WWR Vortex - Show 7

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WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by kirbs2002 » Jul 8th, '11, 10:30


The opening music and montage plays. The usual pyro goes off, followed by the camera panning over the crowd. The camera then cuts to the announce table, where AJ Cross and Chris Kirby are shown.

Welcome to WWR Vortex. I'm AJ Cross, and with me tonight is usual Mayhem lead, Chris Kirby!

Thank you, AJ. Mike couldn't make it out here tonight, so as a result I'm going to get to experience the "A Show," and what a show it will be tonight!

That's right, in the main event we'll have the Continental Champion, Chris Everlast, challenging Vade Kruger in a ladder match for the WWR World Heavyweight Championship. In addition, the Tag Team Champions, Awesome Booty...

(snickering) What a name.

Shaddup! They'll be taking on Exodus in a non-title match. In addition, Bryan Dean wants a piece of Viggo Dynamite and Johnny Bishop will be squaring off with Ryan Ignatius.

Also on for tonight, we'll get to see Kayla Killings and Nina Cortez in singles action against Angel Dust and Stella Ressling, respectively, and the large, Scandinavian lady, Ronja Martinsdottir, gets to pick on somebody her own size in a match against David Berard.

So get yourself a snack and maybe a cold one and sit tight, because we've got another action-packed Vortex comin' atcha!
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Robert Randall
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by Robert Randall » Jul 8th, '11, 15:34

just then the camera shows the parking lot, where security gaurds are standing.

Robert Randall and Leah are shown pulling up in their lime green Skyline. As the two get out of the car, security begins to gather around them.

Randall: "Let's go."

Security begins to escort them to their locker room

AJ: "There you see security walking Robert Randall and Leah into the building."

Kirby: "Yeah, Randall doesn't wanna get attacked again. He's gonna be a coward instead"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by KILLdozer » Jul 8th, '11, 17:20

Now NNTK is shown walking through the backstage area alone and immediately the crowd lets out major boos.

AJ:"Oh boy,heres NNTK..Great,wheres he going?"

Kirby:"Remember the main event from Mayhem the other night? Insane match! And after sixty minutes,,to the surprise of everyone,Roach got the win!"

NNTK soon is met by Robert Randall whose now surrounded by The Sons of Fortune and Leah as the crowd boos more again as they continue on.

Kirby :"And look who it is,Randall flanked by The Sons ! What a lowdown rat!"

AJ:"You can bet Everlast is gonna be looking for him,,Friday night He chased him out of here then later that night gets jumped by the rest of the Sons and Origin and put through the announce table by James North with a chair legdrop!"

Next thing you know they come across Tokyo Drift talking in broken japanese half english backstage,and without a moment's hesitation jump on them all together to massive boos from the fans.

They split in off in groups now ganging up on them both seperately,really using the numbers game to beat them down and stomp them on the floor as the boos get louder.

AJ:"What the hell?!? NNTK and the Sons all over Tokyo Drift right there completely without cause!"

Kirby:"Get the hell off them thats uncalled for!"

They continue to punch them and lay in a few more boots as they take Nitro dude and Nitro boy down off their feet,finally letting up as they back away now and turn and continue walking down the hall to huge boos from the crowd.

AJ:"Theyre certainly gonna be out for revenge,speaking of that! Man this alliance between Origin and The Sons of Fortune "To cleanse WWR" is lookin stronger and more dangerous every night!"

Kirby:"It sure is,youre not lyin! The things theyve done together round here lately! Well be back on WWR Vortex in just a moment!"

The camera cuts backstage showin NNTK and The sons walking backstage again as the crowd roars with boos again before cutting to commercial .
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by Sassafras » Jul 8th, '11, 18:05

*show cuts to commercial and when it returns, Xander Chapman is standing backstage with Mike Roach; the crowd cheers*

Xander: "I'm here with Mike 'Sassafras' Roach, who snatched a victory from NNTK last Friday night on Mayhem, and -"

Roach: "Xander...dude...I 'snatched' the victory? I made NNTK submit to the Humbler. That happened. I took Lynas and Kruger outta the equation, and I won the match."

Xander: "Well, yes. You did. Which leads me to my next point. After your match, there was an interesting moment between you and Vade Kruger, before WWR Owner Tony Bastion surprised EVERYONE by making a match between yourself and Shane Lynas for tonight. Your thoughts?"

Roach: "Well, my initial thoughts when Vade got in my face were that he wanted to kiss me. Now, I had just won a hard-fought match, but was in no mood to celebrate, especially with him or in that way, and that clearly pissed him off. Then Bastion made the match with Lynas. If I have to go through another so-called 'legend' to get to my title, then so be it."

Xander: "However, Mr. Roach, you must remember what Mr. Bastion said. You aren't the next in line for the championship, Chris Everlast is. Thoughts or comments regarding that?"

Roach: "Look, man. As much as I want the WWR Championship, I want even more to see the belt on ANYONE who isn't a member of the Origin. Whether it's me, or Everlast, or Gutierrez Fernandez. I'm definitely rooting for Everlast tonight, for obvious reasons. Professionally, though...it doesn't matter to me who wins. I will have that title before I turn 20. That's a promise. If I have to destroy all of the Origin or Everlast and all his groupies. With all that said...may the best man win. Because I'm better than the best. Don't believe me? Ask Shane Lynas in a few hours. Better still, ask NNTK RIGHT NOW, if he can manage to stop running in two different packs and actually be a f*cking man. I am the greatest competitor in the world, and it's about time I prove it. I got a decent start at the last Mayhem. Tonight...Phase Two."

*Roach walks away as the crowd cheers*

Xander: "Strong words from Mike Roach, tonight! We'll see how his match with Shane Lynas and his future aspirations play out! Back to Kirby and AJ at ringside!"

*camera cuts to ringside*

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by KILLdozer » Jul 8th, '11, 21:45

Suddenly,"Silhouettes" by "Smile Empty Soul" plays loudly over the speakers as a fit woman with long dark hair walks out on stage..Most of the fans gasp echoing loud then begin to boo immensely as they realize who it is in total shock and frenzy .

AJ:"Who is that?....Oh my god...Thats Lionna!!! Shes One of the most decorated Women's wrestlers in the world today! Shes renowned around the globe for her incredible skill and absolutely unbelievable list of accomplishments!!! And shes here on Vortex!"

Kirby":Lionna McKnight!!! No way!!! For those of you at home who have never seen or heard of her she's been called by many a legend in the making! Shes blazed a trail in this business,collecting gold in all kinds of foreign countrys as well as the US!":

Lionna McKnight makes her way down to the ring as the crowd continues to go insane.

AJ:"I never thought wed see LIONNA here in WWR!!! This is amazing!"

Kirby:"If shes been signed the womens division will never be the same!! We're in the presence of greatness!!"

Lionna walks up the steps and into the ring as she takes a microphone and steps to the middle of the ring as the music dies down.

Lionna:Well here I am,,After all the places I've been,from my hometown of Detroit to Russia,One place Ive never been is in this ring in WWR Wrestling. For those of you who dont know me,I am Lionna McKnight,Ive held Womens Championships from the US to Japan to Ireland,several of them at one time even.Ive shown time and time again constantly that I am completely in a class of my own,That I am one of the most gifted women to step inside a ring in years,Ive held nine championships in my home state alone...I was taught by legends and people who have done unrivaled things in this business that have never been beaten or duplicated...I've used what Ive learned from them to create my own glory..So If im one of the best in the world what brings me here you ask? Ive come to show everyone watching at home around the world an up close and personal look at just what World wide greatness is..They say the Womens division around here is dead,Well its about to gain new life because as of last night,I am the newest woman on this roster."

The crowd cant help but go into a calamity over this with a mix of all kinds of cheers boos and sounds of astonishment.

AJ:"Yes!!! Lionna has joined WWR!!! I dont believe what weve just heard!! The Womens division is about to be turned upside down!!!"

Kirby:"Oh man!!! The face of the division has just changed in the blink of an eye,Weve heard several Women complain and voice their displeasure over the past month over the way theyve all been overlooked,Well I dont think thats gonna be a problem anymore!"

"Well with that being said,,Lets not waste another moment,Im ready for my Vortex debut,So anyone of you in the back that you think you can last a minute with me get out here now."

The crowd now shifts to complete boos at this.

A smallish woman in plain wrestling gear walks out down the ramp to no music as the crowd pops mildy.

JD:"From Savanah,Georgia,Julie Sinclair!!!"

Sinclair looks slightly nervous and shocked at the presence of Lionna as she walks down the ramp.

Kirby:"Julie Sinclair was here a few weeks back losing to Leah Luxon in her in ring debut,,And its safe to say shes at an extreme disadvantage,,she knows who Lionna is from the look on her face!"

AJ:"Certainly,I dont think Weve ever had such a mismatch like this! "

Julie gets in the ring as the crowd's anticipation to see Lionna in action can be felt in the air..as the bell rings Julie bows to Lionna and extends a hand,saying:"Its an honour to stand with you."

AJ:"Hey look at that,Julie Sinclair is obviously a big fan of Lionna herself!"

Kirby:"RIghtfully so,Im sure shes an inspiration for young Julie!"

Lionna will have none of it though,sneering at Julie as she then stiffly backhands her across the face,dropping her to heavy boos from the crowd.

AJ:"Oh There she goes! Lionna just cracked her across the face! But regardless of her status that was low,Julie just wanted to show her rightful respect!"

Lionna lifts Julie up pulling her by the by the hair,then grabs her arm and slings her over her shoulder forwards to the mat with a lightning quick Judo armflip.

Kirby:"What an armflip from Lionna! But did you see her on the hair? Someone her calibur has no need to cheat!"

Lionna lets her stand with her back to her,Then jumps backflipping as she knocks Julie for a loop with a Pele kick as the crowd goes wild.

AJ:"What a kick from Lionna! The fans are in for a treat because this is the last match I expected here tonight!"

Lionna waits for Julie to stand,then cracks her in the leg with a sharp low kick,then another,and another,then flinally drops her with a snap as she kicks her in the head to more gasps from the crowd.

Kirby:Sharp stiff series of kicks,beating poor Julie down there!

Lionna runs over to the ropes and jumps off with a springboard,turning through the air as she comes flying across the ring with an elbow drop in the face on Sinclair.

