WAC Vortex - Show 1

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WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by Lynas » Jan 6th, '11, 08:49

*A new credit sequence featuring BCW superstars & no WAC performers plays with & pyro hits to the music of "Headstrong by Trapt"*

AJ: "Welcome to umm... well Vortex..."
Mark: "Right here from 'The Sanitarium' We'll be featuring all the fallout from Meltdown after Vade Kruger turned his back on WAC and gifted BCW the win..."
AJ: "The unfortunate thing now is, we don't know where we stand. Our jobs are uncertain. Are they going to replace us with a new commentary team? What's gonna happen with the guys in the back who respresent WAC"
Mark: "Absolutely, as it stands we're sat here, but as soon as the BPA arrive, anything could happen. And I for one cannot wait for that bastard Vade Kruger to show up and explain himself"
AJ: "I'm with you on that one. Shane Lynas noticed at the PPV that Kruger's head wasn't right & it turned out to be a good hunch based on the treachery of this asshole Kruger"
Mark: "Allow us to take you back to the events of Meltdown"

*A video plays highlighting Meltdown*

AJ: "I'm not sure if Shane Lynas is here tonight, but rest assured, that if he is, he'll be in Vade's face asking for questions"
Mark: "Oh absolutely man, I spoke to Shane after Meltdown and he did say something about getting hold of BBBD, I wonder what that could be about"
AJ: "Man, I don't know, could be anything"
Mark: "What we don't know, is how much control Shane Lynas & Tony Bastion will have around here now
AJ: "We just don't know, tonight, we, the arena and everybody in the back who once represented WAC is unsure of their future & where we go from here"
Mark: "I'd like to hear from Tony Bastion, he certainly didn't show during the PPV..."

~Suddenly "Slither" bellows out across the arena, boos can be heard in every corner.......litter is thrown toward the top of the ramp~

AJ "Well were about to find out exactly what this jerk was thinking"

~A few short moments pass as the music continues playing.........then WAC World Heavyweight Champion "The Scorpion" Vade Kruger appears, title draped over his shoulder~

Mark "Theres the son of a bitch! Get down here Kruger and explain yourself!!"

~Kruger verbally abuses the fans, swearing and even slapping one man across the face. He stops for a young boy wearing a 'Fear The Scorpion' T-shirt, but as the boy stuck out a hand to slap, Kruger laughed in the boys face and walked past him.........up the steps and into the ring. He snatches a mic away from JD~

Vade "Cut my music"

~Huge boos are heard from the crowd as Kruger looks out at the WAC Galaxy and smirks~

Vade "You people make me sick."


Vade "I mean look at you, fat, overweight lazy bums........each and every one of you a total waste of sperm!! Look at me.......Im top dog in this yard, IM THE WAC WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!! And I do what I want, when I want. Which brings me to my 'actions' at Meltdown last night."

~Vade walks around the ring as even more boos are heard throughout the arena~

Vade "See its like this, the guys in the back all have families, houses and such. I am no different than them, except I was offered more money by........lets call them an 'anonymous friend' - for now. Sure I could have beaten The BPA single handed - I mean lets face it I as good as did anyway!!"


Vade "Johnny Bishop........really?? You come back and expect to be the star?? The match winner? The saviour of WAC? HAHAHAHA I dont think so son. I own your ass!!"

AJ "Is this guy serious?"

Mark "Has he bumped his head or something?"

Vade "LYNAS!!! Did you think I would take orders from you?? Dude, you robbed MY world title.......remember?? NOW ITS MY TURN!!! So anytime, anyplace..............."

~Suddenly "Sad But True" bellows out to a huge ovation, Tony Bastion appears wearing his usual suit and tie, carrying a microphone~

Bastion "Hold on a second there Kruger."

Mark "Were in business AJ!!"

Bastion "I dont who paid you and I dont care. That fact is, even though The BPA won last night I still own WAC."

AJ "Result mark!! We still have jobs!!"

Bastion "You may well smirk at me Scorpion. Folks, BCW is now once again a fully fledged wrestling organisation. Unfotunately for us that means a smaller roster, smaller shows and smaller PPVS as Eric Rooker now owns half of the entire company. The roster will be ripped apart in the next few days, so only time will tell who ends up where. One things for sure though Vade..............YOU AINT GOIN NOWHERE!!"

~Kruger frowns at Bastion~

Bastion "Youre gonna find out exactly what it means to cross me...........because tonight Kruger in that ring........you will face Johnny Bishop and The Renegadez in a three-on-one handicap match!!"

~The fans cheer............Vade looks angry at this announcement~

Bastion "You have started a shit storm that will not stop!!"

~Bastion drops his mic and goes to the back as "Sad But True" plays~

Mark "Well how about that AJ - the champ is gonna get his ass whipped!!"

AJ "I cannot wait for that one!!"

~Kruger looks out at the crowd, gives them the finger then leaves the ring abusing the fans as he walks up the ramp. He stops at the top of the ramp, turns around and shouts "FUCK YOU!!" to the crowd. Then he disappears~

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by Lynas » Jan 7th, '11, 04:48

*Commercial Break*

*Return from commercial*

AJ: "Welcome back to Vortex!"
Mark: "The mood around here has gotten alot lighter knowing that we still have jobs!"
AJ: "It appears we have a roster split & BCW have a 50% grip on the company"
Mark: "Wow, this is a situation I can't get to grips with, but the whole company is in dire straits, Bastion has made it clear he's still calling the shots around here, no sign of-"

*Dragonfly by Shaman's Harvest hits, and Shane Lynas appears onstage accompanied by Bobby Anderson both are wearing a shirt and jeans*

AJ: "OH! Here he is!"
Mark: "It's Shane Lynas, he is here tonight!"
AJ: "And he's accompanied by Bobby Anderson"

*Lynas takes a mic and both head into the ring*


Lynas: "DUB-A-C, DUB-A-C"
Crowd: "DUB-AC, DUB-A-C"

Lynas: "Wow, you see this? Vade, BCW, NNTK, that's dedication, that's heart and desire you can't kill, no matter how evil you are, no matter how many guys switch sides, no matter how much money they're paid to do a job on his own team... Kruger you sold out worse than I've ever known anyone to do"

