. At this point the referee is starting to wake up, and Reject goes in the ring and picks him up. He yells "C'mon ref, you got a job to do! Hehe!"

He goes back outside to work on Shadow, and Maria has it all together by now. By mistake, Reject left the hammer outside when he went to get the ref, and he pays for it when Shadow whacks him in the stomach with it as he comes after him!
Maria waddles over to Shadow and puts her arms up as if she was a mummy about to attack, but Shadow out of nowhere sets off a fireball right in her face! She stumbles backward and topples down to the concrete, clutching her face.
OWWF! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap*

Reject rolls back into the ring, and Shadow looks under the ring, seemingly for something in particular. After some searching, he finds what he needs, and pulls out a 12 foot ladder! He positions the ladder to balance between and on top of the ring apron and the guard rail and rolls inside the ring.

DING DING DING. The ref signals for the bell, and the match has officially begun.
Punches are exchanged and Shadow gets the upperhand. He gets Reject on his shoulders and gives him a nice snake eyes in the corner. Reeling back, it is followed up by a strong lariat that sends Reject hard to the mat. He picks him up and whips him across the ropes, and as he comes back, Reject is backdropped over the top rope onto the ladder outside! It doesn't break like those crappy WWE ladders, and Reject squirms in pain on the ladder. Shadow gets a running start, bounces off the ropes, comes back, springboard, 450 splash onto Reject, crumbling the ladder!
Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!

After a few replays, Maria is suddenly revitalized and goes after Shadow. Some hard kicks to the head land Shadow in some pain, and Maria picks him up and whips him into the guard rail. She then drags him over to the time keepers table. Maria grabs Shadow by the throat and hoists him up into the air. After too much dramatic pause, Shadow elbows her in the head a few times and wriggles free from her bear-like paw. Conveniently, the steel steps are already disassembled close by, and Shadow uses it to springboard off and dropkicks Maria, and she falls back onto the table. Whimpering under the 500 pounds, the table does not break. Instead, Shadow ascends the ropes and leg drops Maria right through the table!

By now, Reject is back on his feet and back in the ring. He pulls Shadow by the head back on the apron, and kicks him square in the "midsection". He collapses, but Reject pulls him in the ring through the bottom rope. He goes for the first cover of the match...



Shadow just manages to kick out.

Rejects catches a glove that seems to be stuffed with something, that was thrown to him by Maria, who out of camera, is still trying to recover from being put through the table. He picks up Shadow, laughs, and attempts to smack Shadow with the gimmicked glove. Shadow ducks however, and low blows Reject! He drops the glove and Shadow retrieves it, and reveals a brick from inside the glove. He examines the brick for a brief moment, and then decks Reject with the brick! Down for the count, he doesn't go for a pin. Instead he takes the brick and drops on Maria's stomach outside, making her gasp for air. He goes back to Reject, grabs his legs, looks in the crowd for effect, and locks in the Satan's Stretch!

Reject exaggerates his screams of pain, and enthusiastically taps out!


Jewel: Here is your winner.... Shadow!

Shadow gets his hand raised but does not oblige with the referee. He exits the ring, leaving the carnage behind him as he goes backstage.

Are cameras are backstage in the OWWF lockerroom. The lights are off, and we follow Surfer Scottie in. Scottie flips the light switch on his way in. The lockerroom was apparently not empty. Exodus Licairne was sitting alone in the dark. When Scottie turned the lights on Exodus winced because of the sudden change in lighting, and briefly glanced over towards the newcomer, then went back to staring off into space.

Scottie sees Exodus and walks over to him.

Scottie: Hi dude! I’m Scottie!
(Scottie offers Exodus his hands, but Exodus doesn’t take it)
Scottie: You look like you’re feeling pretty down and I can understand why. I lost my match, too.

Exodus doesn’t respond at all.

Scottie: Siting in the dark and moping about it isn't going to solve anything, though, dude. So... I was thinking, that since both of us wiped out on this show, maybe, if we team up on the next show, we can do what neither of us could do on our own, and pull out a win! So how ‘bout it, man?