Lionna grabs Julie,wrapping her as she lifts her from the mat with a dragon sleeper from behind,then fluidly transitions into a rear naked choke with body scissors,then once again switches right into a camel clutch.

Kirby:"Look at her go! Hold to hold like its just second nature,almost by reflex!

AJ:"Julie Sinclair in there is getting annilated by Lionna!"

Lionna gets up off of Sinclair then measures her,And hits a rough Snap suplex,then grabs her again and hits her with a fishermans suplex on the head,then goes behind quickly getting her up again and sends her crashing down with a half nelson suplex,then again lifts her on her feet again and drops her with combintion of three quick heavy germans in a row,,holding her in a pin,then bridges over and flips back up and comes forward with a hard kick in the face,the clap can be heard all over as she sends her down hard on the matt.

Kirby:"OH! What an impactful kick!! And did you see those suplexs after suplex before that! Ive never actually seen Lionna McKnight live,Ive heard PLENTY but man It didnt do her justice Shes incredible!"

Lionna now slaps on an ankle lock,then quickly goes into a sharpshooter,then right to a cloverleaf,then switches remarkably quick to a boston crab,,then lets go and slings her around into a figure four then lets go shortly.

AJ:"More of that world famous chain wrestling style of Lionna being able to switch from move to move like an amateur wrestler,Julie Sinclair is getting contorted like a pretzel in there,not even having time to react between holds!"

Lionna runs to the corner and quickly comes crashing down on top of Julie as she soars through the air with a leg drop.

Lionna runs in to the corner and jumps off,spinning around flipping through the air as she comes down drilling Julie in the face with a whisper in the wind as she gets up.

Kirby:What a move,What speed flying and flipping through the air like that!

Lionna rolls Sinclair over,then turns her around and lifts her into the air with a back suplex,then brings her down in mid air sending her face bouncing off the mat with a facebuster.

AJ:I think Lionna's got it,Shes been rolling through her first WWR match and things are looking bad for Julie Sinclair.

Lionna grabs Julie,sitting her up from behind and locking in a tight Cobra clutch pulling her to the mat,then she flips her over her head backwards planting Julie on her head and neck with a suplex to shock from the crowd.

Kirby:"Oh my god what a cobra clutch suplex!!!'

Lionna now stands near Julie's midsection with her back to her,then quickly jumps up into the air,slinging herself over into a moonsault,,but in midair shes able to have enough agility and control to turn her body around and land on her stomach backfirst with an amazing Moonsault Senton to an explosion from the crowd who cant believe it.

AJ:"WOW what a move! Turning through the air like that in one motion!!!"

Kirby:"Ive never seen something like that!!"

Lionna now pulls her up and spins around,slamming into her jaw with a rough spinning backfist,sending Sinclair crashing into the mat.

Lionna now backs up across the ring as Julie gets to one knee,when Lionna then runs full speed across at her and jumps,stepping up off one knee and jumping as she cracks her hard over the back of the neck and head with a a shinning axe kick.

AJ:"OH man! MCKnightmare!!! Ive seen that move I know all about it! One of the most brutal dangerous hard hitting finishers around anywheres!"

Sinclair sits stunned for a minute,then falls straight back slowly to the mat looking at the ceiling.

Lionna goes to the top rope,looking across at Sinclair,then stands up and jumps off,spinning through the air several time as she front flips over and over,,landing on SInclair hard with a 630 to pandemonium from the crowd.

Lionna goes into the cover now.

"ONE! "

"TWO! "


The bell rings and "Silhouettes" by "Smile Empty Soul plays again to a huge mixed ovation,some cheers some boos but mostly still shock and awe.

Anderson:"Here is your winner by pinfall,"Lionna McKnight!!!!!"

AJ:"What an amazing debut from Lionna McKnight,she massacred Julie Sinclair,She never stood a chance!"

Kirby:" Its safe to say the Womens Division has been completely switched around with the surprise arrival of Lionna,Theres sure to be plenty more dominance just like that to come!"

Lionna now still stands over Julie,Then pulls her up the by the head and swings around with her back to her,then flings her over her shoulder roughly by the hair with a snapmare and she lands slamming in a sitting positon in front of her,then Lionna right after leans down behind her and wraps the legs around the neck and pulling back on her arm with a tight brutal Triangle Choke,choking her out quickly in no time to now nothing but boos from the crowd,

AJ:"Now I cant help but respect her but that was just too much,,it was over and she just choked her right out with that Triangle Choke like that!""

Kirby:"She showed everyone watching why she is talked about as highly as she is,,then goes and does that ,showing no mercy on the young rookie Julie Sinclair,who showed respect before the match!"

AJ:"But Well back soon on WWR Vortex folks,,What a night its shaping up to be and that was just the first match!! Weve got plenty left for you so dont leave!!"

The camera cuts to the ring as Lionna is standing over Sinclair as "Silhouettes" by "Smile Empty Soul" is still playing and she leaves the ring going to the back to heavy boos as the show cuts away to commercial.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by Sassafras » Jul 12th, '11, 12:04

*show returns from commercial and the camera cuts to Kirby and AJ at ringside*

AJ: "Monumental debut, just a few moments ago!"

Kirby: "Yes, yes! For those who missed it, Lionna McKnight, widely regarded as one of the premier competitiors in modern women's wrestling, has made her World Wrestling Revolution debut!"

AJ: "Let's recap the match."

*a brief highlight video plays, featuring a few highlights from the match*

Kirby: "Things are definitely heating up here on Vortex already!"

AJ: "And we're just getting started!"

*camera cuts to...*

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by KILLdozer » Jul 12th, '11, 12:22

The Sons Of Fortune and NNTK are shown backstage again walking..

AJ:"Theres NNTK and the Sons,, And where is Kruger and Lynas? Preparing for their big matchs I suppose...Randall still looking to stay away from Everlast like the slime he is,,Where are they going now? Not out here now I hope.."

Kirby:"Me either,,You saw that scuffle with Tokyo Drift!"

They then come across Bobby Anderson,who looks up quickly then comes right towards NNTK,,Hes no match for the numbers though,,Quickly getting swarmed as they all just surround him,clubbing him with punches and kicks to the gut and forearms across the back..Its not long before he goes down to the floor to major boos from the crowd.

AJ:"God dangit! Get off him!! Theyve got np gripe with Anderson! If anything Bobby should be hunting down Shane Lynas!!!""

They continue to lay in stomps and kicks on the ground to the chest and gut of Anderson,With Randall pushing him in the head with his boot for good measure,then spits on him as they all walk off to even louder boos now.

Kirby:"That was an atrocity! What reasoning was there for that just now?!? And did you see Randall!?! He spit on em!! There is no reason for another man to spit on a man,just extremly disrespectful not to mention disgusting!! Well be back here on Vortex damnit!!

The camera cuts back to The sons and NNTK walking off as the show cuts to commercial..
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 17th, '11, 05:44

#Return from commercial#

AJ "Welcome back to WWR Vortex!!"

JD "Ladies and gentlemen the next match is set for one fall...."

~The fans erupt as 'Aint It Fun (GnR)' plays and Viggo Dynamite appears~

Kirby "Well what a match we witnessed last week between Dean and this man right here.......a man who Ican see wearing the WWR Title some day......Viggo Dynamite!!"

AJ "Hes got all the tools, so why the heck not!!"

JD "Introducing first from Pieree, South Dakota weighing two hundred and fifty seven pounds, here is VIIGGOOO DYYNAMIIITEE!!!"

~Viggo reachers the ring and enteres, having walked up the steps and wiped his feet on the apron. He goes to the corner and climbs on the second turnbuckle, throwing his towel into the crowd. Fireworks go off as he poses in the ring momentarily, then they stop as does the music~

Kirby "Always in tip top conbdition, I bet he could wrestle a lion!!"

AJ "Really?!"

JD "And his opponent....."

~Bryan Deans music hits and he gets a good pop from the crowd as he appears, carrying his title~

JD "...........coming down the aisle, the current WWR Dynamics Champion.......BRRYYAAANN DEEAAANN!!!!"

Kirby "Amazing condition, a very worthy champion!"

~Den enters the ring and holds the belt up, Viggo Dynamite takes a long hard look~

AJ "Dya think Viggo regrets NOT taking the title match?"

Kirby "I dont know AJ, but he wants to earn his title match by beating the champion first."

#Bell rings#

~The two lock up and Viggo takes Dean down with an armdrag. Dean spins out of it and both men are up to applause from the fans. They cicrle around the ring and lock up in the centre of the ring, again Viggo with an armdrag, then another into a seated wristlock~

AJ "Viggo showing us his basic wrestling skills there, Dean wont be able to go toe to toe with him like this, hes gonna have to slow down the pace."

~Dean rolls forward and onto his feet, taking Viggo down but he rolls out of it and back onto his feet. The fans applaud their efforts again, Viggo cracks a smile then looks out to the crowd who cheer. Dean rubs his nose and readies himself~

Kirby "See Viggo playing to the crowd there, Dean's head is right in the game"

AJ "Maybe Dynamite is trying to unease Dean"

~Another lock up, this time a headlock from Dean, Viggo forces him to the ropes and whips him to the other side, Dean off the ropes with a shulderblock sends Viggo downt to the mat. Viggo goes underneath as Dean comes off the ropes again, then a leapfrog followed by another then as dean comes off the ropes again Viggo nails him with a standing dropkick which sends Dean through the ropes to the outside~

AJ "Awesome dropkick there, Dean really needs a moment to get his head and strategy together."

Kirby "Yeah that dropkick knocked him a little silly then, he needs to slowm the pace down like you just said before AJ"

~Dean walks around the ring as Viggo waits in the ring, hands on kness slightly crouched. Eventually as the referees count reaches seven Dean rolls back into the ring, Dean charges Viggo who easily sidesteps and hits a hip toss, then another armdrag. This time into an armbar, Dean slaps the mat with his free hand in frustration~

Kirby "Hes still trying to play Viggos game here and its not working."

~Dean struggles to his feet, Viggo still has the armbar until Dean nails him with a right hand which knocks Viggo to his knees~

AJ "There, that'l do it!!"

