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WWR Roster

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WWR Staff Members:

Name: Tony Bastion
Title: WWR Owner
DOB: 12 September 1955
Born: Stamford, Conneticut
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 220lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: 'Sad But True' - Metallica
About: Tony Bastion headed a consortium that purchased seven small wrestling organisations in the US, subsequently merging them to form WWR. Over time Bastion has bought out most of the shareholders and currently owns 87% of WWR. Bastion decided to take a more on screen role as his business partner Shane Lynas (13% shareholder) decided to go back to the ring.

Name: AJ Cross
Title: Play by play announcer
DOB: 9 August 1974
Born: London, England
Height: 5ft8in
Weight: 180lbs
Alignment: Face
About: AJ Cross is the childhood best friend of WWR Superstar and shareholder Shane Lynas, he is the play by play announcer for all WWR shows. AJ has never stepped in a ring as a wrestler but has had a lifelong passion for the wrestling business, he is also head of scouting for WWR and spends much of his spare time searching out new talent in the Indys.

Name: James 'JD' Driver
Title: Ring Announcer
DOB: 23 January 1970
Born: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 150lbs
Alignment: Face
About: A long time fan of pro wrestling, JD was an amateur competitor winning many state championships when he was a teen, he never made the jump to the professional ranks as he prefered to help train new talent. He still trains youngsters to this day.

Name: Xander Chapman
Title: Backstage Interviewer
DOB: 30 March 1982
Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 194lbs
Alignment: Face
About: Xander Chapman is backstage interviewer for all shows, he is somewhat new to the role after being thrown in at the deep end. He was originally part of the camera crew.

WWR Superstars

Name: 'The Scorpion' Vade Kruger
DOB: 1 January 1980
Born: Warrington, England
Height: 6ft 4in
Weight: 260lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: 'Slither' - Velvet Revolver
Ringstyle: Power Technician
Trained By: Bret Hart, Sting, Goldberg
Physique Comparison: Texas Tornado
Moves: Belly to belly overhead release suplex, flying shoulderblock, various Suplexes, clothesline, splash in corner, dropkick, spinning heelkick, backbreaker, legdrop, suicide dive, Moonsault
Special Moves: 'VVT' (Reverse DDT), 'Stinger' (Suplex into DDT)
Finisher: 'Krugenator' (Suplex into Stunner) 'Vadernator' (RkO from any position) Anaconda Vice, Dragon Sleeper
Accomplishments: 2 time current WWR World Heavyweight Champion, 1 time WWR World Tag Team Champion, 1 time BCW World Champion, 3 time BCW International Champion, 3 time BCW World Tag Team Champion
About: Vade was born and raised in Warrington, England by a working class family. A wrestling fan from the age of 4, he used to practice as a kid in the back living room of his parents house, then later on the park he would wrestle other kids for sweets and other childhood treats. He is the cornerstone of WWR. In the eyes of WWR Galaxy he can do no wrong..........or can he?

Name: Shane Lynas
DOB: 16 March 1975
Born: United Kingdom
Height: 6ft2
Weight: 249lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: “Dragonfly” by Shaman’s Harvest
Ringstyle: Technical Brawler
Trained By: BCW Training Academy
Physique Comparison: Edge
Moves: Gutwrench Powerbomb, Suplex, German Suplex, Belly to Back Suplex, Belly to Belly Suplex, Neckbreaker, Superkick
Special Moves: Snapping DDT (Opponent is kneeling instead of bending), Spinebuster
Finisher: Third Degree (Fireman’s Carry into Cutter)
Accomplishments: 1x WWR World Champion, 1x WWR Tag Team Champion
About: Shane Lynas began training at BCW’s academy alongside other notable WAC talent including his lifelong best friend from England, WWR’s play-by-play announcer AJ Cross and he very quickly rose through their ranks winning various accolades & championships, however, an unfortunate injury put Shane Lynas on the shelf for a considerable amount of time, Shane however, turned negative to positive & used this time to learn the business & was brought into the WWR as its inaugural President & Creative Director, Shane left this post to return to the ring for various feuds which included a World Championship reign & a short Tag Team Championship reign, but after another injury Shane Lynas was re-assigned as WWR President & Creative Director. This is the position he’s held ever since.

