EWA Show #11: Night Of Champions (2/8/2011)

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EWA Show #11: Night Of Champions (2/8/2011)

Post by Aggro » Feb 8th, '11, 19:08

SHOW #11

A note to our readers- in order to get the most enjoyment out of the EWA, it is best to read ONE LINE AT A TIME, so you don't accidentally spoil something for yourself. Also, in another tab or window, you might want to keep the EWA roster thread open for quick reference to people's characters and moves.

Enjoy- Big Red Machine, yourcrapsweak, Earth Child, Verdun, & Aggro.

Carlos: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to EWA Night of Champions! I am Carlos, joined, unfortunately, by Fooda, and we are ready for a HUGE night in the history of the EWA.

Fooda: That’s right, Carlos. Not only is the EWA World Title, as well as a shot at the World Title on the line, but tonight we will crown our first ever EWA World Tag Team Champions.

Carlos: Also, we will have a grudge match between Power & Pain and Carnage & Stevens, and El Demonico will put his mask on the line for a chance to end Tien Triopiquer’s undefeated streak!

Fooda: Now let’s go to Jewel for our first match up:

Jewel: The following match-up is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, from Malibu California, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-three (233) pounds… “SURFIN’” SCOTTIE ADAMS!

The fans cheer as Surfin’ USA starts to play over the speakers and Scottie comes out onto the ramp, surfboard in hand. He “surfs” down the ramp, and jumps off of the board. Scottie starts to walk around ringside, shaking han- WHAM!


Fooda: Some idiot in the crowd just punched Scottie!

The fan in question leads over the guardrail and starts pummeling Scottie. The man is about Scottie’s size, so Scottie is having trouble getting him off. Security rushes the scene and tires to pull the fan off, but he lands some punches on the security guards as well. Mark Woodbridge and Scott Logan run down the ramp, and together with Scottie, the three of them are able to subdue the fan until security handcuffs him and drags him away. The other fans boo this miscreant profusely, and start to sing {NANANANA NANANANA! HEY! HEY! GOODBYE!}.

Carlos: There is no excuse for that, EVER. If you are a fan at ringside, you don’t put your hands on a wrestler!

Fooda: This might be one of the few things we agree on Carlos: I don’t like Scottie Adams one bit, but I never wanted to see that happen to him. I hope the cops here in Toronto let Scottie into the holding cell to take a few shots at this punk later!

A little shaken up, but not too worse for wear, Scottie climbs into the ring.

Jewel: And his opponent, from Wiesbaden, Germany… weighing two hundred and thirty-five (235) pounds… SEBASTIEN MARBURG!

Marburg walks to the ring and the fans boo. He gets in the ring and Scottie offers him a handshake, but Marburg refuses.


Carlos: And we are officially under way here at Night of Champions!

Scottie and Marburg lock up in collar-and-elbow tie-up. They jockey for position, and eventually Marburg gets the advantage, locking Scottie in standing side headlock. Marburg tries to adjust the hold and transition it into a butterfly lock, but Scottie takes advantage and rolls him up with an inside cradle:



T-Marburg kicks out!

Marburg is up quickly and goes for Scottie. Hip toss by Scottie, then another and another! He gets behind Marburg before he can get to his feet and slaps on a rear chin lock as the fans give a little pop.

Carlos: Scottie looking good early on despite that incident in the opening. I still can’t get over what we saw!

Marburg gradually works his way up and backs Scottie onto the ropes. The German forces Scottie across the ring. Marburg goes to ground, Scottie skips over him. Marburg gets up and tries to nail Scottie with Black Verdict on the rebound, but he slides between his legs. Marburg turns into dropkick from Scottie and gets knocked through the ropes!

{SCOTTIE, SCOTTIE, SCOTTIE!!!} Scottie works the crowd, whilst Marburg gets to his feet and crashes his palms on the apron in anger.

Marburg gets back into the ring and the men pace around before a collar and elbow tie up. After some jockeying, Marburg forces Scottie into a corner, As the German slowly pulls away to break the hold he suddenly drives his knee into Scottie’s mid section. Two more followed by a couple of European uppercuts. Marburg then gets Scottie in a head lock and fires in some shots to the face. Marburg forces Scottie back into the corner and proceeds to drive his shoulder into Scottie’s mid section.

Fooda: Nothing fancy about Marburg, he’ll just ware you down at his pace.

Snapmare by Marburg and he quickly laces his fingers under Scottie’s face, whilst burying his knee into the back of his opponent. Marburg pulls back and applies the pressure. After a short while and with the Ref in his face, Scottie starts to move his hands in an effort to build some momentum. The crowd start a clap. Scottie starts to shift his body around and manages to get to one knee. He then gets some elbows into Marburg’s gut as the hold is pretty much freed. Scottie hits the last elbow then fires off to the ropes. Marburg cuts him down with a quick reverse elbow and Scottie crashes to the mat. Marburg goes for a cover,




Marburg then swiftly goes for the same as before with the knee into the back. After a few moments of Marburg pulling back on his face, Scottie starts to hit the mat with his foot, again trying to rally. As the crowd start to get a little louder, Marburg unlocks his fingers and hits some nasty elbows to Scottie’s chest from behind. Marburg then quickly slides over and goes for another pin attempt,




Marburg gets to his feet and pulls Scottie up from the mat. The German then puts his opponent into an abdominal stretch.

Fooda: Nice traditional move by Marburg. I like this guy Carlos. It’s like I said, nothing fancy, simple, yet very effective.

Carlos: Got to agree with you Fooda. There is no wasted energy from Marburg.

Marburg has Scottie locked in and the Ref is there in his face.

Ref: What you say Scottie?

Scottie: No, ah crap dude, NO!

Marburg reaches behind him and grabs the top rope for more leverage. The extra pain caused by this is clearly evident by Scottie’s reaction. The Ref looks up from Scottie and gives Marburg a sceptical look. He then goes back to Scottie. Marburg grabs the rope once more and again it has the desired effect. The Ref looks up again. The German shakes his head. The Ref goes back to Scottie a third time. Marburg grabs the top rope again but this time the Ref is straight there!

Ref: Hey cut that out! Let go! 1...2...3...4..

Marburg lets the rope and also Scottie go. He turns to have words with the Ref. He then turns back to Scottie who is on one knee. He starts to pull him up, but Scottie hits a Jawbreaker! Marburg is stunned, inside cradle by Scottie,




The German gets up and dashes for Scottie, who trips him up, Shark In The Water!! Marburg quickly makes for the bottom rope. He gets there but Scottie keeps hold of his ankle.

Ref: He’s got the rope Scottie, let go!! 1...2...3...4..

Scottie breaks off and the Ref explains the reaching the rope break the hold thing as Scottie backs up. Scottie then runs at Marburg but gets low bridged and flies out the floor. Marburg just gathers himself slightly before going through the ropes to the outside. He pulls Scottie up and nails a European uppercut, then a second one. Irish whip by Marburg, get reversed! Scottie sends the German crashing into the ring post! Scottie picks up Marburg and rolls him into the ring. Scottie follows him. Marburg manages to get to his feet but is a stumbling. Scottie hits with some forearms which back the German into a corner. Scottie sets him up and sends Marburg crashing into the corner opposite. Scottie sprints across the ring and goes for a monkey flip. Marburg shoves him off though. Scottie backward rolls and springs up, Superkick! But Marburg ducks, BLACK VERDICT! Marburg catches Scottie in the chest. The German then goes to the ropes for momentum, FLASH JUDGMENT! BUT SCOTTIE SIDESTEPS! SUPERKICK BY SCOTTIE CONNECTS!! Marburg crashes to the mat. Like a cat, Scottie gets to the top turnbuckle.

Carlos: Clear the beach, there’s a big one coming!





Jewel: Here is your winner, in a time of eight minutes and thirty five seconds, SURFIN SCOTTIE ADAMMSSS!!!

Carlos: That’s great win for Scottie. To go in there against a dangerous opponent like Marburg alone is bad enough, but after the idiocy of a so called fan as well? Good job!

Scottie smiles and works the crowd from the turnbuckles as Marburg leaves the ringside area, before leaving himself.

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Re: EWA: Night Of Champions

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Carlos: We now go backstage to where Lucy is standing by with the Atomic Punks. Lucy?

Lucy Lee: My guests at this time, ladies and gentlemen, is the Atomic Punks who are also in the Tag Team Championship match.

Johnny Rage (Formerly Ajax) steps into frame with Travis Vans (Formerly Cowboy) and Kat Klash (Formerly Kitten). They look like they just stepped out of a Sex Pistols tribute show. Rage takes the microphone.

Rage: as you may see, the Atomic Punks have changed a bit, but that’s only in appearance. I’m Johnny Rage, this is Travis Vans (pointing to his partner) and that over there is Kat Klash. We decided to go back to the origins of our name, Punks. They created a counterculture in a time when society was bland and uniform. We thought we’d carry on that tradition here in EWA.

Vans: We’re not only going to still provide you guys with some of the most entertaining tag team matches you’ve ever seen, but we’re going to do it in the spirit of the punk. If any Rihanna loving, O’Riely supporting, JC Penny square has a problem, well then they can go shove it where the sun don’t shine.

The Punks walk off screen.

Lucy Lee: Back to you Carlos and Fooda

Carlos: Thank you, Lucy. Now it is time for international superstar Jordan Delux to make his EWA debut and adress the crowd.

Jewel: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the EWA's newest star... a former mutiple time world champion... JORDAN DELUX!

(Delux makes his way to the ring the crowd is on their feet going ballistic. Delux enters the ring, all but ignoring the fans' reaction. He accepts a microphone handed to him from ringside and takes his place center ring. He raises the microphone to speak)

Delux: Ladies and gentle..

(He lowers the mic and waits as the 'Welcome Jor-dan *clap*clap*clap-clap-clap*' chants have drown out the PA system. The crowd dies down and he raises the mic once again to speak)

Delux: So, I take it you've heard of me?

(The crowd erupts once again. The house crowd is on fire for this moment. Jordan puts his hands on his hips and chuckles as he shakes his head. Again, he tries to gain control of the crowd)

Delux: Alright, alright. Simmer down. As of today, Jordan Delux is OFF the Free Agent market.