~Dean shakes his arm to get the blood flowing, then goes back over to Viggo who rolls Dean up in a small package~




~Dean just kicks out, both men get up but Bryan Dean hits a kick to the gut and a snap suplex. He gets up and immediately applies a Camel Clutch~

Kirby "Nice flurry of moves there from Dean, Im liking the old school Camel Clutch too, maybe he will get a submission!!"

AJ "Viggo aint a quitter, Deans gonna have to do better than this"

~Dean lets go of the hold after a short while. He comes off the ropes and nails an elbow drop into the back of Dynamite. Dean nails another, then stomps away at the small of Viggo's back. Viggo manages to roll out of the ring for a rest~

Kirby "Smart move from Dynamite, Dean has taken control of this one"

~Viggo climbs back onto the apron but Dean grabs him and suplexes him back into the ring. Dean covers, hooking the leg~



~Kick out from Viggo. Dean picks him up by the head and whips him hard into the corner. Viggo winces in pain before being whipped to the other corner, this time he falls to the mat. Dean kicks and stomps away at Viggo in the corner, then sets his head on the second rope. Dean runs off the ropes and hits a big facewash on Viggo. Dean kicks Viggo out of the ring and the referee starts the count~

AJ "Wow Bryan Dean showing some aggression tonight!!"

Kirby "Hes taken total control of this match after a fast start from Dynamite!"

AJ "Now its Viggo who needs a big move!"

~Viggo easily beats the count, Dean lifts him up and slams him down to the mat. Next Dean picks Viggo up again and whips him to the ropes but put his head down allowing Viggo to kick him in the chest and nail him with a clothesline~

Kirby "And that could be the opening Dynamite needed!!"

~Dean gets up first but as he reachers Viggo hes met with a kick to the gut and a gutwrench suplex. The fans cheers as Viggo gets up, having found a second wind~

AJ "Hes coming back!"

~Viggo whips Dean to the ropes and hits a back drop, then a dropkick~

Kirby "Theres that beautiful dropkick again!"

~Viggo sets Dean up in the corner and climbs up after him, then lifts Dean up high and slams him down with a Superplex~

AJ "Awesome impact on that one from Viggo!!"

~Viggo covers~




~Kick out from Dean. Viggo lifts him up and whips him to the ropes, Dean ducks underneath a clothesline and comes off the other ropes but Dynamite catches him with a Superkick~

Kirby "Oh thats it!!! Hes out!!"





~Kick out from Dean~

AJ "How close was that!"

Kirby "Im sure it was three!"

AJ "Not quite!"

~Viggo grabs Dean and hooks him up for his finisher~

Kirby "Hes goin for it!"

AJ "Wait - Dean has roled him up!!!!"




~Dynamite just about kicks out, both men get up and punch each other in the face, then both men fall back down~

AJ "Another near fall, now both men are down!"

~They soon get up, Dean lifts Viggo on his shoulders and looks to the camera~

Kirby "Oh here it comes!!"

~Dean lifts Viggo and throws him over but Viggo grabs Deans head and drives him face first into the mat with a cutter~

AJ "Reversal!!!"

~Viggo drapes an arm over Dean~




~Dean rolls a shoulder at the last possible monet~

Kirby "Awesome! Just awesome!!"

~Viggo holds his head in his hands, then gets up. The fans cheer as he grabs Dean in a pump handle clutch~

AJ "Now Viggo is goin for on of his signature moves!!"

Kirby "If he hits this cutter then its all over, Dean cant take another shot like the last one!!"

~Viggo lifts Dean up but he reverses into a reverse DDT~

AJ "Oh my, ANOTHER reversal!!! Dean needs to cover Viggo now!!"

~Dean hooks the leg~




~Viggo escapes the pin attempt, this time its Dean with his head in his hands~

Kirby "What else will we see in this one?!"

~Dean goes out to the apron and climbs the turnbuckle~

AJ "Hes goin to the top!!"

Kirby "Not his usual area but he wants to win this one!!"

~Dean takes too long and Viggo catches his in a suplex clutch on the top rope~

AJ "Hes not gonna-"

Kirby "He is!! ViggoPlex off the top!!!"

~Dynamite hooks in the ViggoPlex and slams Dean over straight into the pin~




#Bell rings#

JD "The winner of this match.......VIGGOOOOOO DYYYNAAMMIIIIITEE!!!"

AJ "What a match!!"

Kirby "An absolute credit to both men and WWR wrestling as a whole!!"

AJ "Both men gave all, well done Viggo Dynamite!!"

~Dynamite gets his hands raised as he manages to pull himself to his feet. Dean is lying down flat on his back, rubbing his face with his hands. After a moment he sits up as 'Aint It Fun (GnR)' plays and Viggo climbs the turnbuckle lifting his hands in the air in victory~

Kirby "So guess now there will be a title match next week?"

AJ "I think were about to find out!!"

~Viggo has been handed a mic~

Viggo "Bryan, last time I said I wanted to earn a title match, now I think I have so what about it huh? This Friday on WWR Mayhem?"

~Dean grabs the mic~

Dean "You got it"

AJ "Were on!!"

~Dean leaves the ring, Viggo nods and then starts celebrating again. Dean walks to the back carrying the Dynamics strap~

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<COMMERCIAL BREAK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by kirbs2002 » Jul 17th, '11, 13:36

Heather is shown walking through a hallway furiously and kicks the door to Tony Basion's office open before storming in.

What the f*ck is this bullsh*t?!

Bastion turns around with a look of slight agitation as Heather throws a crumpled up note at him.

Knock, knock! Hello, Heather! Come in! It's exactly what it says on this, WWR officials will not grant you the submission match at Heresy that you asked for. Your challenge will instead be a regularly sanctioned title match.

And what ass-pull reason are you c**ts hiding behind?!

Watch your mouth! The reason was insufficient history. The two of you have never competed against each other, therefore the officials decided that a match as brutal as a submission match was too harsh for the circumstances.

Heather pauses and stares icily at Bastion with a piercing glare.

You jackholes ignore your women's division for a month, then BCW comes around bringing what's been widely lauded as the best women's division in the world and you hold back said women's potential. I'd call you sexists, but I think that speaks for itself now. Why the hell did I ever bother to come to this sh*thole?

Heather walks off.

Complain to whoever you want, but you're not getting that stipulation for your first match!

Bastion slumps back into his chair, pulls out a flask and takes a long drink as the show goes back to ringside.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 18th, '11, 13:44

AJ "Well, in my opinion Heather has every right to be frustrated!"

Kirby "Im not sure throwing hissy fits at the owner of the company will get her very far though."

AJ "Especially with Tony Bastion having to deal with the situation with Vade and The Origin!!"

Kirby "Indeed, he wants that world title off Kruger as soon as possible!!"

~Just then, the arena goes dark and the sound of 'Cold' by 'Static X' hits the speakers. Vade Kruger appears as the first chrous of the song, carrying the WWR world title belt, dressed ready for his match later on in the night~

AJ "Speaking of Vade Kruger, looks like were gonna hear from him right now!!"

Kirby "Another attempt at being profound Im sure. This guy has been on top for far too long in my opinion!!"

AJ "Chris, many many people have exactly the same opinion as your good self!!"

~Kruger walks d\own the aisle and gets a mic from JD as he walks up the steps and climbs through the ropes into the ring. The fans boo him loudly at first, then as the marks quieten down after a few moments, a section of the crowd can be heard shouting "KRUGER!!! KRUGER!!! KRUGER!!!"~

AJ "Werent those fans chanting for him a couple of weeks back"

Kirby "Yeah, Kruger MUST have paid them off, although its up to the fans who they support."

~In the ring, the music cuts and Kruger lifts the mic to his mouth~

Vade "Since I came to the WWR...................WAC for all you long time fans.................I have become the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in WWR history. Now along the way I have noticed things have slowly changed around here, the locker room has certain divides.............dare I say it, certain 'cliques' have formed........."

~Kruger raises an eyebrow at the camera~

Vade "..........and since MOST of you people - fans and staff members alike think its ME whos in the wrong, let me remind you about how exactly Vade Kruger 'turned heel' and 'betrayed the WWR Galaxy!!"

~Vade looks and points to the big screen as a video of Meltdown shows Kruger turning on team WWR and siding with BCW~

Vade "You see I know whats going on around here...................I.................yes Tony Bastion.................."

~Kruger stumbles back a step and holds his head for a second~

Vade ".............umm where was I...................."

AJ "What the hell is wrong with him, hes been like this for a few weeks now, loss of memory, unsure of himself."

Kirby "Hes playing to the crowd and by the look of it, you too!!"

~Vade lifts up the mic again~

Vade "Tony Bastion might own this company...............on TV................BUT I know he also has a board of directors. Bastion wants total control of the WWR company so he can just use it to make more money. Where will he get that money from...............thats right!!! You people!!!"

AJ "What-is he on crack now!!"

Kirby "To be fair hes got a point AJ, but thats IF Bastion decides to exploit the fans. I highly doubt he will do that though!!"

Vade "If he gets this belt off me and onto his 'chosen one' Sassafras Roach then he will prove himself to the board of directors that he can deliver the 'next big thing' to all you fans!! Dammit I am 31 years old and Bastion is trying to force me onto the scrap heap!! May I just remind you that people like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Kurt Angle, Sting, Randy Savage, Sid Vicious and Bill Goldberg were all over thirty when they won their first world titles.............am I right!!!"


Vade "Now were getting somewhere!! So tonight..............."

~Kruger is suddenly cut off by Tony Bastion~

Bastion "Whoa whoa whoa...........now Ive just had a run in with a very strange and upset lady in the back, now I gotta come out here and deal with the likes of you Kruger. Im sick of this crap!! You think Sassafras is the chose one, well I got news for you Kruger, I DONT CARE who takes that title off you, just so long as I get it off you. You drag this company down and all the fans with it. Yes theres a board of directors but they are more of an advisory role to me, basically to make sure I dont go insane and so far not one of them had even suggested that!! So step off Kruger, these fans arent gonna listen to your crap after the things you have pulled around here recently!!"

AJ "Bastion means business!!"


