WAC Vortex - Show 2

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WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 11th, '11, 11:09

~Show opens with WAC World Heavyweight Champion 'The Scorpion' Vade Kruger in the ring with a mic~

Vade "Forget the damn opening, forget the damn pyro, forget EVERYTHING!!! IM TALKING!!! Now................last week I came out here and said a lot of things, but at the end of the show NNTK and his cronies decided to attack Shane Lynas and Bobby Anderson, destroy the set, assault cameramen and make a mockery of this company!!"

AJ "What? Hes criticising their actions?"

Vade "I think its disgusting!!"

~Fans start to cheer...............~

Vade "Disgusting that I didnt think of doing it first!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

AJ "I didnt think so!

Vade "Your faces!! Did you really think I was gonna criticise the great NNTK?? My buddy?? My FRIEND?!?!"

~Fans start to throw litter in the ring~

Vade "Now, last week I beat the crap out of Johnny Bishop, I pinned him ONE TWO THREE in the middle of this ring. I did it unaided, alone. And I showed you all why I am the best in the business!!"

AJ "I wish this jerk would get to the point!"

Vade "The thing is, Im not the most popular guy in the back right now so I have surrounded myself with good decent people, lets have a look shall we?? GUYS!!! COME ON OUT!!"

~The fans boo loudly as The Renegadez and Viggo Dynamite walk out, then stand next to Vade~

Vade "Looky here, we have the greatest tag team in the business today with the Renegadez, and the best technical wrestler in the entire world in my good friend, Viggo Dynamite. You can call us 'Legion' and theres two things you can do about it: Nothing..............and like it!!!"

~Vade drops the mic, "Slither" plays to tremendous boos and they all raise their arms, after a few moments they walk to the back and the music cuts~

AJ "Well ummm, welcome to WAC Vortex!! It seems we have gone through a lot of changes this past week, weve lost a lot of talent, Mark Darling has gone to BCW and we have another voice behind the mic, he is Mike McGrath, currently injured recovering from a broken neck. Mike? Welcome!"

Mike "AJ thanks, its a pleasure to be here. I must say its very different being in this position as opposed to being in the ring. Nevertheless I will endeavour to do my best to fill Marks boots"

AJ "Well after no contact with him Mike, there isnt much to fill!! So on with the show, tonight we have The War Party taking on SwannStarr, newcomer Sinister will be in action, Fergal Kiley will square off against Chris Everlast in a non title match and another in ring debut tonight with Vance Valentine facing Jack Ingram. Theres a whole lot more too folks so hang on...............WAC Vortex is back!!"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by cero2k » Jan 11th, '11, 14:34

~ A short stocky mexican man is walking down the ramp to the ring with a somewhat quick pace. There is no music playing or special effects.

AJ: What now!?

Mike: I think that fan may be lost...

~ the man gets to the ring and goes around to the announcers table.

GF: hello...may i borrow your micromophone?

AJ: uhh...yeah, i guess....

~the man grabs a mic from AJ and gets in the ring via the steel steps.

GF: ahem...hello? testin' 1 2 3... uh, i don't think this is on, it this thing on?.....could you turn it on please?? oh what?? it's ON!? oh...so you can hear me?? oh good, thanks....HELLO, MY NAME GUUUTIIERRRRRRRRREZZ FERRRRRNANDEZ!!!! oh what?? i don't need to shout?? oh ok....HELLO, MY NAME GUUUTIIERRRRRRRRREZZ FERRRRRNANDEZ!!!!....I am from the biutiful land in the sea of the coast OF ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO!!...oh what?, i'm shouting again?? i'm sorry....Bueno, you all must be wondering why is it as to why is this handsome man standing in the middle of the ring...well ladies and gentlemen, and all you biutiful kids, I am here for the only purpose that what it is my destiny...become the World Champion OF THE WORLD!!! Ever since i was a little boy growing up, I used to prepare myself by fighting the best in the world, trained by a man of GOD himself, i contain in myself skills of fighting that surpass the almighty Tiger and Bear..yes yes, I'm stronger than a tiger and bear...WAC locker room, you hear me out and you hear me out good, a new problem for you has arrived... and his name... is GUUUTIIERRRRRRRRREZZ FERRRRRNANDEZ!!!!

~Gutierrez Fernandez stares at the people and then turns to AJ

GF: how do i turn this off?? you'll turn it off?? oh ok...

~GF turns in the mic to AJ and makes his way back to the....well, back...

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Lynas » Jan 11th, '11, 16:31

*Camera pans to backstage*

*Xander Chapman comes into view outside Shane Lynas's office & enters, Shane is sat on a sofa beside Bobby Anderson with a huge smile on his face*

Xander: "Mr. Lynas, just wondering if I could get a quick word with you?"

Lynas: "Sure, why not"

Xander: "Who was that guy just in the ring"

Lynas: "Ahh so Gutierrez made himself known... good... good"

Xander: "Sir, we didn't get much sense out of him"

Lynas: "That's his charm Xander... he may not know the outer or inner workings of a microphone, but don't underestimate him in that ring... it would be a grave error"

Xander: "Well in that case, we'll have to wait and see!"

Lynas: "Trust me Chappers, the wait will be worth it"

Xander: "Errr, one more thing Mr. Lynas, why did you look so happy wwhen I first entered the room?"