Exodus once again, stays silent.

Scottie shrugs his shoulders. “I’ll take that as a yes then!” Scottie says, and walks away.

We are back in the ring now, and Jewel is in the ring, ready to do the introductions for the next match.


Jewel: The following matchup is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit! Introducing first, standing a 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 264 pounds, he hails from Parts Unknown… GEAR CREED!

Creed makes his way to the ring, looking confident and in great shape. He leaps from the ground to the apron, then climbs quickly through the middle rope to enter the ring. Once inside he heads to a corner, which he climbs to the second rope and proceeds to flex to the crowd, much to their distaste. They greet him with a chorus of boos, a result Gear Creed seems quite happy with.

Jewel: And his opponent, he stands at 5 feet 7 inches, weighing 200 pounds, please welcome, PHREAK!

The crowd seems to be in favor of Phreak as he utilizes a fast paced jog to the ring and proceeds to slide underneath the bottom rope. Before he can make it to his feet, wasting little time, Creed starts things off with a quick succession of right boots to the lower back of Phreak. The ref calls for the bell to get things under way.

The ref quickly attempts to get Creed to stop his unrelenting kicks, after a few moments he manages to do so, which allows Phreak to get to his feet. Phreak already looking battered shows no fear as he moves forward to engage Creed in a collar and elbow Tie Up. The two shove back and forth for a brief moment before it becomes clear that Creed is the stronger of the two, when he shoves Phreak to the mat. With Phreak on the mat looking up at his opponent who is taking a second to pose to the crowd. They don't like it one bit. While Creed is posing, The Phreakish One wastes no time as he rises to his feet and heads in the direction of the distracted Creed, he sees Phreak, but its too late. Phreak lands a dropkick to the knee's of Gear Creed, causing him to fall to them. While on his knee's crying out in both pain and anger, Phreak runs quickly into the ropes for extra momentum and comes back towards Creed, landing a face planting bulldog. Sensing the moment, Phreak wastes little time in ceasing the chance to roll over and pin his opponent.


With almost no trouble Creed presses his adversary off him before the ref could even land a two count. The two combatants rise to their feet and lock eyes. The crowd cheers for this action they have just seen. Creed attempts to lock in another collar and elbow Tie Up but Phreak, being the smaller of the two manages to slip under his arms in grab him around the waist from the back, in a reverse bear-hug type position. Creed quickly powers out and tosses Phreak into the ropes, on his return towards him, Phreak attempts to land a high cross body, but he is caught by the big man who uses the momentum to land a fall-away slam. Both men rise to their feet, although Gear Creed clearly the quicker of the two, has time to laugh a little at his hurt foe as he rises. Creed attacks Phreak with a stiff kick to the mid section, then locks a side suplex and hoists Phreak up. Before Gear can complete his move, Phreak using his agility manages to flip himself out of the attempted suplex and land on his feet. Phreak then lands a stiff kick of his own to Creed's mid section, he then heads for the ropes in the hopes of landing a high risk attack, but Creed recovers in time and catches The Phreakish One with a SPEAR!. He rolls the wounded Phreak over, hooks the leg and goes for the pin.



The crowd yells TWO! Phreak escapes, but barely, the spear from Creed seems to have really rocked him. The Phreakish One slowly crawls into the corner, attempting to use them in aiding him to reach his feet, Creed follows on foot, almost like a hunter stalking his prey. Creed grabs Phreak by the head an lifts him to his feet, once there Phreak fires a kick, but Creed shrugs it off and rams Phreak Back into the corner. Gear Creed then moves in to land several shoulder attacks, after which he moves back and lets the battered Phreak fall face first to the canvas. He pulls him away from the ropes, flips him over and again goes for the pin.



