WWR Vortex - Show 9

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WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by VadeKruger » May 29th, '12, 13:32

As the opening credits roll, an explosion of action from various WWR Superstars litteres the screen, then the sound of the fans cheering hits the speakers as the camera flies high above, catching every smiling face and foam finger in the building..............then the camera switches over to the announce table.

AJ "Good evening everyone and welcome to WWR Vortex!!! Were here live from The Sanitarium where six thousand plus fans fill the arena!!!"

McGrath "Tonight we'll have all the fall out from the Heresy PPV last night. We have a new World Champion!!"

AJ "True Mike, not only that but we have a brand new WWR Continental Champion too!! Speaking of which I hear hes coming to the ring to address the fans!!"

~Seconds pass, then suddenly Robert Randalls music hits to a large ovation from the crowd. He appears in his street clothes resting the WWR Continental title on his shoulder. He stops just after entering the ring aisle and looks around to the crowd who are going crazy for him, then he smiles and heads to the ring~

AJ "What a match he and Chris Everlast had last night, absolutely epic!!"

McGrath "Yes indeed, was worthy of main eventing any event around the world. Hats off to both Randall AND Everlast!"

~Randall steps into the ring and is handed a micropohne from ring announcer JD. He lifts the microphone to his lips as the music stops~

Randall "Thank you ladies and gentlemen..............(Fans cheer)......last night I wrestled the greatest match of my life...................................and the last match of my life."

AJ "What?!"

McGrath "Why?"

Randall "All my career I have wrestled with injuries, ones which have become so severe that I cannot continue any longer. Its just not possible. So with the greatest regret I must vacate the WWR Continental title and retire from Professional Wrestling......................................Forever."

~The fans begin to shout 'Noooooooo' and 'Please dont go' as Randall takes off the belt and places it in the ring. He starts to speak once again......~

Randall "For the time I have spent here in WWR I would like to thank Tony Bastion, all the guys in the back, the trainers, the staff, everyone who put up with my crap along the way................but most of all I would like to thank all of you. So, thank you very much and dont forget......................I will be watching."

~Randall winks at the camera, points up to the heavens and waves goodbye to fans as his music hits and he leaves the ring~

AJ "What a competitor he went on as long as he could with crippling injuries."

McGrath "What a worthy Champion, and one hell of a guy to boot. He will NEVER be forgotten!!"

~Randall slaps the fans' hands as he walks back up the aisle, then as he reaches the curtain he turns, kisses both hands and waves one more time before disappearing. Forever~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by VadeKruger » May 29th, '12, 13:43

AJ "Well what a bolt out of the blue, one of our top stars has to retire!!"

McGrath "He went out on top though AJ, not many people have that to their resume!!"

AJ "Well ladies and gents we have yet to hear from the new WWR World Champion Sassafras, come to think of it we havent heard from the WWR owner himself mr. Tony Bastion who must be delighted with him finally getting the world title off the shoulder of the presumably departed Vade Kruger. However I must say him getting involved like that with a steel chair and basically beating the title off Kruger then demanding Sassafras to apply 'The Humbler' didnt rate highly in my book but I suppose he felt his company was under threat."

McGrath "Yes if you remember rightly AJ it was Vade Kruger who turned his back on the company, insisting that Tony Bastion doesnt give a crap about the fans or the wrestlers and that all he cares about is money?!"

AJ "Yeah ummm Im sure youre right Mike."
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by Big Bad Booty Daddy » May 29th, '12, 15:10

Lights go out. Daddy Cool by Placebo starts playing.

AJ - "Heres the tag champs."

McGrath - "Yeah ive been impressed with the tag champs over the last few months, they've been putting tag team wrestling back on the map"

Awesome Booty walk out to a loud cheer from the crowd. TAO is wearing his ring gear, belt round his waste. BBBD is in an "Awesome Booty" Tshirt and jeans and has his belt over his left shoulder. TAO leads them both to the ring. They enter the ring and TAO picks up the microphone.

TAO - "SO the champs are here. Just when you thought this programme couldnt improve Awesome Booty walk out for YOUR viewing pleasure. At our last PPV We showed everyone why we are that damn good, by beat The Renegades, another name on the increasing list of names of tag teams that myself and Daddy have beaten in the time we have been here."

TAO passes BBBD the microphone

BBBD - "You know no-one gets a bigger pop and has more support in this company then Awesome Booty. We appriciate our fans and its great to stand in this ring as one half of the tag team champions."

The fans cheer, with a chant of "AWESOME BOOTY" echoing around the arena.

BBBD - "THIS................THIS Is why me and TAO do this job. We love the support of you fans and the fact we get to entertain you guys every night who have saved your hard earned money to come see us makes all the pain and injuries worth while. Ive been with this company since day one and nights like our win against The Renegades at Heresy makes all the bullsh** backstage worthwhile."

AJ - "Bullsh** backstage?? Whats he talking about??"

McGrath - "I dont know AJ"

TAO - "Thats right, alot of guys in the back dont like us, WHY?? Because WE sell the tickets, WE sell the merchadise, WE are the guys who get the girls panties wet just by looking at them!! You look at the PPV posters and its either Me and Daddy on the posters or Vade Kruger. People in this company dont like that we get the tv time they want, we get the big fat pay checks that they want, Is that right Daddy......................"

TAO turns round, BBBD bounces the belt straight off TAOs head knocking him down to the ground. Daddy mounts TAO and lays vicious punches into the head off TAO. Blood begins to pour out off TAO's head.

AJ - "Whats got into BBBD??"

McGrath - "I dont know AJ, Something has pi**ed Daddy off"

BBBD takes off his "Awesome Booty" tshirt and throws it on TAO. He then picks up both tag titles puts one over each shoulder and heads to the back, with a chorus of boo's heard around the arena.

AJ - "Well.....................Well im speechless. I thought Awesome Booty were good mates but i guess Daddy had other ideas. We need to get Xander to find out what Daddys problem is."

