WWR Vortex - Show 10

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WWR Vortex - Show 10

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 19th, '12, 11:22

~The opening credits roll and vintage style music plays~

AJ "Welcome everyone to WWR Vortex!!!"

~The camera flies over the crowd who wave then it shoots over to the announce table~

AJ "Tonight we have the semi finals of the Continentsl title tournament"

Mike "Well actually we only have one match as today it was announced that The Booty Daddy has been officially disqualified, this means Chris Everlast recieves a bye into the final."

AJ "Yes having attacked Ryan Ignatius in the back before the match it has been decided by the powers that be so Daddy is out of the tournament."

Mike "Thats not all, he HAS to defend the tag team titles tonight and since Awesome Booty are no more he will either have to find himself a parnter or defend them alone!!"

AJ "The way I see it he doesnt have many friends right now!!"

Mike "Totally agree, we will also hear from the world champion Sassafras on the attack by NNTK last week."

AJ "Yes that underhanded attack with a chain surely will not go without a reply."
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Big Bad Booty Daddy
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 10

Post by Big Bad Booty Daddy » Jul 22nd, '12, 04:29

Daddy Cool By Placebo starts playing.

A chorus of boos is heard thoughout the arena. BBBD comes out in a black suit and white shirt and a tag belt over each shoulder. He has a furious look on his face. he climbs into the ring and picks up the microphone.

BBBD - "WOAH, WOAH, WOAH. SO let me get this straight just because that little bitch Ryan Ignatius got jumped and couldnt make his match with me last week, which may i add he would have lost anyway. I get stripped of my Continents title chance AND have to put up both tag titles.

I would just like to ask WWR officials where their proof is that i was involved in this heighnest attack. You see there is not a possible chance i could have attacked Ignatius and ran across the other side of the arena to make my way out for our match in the small amount of time the tv show was being broadcast. SO i hate to break it to you fine gentleman but my hands are clean on this one.

You see this is my whole point. I was here from DAY ONE!!! Same as Kruger and Lynas. Lynas went on to brown nose a few people and work his way up to chief brown noser of WWR then made some match ect, Vade went on to be World Champion proberly the best World CHampion this company has ever seen. But what was in store for Daddy. I get stuck in the tag division with some jumped up hot headed rookie, carried his arse to tag team gold and thats it.

Then you get guys like NNTK, Chris Everlast and Sassafras getting title shots after being with the company for less then a year. This is bulls***. Where was my world title shot??

Daddy doesnt get a shot at it because WWR management knows, just like all these fans do that i can beat everybody in that lockeroom and i will be World Champion!!!

Now i'd like to introduce you to someone, hit the music daddio"

- Zero By Smashing Pumpkins plays

A tall man appears from the back, stocky, bald head, in a grey suit and blue shirt and sunglasses on he walks to the ring. He shakes Daddys hand.

BBBD - "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIDER!!! So if WWR changes the game, then i change the players. Raider is 6ft 6inches tall. Hes 290 ilbs. He hails from the mean streets of Harlem, New York. Hes had 30 fights, undeafted in all 30 and has knocked out 15 of his opponents. Raider isnt a wrestler, hes an animal and Raider is the answer to me getting my World Title shot!!

So WWR officials i'll get in your little title match tonight. Bring who you want cause Raider will be my partner. If we loose, which we wont, ill give u these tag team belts and hold my hands up and say the better team won. BUT this is the part where it gets interesting, when me and Raider win you add us both to the title tournement!!!"

AJ - "That is huge"

Mike - "Yeah i cant see WWR officals agreeing to this tho"

BBBD -"If you know whats good for WWR then you'llknow that this makes sense, this makes tv ratings, this makes money!!! BUT if we dont get what we want, maybe other wrestlers may have to go "missing""

Music plays and BBBD and Raider head to the back

AJ -"Did you here that Mike, if we dont get what we want then maybe other wrestlers will go missing, soDaddy was involved"

Mike - "Maybe it wasnt Daddy that attacked Ignatius. Maybe it was that unit that came to the ring"

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 10

Post by KILLdozer » Jul 29th, '12, 18:28

Sacrilegious Scorn bursts out with a shout and NNTK appears on the stage as he tapes his right fist and slips the left armband on as the crowd roars with boos.

He lifts one fist into the air over his head,stoically walking down to the ring, as the stare in his eyes never changes.