As excited as before the crowd yells TWO! After surviving the pin attempt Phreak rolls his way to the outside to regain his faculties, he remains there for a count of 6, Creed uses the time to show off to the fans, the crowd seems to like him less with each passing moment. Before the ref can get out his 7th count, Phreak quickly slides into the ring, looking fresher than he had in the moments previously. The Phreakish One charges at Creed, Gear Creed attempts a clothesline, but Phreak ducks underneath and hits the ropes, he rebounds back and jumps at Creed, who once again catches him, this time in a bear-hug position. Phreak uses the close proximity to land 3 quick head butts before climbing up and over his opponent until Creed back body drops him off, but Phreak hangs onto Creeds legs in a Sunset Slip position. Phreak uses all his strength to try and flip Creed, but its not enough, Creed keeps his balance, then picks up The Phreakish One by his neck in a double choke slam grip and pulls Phreak not only to, but off his feet. Phreak struggles free and falls to the ground, he wastes no time and lands a chop block to the left leg of Creed, causing him to fall to his knee's. Phreak takes a step back, BAM! he lands a massive side kick right to face of Creed, the big man drops. Phreak signals to the crowd, he climbs through the middle rope and stands on the apron preparing some type of springboard attack. Creed slowly reaches his feet, to see a flying Phreak headed right for him. Phreak attempts a hurricanrana but it caught by his legs upside down by the dominant Gear Creed. Creed hoists him up for a power bomb, but somehow Phreak manages to turn it around and complete his earlier hurricanrana. As the two men flip over, Phreak winds up on top of Creed in a pining position and holds onto his left leg, the ref counts.



Jewel: Here is your winner.. PHREAK!

The crowd pops for the surprise win by Phreak, he races out the ring, gives them a quick wave, then disappears backstage. Gear Creed is beside himself banging his fists on the canvas in anger!

The Video feed cuts to a commercial.

******* For all of your official OWWF news, be sure to check out the OWWF News-Wire!**************

We are back from commercial, and ready for the next match.

6. JACK SQUAT (w/ Sarah Kaminsky) vs. JOEL CARTER

Jewel: The following matchup is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit!
Introducing first, being accompanied by Sarah Kaminsky, from Verona, New Jersey, weighing in at 240 pounds… JACK SQUAT!
Jack jumps up on the turnbuckle and pumps his fists a few times to get the crowd pumped up.

Jewel: And his opponent- From Buffalo, New York, weighing in at 251 pounds… JOEL CARTER!

Joel rushes down the aisle and slides into the ring. He does a Rhino-esque routine of beating his chest and throwing his hands up in the air.
Jack extends his hand, and Joel shakes it.

The bell sounds and the match starts.

A collar and Elbow Tie Up starts off the match, with Joel backing Jack into a corner. The ref calls for a clean break, and Carter obliges.
Jack locks in a standing side headlock, but Joel manages to take him down with a snapmare, then locks in a headscissors. Jack tries to force his way out of it, but Joel keeps the hold locked in. Jack manages to maneuver himself so that his feet are flat on the ground, and he is in front of Joel, but is still stuck in the head scissors. Jack grabs Joel’s ankles with his hands pushes off of the canvas with his feet, flipping over Joel and rolling him up so that Joel’s shoulders are flat on the ground, and Jack is still locked in the headscissors, but is now bridging over Joel for the pin.


T- NO!

Joel rolls himself over so that he is now lying on his stomach, taking Jack, who is still locked in the head scissors, with him. Joel pushes up on his hands, and starts doing Alex Shelley style push-up facebusters. After four such facebusters, Joel breaks the hold and quickly goes into the pin on Jack Squat:


Jack gets his shoulder up.

Joel picks Jack up to go for a powerbomb, but Jack counters it with a Hurricanrana. Joel gets up, but gets stunned by a superkick from Jack, then gets floored by a big boot. Jack is getting pumped up now. He waits for Joel to get up, then charges off the ropes and hits Joel with a Jack Attack. Jack then charges off the opposite ropes and hits the stunned Joel with another big boot.