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by KILLdozer » May 29th, '12, 17:11

"Sacrilegious Scorn" By Dimmu Borgir" hits the arena speakers with a thud causing everyone to shudder,and none other than NNTK walks out to a shower of boos as he stops at the top of the ramp. The man stands with the coldest look in his eyes,a feeling of deep rage and peaking anxiety exuding from him in a almost obnoxious way. NNTK has certainly changed in appearance since the last Vortex monthes ago. He is maskless,his one good eye has turned from black to blood red,all of his hair is shaved off very close but not quite bald. He is now completely covered in even more tattoos than before and his face and head are entirely engulfed with the dark gothic macabre style and tribal tattoos that are all over him, as well as several facial piercings including over both eyebrows and under the lower lip,and is more toned and ripped and built than ever before. Cuts and scars lace his body and face too. He lets out a deep breath as he moves down the ramp towards the ring.

He wears no shirt,a black bandanna rolled and tied around his head,and long black work pants with chains hanging off both sides.with black belt with silver buckle and black steel toe boots.

AJ:Heres the man from The Netherworld,I wonder what he has to say?

McGrath:Theres alot on his mind,you can feel his attitude just radiating through the building.

NNTK stops at the end of the ramp and merely raises a fist over his head,never once glancing up.

Boos rain out and he hits the ring steps calmly and begins a walk along the ring and ducks in under the top rope.

He looks right through JD who hands him a microphone.

NNTK:"Well,What a night to be here in this building. What an evening to be on this roster. What an afternoon to be in this ring. A lot of things are changing here,With new champions and guys quitting and leaving. That makes me think back to the past. I don't give a damn what you think about me,but all of you people that have been with us all this time know I have seen several people come and go. I've had a hand in some of the roughest and dirtiest things to have happened here,if not all of them for that matter. I have been the man to beat and watch out for since I stepped in here three years ago. I have knocked the heads off of so many damn people its just not right. Lets think of when I held that gold belt...I was the coldest toughest mother fucker alive in this building,night in and night out. There was no one who was untouchable to me,anyone could get knocked aside for all I cared. Well with things shifting like they are ,just allow me to say prepare for the return of the ripper,New days are upon us. From this point onward,the entire world is gonna see the rebirth of the old me...No more games,no more facades,only bloodshed.Only violence. Remember who I used to be,for that is who I shall become again."

The arena fills up with boos as "Sacrilegious Scorn" thunders through the arena again and NNTK takes one last look at the crowd and says "Just watch." and the boos continue to go off and he leaves the ringside area,then stops once more on the stage and says:"Don't say I didn't warn you." then turns and leaves with a fist raised in the air.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by VadeKruger » Jun 3rd, '12, 09:25

AJ "That guy is such a jerk."

McGrath "He has something though.......dont quite know what it is but he has something!!"

AJ "Yeah............one eye!!!"

~Camera goes to the ring where JD is standing~

JD "Ladies and Gentlemen this match is set for one fall, currently in the ring from Richmond, Virginia weighing two hundred thirty six pounds, here is James Bird!!!"

~Crowd offer minimal cheers as he raises one hand and waves~

AJ "Now this is a talented guy, in the developmental stages of his career here in WWR. A bright future ahead of him!!"

~After a few short moments the sound of the theme from 'Terminator' starts to play....~

McGrath "Oh holy crap Arnies gonna come out and ask me for my clothes, boots and motorcycle!!"

AJ "Haha yeah, except you dont even own a motorcycle!"

~A large figure appears dressed in black tights, black elbow and knee pads, black gloves all with red trim and a red mask with black trim. Long dark brown hair is seen trailing out of the back. He walks towards the ring not taking his eyes off his opponent~

JD "His opponent, from parts unknown weighing in at two hundred ninety two pounds, introducing for his debut match............DRAAAYYYGONNNNN!!!"

McGrath "Draygon?!?! Sounds like the character off a video game!!"

AJ "Mike do you really wanna sit there and make fun of this guy? Hes gotta be six feet seven hes huge!!!"

McGrath "Pfff!!! Like he scares me, dont think so son!!"

~Draygon reaches the ring steps and starts to walk up them, as he reaches the top he looks to the crowd who offer a few cheers, then he climbs through the ropes and into the ring~

AJ "Lets see what hes got then!!"


McGrath "Here we go!!"

~Both men circle around and lock up, Bird with a wrist lock into an arm bar tries to back Draygon up into the corner but he shrugs Bird off and swats him away like a fly. Bird gets up and runs at Draygon who drops him with a clothesline, then grabs him, lifts him up and slams him down to the mat~

AJ "Well looks like he has some basic ring skills Mike."

McGrath "Yeah but can he really go? Lets see!!"

~Bird gets up and the two wrestlers lock up again, Bird gets Draygon in a head lock but Draygon lifts him up and slams him down with a back suplex. The crowd claps as Draygon kips up and straight into a big leg drop, Bird rolls onto his side with the impact. Draygon picks up Bird by the head and whips him into the ropes, as he comes back Draygon flies off the other ropes and lands a huge flying clothesline, groounding Bird again~

McGrath "Oh what impact!!! Now THAT was impressive!!"

~Draygon grabs Bird and stands him up, then lifts him up into an atomic drop followed by an inverted atomic drop. Bird stands there holding his tailbone, Draygon comes off the ropes and almost takes Birds head off with a massive clothesline which turns him over in mid air. The crowd cheer loudly as Draygon climbs to the second rope on the inside, he looks around, the fans cheer for more as he leaps off and connects perfectly with an elbow drop. Birds broken body lies limp in the middle of the ring~

AJ "Hes very agile for a big man Mike, how would you like to take him on?"

McGrath "Id love to!!"

AJ "Well you never know you might find yourself across the ring from him in the future!!"