AJ: This is the man that said the entire world should look out for him then later that same night left the WWR World Heavyweight Champion knocked flat unconscious with a steel chain shot in the head!

Mike:The man was addressing the crowd after his recent win and no one ever saw it coming as he shocked the planet!

AJ :Remember he also made sure Gutierrez Fernandez was fired earlier that evening as well...Middle finger in the face and then crushed him like that!

Mike:He laid him out with three elbows in the head and kneed his face off!

Introducing,weighing in at 350 pounds,hailing all the way from The Other Side Of The Burning Fires Of The Netherworld...N! N! T! K!

And his opponents in this three on one handicap match,weighing in at a combined weight of 750 pounds,Joe Meyers,Paul Jones,And Bill Williams!

AJ:And this is a three against one match!

Mike:This is the perfect moment for him with everyones attention in WWR on HIM now!

NNTK steps up into the ring as the men look ready,and then he removes his bandana and "No Mercy No Guilt/Only Violence Only Bloodshed" black shirt. Immediately Bill Williams rushes him and the bell rings and NNTK shoves him right off forcefully with a hand around the neck. Paul Jones swarms him and gets crushed with a stiff right hand and falls to the mat. Joe Meyers comes leaping forward and is lifted right over head in a miltary press and released and takes a kick in the head on the way down!

AJ:Holy shit hes destroying them all!!!!


Williams rushes again and gets cracked on the jaw with a spinning backfist that sends him flying. Jones sprints across the ring and gets grabbed under the arms and lifted up and eats five headbutts in a row before being flipped around horizontally in his arms and flung backwards with a fallaway slam . Meyers dives right at him as he leaps forward but NNTK catches him in the air and bullrushes him across the ring and sets him sitting on the top rope and instantly uppercuts him right him off with a massive impact as he falls to the foor!

AJ:A damn war machine!

Mike:NNTK is on an explosive tear here!

NNTK grabs both Williams and Jones around the neck and jerks them straight from the mat right into the air as he nearly kills them with a double chokeslam.

Then he heaves them both over his shoulders at once and walks to the top turnbuckle in the corner then dives off backwards and pummels both Jones and Williams with a double Samoan drop.

Meyers still hasnt moved on the outside as NNTK raises a fist in the air again as the crowd explodes with boos before he turns around sends them both up and down with a 2 on 1 Endless rage with monstrous strength.

He stacks them both on top of each with a bodyslam then places a foot on the chest of Jones on top.




The bell rings and Sacreligous Scorn blares again as the boos bounce off the walls. NNTK raises a fist once more and then puts his bandanna and tee shirt on again and exits the ring.

He heads around to where Meyers still lays flat and yanks him up without any effort then in the blink of an eye has him flipped over around and spikes him with a Vertebreaker on the floor,drilling him with blood curdling impact as the fans gasp. NNTK walks away like as he done as medics and EMTS rush out and they begin to help Meyers up when suddenly out of nowheres NNTK is back as he lays him out hard with a sickening stiff punt kick right in the side of the skull as fans cry out with gasps and boos. The medics and EMT's immediately try to get between them as security rushes out as well now and does the same yelling and screaming. NNTK merely stares down at him and then turns and leaves for good this time as he heads up the ramp and backstage.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 10

Post by Chris Everlast » Aug 1st, '12, 18:00

Xander: ''Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, here I am with none other former Continental champ Chris Everlast who after the stunning events of last week has gotten to the finals of the tournament for the vacant WWR Continental Championship. Everlast, do you count yourself lucky to not have to face BBBD in the ring tonight?''

Everlast lifts an eyebrow, shaking his head.

Everlast: ''Not at all. He would've made good practice before my match with Fergal Kiley.''

Xander: ''But.. Kiley isn't qualified for the finals yet?''

Everlast: ''Hah, let's be honest here, Xander. Think about it. Johnny Bishop versus Fergal Kiley - Do you really think that Bishop has any chance of beating Kiley?''

Xander is just about to answer, but Everlast suddenly gets shoved right into the camera, sending it and the camera man to the ground. It cuts to the commentators, AJ and Mike.

AJ: ''Uhm, well it seems someone has attacked Everlast backstage.. Wait, look at the ramp!''

