WAC Vortex - Show 2

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by yourcrapsweak » Jan 20th, '11, 17:15

The camera fades to black and two loud *DONG*'s are heard. "For Whom the Bells Tolls" plays and a video is shown in black and white of Danny Allen wrestling in Japan. He is shown smashing light tubes over people's heads and backs, smashing steel chairs over their heads, hitting beautiful vertical suplexes, using an ankle lock, hitting a powerbomb onto a plywood board of barbed wire, hitting a double stomp off the top of a 12 foot ladder, punching a steel chair propped on top of lighttubes on a man's stomach, and hitting the Allen Wrench in the ring, on top of a guardrail propped balancing between the ring and guardrail, and off the middle rope.

Danny Allen is shown walking to the ring in Japan slapping hands with fans, as the words float over the screen.




Fade to black.
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 2

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 22nd, '11, 05:41

~Camera cuts back to the ring~

AJ "WOW!! Dan Allen returns next week, that can only mean great things for WAC!!! But now its main event time folks and what a match this is gonna be!! Two of the three participants in the triple threat match for the WAC Continental Title at 'Path To Glory' go head to head RIGHT NOW!!!!"

~The usual guitar riff blasts over the crowd and the crowd boos loudly as Everlast and Terasa appear on top of the ramp, Everlast's right arm around Terasa, the title strapped around his waist, in his usual purple and gold wrestling gear.

'JD "This match is a non-title match, scheduled for one fall, introducing first accompanied to the ring by Terasa Black, weighing in at 226 lbs, from Miami, Florida, the reigning WAC Continental Champion.............CHRIS EVERLAST!''

Chris walks down the ramp with his head held high, with a big grin on his face, he trash talks the crowd as he does a half lap around the ring and putting up a chair for Terasa. Everlast taps his cheek with his finger and gets a kiss on the cheek to the crowd's dismay. Everlast grins and climbs up on the apron, facing the crowd as he hits his signature pose, the proper response being delivered by the crowd.

Everlast wipes his boots off on the apron before he steps in, walks torwards the corner, gets up on the second rope and hits a bodybuilder pose and grins, before he unstraps his title and lfits into the air, stepping down and handing the belt to the referee. He grins at Kiley and pulls off his ''Everlasting Envy'' shirt, throwing it to Terasa and getting to the center of the ring, Kiley taking a few steps forward aswell.

The arena darkens as "Sign of Evil" hits to a mixed reaction. Heather walks out alone and kneels at the end of the ramp. As she raises her arms, a burst of flames erupts from the stage as Kiley ascends from below. He walks slowly down the ramp to a mixed reaction, stopping behind Heather, as she rises to her feet.

''And his opponent... On the way to the ring, weighing in at 287 lbs hailing from Kildare, Ireland, accompanied by The Lost Soul, Heather Gilchrist............. FERGAL KILEY!''

Kiley walks down the ramp with Heather and walks up the stairs, and climbing into the ring with stiff steps, taking his stand in a corner and awaiting his opponent.

AJ: Uhm, well, it's time for Everlast vs Kiley here, a non-title match, fortunate for Everlast, so here we go, folks!

The bell rings and Everlast talks some trash to Kiley, and his answer is a big right hand to the face. Everlast backs and Kiley wastes no time, grabbing Everlast with a side headlock. Everlast backs against the ropes and sends Kiley off, trying a dropkick but Kiley stops right before Everlast can connect. Everlast gets to his feet and turns around, being met by a huge clothesline.

AJ: Bad start for Everlast!

Everlast gets up and gets clotheslined again, before getting up, and this time ducking the clothesline, pulling Kiley down with an Edge-o-matic! Everlast gets on top Kiley fast and starts firing punches like crazy against Kiley's head.

AJ: Some ruthless aggression by Everlast!

Kiley pushes Everlast off with authority, Everlast struggling to regain his footing. The two men stare eachother down before locking up against, this time Everlast getting the upperhand and getting Kiley into the corner. The referee starts counting and Everlast slowly lets go, and as he sees an opening, he slaps Kiley right across the face!

AJ: What disrespect!

Everlast gets quickly to work and hits a stiff knife edge chop, the crowd WOOing along as he hits another! And another! And another! Finally Kiley pushes Everlast angrily. They lock up once more and this time Kiley delivers a stiff knee to Everlast's abdomen and picks him into a gorilla press, walking around with Everlast in the air. But Everlast gets off him and hits a lowdrop kick to the back of Kiley's knees, chopping Kiley down. Everlast grins and approaches the kneeling giant, giving him another slap across the face.