Name: Bobby Anderson
DOB: 24 January 1986
Born: Las Vegas, Nevada
Height: 6ft 4
Weight: 258lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: "I Get Off" by Halestorm
Ringstyle: Technical Brawler
Trained By: Shane Lynas
Physique Comparison: Robert Roode
Moves: Suplexes, Neckbreakers, Sharpshooter, Texas Clover-Leaf, Powerbomb
Special Moves: Spinebuster from turnbuckle (He set his opponent on the turnbuckle, climbs to second rope & spinebusts off of it)
Finisher: Class A Kick (Superkick)
About: Trained by Shane Lynas along with Scott Williams, was called up to WWR’s main roster when Shane Lynas re-assumed the WWR President role. His biggest match to date was a quick win over Scott Williams at Meltdown, the winner receiving Shane Lynas’s managerial services. A legitimate knockout caused Bobby Anderson to have the match won in under 2 minutes.

Name: Gutierrez Fernandez
DOB: 7-11-1984
Born: Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 260lbs
Alignment: Cocky Heel
Entrance Theme: Atrevete te te - Calle 13
Ringstyle: Comedy Luchador
Trained By: Fray Fernando (not really a wrestler, an actual priest)
Physique Comparison: Chavo Guerrero Sr (but not as old)
Moves: Armdrag, Jumping Armdrag, Back Drop, Suplex, Leg Sweep, huracarana, leg-scissors takedown, armbar, kneelift, eye poke, Top Rope plancha, Alabama Slam, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, fireman carry, dropkick, standing senton.
Special Moves: Tacos and Burritos (Top Rope Huracarana), Buenos Dias (Running Clothesline to the corner)
Finisher: The Mexican Dream (Top Rope Arm Takedown to a Chicking Wing), The Mexican WMD (Tope Suicida to the outside)
Accomplishments: 13 time Zihuatanejo's Most Handsome man award winner.
About: Gutierrez Fernandez comes from the biutiful land of zihuatanejo, always a poor child, he took on the teachings of Fray Fernando, because he was soo bad at school (like I-got-dropped-as-a-baby bad), the priest started using him for entertainment in the town's parties. One day, he saw a lucha libre match in a local park in his town at one of these parties, and knew for sure he wanted to become the next Universe Ultimate Champion of the World (he doesn't know this title doesn't exist), and so he started picking up fights with random people in town in order to train. After escaping the local jail (yes, he was in jail for attacking random people) he fled to the united states of american land to fulfill his destiny as a fighter. One day he was prostituting himself dressed as a lady and WWR Owner Tony Bastion tried to pick him up, after finding the truth behind Fernandez's disguise, Tony was ashamed and decided to kill GF (as he likes to be called by facebook friends), but unfortunately for him, Fernandez had made a hidden video tape and blackmailed Bastion for a spot in the WWR roster.

Name: Chris Everlast
DOB: 7 August 1988
Born: Miami, Florida
Height: 6ft1in
Weight: 226lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: 'Its So Easy' - Guns N Roses
Quotes: "And I, will leave an Everlasting Impression on YOU - And the fans!!!" and "Did I offend you yet?"
Ringstyle: Dirty, Highflying Technician
Trained By: Guerrero family, wrestling schools in Japan
Physique Comparison: John Morrison
Moves: All kinds of Suplexes, Armtrap Neckbreaker, Thumb to the eye, flying crossbody, springboard dropkick, slap to the face of kneeling opponent, Picture Perfect Dropkick (Semi Signature), Lucha DDT, Spike DDT
Special Moves: Steals his opponents signatures and finishers, montage of 3 suplexes in a row, High Angle Uppercut (Like Goldust), Double Footstamp onto a lying opponents chest.
Finisher: My World (Burning Hammer), Everlasting Impression (Cutter from the top rope), Dragontamer (Sharpshooter with a knee to the back)
Accomplishments: 1 time current WWR Continental Champion
About: Chris Everlast is one of the youngest, most confident, passionate wrestlers in the promotion with a drive to win by any means necessary, not neglecting getting outside help from his close friends, Tokyo Drift and his girlfriend, Terasa Black.