Lynas: "That my friend, is because the BCW is gone, The Prophecy are gone... we my friend are free to be WAC again and I have no complications right now... now if you'd please excuse me, I've gotta talk to Bobby about his match later"

*Xander leaves the room & the camera pans over the crowd*

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Darkil » Jan 12th, '11, 11:24

***Camera continues to pan over crowd***

AJ : Look at this crowd! They are fired up after the true colors 'Legion' showed. I still can't believe what Vade and The Renegadez did last week to Bishop!

Mike : I agree AJ! Let's take a look

***Footage from last weeks match with Bishop v Vade plays. Still scenes depict the fight then show Vade's victory. Stills showing Renegadez running to ring and helping Bishop up only to attack him. Last still shows Sinister rushing in and hitting Bishop with the belt***

AJ : As you can see, the match between Bishop and Vader went back and forth with pinfall after pinfall!

Mike : That's right AJ, Bishop really gave it his all but in the end Vade scored the victory. That wasn't all, however, The Renegadez came rushing to the ring still covered in blood and bruises from their brutal beating!

AJ : Except they weren't there to help as we all thought. They betrayed Bishop and the WAC!

Mike : The wildcard in all this is the one known as Sinister and his involvement. What were his motives?

AJ : I am sure he was bought out by Rooker, the slime!

Mike : I'm not so sure AJ, hopefully we will see later on. Wait a minute, it looks like something is going on backstage.

***Camera goes backstage. It shows Xander walking out of Lynas's office. Xander begins talking with one of the crew when they both look up to see Viggo Dynamite unsuccessfully hitting on one of the girls working. Making some crude remarks he tries to get her number but is eventually brushed off. Smirking and waving his hand at her, he begins to walk down the hall when suddenly the lights flicker on and off then eventually turn off completely, leaving the hallway dark. Gasps and some choked back screams are heard along with the sounds of scuffling; followed by crashing and banging. The lights come back on and the hallway is littered with trash, broken tables and a broken 2x4. Amongst the debris is Viggo's prone body with some visible welts and red marks from where the 2x4 appeared to strike him. Xander and a few of the crew rush over to him, calling for the paramedics***

AJ : My God! What just happened?

Mike : I have no idea! Last week was bad enough with all the mayhem out here but now people are getting attacked backstage?! We hope to have more after the commercial break...

***Head and Shoulders commercial begins to play***

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Chris Everlast » Jan 12th, '11, 15:09

The camera cuts to Everlast, watching from down the hall the paramedics checking at Viggo Dynamite. He chuckles and says something about ''Greatest WAC Continental Champion of all time'', turning to the camera.

Everlast: Ladies and gentlemen! Here I am, in my own high person! The greatest WAC Continental we've seen, better then that rapperboy, better then that.. MMA baby, better then that little Legend-copy! No doubt, you will never.. Ever.. see someone great as me holding this title.

The crowd boos unaffectionately at Everlast.

Everlast: But don't fret, with great titles come great matches, and hopefully less soapopera for you, my dears. Now, my match against Fergal Kiley later will just be a precursor to me kicking his and T-Bird's a** at Path To Glory.

The crowd's boos intensifies.

Everlast: But alas, I must get ready. The talking will probably kill me if the bad wrestling doesn't.

Everlast smirks slyly into the camera.

Everlast: Did I offend you yet?

The camera cuts off.

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Darkil » Jan 12th, '11, 16:13

***Camera cuts back to AJ and Mike***

AJ : Well folks another nugget of wisdom from Chris Everlast!

Mike : Hmm, well I don't know if I would call it a nugget of wisdom, but he certainly has the skills to back up what he says.

AJ : Yes indeed Mike. I understand Chris Everlast has "provided" us with some stills from his last match?

Mike : Uh, yeah he did.

***Still shots show various angle's of Everlast's performance, all designed to make him look good***

AJ : You know, I don't remember that match being so flawless in Everlast's favor.

Mike : It's not AJ! In fact I am heading back there right now to see what fool ran that!

***Mike get's up from the announcer's table and makes his way to the back***

AJ : Wait Mike! Well it appears my broadcast partner is on his way to make things a bit more seamless. Looks like we will follow Mike to the back here in just a moment.

***Moments pass and the only thing show on the screen is fuzz***

AJ : Hmm, I apologize folks. It appears we are having some technical difficulties.

***More fuzz***

AJ : Well folks it looks like we won't be following my partner back after all. Stay tun....wait it seems we are getting something..

***Fuzz continues and then starts to jerk around. Slowly the video trailer comes into view but unfocused, no audio***

AJ : Hmm what's wrong with the audio?

***Shapes are moving around frantically, however the picture is still too dim to make out what's going on. Moments later the camera comes into focus and Mike is lying on the ground unconscious near the stairs heading up to the video trailer, a chain hanging half off his body. People begin rushing towards him***

AJ : NO! What is going on? First Viggo now Mike! What the hell?!?!

***Camera pans down the hall and stops in front of the door to Lynas's office then goes to commercial***

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Darkil » Jan 13th, '11, 11:57

***End of commercial break, camera focuses on announcing table***

AJ : Well folks I am at a loss. So far we have had attacks on two of our guys in the back. They appear to be random but they are viscous, let's see what happened before the break

***Video shows Mike getting up from the table, the technical difficulties and finally Mike lying unconscious outside the video trailer***

AJ : This is disturbing to me folks. Mike is still recovering from a broken neck and now he's been hurt. We hope to get more news about his condition soon. I believe we may hear from President Lynas's about his thoughts on this. However, we have....