~Kruger drops the mic and glares at Bastion, the fans cheer for Bastion as he smiles at Kruger, then walks to the back leaving Kruger in the ring. After a moment Vade leaves the ring, some of the fans shouting at Kruger to 'quit' and 'get out of WWR' as he walks by. Vade shows no emotion to the fans, but he looks to the camera and says: "You will realise how right I am............sooner or later!!" Then he walks by the camera and to the back~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by Sassafras » Jul 22nd, '11, 07:33

*show cuts to commercial; when the show returns, the camera is following Tony Bastion down the hallway, to his office; when he gets there, Mike Roach is waiting on him, grinning from ear to ear; the crowd pops as Bastion looks up at Roach and they shake hands*

Sassafras: "You're only making my job easier, getting under his skin like that. And, with all due respect, do you seriously believe that anyone but me could be the chosen one? I mean, are there any serious candidates to take the belt off Kruger that haven't already tried yet, and failed? I'm all this company has left. If I fail, and that's the biggest "if" in the history of language, what are you gonna do?"

Bastion: "Ya know...I don't know. But, allow me to make your job for TONIGHT easier, as well. In your match with Shane Lynas tonight, the Origin and the Sons of Fortune are banned from ringside. Anyone who interferes in the match or even shows their face between bells, will be fired on the spot. Shouldn't you be getting ready?"

Sassafras: "I'm way ahead of you. Time to show why I AM, whether you want to admit it or not, the chosen one. Time to carry out Phase Two."

*Roach walks away and Bastion can't manage to hold back a slight grin; camera cuts to ringside*

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by KILLdozer » Jul 28th, '11, 12:12

AJ:"What a night here on WWR Vortex,and theres plenty more to come,so stay tuned!"

Kirby:"Thats right,,Were not even halfway through so dont go anywheres folks!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by Sassafras » Jul 28th, '11, 21:40

*camera cuts to Kirby and AJ at ringside*

Kirby: "The time has almost come for the match between Sassafras and the Origin's Shane Lynas."
AJ: "Yes, ladies and gentlemen! As some of you may know, Roach has taken it upon himself to take the WWR Championship from Vade Kruger and the Origin, and to eradicate the group from this organization."
Kirby: "He has code-named his mission 'Operation: New Blood', and says that defeating Shane Lynas tonight is the objective for Phase Two. Phase One was his 60-minute victory last Friday night on Mayhem over the deadly NNTK."
AJ: "Let's take a look back."

*a video package plays, recapping the hour-long match between Roach and NNTK at the previous Mayhem, emphasising Roach's shoulder injury*

AJ: "As you could tell, that was one hell of a contest."
Kirby: "And tonight's is sure not to disappoint, as well."

*JD is standing in the ring, with microphone in hand*

JD: "The following contest...is scheduled for one fall, with a 30-minute time limit!"

*"Dragonfly" by Shaman's Harvest plays over the loudspeakers and Shane Lynas appears on the stage, with a look of concentration and determination etched onto his face as he makes his way to the ring*

JD: "Introducing first...weighing in at two-hundred, fort--"

*Roach runs up from behind and clubs Lynas with a massive forearm to the back of the head, sending him the rest of the way down the ramp; the crowd pops*

Kirby: "Roach couldn't seem to wait, could he?!"
AJ: "Definitely not, it seems!"

*Roach begins to stomp away at Lynas, before lifting him to his feet, and slamming him backwards into the barricade, the back of his head making a sick thud; the crowd gasps*

Kirby: "That's an instant concussion! I admire his gumption, but that's just sick..."

*Roach rips the bandage from his own forehead (the result of his match with NNTK), and removes his shirt to reveal his bandaged shoulder*

AJ: "As you see, the injuries sustained at Mayhem clearly take more than a weekend to heal..."
Kirby: "Show that to anyone who calls this sport 'fake'."

*Roach lifts Lynas onto his shoulder and rams him face-first into the ring post and powerslams him to the ground; when he lifts him up, Lynas is bleeding from the forehead; the crowd is silent*

AJ: "He's busted open!"
Kirby: "What a gash!"

*Roach rolls Lynas under the bottom rope and into the ring, then climbs the steps and begins to enter the ring at his own easy, deliberate pace*

AJ: "Roach is taking his time, and walking with the swagger we all know him for."

*as Roach steps between the ropes, Lynas grabs the middle rope and forces it upward, into Roach's groin; Roach collapses to the mat and writhes in pain; the crowd boos*

Kirby: "The veteran Shane Lynas, having the presence of mind to retaliate, and buy himself a moment's reprieve."

*the bell finally rings*

AJ: "It seems the match is still on!"

*Lynas stomps away at Roach's injured shoulder*

Kirby: "As disgusting a display that may be, we can't blame him for capitalizing on that."

*Lynas then lifts Roach to his feet and whips him off the ropes, attempting a clothesline; Roach ducks, spins Lynas around, kicks him in the gut and delivers a stiff double-arm DDT; cheers from the live audience*

Kirby: "A reversal, and a solid follow-up!"

*Roach climbs to the second turnbuckle, acknowledges the crowd briefly*

AJ: "High-risk attempt here...Let's see what happens."

*Roach then attempts a legdrop from the middle rope; Lynas moves out of the way, gets to his feet, and delivers a thunderous kick to Sassafras's head, all seemingly in the blink of an eye*

Kirby: "Holy hell! I gotta give him credit! That was great!"

*Lynas begins to stomp away at Roach's shoulder again*

AJ: "C'mon, that's enough with the damn shoulder! How about some sportsmanship?!"

*Roach continues to try to return to his feet; the referee finally pulls Lynas away, for Roach to be able to defend himself*

AJ: "It's about time we got some officiating!"

*when Roach finally stands, Lynas attempts again to advance, but Roach pushes him back against the ropes and catches him off the rebound with a hard Samoan drop; Roach clutches his shoulder*

Kirby: "Ouch. That'll knock the wind outta the toughest of guys."
AJ: "Tell me about it. Seeing moves like that make me glad I'm not a wrestler."

*Roach stands, runs off the rope, and delivers a legdrop across Lynas's throat*

AJ: "Another devastating maneuver!"

*Roach lifts Lynas to his feet and attempts a belly-to-belly suplex, but Lynas stops it and hits Roach with a headbutt, then delivering a belly-to-belly suplex of his own, slamming Roach onto his injured shoulder; the crowd loudly boos*

Kirby: "Wow! He just suplexed a 400-pound man!"

*Roach gets to his feet rather quickly, but still reeling form the suplex, and Lynas hits another quick belly-to-belly suplex; the crowd boos even louder*

AJ: "And another belly-to-belly, slamming Roach on that bad shoulder!"

*Roach takes somewhat longer to return to his feet this time, and is showing more signs of wear; Lynas also appears worn*

Kirby: "Those HUGE suplexes, clearly taking their toll on Big Sassafras."

*when Roach gets up again, Lynas attempts a third belly-to-belly suplex, but Roach quickly reverses with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex; the crowd explodes into cheers of 'Sass-a-fras!'*

Kirby: "And the kid sends the veteran flying!"

*Roach lifts Lynas to his feet, whips him off the ropes, and attempts a clothesline; Lynas ducks, bounces off the opposing ropes, but runs into a back elbow*

AJ: "That'll black your eyes."

*as Lynas tries to stand, Roach bounces off the ropes and attempts a swinging neckbreaker; Lynas twists his entire body, grabs Roach by the head, and plants him with a neckbreaker of his own*

Kirby: "Damn! The impact!"

*Lynas goes for the cover; digging his elbow into Roach's shoulder*


*Roach forces a shoulder up; the crowd pops huge*

AJ: "A kickout at the count of two!"

*Lynas waits for Roach to stand, stalking his prey*

Kirby: "This can't be good..."

*as Sassafras gets to his feet, Lynas attempts a superkick, but Roach ducks and spins Lynas around, going for a high belly-to-back suplex, but Lynas rolls off and lands on his feet, grabbing Roach around the waist and delivering a German suplex, again damaging the shoulder*

AJ: "What an exchange!"

*Lynas, never releasing the waistlock, attempts another German suplex, but Roach grabs Lynas's left arm, spins around and brings him to the mat with a fujiwar armbar*

AJ: "The second suplex was reversed and the submission is applied!"

*Roach increases the pressure with every passing moment, as Lynas slowly uses his free arm to crawl to the ropes; members of the audience chant 'Tap the f*ck out!'*

Kirby: "If he can't break this hold, Roach will break his arm. No question of that."

*with Lynas's fingers just inches from the bottom rope, Roach uses his leg strength to pull them back to the middle of the ring*

Kirby: "Break denied!"

*after failing to reach the ropes, Lynas uses his free arm to claw Roach's eyes; Roach breaks the hold, to boos from the crowd and a 'Lynas sucks!' chant*

AJ: "What an underhanded tactic!"

*as both men slowly return to their feet, Lynas applies a front facelock, attempting a suplex, but Roach reverses it into his own suplex attempt; Lynas lands on his feet behind Roach, applies a waistlock for another German suplex, but Roach grabs the top rope and uses the momentum to send Lynas rolling backwards; Roach turns around to capitalize, but is brought down with a drop toehold, and is planted with the Snapping DDT the exact moment he rises to his knees to get back up*

AJ: "Another rapid-fire exchange between these two!"

*Lynas attempts another pin*


*Roach kicks out again; the crowd pops*

AJ: "A near-fall! Lynas almost had this one put away!"
Kirby: "Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades! Roach is still very much in the game!"

*Lynas lifts Roach to his feet and into a fireman's carry, struggling to hold up Roach's weight*

Kirby: "At this point in the match, how wise is it to try and lift 400 pounds on your shoulders?!"

*Roach knees Lynas in the side of the head, and slides off his shoulders; Lynas quickly thumbs Roach in the eye and throws him off the ropes; the crowd jeers*

AJ: "Another cheapshot?!"

*Lynas bends to deliver a back body drop, but Roach quickly nails the Antidote powerbomb, sending Lynas crashing head-and-neck-first into the mat; the crowd explodes into cheers*

Kirby: "Antidote! Antidote! Antidote!"

*Roach attempts a pin; the crowd counts along with the ref*


*Lynas kicks out*

Kirby: "How the hell did that happen?! How did he get a shoulder up?!"