Name: Fergal Kiley
DOB: Unknown
Born: Kildare, Ireland
Height: 6ft 7in
Weight: 287lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: 'Sign Of Evil'
Ringstyle: Sheamus
Trained By: William Regal, Dave Finlay, Larry Sharpe
Physique Comparison:
Moves: Gorilla Press Slam, Multiple Powerslam variants, Hangmans Neckbreaker, Multiple Suplex variations, Full Nelson, Falling Headbutt, Cobra Clutch, Curb Stomp
Special Moves: Ura-nage Sideslam, Chokeslam (One or two handed), Enzigiuri, Heel Hook, Diving Headbutt, Tiger Driver
Finisher: 'The Stake' (Jumping Spike Piledriver), 'Four-Leaf Clover' (Elevated Cloverleaf), 'Decapaitation' (Tower Of London), 'Crucifiction' (Delayed Razors Edge from second rope), 'Eternal Damnation' (Omega Driver from top rope or ladder)

Name: Sinister
DOB: Not Known
Born: Parts Unknown
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: "Shock" by Fear Factory
Quotes: No pass, No play, No survivors!
Ringstyle: Technical Brawler/Powerhouse
Trained By: Undertaker, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Kane
Physique Comparison: Shawn Michaels (Mid 1990's)
Moves: Eye Poke, Back Rake, Drop Toe Hold, Arm Bar, Ankel Lock, Russian Leg Sweep, Dropkick, Missile Dropkick, Suplex, Superplex, Belly to Back Suplex, Samoan Drop, Fishermans Suplex, Clothesline, Texas Cloverleaf, Boston Crab, DDT, Double Arm DDT, Reverse DDT, Neckbreaker, Reverse Neckbreaker, Backbreaker, Flying Crossbody, Oklahoma Slam, Football Tackle to Knee, Figure 4, Scoop Power Slam
Special Moves: Farooq Spinebuster [usually taunts opponent by staring them down then by slowly looking to the crowd before using Finisher], Shining Wizard
Finisher: Sharpshooter [Bret's], The Incinerator[A left cross followed by a right hook with a kick to the gut followed by an uppercut with a reverse Rock Bottom to finish (the one that Muhammad Assan used)]
Accomplishments: First two matches with Kane resulted in squash matches followed by taking Kane to the limit at a Burried Alive Match, trainined in the Hart Family Dungeon
About: First discovered by Undertaker, Sinister was trained up until The Ministry was formed and Taker wasn't able to devote any more time to training. Wandered through Calgary's inidi promotions before being picked up by Bret Hart and training in The Dungeon. During a cross promotion feud, was also picked up by Ric Flair and began to alternate training between Flair and Hart. Some time later, beat Kane easily in two different dark matches. Kane then challenging Sinister to a cage match some weeks later and again being defeated. Impressed enough to take Sinister under his Wing. Burried Alive match between Teacher and Student went back and forth until Kane gained the upper hand. Now "coming back from the grave" seeks revenge against Kane. A mercenary, will do anything for money, no matter who pays him..he gets the job done.

Name: Vance Valentine
DOB: 17 November 1978
Born: Tall Acre House, Sacramento, California
Height: 6ft3in
Weight: 249lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme:
Quotes: 'Im sorry, Im too good to know you'
Ringstyle: Technician
Trained By: Dean Malenko
Physique Comparison: Brutus Beefcake
Moves: German Suplex, Forearm Smash, Leg Lariot, Backbreaker, Superplex, Reverse Neckbreaker
Special Moves: DDT - (Jake Roberts style)
Finisher: 'Heartbreaker' (Splash off the top rope)
Accomplishments: Highly recognised wrestler in Japan, held many Japanese titles
About: Vance Valentine dropped out of school and lived on the streets for three years, fighting and doing stunts for money. He eventually took up wrestling and relocated to Japan. He wrestled over there for a few years, winning many titles and gaining huge notoriety in the land of the rising sun.

Name: Jesse Phillips
DOB: 6 July 1987
Born: Rome, Georgia
Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 227lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: 'Bad To The Bone'
Quotes: 'Darkness cant be judged by the clothes on your back but the cloud on your heart'
Ringstyle: Fast, Technical
Trained By: Jake Roberts, Shawn Michaels
Physique Comparison: Jake Roberts
Moves: Clothesline, Bodyslam, Armdrag, Suplex,
Flying Elbow, Tilt-a-whirl Slam, Dropkick, Scoop Powerslam
Special Moves: Thrust Kick, Short Arm Clothesline, Kneelift
Finisher: Jake Brake DDT, Kneelift into DDT
Accomplishments: Has won many Championships in Japan and UK
About: A lone Rocker that plays by his own rules and has a sadistic style of wrestling, doesnt care who he hurts to get what he wants.