(The crowd pops again, but Delux continues after a short pause)

Delux: I'm off the Free Agent market, I'm EWA and I'm here to stay. It wasn't an easy decision, believe me. But, late Friday night as I was reviewing the offers, I had the phone in my hand ready to dial up my former employer. But I couldn't do it. I just couldn't do it anymore. What's left for Jordan Delux to prove? I've been to the top of the mountain, hell, I even bought some property. I've held every major title in this business today, what's the point of going back and doing it again? It's too easy. I chose the EWA, because I need to prove my point. I need to show the World that I truly am the very best, and the EWA has some of the greatest talent back in that locker room that I've ever seen, and believe you me, I've seen a lot. I've been in the ring with the best the World has to offer, but I've never seen anything like this. While sitting at home, I saw these guys do some things in this very ring that I stand in today that were really impressive, and I couldn't help but think that it's a TRAVESTY! It's a travesty that nobody has ever heard of a single one of 'em.

(The crowd turns on Delux at this point)

Delux: What? What? Hey, face the facts, people. When I walked through that locker room this evening, the only people I remotely recognized were Shupiro and The Royal Appointments, and that's because I've actually traveled the World. Nobody on this continent knows who the hell they are. You guys know they wrestled other places too, right? Boo me all you want, like I said, I have NOTHING TO PROVE. It's my first day on the job, yet YOU ALL KNOW that I'm the man to beat. I'm the star power that's going to turn your "Little Engine That Could" into the Fighter Jet shooting down all the competition. Where Jordan Delux goes, success follows. You'll be thanking me in six months when...

Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" starts to play, and a VERY angry Jack Squat makes his way down the ramp

Delux: See, this is exactly what I'm talking about. Is this security? Who the hell is this guy?

Jack: F*ck you, Jordan. We've met before, and you know damn well who I am, especially if you've been watching the tapes.

(Delux stares off into the distance for second and flashes a self indulgent smile)

Delux: Oh sure. F*ck me. I remember you!

(Jordan turns his attention to Squat, looking him strait in the eye)

Delux: You were one of the many nobodies I saw walk through our doors with hopes and dreams of being........... me.

(The crowd has REALLY turned on Jordan now, the boos are deafening as he shrugs his shoulders)

Delux: But, I do. I do remember you, Jack Squat. You had one hell of a tryout and we never heard from you again. I've wondered whatever happened to that kid with all the potential, and now I've finally got my answer. NOTH-ING! At last, I might get some sleep!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get back to making history. You wouldn't know much about that. But hey, there's DOZENS of people out back looking for autographs, maybe they'll let YOU sign something...


Jack slugs Delux un the face!

Delux staggers backwards, then charges at Jack taking him down with a double leg takedown, then pounding away at him. Jack manages to throw Delux off of him, and both men quickly get back to their feet.

By this point, security has rushed the ring and they are doing everything they can to keep the two apart, but they aren't being too successful. Calaway and Roberts, Phreak, the Atomic Punks, Scottie Adams, Sebastien Marburg, and others come out from backstage and with their help security is finally able to pull Jack and Delux apart.

Security walks both men to the back, keeping them apart.

Carlos: Not exactly what we were expecting, but definitely a debut that will be remember for the ages, folks.

COREY ROSE & MALCOLM METAL vs. MARK WOODBRIDGE & SCOTT LOGAN- Woodbridge & Logan start off with the advantage, but Rose & Metal use their quickness as well as some tag team maneuvers to take the advantage and get the win at 8:43 with the Powerbomb-Neckbreaker combination.

Carlos: Rose & Metal are really making an impact here in the tag team division, don't you think, Fooda?
Fooda: Don't get ahead of yourself, Carlos. They've only won two matches. Anyway, we now go backstage to where Lucy is trying to a get a word with Wyler Mothis.
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Re: EWA: Night Of Champions

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(Camera moves down a backstage hallway, passing door after door. Backstage interviewer, Lucy Lee, is in the lead checking each door as we pass. Finally we reach one that's open. Blocking the door are Cynn and Camaron, Wyler Mothis' valets. Mothis can be seen behind them with his back to the camera. He's plugging an ear with one hand, and is very involved in a cell phone conversation...)

Mothis: ...everything's a-go. Yep, I couldn't be happier...No, no... sir, the pleasure is all mine... haha, thanks - not that I'll need any luck... you know it! I...

(The girls upon seeing Lucy and the camera become very concerned, snapping their fingers and waving to get Wyler's attention, and point to the camera)

Mothis: Dammit, camera's here. Gotta run, deuces.

(Wyler snaps his phone shut and slips it into his pocket)

Mothis: How long you been standin' there? Not that I have anything to hide. Looking for an interview with the new Number One Contender?

Lee: Ummm... Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm backstage with Wyler Mothis, who's COMPETING for the Number One Contender spot tonight in a Fatal 4 Way match. Wyler, some are finding it peculiar that you're in contention for the Number One Contender spot after only being in the EWA for a short time. Your thoughts?

Mothis: My thoughts are that I'm undefeated and should be the odds on favorite to win this thing.

Lee: Undefeated? What about last month's Tag Team Battle Royal? You were the first eliminated.

Mothis: I was thrown over the top rope. I was hardly "defeated". Listen, I've *ahem* paid my dues, and I've earned this shot. Period. If you, or anyone for that matter, doesn't like it they can take it up with management. They know a winner when they see one, and it's Wyler Mothis! Put your money on ol' Wyler tonight, I'll make ya rich.

(Wyler's phone can be heard ringing from inside his pocket, he checks the ID and goes back to Lucy handing her a $20)

Mothis: Honey, I've gotta take this. You mind finding me a beer? (Answers phone) Yo! Hahaha, I know, right! Like I always say, work smarter not harder...

(Lucy rolls her eyes as Cynn and Cameron escort her away from the door)
Lucy: Back to you, Carlos & Fooda.

Jewel: The following contest is set for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Currently in the ring, hailing from Toronto, Canada and weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds, he is HAZARD!

The crowd give a slight face pop for the hometown boy.

Jewel: And his opponent...

F*ckin’ in the bushes by Oasis hits...

Jewel: From London, England, weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, GEORGE “THE AGGRO” ADAMS!!!!

Adams makes his way to the ring, eyes fixed on his opposition.

Fooda: Adams has a face like a constipated Crocodile, what’s up with this guy?

Carlos: He’s all business Fooda, that’s what’s up!

Adams climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes. Hazard charges across the ring and attacks the Englishman straight away!

Carlos: Whoa, Hazard starting things early! {DING DING!}

Hazard beats Adams down to one knee with a volley of forearms and kicks. Adams claws his way along the ropes to the corner. There, Hazard continues the onslaught. Hazard delivers some savage kicks, forcing Adams to the canvas. The Canadian then wedges his right foot under his opponents chin and pulls on the top rope for leverage.

Ref: Back of Hazard! C’mon, one...two...three...four...fi..

Hazard pulls away and the Ref has words with him. The Canadian doesn’t seem too bothered and brushes past the zebra. Again Hazard administers some stiff shots and Adams stays slumped in the corner. Hazard starts to choke Adams with his boot again.

Ref: HEY!! One...two...three...four...fi..

Hazard breaks off. This time the Ref sternly remonstrates with the Canadian, pointing in his face and making it clear he won’t take too much more.

Carlos: Hazard is risking a DQ. You gotta wonder what his game is here.

This time Hazard raises his hands up in front of him, in a rather nonchalant “Okay, I’m sorry” gesture. The Ref moves aside and Hazard makes for Adams. ADAMS FIRES OUT OF THE CORNER WITH A HUGE TAKEDOWN AND LAYS INTO HAZARD WITH PISTON-LIKE RIGHT HANDS!!! {YEAAAAHH!!}

Adams jumps up and hurls all sorts of profanity in all directions. As Hazard starts to get up, Adams grabs him by the hair and hurls him over the top rope! Adams goes to the outside. He brings his opponent to his feet and applies a front waist lock, OVER HEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX ON THE OUTSIDE!!! {OOHHHHH!!}

Carlos: Adams just launched Hazard up the concrete aisle!!!

Adams is straight on Hazard. He picks him up, lands a solid European uppercut then whips the Canadian hard across the aisle. Hazard crashes back first into the guardrail. Adams stomps on his opponent then pulls him up and leads him back to the ringside area. He slams Hazard ‘s head into the top of the ring steps then rolls him under the bottom rope as the Ref reaches fourteen with his count.

Adams slides under the bottom rope and quickly drops an elbow on the back of a Hazard’s head. Adams then quickly applies a rear waist lock and brings his opponent to his feet. Hazard thwarts the German Suplex attempt by grabbing hold of the top rope. Adams rolls backwards and gets to his feet, before charging at Hazard. The Canadian elevates Adams over the top rope! But he lands on the apron! Adams grabs a handful of Hazards hair and leads him towards the corner. The Brit goes to slam Hazards head into the top turnbuckle but he blocks by using his foot on the second turnbuckle. Hazard swats Adams arm away and drives his shoulder through the ropes into The Aggro’s midsection. Front face lock by Hazard and a suplex back into the ring but Adams lands on his feet behind him, HUGE RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX BY ADAMS!!! He quickly gets over to the carcass of Hazard..

Carlos: Adams might be about to go through the menu!



Adams finishes off with a FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE!




Adams goes to the ropes and comes back with a high elbow drop, but Hazard just rolls out the way in time. Adams gets to one knee pretty quickly whilst Hazard is still feeling the effects of the suplex frenzy. The Brit gets to his feet and shakes off the missed elbow. He turns back to Hazard and lands a couple of rights as he gets to one knee. Hazard then pulls on Adams ring attire and sends him through the ropes crashing to the outside.

Fooda: Hazard trying to buy some time now. I don’t think he is too sure of where he is!

Hazard pulls himself up using the ropes and stumbles backwards slightly. Adams now reaches for the bottom rope from the outside. Hazard quickly nails him with a baseball slide and Adams crashes backwards into the guardrail!

Hazard steps through the ropes onto the apron. The Canadian then launches himself with a FLYING ELBOW, BUT ADAMS MOVES! HAZARD SMASHES INTO THE BARRICADE!