***The arena goes dim and smoke begins to billow around the entrance way, boos and cheers start errupting amongst the crowd***

AJ : Oh what now?

***'Shock' begins to play over the loudspeaker. The arena immediately grows silent. The smoke slowly starts to disappear as the tempo of the song picks up. Once the smoke dissipates, a figured clad in black is seen kneeling, head bowed. Slowly the figure rises, keeping his head towards the ground. A spotlight shines on the figure and he slowly lifts his head to face the ring, showing the figure is clad in black loose fitting pants and boots. His upper torso is powerfully built, supple as a panther, his iron muscles rippling under smooth skin. A mask adorning his head, keeping his identity a secret***

AJ : My God is that? Yes! it's Sinister!

***Sinister now begins to slowly walk towards the ring. He stops a few feet away from the ring, his head drifting down slightly as if measuring something. The camera comes up behind him and begins to zoom in just as his head turns slightly to the left. A seemingly icy stare comes from underneath the mesh eye coverings of the mask as he looks into the eyes of the viewers at home and in the arena. He then walks around the ring and takes his place beside AJ at the announcers table, putting on a headset as the music slowly fades away and the lights once again illuminate the arena.***

AJ : Well uhh, folks it appears I am being joined by WAC's new talent here at the announcement table. Umm...welcome Sinister

Sin : ......

AJ : Right, well we are going to take another commercial break here and get back with the action. Hopefully my heart will stop racing by then...

***Hungry Man commercial plays***

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 14th, '11, 11:20

~Return from commercial break~

JD "This match is set for one fall, currently in the ring weighing 240lbs........Jake West!!"

~Music bellows out and MMA appears to a decent pop~

JD "His opponent from Canada weighing in at 239lbs.......Michaeel Marrk Adaammsss!!"

~MMA walks to the ring with a purpose, he enters and stretches in the corner awaiting the bell, West readies himself~

#Bell rings#

~The two lock up in the middle of the ring, headlock by MMA~

AJ "MMA in early control of this one, the former Continental Champion looks in great shape despite his loss to Titan Dividion last week"

Sin "........"

~Adams goes round the back and takes West down, then slides over the top back into a headlock, this receives applause from the fans~

AJ "Smooth as a babys bum eh Sin?"

Sin "......."

~West manages to get back to his feet, he throws MMA to the ropes, shoulderblock and West goes down. MMA over the top and off the ropes again, attempt of a hip toss by West, MMA reverses and catches West with a Roundhouse kick to the head then a dropkick. West goes down to the mat with a thud~

AJ "The quickness of Adams is too much for West........."

~Adams sets West up and kicks him in the gut then Powerbombs him. Adams stands up and gets a cheer from the crowd. He climbs to the top rope and waits for West to get to his knees, Adams jumps and connects with a missile dropkick.............then gets a huge cheer from the crowd as he kips up after hitting the move~

AJ "A flawless performance so far, West is in such a mess right now!!"

~Adams calls for the fans to get behind him as he picks West up and lifts him onto his shoulder.............he runs to the middle of the ring and drops West down into a reverse piledriver~

AJ "OOOH!!! A running Reverse Piledriver!! He couldve broken Wests neck!!"

~Adams covers West~




#Bell rings#

JD "Here is youor winner, Michael Mark Adams!!"

~MMA's music hits and he leaves the ring, having hardly broken a sweat~

AJ "So impressive!! I wonder what hes-"

~Adams walks over to Sinister whos already standing, the two stare for a second then Adams smirks and walks away, up the ramp and to the back. The music cuts~
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 14th, '11, 11:38

~Camera cuts to the back where TAO is seen walking past the camera saying "Wheres my damn boots" then as the cameraman walks through a door, then Adam Griffin is seen searching for his wrist tape. That camera is cut and another cameraman is filming two men around 6ft talking in a strange accent, they both have shell suits on and matching haircuts, a sort of scraggy dark style and both have moustaches. Suddenly one of them sees the cameraman~

"EEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR who dat der?? Ay lad!! Giv uz dat camra!!"

~Tha man snatches the camera from the cameraman and points it at the other shell suit wearing man~

"Arrite der lad!! EEEEEEERRRRRRRRRMMMMMM dis iz ouwer camra now init...........cos we nick anyfink lad rite!!"

~Camera cuts off back to ringside~
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Chris Everlast » Jan 15th, '11, 00:27

Familiar music blasts out over the crowd as Ace Hunter appears ontop of the ramp.

''This match is scheduled for one fall! And already in the ring, Eric West! And his opponent, on the way to the ring, weighing in at 235 lbs.. ACE HUNTER!''

Ace walks down the ring, slapping hands with the crowd before sliding into the ring under the ropes, standing up and hitting another pose to the crowd.

AJ: And this guy, Eric West, seems to bear some relation to the other wrestler we saw just moments ago in the ring!

Sin: ....

Eric West wastes no time and sprints up against Ace Hunter, but Hunter catches him with a belly to belly suplex, sending West out of the ring!