Davis Hardy bursts out of the curtains, dragging Everlast along the floor with a towel tied around the former WWC Continental Champion's neck, all to the crowd's approval.

Mike: ''Oh no, it's Davis 'the Sore Loser' Hardy!''

AJ: ''He did get cheated out of the win last week, Mike, I'm pretty sure he has a right to be mad!''

Hardy picks Everlast up in a gorilla press, and throws him in over the rop rope, and then briskly walks around the ring to the bellringer, grabbing the man and throwing him onto the announce table.

Mike: ''Damnit, what the hell is he doing?! He's damaging company property and employees!''

Hardy picks the bell up and rings it. He slides into the ring and waits for Everlast to get the towel off his neck and stand up, and as fast as he turns around he smashes Everlast right over the head with it, sending Everlast into a pirouette and onto the floor.

AJ: ''OW! That was vicious! Everlast is bleeding all over the place!''

With a big grin, Hardy flops the bleeding, lifeless Everlast over and puts a boot on his chest, holding one hand up, lifting one finger at a time as he counted.

Davis: ''ONE! TWO! THREE!''

To a lukewarm reception he goes out of the ring, leaving Everlast and the bell in the squared ring, to no music or fireworks as Everlast is carried out.

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 10

Post by KILLdozer » Aug 13th, '12, 14:12

AJ: "And right now we are about to hear from the WWR World Heavyweight Champion on the attack last week that left him unconscious in the ring!!!"

McGrath: "He was hit with a steel chain and knocked out at the end of the night!"

The crowd cheers with an eruption as the camera shifts to Sassafras Roach walking down the hall backstage,on the way to the gorilla position when as he turns a corner,NNTK crashes him from the shadows with a Spinning Backfist strike right in the side of the head,assisted by a pair of silver brass knuckles. Roach is laid flat out as he's taken down off his feet from the shot and lays unconscious on the floor.

The World title falls off his shoulder in the mist of all this and NNTK picks it up in both hands and looks directly into the gold at his own reflection as it shines and the arena fills with a chorus of boos from every corner as he drops the belt down onto the back of Roach's head.

NNTK merley looks down over him with an unwavering,fierce determined gaze and then turns around and walks away from him as more boos continue on.

AJ: "That's twice now the World Champ has gotten laid out before he knows it!"

Mcgrath: "NNTK let the planet know where he prepared to go last week and ever since then he been making the biggest statement! And I guess we won't be hearing from the champion right now after all!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 10

Post by VadeKruger » Aug 14th, '12, 13:08

AJ "So folks following that brutal attack meaning Sassafras, our world heavyweight champion has been laid out by NNTK for two straight weeks, it wont be long before hes knocking on the door for a world title match."

Mike "Well, thing is hes getting noticed so Im betting the championship committee are hatching some kind of plan for that situation. AJ, whats the word on the next PPV?"

AJ "Well we have just received the details of the main event, it will be the WWR World Champion Sassafras Roach teaming up with a mystery partner of his choice to face.....dear oh dear, the team of NNTK...............Titan Dividion..........both members of The Exodus and El Omen!!"

Mike "Five on two?? I dont care who he chooses as his partner thats a no win situation!!"

AJ "Well the WWR hierarchy have decided the sizes and members of each team. Should be interesting!!"

Mike "Yeah well I smell a rat!!! Question is who is Sassafras gonna get in as his Partner??"

AJ "I guess he will be looking for a partner in the next few weeks."
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 10

Post by VadeKruger » Aug 29th, '12, 11:52

#Camera flashes to the ring#

JD "This match is set for one fall, in the ring form parts unknown...........THE BLAAAAADE!!!!"

~Blade poses in karate and other martial arts poses before awaiting his opponent~

AJ "The Blade looking ready there....."

~Suddenly the fans start cheering as Mason Garrett appears to his music and heads to the ring slapping the fans hands~

Mike "Now THIS guy is ready for action!! Hes been winning night after night at the house shows, really pushing his way up the ladder!!!"

AJ "Yea he scored a pinfall win win over MMA this past week, lets see what he can do against the blade!!!"

JD "And his opponent making his way to the ring here is Mason Garretttt!!"

~Garrett enters the ring and waves to the fans, his music stops and the bell rings~

AJ "Here we go!"