AJ: Oh come on, Everlast!

Kiley seems to boil over the edge and starts hammering away on Everlast, Everlast curling into a ball to defend himself against the strikes. Kiley grabs him by the hair and whips him against the ropes, Everlast rebounds off but ducks under Kiley's clothesline, sliding out under the ropes to ringside, taking a breather. Kiley goes right after him but Everlast backs away, doing the timeout sign, the ref's count now reached three.

Everlast looks around desperately for something to protect himself, Kiley drawing ever so close. He grabs Terasa by the arm from her chair and holds her infront of himself, continuing his backing process.

AJ: Look at the coward, Everlast, hiding behind his girlfriend Terasa!

The referee has reached eight as they've almost done an entire lap around the ring, Everlast dropping Terasa and gunning for the ring. Kiley is right after him and they have another staredown. Everlast charges, but gets caught with a brutal Ura-nage sideslam! Hook of the leg.



T-AJ: Kickout by Everlast!

Kiley picks Everlast up and irishwhips him into the corner, sprinting after and hitting a big avalanche. Kiley whips him into the opposite corner and runs after, hitting a huge shoulderblock. Kiley again irishwhips him into the opposite corner and runs after, but Everlast slides out and lets Kiley crash into the turnbuckle.

AJ: A smart move by Everlast, not his bravest to date, though.

Everlast climbs up on the apron and up on the turnbuckle, waiting for Kiley to turn around and launches off perfectly with a crossbody, using the momentum to roll Kiley up.



AJ: Kickout by Kiley!

Everlast mumbles in desperation as he climbs to his feet, leaning onto the ropes. But Kiley is up just as fast and charges against Everlast, but Everlast falls to the ground and pulls the toprope down, Kiley flying outside. Everlast stands straight and looks around at the crowd and down at Kiley, a diabolical grin stretching across his face.

AJ: Oh god, what now?

Everlast jumps over the rope to the apron, then springboards off the ropes with a Asai Moonsault!

AJ: Perfect leap!

But Everlast gets caught across Kiley's shoulder! Kiley walks around with Everlast for a moment before powerslamming him down on the floor with a meaty smack!

AJ: Ow! Just ow!

Kiley picks Everlast up by the hair and throws him into the ring, covering him.



T-AJ:Kickout again by Everlast!

Kiley picks Everlast up and puts him in a Piledriver predicament to the joy of the crowd. He lifts him up and hits the Stake!

AJ: Everlast is done for! Come on, Kiley!

Kiley covers him... But there's no referee counting! Terasa is standing screaming at the referee, distracting him. But Heather angrily runs over to her and starts nailing her
into the ground with stiff punches. Kiley stands up and looks at the fight in slight confusion, trying to make the referee turn around.

AJ: It's chaos at ringside!

And from nowhere Kruger appears behind Kiley with a baseballt bat, Kiley turns around and gets struck right to the head!

AJ: Not that scum!

Kruger dissappears into the crowd again, the referee shouting at Heather to stop, but Heather refuses and security runs in, pulling Heather away from ringside.

AJ: And heather has been ejected from ringside!

Everlast slowly looks up at the struck Kiley, crawling over to him and draping his arm over him




AJ: No! Kiley got screwed out of the win!

Everlast rolls out of the ring, taking his title belt and walking to Terasa, pulling her up and supporting her on his shoulder as he walks up the ramp to It's So Easy (GNR).

JD "Here is your winner......the WAC Continental Champion............... CHRIS EVERLAST!''

~Everlast looks with confusion onto the ring with Kiley still lying in the center~

AJ "Well Kruger came in and cost Kiley the match!! I dont think anyone expected that, like they didnt expect what Vade did at Meltdown or even Alex Bourne getting a pinfall victory over The Scorpion earlier tonight!! I have received word that Bourne will be here next week in action, along with Sinister vs. Ace Hunter, Vance Valentine vs. MMA, Awesome Booty vs. The War Party, Viggo Dynamite vs. jack Ingram who will look to get a measure of revenge for what happened at Meltdown. Chris Everlast will go one on one with Tommy Hawk in another match which includes two of the three participants of the triple threat match scheduled for 'Path To Glory' along with a whole lot more action!! So from myself and the absent Mike McGrath, this is AJ Cross signing off!! So long!!"

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