Sin: ...

Eric West stumbles to his feet outside, but Ace Hunter suicide dives out onto him!

Crowd: Ace! Ace! Ace! Ace! Ace! Ace!

AJ: Ace Hunter wastes no time!

Ace throws West back into the ring, and West struggles to his feet, keeling over, Ace bounces off the ropes and hits the Scissor Kick! Cover!




Ace Hunter gets up and poses for the crowd

'''Your winner is, by pinfall, ACE HUNTER!''

AJ: Decisive win!

Sin: ....

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 15th, '11, 01:11

~Suddenly the lights go out~

AJ "What the?!?! Sin?? You there? SIN?"

~After a few short moments the lights come on and Hunter is laid out in the ring..........a black baseball bat is lying next to Hunter in the ring~

AJ "Who the hell is doing this?? Sin are you responsible?"

Sin "........."
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Chris Everlast » Jan 15th, '11, 01:12

The camera cuts to Everlast standing with Xander Chapman, his Continental title proudly around his shoulder, getting a very, very mixed reaction.

Xander: Ladies and gentlemen, I am backstage with Chris Everlast. Everlast, tonight you're facing non other then your number one contender for the WAC Continental title! How are you feeling?

Everlast looks at Xander with an eyebrow raised.

Everlast: Great. Now a question for you - Are your questions always stupid?

Xander looks abit surprised at Everlast.

Xander: Uh, I do..

Everlast: It doesn't matter! I'll kick Kiley into next week! All I've heard from Heather is her bitchslap rappin' on BCW Mayhem, and it gets nothing done.

Everlast has now ripped the microphone from Xander's hands.

Everlast: Kiley, the legends say you're a daemon. You could be God or Satan himself, because I'm an atheist anyway. You don't count as irish because you sipped some whiskey and came up with the worst idea to seem relevant, before signing up in the WAC! I am Chris Everlast. The greatest, the best, the most pure wrestler in the WAC, and you are naught but sh*t! You and T-Bird should watch your backs because this is MY Path to Glory.

Everlast drops the microphone and walks away, Xander still standing in the background, blinking in confusion.

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Darkil » Jan 15th, '11, 14:56

***MMA's music bellows through the loudspeaker once more. MMA appears at the entrance to the ramp and makes his way down to the ring. His walk carries a more cockiness to it than his match. Holding a smirk as he climbs into the ring, he motions for a mic and stares at the announcers table***

AJ : What's he doing back here?

MMA : You know something, I am bored! I think I need someone to help me.."exercise". I know there's been some attacks backstage...

***crowd boos***

MMA: I know it's the work of some coward and I think it's high time I show them just what WAC is made of!

***cheers errupt from the crowd, followed by MMA, MMA***

MMA : ~grins~ So what do you say, Sinister? Care to step in the ring and show me what you got?

AJ : It looks like he's calling you out Sin...

Sin : ~turns and stares down AJ~

AJ : ~mumbles and leans away~ ok ok...

***Sinister puts down his head set and slowly makes his way in the ring. MMA drops the mic to the canvas and kicks it out of the ring and begins to do a few warm ups. Sinister just stares***

MMA : Ring the bell!

***Ref shrugs and motions for the bell. MMA immediately rushes Sinister and holds his arms up to perform a take-down. Sinister seemingly glides away from the attack and continues to stand as a lifeless statue as he is now located nearest the turnbuckle. MMA looks up and nods slightly and begins to stalk his prey. Reaching up for a grapple he is met with a thrust to his throat, causing his hands to reach protectively to the damaged area. Coughing, MMA stumbles back slightly as Sinister continues to watch, the crowd gasping in awe as the "dance" unfolds***

AJ : Dear lord! MMA is being made a fool by Sinister! I have never seen someone dodge so effortlessly. However, Sinister needs to be careful lest he really anger MMA!

***Growling, MMA jumps and grabs Sinister in a take down and quickly rolls him up into a side headlock, standing up on his feet slightly in order to wrench in the pressure, eliciting a grunt from Sinister***

MMA : Yeah! What now little man?

AJ : It looks like MMA now has Sinister down on the mat where he doesn't need to be. This is the playground for the technical wizard now!

***The pressure being poured on as the crowd begins to chat excitedly about the match, Sinister starts to slowly get to his feet, causing MMA to attempt to regain his footing***

AJ : Sinister appears to be turning this around, look at that reversal! A back suplex from the newcomer!

***MMA is momentarily stunned from the reverse. Shaking his head he looks up to see Sinister standing a few feet away, resuming his statue-like pose. Growling he lashes out with his legs in an attempt to trip up his foe. Sinister flips forward, dodging the attack and lands on the other side of MMA's head. A swift soccer kick to the side of MMA knocks rolls him over to his side, now exposing his back***

AJ : Wow! Sinister just jumped over MMA! A swift kick like that is likely to cause a concussion! MMA now on his side as Sinister looks to just be stalking him, like a predator toying with it's prey. Ok Sinister pulls MMA up to his feet and gives him a vicious chop! Another!

***Crowd Woo's to imitate Ric Flair as the chops make their mark***

AJ : Dear God! Look at how red MMA's chest is!