~Garrett and the Blade lock up, Garrett with a headlock which blade counters by slipping round the back into a hammerlock. Garrett tries to escape but hes pushed into a corner, ref begins to count~





~Blade lets him out of the corner, Garrett goes for a lock up but Blade drops him with a chop, then an elbow drop. Mason gets to his feet only to be dropped again with a thrust to the throat. As he lays on the floor gasping for air The Blade locks in an armbar~

AJ "Blade looking good here, Mason looks hurt after that throat blow."

Mike "Notice how The Blade didnt go for the cover, he knows he cant beat Garrett that easily."

~Garrett gets his breath back and gets to his feet, Blade still has the armbar applied. Mason throws him to the ropes breaking the hold in the process but he puts his head down, Blade jumps high in the air looking for an axe kick but Garrett moves out of the way. The fans cheer as Mason hooks Blade over with a hip toss, then an arm drag and a drop kick which sends the blade to the outside of the ring~

AJ "Now Garrett showing some offense, Blade almost got his teeth knocked out!!"

~Garrett waits for the Blade to get back in the ring, Blade climbs onto the apron as Garrett approaches but he slips underneath Masons legs back into the ring, then kicks Garrett right in the head, dropping him to the mat. Blade covers~



~Kick out from Garrett. Blade goes for a reverse chinlock~

AJ "Blade trying to wear down Garrett, smart move to cut the flow of blood off to the brain. Mason may pass out soon if he doesnt do something!!"

Mark "Yes a veteran move from a youngster here, the Blade seems to be improving each time we see him perform!!!"

~Garrett slumps a little and the referee asks him if he wants to give up. Garrett replies with a stern "No." before shaking his arms and getting back to his feet. Blade jumps on his back but Garrett falls backwards, squashing the Blade between himself and the hard mat. The fans start to cheer as Garrett grabs the Blade and lifts him up and over with a Gutwrench Suplex~

AJ "Beautiful!!"

~Garrett again picks up The Blade and applies a double underhook, then lifts him up and drops him down into a Powerbomb type move. Garrett goes to the top rope, as The Blade begins to stir Garrett leaps off and hits a super elbow from the top. Cover~




~Kick out from The Blade. Garrett holds his head in frustration and questions the referees count. As the ref tells Garrett the count was two The Blade sweeps Garrett off his feet, the back of Masons head smacks against the mat. Both men are down for a moment until The Blade springs up and onto the middle of the top rope, he leaps off backwards and hits a moonsault, straight into the cover~




~Mason just gets his shoulder up!! The Blade cant believe it but the fans love it!!"

Mike "This is some match, back and forth, left and right, move after move!! Its like a title match!!"

~The Blade grabs Garrett by his long hair and drags him to his feet, Garrett rolls him up~




~The Blade just kicks him off in time then floors Garrett with a clothesline. The Blade stomps away at Garrett and gives the fans a rude gesture before dropping the leg across the throat of Garrett. The Blade goes to the corner and climbs to the top rope. The fans boo as he verbally abuses them again but he waits too long, Garrett is up and has a grip of Blade in the corner. Garrett flings Blade across the ring, the slap of the Blades body reverberates around the arena~

AJ "OH my goodness Mike, that was devastating!!! Garrett HAS to finish it now surely!!"

Mike "Yeah but Blade has done really well in this one!!"

~Garrett signals to the fans for his finisher, he grabs The Blade and throws him to the ropes but as he jumps for the Hurricanrana, The Blade holds onto the ropes. Garrett smacks the mat. Blade grabs him and lifts him up, then goes for a whip to the ropes, Garrett reverses and launches Blade to the ropes, as he comes off Garrett hits his finisher, ramming the skull of the Blade into the mat. Garrett covers for the win~




#Bell rings#

JD "Ladies and gentlemen yoour winner................MAAASSSOOOOONNNN GAAARRREETTTTT!!!!"

~Garrett has his hand raised in victory as his music plays, The Blade remains laid out on the mat~

AJ "What a good match Mike!!"

Mike "Mason Garrett wins again AJ, hes got a bright future here in WWR!!!"

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 10

Post by VadeKruger » Aug 29th, '12, 11:55


~The camera is in the back, a couple of young wrestlers are talking as Alex Bourne walks past. He stops suddenly and gets right in the faces of the two guys.~

Bourne "Hey what you say motherf**ker??"

Guy 1 "Er....n-nothing sir, we said nothing!!"