~Draygon grabs Bird again and lifts him up, grabbing him in a full nelson grip, he lifts him high in the air and slams him down on the back of his neck. He signals out to the crowd for his finisher. He gets Bird to his feet again and puts Birds head between his legs, then signals for the powerbomb. Lifting Bird up high he slams him down with such force, Bird has the wind knocked right out of him. Draygon covers~




#Bell rings#

JD "Here is your winner, DRRAAYYYYGONNN!!!"

~Draygon has his hand raised by the referee as the theme from 'The Terminator' plays, he looks down at his opponent, then looks at the camera and holds his index finger up before leaving the ring to a few cheers. He walks back up the aisle and to the back~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by cero2k » Jun 3rd, '12, 10:09

**At Tony Bastion's Office**

Knock Knock

Bastion: Come one in

In comes Gutierrez Fernandez

GF: You wanted to see me sir??

Bastio: uuhh...no. I didn't call for you!

GF: oh..well, anyway, since i'm here anyway...about my WWR Mayhem match with the New Heavyweight Champion of the World Roach...

Bation: wait..what ma.

GF continues talking without paying attention

GF: well...i was thinking that you should give to the people what they want, and aside from better seats, and better prices, and better food...well, they

Bastion: I'm talking here!! hello!!?

GF: well, they surely wanna see Roach defend his title against me, for you see, when i was a little boy growing up in ...


GF finally shuts up

Bastion: What the hell are you talking about!? I didn't book a match between you and Roach!!, and what the hell is Mayhem!!? You better not be working for another promotion while in contract with WWR!!

GF starts to mind travel somewhere

GF: (thinking) oh my god! i think it happened again, my dreams have once again mixed with reality! was i not really booked against Roach!? WAIT!! That means my job is not in danger !!!

Bastion: NO, Your job is indeed in danger...and stop talking to yourself, it's annoying!! But let me fix this, you are now indeed getting a match tonight. Fernandez, you will have a "Last Chance" match here, if you don't win, you're out of here!

GF: Oh...but it's a title match against Roach, right!? for you see, back in my hometo...

Bastion: Shut Up!! Fernandez, you're not getting a title shot against Roach. You will however, be going up against...oh yes!! this will be good. How about we make this a surprise "going away" gift!?

GF: You're going away? where to?

Bastion:..............just go to the ring...

GF leaves Basion's office.

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by VadeKruger » Jun 5th, '12, 02:27

AJ "Well, it seems GF is a little confused but Im sure once he gets to the ring he will fully understand whats going on!!"

McGrath "If you ask me, goofs like that dont have any place in wrestling and I hope he gets what is coming to him!!"

AJ "Hes hilarious Mike....wait a minute I have just received word that following the retirement of Robert Randall, the Continental Title will be decided with a tournament that starts tonight!! The first round matches are Viggo Dynamite vs Fergal Kiley, Chris Everlast vs Davis Hardy, Johnny Bishop vs Titan Dividion and The Booty Daddy vs Ryan Ignatius!!"

McGrath "Some awesome looking matches there, Johnny Bishop has a real mountain to climb though!!"

AJ "He sure does, but I think he can overcome the undefeated Titan!!"

McGrath "That remains to be seen............"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by Chris Everlast » Jun 6th, '12, 11:09

As the show cuts back from commercial, Chris Everlast himself is already in the ring, pacing around in a circle with a microphone in hand. The music playing over the arena's speakers were Nothing to Say, and Davis 'The Dominator' Hardy is walking down the steel ramp. As Hardy reaches the ring, he gets halted by Everlast speaking.

Everlast: ''Woah woah. Guys, look at this!''

The music cuts, to the crowd's dismay.

Everlast: ''-This- is what happens when cousins f--k!''

He's met by a shower of boos, and Hardy sure looks like he'll go up there any time and beat the snot out of the prick.

Everlast: ''Every village has it's idiot, and I guess you're Des Moines'! I mean, really, 60 million sperm and you're the one that won?! What a f--king loser!''

Hardy dives into the ring and gets up, but Everlast seems to have already calculated it, throwing the microphone forward in a beautiful arc right into Hardy's face.

AJ: ''Oh, come on! Surely that can't be legal!''

The bell rings and Everlast quickly walks up to the stunned Davis, locking his head in for a suplex. He tries to lift, but Davis blocks him and instead reverses it, trying to fling the Miamian flyboy over the ropes.

Mike: ''Well, the bell hadn't rung, and the rules don't count 'til the bell rings!''

Everlast luckily gets a hold of the top rope and lands on the apron. He quickly regains his senses and runs to the turnbuckle. Meanwhile, Hardy seems to still think Everlast is down and out on the padded floor outside.

AJ: ''Everlast has a quick way of getting back in the match, and now he's going high!''

Hardy turns around and Everlast shoots off with a flying crossbody, but Hardy catches him with a roar of approval from the crowd! He sprints against the turnbuckle Everlast used as a springboard and powerslams him into it, then hanging him up in a tree of woe.

AJ: ''Hardy quickly turns the tide on Chris Everlast!''

Mike: ''Aren't powerslamming against the turnbuckles illegal anyway? That must count as a weapon of some sort!''

AJ: ''Ofcourse it's not.''

Hardy turns around and runs to the other side of the ring, turning back to face Everlast and sprinting at him, going for a spear, but Everlast lifts himself up letting Hardy crash and burn into the turnbuckle.

Mike: ''Everlast one step ahead of the knucklehead!''

Everlast quickly climbs up to his feet on the top turnbuckle, then rolling forward and rolling Hardy up into a pin!


TWO-Kick out!

AJ: ''Abit too close for Hardy there!''

Everlast pulls Hardy up and pushes him against the ropes, irish whipping him to the other side. He misses him on the rebound with an elbow, and Hardy bounces off the ropes again, knocking the air out of Everlast with a stiff clothesline!

Mike: ''Wohoho! Did you see Everlast's hopes of keeping the upper hand dissappear?''

