WWR Vortex - Show 3

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WWR Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 22nd, '11, 05:58

~The opening music hits followed by the credits.............then the usual pyro and roar from the crowd~

~Camera opens flying over the crowd as the words 'WWR' shortly followed by 'Vortex' flas across the screen~

~Finally AJ Cross and Mike McGrath come into view~

AJ "Welcome everyone to WWR VORTEX!!! Right here in the Sanitorium tonight we have got SO much action for you, along with all the fallout from WAC Champion Vade Krugers' actions during last weeks main event between Kiley and Everlast!!"

Mike "Tonights main event involves the World Heavyweight Champion as he takes on a 'mystery' opponent of WWR Owner Tony Bastion's choice!!"

AJ "Mike, after last week we didnt think you would be back here so quickly, but youre here, neck brace and all. Welcome back!!"

Mike "Thanks AJ, I promise to behave myself this week, but mark my words I WILL be back in the ring soon!!"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 24th, '11, 12:51

JD "This match is set for one fall, currently in the ring from Indiannapolis, Indiana weighing 239lbs.............JAAAAAACK IIIIINNNGRRAAAAM!!!"

~Ingram gets a cheer from the crowd~

AJ "Well as we wait for his opponent, what do you think is goin through Jacks mind right now Mike?"

Mike "Revenge AJ, just like what is going through mine!!"

~Just then "Aint It Fun(GnR)" plays and the fans boo, Viggo Dynamite appears holding a towel, strolling toward the ring telling all the fans how perfect he is. He walks up the steps and leaps over the top landing on the second turnbuckle on the inside of the ring, he throws his towel into the crowd and spits his gum out, suddenly Ingram charges and grabs Viggo who is still on the turnbuckle, dropping him down flat on his back with a Razors Edge. The bell rings~

AJ "Hes got him!! Hes got him!!"

Mike "Cover cover cover!!!"

~Ingram covers~




~Dynamite just manages to roll a shoulder and avoid defeat~

Mike "Oh my!! That was too close!!"

AJ "Ingram HAS to capitalize on this before Viggo recovers!!"

~Ingram grabs Viggo by the head and sends him into the ropes, Viggo comes off and Ingram nails him with a flying back elbow, then straight into the cover~



~Kick out from Viggo. Ingram goes for a reverse chinlock as the fans cheer for him~

AJ "Ingram being smart here, he realised Viggo was starting to recover and went straight for a wear down move."

~Ingram gets to his feet and scoops Viggo up, then drives him to the mat with a Michinoku Driver~

AJ "Crushing!!"

Mike "Cover him Jack cover him!!"

~Ingram climbs out the ring and to the top rope. He pauses and looks out to the fans~

Mike "Dammit Jack!!!"

~Dynamite manages to scramble to his feet and to the top where Ingram is, in a flash he hooks Ingram over into the 'Viggoplex' from the top rope, both come crashing down to the mat with a huge slam, Viggo holds on for the pin~

AJ "Unbelievable!!"




#Bell rings#

JD "Here is your winner............Viggoooooo Dynamiiiite!!"

~Dynamite drags himself to his knees via the ropes and gets his hand raised by the referee, then "Aint It Fun" plays as the boos from the fans ring out~

Mike "He was damn lucky to get that win!! Ingram got too caught up in the moment to capitalize on his position!!"

AJ "Im not so sure we will se Ingram in the ring with Viggo again very soon!"

Mike "Who knows AJ, so what else have we got tonight?"

AJ "Well up next we have a few words from our WAC World Heavyweight Champion Vade Kruger!!"

~Camera cuts to a dark area.....smoke rising slowly from the floor.........suddenly the camera focuses in on Vade Kruger who is sitting down, his long dark hair covering his face, a ballbat leaning to the right hand side of him~

Vade "You people............you pander to your 'heroes' like they are gonna change your lives........transport you from the monotomy of your own pathetic existence when in essence.........hahahahahaha.........you know youre gonna go back to the same old boring ways you always have done.....and always will do."

~Vade looks up at the camera and moves his hair from over his face~

Vade "But this......."

~Holds WAC Title up~

Vade "This symbolises me...........being bigger....and better....than each and every one of you.....Johnny Bishop......Ryan Ignatius........Titan Dividion.........Fergal Kiley........Tommy Hawk..........whoever it simply doenst matter.......because I.....The Scorpion Vade Kruger.....The WAC Champion.......will overcome.......all."

~Camera cuts back to AJ and McGrath at ringside~

AJ "Wow, he really has changed Mike"

Mike "Has he though?? The darkness, the ballbat.....weve seen this before from him. Has he just shown us his true colours? Only time will tell."

AJ "I wonder what Fergal Kiley and Chris Everlast are thinking about what happened last week!!"

Mike "Well I can assure you AJ that Fergal ISNT happy with what 'The Scorpion' did to him last week!!"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 24th, '11, 13:20

JD "This next match is set for one fall....."

~As the lights dim.....'One Step Closer' by Linkin Park bellows out.......then a light mist starts to appear as a large figure walks from behind the curtain~

JD "Introducing first, from St. Pete Beach Florida, weighing 281lbs here is AAALLEEEX BOOUURRRNNE!!"

AJ "The man who pinned Krugers shoulders to the mat last week in action here, next!!"


~As program returns, Bourne has a headlock on local wrestler, Jeff Davis~

Mike "Welcome back folks, now this young man I am telling you AJ has the most potential I have ever seen!!"

AJ "Hes a big, powerful guy who is as agile as a cat with the wrestling ability of Lou Thesz!!"

Mike "The only thing is, with his victory over Kruger last week has it gone to his head?"

AJ "Lets find out!!"

~Bourne is pushed back to the ropes by Davis but clotheslines him on the return, knocking Davis 360 degrees over. Bourne yells at the crowd who cheer as he picks up Davis and hits him woth a flurry of knees. Davis falls down to the mat again~

AJ "If this was a boxing match it would have been stopped a long time ago!!"