Jack points down at Joel Carter and starts chanting “You’re gonna get your f*cking head kicked in!” You’re going home in a f*cking ambulance!”

This chant quickly catches on with the crowd, and they pop loudly when Carter tries to get back up but gets floored with a another superkick, followed by a Flair Knee Drop.

Jack signals that the end is near and goes for a Squatting Powerbomb, but as he lifts Joel onto his shoulder, Carter slips free and lands behind Jack, quickly taking him down with a desperation falling neckbreaker.

The referee starts a double count, as the crowd starts a slow clap. Both men get to their feet at the same time. Carter goes for a running clothesline, but Jack ducks it, then hits Carter with a German Suplex. Jack hangs on looking for another German, but Joel responds with an elbow to the face. Joel slips behind Jack and hits him with a huge Release German Suplex, with Jack landing flat on his face.

Joel keeps the pressure on with a running dropkick to the ribs of his downed opponent, then he locks in the Carter Crab. Jack struggles in the hold for about 15 seconds before reaching the ropes. Carter cleanly releases the hold.
Jack pulls himself up using the ropes, but a big running clothesline by Carter sends them both tumbling over the ropes to the outside. Sarah Kaminsky moves to the opposite side of the ring, to ensure that no one can say that she got involved in any way.

The ref starts to count as the two men brawl a bit on the floor. Joel gets the advantage and throws Jack into the barricade after the count of 6. Joel then brings Jack to his feet, (7) and signals that he is going for a powerbomb. Joel (8) hoists Jack up onto his shoulders and slams hi-
JACK GRABS THE RING ROPES TO STAY UP! Joel tries (9) to powerbomb him again, but can’t get Jack to let go of the ropes. Jack pulls on the ropes, using his bodyweight to push Carter backwards and force his back into the side of the ring (10). Jack is now kneeling on Joel’s chest on the apron, and starts pummeling Joel with big punches. Jack gets up (11) and goes for a leg drop on the apron, but Joel moves out of the way, and Jack lands with one leg crashing had onto the apron. Then topples over and falls to the outside (12).

Joel picks Jack up in a fireman’s carry (13), and tosses him facedown onto the ring apron. Joel poses (14) on the outside, then climbs up the stairs and walks over to Jack (15). Carter stands on Jack’s back facing the ring, and grabs the top ropes (16). Carter jumps up and down on Jack’s back, using the ropes for an extra boost, then (17) he jumps backwards while still holding onto the ropes and swings forward, extending his feet to so he kicks Jack in a dropkick-like motion, pushing Jack into the ring (18). Carter gets up and slides into the ring, breaking the count, and gets back to work on Jack. Carter pulls Jack away from the ropes, and locks in the Carter Clutch.
“PLEASE DON’T TAP!” chants come from the crowd, but it looks like it may not matter. Jack Squat might be beaten. Suddenly, Jack finds enough strength to quickly get up, and he jumps down with Joel still on his back, hitting a back senton which breaks the hold.

Carter is up first, and he moves to the other side of the ring, motioning for Jack to get up. When Jack does, Carter hits him with a GORE!




JACK KICKS OUT! Carter can’t believe it!

He gets up, and brings Jack up, butterflying his arms to hit him with a Trigger Effect- JACK FIGHTS OUT OF IT, and takes Carter down with a double leg takedown, then falls backwards, catapulting Carter over the ropes and onto the floor!
As Carter recovers on the floor, Jack recovers in the ring. Jack pounds the mat, prompting the audience to start a slow clap. Jack, now all fired up, springs up on the ropes and hits a springboard Squatting Star Press to the outside, onto Joel!
As the ref counts “ONE!”, the crowd starts to chant “HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T!”

Jack is up by the count of “SIX!”, and he grabs Carter, and rolls him into the ring. Jack drags Carter so the he is lying on his back a short distance away from the turnbuckle. Then Jack ascends to the top turnbuckle. SQUATTING STAR PRESS!!!

JOEL CARTER ROLES OUT OF THE WAY! Jack crashes down to the mat, face first!