AJ: ''Definitely. Hardy has to keep Everlast grounded now - Matwrestling is a big part of Davis Hardy's arsenal, so he better use it well!''

Hardy follows up with wrapping Everlast up into a STF, squeezing the life out the smaller man.

Mike: ''Look at how Davis' arm curls around Everlast's neck! Isn't it illegal to choke people out?''

AJ: ''No, but outright strangling is. Seriously, Mike, you need to read up on wrestling rules again.''

Mike: ''I know them perfectly well, I'm simply checking your knowledge.. On the account of checking, EVerlast has checked out of that STF with an eyepoke!''

Back to the action, Everlast has indeed gotten out of the submission by poking Everlast straight in the eye while the referee was pre-occupied. Davis rolls off of him and holds his poked eye, and Everlast quickly climbs up to his feet. As Hardy gets up aswell, Everlast quickly grabs a hold of his head and slams him down with an Everlasting Impression!

AJ: ''Everlast hit him from nowhere with that! Hook of the leg! He's using the lower rope for leverage, the ref doesn't see!''




It's So Easy blares out to humongous boos from the Vortex-crowd, and Everlast quickly scurries out of the ring and up the ramp.

AJ: ''Everlast cheated himself to a victory right there! How low can he sink, really?''

Everlast gives Hardy a finger from his safe position at the top of the ramp, and then dissappears behind the curtains as the show gets ready for the other remaining matches.

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by cero2k » Jun 6th, '12, 22:29

Atrevete te te hits the speakers and the crowd goes wild!! Gutierrez Fernandez starts to make his way down the ramp, he walks with a face of worry, yet a strut of confidence.

AJ:What the Hell?....This guy is really just a stooge of some kind...

Mike:Hey you know what sir I like him! I think hes very amusing.!

AJ:You would...

JD: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a LAAAST CHAAANCE match, introducing first, the man whose contract is on the line. He comes from Mexico, he is GUTIERRRRRRRRREZ FERRRRRRRNANDEEEEZ!!!

AJ:And here he comes,here we go,I wonder who his opponent is,This is THE LAST CHANCE! He loses he's out the door!

Mike:I don't know AJ but it surely makes a difference because EVERYTHING is riding here!!! EVERYTHING!

Fernandez gets into the ring and waits smugly,somewhat confidently as the fans anticipate along with him.

AJ: Did you noticed this is the first time that GF comes to the ring and doesn't grab a microphone!?

Suddenly, Tony Bastion's theme hits the arena and comes out at the VortexTron

Bastion: Gutierrez Fernandez, I hope you understand that i don't hate you, nor i wish to see you fail. But you've been in WWR for weeks now, and had never won a match, THIS roster is made of winners, and you're not one in here. You are not at the level of a WWR wrestler. I told you had one last chance, my mind is set that you have to pull a miracle to make me reconsider. If you win this match, i will consider it a miracle. Fernandez, your surprise opponent is this man....

Suddenly,as everyone waits,Music begins to pick up over the speakers getting louder and louder gradually,Until it is recognized that the Sacrilegious Scorn is playing and shrieks of boos are heard in the background as it blares through the arena.


Mike:Oh my...God...It cant be...Don't tell me this is his opponent tonight for one more shot...

As everyone in the building is on their feet and GF still shows a light hope of doubt on his face,NNTK steps through the curtain and the arena collectively gasps.

AJ:It is Mike...It sure looks that way....

JD:And his opponent now coming to the ring...Weighing in at 350 pounds,he hails from The Netherworld...NNTK!

Mike:What was Bastion thinking?...This is not good at all...

NNTK merely stares at the ring as he walks,he wears the same attire from earlier but now there is a black short-sleeved tee shirt as well that reads:"NO MERCY NO GUILT",in dark crimson red,with second margin of them directly underneath the first,and the back reads:"ONLY VIOLENCE ONLY BLOODSHED",in the same exact manner. As he walks staring towards the ring with cold intent in his eyes(Or eye.),He wraps his right fist in white tape and pushs a black armband up his left bicep.

AJ:And I dont know about ol' GF but he certainly appears ready for this...

Mike:Look at those eyes,those tattoos...Theyre all over his face and head even...not to mention the piercings...I do not envy GF and certainly do not wish to be back in that ring at this moment...

NNTK chillingly raises a fist into the air above his head as his facial expression never changes,never moving from straight in front of him as he methodically walks to the ring.

He closes the distance between him and the ring now and the feelings exuding from him can be felt inside the ropes. With an icy air about him he walks up the steps and ducks down under the top rope and steps between it and the second one.

NNTK removes the bandanna and black shirt and the bell rings and he steps in directly in front of GF,towering over him height and stature wise.


GF gets down from the ring while NNTK just stares. GF grabs a mic and gets back to the ring.

GF: Wait!! I know you must be dying to fight me..and don't get me wrong, I have an urge and rush to fight you too, but i want you to listen to me first. Look, Mr NintendoTK...

AJ: Oh God, he's pushing the man that should never be pushed!!

GF:...you may not know, but when i was a little boy growing ...

He stops speaking momentarily as NNTK,with no emotion at all,coldly raises an ink covered middle finger in puts it right in his face and boos begin...But GF merely blinks quickly and...

GF suddenly whips around the back with lightning speed and rolls up NNTK and pins him down!!


AJ:Woah talk about dire straights here tonight!!!

Mike:You aint kidding! Who saw that coming?!?

NNTK is quickly back on his feet immediately and as GF makes it up NNTK takes him down as he cracks him with a stiff European Uppercut right in the face.

GF rises as he shakes his head,clearing the cobwebs and NNTK immediately reaches for him and grabs him with both hands around the back of the neck in an MMA style clinch and quickly strikes with five rough knees in the face in a row...He releases the clinch and merely pushes the slightly stunned GF away to the mat.

GF again is only down a few seconds as he taps his head a few times,trying to knock the pain right off him as he regains his wits again.