Guy 2 "Y-Yeah we w-were just talking ab-bout how you sh-should have m-more TV time!!"

Bourne "You DAMN right!!!"

~Bourne walks away~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 10

Post by KILLdozer » Aug 29th, '12, 14:02

AJ:"Well up next we will have a little tag team action as the hard-hitting brutes,the Gridiron Greats are up next!"

Mike:"We haven't seen a whole whole lot of these guys since debutting last year but what they have done has been very impressive,As always the teams around here are clawing to get to the top!"

The camera shifts backstage to NNTK in the locker room,Powering through a curl bar with gigantic weights on the ends,as he lifts it with incredible superhuman fashion,bringing it to his gut then hurling it right into the air directly over his head,then catching it and pressing it straight up,before dropping it down like a pillow and catching it near his gut and continues to steadily repeat the process over and over as the show cuts to commercial.

"Commercial Break"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 10

Post by KILLdozer » Aug 29th, '12, 14:29

The show returns from the break as AJ and Mike are at the table.

Mike:"Did you see that?!? The amount of weight he was moving like it wasn't Jack Shit! My god no wonder he's in better physical shape than ever!

AJ:"Mike:And Lord knows he's gotta be preparing for the his imminent shot at the World Champion,and he's really got him in his crosshairs! If he can do that to that kind of steel what's he going to do to another man!?!

"American Badass" by Kid Rock hits and the fans erupt as the GridIron Greats appear on stage amping the fans up. They are dressed in their usual full old football uniforms,from head to toe. (Except no cleats of course.)

JD:"From Madison,Wisconsin and Raleigh,North Carolina,Weighing in at a total of 490,Jason Scott,Gunnar Savage,THEEEE GRIDDDDIROOOOONNNN GREAAAAATSSSS!"

Jason Scott wears his Alabama State Gold and Black and Gunner Savage is in the Wisconsin Red and white as they slap each others' shoulders and knock helmets hard as the fans continue to shout.

Mike:"And here we go with this tag match,Scott and Savage are here and boy are they ready!!!"

AJ:"You know this could be a chance for them to make a statement right here tonight to the rest of the tag division!"

The Greats run down the ramp like they're going for a tackle and bumrush right into the apron like its a tackling dummy!

AJ:"These guys are wrestlers now but still LIVE football !"

Mike:"Hahaha what energy and adrenaline!"

They toss their helmets and jerseys into the crowd and their caught as they quickly half run/half march up the steel steps into the ring as the bell rings to start things off.

JD:"And their opponents already in the ring,from Who knows and Who cares,Dalton Bass and Fred Mertz!"

Jason Scott and Mertz start as Savage and Bass stand on the apron,Scott dashes across and shoulder blocks him across the ring as the fans ignite!

Mike:"What a move! No time wasted at all!"

He waits for him to get up and clotheslines him nearly all the way to ASU almost as the fans go nuts!

AJ:"These guys are here for keeps for sure this evening!"

Savage rushes in and lunges a shoulder into the gut of Bass on the apron and knocks him right off,and then he places a fist on the mat behind Mertz,taking a knee as he waits for him to get up...Scott takes a three point stance on the other side of him...

Mike:"Uh oh we know whats coming here!"


Mertz begins to slowly stagger up as they eagerly await...


Mertz stands up and they both explode as they level him with a Hut Hut Hike and then get the three with ease and its over.

AJ:"HIKE! Its done just like that! What a landslide!"

The bell rings and the Gridiron Greats jump up and down together yelling as they celebrate in the ring as the crowd goes crazy as their theme plays again.

The show hits a commercial as the Greats continue the victory party in the ring.

"Commercial break"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 10

Post by VadeKruger » Sep 16th, '12, 09:32

~Camera flashes to the back where Xander Chapman stands with Johnny Bishop~

XC "Johnny thanks for sparing a few moments of your time...."

JB "No problem kid. So whats up?"

XC "Well theres some unrest in the locker that something big is gonna happen in WWR. Something big. Any ideas?"

JB "Not really, but if you remember recently we crowned a brand new world heavyweight champion and he is one pissed off S.O.B. right now due to being attacked ever since he won the strap....."

XC "So thats all you have for me??"

JB "My son, that is correct."

XC "Thanks Johnny. Back to ringside!!"
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