***Backed into a corner, Sinister Irish Whips MMA across the ring into the adjacent corner. Sprinting across the ring, Sinister performs a flying cross body, only to meet the turnbuckle as MMA steps to the side. Sinister now lays against the turnbuckle, motionless***

AJ : Ohhh, Sinister misses the cross body! The Veteran seems to be recovering now...

***MMA makes for a grab to Sinister's left arm only to be side-kicked into the gut. Stumbling backward as he leans forward from the attack, he's quickly kneed underneath the chin then hit with a European Uppercut. A kick to his side follows shortly afterward. Crowd starts to 'Ooohh' and ''Ahhh' with each hit***

AJ : MMA is reeling from the assault. Look at how quick Sinister is! Do you hear the sound of those attacks folks? They are almost bone shattering!

***MMA is quickly driven into the center of the ring with kicks to the side of his legs and upper torso. Sinister then moves to the right and football tackles MMA's let leg, sending him tumbling to the ground holding his knee. Sinister then follows up with a few stomps to the injured limb and grabs the ankle, sending MMA over onto his belly***

AJ : MMA is down, looks like he might have twisted his knee with that. Uh-oh Sinister now has him in a ankle lock! Look at the pain on MMA's face!

***Sinister begins to twist the ankle left and right slowly, grinding the pain throughout MMA's leg, causing his opponent to scream in agony. The ref steps in and gives a count to 4 before Sinister let's go. MMA curls up and holds his leg as pain burns through his veins like fire. Sinister merely stares at the ref who immediately backs away as if he were to be attacked. Sinister walks over and sends a few kicks to the exposed shoulder of MMA then drags back a little bit before flipping him to his back***

AJ : Look out ref! Oh I thought Sinister was going to take out the ref...Ok so he's dragging him back a bit and has flipped him over. It looks like, yes it is! A sharpshooter! I don't know if Sinister has a name for this but he has it locked in tight! The ref is checking on MMA...look at the pain in his face! Ok he's tapped out, it's over..

***Bell rings and 'Shock' starts to play over the loudspeaker, Sinister continues the hold***

AJ : Oh come on he's tapped out already! Let go of the hold!

***Crowd begins to boo loudly as ref tries to get Sinister to release the hold, MMA screaming loudly in pain***

AJ : Give me a break here! What the hell does he have to prove?

***Ref manages to loosen one of Sinister's arms. Sinister stands up swiftly and moves towards the ref in a threatening manner. Ref backs away into the corner, admonishing the entire time***

AJ : That is a WAC official! He has no business doing that! What is he doing now? Moving to MMA, ok he's got him up on his feet, DEAR GOD IT'S THE INCINERATOR ON MMA!

***Sinister picks up MMA slowly to his feet. MMA hobbling slightly, putting more weight on his right foot than his left. Sinister unloads with A left cross followed by a right hook with a kick to the gut followed by an uppercut with a reverse Rock Bottom to finish. Crowd booing loudly the entire time. After finishing with The Incinerator, he merely stares at MMA as if wishing he would get back to his feet to suffer more punishment. After a few moments Sinister flips over the top rope and lands smoothly to the ground and slowly makes his way into the back***

AJ : Well folks I am stunned, I don't know what the hell just happened other than MMA was just beaten soundly by our newest talent Sinister. He gives me the creeps! I believe we have a message from President Lynas coming up, stay tuned after the commercial break!

***HP PC commercial***

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 16th, '11, 07:22

~Program retruns following commercial~

Xander "Ladies and Gents I am here with Michael mark Adams......now MMA you just lost to the debuting Sinister, what happened?"

MMA "I lost, Xander thats what happened. Maybe I underestimated him. But by no means is this over Xander!"

Xander "It didnt look like he particularly broke a sweat either if Im honest."

MMA "And if Im honest Xander you didnt see all of what I am capable of. Im a former Continental Champion, thats a title I want back too. So from here on in its back to what I do best. Peeeaaacccee!!"

~MMA walks off~

Xander "Back to ringside!!"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Chris Everlast » Jan 16th, '11, 12:38

At ringside, Jack Ingram is seen the in the ring, smiling at the fans as he waits for his opponent.

''This match is scheduled for onefall, already in the ring, Jack Ingram!''

Jack Ingram waves at the fans, as generic rock music is played.

''And his opponent, weighing in at 249 lbs.. 'The Heartbreaker From Tall Acre'................Vance Valentine!''

A tall, black-haired man appears ontop of the stage to a very mixed reaction. He walks down the ring and grins at the crowd, rolling into the ring and posing for the crowd, looking over at Jack Ingram and scoffing confidently.

AJ: And now for the debut of Vance Valentine against Jack Ingram.

The bell rings and they lock up, Valentine giving Ingram a hard kick to the gut and irishwhipping him against the ropes, ducking under a clothes line and locking his arms around Ingram's waist, hitting a german suplex. Valentine stands up and grins at the crowd, before charging Ingram who's trying to stand up again, hitting him with a stiff forearm smash.

AJ: Well, Valentine's got the upperhand..

Valentine shouts ''Is that all?!'' at Ingram, before giving him another forearm smash to the head. Valentine grabs Ingram by the hair and pulls him up, irishwhipping him into the corner and running after, squashing Ingram with a huge shoulderblock. He lifts Ingram up and puts him on the top turnbuckle, climbing up aswell, wrapping his arm around Ignram's head, shouting ''Watch this!''. He lifts Ingram up and falling backwards with a superplex!