*Lynas paces the ring*

Lynas: "You chose a payday over your friends, you chose a payday over your brothers, the man that trusted you to lead us into the fight & into the future, NOW, if it's the last thing I do, I will see you defeated of that title and on the unemployment line... my wrestling days are somewhat over, too many injuries keep me down, but it's okay, worry not, I know an entire locker room of guys who are in a line to kick your ass starting... with Johnny Bishop... Speaking of Johnny Bishop, he felt treachery... I know he's only been back in the company 5 minutes, but I think you'll agree he looked good, pretty, World class I'd say.... Pretty, World Championship class"

*Lynas walks over to the camera and looks into it*

Lynas: "So listen to me close now Vade, at the next pay-per-view "Path to Glory" we're gonna have a match... It's going to be Vade Kruger versus Johnny Bishop for the WAC World Heavyweight Championship"

*Crowd goes nuts*

AJ: "Wow, what an announcement!"
Mark: "Bishop's been back 5 minutes & he's got a world title shot!?"
AJ: "He wants to get his hands on Kruger, and now, he'll get it"

Lynas: "Now, onto other news, BCW's win last night, makes things a little bit difficult around here, but they're none of my concern, what is my concern however is WAC, and we will continue to operate as normal. With that being said, we have got two vacant championships as of last night. First order of business, The Tag Team Championships, Tony Bastion will make an announcement about this in the near future, so look out for that"

"Now, to the WAC Dynamics Championship, so I've thought long and hard about this & the competitors I believe deserve a shot, I looked to the younger generation, so what I came up with is triple threat no disqualification match... between Viggo Dynamite, Bryan Dean... AND... THIS MAN RIGHT HERE BOBBY ANDERSON!"

*Crowd goes nuts*

AJ: "Woah! Shane Lynas is back in the game & calling the shots tonight!"
Mark: "Dynamics Championship match at Path to Glory!"
AJ: "Bobby Anderson gets his first Championship opportunity here in WAC!"

*Anderson takes the mic*

AJ: "Wow, we're about to hear from the usually silent Bobby Anderson"

Anderson: "I know I've not been here long in WAC, but I'mhere for 4 reasons, make an impact, kick ass, forget names & win championships..."

*Crowd cheers*

AJ: "Wow, intense from Anderson"
Mark: "Can't argue with that logic!"

*I Get Off by Halestorm plays as Lynas & Anderson leave*

AJ: "Well leaving to Bobby Anderson music here, Shane Lynas has shown he's intent on keep WAC on track as the biggest name in the business"
Mark: "Right you are, not forgetting that Tony Bastion is cooking something up around the Tag Team Titles"
AJ: "I can't wait to hear that announcement!"

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by KILLdozer » Jan 7th, '11, 13:49

Mark:What a night its been so f-

Suddenly Mark is cut off by "Antichrist" by "Venom" coming over the speakers.

AJ:What the hell is this?

Mark:I dont know but I was talking so surely it cant be someone respectful.

Now NNTK and The Prophecy walk out in black T shirts with "Prophecy" on the front in White and the back says "The Prophecy has spoken" in white as well.

AJ:Oh god that explains it,The Prophecy,who else.

Mark:Yea I knew theyd be here eventually.

The crowd boos deafeningly now louder than ever as The Prophecy begins down the ramp with NNTK with microphone in hand.

They walk down and get into the ring now to still more boos.

NNTK:Is this anyway to treat a winner?

The crowd boos even louder now.

NNTK:See thats you alls problem you dont recognize power when you see it and true warriors,,yes last night we won the main event at Meltdown with some help from an old friend of mine.

The crowd boos more now and chants too.

Crowd:VAde sucks Vade sucks Vade sucks!

NNTK:Matter of opinion,and you people dont like me either so what do you know,,and see,,some things never change,,me and Vade were partners long ago before WAC so its only fitting hed do me a favor when I needed it most.

More crowd boos.

But now,,onto tonight enough of Meltdown,,BCW is still afloat,,,therefore,,,this will be mine,,and our,,last Vortex.

Crowd now erupts with cheers.

NNTK:Yes i figured youd like that,,,Because you and all the WAC lockerroom's nightmare has now come to an end,,you may rest now,,,but not just yet,,,'Cause I havent left yet Im still here and I want one more match to make you all remember just who I am and exactly what Im capable of,,so tonight Im putting out an open challenge to WAC locker room,,and if noone answers it I will find an opponent.

The Prophecy now leave the ring as NNTK drops the mic and "Antichrist" by Venom plays again.

AJ:Did you hear that?!? Prophecy leaving WAC!!! Good!

Mark:Yea finally maybe we ca have a normal show around here without everybody gettin the hell jumped out of em by these dark villains! I cant say Im saddened but BCW better look out.
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by Chris Everlast » Jan 7th, '11, 14:01

The big screen cuts to none other then Everlast, Terasa Black, and Tokyo Drift standing behind them. Everlast grins at the crowd's mixed response before starting to talk.

Everlast: ''At Meltdown, you saw the greatest Ladder match, I know, I know..''

Everlast lifts his WAC Continental Championship infront of the camera, before hanging it over his shoulder again.

Everlast: ''So, you see.. You might question me for my actions against Vade Kruger. Our newest traitor.. And what can I say? I had a hunch - I took a pre-emptive strike, and I thought the elimination would save the WAC the match.. But no.. I was wrong.''

Everlast smiles innocently, almost too innocently after his explanation, the crowd still in a mixture of boos and cheers.

Everlast: ''But the show must go on! At Path To Glory, I have a triple threat against Fergal Kiley, and T-Bird.. Tough opponents, I saw the Cage Rage match, and I saw their number one contender match they had, and you might ask ''Do you fear for your title, Chris?''... No, not really. I'm more afraid of Kiley and Tommy Hawk getting hurt when I finish beating them.''

The crowd now boos pretty loud, Everlast waiting for the dust to settle before he talks again.

Everlast: ''So, all my fans, all my haters.. My reign will not end in a long time.''

Everlast drops the microphone and heads off with Terasa and Tokyo Drift.

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by BOD » Jan 7th, '11, 14:36

The Camera cuts to the Prophecy locker room as Jesse sits alone.

Mark: Last night we saw him snap on everybody at the apperance of a man dressed in black

A.J: Honestly i'm sorry he's leaving he ws good in the ring but he's prophecy so he's gone

Roach walks in to the locker room Jesse stands and says

Jesse: Roach about last night i apoligize about what i did

Roach: Apoligize huh you dropped me on my head over what some stranger

Jesse: You have no idea what your talkin about now i'm willing to forget last night and move on

Roach: You know Jesse i've only known you a short time but i never know what your thinking your eyes don't tell your thoughts.

Jesse looked at Roach glared and said Jesse: lets keep it that way.