Carlos: Nobody home! Hazard hung out to dry!

Adams quickly locks his arms around the back of Hazards shoulders and positions himself with his back to the fans...

Carlos: I don’t like the look of this.....NOOO!!! {OOHHHHH! HOLY s**t, HOLY s**t, HOLY s**t!!!}

Fooda: JESUS! Adams just ejected Hazard into the first four rows of the crowd!!

Carlos: The fans looked like Pins scattered over a bowling lane!

As replays show of the suplex over the guardrail, Adams climbs into the wreckage. He pulls Hazard up and throws him back into the ringside area. A fan then thrusts a beer in front of Adams, who takes a huge swig before tossing the cup aside and climbing over the barrier. {AGGRO AGGRO AGGRO AGGRO!}

Fooda: Ah now they’re just gonna go and make him worse!

Adams rolls the lifeless body of his opponent under the bottom rope into the ring, as the Ref reaches seventeen with his count.

Adams slides into the ring and goes for a cover,




Adams gets to his feet and suggests it was slow count on the Refs part. He then turns back to Hazard. He pulls him up to his feet. A kick to the gut by Adams and he dips his shoulder..


Adams hoists Hazard up but the Canadian quickly counters with a FALLING REVERSE DDT!!! Both men are down! The Ref looks at both men and starts a count..

[3] Both men start to move
[4] Adams gets to one knee
[5] Hazard get to one knee as Adams now stands up

Adams makes for Hazard as he gets up. Both men meet in the middle of the ring and Hazard delivers a hard right hand. Adams replies with one of his own. The two trade blows before Adams gets the upper hand. Hazard reels backwards and Adams goes to the ropes for momentum. As he comes back, Hazard pulls a drop toe hold! Adams falls across the second rope. Hazard quickly hits the ropes opposite, fires across the ring and brings his weight down on the back of Adams.

Fooda: Hazards got to build on this now Carlos!

Hazard brings Adams to his feet and backs him into a corner. The Canadian hits a couple of nasty head butts, before whipping Adams across to the opposite set of turnbuckles. Hazard follows up with running reverse elbow.

Another whip by Hazard, but this time Adams reverses! He sends Hazard crashing into the turnbuckles. The Brit then charges in with a running clothesline, but Hazard sidesteps! Roll up by Hazard!

ONE...[Hazard puts his feet on the second rope!]

Carlos: Wait a minute Ref!


The Ref then notices Hazards feet! He jumps up...

Ref: What you trying to pull Hazard???!!

Hazard gets up and argues with the Referee, stalking him into the centre of the ring and even grabbing his shirt. [Adams gets to his feet]

Carlos: So is Hazard trying to justify usi..LAST ORDERS! LAST ORDERS!

Adams slaps Hazard in his REAR NAKED CHOKE HOLD!!!{YEEAAHH!!}

Carlos: Hazards got nowhere to go and his face is going bright red...HE TAPPED! HE TAPPED OUT!!!


Adams holds on for a few seconds before slinging Hazard to one side. He then gets his hand raised by the Ref.

Jewel: Here is your winner, by Submission and in a time of eight minutes and forty two seconds, GEORGE “THE AGGRO” ADAMMMSSS!!!

Carlos: Wow, a destructive performance by George Adams, here tonight.

Fooda: No doubt about it Carlos. Even I gotta say he looked vicious out there!

Adams leaves the ring, raises both arms in the air and walks up the aisle. {AGGRO AGGRO AGGRO AGGRO!!}

Hazard is then assisted by the Ref up the aisle shortly after Adams disappears.
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Re: EWA: Night Of Champions

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JACK SQUAT (w/Sarah Kaminsky) vs. TANAKASHI SHUPIRO (w/King Knag)-
They two men start off evenly, but a distraction by King Kang lets Shupiro take control. Shupiro remains in control, as every time Jack starts to get some offense in, Kang trips him up or distracts him, allowing Shupiro to stay in control. Squat once again regains control after countering a Shupiro Special into a Lungblower, then hitting Shuprio with a Jack Attack, a Big Boot, and a chokelsam in rapid succession.

As Squat hit the ropes for a Flair Knee Drop, Kang once again grabbed his leg. At this point Jack had had enough, and he got out of the ring and went after King Kang. Jack chased Kang around the ringside area until Sarah Kaminsky cut Kang off, cornering him between the two babyfaces. Squat and Kaminsky closed in on Kang and Jack lashed out with a Superkick…

KANG DUCKS! THE KICK CATCHES KAMINSKY IN THE FACE! SHE GOES DOWN! BASEBALL SLIDE BY SHUPRIO TO SQUAT! Shupiro then proceed to whip Jack into the ring steps and the barricade multiple times, before dragging him over to the ramp, where he hit Jack with the Mandate of Heaven. Shuprio then rolled Jack into the ring and got the pin.

Kang & Shupiro walk backstage victoriously. Once she has recovered, Kaminsky slides into the ring to check on Jack. Jack is just getting up, when the Faith Breakers music starts playing. Valerie Knot comes out onto the ramp, holding a microphone, flanked by Josh Storm and Unknown.

Knot: HE KICKS YOU IN THE FACE... and YOU are the one sliding into the ring CHECKING ON HIM? What is wrong with this picture?

Kaminsky: It was an ACCIDENT, YOU BIMBO!

Knot: I know that... but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't be checking on you. Not once has he showed any concern for your well-being whatsoever.

Kaminsky (helping Jack to his feet): That's not true.

Knot: Oh really? Because all I see is him using you as a fairly pathetic and ineffective shield. He lets people kick you, hit you, and doesn't give a crap. I just can't figure out why the hell you are still with him. It was my man... the next EWA World Champion... (the fans boos) Unknown who had to teach Shawn Stevens a lesson for assaulting you... You should be grateful to us. But now that I see this latest interaction between you two, it all makes sense to me (Knot grins). You are with him because you LIKE being hit, don't you?

Carlos: That is low, untrue, and WAY out of LINE!

Kaminsky is furious, and tries to rush Knot, but Jack holds her back. Kaminsky struggles to get loose, while Knot laughs. The fans chant {LET HER GO! LET HER GO! LET HER GO!}

Squat: THINK, Sarah! It's 3-on-2, and I'm not in that good shape!

Knot: Wait... The numbers game is what you are worried about? Guys... (Knot motions to Storm and Unknown, who look at each other, then back up). One-on-one. Woman to woman. Come on Sarah. I'm waiting. I'll kick you bimbo a** so hard what little brains you have will pop out of your ears!


Squat releases Kmainsky... She slides out of the ring and charges up the ramp. Knot comes out down to meet her, and the two women start trading stiff forearms and punches on the ramp. Kaminksy manages to take Knot down with a double leg takedown and starts pounding on her, but security comes out and tries to pull the two women apart. Finally, with help from Squat and Unknown, the women are separated.

Carlos: Real woman-on-woman violence! Wow!

Fooda: And those girls are PISSED at each other. While this situation is under control, we will now take you backstage, where Lucy Lee is interviewing Phreak.

We see Phreak standing in front of the EWA banner backdrop where all interviews take place. He is wearing black jeans and a white shirt that reads “Phreakish One” in red, his hair is pulled back and in a ponytail.

Lucy: Phreak, do you have any comments you would like to make before tonight's big #1 contendership match?

Phreak: Last month I made my returning debut against Chris Everlast, who told the world he would leave an everlasting impression on me, and even though Chris you put up one hell of a fight, you were just simply not a match for me. Like I've been saying since day one, I am not going to stop until I am EWA world champion, So Mr. Carter if you have the balls to step up and let me have a shot at that belt and prove your a real champion, you know where to find me.

You see for me nothing short of the World Championship belt will do for me, and even tho Joel Carter beat me once, I am damn sure it won't happen again. Carter this is your gut check time, and to be honest, I don't think you have the guts or nuts to face me for that belt, because you know damn well I will walk away with it.

Jewel: The following contest is a tag team match with one fall and a twenty minute time limit!

Jewel: Introducing first, the team of “Mean” Mark Roberts and Chris Calaway, Power and Pain!

Music plays and the duo of Roberts and Calaway enter the ring to a good crowd reaction. The two make their way down aisle and make their way into the ring. They make a short show for the crowd before their opponents enter.

Jewel: And their opponents, the team of Kev Carnage and Shawn Stevens!

Another theme plays and the second team makes their appearance to a negative crowd reaction. The two show little interest in the crowd as they make their way to the ring. Carnage steps into the ring while Stevens stays on the apron.

Fooda: Looks like the we’re gonna start this match off big, Carlos.
Carlos: Without a doubt; this should be interesting.

The bell sounds at the match begins, Kev Carnage in the ring with “Mean” Mark Roberts. The two combatants circle each other in the ring before locking up. The two vie evenly for position for a moment, but a sudden spurt of strength and Carnage shoves Roberts hard causing him to stagger backwards before being stopped by the ropes. Carnage turns to the crowd with a triumphant roar and is rewarded with resounding disapproval from the crowd.

Fooda: Impressive! Despite giving 2 inches to his opponents, it is clear that Carnage is the stronger between the two!
Carlos: It is indeed true, but Carnage would be better off using that advantage to win the match instead of gloating.

Roberts is stands at the ropes for a moment, a bit taken aback at being overpowered. The moment is fleeting as he places his hands out, beckoning Carnage for another lock up. The two close on each other, but immediately Carnage opens with a kick to the gut. With Roberts now doubled over, Carnage delivers a clubbing blow to the spine, and Roberts immediately drops face down to the mat.

Fooda: There you go Carlos! He’s putting his advantage to good use!
Carlos: Riiight…

Wasting little time, Carnage continues the assault with rapid fire shots to the back of Roberts’ skull. The crowd becomes louder with many voicing their strong disapproval. Carnage finally stops and steps backward, recoiling off the ropes before charging forward and leaping over Roberts’ prone body. There’s a loud thud as Carnage’s knee falls onto the back of Roberts’ head. Roberts rolls onto his back, his hands wrapped around his throbbing head.

Carlos: The early advantage going to Carnage. Power and Pain need to stop this momentum.
Fooda: Yeah, people paid to see a fight, not a massacre.