AJ: Oh, what a thud!

Valentine sits up and grins, standing up and stroking a hand through his hair. He grabs Ingram by the hair again, but gets a punch in the gut, followed by another one! Ingram stands up and bounces off the ropes, but Valentine picks him up in a sidewalk, and drops him across his knee, Ingram howling in pain!

Valentine doesn't let Ingram fall to the ground and lifts him again, before hitting a reverse neckbreaker.

AJ: Well, I must say I'm impressed.

Valentine stands Ingram up, grinning confidently. He bounces off the ropes, but gets caught in a back body drop to the joy of the crowd. Ingram bounces off the ropes and hits a clothes, he doesn't stop and bounces off again, this time with a flying forearm! Ingram hops up and Valentine does aswell, they lock up, but Valentine pushes Ingram into corner, squashing the referee!

AJ: Uh, was that meant to happen?

Ingram turns around and checks on the referee, and Valentine gets a new breeze of confidence, giving Ingram a hard soccerkick to the family jewels!


Valentine spins Ingram around and spikes him with a DDT, before running to the corner and hopping up on the toprope, flying off with a splash! Valentine shouts at the referee.




''And your winner is, by pinfall, VANCE VALENTINE!''

Vance grins at the crowd as his music plays and rolls out of the ring, heading up the ramp with a smug smirk before he dissappears backstage.

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Lynas » Jan 18th, '11, 04:17

*"I get off" by Halestorm hits to cheers from the crowd*

*Bobby Anderson walks on stage wearing a dark blue shirt with rolled up sleeves, a pair of jeans and some brown formal shoes and walks towards the ring high fiving the crowd*

AJ: "Unusually here, Bobby Anderson is coming to the ring alone"

*Anderson takes the mic and enters the ring*

Anderson: "Firstly, you'll notice the absence of Shane Lynas, that's okay folks, he's backstage working hard... but this isn't about him, this is about me, Bobby Anderson."

*Crowd cheers*

"You've seen me about, you've watched me wrestle, you've watched me stand behind Shane Lynas and add the odd word"

"but tonight, I stand here before you, giving an official introduction. My name is Bobby Anderson, I'm from Las Vegas, I'm the heir of a billionaire casino owner. I've had a life of fast cars & even faster women. I'm not gonna spout a poor little rich boy story... I've always been priveleged & I've always had what I wanted... and now... now I'm here... in WAC..."

Crowd: "DUB-A-C, DUB-A-C, DUB-A-C"

AJ: "Crowd loving that!"

"Haha, awesome, but in a life where I've had everything I wanted, there's still a few things I want, that I'm gonna have to get for myself. Firstly, recognition & respect & secondly, World Championship gold"

"Don't worry Vade, I'm not comin' for you. I wanna do this the old fashioned way, the hard way, the way Shane did it, the way Vade did it, I wanna stand at the bottom, just like I did when I faced Scotty Williams so that when I stand at the top, it'll be that much sweeter....hahah-"


AJ: "What the..... Oh God...It's Bryan Dean"

*Bryan Dean walks onto the stage holding a microphone*

Dean: "So... you're one of my opponents for Path to Glory... this is the big one, the big cheese, the big show of the year... and I've got you... I Bryan Dean have got you a simple rookie, I Bryan Dean-...."

Anderson: "Hold on, hold on.... Bryan? Bryan Dean, as in, hasn't be on TV for a while Bryan Dean? As in career hit the shitter as soon as he lost to Lynas... Bryan Dean...? Haha, nice to see you buddy..."

Dean: "You've got a clever mouth hey rookie? Fast drawing with the comments eh?"

Anderson: "I guess you could say that..."

Dean: "You know what rookie, I might just have to come down there and start my Path to Glory, early"

AJ: "Woah, it's on!"

Anderson: "Bryan, you haven't got the balls"

*Dean throws down the mic and heads towards the ring, Anderson stands in the ring ready for Dean*

AJ: "Bobby Anderson stands ready for some action!"

*Dean stops at the bottom of the ramp, smiles and shakes his head, crowd boos*

AJ: "No, Bryan clearly don't want any of what Anderson's offering"

*Dean turns and heads up the ramp shaking his head*

*Anderson drops the mic, slides out of the ring and runs up the ramp*

AJ: "Oh God! Anderson is goin' to get some!"
*Anderson takes Dean down with a clothesline from behind and begins stomping*

AJ: "Damn, this thing has started early here!"

*Anderson continues with lefts & rights on Bryan Dean and stands him up*

*Anderson steps back & looks the crowd, winks and hits the Class-A Kick on Dean*

AJ: "Oh! That snapped his damn head back! Class-A Kick from Bobby Anderson! I bet Dean felt that! That kick always looks so damn deadly"

*Anderson raises his arms as his music plays and he backs up towards the entrance & leaves through the curtain*

AJ: "Now That's a lesson in how to make an impact!"

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Lynas » Jan 18th, '11, 09:28

*Camera cuts to the back with Shane Lynas sitting on his desk looking at the camera, the Dynamics Championship is propper up beside him*

Lynas: "The Dynamics Championship is still relatively a new concept, but its a concept that already cannot subsidise itself. You see, Champion defending every week is great in principal, but it burns the guys out quick, then when you make it a stipulated match every week... you know for a fact his career is going to be shortened..."