Mike "He must have hit a dozen knees in about three seconds!!"

~Bourne lifts him up again and nails him with a spinning backfist, then catches him and lifts him up int a Gorilla press, then drops him down across his knees~

Mike "OOOH Devastating!! Davis aint gonna get up from that!!"

~Bourne picks him up once more and whips him into the ropes, Bourne charges across the ring and hits a Gore........Davis starts coughing up blood but Bourne grabs him again, lifts him up and nails the Cutthroat Driver. Bourne with the cover~




#Bell rings#

JD "Here is your winner............Allllleex...."

~Bourne snatches the mic away from JD and puts it to his mouth~

Bourne "From now on.....you can call me "The Rage" Alex Bourne!!!"

~Bourne drops the mic and goes to the corner as 'One Step Closer' plays, he lifts his arms up and gives a victorious smile to the crowd. The fans cheer for him as he leaves the ring, walks up the ramp and disappears to the back~

AJ "Well what an impressive performer 'The Rage' Alex Bourne is!! Cant wait to see him in the ring with Kruger again!!"

Mike "Im not sure Vade would want that!!"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by Robert Randall » Jan 24th, '11, 16:30

just then the lights go out and a video begins to play..

A tall man is shown delivering a Jacknife powerbomb from the top rope..

then words appear on the screen

"David Berard coming soon to WAC"

the lights come up

AJ: Did you see that powerbomb off the top, Mike?

Mike: It's definitely a dangerous maneuver!

AJ: We will have to be on the look out for David Berard here in WAC
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 25th, '11, 15:07

AJ "Wow another new talent here in WAC!! The roster is once again filling up Mike!!"

Mike "Yeah and I for one cant wait to see what happens the next PPV!!"

AJ "True Mike, as we have just received word, that at 'Path To Glory' there will be an over the top rope Battle Royale!!"

Mike "Further details will be revealed later on!!"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 27th, '11, 13:00

JD "This tag team match is set for one fall, currently in the ring at a total combined weight of 512lbs, the team of Brian Smith and Nic Williams!!!"

Mike "Smith and Williams set for action here"

AJ "Yes its debut time, lets get back to JD!"

~Generic upbeat rock music begins to play and two young men appear, jogging to the ring and tagging the fans as they go past~

JD "And their opponents, from Toronto Canada, at a total combined weight of 483 pounds, here are Matt and Scott, The Logan brothers!!!"

AJ "The Logan Brothers here making their WAC television debut and boy do they look ready Mike!!"

Mike "They sure do AJ, lots of energy I cant wait to see them actually wrestle. Well here it comes!!"

~The Logans both enter the ring over the top rope, they dance around the ring, both are wearing matching ring attire, black with whit and red trimmed trunks and white boots, with red armbands. The music stops and they confer in the corner. The bell rings and Matt starts out with Williams~

AJ "Matt the younger and lighter of the brothers, in equally fantastic shape as his brother Scott!!"

~Matt and Nic lock up, collar and elbow tie up. Nic backs Matt back into the corner, clean break as Nic steps away. They lock up again, Matt hits an armdrag followed by another, then into an armbar~

Mike "Quickness there from Matt. Lets see what else they have to offer"

~Nic gets back to his feet, Matt still has the armbar but Nic forces him back into the corner and goes for a forearm but Matt moves out of the way and bodyslams Nic to the mat. He makes the tag to Scott who comes in and hits an instant dropkick~

AJ "Beautiful dropkick!!!"

~Scott grabs Nic and lifts him up, then throws him into the ropes. He backdrops Williams as he comes back, then comes off the ropes and hits a high legdrop~

Mike "Did you see the hang time on that legdrop?"

AJ "I sure did Mike, very impressive!! Looks like were gonna have some double teaming now!"

~Scott tags in Matt then grabs Nic and drops him in a backbreaker, then Matt comes off the top with an elbow~

Mike "I really like this team AJ!!"

~Matt grabs Nic and lifts him up, then clotheslines him to the mat and allows Nic to finally tag in Brian Smith who runs at Matt and receives a hip toss, then an armdrag. Matt gets him up and drags him back to his corner, then tags in Scott who climbs to the top and leaps off, connectiong with an elbow to the arm of Smith who winces in pain. He throws Smith into the corner, then runs and splashes Smith in the corner. He tags Matt who climbs to the top and nails Smith with a flying Bulldog~

JD "Wow, these guys are highly impressive!!"

~Matt sets Smith up and suplexes him to the mat. He rushes over and knocks Williams off the apron, then goes and tags in Scott. Scott lifts up Smith as Matt comes off the ropes, Matt nails Smith with a clothesline and Scott follows it through by dropping Smith down with a rib smashing Spine Buster~

AJ "OOH!! Unbelievable!!!"

~Scott covers Smith~




#Bell rings#

JD "Here are your winners, The Logan Brothers!!!"

~The music plays again and the Logans have their hands raised in victory, they climb the turnbuckles and celebrate before leaving the ring, walking up the ramp and to the back. The music cuts~
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by cero2k » Jan 27th, '11, 14:07

The Camera cuts the back and we find GF eating from the pastry table. Suddenly Xander approaches him

Xander: Mr. Fernandez??

GF puts his food back to the table quickly acting like he wasn't eating nothing.

GF: OH HELLO Xander, how are you today?? **he looks at the camera** Hello everyone, my name is GUUUUUTIERRRRRRRREZ FERRRRRNANDEZZZ.

Xander: We saw you make your debut last show, you say your destiny is to become the, and I quote, "World Champion of the World." Can we hear more about this??

GF: Oh yes, indeed, it's in my TO DO list of destiny fulfillment. You know, ever since i was a little boy, my mama would always scream at me "PANCHITO, DEJA DE BAJARTE LOS PANTALONES" and after many years, I understood what she was trying to tell me, and it was on that day that i understood that the only way to become the best was to become the best...you know what i mean?? so once i knew what my destiny was, it was been my driving force to achieve that what it is that belong to me and become the WORLD CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!!