*Roach stands and tries to lift Lynas to his feet once more; Lynas quickly attempts to lift Roach into a fireman's carry again, but can only hold him up for a moment before collapsing under Roach's 400-pound frame*

AJ: "This match has clearly taken it's toll on both combatants..."

*Roach floats over and applies the Humbler in the blink of an eye; the crowd cheers the loudest they have all match*

Kirby: "The Humbler! He's got it locked in!"

*Lynas replies 'No!' at the referee's questions of giving up, as he uses his leg strength to pull himself to the ropes*

AJ: "A valiant effort here! Lynas refuses to submit!"

*with every inch closer to the ropes they get, Roach increases the torque; finally, after almost a full minute in the hold, with less than a foot between his hand and the ropes, Lynas taps out; the bell rings and the crowd lets out deafening cheers*

JD: "Here is your winner, by way of submission...Mike 'Sassafras' Roach!"

AJ: "And there you have it!"
Kirby: "One hell of an effort, from both guys!"
AJ: "Simply amazing."

*Roach allows his arm to be raised for just a moment, before rolling under the bottom rope and slapping hands with fans all the way up the ramp; he stops on the stage and looks over of all them with his arrogant smile, before returning to the locker room; the crowd chants 'Sass-a-fras!' as the show cuts to commercial*
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by cero2k » Jul 28th, '11, 22:35

The show comes back from commercial and after a recount of what just happened before the commercial break, the came cuts to a park, were we see at a distance Gutierrez Fernandez approaching while jogging.

GF: OH hey WWR Camera...jog with me...

You may be asking, where has GF been this past weeks...well, as you know, for every wrestler that wants to earn a spot in the Double Double R, they need to win matches, it's plain and simple, you know, like making tortillas....but, well, *huff huff* I haven't been able to score a single win...and don't get me wrong, my friends tell me... "Gutierrez Fernandez, it's ok, you were put against that huge huge man Roach, and that Son of a Gun Robert Randall, it's ok that you lost" ....*huff huff* but whatever they say, I still need to win...so that's why i'm here, I'm training you see. My destiny will not be denied, I WILL become the World Champion of the World...*huff huff huff*

what??....the origin and the sons???? well....i could be an asset....but i could be a threat. They should be careful not to get in my way.

GF suddenly stops and looks into the camera

GF: World Wrestling Revolution....I'm coming back....*huff huff* My destiny will not be denied

GF continues jogging and getting away, you can hear from a far a constant "1 - 2 - 3 - 4, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4"

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 29th, '11, 14:43

JD "Ladies and gentlemn this is a tag team contest set for one fall....."

~Exodus appear with their manager to the sound of 'Come With Me' and immediately get abuse from the fansl. They walk down the aisle verbally abusing the fans as Darling leads them towards the ring~

JD "...introducing first with their manager 'Magnificnet' Mark Darling, at a total combines weight of 601 pounds, EXODUUUSS!!!"

~The fans give out a massive chorus of boos as Exodus reach the ring, Darling enters first then Malone and Griffin enter the ring. They go to the corners and lift up their arms to more boos. The music cuts and they await their opponents~

Kirby "Exodus look like the complete tag team to me these days!"

AJ "I have to admit Ive seen a massive improvement since Darling took them under his wing. But can they overcome the tag team champions?"

Kirby "Im not sure, they have the worst name in wrestling but they are the very best right now!!"

JD "And their opponents..."

~The fans erupt as 'Girls girls girls' by Motley Crue bellows out across the arena~

AJ "Wow the Sanitorium just exploded - they really love these guys!!"

JD "Coming down the aisle, the current WWR World Tag Team Champions, Booty Daddy and The Awesome One......AWESOMMME BOOTYYYYY!!!"

~The champions enter the ring and hold up the gold for all to see. Darling leaves the ring and waits for a second, then points at Booty, then Exodus strike. TAO gets thrown out of the ring and Daddy is whipped to the ropes, lifted high up in a double back drop then a combo big splash and legdrop before the bell even rings. Exodus leave the ring and attack TAO by throwing him from ringpost to steel barricade, then they take a chair and crack him over and over again. Daddy is still flat out in the ring, Exodus are instructed by Darling to get into the ring with the chairs~

Kirby "What the hell is going on?"

AJ "Man they had a huge chance to get into the title hunt tonight!!"

Kirby "Ahhh wait now I get it. They arent making a NAME, they are making a STATEMENT!!!"#

AJ "Hmmm...."

~Exodus set up Daddys neck in the chair, Malone grabs Griffin and slams him onto the chair, a massive crack is heard and the fans gasp as they think Daddys neck is broken~

AJ "Oh holy crap thay was sick man!!!"

Kirby "Too far, AJ. They went too far!!"

~Exodus celebrate by holding up the Tag Team titles, the fans boo loudly as Exodus and Mark Darling play to them~

AJ "We need some medical attention for Booty right now!!"

Kirby "Daddy hasnt moved since that chair shot AJ hes in trouble!!"

~Exodus continue to hold up the titles. Then suddenly the lights dim............~

Kirby "What the-?"

AJ "Whats goin on?"

~After a short while familiar music starts to play and the fans start to cheer.......~

Kirby "Is it?"

AJ "It is!!"

~After a few short moments of 'Instruments Of Destruction' playing, Taurus and Mercer, The Renegadez fly down the aisle to the ring and slide straight in the ring, then hammer away at Exodus~

AJ "Its on!!!"

Kirby "The Renegadez are back in WWR!!"

~Exodus escape the ring and book it out of there through the corwd, Mark Darling is left in the ring, Mercer signals to Taurus who grabs Darling on his shoulders, Darling pleads with them to stop, but Mercer climbs to the top rope, waits for a second and smiles evill, then leaps off and nails Darling with a blockbuster, Taurus follws them to the matt to add more impact~

AJ "Oh my god they just killed Darling!!"

Kirby "Im not sure about that AJ but that was one hell of a move!!"

~The Renegadez roll Darling out of the ring and help TAO and BD up, Daddy seems to be okay but he is holding his neck. TAO is busted open but he seems okay~

AJ "I never thought we would see those two in WWR again!!"

Kirby "Whats more amazing is Daddy is up and about!! He still needs medical attention though!!"

AJ "I wonder what else we will see tonight!!"

Kirby "Only one way to find out!!"

~The Renegadez and Awesome Booty leave the ring to cheers from the corwd. They walk back up the aisle to the back and the music cuts~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by VadeKruger » Jul 29th, '11, 14:50

~Camera shoots to Xander Chapman in the back~

Xander "Hey guys, I have managed to get a quck word with WWR World Champion Vade Kruger!!"

~Xander drags the cameraman over to Kruger~

Xander "Mister Kruger!!"

Kruger "Hey man!! Hows it goin??"

Xander "Umm, yeah so whats the plan for this evening?"

Vade "This evening??"

Xander "Yeah!! Your match?"

Vade "Match??"

Xander "Yeah!! This eveing!!"

Vade "Match?? This evening??"

Xander "Terrible echo round here.......Vade youre defending the WWR title tonight against Chris Everlast!!"

Vade "Title?? Ever-who??"

Xander "Umm, youre kidding right? Yeah thats it I get it!!"

Vade "Oh yeah HAHAHAHA Im kidding!!"

~Krugers laughing suddenly stops, the smile wipes off his face and the colour drains from his skin. Dark rings appear around his eyes which have turned almost black and he tilts his head forward, his long dark hair spills in front of his face~

Vade "Tonight...............the apocalypse of all Chris Everlasts demons is nigh..........I will destroy him, the Instrument Of Destruction will overcome. Xander Chapman..........F@CK OFF."

~Kruger knocks him to the floor and walks away, talking to himself~

Xander "Umm back to you guys!!"

~Camera shoots back to ringside~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by VadeKruger » Aug 2nd, '11, 13:44

~Camera shoots to the ring~

JD "This contest is set for one fall......"

Kirby "Ah now this should be a great match, two of the top stars here in WWR!!"

AJ "Very true, the winner of this one will be in contention for a Continental title shot in the near future!!"

~The crowd erupts into cheers as 'Its Not War' by Manic Street Preachers begins to play. After a short moment Johnny Bishop appears in his usual black ring attire with red trim, Black boots and red armbands. His hair is long and wet and he sports the usual facial stubble. He walks to the ring tagging the fans' hands as he passes. He stops to hold his hands up in the prayer position as he reaches the steps, the fans around him do the same and he smiles and walks up the steps and into the ring. He lifts one arm up to the fans and then gives the signal of wearing gold around his waist~

JD "...Introducing first from Sacramento, Califoronia weighing in a 243 pounds here is Johnnyyyyy Biiishoooop!!!"

~The fans cheer again as he waves to the fans, then the music cuts. The fans are silent or a short moment before the sound of 'My Sacrifice' by Creed sounds out over the crowd. Ryan Ignatius appears a moment later in silver and white ring trunks, white boots and pads with black and silver trim. His hair the usual short style. He walks down the aisle tagging the odd fans hand as he does, then circles the ring and jumps onto the apron, grabs the rope and climbs through them into the ring. He approaches Bishop while warming up his arms and wrists. He smirks and then backs off into the opposite corner as the music cuts out~

JD "His opponent from Canada weighing 250 pounds here is Ryan Ignaaaatiiuuss!!"

~Fans cheer for him, he gives them a nod~

AJ "What a match we have in store here between these two. Chris you mentioned before about the Continental Title, hell either of these would make a very worthy World Champion!!"

Kirby "And dont forget about the Dynamics title, both guys are able to adapt to any match type so they would hold that strap for a long time!!"

AJ "Of course we all know Bishop was the very first Dynamics Champion here in WWR, but we all know what happened there. Anyway lets get to the match!!"

#Bell rings#

~Ignatius and Bishop circle each other, then as they almost lock up Ignatius slips under and behind and trips Bishop then goes for a quick cover~

Kirby "OOOh a quick one!!"


~Kick out from Bishop. Ryan smiles at him as he gets up, then both men circle around the ring again, this time they lock up but Bishop catches Ryan with an arm drag that almost sends him sliding out of the ring but Ignatius stops himself on the ropes. Bishop runs at him but Ignatius leapfrogs him, Bishop off the other side straight into a hip toss from Ryan, then an ard drag. Ryan pins him down with an armbar/writslock combo. Bishop rolls out of it but Ignatius hangs on to the wristlock, Bishop bends over to relieve some of the pressure~

AJ "Good technical skills in the early moments here, Ignatius showing Bishop whos boss."