Carnage, satisfied with his handy work, walks to his corner for a tag to Stevens. Stevens enters the ring and is quick to take advantage of his partner’s handiwork with a barrage of stomps on Roberts’ head. Roberts’ is rolling in pain, but the endless stream of kicks continues unabated. Finally, Stevens drops down and buries his elbow in the dead center of Roberts’ forehead.

Fooda: If Roberts didn’t have a headache before, you can be sure he has one now.
Carlos: This is a brutal assault from Carnage and Stevens focusing hard on Robert’s skull.

Stevens wastes little time as he rolls Roberts back onto his stomach. Leaning over Roberts body, Stevens wraps his arms around Robert’s head, settling into a tight headlock.

Carlos: Good strategy by Stevens, keeping the bigger man grounded.
Fooda: Smart positioning by Stevens as well. Not only is that headlock on tight, he’s using his body weight to force Roberts down.
Carlos: Definitely, its gonna be all uphill if Roberts wants to get out of this.

True to Carlos’ words, Roberts struggled under the pain throbbing in his head and the sheer weight of Steven’s leaning over his back. Despite these forces, Roberts willed himself up. With his hands firmly planted on the mat, he forced his body up, fighting the pressure and pain. It was slow going, but Roberts was slowly rising to his feet. Stevens continued to apply pressure, but Roberts was getting up. Though still doubled over, Roberts was finally standing on two feet. In sheer desperation, Stevens delivered a clubbing blow to the back. Roberts body was still for a moment, before spinning round. Stevens didn’t have a moment to react before the outstretched arm of Roberts smashed hard into his chest, forcing Stevens to the ground.

Carlos: HUGE counter lariat by Roberts!
Fooda: I think the tempo of this match just shifted.

Roberts gets back to his feet, but jerks around in a bit of a daze. He rubs his head while trying to regain his bearing. Staggering backward, Roberts finds the outstretched hand of Chris Calaway and tags his partner in. Calaway enters, much to the delight of the crowd, and is immediately greeted by a charging Stevens. Calaway sidesteps Stevens, who charges into the corner. Stevens is stunned for a moment, slowly stepping backward, right into Calaway who wraps his arms around Steven’s waist. Stevens is hoisted backward, and falls hard on his shoulders.

Carlos: Beautiful German suplex hold by Calaway!
Fooda: And it looks like we have our first pin!




Stevens kicks out of the suplex pin and the match continues. With Stevens still down on the mat Calaway makes his way to the top rope. The crowd cheers as Calaway reaches the top, beckoning for Stevens to get to his feet. Once Steven gets to his feet, Calaway makes his move. Steven turns to find his opponents only to see two feet slam into his chest, smashing him back to the mat.

Fooda: A nice top rope dropkick from Calaway and Stevens is down once more.
Carlos: Without a doubt, this match is in the hands of Power and Pain.

Calaway stands over the fallen Stevens, once more waiting for his opponent to rise. Again, Steven rises to his feet, and Calaway is ready and runs for the ropes. Calaway bounces off the ropes, but falls over thanks to a strategically placed knee to the back from Carnage. Stevens seizes the opportunity grabbing hold of Calaway and half throwing half sliding him out of the ring.

Fooda: Smart move by Carnage!
Carlos: Smart AND cheap.

A quick tag by Stevens and Carnage is once again the legal man in the match. Dropping down to the floor, Carnage grabs a prone Calaway. Lifting Calaway to his feet, Carnage wastes little time throwing him Calaway into the side railing. There’s a loud clank as human bone crashes against metal. Calaway grits his teeth in pain, but offers little resistance as Carnage grabs him once more and with a hard shove tosses him into the ring apron. Another crash and more pain as Calaway bounces off the apron and falls onto the floor.

Carlos: Carnage will do whatever it takes to secure that win, using his surroundings as weapons.
Fooda: Go big or go home Carlos!

Finally, Carnage rolls Calaway back into the ring and goes for a pin.



TH… Kick out!

Calaway slowly and kicks out and the match goes on. Carnage, unconcerned at this, immediately pulls Calaway back up again. Carnage lifts Calaway off his feet before turning him upside down.

Fooda: Uh oh… looks like Carnage is thinking piledriver!
Carlos: Definitely not a good situation.

Roberts is immediately alarmed and tries to make his way into the ring, but he’s nowhere even close to stopping Carnage who drops down, smashing Calaway head first into the mat. The referee is immediately on Roberts frantically trying to get him to exit the ring.

Fooda: Hey Carlos?
Carlos: Yeah?
Fooda: Sooo…. Why aren’t you calling this?
Carlos: Pardon?
Fooda: Roberts is disrupting the match and you have nothing to say?
Carlos: (Sighs) Roberts is disrupting the match.
Fooda: Smart move! Any disruption will help delay any pin attempt!
Carlos: Yeah… it would.

Carnage and Stevens were one step ahead to take advantage of the disruption. With the referee distracted, Stevens was already mounting the top rope. Now in prime position, Stevens leapt from the top, driving an elbow deep into the heart of Calaway. Just as the referee escorted Roberts back to the apron he returned to see Carnage pinning Calaway.




Carlos: Impressive resilience by Calaway! Kicking out of both a piledriver and an elbow!

Right at the last moment, Calaway got a shoulder up, much to the dismay of Carnage. In frustration, Carnage began relentlessly pounding on Calaway with a flurry of fists to the chest and head. After a moment, the referee finally sprung to action, pulling Carnage off Calaway. Carnage stood aside for a moment to regain his composure before going back on the offense. Once more Carnage bent over to pick up Calaway, but was immediately greeted with Calaway’s hands grabbing onto his head. Before Carnage could respond he was rolled over onto his back and into a pin.

Carlos: Roll-up by Calaway!
Fooda: What a reverse!



Carnage powers out after a solid two, and immediately springs to his feet, livid over the pin attempt. Despite the pain, Calaway is also back up though visibly worse for wear. Calaway is supporting himself in a neutral corner, but not taking his eyes off Carnage. Carnage slowly closes in on Calaway, and suddenly feels his options slipping. Throwing caution to the wind, Calaway charges Carnage, his shoulder slamming into Carnage’s gut. Carnage stays on his feet, but staggers backward a few paces. Carnage tries to get his hands on Calaway, but he slips to the side. Now behind Carnage, Calaway leaps up, slamming both legs into the back of Carnage. Falling forward, Carnage is hung up on the middle rope. Running forward, Calaway buries a knee into Carnage’s back.

Carlos: Another turnabout by Power and Pain! And nice retaliation from Carnage’s earlier cheap shot.

Carnage falls backward after the knee shot, but immediately rolls toward his corner. Seizing the moment, Calaway leaps over to finally tag back in Roberts just as Carnage tags in Stevens. Roberts leaps back into the ring, and as cold realization hits Stevens he begins to freeze on his feet. Roberts meets Stevens at his end, and charges, smashing Stevens into his corner with a furious clothesline. Wasting no opportunity, Roberts hooks Stevens’ legs, tucks his head under, and lifts Stevens’ up in the air.

Fooda: I do not like the look of this…
Carlos: I think Roberts is thinking Muscle Buster!

Roberts holds the compacted Stevens up in the air much to the appreciation of the crowd. Roberts turns to see Carnage in the ring and charging at him. Before Carnage can get far he runs straight into the raised boot of Roberts!

Carlos: WOW, what power and balance by Roberts! Able to get that big boot and nail Carnage!
Fooda: Absolutely impressive.

With Stevens still held securely, Roberts fell backward, driving Stevens’ down hard on the mat by his shoulder and back. Suddenly, Calaway is also in the ring and immediately charges in with a low drop kick on the still down Carnage who is shot out of the ring.

Fooda: This does not look good for Stevens….

Roberts and Calaway look at each other and briefly nod. Roberts immediately goes for the ropes while Calaway picks up Stevens. With Stevens doubled over Calaway grabs at both of Steven’s arms with his own. In one deft motion, Calaway lifts Stevens up and flips him over, forcing Stevens’ down hard onto his knee.

Carlos: Double underhook backbreaker from Calaway!
Fooda: What is Roberts up to?!

On cue, Roberts jumped off the top rope, his leg extended, dropping it down hard on the neck of Stevens.

Carlos: I believe he’s up to what they call the Power and Pain Express!

Calaway rolls out of the ring while Roberts rolls into the pin.




Jewel: And the winners of the match, “Mean” Mark Roberts and Chris Calaway! Power and Pain!

Calaway and Roberts make their way to the back, as, eventually, do Stevens & Carnage.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: EWA: Night Of Champions

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Jewel: The following contest is a STREAK vs. MASK MATCH. Introducing first, and putting his mask on the line… hailing from the Depths of Hell and weighing two hundred and sixty five (265) pounds… EL DEMONICO!!!

Demonico walks down to the ring, very quiet and detached, even for him. The fans give him a mixed reaction

Carlos: There is a lot riding on the line for El Demonico here tonight, and he realizes it. Win or lose, this will be a turning point in his career.

Jewel: And his opponent, putting his undefeated streak on the line... from El Paso, Texas, he stands seven and a half feet tall, and weighs five hundred and fifteen (515) pounds... TIEN TRIOPIQUER!

Triopiquer walks down to the ring, also to a mixed reaction, and stands across from Demonico. They stare at each other, then shake hands before going back to their corners.


The two men square off in the ring and circle each other. Demonico moves in and hits a quick, rapid series of kicks to the back of the shin and knee of Triopiquer. He charges in at Triopiquer, but Triopiquer shoves him backwards. Demonico rolls though it into a backwards roll and spring up to his feet. He charges in at Triopiquer and drills him in the right knee with a dropkick. Demonico gets up and kicks Triopiquer in the back of the knee, then drill him once again with a dropkick to knee, finally bringing the big man down to one knee. Demonico charges in and spikes Triopiquer down with a DDT, then goes back to work on the knee, locking in a submission hold.

Carlos: Demonico seems to have had a plan to go after the knee from the get-go.
Fooda: DUH! You never go into a match where you have as much on the line as Demonico does here without a game plan.