Xander: Soo uhh...what's your next move??

GF: Oh Xander, my dear friend from many years...

Xander Interrupts: I only just met you now

GF ignores what Xander said:....you must be thinking of me like a double O seven villian, but NO....i cannot tell you my next move, but i can tell you that it will be...just like me....FANTASTICO!!!!

Xander: ohhh...k, well folks, this is Gutierrez Fernandez, the new uhhhh....force to be reckon with??...back to you AJ...

GF: Hey xander, we can eat from this table, right?? i mean if you're a wrestler is ok, right??

Xander: uhhh yeah, i guess...

GF: good....

Gutierrez Fernandez picks up his plate up and starts eating again. Xander just leaves...

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by Chris Everlast » Jan 27th, '11, 15:11

The camera shifts over to the right, and from there you see Tokyo Drift bursting out from one of the locker rooms, shouting something in Japanese. The camera walks over to the door and peeks inside, where in the middle of the locker room, Chris Everlast is on his knees in a praying position, with his eyes closed. Terasa is seen sitting on a chair, unsure what to do. Xander Chapman takes action and approaches.

Xander: Uh, Terasa Black, what's.. wrong with Everlast?

Terasa: I.. have no idea. He said something about a relevation..

A moment of silence follows as they observe the praying man infront of them.

Xander: Uh, has he gone Christian?

Terasa shrugs slowly, and Xander chooses to leave the scene.

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by Darkil » Jan 30th, '11, 11:41

AJ : Well let's have a look at the next match, and here we go!

***Familiar music blasts throughout the stadium as Ace Hunter appears on the top of the ramp***

JD : "This match is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring weighing in at 235lbs...ACE HUNTER!"

***Crowd begins to errupt in cheers as Ace dashes down the ramp and slides into the ring. Getting up he heads to each turnbuckle and poses, working the crowd into a positive frenzy***

Mike : Look at Ace! He's getting the crowd worked up really good. You know I saw some footage of this guy and he is impressive!

AJ : I agree Mike! However let's not take away from his opponent here

***'Shock' begins to play over the loudspeaker. The crowd begins to boo as smoke slowly starts to disappear as the tempo of the song picks up. Once the smoke dissipates, a figured clad in black is seen kneeling, head bowed. Slowly the figure rises, keeping his head towards the ground. A spotlight shines on the figure and he slowly lifts his head to face the ring, showing the figure is clad in black loose fitting pants and boots. His upper torso is powerfully built, supple as a panther, his iron muscles rippling under smooth skin. A mask adorning his head, keeping his identity a secret***

JD : "And his opponent from parts unknown, SINISTER!"

***Sinister now begins to slowly walk towards the ring. He stops a few feet away from the ring, his head drifting down slightly as if measuring something. The camera comes up behind him and begins to zoom in just as his head turns slightly to the left. A seemingly icy stare comes from underneath the mesh eye coverings of the mask as he looks into the eyes of the viewers at home and in the arena. As 'Shock' continues to play he slowly climbs into the ring and stands on the nearest turnbuckle, eyes roaming over the crowd in silence before raising his arms in the air, almost as if offering something up to some unknown deity***

Mike : I don't trust that guy! Anyone who has to hide behind a mask like that is plotting trouble!

AJ : He's creepy too! After your accident last week, he joined me at the announcers table and didn't say one word! I was certain he was going to sacrifice me in some unholy ritual!

***Slowly lowering his arms to his sides along with lowering his head, he appears to be in prayer. Soon afterwards he whips his head around and stares at his opponent. Ace jumps slightly but holds the stare, seemingly not intimidated. Sinister then hops off the turnbuckle and faces his 'prey'. The Ref calls for the bell***

AJ : There's the bell, this should be an exciting match up! What do you think Mike, do you feel Ace has what it takes to secure the win?

Mike : Well I had a chance to review Sinisters performance last week and he is quick, lethal and efficient I will give him that. However I don't think MMA was giving it his all so we will see what happens when Sinister faces someone willing to go 110%!

***While the announcers were talking Ace and Sinister lock up, appearing to test one another. Breaking the hold, Ace quickly puts Sinister in a headlock before being pushed into the ropes. Ace rebounds and shoulder tackles Sin to the ground, eliciting a cheer from the crowd. Not wasting any time, Ace runs back into the ropes as Sin starts to get up. A clothesline puts Sin back on the mat.***

AJ : Wow! Ace is starting off on fire!

Mike : Look he's going for a cover!



AJ : Not even a two count!

***Ace picks up Sinister and sends a quick three punches into his gut followed by a dropkick. Sinister stumbles into the corner. Ace poses for the crowd then rushes in for another clothesline. Sinister quickly moves out of the way as Ace hits the turnbuckle and rebounds out. Sinister follows up with a stiff front kick into the back of his opponent with an audible SMACK. Ace wrenches in agony and reaches for his back after the blow. Not giving his opponent any time, Sinister sends another kick to Aces left side following up with a spinning kick to the back of the head, sending Ace face first into the turnbuckle.***

Mike : I tell you what AJ, Ace is a great competitor but Sinister is really something out there!

AJ : I know, did you hear the sound of those kicks as they hit Ace?

***Sinister sends some quick chops to the back and side of Ace's neck. Turning him around he begins to lay in some chest stinging chops, crowd 'Woooing' in response. Taking Ace by the arm he sends him into the adjacent turnbuckle across the ring, quickly following him and sending a knee into his gut. Ace falls to his knees while holding his abdomen.***

AJ : Good god did you see how quick that was?

***Sinister quickly kicks Ace in the back of the head, driving him to the mat on his stomach. Sinister quickly applies a Camel Clutch, wrenching back on his opponent***

Mike : The ref is checking on Ace, seeing if he gives up. Listen to Ace! He's really feeling that hold!