Name: Big Bad Booty Daddy (BBBD)
DOB: 17 October 1985
Born: Nottingham, England
Height: 6ft1in
Weight: 244lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: 'Daddy Cool' - Placebo
Ringstyle: Powerhouse
Trained By: William Regal
Physique Comparison: Scott Steiner
Moves: Various Suplexes, Clotheslines and Flying attacks. Press Slam, Spinebuster, Piledriver, Gutbuster, Backbreaker, Elbow off the top rope
Special Moves: Running Knee to the Head, Reverse Neckbreaker
Finisher: 'Tower Of London'
Accomplishments: Former 1 time BCW International Heavyweight Champion, former 2 time BCW World Tag Team Champion
About: BBBD is a former bodybuilder turned pro wrestler, his passion for the business started early when he used to watch re-runs of 'World Of Sport' with his father, one half of Awesome Booty

Name: The Awesome One (TAO)
DOB: 6 December 1989
Born: London, England
Height: 6ft1in
Weight: 229lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme:
Quotes: "No, Im Awesome!!"
Ringstyle: Technical
Trained By: William Regal
Physique Comparison: Edge
Moves: Clothesline, Spinning Heel Kick, Shoulderbreaker, Knee Drop
Special Moves: Side Suplex, Missile Dropkick
Finisher: Blockbuster, Frogsplash
About: One half of 'Awesome Booty' TAO is one of the most promisiing new stars in WAC

Name: Michael Mark Adams (MMA)
DOB: 24 August 1990
Born: Toronto, Canada
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 240lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme:
Quotes: "Peeeeaaaacccce!"
Ringstyle: Technical
Trained By: CM Punk
Physique Comparison: Bryan Danielson
Moves: Headbutt, Various MMA strikes and kicks, German Suplex, Legdrop off the second rope, Backbreaker, Flying Headbutt
Special Moves: Frankensteiner, 10 Strike combo in corner
Finisher: 'TAPOUT!' (Crossface Variant)
Accomplishments: 1 time WAC Continental Champion
About: Kicked out of MMA camp for being too aggressive, Adams has been in trouble with the law for assaulting people on various occasions.

Name: Viggo Dynamite
DOB: 17 May 1981
Born: Pierre, South Dakota
Height: 6ft 4in
Weight: 257lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: 'Aint It Fun' - Guns N Roses
Quotes: "I am Dynamite!!"
Ringstyle: Power Technician
Trained By: Curt Hennig
Physique Comparison:
Moves: German overhead release suplex, DDT, Suplex, Flying Clothesline, Shoulder Tackle in the corner, Swinging Neckbreaker, Dragon Suplex, Frankensteiner, Running Dropkick, Snapmare/Neckbreaker combo,
Special Moves: Suplex Montage (Suplex, Gutwrench, German) Running Frontkick (Sheamus), Superkick, Pumphandle Cutter
Finisher: Viggoplex (Perfectplex)
Accomplishments: 1 time WAC Continental Champion
About: Viggo comes from an average family, he excelled in sports as a kid, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Darts, Wrestling..........you name it, he excelled in it.

Name: Terry Malone
DOB: 24 July 1976
Born: Las Vegas, Nevada
Height: 6ft10in
Weight: 320lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: 'Come With Me' - P. Diddy
Ringstyle: Powerhouse
Trained By: Shane Lynas
Physique Comparison: Matt Morgan
Moves: Big Boot, Sidewalk Slam, Samoan Drop, Clothesline, Gorilla Press Slam, Powerslam
Special Moves: Running Big Boot, Spinebuster, Flying Shoulderblock
Finisher: Mega Chokeslam
Accomplishments: Former 2 time WAC World Tag Team Champion
About: Previously served as a bodyguard many celebrities and bands before turning to wrestling following bumping into Shane Lynas at a film preview after party. Member of Exodus

Name: Adam Griffin
DOB: 30 March 1983
Born: Jacksonville, Florida
Height: 6ft6in
Weight: 295lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: 'Come With Me' - P. Diddy
Ringstyle: Powerhouse
Trained By: Shane Lynas
Physique Comparison: Nathan Jones
Moves: Big Legdrop, Corner Splash, Gutwrench Suplex, Falling Headbutt
Special Moves: Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, Facebuster, Flapjack
Finisher: Jacknife Powerbomb
Accomplishments: Former 2 time WAC World Tag Team Champion
About: Adam Griffin was discovered wrestling a friend at a local independent show by Shane Lynas who was staying in the area and attending secretly. Lynas was so impressed with Griffin that he signed him up to a training program within 3 days, following intensive training Adam was sent to some small organisations by Lynas before being brought into WAC.