Kirby "But you cant afford to be complacent against someone like Bishop!"

~Ignatius with an arm ringer, Bishop reverses with one of his own which flips Ignatius onto his back. Bishop goes to the mat with him and puts his feet either side of Ignatius arm to apply more pressure, but Ignatius does a backward roll and escapes Bishops clutches. The fans clap as both men kip up and face each other~

AJ "Mutual respect from both competitors here and the fans can appreciate that. You dont see much of THAT in WWE!!"

Kirby "SSSHHH!! Swear words!!"

~They lock up again, side headlock into an armlock from Bishop, Ignatius grabs Bishops head and flips himself over so hes standing behind Bishop, then he takes him down and floats over back into the headlock. Bishop beats the mat in frustration but Ryan smiles and calls out to the crowd who cheer back at him~

AJ "Sleek move again from Ignatius, its true what they say, he really CAN escape any move!!"

Kirby "We shall see later in the match AJ."

~Bishop fights his way back to his feet and backs Ryan to the ropes. The referee orders a break but Bishop chops Ignatius across the chest, Ignatius winces in pain as the crowd shouts 'WOO!!' with another chop, then another. Bishop shoots Ryan to the other side and hits him with a high dropkick which sends Ignatius through the ropes to the outside~

AJ "Beautiful move from Bishop and Ryan took a hard spill outside the ring!"

Kirby "And he hit hard then, Ignatius still down now and the referees counting!!"

~Ignatius begins to try and get up, Bishop waits patiently in the ring as the referee counts. Ignatius manages to roll back under the bottom rope by the count of eight. The ref checks on him and is happy the match can continue so he waves Bishop on, as Bishop approaches Ignatius he rolls Bishop up~

AJ "Possum!!"



~Kick out from Bishop. Ryan jumps up and hammers Bishop with right hands, then whips him to the ropes and lifts him high with a backdrop, Bishop lands with a big thud and Ignatius grabs him as he gets up, then hits a side suplex. Ryan goes to the second turnbuckle and lepas off, hitting a measured elbow to the head. He covers Bishop again hooking the leg~




~Kick out again from Bishop. Ryan applies a Cobra clutch to a sitting Bishop, but he escapes easily and rolls out of the ring for a breather~

Kirby "Well after that flurry opf moves from Ignatius, Bishop needed some kind of respite."

~Ignatius sits on the rope to let Bishop get back in the ring, the crowd cheers and Bishop smiles before accepting the gesture and climbing back into the ring. Both men shake hands and lock up again~

AJ "Im gonna put my neck on the line right now and declare that both these men will be world champion here in WWR in the future!!"

Kirby "Man thats a bold statement, but I do think that both men have what it takes to get there."

~In the ring, Bishop has Ignatius in a wristlock, then backs him into the corner, clean break but Ignatius charges at Bishop who catches him with a bodyslam, however on impact Igatius rolls through and hooks Bishops ankle in a ankle lock. Bishop screams in pain and the fans can feel a submission coming. Bishop refuses to give up and Ignatius refuses to let go. Bishop tries rolling over to relieve the pain but Ryan puts the blockers on it~

AJ "Now you see the technical ability of Ryan Ignatius, he aint lettin go of that - wait a second, whos that??"

Kirby "Ill tell you who that is AJ, its Vance Valentine - the Heartbreaker from Tallacre!!"

AJ "This guy is one hell of a jackass!!"

~Ignatius sees Valentine early and yells at him to 'Get the hell outta here!' but Valentine grabs a chair and smirks as he sits down. He shuns the fans attempts to communicate with him by waving his hand in a dismissing manner. The fans boo and Ignatius lets go of the hold. Ryan stands at the ropes shouting at Valentine, Bishop sneaks up behind Ignatius and rolls him up~




#Bell rings#

JD "The winner of the match - Johnnyyyyy Biiishooopp!!!"

~Vance Valentine gets up and walks back up the aisle as Ignatius glares at him. Bishop suddenly reacts to seeing Valentine by shouting obsenities at him. Valentine smiles cockily again before walking to the back~

Kirby "Bishop is a good actor, hes tryin to tell us that he didnt see Valentine sat right there at ringside!!"

AJ "Well be fair, he was on the mat and he crawled to get the win. Sure its a sad end to a decent match but Bishop aint no actor!!!"

Kirby "Yeah whatever, keep your eye on that one!!"

~As 'Its Not War' plays Johnny Bishop extends his hand to Ignatius and assures him he didnt know Valentine was there, after a moment Ignatius accepts and they shake hands. The fans cheer as Bishop raises Ignatius' hand. Ryan leaves the ring shortly after, allowing Bishop to thank the fans and celebrate for a minute before he leaves the ring and walks back up the aisle. The music cuts and the program goes to commercial~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by kiel297 » Aug 3rd, '11, 18:00

~Back From Commercial~

Charles Remmington Smythe is standing in the catering area, grabbing a cup of coffee. As he turns around he bumps into none other than Jordan Stone! Smythe and Stone stare each other down intensely for a few seconds.

Charles: I suggest you jog on Stone, because I am about ten seconds from putting you in a hospital.

Stone: Oh are you now? Come on then. Bring it.

Suddenly Smythe lays a right hand straight into the chin of Jordan Stone, and Stone staggers back wildly, knocking over the catering table.

Charles: Like I said, jog on, you worthless sack of shit!

Stone: Oh Charlie, you're gonna regret that! Watch your damn back, you fucking moron!

People begin getting up from their tables to hold Smythe back, as Jordan Stone lashes out at another sandwich tray, sending them flying, and then leaves.

AJ: Wow. This rivalry between Charles Remmingtion Smythe and Jordan Stone is beyond personal! What's gonna happen when they actually get in the ring?!

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by KILLdozer » Aug 3rd, '11, 19:21

The camera cuts to a commercial and after a few minutes returns to AJ and Kirby at the table.

AJ:"Were back live on Monday night WWR Vortex,weve had a whirlwind of a show here as usual!"

Kirby:"And dont forget weve got the World title ladder match later in the main event!"

The camera cuts to backstage with Jordan Stone standing as the crowd boos,as then NNTK and Robert Randall and The SoF walk up to more boos.

NNTK:"Ive been looking to talk to you for a while now..Ive seen what youve done with Charles Remington Smythe..And while everyone else in WWR doesnt seem to appreciate it...People like Origin do..People like us do..People like me appreciate it..For once somebody tries to cleanse the crap out of this company and makes them see how much respect they should show it..Thats what Ive been talking about for weeks and monthes here..Youve got the right idea.."

AJ:"What?!? NNTK just gave Stone credit for the heinous attack and brutal kidnapping of Smythe! What a crock of bullshit!"

The crowd boos tremendously loud now.

Stone:"Well its good to see someone here DOES see what I was trying to do! I had good intentions at heart,He just needed to be taken down a peg in the worst way,and someone had to do it."

Kirby:"Would you listen to this?!? These two are both delusional!"

NNTK:"He comes in here and acts like he did,lets face it,If you didnt teach him a lesson for slandering My Company,I wouldve sooner or later..And you know..We could use a hand with something here tonight and Vades busy training for the match..."

NNTK now extends a hand to Stone as the crowd boos and Stone looks for a minute and then shakes hands with him to more boos.

Stone:"You're on,youve got yourself a partner,so what have we got to do then?"

NNTK:"Well here take a walk to the ring with us we can talk on the way it should be right about time.."

Stone nods as they all turn and head down the hall as the camera cuts to commercial.

The camera comes back on AJ and Kirby again after a few advertisements.

AJ:Thats got to be the most ridiculous conversation Ive heard here in a while..The fact that either one of them sees any good in what happened with Stone and Smythe shows what bastards they are!

Kirby:"And what are they talking about?! "We could use a hand"?!? This sounds like trouble for sure!!"

Suddenly Trail of tears plays to a huge ovation and Tommy Hawk comes down to ringside with a microphone in hand.

Hawk:"I'd like to talk now about the match and more importantly the man at Heresy..The hardcore match with NNTK..over the last few weeks hes jumped me with Origin,Hes jumped me with Origin and The Sons,Hes hit me from behind with chairs and tryed to give me a concussion..And now weve got this match at Heresy soon and some people are saying that im out of my league and hes got the advantage..But see..Ive got to disagree,,Because after what you did to Pontiac and Azande at Path to Glory,to when you cost me the belt i just won in my first defense..To all the rundown double teams with Lynas...Im looking for revenge by any means neccesary..And with no rules..just me and you and weapons all over the place..Im going to use every thing i can get my hands on to beat the hell out of you..Dont count this warrior out yet!"

The crowd pops huge and gives Hawk a louder cheer than before as Trail of Tears starts playing again .

Suddenly NNTK and The Sons of Fortune come running down to the ring with Jordan Stone as well..They enter the ring and quickly surround Hawk to massive boos .

AJ:What the fuck?!? They came down here and got Hawk fenced in! This is what "We could use a hand " meant!!

NNTK cracks Hawk over the head with a big heavy right hand,dropping him as suddenly everyone else jumps in,laying in boots all over him to more boos.

Suddenly the crowd pops and Tokyo drift run down and and jump in the ring and jump on the Jones brothers trying to help Tommy Hawk out.

Kirby:Hey! Nitro Dude and Nitro Boy are here! They gotta be looking for some payback on these guys for the way they jumped on them in the back earlier!"

But its no use as Randall comes in and hits a left hook on Dude from the blind side and North hits a spinning roundhouse headkick on Boy,Getting them off Evan and Marcus as the crowd boos louder still.

AJ:"Damnit it didn't work though! The numbers are catching up!"

NNTK and Stone are both taking turns taking shots at Hawk as Randall and North and the Jones are both double teaming Tokyo drift on the ground..when suddenly the crowd pops again as Bobby Anderson comes running down,running in trying to break everything up,swinging all over the place at The Sons of Fortune.

The crowd is going crazy now as everyone is back on their feet and theirs an all out brawl going on in and around the ring!

AJ:"Look at this! Its gone crazy out here! Fists flying everywhere! Get some order ! Wheres Bastion!"