***Ace shakes his head no as the pressure continues to be applied. He starts to rise, bringing Sinister up with him***

AJ : We might see a reversal here...

***Ace attempts an Electric Chair to remove Sinister who is now on his back. However Ace just crashes to the mat as Sinister let's go and flips away. An elbow meet's Ace's chest as he lies supine on the mat. Sinister then begins to stomp and kick Ace's shoulder's and upper thighs.***

Mike : Look at how quick Sinister was! I never saw someone move away from a reversal so fast!

***Ace slowly starts to climb to his feet using the ropes. He almost makes it up when Sinister rushes and tackles his knee, sending him crashing to the ground writhing in pain***

AJ : Now that's just a dirty trick!

***Sinister moves over to Ace's injured leg and picks it up to where it's perfectly vertical. He then snaps the leg towards Ace's head then snaps it back and slams it to the ground. The ref moves in to check on Ace while the crowd boos Sinister's efforts***

Mike : That's an effective move but it seems he's trying to break Ace's leg!

***Sinister then pulls Ace up to his feet, holding up Ace as he starts to favor the injured leg. Sinister then moves behind his opponent and drops him to the mat with a reverse DDT. Momentarily stunned by the move, Ace seems to stare blankly at the ceiling***

AJ : I think he may have given Ace a concussion! The ref needs to stop this!

***Sinister then applies a Figure Four Leg Lock and begins to pour on the pressure by lifting up on his arms. Ace starts to flail around as the pain from the hold, especially on his now injured leg, races through his body***

Mike : Textbook Figure Four! Look how he leans up on his arms to cause more pressure on the legs. I bet that hurt leg is really smarting now!

***The Ref counts to 5 and Sinister let's go of the hold and starts to slowly move around Ace's prone form, stalking him. Ace starts to use the ropes again to get to his feet. Before he can make it Sinister rushes him and quickly puts Ace on his shoulders***

AJ : He has him set up for something..maybe a torture rack?

Mike : I am not sure but I am certain it will be...

***Ace begins to throw elbows into Sin's head, causing him to drop Ace off his shoulders. Ace attempts to follow up but lands on his bad leg and tumbles to the ground, now holding his knee. Sinister wastes no time and puts Ace in a Sharpshooter***

Mike : That hold is locked in and the way Ace fell, he's close to the center of the ring!

AJ : I don't know if he can hold on here...he's tapping now it's over!

JD : "Here's you're winner, Sinister!"

***'Shock' hits the arena as the crowd boos loudly. The ref checks on Ace as Sinister slides underneath the ropes, grabs a microphone and makes his way back into the ring. Walking towards the side of the ring facing the ramp he stares directly into the camera and speaks in a smooth, menacing voice***

~Listen up WAC...this contract is now complete and there will be more coming...~

***Sinister looks over at Ace who is still on the ground holding his leg, the ref moves off to the side to get the trainer. Sinister dashes across the ring and punts Ace in the side of his head, knocking him out cold. The entire arena erupts in concerted booing***

AJ : What scum! He was defenseless!

Mike : That son of a....

~Everyone is on notice, The Assassin is watching......~

***Sinister drops the mic and looks towards the crowd then makes his way slowly up the ramp. Half way up the ramp her turns around and raises his arms in the air as if offering something to his deity. The arena goes pitch black for a moment***

AJ : Oh lord what now?

Mike : Whatever it is, I'm ready!

***When the lights come back on Sinister is nowhere to be found***

Mike : He just....disappeared?!

AJ : We....we'll be right back folks...

***Ebay commercial***

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by yourcrapsweak » Feb 3rd, '11, 18:07

We come back to Mike and AJ behind the booth.

AJ: "Ladies and gentlemen, it's been an exciting night so far, and things are about to get a little more exciting, with the return of someone we haven't seen in a WAC ring for some time.
Mike: "We saw last week that Danny Allen would be making his return tonight, and here we go!"


JD: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit! In the ring, from Atlanta Georgia, weighing 225 pounds, ELLISSSSSSSS SILLE!"

Ellis raises his hand in the air to barely any reception. It is overshadowed even more when the lights go out and a bell sounds. Another bell... DODO, DODO, DOOOOOOOOOO! "For Whom the Bell Tolls" thumps through the arena and red spotlights fly all over the arena. The lights come back on after a few riffs and Danny Allen appears through the curtain to a warm reception and a few "WELCOME BACK!" chants. He walks down the ramp and looks into the camera, saying "F*CKIN' BACK IN WAC, LET'S DO THIS." He rolls into the ring.

JD: "And his opponent, from Middletown, Delaware -"

Danny Allen snatches the mic out of his hand: "Shut up!"

The music cuts and Danny Allen shoos JD out of the ring.

Allen: "Look who's home."


Allen: "I knew you loved me all along. See I was travellin' all 'round the world, kicking ass in Japan, in Mexico, in Europe, everywhere. And now, I feel like I'm ready to be in the big leagues..."


Allen looks into the intimidated face of Ellis Sille and introduces himself: "From the greatest place on Earth, Middletown, Delaware. 230 pounds... I'm gonna kick your f*ckin' face in... DANNY. ALLEN."

He drops the mic and the referee calls for the bell.


Sille initiates a collar and elbow tieup and Allen knees him in the midsection. Quick whip into the ropes and Allen hits a big Yakuza kick right across the face! {OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!}

AJ: "Ellis looks OUT!"
Mike: "He kicked his face right in!"

Allen looks into the crowd and yells "DID YA MISS ME?"

AJ: "Is this the same Danny Allen we saw before he left WAC?"

Allen turns Sille to his stomach and crosses his legs, twining his left leg in. He then snaps backward flat on his back, jerking Sille's legs violently backward. He does it again and Sille screams in pain!