Demonico releases the hold, then stomps on the back of Triopiquer’s knee. He rolls Triopiquer over and locks in a knee bar. Triopiquer struggles in pain, but manages to start dragging both himself and Demonico across the ring and to the ropes. The ref starts to count:
{FI- Demonico breaks the hold.

Fooda: That’s what I like to see! Ruthless aggression! El Demonico knows that he has a daunting task in front of him, and he won’t let anything get in his way of completing it!
Carlos: He needs to be careful, or else he might get DQed. How embarrassing would that be… to lose your mask via disqualification?

Demonico backs away, and Triopiquer starts to pull himself up with the ropes, but Demonico charges in and hits a dropkick to the injured kneed, taking Triopiquer down again. Demonico starts stomping away at his opponent, but Triopiquer manages to roll out of the ring.

The ref starts the count as Triopiquer recovers on the outside, but he doesn’t get far into it because El Demonico charges off the opposite ropes and hits a suicide dive on Triopiquer!


Carlos: Demonico is putting everything on the line here!
Fooda: And it’s actually starting to look like he might have a shot in hell at winning this thing!

Demonico’s dive forces the ref to restart the count.
Demonico is just making back to his feet at this point. Triopiquer is down, and Demonico realizes that he has his work cut out for him in trying get the 500 pounder back into the ring.

Demonico is pulling at Triopiquer, but isn’t making too much progress moving the giant.

Demonico stops pulling at Triopiquer, and instead goes back into the ring himself. Demonico just sits there while the ref continues the count.

Carlos: Is Demonico going for a count-out here?
Fooda: Why not? A win is a win is a win.

The groggy giant starts to get back to his feet.
He stumbles towards the ring, and starts to pull his massive frame up onto the apron.
Triopiquer makes it back into the ring!
Demonico is on him right away with stomps to the injured knee. Demonico charges of the opposite ropes to build up a head of steam and comes back at Triopiquer, but even from his knees Triopiquer manages to boost Demoinco over him and over the ropes…

DEMONICO LANDS ON THE APRON! He elbows Triopiquer in the back of the head, standing him stumbling forward. When Triopiquer turns around, Demonico springboards off the top ropes into a diving clothesl-TRIOPIQUER CATCHES HIM BY THE THROAT! CHOKESLAM!


The referee starts to issue a double count.
Both men are starting to get up
Demonico is almost back on his feet. Triopiquer tries to get up, but seems to be having some problems putting weight on his injured knee.
Demoinco is back on his feet, while Triopiquer is up to one knee. Demonico charges for another dropkick to the knee. CLOTHESLINE BY TRIOPIQUER!

Carlos: WOW! Triopiquer managed to clothesline Demonico from his knees!
Fooda: That is one extremely overlooked part of the size advantage that Triopiquer has. It’s not just a major weight advantage, but a major height advantage as well!

Triopiquer gets roars and the crowd cheers. He grabs Demonico by the waist and lifts him up, then slams him down with a sit-out powerbomb!



Demonico kicks out!
Triopiquer stands up and picks Demonico up as well, then slams him down with a HUGE body slam. Elbow drop by Triopiquer!

Carlos: That’s FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS behind that elbow!

Triopiquer once again picks Demonico up, and this time goes for a vertical suplex. When he gets Demonico up in the air, he stops and holds him there. The fans start to count the seconds…


Demonico lands on his feet behind Triopiquer… CHOP BLOCK! Triopiquer crumbles to the mat and the fans boo. Demonico goes right to work on the knee, stomping away at it. Demonico grabs the leg and goes to lock in a submission, but Triopiquer kicks him away.

Triopiquer tries to get back to his feet, but Demoinco jumps on his back and locks in a sleeper hold. Triopiquer starts to sink back down towards the mat… Then suddenly shoots up with a burst of adrenaline. He runs as best he can with his injured leg to the nearest corner and turns around, then rams his back into it, squashing Demonico in the corner… BUT DEMOINCO IS STILL HANGING ON! Triopiquer rams back again. And again. Finally Demonico lets go and drops top the mat.

Triopiquer picks Demonico up and climbs up to the top rope. He turns towards the ring and sets Demoinco up for the TienTizer… Demonico swings his leg back and knees Triopiquer in the head! And again! And again! And again. After a few more knees, Triopiquer releases his old on Demonico, who grabs the ropes on his way down and uses them to do a flip so that he lands on his feet.

Carlos: What an innovative counter!

Demonico turns around and leaps up to the top turnbuckle. He signals for Straight to Hell.

Fooda: SUPER Straight to Hell coming up!

TRIOPIQUER PUSHES HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE! Demoinco crashes to the mat. Triopiquer takes a few seconds to collect himself, then looks down and sees his opponent in position. He stands up, then leaps off the top rope for a five hundred pound splash!


The ref starts the double count:
{TH- DEMONICO LEAPS BACK TO HIS FEET! He rolls Triopiquer over. He goes for the pin:



THRE-NO! Triopiquer kicks out!
Demonico wastes no time. Runs to the top rope and his a perfect moonsault on Triopiquer!



Triopiquer once again kicks out. Demonico changes his strategy, and waits for Triopiquer to try to get back to his feet. When Triopiquer gets up to one leg and one knee, Demonico kicks him hard in the back of the knee of his straight leg, knocking Triopiquer onto his knees. Demonico quickly follows up by getting in front of Triopiquer and hitting him with Straight to Hell! He goes for the cover:



Demonico is now starting to get frustrated, but he channels his frustration well, repeatedly stomping away on Triopiquer’s injured knee. Demonico then locks on another knee bar. Triopiquer screams in pain. After about thirty seconds, he starts pulling himself towards the ropes, but when he is almost there, Demoinco cinches up on the hold, locking it in extra tight. Triopiquer screams in pain once again. His hand hovers over the mat. He is going to tap…

He makes one last big reach and manages to grab the ropes, forcing a rope break, but Demonico keeps the hold locked in. The ref starts to count:
{FI- Demonico releases the hold.
Triopiquer pulls himself up with the aid of the ropes, but Demonico takes him back down with a vicious kick to the back of the injured knee. Demonico once again starts to stomp away at the knee.

Carlos: He’s on the ropes! Give him some time to recover! Get in their ref!

The ref finally pulls Demonico away. Meanwhile, Triopiquer crawls to the bottom right corner of the ring and pulls himself up. Demonico charges across the ring at him and hits a flying crossbody… TRIOPIQUER MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Demonico smashes into the turnbuckle! RKO BY TRIOPIQUER! Triopiquer climbs to the top rope as fast as his injured leg will allow him to. He leaps off for a HUGE splash…

Fooda: He flattened him like a pancake!

The ref counts the pin:




Jewel: Your winner, at a time of twelve minutes and fourteen seconds (12:14)… TIEN TRIOPIQUER!

Triopiquer celebrates his victory and walks backstage. After a minute or two, Demonico starts to regain his senses and gets back to his feet.

Fooda: Ooooh. Now we get to see his face. I bet he wears that mask because he is hideous. Like the Phantom of the Luchador Opera.
Carlos: Will you stop?

His hands shaking, Demonico starts to unlace his mask. When it is unlaced, he pulls it off of his read revealing a slightly gaunt face with long black hair. Demonico stares at the camera for a few seconds, living up to his shame, then heads backstage. At the ramp, he is met by Lucy Lee. Lucy starts to ask him a question, but Demoinco cuts her off. “No comment” he says curtly, and in a much more American sounding voice than we have come to expect from him.

Fooda: I knew something was fishy! This guy isn’t really even Mexican, is he?!

FATAL 4 WAY MATCH FOR #1 CONTENDERSHIP TO THE EWA WORLD TITLE: Jimmy Carnival vs. Wyler Mothis vs. John Hall vs. Phreak-
In a fast-paced match, Phreak picks up the win by making Mothis tap out to the Overdose.

Fooda: Now we go backstage, where Lucy is standing by with my pick to become the first ever EWA World Tag Team Champions. The Royal Appointments

Lucy Lee - I am here with the Royal Appointments who are in the Tag Team Championship match, guys?

Jenkins - "So the time has finally come when my boys receive the tag team title shots the deserve."

Royce - "You see, since we debuted in the company we had one goal. That was to become the tag team champions. We beat tag teams along the way, and yeah they were great but they weren't legendary."

Bentley - "Tonight, me and Robert make history by becoming one of only a few tag teams to win tag team gold in Japan, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and tonight we complete the collection by winning tag team gold in America."

Royce - "We know that when we debuted people were thinking we were just two British snobs but we showed everybody that not only are we two of the best wrestlers here we are also the best tag team in this company."

Jenkins - "Unlike the majority of this company, who run their mouths and fail to back it up. My boys have proved to everyone they are the best in this company. Tonight they finally get what they deserve and the is the tag team championship. We'll see you in the ring"

Lucy: Back to you guys.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: EWA: Night Of Champions

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Carlos: “Well it’s time for one of our main events tonight, with the EWA World Championship on the line. Joel Carter putting his money where his mouth is against Unknown. I wonder if Carter will come in alone…”
Fooda: “What’s it to you, Carlos?”
Carlos: “Just want to see a fair match.”
Fooda: “Oh, and what about Valerie Knot?”
Carlos: “Valerie Knot, well for the most part, leaves it to her man to do the dirty work. However you make a fair point, I wouldn’t put it past her. But Valerie Knot has made it very clear that Unknown is ready.”
Fooda: “Unknown may be ready, but Joel Carter was born ready! He’s the greatest World Champ we’ve ever had!”
Carlos: “He’s the only World Champ we’ve ever had!”
Fooda: “Exactly! That’s why he’s the best!”
Carlos: “Whatever… Jewel, take ‘er away!”

Jewel: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit, is for the EWA World Championship!”

“Shaolin shadowboxing, and the Wu-Tang sword style. If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous. Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?” DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The metal hits and the fans don’t know what to expect, but then give a mixed reaction when Valerie Knot walks out from the curtain. She points behind her and Unknown appears, and an even louder mixed reaction follows. Josh Storm comes out as well, and they walk to the ring, Valerie Knot stopping to tell off a fan and gets into a heated verbal debate; Storm looking almost happy about the possibility of a Faith Breaker holding the EWA World Title; Unknown staying completely focused. He slides into the ring and goes into the corner, just staring at the entrance way, and a few streamers are thrown into the ring. Valerie Knot and the fan are separated by security personnel.