Roach: Easy Bro i'm not the enemy here

Jesse: I know i know sorry look i have an idea to make it up i have an interview with Xander in a bit lets challenge War Party and go out on top.

Roach and Jesse shakes hands and both leave the locker room

Mark: united again it seems

A.J: will War Party accept this challenge
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by BOD » Jan 7th, '11, 21:15

Camera follows Jesse to the interview Area

Xander: Jesse i have a couple questions first where do you stand WAC or BCW

Jesse: I've said it before i'll say it again im in the Prophecy next

Xander: How are you and Roach we saw the two of you seemingly patch things up.

Jesse: if you know then why ask just to hear me speak

Xander: fair enough okay the reaction from the fans you got last night was unlike anything i'd heard when Vade turned your thoughts on that

Jesse: Vade is the top of this industry because of his mind sure he was soft at first but he's coming around.

Xander: last thing the mystery man in black

Jesse: let me end it there thats for me to know. listen WAC The prophecy is going home now and taking parts of each and every one of you with them like a snake in the grass we waited for our prey and now we beat you at your own game.

and as for my last night here on WAC Vortex Roach and I are calling out War Party lets do it right show up if you can move you won't leave the same way i can gurantee it
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by Chris Everlast » Jan 8th, '11, 05:21

It's So Easy (GNR) booms over the crowd, Chris Everlast appearing ontop of the ramp, an arm wrapped around Terasa, on his other shoulder hangs the WAC Continental Championship, to a very mixed reaction, unclear whether he should be liked or not.

''And introducing to the ring, accompanied by Terasa Black, weighing in at 226 lbs, the WAC Continental Champion, Chris EVERLAST!''

Mark: And finally some wrestling action!

Everlast goes down the ramp and grins at the crowd, walking around the ring, looking at the people in the front row. Everlast puts up a chair for his lady, and gets a lucky peck on the cheek before he gets onto the apron, facing the crowd. He raises his arms in the air to which the crowd responses positively. He grins and steps inside, climbing up the second turnbuckle and unstrapping the belt, lifting it into the air.

AJ: Look at the gold, Mark! Everlast retained it in a hard fought battle against Matt Driver!

Mark: Yes, AJ! Here's a highlight reel!

A highlight reel of the various spots in Driver's and Everlast's match is shown, including Driver getting driven through the wedged ladder with a belly to belly suplex, and the My World through the ladder.

Everlast has stepped down in the middle of the ring, handing the belt to the referee, and stretches over the rope for a microphone and paces round the ring as his music cools down. He looks at the crowd before talking.

Everlast: Everyone talks too much.

The crowd cheers, and Everlast grins, pleased with the reaction.

Everlast: When did WAC Vortex turn into Oprah? Let's get some wrestling going! Come on, boys and girls, don't be shy.

Everlast leans against the ropes and waits for someone to disgrace the ring with their presence, scratching his cheek.

Everlast: Well, it seems noone is up for it.. Sorry, guys, you're stuck with drama.

Everlast shrugs ever so innocently and looks at Terasa, shaking his head in dissappointment as he heads out, putting his shirt back on and taking his championship belt as It's So Easy (GNR) plays again, the two heading up the ramp again, shrugging at the crowd and dissappearing up the ramp.

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by Chris Everlast » Jan 8th, '11, 07:39

Suddenly, If It All Ended Tomorrow hits the speakers and Robert Randall steps infront of Everlast and Terasa with a microphone in his hand.

Randall: You want action?! You want wrestling, Everlast?! I'll respond to your challenge!

Everlast looks up to Randall and laughs, walking up to him and taking the microphone.

Everlast: You're nearly crippled. Collapsed lung, and you took quite a bump at Meltdown. It'd be unfair to beat you tonight.

The crowd boos at Everlast's respond, starting to chant ''You're a P*SSY! *clapclap clapclap clap*''

Everlast looks around at the crowd, with a small glare, muttering something before talking again.

Everlast: Alright, let's do i-

Now, ''I'm Charming'' (Black Dahlia Murder) plays, Spider and Leah Luxon coming out, Spider with a microphone

Spider: Randall, don't do this! I know you're a fighter, my man, but a fighter knows his limits!

Everlast sighs, and hands the microphone back to Randall, bothered by the talking.

Randall: Well, I am limitless, Spider! I am the Hardkore Gangster, and I will beat this punk's *ss!

The crowd responds with a loud eruption of cheers, Everlast glaring at Randall.

Spider: Okay, my man, if you feel like you can do it..

Randall: I can! Get ready, Everlast, it's time that someone leaves an Everlasting Impression on YOU!

If It All Ended Tomorrow plays again and Spider heads out, Leah, Robert, Everlast and Terasa heading down to the ring again. Terasa gets seated and Luxon stands in Robert's corner, the two men getting into the ring and looking at eachother.

AJ: Well, Mark, we got wrestling action anyway! First match of the night, the proclaimed Hardkore Gangster vs our Continental Champion Chris Everlast!

Randall and Everlast circle eachother in the ring before locking up in an elbow-and-collar tie up. They push eachother around with Everlast getting the upperhand, forcing Randall into the ropes and whipping him into the opposite ropes. He tries a clothesline but Randall ducks, and rebounds off the ropes again, but Everlast leapfrogs him and attempts a forearm shot, but Randall ducks once more, springboarding off the rope.

Mark: This could be big!

But Randall gets a Picture Perfect Dropkick to the stomach by Everlast and falls to the floor. Everlast climbs ontop of the kneeling Randall and delivers brutal shots to the head, but Randall trips him forward and Everlast lands right on the face. Randall gets ontop Everlast's back, putting his knee to Everlast's back and wrapping an arm around Everlast's throat, shouting at him to tap.

AJ: Painful submission!

Randall finally lets go and picks Everlast up, locking in a front facelock and lifting Everlast up into a vertical suplex, but Everlast shifts his weight backwards and lands on his feet behind Randall, hooking his arms for a backslide!


TW-Mark: Kickout by Randall! That was how Everlast won his championship!

Everlast doesn't waste time and starts clubbing at Randall's back, irishwhipping him into the corner and sprinting after, hitting a hard shoulderblock to Randall's midsection. Everlast lifts Randall up and hangs him in the tree of woe, grinning at the crowd as he backs, before charging forward and hitting a dropkick right to the chest!

Mark: That can't be good for his lungs!

Everlast grins at the crowd and picks up the lying Randall by the hair, lifting his closed fist and gracefully descending it down upon Randall who falls right back down, the crowd proudly showing their disdain of Everlast.