AJ: "This match seems like it's all Danny Allen from the early going."
Mike: "We might already be late in the match, at this rate, AJ."

Allen stands and redoes his setup with Sille's legs. He then digs his fists into his sides to grab hold of both of his arms. Allen stands with them and pulls up, pulling Sille's head off the canvas...

Mike: "The facial features of Ellis Sille being rearranged, courtesy of Danny Allen!"

Allen stands on the middle rope in the center of the ropes and poses for the crowd for a while. Suddenly, Sille comes from behind and forearms Allen's back, causing him to tumble over onto the apron. Sille hooks Allen's head for a suplex but Allen punches himself free, then delivers a STIFF punch across the kisser, nearly knocking him unconscious!

AJ: "Did you HEAR that?"

Allen pulls Sille through the middle rope and puts his head between his legs... PILEDRIVER ON THE RING APRON!!!!! SILLE LIFELESSLY FLOPS TO THE FLOOR!


Allen slaps a few hands and rolls Sille back into the ring. He follows him and locks in an ankle lock! Sille suddenly pops back into life and wildly taps out on the mat!


JD: "Here is your winner, DANNY ALLEN!"

Mike: "Allen's not letting go!"
AJ: "Teaching the man a lesson. He's making him humble!
Mike: "And sending a message to the boys in the back!"

Before he lets go, the fans start chanting {KILL THE JOBBER! *CLAP, CLAP, CLAP CLAP CLAP*} Allen releases the ankle lock and Sille nurses it. Allen looks into the crowd and asks them if he should kill him.


Allen goes to the outside and asks for a chair. Many fans offer but he only takes one and slides it into the ring. He sets up the chair in a seated position and picks up Ellis Sille.

AJ: "Oh what now?"


Mike: "Oh that was uncalled for!"
AJ: "He gave these fans what they wanted though!"

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" resumes and Allen throws the broken and open chair onto Sille, then exits the ring. He bumps a few fists on his way to the back.
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 7th, '11, 11:59

~The camera suddenly shoots to the back, a qhiet corner of the locker room~

AJ "Whats goin on here Mike? Whos is that foot?"

Mike "How the hell do I know? You cant identify someone by their foot AJ!!"

AJ "Oh my.......theres another foot, then legs...........hmm.....Mike?"

Mike "WHAT THE F-!"

AJ "Oh my!! Oh dear!! Its The Berg!! And whats he doing?!?! Holy shit!!"

Mike "Holy Shit is right AJ, he is eating Corenos ass!! Well Ive seen some things in my time but never this!!"

AJ "Good job this aint a PG show Mike!! Why oh why are they doin that?"

Mike "Dude, I aint gonna be the one to ask them!! Wait a second, who is that?"

AJ "Umm oh holy crap. Its Titan!! And whats worse is neither of the buttmunchers has seen him!!"

~As the fans continue to laugh and wretch at the live feed, Titan Dividion grabs a nearby steel chair and waffles the crap eating Berg on the head, then smacks Coreno in the face with it. The scream of Coreno makes Titans eyes light up, he then waffles Coreno on the head with the chair again. Both are split wide open and bleeding all over the floor. Titan picks them both up by the throat and chokeslams them both to the floor. Titan picks the chair up and beats them both over and over again, finally leaving them in a bloody mess on the floor. He drops the chair, looks at the camera and walks away. he fans cheer loudly. The camera shoots back to AJ and Mike McGrath at ringside~

AJ "Well, what started off as horrible ended up......erm......well......"

Mike "Horrible!! For The Berg and Coreno. Or shall we call them 'The Buttmunchers!!"

AJ "HAHAHA I like it!!! Lets just hope they dont come back again!!"

Suddenly flames shoot up from the corners of the ring, the entire crowd screams in fear, then the fireworks die down

Mike "What the hell....?"

AJ "My thoughts exactly Mike!"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 7th, '11, 12:36

~Johnny Bishops music plays to a big pop from the crowd, he walks down to the ring greeting the fans as he walks up the steps and enters the ring. Around him inside the ring is a small Church type setup. Bishop grabs a microphone~

JB "Ladies and Gentlemen......welcome to the very first 'Bishops Surmon'!!"

~Fans cheer~

Mike "Really?!"

AJ "Looks that way....."

JB "And considering its the first ever edition........there is only one person I could possibly have as my guest...so let me introduce to you right now.......he is the current WAC World Heavyweight champion AND the man I will face for that title at 'Path To Glory'...............here he is, 'The Scorpion' Vaaade Kruugeerrr!!"

AJ "Really?!?!"

Mike "Looks that way AJ!"

~The crowd erupts into boos as 'Slither' plays loudly across the arena. Then Vade Kruger appears carrying his world title and ballbat. He walks to the ring slowly, never breaking stride and glaring at Bishop through his hair. He stops just before the ring and looks up at Bishop for a moment. Then he walks up the steps slowly and gets in the ring, always keeping his eyes fixed on Bishop. The music stops~

JB "Have a seat 'champ' take the weight off."

VK "..............."

AJ "Uh-oh!!"

JB "Alright............so Mr. Kruger, may I ask why you turned your back on the entire WAC Galaxy?"

VK "........"

JB "Interesting you should say that because we, and when i say we I mean every single person in this arne right now think you simply sold out!!"

VK "You...............only have your title match because of Shane Lynas. The monstrosity that is the WAC Galaxy will never understand why I turned my back.............I did it to open their eyes. Yet they still do not understand, and YOU are pandering to them when so recently they hated you just as the despise me. You have taken someone elses demise and turned it into your own personal crusade............to win THIS title."

~Vade points to belt~

VK "Alas it will never happen. I will overcome the 'challenge' of Johnny Bishop, the darkness that consumed me will consume you too. One shall stand and one shall fall.....................and I never fall."