Carter again stalks Jack, waiting to hit him with a Gore! Jack stumbles to his feet, and Carter charges at him for the GO- JACK MOVES OUT OF THE WAY and Carter smacks into the turnbuckle! ROLL-UP BY JACK!




Carter gets up and Jack goes for a superkick, but Carter avoids it, and nails Jack with a superkick of his own. Carter goes for a Judgment Slam, but Jack lands on feet behind him! FREEDOM BOMB!
Jack goes to the apron and walks over to the turnbuckle. He pounds on the turnbuckle to pump up the crowd, then starts to climb it. CARTER GETS UP AND DIVES AT THE TOP ROPE, knocking Jack off balance, causing him to fall seated on the turnbuckle.
Carter takes Jack onto his shoulders and runs all the way across the ring, hitting him with a Steam Roller. Carter springs up out of the Steam Roller, grabs the top ropes and hits Jack with a Split-legged Moonsault!




A “THIS IS AWESOME!” chant starts as Jack tries to make it back to his feet. Carter Irish Whips Jack into the far turnbuckle, then comes at him with a huge shoulder in the corner. Carter backs away, and Jack stumbles out of the corner.


Carter realizes that he has to keep up the pressure if he wants to get the pin. He grabs Jack and goes for his Spinebuste-
BIG FOREARM SHOT FROM JACK SQUAT! A second forearm causes Carter to drop Squat, who lands on is feet in front of his dazed opponent. Kick to the gut by Jack! PEDIGREE! Jack goes for the cover just after the “30 seconds remaining” announcement.




Now it’s Jack’s turn to not believe it. Jack acts quickly, pulling his opponent up with 15 seconds left, and with 10 seconds left, he goes for the Jack Hamm- CARTER CHARGES FORWARD (9), RAMMING JACKS BACK INTO THE TURNBUCKLE (8)! Carter butterflies Jack’s arms (7), and hits the Trigger Effect (6)! Into the cover!

ONE! (5)

TWO! (4)

THRE-NO! JACK GETS A HAND ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! (3) Carter can’t believe it! (2)
The ref forces a break (1), and time expires- DING! DING! DING!

Jewel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the result of this match, is a 20 minute, time limit draw!
The crowd chants “FIVE MORE MINUTES!” *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*

The ref asks the two what they want to do. Carter wants five more minutes, as does Jack.
Carlos: The fans certainly want more time for this amazing match, and it appears that wrestlers do also!

We appear to be good to go, but then Khali’s music hits.

Carlos: Here comes our Commissioner.
Fooda: Great, like we didn't hear enough of him at the beginning.
Carlos: You mean at the beginning of "The Beginning" ?
Fooda: Shut up Carlos.

Khali makes his way to Ringside, climbs the steps to enter the squared circle. He is passed a mic from Jewel, which he thanks her for. Khali then stands in the center of the ring, waiting for the crowd to settle before starting to speak.

Khali: Ladies and Gentlemen, unfortunately we are unable to have this match continue any longer, due to the other matches still to come and a lack of air time to fit any more action between these two exciting athletes. Therefore I am officially ruling this bout, a draw.

The crowd begins to boo very loudly, they seem upset with the Commissioners decision as do the two combatants.

Khali: However..

The crowd draws to a hush in anticipation.

Khali: As I too have enjoyed watching this match and would like to see a clear winner. The next time we are back at The Asylum the card will feature Joel Carter vs. Jack Squat II.

The crowd seems satisfied with this result, and let out a light cheer as Jack Squat, Sarah Kaminsky, Khali, and Joel Carter walk backstage.

Khali: Now folks its time to get comfortable as we have some more exciting action action coming right up.