NNTK again wastes no time and raises his hands and strikes quick in the face with a right hand,then follows up with a left jab,then a right hook followed by a left cross then a straight right to the jaw drops GF off his feet.

GF stays downed only a moment longer this time and makes it back up as he trys to get his compusure again.

AJ:Man Fernandez is really going all out for his WWR career here tonight!

Mike:I mean sure the guys a funny stooge but he is getting hammered in there and wont quit!

This time to everyone's amazement he runs straight in at NNTK,who isn't caught off guard and ducks behind him and strikes him right over the back of the head with a heavy blow,GF visibly feels it and NNTK trips him up and plants him on his face with a Forward Russian Legsweep.

NNTK stands down over him but GF will not rest as he is up shortly as NNTK merely looks down over him.

He grabs an arm and lifts him over his shoulders grabbing between the legs as well as then spins him around and GF's face hits the mat with hard contact.

AJ:But this is not looking good for this man's career...He had his chance and now it looks to be all one sided here...

Mike:He is just tearing him apart in there...

But GF continues to show resolve and once more begins to fight through the pain and begins to get up.

NNTK crouches behind him and merely looks on at him then the moment he's turned he scoops him quick and powerfully and has him hung out across the top rope in the middle of the ring.

NNTK falls back with no hesitation and spikes him with a DDT of the rope and GF flips forward from the impact.

NNTK half forces him up and GF half wills himself up and another stiff European Uppercut,but he doesnt release him,two more equally stiff ones follow and he merely lets him fall backwards,GF still is clearly trying to shruf off the pain nonetheless.

NNTK goes for a pin at this point


Mike: GF is fighting with all his willpower, how can he still kickout!!?

AJ: He's a man with everything to lose, he's gonna do what it takes

NNTK lifts GF by the hair and pushes him back to the ring corner. Quickly NNTK gets him right onto the top turnbuckle as he lifts him right off his feet. NNTK climbs the second rope and its on,Repeated piston-like rights are unleashed as he begins to unload,Until suddenly GF can not sit in the position any longer and GF falls on his back off the top and down to the floor!! NNTK can't stop his momentum from the speed and he swinging as he hits nothing but air and goes along with GF down to the floor face first.

The ref starts to count


GF starts to move away from NNTK while he is still trying to shake off them effects of hitting the floor face first.

5......6.......GF is able to make it back to the ring, trying to catch a breather!!


AJ: He's gonna take the count out win!!!


Mike: NO! What the hell is he doing.

NNTK has gotten to his feet, but as he turns to look at the ring, he is met by


GF connects the Mexican WMD on NNTK and they both lay on the floor unconscious.

AJ: His greatest weapon is his greatest downfall. Fernandez cannot pin NNTK outside the ring!!

GF gets to his knees and is able to lift and push NNTK back to the ring. Both of them groggy, GF pins NNTK!


Mike: Oh No!! NNTK was way to close to the ropes, easy rope break for him.
AJ: This is NNTK we're talking about, he always knows where he is!!

GF drags NNTK away from the ropes in an intent to pin him again, as he is going for the pin, NNTK playing possum, rolls him up!!


GF, worried and tired runs toward the ropes, rebounds and comes back to NNTK with an attempt of a senton, but out of nowhere! BAM!

AJ: He just shoved him right back out of the air!
Mike: But GF landed on his feet somehow!

Instead of the attempted seated senton to the shoulders,GF is pushed directly away from NNTK as he counters him as GF is surprised but doesnt stop,He runs right in but is stopped dead by a hand on the shoulder as NNTK clutches his arm,then in a flash hits three sharp lightning quick elbows right in the side of the head and GF crumbles onto one knee.

NNTK looks at him for one second then bounces off the ropes from the side and smacks a running knee lift on GF and lays him out flat.

AJ:Oh s**t he just put him down quick there!

Mike:I never saw that coming he just jumped on him!

NNTK pins GF

1......2..............NNTK removes the pin!!!!

AJ: What the hell is he doing!!?

NNTK lifts GF to his feet. GF notices that NNTK doesn't want him to lose!!

GF: Thank You!! Thank you for this!!!

GF lifts up his hand to shake with NNTK. NNTK without even blinking, simply lifts up his hand to shake too, but keeps on going until he reaches GF's face, lifts up his middle finger and goes for the attack.

In a heartbeat hes got the throat and lifts him into the air then puts him down on his face.

AJ: Endless Rage!....That....is.....it!


Sacrilegious Scorn bursts into the arena and the bell rings and NNTK lets up off GF,he stands and turns and leaves the ring and replaces his bandanna and shirt onto himself and takes one cold eyed look at the crowd and leaves up the ramp as boos begin to sound off.

Mike: Nothing else he could do. Gutierrez Fernandez' career as a WWR star is now over. This was his last chance to get a WWR contract and he wasn't able to do it.

AJ: Of course he didn't do it, he doesn't have what it takes to be here.

Mike: You have to give it to him, he took on guys like NNTK, or the World Champion Roach before. He had bad luck.

AJ: The only luck he needs to hope for is that the bus does't take off before he gets on!!

NNTK walks up the ramp to the back. GF takes some time to recover from the match and finally makes it to his feet. As he starts walking to the back, you can see mixed reactions of people giving him a standing ovation, while others chant "Don't Come Back!". GF stops to slap some hands here and there, but keeps going until he disappears at the Curtain.

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by VadeKruger » Jun 7th, '12, 00:58

~Camera shoots to the back where Xander Chapman is waiting~

XC "I have managed to track down The Booty Daddy folks, Im gonna try and get some answers - HERE HE IS NOW!!"

~Booty Daddy approaches holding both Tag Team title belts, Xander attemps to get a word......~

XC "Daddy!! Er....a word perhaps? What posessed you to attack your tag team partner tonight?"

BD "BOOYYY, I dont have to tell you nothin and youre damn lucky Im in a good mood otherwise Id lay you out right now punk!! Listen to me shrimp, Im gonna hold on to these tag team titles on my own from now on aint no team here that can beat me whther its The Renegadez, Dead Set or SwannStarr!! You hear me out there?!?!"