JB "Thats umm very ineteres-"


~Kruger knocked the mic out of Bishops hand, now both men stand nose to nose in the middle of the ring, Kruger eventually backs off and turns away, he then suddenly turns around and swings his bat at Bishop but he moves and nails Vade with a right hand, sending him out of the ring to the outside. Kruger backs up the ramp slowly, grinning at Bishop who is urging him to come back. Vade disappears through the curtain as the boos ring out~

AJ "Well, that backfired on the champ!!"

Mike "Hahaha!!"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by kiel297 » Feb 7th, '11, 16:41

A union flag appears on the screen, and a man with short, wavy and perfectly sculpted hair, and a fine suit walks on screen. He is accompanied by a considerably shorter, butler-type man.

Smythe: My name is Charles Remmington-Smythe. I've been watching you all lately, and it has occurred to me that WAC is missing something. Somebody with a bit of class. Somebody whose presence alone makes this godforsaken federation slightly decent. Somebody like me. Accompanied by my faithful butler, Chives, I will go through WAC and I will... "cleanse" it, if you will. By the time I'm done with this place, the name WAC might actually be looked upon with respect from more than just the common riff raff off of the street. Already, I can sense that stench of mediocrity leaving slightly. But it's not enough. However, fear not, for I have already planned my first move. Chris Everlast, you take your Continental Championship, and you hide it. Hide it somewhere safe, because before you know it, that belt will be around a much classier waist, and WAC will have taken one more step towards true class."

Charles gives a cocky smile, and walks off camera.

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by kiel297 » Feb 8th, '11, 16:06

*Cuts to commercial*

*Returns from commercial*

~"God Save The Queen" plays, and the lights turn blue.~

AJ: Welcome back to Vortex. We heard from this young man, Charles Remmington-Smythe before the commercial break, and boy did he have something to say.

Mike: He sure did. He put the Continental Champion, Chris Everlast, on notice.

AJ: Well now it's time for him to back up his words.

~Smythe steps out into the arena accompanied by his butler, Chives, and is greeted by heavy boos.~

JD: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Cheshire, England, weighing in at 267lb, CHARLES REMMINGTON-SMYYYYYYYTHE!!!

~Smythe walks down the ramp and into the ring, still being heavily booed~

AJ: Looks like the loyal WAC fans have taken offence to Smythe's earlier comments!

Mike: And so they should, AJ! He says WAC has no class, and that he's going to "fix" it. I'd be pretty pissed if I was one of these fans too!

~Camera cuts to Jake Swann standing in the ring as Smythe still enters~

JD: And his opponent, weighing in at 215lb, JAAAAAAKE SWANN!

~The music stops, the lights return to normal, and the referee signals for the match to begin. Smythe and Swann circle each other for a few seconds, before Swann attempts a run at him. Smythe immediately cuts him down with a vicious clothesline, then adds a couple of stomps for good measure~

AJ: My goodness! You could almost feel the force behind that clothesline, Mike!

Mike: I sure hope Chris Everlast is paying attention right now!

~Charles picks Swann up and drags him over to the corner, where he repeatedly attacks him with knee strikes and shots to the head. Swann falls to the floor, and Smythe stands over him, a smirk spreading across his face~

AJ: This man Smythe seems to be enjoying inflicting this punishment on Jake Swann!

Mike: I tell ya, I don't think Swann can take much more of this.

~Smythe picks Swann up, and sends him to the ropes. Swann ducks his clothesline on the rebound and runs towards the ropes once more~

AJ: Looks like he's getting a second wind, Mike!

~On the rebound once more, Swann tries for a crossbody, but is easily caught in midair by Smythe. Smirking Smythe hits a brutal Fallaway Slam on Jake Swann. He picks Swann up once more, and sets him up for his finishing move, a sit out Tiger Bomb, and lets out a small laugh~

AJ: Come on! Go for the pin already! There's no need to inflict so much punishment on this kid!

~Smythe hits the Tiger Bomb and goes for the cover, forcing Swann's face down into the mat as he does so.~




#Bell rings#

JD: Here is your winner, CHARLES REMMINGTON-SMYTHE!!!

~Smythe barks at Chives to get him a microphone. Chives scurries over and grabs one for him~

Smythe: That is just a small example of what I can do in the ring! Everlast, I said it earlier, and I'll say it now. Take your Continental Championship, and you hide it! Because Chris Everlast, I'm coming for you! And just in case anybody feels like getting in my way, take a look at the sorry excuse for a wrestler laying at the feet of Charles Remmington-Smythe, helping you all get one step closer, to true class.

~Smythe smirks into the camera, as Jake Swann gets to his knees to leave the ring. Out of nowhere, Smythe delivers a hard kick, straight to the midsection of Swann, leaving him rolling around in agony. Smythe exits the ring and walks back up the entrance way, followed closely by Chives~

AJ: What a despicable human being!

Mike: You got that right AJ, but nonetheless, what a way to make an impact here at WAC!

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 10th, '11, 00:11

~Suddenly the lights dim................then camera shooots to the ring and huge flames shoot up from the ringposts.................then nothing. The lights come back up as the flames disappear~

Mark "Umm......"

AJ "?"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 11th, '11, 12:41

Tommy Hawk's music hits to a great reaction as he appears on top of the ramp.

''This match is scheduled for one fall with no timelimit. Introducing the challenger, Tommy Hawk!''

Tommy heads down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans and goes up the steelsteps, signaling he's holding championship gold soon. He walks in between the ropes and raises his arms into the air. Tommy's music dies out and after a brief moment of silence echoing choire music (My Soul's Been Anchored In The Lord) starts playing as what seems to be hooded monks in grey robes walking in a long line, being lead by a nun. Slowly the monks circle the ring as the nun goes in between the ropes, taking the microphone from AJ calmly as she looks out at the crowd as the choire silences.