AJ: Everlast went pretty quickly from favourite to villain.

Mark: It must be his attitude, not showing respect to a single person except himself.

Everlast launches fists against Randall again, pushing him back into the corner. He picks him up again, and irishwhips him against the ropes, picking him up for what seems to be a tilt-a-whirl slam but Randall takes a grip of Everlast's neck and plants him straight on the face, Everlast standing on his head for a split second before falling flat.

Crowd: Randall! Randall! Randall! Randall! Randall!

Randall stands up as he gets fired up by the crowd, picking Everlast up and irishwhipping him into the ropes, hitting a hard punch to the face. Everlast gets up again and gets smacked down for a second time, Randall now locking in a front facelock and lifting him up.

AJ: Here it comes! 187!

But Everlast lands behind Randall and picks him up in a reverse Fireman's Carry!

Mark: No! My World!

But Randall rolls out of it, landing behind Everlast, and hitting a back suplex with a bridge!



AJ: Kickout by Everlast at two!

Mark: This matchup is intense!

Both men lay down on the ground, triyng to get to their senses. The two stands up slowly, turning around, and facing eachother. Everlast charges but Randall ducks under, both men rebounds off the ropes, Everlast leapfrogging Randall. They rebound again, and Everlast spins around, hitting a picture perfect Discus Elbow!

AJ: OW! That looked deadly!

Hook of the leg!



T-Mark: Kickout at an early three by Randall!

Everlast looks frustrated, running his hands through his hair as he thinks of what to do. Everlast slowly gets up, leaning against the toprope with a wondering look. Slowly, a devilish grin spreads across his face, as he stands up straight.

Mark: Everlast's up to something!

AJ: That smirk, that evil grin of Everlast! It's such a good indicator of the voices in his head, telling him what to do to incapacitate his opponent.

Everlast pulls Randall by the ankle into the middle of the ring, still with a grin. He sprints into the ropes and bounces off, jumping high into the air and trying to stamp his feet right into Randall's midsection, but Randall kicks Everlast's leg midair, making him spin forward and land on his back instead. Randall gets up, holding his chest. Everlast gets up again and runs against Randall, but Randall ducks and grabs Everlast's neck and hits the cross backbreaker!

Suddenly, a highpitched voice is heard from ringside, Terasa Black now gotten up from her seat and shouting at Randall.
Randall approaches Terasa, firmly telling her to shut up, and Leah Luxon has now snuck up behind Terasa, tapping her shoulder. Terasa turns around and gets SUPERKICKED!


But this distraction was enough for Everlast who gets up behind Randall and rolls him up!




Everlast flees out to the unconscious Terasa, lifting her up, shouting at Leah to back off. He lifts her up and puts her back in the chair, the referee's count reaching 6.

AJ: Into the ring, Everlast!

Randall has had enough of waiting and is out of the ring for Everlast, clubbing his back and bashing him into the ringpost, throwing him inside the ring. Randall grabs Everlast's hair and bashes him into the turnbuckle, dazing him. Randall lifts Everlast into a seated positon on the turnbuckle and wraps his arm around his neck.

Mark: Could be his signature cutter!

But Everlast holds onto the ropes, Randall crasing and burning. Everlast shakes his head to regain his mind, slowly grinning again as he stands up and turns around, launching off with a perfect Moonsault!

AJ: Perfect launch! Perfect landing! Cover!



THR-AJ: Kickout by Randall again! He sure is limitless!

Everlast sits on his knees, looking astonished. He punches the canvas in anger, standing up and grabbing Randall's leg.

Mark: Time to tame the dragon, AJ!

Everlast steps in between the legs and locks them into a Scorpion Deathlock, slowly turning Randall around and putting his knee to his back!

AJ: OH the pain from this innovative hold!

But Randall somehow rolls through and grabs Everlast's foot, locking in the Heel Hook!

Mark: Randall pushed through! And he's got Everlast caught!

Everlast screams in agony , desperately reaching for the ropes.

Mark: Just inches away from the ropes! But it's almost impossible to get further!

Everlast finally taps, Randall letting go and If It All Ends Tomorrow hits the speakers, Leah rolling into the ring and celebrating with Randall, the crowd now chanting ''Hardkore Gangster! *clapclap clap clapclap*''.

''And your winner is, by submission, The Hardkore Gangster, Robert Randall!''

Spider comes in aswell, Leah and Spider lifting Robert up on their shoulders, celebrating the last win on WAC Vortex.

Mark: A huge victory from Randall during his last Vortex! This was great!

AJ: A good match from both competitors!

They put Robert down and head up the ramp, Everlast now crawled out to Terasa and his title, making sure she's okay before they dissappear up the ramp aswell.

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 8th, '11, 11:21

~The camera suddenly cuts to somewhere in the back, scaffolding and other objects covered with cobwebs all around with the smallest hint of smoke drifting knee height..........suddenly WAC World Heavyweight Champion Vade Kruger comes into focus.............the crowd boos. Kruger pauses for a short moment.........then lifts his head up ready to talk~

Kruger "Gentlemen..........impressive match. Its a pity Randall is leaving, such talent is needed on a show like this - even though he poses as something he clearly isnt."

~Fans boo again~

Kruger "Chris Everlast you are a snake, a slimy sneaky little man who cannot be trusted. I like that. However if you get in my way you will be crushed like everybody else................and Johnny Bishop. You have been granted your wish for the next big event. You should be afraid............because this scorpion's sting will kill you."

~Vade drops his head...................then the camera loses focus and fades out~
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 9th, '11, 10:48

"Sad But True" plays out to the crowd and Tony Bastion walks out onto the stage holding a microphone~

Bastion "Alright folks, a decision has been made on the tag Team titles. At the next PPV 'Path To Glory' a gauntlet match will take place between the following teams: Tokyo Drift, The War Party, Renegadez, Exodus, Awesome Booty and SwannStarr"

~Fans erupt~

AJ "Well you heard it folks, a gauntlet match!!"

Bastion "And Vade, I heard what you just said and so did Johnny Bishop."

~Bastion walks off with the mic~

Mark "Things are looking good already for 'Path To Glory' and that gauntlet match for the WAC World Tag Team Titles should be an absolute cracker!!"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by KILLdozer » Jan 9th, '11, 14:08

~The Camera cuts to The Prophecy Locker Room~

AJ:"What do we need to see them for? Theyre leaving after tonight so lets just get rid of em already enoughs enough I dont wanna see NNTK one more time."