~Daddy glares into the camera before slapping Xander lightly on the cheek and walking away~

XC "Back to AJ and Mike at the announce table"

~Camera shoots back to ringside~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by kirbs2002 » Jun 15th, '12, 11:05

"Ain't It Fun" (GnR) plays as Viggo Dynamite is already waiting in the ring.

The following match is for one fall. Already in the ring, from Pierre, South Dakota, and weighing 257 pounds, Viggo Dynamite.

The song changes to Skeletons of Society (Slayer) as Fergal Kiley slowly makes his way to the ring to a warm reception, applying tape to his wrists, following up by doing what appears to be rubbing something in on his hands.

And his opponent, from County Kildare, Ireland, and weighing 287 pounds, Fergal Kiley.

As Kiley gets up onto the apron to enter the ring, Viggo blocks him, shooting him a smug grin. Kiley clearly isn't impressed, giving him the stink eye and the forearm jerk before knocking Viggo down with a backhand. The bell rings signalling that the match is underway.

Well, they didn't waste any time.

Viggo gets up only to have Kiley lay into him with assorted hard strikes, backing him into the ropes. Kiley then whips him and plows him with a back elbow right into his mouth.

Geez! That's an easy way to lose teeth!

Kiley grabs the prone Viggo by the neck and, before he can lift Viggo up, Viggo takes a bite out of Kiley's hand, causing him to yell in pain.

Apparently he didn't knock enough teeth out!

AJ (unamused):
Har har.

Kiley's hand starts to bleed, and Viggo takes a reprimanding from the ref as he apparently tries to clean something out of his mouth. He then says something to the ref, who doesn't look convinced. The ref then goes over to Kiley and checks his hands. The ref shakes his head and peels the tape off Kiley's ring finger and says something to him.

It looks like he's snuck something into the ring.

The referee makes Kiley thoroughly wipe his hands onto a towel. Viggo then points out the ring on Kiley's finger.

He's right, you gotta take it off or leave.

Kiley then holds his hand up in front of his face, stares for 10 seconds, then throws his hands up and shakes his head as if to say "It's not worth this crap." He then ducks out of the ring and starts a slow walk back towards the backstage as Viggo is laughing smugly.

Is... Is he quitting? Just like that?!

Viggo leans over the ropes and says that's inaudible over the boos from the crowd. Kiley stops dead, halfway up the ramp. His head suddenly shoots up and he whips around to Viggo with a look of pure anger.

What'd he say? Did you hear?

No, but whatever it was, he's now royally pissed off! He's out for blood now, I bet!

Kiley flicks the ring off his finger, hops up onto the apron, and steps in over the top rope. Viggo's grin begins to fade as he backs away. Kiley then snatches Viggo by the throat, with the same look of rage as before, and holds him up as high as his arm reaches. The referee starts the count, then, seeing that it's not working, physically intervenes. Kiley finally relents, dropping Viggo unceremoniously. Viggo rubs his throat, coughing, while the ref reprimands Kiley, who just rolls his eyes and gives him the bird, turning his attention back to Viggo.

Kiley now starting to show some of the aggression back from his debut.

Viggo uses the ropes to get back to his feet, and Kiley leans him over the ropes and clubs Viggo across the chest with a harsh chop. He waits for Viggo to use the turnbuckles to get back up, leans him up in the corner, presses his head back, and finishes with a chop even louder than the last, causing Viggo to fall back to the mat, flailing about.

Whatever he said must have REALLY struck a nerve! I've never seen him this ticked before!

Kiley then puts his boot across Viggo's throat, getting the ref to physically intervene once again. Kiley again rolls his eyes and gives him a rude gesture, turning his attention back to Viggo and getting a stealth low blow. This brings Kiley to his knees and sends him crawling to the opposite corner, grabbing his delicates, while Viggo now gets an earfull.

Even these men's tendencies considered, I'd say this guy's being too lenient.

Viggo gets back to his feet and pursues Kiley, only to be met with a mule kick which knocks him backwards. Kiley then quickly glances back at Viggo, rubs the inside of his ring gear's waistband. Viggo delivers a shoulder block to Kiley's leg, knocking him onto his back. Viggo then kneels over Kiley to wail on him, but Kiley quickly uses a palm strike to smear something into Viggo's face. Kiley then wastes no time using this opening to deliver a vicious STAKE!!! He's quick to fold Viggo's arms across his chest, and covers him, shielding his face.




The bell rings to a mixed reaction from the crowd, while "Skeletons of Society" plays. Kiley gets back to his feet, making sure to deliver one last kick to Viggo's head as he exits the ring.

The winner of this match, Fergal Kiley!!!

That was impressive, but... something's kind of screwy here.

All things considered, though, it's nice to see Kiley pick up his first win in almost a month. Perhaps this is a sign of him turning the corner?

Moreover, is this the first time we've ever felt sympathy for Viggo?

Kiley kneels, picks his ring up from the floor, and walks back up the ramp with a look of disgust. He stops at the top of the ramp and gives one last forearm jerk directed at Viggo, who's using a towel to wipe something from his eyes.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by kirbs2002 » Jun 15th, '12, 16:43

The show returns from commercial. Viggo is shown bent over an eyewash station with medical attending to him as the camera pans away. Xander Chapman catches up with Fergal Kiley outside the door.

Mr. Kiley, you showed some real aggression out there tonight.

Kiley glares at him, and Chapman is visibly nervous.

Th.. That's not to say that you normally don't, not at all. What all of us are wondering is, what was your secret tactic out there tonight?

Kiley maintains his icy, piercing glare. Chapman slowly inches back.

That... that is, if you wouldn't mind sharing.

Kiley looks at the camera and holds up... a tube of vaseline. His glare fades into a smug grin as he clicks his tongue and winks. He then walks away chuckling.