Sad but true plays now to a loud cheer from the crowd and Bastion appears on stage with a microphone in hand.

Bastion:"Hey hey hey! Stop right now all of yas! Break it up NOW! Everyone get back away from each other !!! Interesting turn of events here...Stone wants to help Origin and The sons.. Hes gonna team with them tonight then..Right here right now! But that's not all..To add to this monumental Vortex..Were going to have a ten man elimination match..NNTK..Randall..Evan and Marcus Jones...And Jordan Stone...(Crowd boos) Vs Tokyo Drift..Bobby Anderson...Tommy Hawk...And one more man whose going to be revealed in just a few minutes!! You all aren't going to like it when you see him!"

The crowd pops insane for the announcement as Sad But True plays again and Bastion points at NNTK with a smile and turns and disappears to the back.

AJ:"Oh my god! Bastions just made a HUGE match coming up right now! Ten man elimination tag team! Members of Origin and The Sons with Jordan Stone! And who could the mystery partner be for Hawk and company??! This is going to be incredible!!"

Kirby:Man this is wild,and this isn't even the Main Event! Who will fill the fifth spot on the team AJ?! Well see in just a minute don't go anywheres, we've gotta have a break!

The camera cuts to NNTK staring as Bastion walks off cutting to commercial.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by KILLdozer » Aug 4th, '11, 08:35

The show returns with the camera on the ring and JD at the top of the ramp..

This match is a Ten Man Elimination Tag,the match will be over when one team has no members left!

Suddenly the metal version of God Save The Queen blares over the speakers to loud cheers from the crowd.

JD:And here is the the tenth man in this match,,CHARLES REMINGTON SMYTHE!!!

AJ:Woah! Smythe is the mystery partner! The man they were just discussing ! This is a certainly a difference maker !

Smythe walks down the ramp pointing and arguing with Stone as they cuss and argue with each other.

The bell rings as NNTK and Hawk stand in the ring,with everyone else on the apron in their respective corner.

Kirby:Were under way in this big matchup!

NNTK and Hawk stare down briefly,when out of nowheres NNTK runs Hawk over with a heavy lariat to boos from the crowd.

As he gets up NNTK jumps into the air and cracks him in the side of the head with an enziguri to more boos.

NNTK lets him stand again and then quickly lifts him right over his head pressing him high into the air,then tossing him flat down over his knee gut first.

AJ:"Look at that strength and power! We saw that on Mike Roach too the other day on Mayhem!!"

Just then the fans boo slightly as Rob Lebeau walks down to the announce table and sits down on the end next to Kirby, picking up a headset.

Kirby:"Rob?! What are you doing here?!?"

Lebeau:"What are you doing here? I came out here to see NNTK and Randall and to actually make this a fair match on commentary because I know you two wont!"

AJ:"Chris you dont seem too happy to see ol' Lebeau here!

Kirby:"Im not! This man has been INTOLERABLE on Fridays lately AJ! But anyways back in the ring! NNTK in early control!"

NNTK pushes Hawk by the neck into the corner and hits a quick right uppercut as Randall grabs Hawk with his arm wrapped around his neck to heavy boos from the crowd.

Ref:"Come on break that up now! Im not playin all that again this time you two!"

Kirby:"Look at the cheatin,just damn ridiculous! "

Lebeau:"Why is it cheatin everytime NNTK or Randall does something smart?!"

NNTK tags Randall and leaves the ring as Randall comes in,and he jumps and hits a dropkick in the jaw to hawk and pulls him out for a pin in the middle of the ring.

AJ:Randalls got the cover! One! Kickout from Hawk there!

Randall pulls him up and slams him on his back with a scoop slam,then pulls him back on his feet then takes him over with a vertical suplex and taunts the crowd too massive boos.

Randall backs off and lets him stand then runs in and then leaps into the air with a spinning leg lariat in the face putting him back down.

Randall into the cover.

AJ:One!Hawk gets the shoulder up after another cover from Randall!

Lebeau:"Come on beat em down!"

Randall tags Evan Jones and he jumps over the ropes and they drop Hawk down with a double suplex as the crowd boos.

Lebeau:"Oh yea just like that boys!"

AJ:"More double team dirty tactics.."

Evan Hits a quick hard kick in the leg of Hawk,then turns and grabs him going for a bulldog,when to the crowds delight he shoves him off and Evan goes flying across the ring.

Kirby:"Oh big counter outta that bulldog attempt from Jones there! But hes been gettin it handed to him since the bell! Can he make a tag in this opportunity?!"

Hawk runs in as E Jones turns around and drops him with a flying clothesline,then another as he gets up then nails another dropping him again when he gets right up again,then Hawk throws him with a jumping hurricanrana as the crowd starts cheering for him.

Hawk runs across and hits a running shooting star,then runs again and comes down with a lionsault again as the crowd goes wild.

Hawk lifts him up,going for a swinging Tornado DDT,when its cut off mid move by NNTK with a running elbow in the face to boos from the crowd.

AJ:DId you see that?! He just blasted him in the face!

Kirby:More illegal moves!

NNTK now quickly jumps down on top of him with a big splash to more boos as Evan gets back up.

Lebeau:"Ask Mike Roach hows that big splash feels boys!"

NNTK has left the ring now,and Evan slings Hawk over the shoulder with a japanese armdrag,then covers hooking the leg.

Kirby:"One!Again Hawk kicks out!"

Evan picks him up pulling to his feet,when Hawk begins to fight back with rights and lefts to the gut on one knee as the crowd comes alive.

AJ:"T" coming back here!"

Hawk gains more ground as he makes it to both knees now,steadily swinging as the crowd cheers more,,then he jumps and uses both hands with a jawbreaker bringing him to the mat,then slams down on him with a rolling thunder to the gut.

Kirby:Hawks really gettin the tide turned here in his direction!

The ground is now cheering like crazy for Hawk as he slowly crawls over to his corner and tags in Smythe to the crowds delight.

AJ:"He got the tag! In comes Smythe !"

Lebeau:"Another one I dont like, this Smythe!"

Smythe looks past Evan Jones and points and Says "I want him now !" at Jordan Stone as the crowd cheers louder now.

Stone replies by telling Jones to "Let me kick his Bastard ass!" and gets tagged in,entering the ring.

AJ:"Here we go Smythe V Stone in the ring! You gotta wonder whats on Smythe's mind!"

Kirby:"Revenge! Bloodlust! Destruction!"

Stone and Smythe immediately begin slugging each other back and forth,trading rapid fire lefts and rights.

Smythe begins to get the slight advantage with a right hand,then gets a few more unanswered rights as the crowd begins to cheer loud.

AJ:"Take it to him!"

Smythe with another right,and another,and another now unloading with punch after punch in the face to a major ovation,then Smythe gets a quick kick in the gut,then plants Stone with a ddt as he slaps on a front facelock,letting out a yell for the crowd who cheer louder.

Kirby:"Hes got him reeling and the people are lovin it!"

Lebeau:"Wont last! Just watch !"

Smythe goes up top now stalking the downed Stone,When NNTK runs across and pushes him down into the ring,then enters behind him and pulls him up by the neck,then snatches him right off the ground into the air with just one hand around the throat and sends him crashing to the mat as the crowd boos.

NNTK leaves the ring as Stone rolls over and tags in Robert Randall as the crowd boos.

AJ:"Come on! NNTK comes in and levels him with that one armed chokeslam,and right away Stone gets away from Charles quick!"

Lebeau:"Tides turned and the fresh man is in! NNTK just cut off the momentum like that!"

Randall picks Smythe up and smashes him in the neck with a kneeling clothesline,then goes up top and comes down with the Hightime legdrop as the crowd boos loud.

Kirby:"Randall with the cover on Smythe! One! Oh shoulder up just near one and a half!"

Randall goes for a figure four,But Smythe is able to fight him off with repeated blows the to the face,and then kicks Randall off.

As Randall has his back turned,,Smythe runs in and hits a quick neckbreaker from behind to cheers from the crowd.

Smythe lets him rise,,then quickly picks him up with a gutbuster on the knee to more cheers from the crowd.

Smythe runs in and hits a low dropkick in the side of the face to Randall then goes and tags in Bobby Anderson to a good pop from the crowd.

Anderson comes in on fire,hitting a twisting neckbreaker,then a suplex,then another suplex right after that,then a german suplex as the crowd goes wild.

Kirby:"Bobby A in cleanin house on Randall!"

Lebeau:"Hes got a obvious advantage,Randalls been in the match off and on, Anderson JUST came in,so this aint fair!"

Anderson gets him up then kicks him in the gut then lifts him on his shoulders when hes doubled over,,and slams him with a rough powerbomb into the cover.

AJ:"One! T-Kickout from Randall!"

Anderson measures him then slams him back down with a gutwrench suplex to cheers from the crowd from all around.

Randall is slowly getting up holding his gut when he quickly rakes Anderson in the eyes to massive boos and rolls over and slaps NNTK's hand.

AJ:"Rake of the eyes on Anderson!"

Randall gets out the ring and NNTK comes in running and flips Anderson with a Lariat to huge boos.

NNTK now grabs him by the arm,then pulls him up across his shoulders in a fireman's carry,then spins around a couple times,then grabs the legs and spins him out,sending him dropping on his face with an F-5.

Lebeau:"Hows that Bobby?!? Big Firemans carry Facebuster from NNTK!"

NNTK covers with an arm in the face on Anderson.

Kirby:"One! T- Kickout from Bob Anderson!"

NNTK gets Anderson up,and hits a heavy headbut,then three more,then sends him backwards with a BIg boot right in the chest.

AJ:"Those headbutts just now! Wow!"

Lebeau:"That mans not playin out in that ring AJ,all about destruction!"

NNTK grabs him with both arms wrapped around the waist,then slowly flips him over upside down and deadlifts him up into a powerbomb and turns around,planting him with a powerbomb on the neck and head.

Kirby;"Deadlift Powerbomb! Whens the last time you seen that?!"

Lebeau:"So your impressed with NNTK Kirby?"

Kirby:"Yea;That was incredible Ill give him that.."

NNTK tags Marcus Jones in and NNTK slaps a rear waistlock on Anderson,And Marcus hits a Mule kick with a thunderous crack in the face on Anderson and NNTK leaves the ring to massive boos.