Mark:"I dont know why the camera is back there must be some reason. But I agree,,,WAC will be Prophecy free next Vortex so why wait just get em off the screen I too am sick of Ol One Eyed Jack there."

~Suddenly a phone rings in the locker room and NNTK answers it.~

AJ:"Now who could that be? Who on Earth is calling the Prophecy?"

Rooker:"Ah,,Hello there NNTK! Hows it going,,great job last night at Meltdown,,,way to show them whos really the superior brand,,,I couldnt been have prouder if I was there myself.'

~NNTK now speaks and answers him back.~

NNTK:"Eric,,How are you,,Feeling any better yet? And why yes we sure did sound the final shot there,,,that being said,,BCW lives on still."

~Eric now responds to him. Rooker:"Yea Im better than I was,,,that fool just roughed me up a bit but Ill live.. Now Listen man whats this I hear about you all coming over? The Prophecy coming to BCW? Excellent,,please tell me the rumours are true!"~

NNTK replies back. NNTK:"Yes thats good because someones got to run the best company in the world.(crowd boos in the background) Yes its true well be leaving this dump and all of these beaten down cowards behind after tonight,,WAC doesnt deserve a warrior the likes of me or an army the likes of the Prophecy for that matter,,unlike you and bcw who appreciates skill and talent when you see it."

Eric:"Ill be ready in time for BCW Mayhem,,no sweat. Well alright then thats great I cant wait,,after all your the only ones from WAC I actually liked,well alright now i better go so Ill see you here later in the future."

NNTK:"Alright then,,yea Ill see you after tonight we'll be on the next Mayhem.'

~NNTK now hangs up the phone and the crowd boos the entire past conversation very loudly.~

Mark:"Well AJ I guess theres your answer. "

AJ:"Eric Rooker on the phone,,good god what a jerk,(Rolls eyes) oh man what next for Vortex tonight?"

~Camera now cuts away to a commercial.~
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by Chris Everlast » Jan 9th, '11, 14:33

Right Next Door To Hell (GNR) booms out over the crowd to a mixed response, Nitro Dude and Nitro Boy appearing ontop of the stage.

''This match is scheduled for one fall, and on the way to the ring, the team of Nitro Boy, and Nitro Dude... TOKYO DRIFT! And already in the ring, the team of Lucas Williams and Dennis Smith!''

Boy and Dude sprints down the ramp and hops up simultaneously on the apron, before both flipping in. They give eachother a highfive. Dude starts in the ring and Williams for their team.

Mark: Well, these guys, Nitro Dude and Nitro Boy have been chosen for the tag team title gauntlet at Path To Glory!

Dude looks down at the smaller Williams as the bell rings, Williams eagerly throwing a punch, but Dude catches his fist in his hand, wringing it around and flipping Williams over, grabbing his hair and lifting him high into the air before dropping him flat on his back.

AJ: Nitro Dude being the dominating person in the ring, the biggest of all four competitors.

Dude lifts Williams and throws him into the rope, catching the rebounding little man in a side slam! Hook of the leg.


Tw- Mark: Kickout by Williams!

Dude grabs Williams' ankle and pulls him into their corner, tagging in Boy. Boy kicks Williams right in the thigh, tugging Williams into the center and locking in a half-boston legcrab, Williams desperately reaching for the ropes. Dude finally drops him and pins Williams' leg down, before lifting his knee and bringing it right down to Williams' knee.

AJ: Really tearing at Lucas Williams' legs here, to make him unable to get to his corner.

Mark: Smart strategy by these tag team specialists.

Boy grabs Williams' ankle and tugs him back into their corner, tagging in Dude. Dude wastes no time and locks in an anklelock, grapevining Williams' leg.

AJ: Keeping the fresh man in. You notice how they know exactly what to do, when to do it.

Dude lets go and lifts Williams' leg, slamming the knee right into the canvas. Dude lifts him up, scooping him over his shoulder. He sprints into Williams' team's corner and slams him with a powerslam right into the turnbuckle, screaming at Smith to tag himself in. Smith eyes Dude up and down before tagging himself in, taking a step inside, offering a test of strength, but gets a boot to the gut. Smith gets swiped up over Dude's shoulder, and gets sent off with a devastating F-5!

Mark: What a move! What a move!

Dude stands up and tags Boy in, who climbs to the top rope, and hits the Level 5!

AJ: Beautiful shooting star press by Nitro Boy!

Hook of the leg!




''And your winners are, the team of Nitro Boy and Nitro Dude-..''

But Nitro Dude and Boy aren't finished. They've picked the unconscious Williams into the ring, Dude locking in a chinlock in the middle of the ring. Boy bounces off the ropes and delivers a boot right to the face with a loud, deadly smack!

Mark: Oh my god! Did you hear that?!

Williams is lying in the middle of the ring, blood sippering from his nose.

AJ: His nose must be crushed!

Right Next Door To Hell (GNR) plays as Nitro Dude and Boy heads out to tremendous boos.

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by kirbs2002 » Jan 9th, '11, 18:14

Everlast is shown walking backstage. Suddenly Fergal Kiley grabs him from behind. Everlast tries to get free, but Kiley puts a knee into Everlast's gut to put him out. He puts Everlast over his shoulder and walks away.
Camera cuts to Heather's citadel where she is shown kneeling. She rises to her feet as Kiley carries Everlast in from the shadows and drops him on the floor. She smacks Everlast back to his senses and grins. Everlast sits up.

"What the hell do you want, you little redheaded b*tch?!"

She stares unimpressed at him.

"One, you will humble yourself in my presence. Two, you have no idea how much of a b*tch I can be yet. I have sent for you and it concerns that title you desecrate with your hands"

Everlast mumbles incoherently to himself, peering around the citadel nervously.

(To Kiley) "Leave us."
(Back to Everlast)"Now, I've always admired you. You're quite the 'Snake in the Grass,' as some would say."

Everlast's lips slowly curl into a smirk as he stands up.

"Well, Heather, I got a girlfriend, this isn't really fitting.."

Heather laughs.

"You're such a child. I haven't that interest in you. As you're aware, Kiley has the opportunity to become the top person around these parts. However, before we take that step, we wish to show everyone just what they'll be in for. This is where you come in. I will require your title.

Everlast scratches his cheek, looking at Heather.

"What's in it for me?"

She shakes her head in disappointment and moves in closer to Everlast, standing only a few inches from his face.