Urgh. Nothing prepares you for that glare. Back to Mike and AJ.
Reality TV is faker than "fake" wrestling!

"The views that I'm about to express are not necessarily those of anyone else but myself, but they ought to be and, in fact, they probably are"

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by VadeKruger » Jun 24th, '12, 00:53

AJ "Well its time for the third match of the first round of the Continental Title tournament."

~The Shining starts to play and Titan Dividion appears to huge boos from the crowd~

JD "Ladies and Gentlemen introducing first from Hell, weighing three hundred and twenty six pounds here is TIIITAAAANNN DIVIDIOOONNNN!!!"

~Titan remains emotionless and walks slowly towards the ring, dressed in black ring attire. He enters the ring and awaits his opponent~

Mike "Look at the size of that guy!!"

JD "His opponent....."

~The fans start to cheer as 'Its Not War' blares out of the speakers and Johnny Bishop starts making his way to the ring. He tags the fans hands as he walks down the aisle~

JD ".....from The Vatican, weighing two hundred fifty one pounds, here is Johnnyyyyy Bisshhhoop!!!"

~Fans cheer again as Bishop enters the ring and climbs to the second turnbuckle then raises his hands and points to the crowd. Suddenlt Titan charges to the corner and squashes Bishop, making him fall flat on his back into the ring. The bell rings and the matych is officially underway~

AJ "Oh what a cheap shot!! Titan from behind while Bishop wasnt even ready!!"

~Titan stomps and kicks away at the prone Bishop who attempts to cover up. Titan drags him to his feet and picks him up, then throws him across the ring with a huge body slam~

Mike "OOh the impact of that body slam must have knocked the wind right out of Bishop!!"

AJ "He didnt have a chance with the initial attack!!"

~Bishop rolls to the ropes and tries to use them to get up but Titan kicks him in the ribs again, then applies his boot to Bishops throat while using the ropes for leverage. The referee tries to get Titan off but Titan chases him around the ring. Bishop manages to roll out of the ring for a moments break. Titan stops and stares at him coldly~

Mike "AJ, Bishop is in serious trouble here it looks like Titan has his sights on that Continental title!!"

AJ "Well Im surprised he hasnt had gold so far since he arrived in WWR!!"

~Titan goes through the ropes to the outside where Bishop is, but Bishop rolls back into the ring under the bottom rope. As Titan tries to get back in the ring hits him with a drop kick in the mouth. Titan falls back into the steel guard rail to the delight of the fans. Bishop suddenly comes flying over the top rope but Titan catches him and rams him back first into the steel ring post. Titan breaks the count by rolling in and out of the ring. Titan grabs Bishop and lifts him up only to ram him head first into the ring post. Titan throws Bishop back in the ring and follows him in. Titan comes off the ropes and delivers a big elbow to the chest of Bishop. Bishop rolls over in pain but manages to move out of the way of a huge legdrop from Titan. Bishop springs to his feet and hammers away at the fallen Titan, he then lifts him up and slams his head into the turnbuckle pad over and over again to the delight of the crowd, he goes for an irish whip but Titan reverses, slamming Bishop into the opposite corner. Bishop floats over the top of Titan as he charges at Bishop then Bishop rolls Titan up~


~Kick oout from Titan~

AJ "No chance, gotta do more than that!!"

~Titan is dazed by a kick to the head from Bishop followed by a falling punch to the head. The referee has a word with Bishop about closed fist strikes but Bishop shrugs it off and goes to grab Titan but Titan catches him in the mid section with a chop, then in the face with an uppercut which floors Bishop. Titan gets to his feet and picks up Bishop, then throws him out of the ring, over the top rope to the floor~

Mike "Back and forth this match goes, you feel a little bit like Titan was desperate to get Bishop away from him by just throwing him over the top rope."

AJ "And look at Bishop now hes up again and trying to get in the ring!!"

~As Bishop climbs onto the apron Titan grabs him and suplexes him back into the ring but Bishop manages to hook his legs up with Titans, rolling him up for the pin~




~Titan just manages to escape the three count, then jumps up and punches Bishop right in the mouth, busting his lip open. Titan hammers away at Bishops face and body with punches, the referee tries to break it up but Titan throws him across the ring~

AJ "OOOh he needs to be careful doing that, the ref could disqualify him!!"

Mike "That coupled with the punches to Bishop makes it even worse!!"

AJ "Something needs to be done here, Titan has gotten himself a chair!!"

~Titan looks at Bishop, then at the chair, then at the ref who is pleading with him to put it down. Titan looks again at Bishop but the referee grabs the chair, Titan snatches it back away a clobbers the referee with the chair, knocking him out cold. He then waffles Bishop, knocking him out too. The fans boo loudly as Titan hits Bishop again then drops the chair and leaves the ring~

Mike "Umm I think thats a disqualification AJ!!"

AJ "That jerk needs to be taught a lesson!"

Mike "OH and whos gonna teach him? You?"

AJ "Hell no, but Im sure our new world Champ Sassafras would!!"

Mike "Maybe, hes too happy being the champ right now though I think."

AJ "Well we havent heard from him yet, so you never know!!"

Mike "Well we had the makings of a good match there until Titan ruined it. So we have three qualifiers for the semi finals of the tournament. Fergal Kiley, Chris Everlast and now Johnny Bishop!! One match to go!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by cero2k » Jun 28th, '12, 09:12

Coming back from commercial.

Xander: Hi everyone, welcome back. I'm currently outside of Gutierrez Fernandez' locker room...wait, here he comes. Ferndadez! quick question! What are your thoughts after losing not only to NNTK, but your chance at a WWR Contract!?

GF: Zander my friend, you hear me and you hear me good. Tony Bastion, WWR backstage locker rooms....My destiny will not be denied...i will become the World Champion of the World...no matter what it takes.

GF walks out

Xander: strong words from Fernandez, who can't really become the champ if he's not even employed anymore.