The music stops for a moment, and Carter's music bursts through the speakers. Joel Carter comes out to the hugest boo of the night. He smirks and ignores the crowd, then slides into the ring. He poses with the belt and hands it to the ref.

Jewel stands in the middle of the ring for the official introductions, but cannot begin.

{F*CK YOU CARTER! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap* F*CK YOU CARTER! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap*}

Jewel: “Introducing first, in the corner to my left, the challenger. Weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, this… Is… UNKNOWN!”

More streamers are thrown into the ring and Unknown still does not move an inch. Behind his hair, he looks angry.

Jewel: “And his opponent…”


Jewel: “From Buffalo, New York, weighing two hundred and fifty-one pounds, he is the reigning and defending EWA World Champion, “High Impact,” JOEL CARTER!”

{F*CK YOU CARTER! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap* F*CK YOU CARTER! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap*}


Carlos: The fans really heated to see this match. They don’t like Unknown, but they hate Carter even more!
Fooda: “How can you hate Joel Carter?”
Carlos: “I’m not even gonna dignify that with a response.”

Carter goes to the center of the ring and awaits Unknown, but he does not move from his corner. Carter charges at him but Unknown swiftly moves out of the way and goes to the center of the ring. Carter is stunned by his quickness. They go face to face in the center and Carter slaps Unknown across the face! {OOOOOH!} Unknown retaliates with an even harder and louder slap! {OOOOOOOOH!}

Carlos: “It’s on now, Fooda!”

Carter with a forearm and Unknown with one of his own. Unknown hits a stiff kick to the leg that knocks him off balance, and hits another across the chest, reducing him to one knee. Unknown comes off the ropes and hits a shining wizard! He sits up and looks around as the crowd claps in appreciation.

Carter gets to a knee and Unknown picks him up, but Carter locks in a side headlock. Unknown tries to push him off by bouncing off the ropes but Carter holds on a drags him to the mat. After some time, Carter transitions behind him and crosses the legs and goes for an STF, but Unknown rolls, taking Carter with him, and he ends up on top, crosses Carter’s legs and goes for a Regal Stretch of his own. However Carter is too close to the ropes. Unknown breaks the hold and goes to the opposite side of the ring, and Carter looks very surprised and confused.

Carlos: “Carter probably didn’t expect this out of Unknown! Could we see a new World Champ tonight?”
Fooda: “There’s no chance in hell, Carlos!”

Joel Carter goes to the center of the ring and demands a Grecko Roman knuckle lock. Unknown slowly obliges and they lock one hand. Unknown very slowly accepts the second hand but Carter kicks him in the midsection just as he was about to lock it in. He wrings the arm two times and Unknown winces. Unknown somersaults and lands hard, then spins on his back and kicks away Carter’s hand. Carter quickly charges but Unknown monkey flips him. Carter lands on his feet! Unknown kips up and Carter charges again, this time going behind him with a waist lock. Unknown tries to separate his hands and he does, then goes behind him with a hammerlock. Carter elbows him and locks in a hammerlock of his own. Unknown grabs the head and shoots himself up into the air, flipping over Carter and landing behind him, then he pushes Carter into the ropes. He tries to pull him back off but Carter holds on and Unknown rolls backwards. GORE BY CARTER! But Unknown sidesteps it and Carter avoids the ropes by sliding and turning back. KICK TO THE HEAD BY UNKNOWN! But Carter grabs the foot and hits a single leg take down! Unknown kicks him away and kips up once again. STANDOFF!


Carlos: Joel Carter is in for a rough night, Fooda!”

Carter slaps the taste out of Unknown’s mouth once again! He yells at him to “COME ON! HIT ME!”

Unknown PUNCHES CARTER RIGHT IN THE KISSER! {OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!} While off guard, Unknown steps back and delivers a superkick! Cover!


TW – Joel Carter presses him off and rolls to the outside.


Carlos: “I'm sure Carter has done his homework, but watching tapes of Unknown and actually facing him in the ring are two VERY different things.”
Fooda: “Are you kidding, Carlos? Carter has this all planned out. He knows exactly what he’s doing!”

Unknown stalks Carter as he paces outside. He rolls in and the two standoff, then initiate a collar-and-elbow tie up. They jock for position and Carter pushes Unknown into the corner. The ref calls for a break and Carter obliges. SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE FROM UNKNOWN! But it’s ducked by Carter! Carter backs away.

Carlos: “And AGAIN we’re back to square one!”
Fooda: “I’m getting nervous, Carlos! Very nervous!”
Carlos: “I might smell a new World Champion in the air!”
Fooda: “Don’t say that!”

They walk towards each other and Carter slaps Unknown right across the face once again! {OOOOOOOH!} HUGE SLAP ACROSS THE CHEST BY UNKNOWN! {WOOOOOOOOOO!} He whips him across the ring and goes for a superkick but Carter stops himself at the ropes and rolls out of the ring again!


Carlos: “The champ looks frustrated… What are you doing?”
Fooda: “Biting my nails!”
Carlos: “For God’s sake.”

{ONE!} Unknown exits the ring through the other side and comes up behind Carter {TWO!}, turning him around and chopping him hard across the chest! {WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!} {THREE!} He leans him against the front row and tells them to hush {FOUR!}, and the Wrestle-A-Torium silences itself…

*SLAP!* {WOOOOOOOOOOOO!} Carter falls to his knees and cries out, holding his chest and scurrying around ringside. {FIVE!} Valerie Knot watches him and laughs. Unknown pulls him by the hair and Carter punches him in the stomach, and then hits a jawbreaker. {SIX!} He then whips Unknown hard into the guardrail. {SEVEN!}

Carter mockingly tells the crowd to hush, but they respond with a small chant of {F*CK YOU CARTER!} He chops Unknown HARD across the chest! {WOOOOOOOOOOOO!} {EIGHT!} Carter rolls Unknown into the ring, then follows.

Looking angry and impatient, Carter picks Unknown up and forearms him in the kisser, then hits a perfect belly to belly suplex. Instead of going for a cover, he locks in an armbar, pressing his knee against the head for added pressure. A slow clap eventually ensues, and Unknown spins out of the hold into a side headlock of his own. Quickly, he transitions to his legs and crosses them, digs his knee into the back, and locks in a bow and arrow. The fans clap in appreciation, and the ref asks if Carter wants to give it up. He refuses, though his face is turning purple and his back is being contorted.

Carlos: “I’ve never seen Joel Carter in a position like this?”
Fooda: “A bow and arrow submission?”
Carlos: “No, in such jeopardy of losing his World Title!”
Fooda: “Don’t SAY that, Carlos!”
Carlos: “Well it’s true! Look at your world champ, screaming in pain in the middle of the ring!”
Fooda: “Soon it will be Unknown’s turn!”
Carlos: “Yeah when The Triad comes out here to save the day.”
Fooda: “You’re SO NEGATIVE!”
Carlos: “Fine, I’m just gonna call the match, okay?”
Fooda: “Do your job, Carlos!”
Carlos: “I’m trying my damn best to be an unbiased play-by-play commentator, here. Maybe you should too!”

Unknown releases the hold, and as Carter gets to his knees, Unknown runs to the other side and comes back with a drop kick straight to the face. Cover!



THR – NO! Carter gets the shoulder up.

Unknown take his time with locking in a camel clutch. Carter’s foot is near the ropes but he cannot see, nor stretch to it. Instead, he picks up Unknown and rams him into the turnbuckle! With Unknown in the corner, Carter runs back and hits a huge drop kick! He pulls him out of the corner and covers him.



THR – NO! Unknown gets the shoulder up.

Carter looks around the Wrestle-A-Torium and flicks off the Canadian fans! {BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!} He then deadlifts Unknown up to his feet, and hits a humongous German suplex flipping Unknown all the way to his stomach half-way across the ring! {OOOOOOOOOOH!}

Carlos: “Joel Carter and Unknown both are working a very slow and methodical pace, here.”

Carter kicks Unknown in the back and lays his shin across the back, then gets him in an Achilles lock. Unknown looks for the ropes and he is close, but Joel Carter doesn’t budge. Unknown pushes himself off the mat and Carter releases his leg on top of him, but locks in a stretch muffler! Unknown desperately goes for the ropes but Carter pulls him into the center of the ring! [PLEASE DON’T TAP! PLEASE DON’T TAP!} Unknown frantically tries to crawl towards the ropes and he inches towards them. Fingertip length away, CARTER PULLS HIM BACK INTO THE CENTER! UNKNOWN CLEVERLY REVERSES IT INTO A SMALL PACKAGE!




Fooda: “PHEW!”
Carlos: “You’re sweating!”
Fooda: “Shut up, Carlos!”

Unknown tries to stretch his left leg while Carter sits in disbelief. Carter pulls him to his feet and delivers a stiff forearm, and Unknown comes out of nowhere to hit a buzzsaw kick (with his right leg) to the head! JOEL CARTER IS KNOCKED LOOPY! He falls between the middle and top ropes and lands on the apron. Unknown follows him and they stand together on the apron above the concrete floor.

Unknown hooks his head and tries to pick him up for a suplex but Carter blocks it with stiff right hands to the stomach. Carter forearms him in the face and Unknown retaliates with a HUGE chop across the chest! {WOOOOOOOOOOOO!}

Carlos: “Good GOD!”

Unknown again hooks his head and brings him up into a vertical suplex, BRAINBUSTER ON THE APRON!!!!!!! BOTH MEN TUMBLE TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!!!



Unknown gets to his feet and does his signature crucifix pose while standing over the lifeless world champion. Instead of counting them out, the referee checks for the well-being of Joel Carter.

Carlos: “He may be dead!”
Fooda: “I don’t like this, Carlos!”
Carlos: “Can we see it again?”
Fooda: “Oh no!”
Carlos: “Watch this!”

Several replays are shown from different angles and in slow motion, and we return to Unknown throwing Joel Carter back into the ring. COVER!




Fooda: “Oh thank God! Never count out the world champ!”
Carlos: “I thought it was over. Everyone in this building did, Fooda.”
Fooda: “Speak for yourself!”