"So, in this period of umm... Vacancy around the Dynamics Championship... I've decide a couple of things, firstly... Effective as of Path to Glory, I am dropping the rule that says they have to defend every week, and minimum of one defense every 30 days rule like every other championship on the roster"

"Secondly, a rule I mentioned just a second ago is the stipulations rule. I've just made any future Dynamic Champion's future alot easier with a minimum once every 30 days rule, so in return in I have to again make it harder. In fact, effective as of Path to Glory, any match the Dynamics Championship is defended in will have its stipulations picked by the challenger now, instead of the champion..."

"As Dynamics Champion, your challengers will use their favourite match types to their advantage, you'll have to learn to adapt quick to any obstacle in your way."

"If you're 400 pounds in weight and you're in a ladder match, learn to adapt..."

"If you're 150 pounds and you're in a body slam contest, learn to adapt..."

"If you're the fairest & cleanest wrestler alive and you're in a hardcore match...learn to adapt..."

"Now, speaking of learning to adapt... I've looked at the three challengers for the Dynamics Championship at Path to Glory and I wanted a match type that favours none of them, I wanted a match type thats a challenge for all the guys... last week I mentioned it being No Disqualification... this week I wanted to add another dynamic to the match... The Dynamics Championship is going to be suspended high above the ring... and the three guys Viggo Dynamite, Bryan Dean & Bobby Anderson will compete in a ladder match for it..."

"This Championship just got truly Dynamic"

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 18th, '11, 11:41

~Camera swiftly cuts to the ring~

JD "This match is set for one fall, currently in the ring from St. Pete Beach Florida....weighing 281lbs here is Aaaalleex Bouurrnne!!"

~Bourne waves at the crowd who give him a positive reaction~

AJ "Hes a big kid this one!! Lets see what he can do against the best in the world today"

JD "His opponent....."

~The crowd react with boos as Vade Kruger appears with 'Legion' to the sound of 'Slither' they all walk out to the usual pyro, Kruger cockily smirking at Bourne who stands in the ring awaiting him~

JD "From Warrington, England weighing 259lbs, here is the WAC World Heavyweight Champion.......'The Scorpion' Vaaaaaaaade Kruuuuugeeerrrrrrr!!"

AJ "Well you may not like him but he IS the world champion folks!! The best WAC has to offer right now!!"

~Kruger signals to 'Legion' to stay out of the ring and he says 'I got this' as he walks up the ringsteps. He climbs through the ropes and holds the WAC World Title high above his head, the crowd boos and the music cuts~

#Bell rings#

~Bourne looks for a collar and elbow tie up but Vade kicks him in the gut and backs him into the corner, laying into Bourne with knees to the mid section, then a reverse knife edge. Mercer yells from the outside 'FINISH THIS BUM SO WE CAN GO GET A BEER!!!" Kruger laughs as he whips Bourne to the other corner, Bourne walks straight back out into a Spinebuster from the champ~

AJ "Different style tonight from Vade, hes really showing his confidence!!"

~Kruger lets onto the fans who boo at him again, Bourne has gotten to his feet and is waiting for Vade to turn around, as Kruger does so he charges but vade moves out of the way and Bourne goes through the ropes to the outside~

AJ "Referee dont let Kruger distract you!!"

~As Vade distracts the referee the rest of 'Legion' attack Bourne on the outside with stomps and kicks. Bourne is then thrown back in the ring by Viggo Dynamite~

AJ "Oh come on!!! This is bullcrap!!"

~Vade picks up Bourne for the Krugenator, but as Bourne is dropped down for the impact he counters and rolls up Kruger from behind~




#Bell rings#

JD "Here is your winner..........Alex Bouuurrrnnee!!"

AJ "WHAT?! Bourne beat Kruger!! What a story!!!"

~Legion hit the ring, Bourne stands his ground and nails the other three members as they charge him, eventually they all leave the ring, Vade rolls out and grabs his belt. Then stares at Bourne and says "DAMN LUCKY, BOY!!" then they walk up the ramp to the back~

AJ "Well whether or not he was lucky tonight, he still beat the world champion and I would say Vade aint gonna let this one go!! Time will tell!!"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by Darkil » Jan 19th, '11, 08:05

***Camera cuts to backstage as Vade and 'Legion' are walking to the locker room, discussing the match. One of the staff runs up to Vade and hands him a note then leaves. Perplexed, Vade opens the note which reads : Down the hall and to your left. Looking at 'Legion' then back at the note he decides to bring everyone with him and makes his way, following the directions of the note***

AJ : I wonder what's going on there? Can we get a camera to follow them?

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by 5Ray4Bacardi1 » Jan 20th, '11, 16:37

~The camera cuts to ringside.~

AJ - Well folks, it looks like we're gonna have to follow up on that later.

JD - Ladies and gentlemen. Our next bout is a tag team match scheduled for one fall.

~SwannStarr's music comes on throughout the arena.~

JD - Introducing first weighing in at a combined weight 425lbs. They are Jake Swann and Kristian Starr, SwaannnStaarrr!!!