Nun: ''Behold, a day is coming for the Champion when the spoil taken from you will be divided among you. For He will gather all the nations to battle at Path To Glory, and the title will be captured, the candystore plundered, the women ravished and half of the city de-virginized, but the rest of the people will not be cut off from the pleasure. Then He will go forth and fight against those challengers, as when He fights on a day of battle. In that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Success, which is in front of Miami on the east; and the Mount of Success will be split in its middle from east to west by a very large valley, so that half of the mountain will move toward the north and the other half toward the south. You will flee by the valley of My mountains, for the valley of the mountains will reach to the main event; yes, you will flee just as you fled before the earthquake in the days of Hulk Hogan. king of the 80's. Then Everlast, my God, will come, and all the holy ones with Him!''

Suddenly a familiar bassline plays and the usual chorus of guitars join in as It's So Easy (Guns n' Roses) blasts out in full volume over the crowd. The camera follows the spotlight up to the rafters where Chris Everlast is seen with the Continental Championship strapped around his waist, before he hops off, suspended to a zipline and zipping down to the middle of the ring. As he lands, fireworks shoot up from the ringposts and rolls up and leans against the ropes, grinning confidently as ever.

AJ: ''Well, at least Everlast showed up!''

Everlast unstraps his belt and hands it to the referee, taking the microphone from the nun and waving her off, the monks and she dissappearing.

Everlast: ''Thank you, thank you.''

The crowd boos more and Everlast patiently waits until they calm down.

Everlast: ''When I was praying back there, did ya really think it was from some kinda higher deity? Did you, T-Bird?''

Everlast looks at Tommy Hawk, who shakes his head.

Everlast: ''Nah, exactly. That's because I am the top of the foodchain. I am the apex predator, I am who you all aspire to be.''

The boos grow louder and Everlast scoffs, lifting his hand and calming the crowd.

Everlast: ''See, I've got you all in the palm of my hand, because you know it's true. Noone beats Chris Everlast. And then we have this little *censored* that came in recently.. Charles Remmington-Smythe. Well, Charles Remmington-Shite, you can take your frickin' demands up your little *ss. Get to the back of the line, it's not classy to cut in.''

Small cheers are heard from ringside.

Everlast: ''And then we have the whole WAC Dynamics debacle. Who gives a crap? It shoulda stayed in the bin it was thrown in. But I guess Lynas slapping it on his little protege, I know, it's a scheduled match, but those opponents? I've met bigger fish while bathing down in Florida. Back on topic, I guess Lynas slapping it on little Bobby Botchalot is just as bad.''

A fan in the front row is heard laughing.

Everlast: ''Yeah, I just said that. But then again.. We have you and Kiley, T-Bird.''

Everlast turns back to Tommy.

Everlast: ''Do you really think you have a chance to win this? The WAC Continental title?''

Everlast reaches the microphone out for Tommy Hawk to speak, but retracts it back to his face quickly.

Everlast: ''Ofcourse you don't. I mean, I won't mention any names, T-Bird, but you suck.''

T-Bird glares at Everlast and backs him into a corner, Everlast putting a hand on his chest to stop him.

Everlast: ''Oi! Let's atleast wait 'til the match starts! Back in your corner!''

Tommy Hawk glares at him before turning around and walking over to his corner, but seems to stop abruptly and stare up at the rafters. The camera follows his gaze and up there is Vade Kruger!

AJ: ''Oi! What's Kruger doing up there?!''

The referee rings the bell and Hawk is still staring up at Kruger, and from behind comes Everlast, tapping Hawk's shoulder and as Hawk turns around he gets brought down with the Everlasting Impression! Cover!




The bell rings and It's So Easy (GNR) plays again and Everlast darts out of the ring, grabbing his title and bolting up the ramp.

''Your winner is, by pinfall, at 10 seconds, CHRRRRIS EVERLAST!''

Everlast grins down at Tommy Hawk, who's regaining his senses and glaring up at Everlast. Everlast taps his temple with his indexfinger, indicating his superior intelligence.

AJ: ''That must be the shortest match in WAC history, Mike!''

Everlast continues backing up the ramp, looking up at the rafters briefly before dissappearing backstage.
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 3

Post by Lynas » Feb 15th, '11, 02:51

The Arena goes dark & Dragonfly by Shaman's Harvest hits

The crowd cheers heavily.

AJ: "Shane Lynas IS here!!!"
Mike: "We were led to believe he wouldn't show!"

Shane Lynas appears on stage alone in jeans and a t-shirt

AJ: "We rarely see Shane Lynas so under dressed"
Mike: "It's not exactly how our WWR President should dress"

Lynas walks down the ramp and into the ring. He walks over and takes the mic.


Lynas: "Firstly, you'll notice I'm alone. Don't worry, Bobby Anderson is safe and sound, but he came to me the other day and said 'Shane, I wanna try this solo, just for me'. So, he's going into the Pay-Per-View managerless."

"But that's okay. I'm looking around me and realising that this company needs my caretaking rather than just one guy. We've seen the debut of Charles Remington-Smythe... and it's clear he wants Chris Everlast and his belt."
"This company is at a time where everyone believes they deserve gold, everyone wants a shot at a belt. But it's not possible. But there is a way we can give everyone a fair shot at getting close. At Path to Glory, I have devised a way that most of roster get a shout at the World Wrestling Revolution Champion, Vade Kruger... and it goes like this... 20 men, battle royal, 2 men start, 1 man entering every 60 seconds, the winner receives a shot at the WWR Champion"

Crowd cheers

AJ: "What an announcement from Shane Lynas, at Path to Glory we're going to see a 20 man battle royal for the number one contendership for the WWR Championship"

Mike: "That's incredible!"

Dragonyfly by Shaman's Harvest hits & Shane Lynas leaves high fiving fans along the way.

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 3

Post by kirbs2002 » Feb 18th, '11, 00:31

Heather is shown at her citadel, kneeling, with Fergal Kiley opposite of her. She speaks in a somber tone...