"We can go about this two ways. The easy way, where I receive your full cooperation, you regain what you sacrifice and I spare you from the reign of terror. Or... or we can go about this the hard way, where I order your immediate demise, you suffer pains unimaginable and you will endure an eternity of torment"

Everlast backs away and tuts in disappointment.

"You've forgot something, Heather... Snakes doesn't cooperate with their prey. They dig their fangs in and paralyze the victim, before slowly devouring it and it's hope of survival. As Kruger and you have stated, I'm a slimy, sneaky, snake in the grass. How's that for an answer."

She gives him an icy stare.

"Then you have sealed your fate. Prepare yourself for hell."

Everlast walks away cockily as Heather glares at him.
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by Lynas » Jan 9th, '11, 18:23

*Camera comes back to ringside and focuses on the announcers*

AJ: "Now as you may have realised, there hasn't been alot of in ring wrestling matches going on tonight, simple reason is, that until we arrived tonight, we didn't know where we stood, we didn't know what the hell was going on, no matches were booked... but now that we know the BCW has their own show airing, and that this is for WAC competitors only, normal business will resume next week..."

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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 10th, '11, 13:47

JD "This match is scheduled for on fall, currently in the ring weighing 224lbs, here is Stanley Moore!!"

"The Shinging" plays and the fans erupt into a chorus of boos~

JD "His opponent from the Mortuary weighing in at 319lbs here is...........Tiiiitaaannn Dividiiiooooonnn!!"

Mark "My my AJ, this man gets scarier and scarier every week!!"

AJ "I know, pity Kruger has turned his back on us all, he would be the one to stop this big man who is surely due some kind of title shot here in WAC."

~Titan walks down the aisle and into the ring. His music cuts and he stares at yooung Moore until the bell rings, then he slowly stalks Moore who looks for a collar and elbow tie up but Titan kicks him in the stomach. Moore doubles over and Titan grabs him by the head, ramming him face first into the turnbuckle. Titan shoots Moore into the opposite corner, then charges in with a huge clothesline~

AJ "Oh my, Moore in trouble here!"

~Titan lifts up Moore and slams him down to the mat. he glares at the crowd who reply with huge boos again. Titan picks up Moore and lifts him up high in the air, then slams him down in 'The Burial'~

Mark "Devastating!! No-one gets up from that!!"

~Titan covers~




#Bell rings#

JD "Here is your winner, Titan Dividiiioonnn!!"

"The Shining" plays again and Titan leaves the ring. He walks up the ramp without breaking stride and disappears to the back~
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by VadeKruger » Jan 10th, '11, 15:05

#Bell rings#

"Its Not War" starts to play, Johnny Bishop appears to a big pop from the crowd~

JD "This match is set for one fall and it is a three on one handicap match! Introducing first, Johnnyyyyy Biisshhhooop!!!"

Mark "It seems Bishop and The Renegadez are doing this for WAC tonight!!"

AJ "Yeah I cant help thinking these guys dont really wanna fight with Kruger but he HAS turned his back on us all!"

~As Bishop enters the ring his music cuts. "Instruments Of Destruction" bellows out to a large pop from the crowd, but no sign of the Renegadez~

AJ "Whats goin on Mark? They havent turned their backs on us too have they?"

Mark "AJ, I dont know!!"

~Suddenly the camera goes to the back where Taurus and Mercer are laid out, covered in blood after an attack~

Mark "Theres your answer AJ! Someone got to them before they could get to Kruger!!"

AJ "It can only BE Kruger, the coward!!"

~Camera shoots back to the ring where Bishop is warming up while watching the camera. He shakes his head then continues to warm up. Suddenly "Slither" plays out to huge boos. Vade Kruger walks out with the World title belt on his shoulder~

JD "Umm.......his opponent weighing 259lbs, from Warrington England here is the WAC World Heavyweight champion............."The Sorpion"

Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade Kruuuuuuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!"

~Kruger walks out of the usual smoke and pyro, then smirks as he is hit by litter thrown at him. He tells a man at ringside to f**k off before slapping him on the head, then Kruger walks up the steps slowly, staring at Bishop then smiling as he climbs into the ring. Bishop paces around awaiting the bell, Kruger runs at him with the belt but Bishop ducks underneath and flips Vade over with a backdrop. the bell rings and the fans go wild as Bishop hammers away at Vades skull. He picks up Kruger and throws him to the ropes, then connects with an elbow, vade rolls out of the ring to the outside~

AJ "Great start from Bishop Mark, look at Vade run!!!"

Mark "Great AJ"

~Vade glares at Bishop who motions him to get back in the ring, Vade gets back in and walks over to Bishop, talking trash. Bishop walks forward but Kruger slaps him in the face, then kicks him in the stomach and grabs him in a headlock~

Mark "Really smart move there from Vade. He knew Bishop is stupid and wouls fall for that one!!"

AJ "Mark? What the hell?"

Mark "Sorry AJ, but it WAS a textbook move!!"

AJ "I guess....."

~Kruger is forced to the ropes by Bishop but Vade grabs the hair and pulls him back to the middle of the ring. The referee tells Kruger off but he tells the referee to "F**K OFF" and carries on with the headlock. The crowd boos at hearing Kruger, he replies by spitting at them~

AJ "Dirty pig Kruger!!"

~Bishop lifts up Vade and drops him in an atomic drop, then an armdrag. Vade gets up straight away and Bishop meets him with a massive clothesline. Vade again rolls out of the ring much to the anger of the fans~

Mark "Smart again by Kruger, Im thinking this whole change in attitude is a good thing for him!"

~Vade slides back in the ring, but then changes his mind and slides back out. Bishop leaves the ring and chases vade around the ring, vade back in but as Bishop follows, Kruger nails him with a stomp to the head. He picks up Bishop and slams him down, the drops en elbow. Vade gets up and raises his arms, getting a tremendous boo from the fans~

Vade "SHUT THE F**K UP!!"

AJ "Wow, not cool Kruger. Not cool at all."

~Kruger picks Bishop up in a full nelson grip, lifts him up then slams him down. he roars at the crowd who boo again. Kruger once again picks up Bishop and throws him to the corner, Vade gives the fans the finger, then charges at Bishop but he moves, Kruger goes straight through into the steel post. Bishop pulls him back into the ring and dropkicks Vade in the mouth, then covers him~

AJ "He could have him here!!"