~SwannStarr come out from the back and as the crowd gives them a nice reception and they slap hands with the crowd on their way to the ring. Both men slide in the ring at the same time and pose for the crowd.~

AJ - Jake and Kristian are a very well rounded tag team. They're quick on their feet and love to high fly. SwannStarr are a fire storm of quick moves and fast paced action.

~Thicker Than Blood by HGSavage Family comes on over the speakers.~

JD - And their opponents weighing in at a combined weight if 550lbs. Being accompanied by Locahontas and representing the War Party. Azande and Jay Pontiac!!!!

~Locahontas comes out first followed by Azande and Jay Pontiac, who stand on both sides of her.~

~The crowd stands and cheers.~

~After a few moments the three War Party members make their way to down the ramp.~

AJ - Ladies and gentlemen. The War Party have returned to the Sanitarium. And from the sounds of the crowd here in attendance, they was missed. But then again the War Party is one of the most popular tag teams to step in the ring. SwannStarr are definatley in for a fight, cause Azande and Jay Pontiac are a force to be reckoned with here in the WAC.

~Azande and Jay Pontiac stand at ring side and help Loachontas up on the apron. They both crawl in the ring through the second and top rope. All three stand in the middle of the ring and pose for the crowd.~

~The crowd claps and cheers as cameras flash throughout the arena.~

~Locahontas climbs out of the ring and stands at ring side. Jay Pontiac tells Azande he's gonna start it off, Azande agrees and steps out of the ring. Kristian Starr sas he wants a piece of Pontiac, Jake Swann steps out of the ring as the ref calls for the bell.~

#Bell Rings#

AJ - And this match is underway. I have no doubt in my mind that is going to be an excellent match up.

~Pontiac and Starr lock up but Pontiac quickly out powers his smaller opponent and shoves him against his corners turnbuckle. Pontiac calls Starr out. Starr runs at Pontiac, who throws a clothesline but Starr ducks it. Starr goes behind Pontiac and leaps up and takes Pontiac down with a crucifix pin.~



TH-Kick Out by Pontiac.

~Pontiac gets to his feet but is caught by Starr with a hurricanrana into a pin.~



Kick Out by Pontiac.

AJ - Two near falls on Pontiac! SwannStarr are on fire in this match. But you can never count the War Party out. Just when you think you have them beat, they get a second wind and take you down for the win.

~Starr tags in Swann and both men hit Pontiac with a double senton. Swann pulls Pontiac to his feet whips him into the ropes SwannStarr catch him with a double flapjack. Azande hits the ring and hits Swann with a running dropkick, sending him to the turnbuckle. Azande follows him in with a flying bodysplash and connects. Azande lifts Swann to his feet in the corner and climbs the second rope and begins to throw right hands at Swann.










~Starr hits Azande in the back with a double axe handle. Starr grabs Azande by the waist line and rolls him through as Starr climbs the second rope and leaps off and hits a front dropkick to the face of Azande. SwannStarr get to their feet and pose for the crowd.~

AJ - This is not smart and unusual of SwannStarr. You never poke a sleeping bear.

~Pontiac stands behind SwannStarr and backs up and runs at the ropes and bounces off just SwannStarr are turning around catches them both with a double spear. Pontiac lifts Swann to his feet and whips him to the ropes. Pontiac kneels down but Swann backflips over him and leaps onto his back and locks in the sleeper hold. Pontiac swings around the ring in an attempt to shake him off but to no avail. Pontiac finally drops to one knee. The ref comes into check on him. Just when the ref is about to call for the bell Pontiac tosses Swann over to the mat. Starr hits the ring and runs at Pontiac, but is stopped in his tracks by Azande who catches him with the Makrigga and slams him to the mat. Pontiac tosses Swann onto his shoulder back first and yells out a war hoop and drops him with the Bloody Run. Pontiac turns Swann over and makes the pin.~




JD - Ladies and gentlemen. Your winners of this bout, Jay Pontiac and Azande, the Waarrr Parrrtttty!!!!

~Thicker Than Blood by HGSavge Family comes on over the speakers.~

~The crowd stands and chants, DUB-A-C! DUB-A-C! DUB-A-C!~

AJ - There you have it folks. Their first match since Meltdown and they never missed a beat. Things are looking up for the War Party going into the gauntlet match at Path To Glory.

~SwannStarr exit the ring and leave through the back. Locahontas gets in the ring to celebrate with Azande and Jay Pontiac. After a few moments Locahontas asks for a mic.

Locahontas - Cut the music please. Now ladies and gentlemen of the Sanitarium. Here are you winners and more than likely, your future WAC tag team champion, Azande and Jay Pontaic.

~The crowd stands and cheers.~

Locahontas - Now onto business. Distorted Society. I heard you country bumpkins have had diarrea at the mouth. You open your mouths and sh*t falls out. The next time you have something to say, make sure we're around to here it. Otherwise you look sad and desperate for attention. You want a rematch with the War Party? Really?? Get some more wins under your belt before you step in the ring with the future of WAC. Swing from whoevers nuts you want. That still doesn't put you in the same league as us.

~The crowd burst out in laughter.~

Locahontas - So from here on out, the Distorted Society needs to only watch their backs, but their scalps also. See you around hill billies.

~The War Party exit the ring and leave through the back.~

AJ - Those sound like fighting words to me. But hey if your gonna call somebody out, you better be ready to back it up.
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