Name: Mike McGrath
DOB: 24 October 1988
Born: Detroit, Michigan
Height: 6ft1in
Weight: 245lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: 'Highway To Hell' - ACDC
Ringstyle: Technical
Trained By: Shawn Michaels
Physique Comparison: Steve Blackman
Moves: Dropkick, Legdrop, Elbow Drop, Suplex, Neckbreaker, Side Russian Legsweep
Special Moves: Jumping DDT, Flying Leg Lariot
Finisher: German Suplex Bridge
About: Mike demands perfection from every move he executes, and is often over critical of himself

Name: Bryan Dean
DOB: 1 April 1981
Born: Baltimore, Maryland
Height: 6ft2in
Weight: 240lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: 'Come With Me' - P. Diddy
Ringstyle: Technical
Trained By: Chris Benoit, Homicide
Physique Comparison: Shawn Michaels
Moves: Fishermans Suplex, German Suplex, Neckbreaker, Clothesline off the top rope
Special Moves: Triple German SUplex, Crossbody, Piledriver
Finisher: Diving Headbutt off the top
Accomplishments: Former 1 time BCW International Champion
About: A master of mat grappling and the suplex, Bryan Dean craves success and gold. His variation of the diving headbutt is a tribute to the late great Chris Benoit, who helped train him.

Name: Johnny Bishop
DOB: 9 October 1979
Born: Sacramento, California
Height: 6ft3in
Weight: 240lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: "Its Not War" - Manic Street Preachers
Ringstyle: Techincal
Trained By: Finlay, Dean Malenko
Physique Comparison: Tito Santana
Moves: Clothesline, Backdrop, Bodyslam, Legdrop, Flying tackle, Neckbreaker, backbreaker, Back Suplex, Atomic Drop
Special Moves: Figure Four, Boston Crab, Front Facelock into DDT
Finisher: 'Bishopsgate' (Running Powerslam into Dragon Sleeper, then into Reverse DDT)
Accomplishments: Very first WAC Dynamics Champion
About: Bishop is a Californian preacher turned wrestler, he often prays in the ring before a match. He hosts the show 'Bishops Sermon' on WAC Vortex.

Name: El Omen
DOB: Unknown
Born: Mexico
Height: 6ft1in
Weight: 223lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme:
Ringstyle: High flyer
Trained By: Vampiro
Physique Comparison: Kidman
Moves: Cross Body, Flying Clothesline, Dropkick, Spinning Heelkick
Special Moves: Moonsault, Cutter, Missile Dropkick
Finisher: Blockbuster
About: A Devil worshipper, El Omen is a great athlete who puts all his faith in his ability. However he sometimes has flashbacks to his time in a mexican youth hostel where he was subject to torture.......when this happens he tends to go a little nuts

Name: Darko Pallas
DOB: 3 November 1976
Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Height: 6ft5in
Weight: 330lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: Generic Rock Music
Ringstyle: Powerhouse
Trained By: Vader
Physique Comparison: Kane
Moves: Clothesline, Suplex, Hip Toss, Camel Clutch, Knee drop
Special Moves: Big Splash, running tackle, flying clothesline, Powerslam, Sideslam
Finisher: Powerbomb
About: Heavily into the Occult, and is reported to have been involved in human sacrifices

Name: Mason Garrett
DOB: 12 February 1987
Born: Atlanta, Georgia
Height: 6ft2in
Weight: 260lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: 'My Sacrifice' - Creed
Ringstyle: Bret Hart (Technical)
Trained By: Kevin Von Erich
Physique Comparison: Scott Steiner (Pre Big Poppa Pump)
Moves: Clothesline in the corner, Dropkick, Belly to Belly Suplex, Gutwrench Suplex, German Suplex, various holds
Special Moves: Double Underhook Powerbomb, Legdrop from top rope
Finisher: Frankensteiner, Backslide Drop (opponent set on top rope and dropped)
Accomplishments: Former Northern Heavyweight champion
About: Just a regular guy, high intensity and loves wrestling.