~Kick out from Kruger, Bishop slaps on a chinlock but Vade gets back to his feet. Bishop holds onto the chinlock and then drops down, Vade lands on his head. Cover again from Bishop~




~Kruger rolls a shoulder just in time, Bishop stands up and signals to the crowd for 'Bishopsgate' but Kruger is up, as bishop turns around Kruger goes for a spear, Bishop leapfrogs and grabs Vade up on his shoulder, he runs across the ring and powerslams Vade, then locks in the Dragon Sleeper~

AJ "Bishopsgate!!! He got it!!! Krugers gonna tap surely!!"

~Out of the crowd Chris Everlast runs and hops over the railings, the referee and Johnny Bishop wondering whats going on, the ref approaches Everlast who is pointing behind Bishop who lets go of vade and turns around, out of nowhere a man waffles Bishop with the world title belt~

AJ "Who?? The ref didnt see it because he was dealing with Everlast!! What the hell?!"

Mark "AJ that is Sinister!! WAC's newest talent!!"

~Sinister drops down off the apron and leaves the belt with JD. Bishop flops over unconscious in the ring. Vade gets to his feet, grabs Bishop and lifts his limp body up high, then drops him down with 'The Krugenator'~


AJ "Really Mark?! REALLY?"

~Kruger covers Bishop~




#Bell rings#

JD "Here is your winner............The WAC World Heavyweight Champion..........."The Scorpion" Vaaade Kruuugeerrr!!"

AJ "What a pile of crap!! Mark I-......mark?"

~Mark stands up, takes off his headset and walks to the back~

AJ "Folks, I dont know whats going on with Mark, but what I do know is Johnny Bishop just got screwed by Everlast and WAC's newest addition, the man known as

'Sinister' and these people dont like it!!"

~Kruger smiles at the crowd as he gets his title belt, then proceeds to attack Bishop after the match, stomping away at him. Vade signals to Everlast to join him...........Everlast slides in the ring and begins kicking and stomping away at Bishop, suddenly The Renegadez charge the ring but Vade and Everlast escape through the crowd~

AJ "My Lord, The Renegadez are battered and bloody but they still came to the aid of Bishop!! True gentlemen!!"

~Taurus and Mercer help Bishop up, then "Instruments Of Destruction" plays out as they raise the hand of Bishop. Suddenyl Taurus clotheslines Bishops head off!! Mercer picks Bishop up and grabs him by the head and drops him head first onto the mat with a snap DDT~


~They leave the ring laughing, leaving Johnny Bishop laid out in the ring, motionless~

AJ "What else can go wrond for WAC tonight? I cannot believe what I have just seen!!"
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Re: WAC Vortex - Show 1

Post by Lynas » Jan 11th, '11, 02:57

The Prophecy are walking backstage and come across Shane Lynas standing with Bobby Anderson

Lynas: “Oi, One-Eyed Jack, what you did to this company’s Dynamics Championship was disgusting, you proved what scum you truly are”

NNTK: “HAHAHAHA One-Eyed Jack, I like that, hehe, I’d long grown tired of WAC & its ways, its championships… now I go to BCW, to gain championships that to me, might actually mean something, but it’s nice you’re giving your new apprentice a title shot, not biased at all”

Lynas: “Biased eh? Hmm… well he’s one of three guys, so it’s not biased, but so you renounce everything in WAC and return to BCW, I have no care, I’m glad to see the back of you”

NNTK: “AHH but I’m disappointed, nobody wants to fight me tonight, I just want one last match so all the WAC Galaxy can remember me”

Anderson: “I’ll do it”
Lynas: “What!?”

NNTK: “You?”

Anderson: “For a long time now, I’ve watched you and your group tear people up, tear arenas up, hit fans & take out innocent people… no more, I may not be a former World Champion, but I’ll stand toe to toe with you, and show you that not everyone can be bullied”

NNTK: “Hey, Shane, how do you feel about your apprentice growing some nuts”

Lynas: (Looking worried) “If Bobby wants the match & you want the match, it’s game on…”

Bobby: “It’s on”

NNTK & the Prophecy walk off laughing.

AJ: “Well it looks like it’s gonna be NNTK versus Bobby Anderson tonight in NNTK’s invitational!”

*Cuts to commercial break*

*Returns from commercial break*

AJ: “Welcome back to WAC Vortex! Coming up any second now, leader of the Prophecy & former WAC World Champion NNTK versus Bobby Anderson, in only his second match here in WAC, this is a big ask of the young man”

*"Antichrist" by "Venom" begins to play over the speakers shouting through the arena.*

AJ: “And here he comes”

*The crowd boos their heads off at this and immediately starts to chant Prophecy sucks repeatedly and they get even louder when NNTK and The Prophecy walk out and stand on the

JD: "Introducing, From the Netherworld, Accompanied By The Prophecy, weighing in at 275 pounds and standing at a height of 6 foot 6…NNTK!!!!"

AJ: “There he is, big NNTK, in his final ever performance on WAC programming, after this he relocates himself & his group to BCW & I gotta tell you, I’m thankful I’m staying right here on WAC!”

The Prophecy begin to walk down the ramp as people in the crowd throw thrash, paper cups, toilet paper, water bottles paper balls etc. you name it they're throwing it.

*Jesse Phillips and Mike Roach pick up some water bottles and throw them back saying "Keep em we don’t want em we got enough water!"*

Riggs and Sterling begin flipping them middle fingers saying "Yea right back at ya ,you bunch of jackasses!"

AJ: "Wow, certainly no love lost between the WAC Galaxy and The Prophecy."

NNTK stands on the apron and ducks in under the top rope and stands in the middle of the ring looking out over the crowd who let out huge boos towards him.

*”I Get Off” by Halestorm plays over the speakers to a huge ovation from the crowd*

AJ: “Wow listen to that reaction for Bobby Anderson!”

JD: “And his opponent, being accompanied by WAC President Shane Lynas, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 258lbs, BOBBY ANDERSON!”

Anderson & Lynas stand at the end of the ramp, Shane is clearly giving advice & instruction to Anderson on how to go about this match

AJ: “Shane Lynas is giving instruction to Anderson here, he’s making it very clear to him what he wants him to do, though I’m not sure he can actually beat NNTK”

Shane Lynas leaves Bobby Anderson to enter the ring alone, Shane Lynas walks around the ring & is confronted by a wall of Prophecy members

AJ: “OH, things could get ugly here!”

The wall of members parts and Shane Lynas slowly walks untrustingly through the middle but the Prophecy just stand and sneer at him.

AJ: “I think Shane Lynas is going to join me here on commentary!”