As many are likely aware, I have taken my wrestling talents--or to some of you, lack thereof--to another promotion, that is in a business relationship with WWR. They call themselves BCW. Although I wrestle for them as their women's champion, I have remained here in WWR with Kiley, giving him wise insight and guidance during his matches.

She pauses and takes a deep breath, as if saddened.

Apparently people in both promotions take exception to this for ridiculous reasons. In fact, someone who is coming to WWR in the future--whom I shall not name, in hopes that they will finally shut up--has caused a near-mutiny over this. I cannot abide such irrational, nonsensical politicking. I've tried reasoning with this person, but they wouldn't know logic if it grabbed them by their hair and piledrove them into thumbtacks.

She again pauses with heavy breathing, as if on the verge of crying. Kiley puts a hand on her shoulder. As she speaks, her voice begins to crack.

It is because of this complete and total waste of life's incessant griping that I am immediately withdrawing from WWR in a managerial capacity, as well. People have wanted me gone from WWR for a while, because I have interfered on Kiley's behalf. To them I say, "Be careful what you wish for, lest your wish come true." You are going to see a TRUE rage unleashed, now that I am not around to control Kiley's emotions. When his reign of terror reduces you to shells of who you once were, you shall have nobody to blame except for yourselves because you just had to have me gone.

She grabs Kiley's hand and they both rise to their feet. Heather is nearly in tears, as she speaks in a tone of pure rage.

To this offending person and you know damn well who you are, you will live to regret this decision, even if it's the last thing I do! I WILL see you murdered for this!

She is clearly fighting the urge to cry as they both leave.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 18th, '11, 05:09

AJ "Umm, looks like somebodies in for a true beating!!"

Mike "I wouldnt like to be that person AJ because Fergal Kiley is a monster, now without Heather to control him theres gonna be hell to pay!!"

----------------------------Commercial break----------------------------------
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 18th, '11, 05:34

~As the show retuerns from commercial break, a match is in progress~

AJ "Welcome back folks, were in the middle of the tag team match between The War Party and Awesome Booty!!"

Mike "And it seems Tommy Hawk is absent, maybe hes looking for Kruger or Everlast?!"

AJ "Who knows, anyway lets concentrate on this match. TAO is in the ring with a reverse chinlock applied to Pontiac who looks to be in some trouble!"

~Pontiac tries to get to his feet but TAO kicks him in the back, then tags in BBBD who comes in and re-applies the reverse chinlock~

Mike "Booty have cut the ring off very nicely, Azande hasnt had much to do just yet!!"

AJ "Yeah, both these teams are in the tag team title gauntlet match at WWR Path To Glory!!"

Mike "They gotta be two of the favourites AJ - WOW Pontiac just exploded in offence!!"

~Pontiac has flipped BBBD over his shoulder and flew off the ropes connecting with a huge flying clothesline. He drags himself toward Azande but Daddy manages to cut him off, shaking off the effects of the huge clothesline~

Mike" Daddy did well then to recover"

~Pontiac struggles free of BBBD and hits a standing drop kick which sends BBBD back to his own corner, he tags in TAO but Pontiac has already tagged in Azande who comes in swinging~

AJ "OOH its goin off now!!"

~Azande drops TAO with an elboe, then sets him and clotheslines him. Azande picks up TAO and lifts him high above his head in a press, TAO reverses and rolls him up though~



~Kick out by Azande. TAO off the ropes high cross body but Azande catches him and powerslams him~

AJ "Devastating!!"

~Azande lifts up TAO on his shoulders and tags Pontiac who climbs to the top. Before he can connect with the leg lariot BBBD sweeps Azande off his feet and all four men are on the mat~

Mike "You gotta admire both teams at this stage, taking every chance they can!"

~Pontiac and TAO start trading punches on their knees, Azande is thrown out over the top by BBBD and he follows him with a suicide dive but Azande moves, BBBD crashes into the ringside barricade~

AJ "Ouch that was a hard fall by BBBD!!"

~TAO has gotten the better of Pontiac in the ring. He whips him to the ropes and flips him over with a backdrop. TAO sees Azande and flies over the top rope at him, then rolls back in the ring only to be stomped down by Pontiac. Pontiac picks him up and suplexes him across the ring. Cover~



~Kick out from TAO. Pontiac lifts him up again and drops him down with a Michinoku Driver~




~Kick out again from TAO. Pontiac looks a little frustrated, BBBD is beginning to come around, Azande is still flat out on the outside. Pontiac whips TAO to the corner and follows him in with a splash, as TAO stumbles out Pontiac kicks him in the gut and applies a double underhook hold, then looks for the crowds approvement. They cheer but BBBD has gotten up to the top rope, he leaps off and hits a massive clothesline, TAO flips back over and rolls Pontiac up~




~Kick out from Pontiac~

AJ "I dont believe it!!"

Mike "What a match AJ, it just shows how tough these WWR Superstars really are!!"

~TAO pulls himself up and tags in BBBD, Azande is now up and making his way back to the corner. BBBD goes to suplex Pontiac but he rolls BBBD up~




~Kick out from BBBD. Azande is reaching for the tag but BBBD goes to kick him, Azande headbutts BBBD and Pontiac hits a reverse DDT then tags in Azande who comes in and measures BBBD...........but TAO attacks him from behind then leaves the ring. Suddenly Pontiac slingshots into the ring and nails Daddy with a corss body then rolls out again. Azande picks up BBBD onto his shoulders and drives him down to the mat but BBBD hooks Azandes arms over and rolls hiom up in a crucifix pin~




#Bell rings#

JD "Ladies and Gentlemen the winners of the match.........AWESOMMME BOOTTYYY!!!!"

AJ "Well what a match!! The War Party really pushed them to the limit but in the end it was the brains of BBBD which won the match."

Mike "Yeah, he took a lot of punishment but still managed to getn the three count. thats all that matters!!"

~Booty leave the ring in celebratiom, The War Party look on and nod at Booty who show respect by clapping at them. They disappear to the back and the music stops~
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