Xander: oh hell....back to you guys!

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 3rd, '12, 12:53

~Camera pans over to the ring~

JD "This match is set for one fall and is the final match in the first round of the WWR Continental Title Tournament."

~Ryan Ignatius music hits the speakers to a loud pop from the crowd~

AJ "Well here comes one of the most technically sound wrestlers in the world today!!"

Mark "Oh yeah this guy can escape any move and apply any move. and what an amazing athlete he can do it all!!"

AJ "Former BCW triple crown winner so his credentials are there for all to see!!"

~As the fans wait JD looks to the tunnel....~

AJ "Whats going on??"

~Suddenly the screen comes on to a shot from a portable camera showing Ryan Ignatius lying in a pool of blood unconscious. Suddenly WWR medics hit the seen and begin treatment~

Mike "Now I wonder who has done this......."

AJ "Hmm..."

~After a short while 'Daddy Cool' by Placebo plays and The Booty Daddy walks towards the ring holding both WWR tag team title belts~

JD "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Booty Daddyyyy!!!"

~The fans boo as he enters the ring and his music stops. He grabs the mic~

BD "Now, it seems Ryan Ignatius is too busy lying down to face me, so referee if you please.....start the count."

~The referee reluctantly starts the count~


BD "Come on Ryan hahahahaha!!!"


~Bell rings~

JD "Ladies and Gentlemen, due to Ryan Ignatius' failure to appear, the winner of this match by forfeit......THE BOOTYYYY DADDYYYYY!!!"

~Fans boo as he leaves the ring to his music, then disappears up the ramp~

AJ "What has happened to that guy?!"

Mike "I dunno but someone should teach him some manners!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 3rd, '12, 13:02

~As the camera once again flies over the crowd in attendance, is shoots over to the big screen where the words:


appears, the fans cheer then '3 WEEKS' flashes underneath it~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 14th, '12, 06:52

AJ "So Mike the next WWR Pay Per View event is just over three weeks away and it sure sounds interesting. Im gonna take a minute to run down the rules for all the listeners. Okay, there will be a number of elimination tag team matches throughout the night. Now the size of these teams can be between 2 and five members which will be decided at random. The members of each team will also be determined randomly to appear fair to all participants. During the matches any member of any team can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification. When any one team is totally eliminated then the opposing team will be declared the winners."

Mike "sounds exciting AJ once you get your head around the rules hahaha!! But seriously i will be involved that night too and at this time I would like to introduce to you all the latest addition to the broadcast team here, a legend in this business former BCW World and tag team champion, Ron Lomas. Ron?"

RL "Thanks Mike, sure is good to be a part of the WWR Broadcast team and I hope I can do you all proud."

AJ "Welcome Ron, Im sure you will do just fine!!"

RL "Well as long as you guys can understand me!!"

Mike "Youre from Georgia not Liverpool!!"

AJ "So, Ron is there anyone in WWR who particularly stands out for you?"

RL "Well potential wise Im thinkin Mike here could go all the way to the top, see he has no official move set or finisher he just goes with what feels right at the time. Thats a more classical style of wrasslin' which is soemthing that is very rare these days."

Mike "I appreciate that sentiment Ron and thank you."

AJ "Now lets get to the ring!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 15th, '12, 02:31

####Back from commercials####

JD "This tag team match is set for one fall........."

~The sound of an unfamiliar voice interrupts JD......"

Voice "Whoa whoa whoa just hold on there JD!!"

AJ "Who the hell is this?"

~A man appears walking to the ring wearing a suit and holding a microphone~

Voice "..........Now my name is Rodrigo Plenus and I am rich. I am very f**king rich in fact. I am here in WWR because I plan to rule the wrestling world with my billions!!"

~He enters the ring~

Plenus "Now I am looking for talent that I can back with my money......so you American fat heads can be entertained......."

~Fans boo~

Mike "This guy wants to be careful because theres a lot of proud Americans in the back as well as out here in the crowd!!!"

Plenus "You can forget about this tag team match because I have already bought it off. So I bid you good day and Ill see you all soon!!!"

~Plenus winks at the camera before leaving the ring and heading to the back~

AJ "What a moron. Does he really think he can buy success?"

Mike "It appears that way!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 9

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 19th, '12, 11:07

AJ "Well folks its time for our new world champion to appear and give us a few words...."

~The crowd go crazy as Sassafras' music starts to play, JD in the ring.........~

JD "Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the NEEEEEWWWWW WWR WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION......SASSAFRAS!!!!!!"

~Sassafras appears in his normal clothes, title belt on his shoulder he walks to the ring smiling and shaking the fans hands~

Mike "Conspicuous by his absence is Tony Bastion AJ. Where is he?"

AJ "No idea maybe hes giving Sass the airtime for himself?"

Mike "Hmmmm"

~Sassafras enters the ring and holds up the belt to tremendous cheers, then after a few moments the music cuts and he is handed the microphone from JD~

Sass "Well, look what we have here huh? Sassafras Roach is the new world champ!! The greatest moment of my entire life and short career surely it doesnt get any better than this?! Maybe it does because I have rid this company of the Scourge that was Vade Kruger!! Now lets not dwell on that sucka, lets talk about the challenges ahead. I expect the wealth of talent on the WWR roster to come from all angles and let me tell you that I will be a fighting champion, I wont back down from anyone!! And-"

~Suddenly the lights go out for a second, then they come back to reveal NNTK standing behind Sass, the fans scream for him to turn around but before he can NNTK nails him with a chain which has been wrapped around his fist. Sass drops to the floor and NNTK stands over him~

AJ "That bastard!! Who the hell does he think he is?!"

~NNTK picks up the mic and says:~

NNTK "So you expect it from all angles? Didnt see it coming from that one huh?!"

~NNTK drops the mic and leaves the ring laughing as Sassafras lies in a heap in the ring. The credits appear on the screen as the show comes to a conclusion~

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