Fooda: What a load of crap "not enough airtime, Khali is a jerk"
Carlos: Fooda! How can you say that about our Commissioner ?
Fooda: Because its true, boy Carlos I can see if we are going to be a team I'm really going to have to spell everything out for you.
Carlos: You got it wrong Khali was just doing what's fair for the other talent backstage and besides, how great will it be when we get to see Joel Carter vs. Jack Squat II ?
Fooda: I suppose it would be good to see Carter get a chance to beat on that show pony Jack Squat.
Carlos: That's not the way I saw it Fooda.
Fooda: No one cares what you think Carlos, anyway lets get back to the action.


Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, this will be your MAIN EVENT of the evening, and will be a Triple Threat elimination match(!), with show time remaining. Elimination may only occur by pinfall or submission.

Music hits and a large, built man emerges from the curtain with a mean look embedded on his face.

Jewel: Introducing first, from Nottingham, England, weighing in at 290 pounds… Kev Carnage!

Carnage walks down the isle, 6 feet 7 inches towering over the crowd, straight-faced. He walks up the steps and into the ring, waiting for his opponents. The music switches to something new.

Jewel: From Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 230 pounds, Merritt Rook!

Rook takes the initiative to walk out and flaunt his arrogance, telling the crowd with body language he’s superior. He gets to the ring and gets a look at the man who’s a head or two taller and about 60 pounds bigger, he hesitates to get into the ring for a moment. Carnage, being the fighter he is, attacks Rook on the apron and drags him in. He beats on him as the music changes.

Jewel: And from Stone Mountain, Georgia, weigh-
Woodbridge runs into the ring, barely taunting or anything, cutting off Jewel causing her to run out of the ring and cut his intro, and he interrupts the fight in the ring with right hands of his own.

A stiff kick from the pumped Woodbridge caves in Rook’s knee, causing him to fall on said knee. A quick slap to Carnage clears his path to run across the ropes and hit a shining wizard to the nose of Rook. Before he can go for a pin, Carnage grabs Woodbridge by the hair and hooks his head under his arm, facing up, and knees his back repeatedly, hard. He picks him up and brings him over his shoulder, but Woodbridge wriggles out of it and lands behind him, pushing him into the ropes. He goes for a victory roll, but we know those never work, and Carnage holds on and Woodbridge goes flying back. Unexpectedly, Rook is up and hooks Woodbridge in a T-Bone suplex, throwing him over his head and out to the floor. Rook looks at the damage he just did, turns around and is rocked with a vicious clothesline that turns Rook into a pretzel on the mat. Applause fills the arena as Carnage simply raises his arm with a fist to appease the crowd.

Carnage flips over the ropes Undertaker-style to pick up Woodbridge on the floor, just to beat him down to his knees with heavy fists, forearms, and puts him out of his misery with a European uppercut. He kicks him and drags him to the ring post. Carnage picks him up and twists the arm in a normal arm lock, but weaves his arm around and through the ring post, and pulls his arm, causing it to separate from his shoulder that is held behind the post. Carnage pushes back with his leg against the post for more pressure, and Woodbridge screams in agony on top of the ref’s five count. At four, instead of letting go of the arm, Rook from inside the ring runs out of nowhere and baseball slides right into Woodbridges arm!

Carnage pulls the injured Woodbridge to his feet and positions him between his legs, setting up for a powerbomb. Kev picks him up on his shoulders for a moment and powerbombs him back-first onto the ring apron! Woodbridge desperately rolls far away, arching his back and screaming like a Frenchman. Catching his breath, Carnage rests against the post with his arms on the apron. We assume he almost immediately regrets this, as Rook comes from out of nowhere, and kicks Carnage through the post in the head! Carnage reels and falls to the cold concrete in a heap. Rook walks over to Kev, gives him a few kicks, gets him set, and hooks in the House of Saints on the big man! Unbelievably, he’s able to keep the big man in the painful hold, but the ref calls for a five count from inside the ring. If he does not let go, he’ll be DQ’d!





*SMACK*. Woodbridge comes out of nowhere and dropkicks the exposed abdomen of Carnage in the middle of the hold! Gasping for breath, Carnage is free and on his hands and knees. Rook gets up, and Woodbridge uses Kev to his advantage by springboarding off his large back and hitting a Lou Thesz Press on Rook!