Unknown, still looking calm and collected, picks up the World Champ and leans him in the corner. HUGE chop across the chest! {WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!}

Carlos: “God this hurts just to watch!”

He goes to whip Carter across the ring, but Carter reverses the whip and BRINGS HIM BACK WITH A JUDGEMENT SLAM! COVER FROM THE DESPERATE CHAMPION!




Carter, looking distraught, quickly drags Unknown towards the center of the ring. He looks into the crowd and down at Unknown, waves his hand in front of his face and says, “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!” and hooks in an STF! {BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!}

The crowd begins to chant {PLEASE DON’T TAP! PLEASE DON’T TAP! PLEASE DON’T TAP!} Unknown struggles to reach the ropes but is too far, and the ref gets in his face and asks if he wants to give it up. He shakes his hand no and his eyes tell the story of his desperation. He slowly inches towards the ropes, and Carter shakes his head, pulling back harder. Unknown tries to push Carter’s hands away but they are locked in, so he inches closer to the ropes. {PLEASE DON’T TAP! PLEASE DON’T TAP! PLEASE DON’T TAP!}

He’s inches away from the ropes but he can’t reach them! His hand raises above the mat as if he were going to tap, BUT HE REACHES THE ROPES! {YAAAAAAAAAAY!} Carter releases the hold immediately and gets to his feet, looking frustrated.

He picks up Unknown in a rush as the crowd starts to chant {F*CK YOU JOEL! F*CK YOU JOEL! F*CK YOU JOEL!} He puts him between his legs and butterflies his arms, going for the Trigger Effect! He pulls him up BUT UNKNOWN SLIDES DOWN HIS BACK! HE SWIFTLY PUTS CARTER ON HIS BACK AND HITS THE HARRIMAN DRIVER!!!!!! COVER AND THE FANS COUNT ALONG!!




Carlos: “Fooda, I think you just wet your pants!”
Fooda: “Shut up, Carlos! Shut up!”

Unknown puts his arms to his sides with his crucifix pose and picks up Carter. He puts Carter between his legs and butterflies his arms, going for his own Unknown Driver, BUT CARTER TRIPS HIS LEGS AND FLIPS OVER FOR A PIN!




Both men are down! The referee starts to count!


Dueling (not so much dueling) chants arise of {LET’S GO UNKNOWN!} {F*CK YOU CARTER!}


{THREE!} Unknown starts to move.

{FOUR!} Carter starts to stir as well.

{FIVE!} Unknown is crawling to the ropes.

{SIX!} Unknown gets to his feet using the ropes!

Unknown stomps on Carter while he’s trying to get up, then sits him and gives him a STIFF kick right across the spine! Carter falls to his back, clenches his fists, bites his lips and kicks his feet. Unknown as quickly as he can at this point goes to the top rope.

Carlos: “What now?”






Fooda: “This is bad, Carlos! This is bad! I think we’re gonna have a new World Champion! Where’s the Joel Carter I know? WHERE’S THE TRIAD!”
Carlos: “Don’t jinx it! What does Unknown have to do to keep the World Champ down for the three?”

Unknown stays on one knee, seemingly thinking. Valerie Knot bangs on the apron and starts a slow clap. Unknown picks up Joel Carter and gives him a hard chop across the chest that brings Carter down to a knee as he lets out a loud grunt. {WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!} Unknown picks him back up and whips him into the ropes and runs to the opposite side to gain momentum. HUGE LARIAT BY UNKNOWN DUCKED! CARTER COMES BACK WITH THE GOREEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Carlos: “THAT’S IT! COVER!”



THR – NO! UNKNOWN KICKS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carter sits up and looks like he’s about to cry. Carter can’t believe Unknown kicked out of the Gore! He stands up and erases that face, replacing it with a menacing, focused look. Carter goes into the opposite corner and kneels, waiting for his opponent to stand. Slowly, Unknown gets to his feet, and turns around. CARTER CHARGES BUT UNKNOWN CATCHES HIM WITH A SUPERKICK!!!!!!!!!! JOEL CARTER’S NECK MAY BE SNAPPED IN HALF!

Fooda: “HOLY CRAP!”
Fooda: “Carter may be dead!”





The referee starts to count again!





Neither man is moving!






Carlos: “This could be a double count-out, Fooda!”
Fooda: “Good, Carter will keep the belt!”

Both men are now just starting to move!



Carlos: “Very clever move from Unknown. Rolling to the outside and landing on his feet to break the count, instead of climbing to his feet.”

Unknown rests his head face down on the guardrail as Joel Carter slowly gets to his feet using the ropes. Seeing Unknown on the outside, Joel Carter uses all of his energy to run to the opposite side of the ring and come back, HITTING A HEAT SEEKING MISSLE! BUT HE GOES TOO FAR AND LANDS OVER THE GUARDRAIL IN THE CROWD!!!!!!!!










Carlos: “Both men are out!”
Fooda: “Come on, Joel! This is why you’re the champ! Get in the ring and beat him by countout, a win is a win!”






Unknown is starting to move, but Joel Carter still looks to be out, huffing and puffing hard among a sea of chairs and rabid fans.




Unknown is pulling himself up to the apron!


He reenters the ring! The fans clap in appreciation. Joel Carter is starting to get to his feet as well, using some empty steel chairs around him. The referee continues his count for Joel.


Carlos: “Now if Carter gets counted out, Unknown wins the match, but he does not win the title. And he came to Toronto to win that title, Fooda!”


Carter is loopy but on his feet, still in the crowd.




Carlos: “…HOLY SH*T!”
Fooda: “Don’t these guys have to wrestle TOMORROW NIGHT at the EWA vs. WAC Supershow!?”
Carlos: “I don’t know if they’re gonna make it to tomorrow night!!”

The referee counts again, starting from one, but he can barely be heard over the fans banging on their seats, bleachers, the guardrails, and clapping and screaming.



Carlos: “Both men are down and out in the crowd!”
Carlos: “Sorry, I’m losing my voice!”









Unknown starts to move and push chairs out of the way.



Unknown pulls himself over the guardrail and lands on the cold gym floor, leaving the World Champ behind him.



Unknown climbs back into the ring, and Joel Carter has still not moved! Unknown lays down on the mat, too fatigued to stand on his feet.


Fooda: “No, Carlos! No, no, no!”


Carter is just starting to turn over!


Carter is barely to his feet!


Carlos: “He’s not gonna make it! There’s no way he can get back in in time!”

Carter just plops over the guardrail!


Carter crawls towards the apron!



Carlos: “Well for god’s sake…”

Unknown can’t believe it.

Carlos: “I’m speechless.”

Unknown doesn’t know what to do. Fatigued, he picks up Carter by the hair and cuts his throat. He then puts him on top of his shoulders!

Carlos: “Monroe Driver could be coming up!”


From the momentum, Unknown flips up onto his knees, and in a sudden burst of energy, he charges towards Carter! SPINEBUSTERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Carter in a rage picks up Unknown and whips him into the corner. Unknown reverses it, but Carter reverses it again and brings him back LOCKING IN THE CARTER CLUTCH! CARTER IMMEDIATELY FALLS TO THE GROUND WITH HIM AND LOCKS IN A BODY SCISSORS IN THE CENTER OF THE RING!












Jewel: “The time, twenty-nine minutes and twenty seconds (29:20), your winner, AND STILLLLLLLLLLLL, EWA WORLD CHAMPION, “HIGH IMPACT” JOEL CARTER!”


Carlos: “I can barely talk, Fooda! What a match!”
Fooda: “I can’t contain my happiness!”

The camera shows Fooda standing and clapping for the World Champion. The Triad rushes down to the ring to pick up Joel Carter and kick an unconscious Unknown out of the ring. Josh Storm runs down to the ring and revives Unknown, then flicks off the Triad in the center of the ring. They ignore him and pick up Joel Carter, shoving the referee, raising Carter’s hand and handing him his title. Unknown walks to the back, leaving his team behind him. He stops for a moment and shoves a fan back by his face (the same fan that got into a verbal debate with Valerie Knot before the match). They follow far behind him as the Triad continues to celebrate in the center of the ring. Carter stands on the middle rope and holds his belt high in the air, flicking off The Faith Breakers as they walk backstage. He hops back to the center of the ring where he asks for a mic. Kev Carnage snatches it from Jewel and hands it to Carter.

Carter: One more punk down. They said I couldn't beat Unknown... but I did. They said I couldn't beat Jack Squat... but I did... twice. And now I have to face Phreak... someone who I have already beaten. This is will be even easier than beating that Punk Rodrigo Machado back at Validation.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've all heard about how Phreak went around the world to train. That he is faster now. Faster than anyone has ever seen... You were fast before, too, Phreak... but all it took was one GORE to beat you. And it will be just as easy this time.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: EWA: Night Of Champions

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(A video package is shown highlighting the Atomic Punks and the Royal Appointments)

Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the main event.

The crowd pops in anticipation.

Royal music hits the arena as well as loud boos. The Royal Appointments emerge from the curtain with their Butler, Jenkins. The crowd gets rowdy and starts to throw things at them including trash and a few streamers. They get into the ring and lap up the reaction they are getting out of the fans. Bentley gives the ‘up yours’ gesture getting him more boos. Royce starts posing for the crowd who just throw more stuff at him.

Carlos: The Royal Appointments got here by winning the first Tag Team Battle Royal. They had two weeks rest and look fired up for this match.

The music changes to Van Halen’s The Atomic Punk. The crowd goes nuts to the opening chords. They come out to the stage with Kat Klash. The crowd looks a little confused but get used to it as they do their usual high fives with the fans along the ramp. Streamers of all colors float in high arches toward the Punks and fall around them. They enter the ring as well and get up on side by side turnbuckles getting fired up with the crowd with Kat in the middle pointing to both of them.

Fooda: The Atomic Punks got here by winning the second Tag Team Battle Royal. They changed their look and some of their attitude. Let’s see if their wrestling skills have changed. Take it away Jewel.

The music cuts and Jewel moves into the centre of the ring.

Jewel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following bout is set for one fall and it is to crowd the inaugural EWA Tag Team Champions!