Shane walks over to the announcers desk shakes AJ’s hand and sits down

AJ: “Hey man”
Shane: “Hey AJ, it’s good to be here, I noticed that you were all alone since Mark walked out, I’ve given Bobby the instructions he’ll need to get through this thing, and decided I’d join you for a bit of commentary”
AJ: “Always pleased to have you here!”
Shane: “I’ll be back again, at Path to Glory, so don’t worry man”

NNTK now turns and looks over to Anderson as the bell rings to start the match.

Anderson steps over and walks to NNTK and stands in his face. NNTK shoves him back an he falls backwards to the mat some and as he gets up and dusts himself off he’s floored by a stiff lariat from NNTK.

NNTK then goes towards the downed Anderson and begins the stomps, He stomps him in the face, then the left arm, he moves and stomps the gut, then both legs, around to the right arm, then once more in the face.

AJ: "There’s that typical NNTK stomping all over the opponent."
Lynas:"And what a message that sends, it says to your opponent, Trust me, I’ve been in the ring with this guy several times & he’s as dangerous as any man I’ve ever come across”
AJ: “Why did you let Bobby do this?”
Lynas: “This is a straight up lesson, do I expect Bobby Anderson to win? Probably not, but do I expect him to come back next week a better man & better wrestler? Hell yes”

NNTK reaches down to pull up Anderson and as he does Anderson manages a counter, He whips NNTK off the ropes and ducks down to go for a back body drop, but when NNTK comes back he knocks him in the back of head with an elbow.

This causes the crowd to boo because they’re really pulling for Anderson.

AJ: "Come on Bobby, rookie mistake right there, don’t be lowering your head against NNTK, he’ll knock it clean off your shoulders."

Lynas: "You see, that’s the kind of things this kid can’t be doing if he wants this match to last, that’s no Scott Williams in there with him, but on the other side, later tonight we’ll sit down and watch this match and he’ll realise the things he’s doing wrong”

NNTK now follows up the elbow with a knee in the face to Anderson who's still bent over then NNTK goes behind and lifts him in a back suplex clutch then walks across the ring then drapes him out across the top rope by the legs and send Anderson crashing to the mat with a neckbreaker.

AJ: "Oh what a neckbreaker hung out on the ropes, this kid is really getting his battlescars tonight."
Lynas:"You said it, this is only his second big WAC match is against a former world champion & as I said earlier, probably the most dangerous man I ever set foot in the ring with."
AJ: “But he’s gotta wise up soon, he has a championship match at Path to Glory”
Lynas: “He’ll be fine Crossman, he’s got me”

NNTK now stands over Anderson and jumps and comes down in his face with a knee drop.

NNTK pulls him up to a vertical base then but Anderson fights him off with shots to the gut, repeated shots like this allows Anderson to take NNTK overhead with a fishermans suplex into a pin.



AJ: "Kickout from NNTK right after one."
Lynas: "It’s gonna take a lot to keep him down, but good offense from Bobby"

Anderson now pulls him up and goes for a standard suplex and he hits it and goes for another pin.

Cover by Anderson.


AJ: "NNTK again kicking right out."

Anderson pulls NNTK with a neckbreaker as he ducks behind as they get back up now and goes for another pin.

Cover by Anderson.


AJ: "No suprise NNTK kicking right out once again."
Lynas: “But Bobby has got the offense in the right direction, this is good from him”

Anderson backs up off of NNTK now allowing him to get up to his feet, NNTK does so and Anderson runs in charging at him but is dropped off his feet with a stiff lariat to the crowds disapproval as they shower NNTK with boos.

AJ: "Oh...See another mistake he should never have let NNTK up now look what happened."
Lynas:" Yeah I gotta agree, I’m not sure what Bobby is up to, but playing fair should never come into it when fighting NNTK, when you’ve got an out of control animal like him even slightly stunned stay on him, give him some room and he’ll finish you before you can catch your damn breath"

NNTK now gets Anderson make it up to his feet, Anderson is still slightly staggered from the lariat, He reaches for a clothesline attempt at NNTK but he ducks under and goes behind and grabs Anderson in a headlock, he holds on briefly before slamming Anderson across his own back with a backbreaker.

AJ:"OH! What a backbreaker from NNTK, Now this is it for the young kid too many mistakes have screwed him."
Lynas: “It certainly looks that way”

NNTK is standing over the downed Anderson a little ways back and is waiting for him to rise up, he does and Anderson foolishly goes for his superkick finishing manevuer in the worst possible time, NNTK simply steps back out of the way then runs back in on Anderson crashing into his jaw with the Lifetaker Kick.

AJ:"Lifetaker Kick! LIfetaker Kick!."
Lynas: “Dammit!”

Cover by NNTK.




The crowd boos loudly now as NNTK stands over the downed Anderson with his Raised by the ref.

JD: "Here is your winner, by pinfall, NNTK!"

"Antichrist" by "Venom begins to play now shouting over the speakers throughout the arena loudly

Shane Lynas stands up and slides into the ring, he checks on Bobby Anderson before heading towards the smirking NNTK, the Prophecy remain on the outside of the ring staring.

Shane Lynas turns and picks up Anderson.

AJ: “I’m not sure where this is going here”

NNTK nods to the Prophecy who enter the ring…

AJ: “Oh God…”

Shane Lynas stands in front of Bobby Anderson

Shane Lynas charges at NNTK who instantly catches him with a right hand

AJ: “Oh my god! Lynas went for the first hit, but got nothing but glove from NNTK”

Anderson now gets charged by the prophecy who gets torn apart by punches, kicks, stomps & clotheslines.

NNTK is beating Lynas in the turnbuckle and NNTK throw Lynas to the outside of the ring.

NNTK looks over at Anderson who lays busted open on the mat

AJ: “Their final act on WAC was to take out the President & his apprentice in a despicable attack, BCW can take these guys & keep these guys”

NNTK then looks at the Prophecy.

NNTK: “Let’s go Nexus”

AJ: “What?!”

NNTK and the Prophecy exit the ring and begin attacking ringside personnel, cameramen, photographers and everyone are getting it

AJ: “No what the-“

AJ stands up to fight by gets put down and attacked.

The Prophecy now take sledgehammers and begin denting, attacking & collapsing the ring, breaking up all the wooden.

Phillips & Roach head up the entrance ramp and begin attacking the stage taking sledgehammers to it.

NNTK whistles and the Prophecy stops, they then all regroup, and leave through the crowd.

*End of show*

Waiting for Vade Kruger to lock & then BCW's debut can begin.


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