Several mounted punches and middle fingers later, Rook is defenseless and looking for cover. Woodbridge either takes pity or gets bored and gets off him. Carnage has just risen to his feet as well. In a fit of rage, Carnage clotheslines the f*ck out of Woodbridge right over the railing and into the lap of the first row.

Rook is picked up and thrown into the ring, and Carnage follows. A whip to the ropes and Rook is hit with a big boot. He’s picked up and whipped again, and Woodbridge grabs the foot, causing Rook to stumble and trip a bit but not fall down, then Carnage runs towards him, and hit’s a FREAKING CANADIAN DESTROYER.

Carlos: OH. MY. GOD.
Fooda: Where in the world..
Carlos: How the HELL did a man who is six foot seven inches tall execute a CANADIAN DESTROYER.
Fooda: *Stumbles in awe*
Carlos: That was one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen. And it’s only The Beginning!
Fooda: Shut up Car - Wait a minute, pinfall!




Jewel: Merritt Rook has been eliminated!
Carnage picks up the fall and Rook is pushed out of the ring. Before he gets the chance to catch his breath, Woodbridge rushes into the ring and picks up Carnage by his legs, and plows him all the way across the ring into the corner, where Carnage’s neck snaps back rather violently. Woodbridge kicks, slaps, kicks, slaps, kicks, and slaps, in that order, and Carnage goes down. Woodbridge, an opportunist, stomps a mudhole in Carnage, runs across the ring and bounces back to savagely kick Carnage in the face that causes him to go limp over the bottom rope, hopelessly laying in a 290 pound heap. Woodbridge gives him the one finger salute.
Carlos: Oh.. Well, uh, he thinks he’s number one.

Rook hasn’t left, and hasn’t forgotten, and punches the barely conscious Carnage while he’s helpless leaning over the bottom rope. The ref cannot DQ anyone, so instead he focuses on reprimanding Rook and tries to make him leave the ringside area. While he’s distracted, Carnage hits a low blow on Woodbridge behind his back. Carnage tries to shake off the cobwebs, and does just so. He pushes the ref out of the way, and drags Rook by the head into the ring, and hits a Pearl River Plunge on Rook! He pushes Rook out yet again with his foot and with his back turned, Woodbridge comes from behind and hits a German Suplex. The crowd pops at Woodbridge’s beautiful and harsh deadlift. He goes for the cover!



THE-NO! Carnage isn’t going to give it up!
One right shoulder made the entire crowd jump, “OHHHHHHHHHHHH.” They’re into it, chanting “Break his neck! Break his neck! Break his neck!”

A cut of the throat taunt makes the fans pop even more, and Woodbridge picks up Carnage. He puts his head in between his legs, setting up for a powerbomb, but Carnage manages to reverse it into a backdrop!
That pesky Rook won’t leave, and immediately after the backdrop, Carnage runs full speed ahead at Rook on the apron, and big boots him off and into the railing. He turns around to receive an unexpected kick to the midsection from Woodbridge, and Woodbridge puts him up with a little struggle, but he drives him down into his Stone Mountain Crusher! His head and back thud against the mat and Woodbridge holds on for the pin!





Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the match… MARK WOODBRIDGE!
Woodbridge gets a standing ovation, and one could argue it was for the other two as well. Woodbridge gets on the middle rope to cater to the fans and raise his own arms in victory. He comes down and gives the beaten Carnage a kick, and he rolls out of the ring. Woodbridge rolls out the opposite side, and is handed a congratulatory brewski. He climbs over the railing into the crowd, walks back through the fans a few rows, stands on a chair, and chugs the beer. He swallows some and spits the rest in a mist over the fans, to their excitement.

Jewel: Thank you for coming to "OWWF: The Beginning" Stay tuned to the OWWF News-wire for announcements about future shows!
"I was trending worldwide on Twitter once. And then I looked in my wallet, and there was no money in there."
-Kevin Steen

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