Introducing first standing to my right, being accompanied by Jenkins. From Windsor England, weighing in at a total combined weight of five hundred and twenty pounds, Sir Robert Royce and Lord Richard Bentley, THE ROYAL APPOINTMENTS!!!!

The crowd boos as both Royce and Bentley get pumped up.

Jewel: And their opponents, standing to my left. Being accompanied by Kat Klash, from The Bronx New York City. Weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and forty five pounds, Johnny Rage and Travis Vans, THE ATOMIC PUNKS!!!!

The crowd goes nuts again. Vans gets up on the top rope and gestures for the fans to get louder. They grant him his wish and start to collectively stomp their feet on the ground.

Carlos: The fans are really pumped up for this one.

Fooda: I am too. Let’s start this match already!

Rage goes to the apron as does Royce. Vans and Bentley stay in to start the match. The referee signals of the bell.


The two circle each other a bit before Bentley lunges forward to try and grab Vans but he ducks it and moves out of the way and runs to the ropes for momentum. He tries to hit Bentley with a bicycle kick by the also dodges out of the way. Bentley goes to mule kick Vans but he swats his leg out of the way and bounces out of his range. Bentley swings around to face Vans and leaps forward and manages to grab his arm and whip him into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline but Vans ducks and continues to the opposite ropes. On his way back Bentley catches him in a back body drop by Vans lands on his feet. They both turn to face each other again. Bentley kicks Vans in the gut and picks him up for a suplex but he fights it and turns the move into a tilt-a-whirl slam on Bentley. Vans gets up and goes for a standing shooting star press but Bentley rolls out of the way. Vans nurses his ribs and gets to his feet as Bentley takes a swing at him with a right arm. He dodges it and pushes Bentley front first into the ropes. Vans drops down and catches him in a roll up pin.



Carlos: great series of reversals from these two opponents.

Both get to their feet at the same time to some applause from the fans. Vans grabs Bentley and hits him with a tornado DDT. He then whips him into the ropes. He leap frogs over him on his return then lies on his front as Bentley jumps over him. Vans gets up in a flash and hits Bentley with a spinning wheel kick to the jaw knocking him down. He then gives him a flipping leg drop for good measure. Vans then springs to the top rope.

Fooda: I think he’s going up to the top rope too early.

Carlos: Give him a chance to actually hit the move.

Vans leaps off and hits Bentley square in the chest with a Houston Hangover.

Carlos: Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

He hooks the leg for a pin.

Carlos: Could it be over that easily?



Fooda: Do you ever get tired of being wrong Carlos?

Carlos: Mine was… Oh never mind.

Vans gets to his feet and so does Bentley but slowly, nursing his mid-section. Vans Chops him on his chest then jumps up and locks him in a head scissors. He tries to spin around but Bentley buts a stop to it and brings him up in a powerbomb position and slams him down to the mat. He flips Vans onto his front and locks in the STF.

Fooda: This is a painful submission to be put in. Bentley has Vans almost in the center of the ring. It’s a long way to the ropes.

Carlos: Pressure is being applied to the neck and knee. If Vans gets out of it, the cost will be high.

Vans struggles to move to the ropes and make little progress. Rage and Kat urge him on from the outside. He refuses to give up so Bentley decides to let the submission go and continue to wear him down. He picks him up by the hair then puts him on his shoulders, falling back in a Samoan drop. He too goes for the pin.



Bentley gets up and argues with the referee briefly over what he thinks was a slow count. Vans uses this time to get to one knee and he gets his bearings back. Bentley turns around lurches Vans into the ropes again but he hits Bentley with a crossbody block, foiling any plan he had.

Carlos: Both men are down here

But both are quick to make movement and both go to their corner to tag in their partner. Rage comes in as does Royce the two meet and it resembles a car collision. Royce goes for the shoulder block, knocking Rage on his butt. He gets up quickly and goes for a discus punch to the heart, knocking Royce down to one knee. He gets up as well and then he chops Rage in the chest {BOO!} Rage responds with a chop of his own {YEAH!} Then another one from Royce {BOO!} Then Rage chops him {YEAH!} and follows up quickly with a kick to the gut then hooks him up for a suplex. Royce blocks it and tries to lift Rage up for his own suplex. He blocks it as well. Royce takes a different direction and brings the side of his knee to Rage’s gut, breaking the hold. He goes for another shoulder block but Rage dodges it gives Royce a big boot to the back of his head.

Carlos: I think Royce now how a headache that resembles a hangover.

Royce falls down and Rage quickly tags in Vans. He goes back over to Royce and powerbombs him near the turnbuckle Vans has climbed. He goes to the apron as Vans jumps off the top in a frog splash, landing on Royce. He hooks both legs for the pin.



Royce rolls away and gets up to one knee. Vans goes to him to continue the punishment but Jenkins gets up on the apron distracting the referee. Bentley goes in and takes Vans down with a clothesline from hell then goes back to his corner. Royce gets up and shakes off the cobwebs as Jenkins gets back down. Royce picks up Vans and hits him with a running powerslam. He decides against the pin and whips him into the Royal Appointments corner. He tags in Bentley and both proceed to kick Vans in the gut. Royce then delivers a backbreaker on his knee and holds Vans there. Bentley climbs to the top rope and leaps off in a leg drop on the resting Vans. Royce goes to the apron as Bentley goes for the pin.




Bentley gets up and questions the referee again about his counting skills. Vans tries to roll over to Rage to make the tag but Bentley puts a stop to it by grabbing his foot and dragging him away. He tries to kick him away but Bentley gets him back in the Royal Appointments corner. He lets go of his leg but Vans catches Bentley with a drop toe hold and forces him to fall to the ground. Vans gets to his feet gingerly and drags Bentley away from the corner. He then slaps on a dragon sleeper. Bentley can be heard yelling in pain.

Fooda: Yet another painful and punishing submission to be put in.

Vans yanks back, applying more pressure but Jenkins gets back on the apron distracting the referee yet again.

Carlos: Oh come on! Get rid of this clown!

Fooda: He has a right to be there. He is the Royal Appointments’ butler.

Royce comes in and pulls Vans off Bentley. Rage comes in to try and stop Royce but the referee turns around and forces him back into his corner. Vans goes back over to Rage and tags him in. He gets on the top rope again while Rage goes to pick up Bentley. But he elbows Rage in the gut and before Vans can react, Bentley throws his partner into the corner he is in, knocking him off his feet. Rage stumbles out of the corner as Bentley grabs Vans and uses him as a dart and throws him at Rage.

Fooda: HA! His own partner used against him.

Bentley grabs Vans and tosses him out under the bottom rope. He then turns to Rage and tries to pick him up but he gets elbowed in the gut. Then again. Rage gets to his feet and picks up Bentley for a spine buster. He goes for a pin.



They both get up and Bentley whips Rage into the ropes but Rage stops himself. Bentley runs at him but Rage pulls the rope down forcing him to fall to the outside. He lands on his feet and grabs Rages legs, pulling them out from underneath him. Bentley gets back in the ring and hits Rage with an elbow. He then goes to tag in his partner. Royce comes in and they both double team stomp Rage. The referee tries to get Bentley back into his corner, affording Royce a chance to blindly choke Rage. The referee turns his attention back to them and gets Royce to stop choking Rage. Royce gets up and picks up Rage too. He tries to whip him but Rage reverses and hold on, clotheslining him. He rolls over to tag in Vans. He comes in and hits a series of dropkicks on Royce. He then hits him with a super kick then jumps to the outside, springboarding back in with a corkscrew legdrop. He moves Royce closer to a neutral turnbuckle then climbs it. He signals to the crowd and leaps off in the 630 senton bomb. He goes for the pin but…….

Jenkins is back on the apron and the referee tries to get him to get back down. Royce, in great pain, sees an opportunity and gets up to whip Vans but he reverses and sends Royce accidently hitting the referee and Jenkins off the apron. Jenkins recovers as the referee lays there and goes to get a steal chair from the crowd. Kat comes around and surprises Jenkins by taking the chair off him and throwing it away. Jenkins then threatens Kat with punching her. She backs away, not wanting anything to do with him. Both Punks notice what’s going on and go the outside to stop Jenkins. The Royal Appointments as see this and attack the Punks once they have gotten Kat away from Jenkins and scared him off. The Appointments throw Vans back into the ring and hit him with the beheaded.

Carlos: Oh! This is over. The Royal Appointments have hit the beheaded.

Fooda: I knew they could do it!

The referee comes to just in time to see the pin and counts it.




Carlos – Oh my goodness! HE KICKED OUT! HE KICKED OUT!

Fooda: This guy has heart, I’ll give him that.

Rage comes in and hits Bentley with the double chicken wing piledriver then tosses him out. He hits Royce with a big boot. He goes over the revive Vans and after doing so, signals to the crowd who get fired up, stomping their feet again. Vans gets to the top rope as Rage gives Royce a vicious death valley driver. He goes over to Vans and settles him on his shoulders standing up. He walks slowly over to the motionless Royce and stands with their backs to him. Vans steadies himself and with the help of Rage, springs off his shoulders in a moonsault on top on Royce.

Carlos: We saw this move last week in the battle royal. I believe it is the Atomic Punks new Rumble in the Bronx finisher. IT IS UNBELIEVEABLE!

Fooda: Royce is out. There is no way…

Vans hooks the legs for the pin.




Jewel: Here are your winners and the first EWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! THE ATOMIC PUNKS!!!!!!

Rage comes back in and pulls Vans to his feet, shaking him back to life. Kat also comes in and joins in on the Punk hug. They jump around as the crowd goes nuts for them. The referee gets the new tag team championship belts and hands them to Johnny Rage and Travis Vans. They hug them and yell into the camera


They both give Kat their belts then Rage picks her up onto his shoulders. She holds them up for everyone to see.

Carlos: Our first tag team champions, ladies and gentlemen, are the Atomic Punks.

Fooda: I’ll give credit where it is due. Good on you guys.

The Punks go to the ring side area and do a lap of the fans, high fiving them all. They then head back to the stage and hold up the glittering gold belts one more time.

Carlos: Well that’s it folks. We’re out. Join us next time for more EWA action!

Camera fades to black.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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