Name: Vladimir Danko
Born: Vologograd, Russia
Height: 6ft7in
Weight: 303lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: A rock version of the Russian national anthem
Quotes: "Welcome!"
Ringstyle: Brawler
Trained By: Nikolai Volkoff
Physique Comparison: Hulk Hogan
Moves: Bear Hug, German Suplex, Neckbreaker
Special Moves: Chokeslam, running clothesline
Finisher: Full Nelson Slam
Accomplishments: Four Time RPWF Champion
About: Danko is a Russian Superstar. Unlike most Russian characters in pro wrestling during the 80s and 90s, Danko is a nice guy who only wants to have a happy and successful career.

Name: The Challenger
Height: 6ft5in
Weight: 335lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: NONE
Quotes: NONE
Ringstyle: Brawler
Trained By: UNKNOWN
Physique Comparison: Haku
Moves: Bodyslam, Hip Toss, Big Boot
Special Moves: Scoop Powerslam, Spear, Big Splash
Finisher: Powerbomb
Accomplishments: UNKNOWN
About: Not much is known about the Challenger except he is very aggressive and wears a mask

Name: 'Cowboy' Harris
DOB: 23 September 1978
Born: Austin, Texas
Height: 6ft2in
Weight: 276lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: Generic Country Music
Quotes: 'Whoa there'
Ringstyle: Brawler
Trained By: Barry Windham
Physique Comparison: Barry Darsow
Moves: Backbreaker, Double Axehandle, Boston Crab
Special Moves: Sleeper, Double Arm Suplex, Splash in the corner
Finisher: Flying Lariat
About: A horrible, selfish pig of a man. Has no respect for anyone and chews tobacco, spitting it randomly whenever he pleases.

Name: NNTK
DOB: Friday the 13th
Born: The Netherworld
Height: 6'6
Weight: 280lbs
Allignment: Super Heel
Entrance Theme: Antichrist by Venom
Quotes: "You Just Shut The Hell Up." If You Were Smart Youd Leave."
RIngstyle: Aggresive Brawler/Roughneck Powerhouse
Trained By: Kevin Sullivan,Kane,Raven, And Rhyno.
Physique Comparison: Tyler Reks
Moves: Stunner,Firemans Carry Into Knee Gutbuster,Double Underhook Backbreaker,Variety of Stiff Lariets,Uranage Slam,Neckbreaker,Knee Drop,Strike Combination In Corner,D.V.D,.
Special Moves: Torture Rack Neckbreaker,Tombstone Piledriver,Inverted Headlock Backbreaker,Top Rope Samoan Drop,Sitdown Powerbomb,Gorilla Press Spearbuster.Low Blow Kick,Gorilla Press Off Top Rope.
Finishers: Lifetaker Kick(Brogue Kick/Jumping Big Boot From Anywheres) ,Chokeslam,The Bloodstain(Top Rope Pedigree).
Accomplishments: Former One TIme WWR World Champion, Former One TIme WWR Dynamics Champion.
About: NNTK came into WWR long ago before the name change when looking to make an impact. Before long he was World Heavyweight Champion, that inluded President Shane Lynas getting back into the ring for a title match. Now hes resurfaced yet again in WWR once again

Name: David Berard
DOB: 24 March 1986
Born: Boston, Massachusetts
Height: 6ft 10in
Weight: 285lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: Headstrong - Trapt
Ringstyle: Powerhouse, Brawler
Trained By: Matt Morgan, Kurt Angle
Physique Comparison: Matt Morgan
Moves: Various Clotheslines, Big Boot, DDT, European Uppercut
Special Moves: Gutwrench Powerbomb, AA Spinebuster, Jackhammer
Finisher: WTC [World Trade Center] (top rope jacknife powerbomb)
Accomplishments: Former Heavyweight champion in Mexican Demongate
About: He went to Boston College in Boston Massachusetts and played basketball, leading the school to the championship all 4 years. He started training for pro wrestling in his 3rd year of college

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