AJ:"More Double teams.."

Marcus pulls him up and tags in Evan and they hit double dropkicks to the face of Anderson,then Double clotheslines as he gets up to boos from the fans.

Evan hooks it in and runs forward and leaps out and Anderson's face meets the mat off the bulldog,Evan now tags Marcus back in,,and they put on a double facelock on him and nail a double DDT on Anderson to more boos.

They get him back up and send him careening to the mat with a powerbomb neckbreaker combination to even louder boos.

Kirby:"Jones ALL over Anderson here!"

Lebeau:"Beat the shitt out of em!"

Marcus covers Anderson now.

Lebeau:"One ! Two! Shoulder up at Two and a half!"

Marcus tags out to Jordan Stone and he comes in and drives an elbow in the ribs of Anderson..He drives another as he points over at Smythe barking trashtalk at him to boos from the crowd.

Smythe goes to enter the ring but the ref cuts him off and Stone hollers at him more as the fans continue to boo him.

Stone quickly hits three suplexes in a row,then quickly runs across and slaps Smythe and jumps back as the ref cuts him off again as the crowd lets on more.

AJ:"Just baiting him! Pulling out every trick to get in his head and slither away!"

Anderson has used the time to recover,unaware to Stone,,And quickly runs in and hits him from behind to cheers from the crowd,,then tags in Smythe,who enters with rage in his eyes.

Stone looks shocked a minute then quickly darts across to NNTK slapping his hand and rolling to ringside telling Smythe:"NO! No!"

The crowd boos more and NNTK enters as Smythe comes running at him,But gets dropped when NNTK lays him out with A rough headbutt to the chest.

Kirby:"Getting put right down there! And Stone sure left quick!"

Now suddenly Stone runs in and jumps on Smythe,pummeling him with lefts and rights,then gets him up and whips him to the outside,going out after him,,and begins to strike with shot after shot as the count begins .



Smythe is up now having fought back,and theyre trading shot after shot at ringside as the count continues.




Theyre both knocking the hell out of each other,,Going halfway up the ramp now.




They continue hitting each other with everything they have,,going all the way up to the stage now.


"Ten!" "

"Thats it they're both out!"

The bell rings as they continue brawling like crazy behind the curtain out of view to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

JD:"Jordan Stone and Charles Remingston Smythe have been counted out..So therefore theyre both eliminated!"

Another mixed reaction from the fans as NNTK looks on from the ring..And Hawk quickly comes running in as the legal man and hits a flying elbow smash to a roar from the fans.

AJ:"Damn,Who didnt see that coming!?! Looks like more escalating between Stone and Smythe!"

Kirby:"That makes it Four to Four now!"

Hawk with a flying knee drop in the face on NNTK,then a handspring legdrop to more wild cheers.

Hawk comes off the top and lands in the face of NNTK with an elbow drop with big impact.

Hawk now rolls across the ring with a somersault and lands a splash in the gut to huge pops.

Kirby:"Hes all over him! Destroy him Tommy!"

Lebeau:"Fat lady sings Kirby..You saw what he can take on Mayhem..Its nowhere near over for NNTK."

Hawk gets up to a major ovation,Then backs up and goes to the apron,then jumps up quickly standing on the top rope,,going for a springboard.

But out of nowheres,NNTK gets up and rushes across the ring,and quickly grabs him off the rope in a scoop slam lift over the shoulder,then sends him right down to the mat with a a powerslam to shock from the crowd.

Lebeau:"Told you! What I just say Kirby?!"

AJ:"My god what speed and power from NNTK,lets see that one again!"

A small screen appears in the corner replaying the powerslam springboard counter,then it fades out as NNTK forces him up from behind,,Locking under the arms with a Full Nelson,briefly pushing into the back of the neck,then lifts him into the air and sends him crashing down over the knee,nearly breaking him in half with a Sideslam Backbreaker.

Kirby:"Major impact from the Full Nelson Sideslam Backbreaker by NNTK!"

AJ:"Cover By NNTK! One! Two! Kickout at two and a half! How?!?"

NNTK grabs him off the mat by the legs like hes going for a spinebuster,but halfway through slams him hard over the knee to boos from the crowd.

Kirby:"Spinebuster Backbreaker! AH the force that sends down the spine!"

NNTK tags out to Randall,Who comes in and stomps all over Hawk as the crowd boos .

Randall goes to the top and comes down with a double stomp in the chest,then goes for the cover.

Lebeau:Cover:"One! Two! Kickout at Two and a half!"

Randall pulls him up with a inverted headlock backbreaker,then goes to the apron and comes launching off the ropes with a springboard spear to gasps from the crowd.

AJ:"Randall picking right up where NNTK left off here,taking it right to Tommy nonstop!"

Randall slings Hawk off the ropes then ducks behind him slightly sending him facefirst with a droptoe hold to boos from the crowd.

Randall tags in Marcus Jones,and they both hit Hawk with a combo twisting neckbreaker to boos from the crowd.

Marcus pulls him up,then nails jabs to the gut,Hawk goes for a left but Marcus ducks out the way and nails another gut shot,then a right followed by a left,then blasts him in the face with a right upper,dropping him.

Marcus gets him up and slings him across the ring with a Crucifix powerbomb and tags Evan into the ring.

They get him up and Evan takes out the legs with a sweep as Marcus hits him in the face with a spinning kick as they destroy him with the double kicks.

AJ:"MAN! What a combination of two kicks there at once!"

Evan goes into the pin now on Hawk.

Kirby:"One! Two! T-! No! Kickout!"

AJ:"How'd he do that?!?!"

Lebeau:"Count right fuck!"

Kirby:"Whats with all the language tonight?!"

Hawk suddenly jumps right up and dropkics Evan in the face,then does it again screaming with fury.

Hawk flings him around with a hurricanrana,Then runs and grabs him and flips him again with a monkey flip to the crowds big delight.

AJ:"Woah Tommy Hawk has just come alive!"

Marcus runs in for a cheapshot,but Hawk dropkicks him in the knees and then slings him out the ring with an Irish whip to more cheers.

Hawk turns back to Evan and goes behind with a lightning quick lungblower,bringing him down on the matt,then he runs across the ring and comes down with a Shooting Star Elbow to cheers from all over.

Kirby:"Tommys feelin it!"

Hawk lets him stand then spews the mist in the face of Evan,as the crowd pops bigger cheering him on.

Lebeau:"What the hell was that! DQ now! Come on Evan!"

Hawk kicks him in the gut quickly,then spins around and connects with a big Buzzsaw kick,getting all of the "War Cry" as the fans ignite.

Kirby:"He got it! He got it!"

Marcus is still trying to get up on the outside,and Before NNTK and Randall can get in the ring theyre taken out by Tokyo Drift to an even bigger ovation.

Kirby:"Cover by Hawk! ONE! TWO! THREE! He got him! Evan Jones is out!"

The crowd goes nuts as Evan hits the mat in fury,and Hawk tags Nitro Boy in to a good pop.

AJ:"Tides turned for sure now,and Tokyo Drift hasnt stepped foot in the ring all match!"

Lebeau:"Damnit! That was a crock!"

Kirby:"Team Origin and Sons down 3-4 now!"

JD:"Evan Jones has been eliminated!"

Boy look at NNTK,And Hits him once across the face,but NNTK doesnt even budge..He hits him again,NNTK still doesnt move to the shock of Boy..He swings a third time and gets his arm caught by NNTK and NNTK flips him over and spikes him on his head with a sitout tombstone to boos from the crowd.

AJ:"God Dang he just blasted him in the face twice and he didnt even flinch! "

NNTK lets him stand and grabs him around the neck choking him,,when Nitro Dude runs in and hits him in the face to big cheers from the crowd.

Lebeau:"That was cheating! Out the ring Dude!"

Kirby:"Hes trying to help his partner! It wasnt cheating when NNTK and Randall did the same thing!"

Boy begins to swing away at NNTK,trying to break the grip on his neck as NNTK still chokes him as Dude trys to force the release too.

AJ:"Look at this!! The Two of them cant get NNTK off his neck! My god the strength!"

They continue to throw punch after punch at NNTK's face as he just shakes his head at them,then they finally blast him with a big double shot,breaking the grip as they turn and nod at each other,bouncing off the ropes.

They come back forwards at NNTK when he stops them both dead in their tracks,catching them both by the neck with one arm each.

Lebeau:"HAHA Now hes got them both around the neck so theyre really in trouble now!"

NNTK now lifts them both high into the air over his head and flings them to the matt with a double chokeslam to tremendous boos from the crowd.

AJ:"Holy Shit! Double Chokeslam by NNTK at both of Tokyo Drift at once!"

NNTK goes into the cover on Boy now as the ref begins to count.

Kirby:"Hes got the cover! One! Two ! Three!"

Lebeau:"Goodbye Boy!"

JD:"Nitro Boy has just been eliminated!"

The crowd boos now as Boy leaves the ring and the Nitro Dude is now the legal man.

NNTK tags in Marcus Jones and he enters the ring..Randall trys to come into the ring shortly after him..but hes caught by the ref as he stops him and they begin to argue back and forth to boos from the crowd.

While the refs distracted,Marcus Grabs Dude up over his shoulder and signals to Evan on the outside,,He quickly runs in and they level him with the Flapjack DDT to huge boos and Evan rolls out the ring.

AJ:"What the?!? Hes already been eliminated so hes got no business in the ring!"

Marcus pins Dude as the ref comes back around to the action in the ring.

Lebeau:"ONE! TWO! THREE! Now whose down boys?"

Kirby:"How do you like that? Outside interference off the distraction from Randall!"

Anderson enters the ring as Marcus tags out to Randall.

They walk to the middle of the ring and Lock up in a collar and elbow,Randall gets the advantage after a quick knee,then cracks him across the back of the neck with a stiff forearm,then brings another forearm shot on him,Randall goes for a gut kick but Anderson spins him around by the leg and pulls him with a neckbreaker over the shoulder as the crowd begins to cheer.

AJ:"Anderson and Hawk in control again,this has been quite a match so far though,only on WWR can you see things like this!"

Anderson with a go behind then a back suplex,then he turns him around and plants him on the mat with a fishermans suplex into the pin.

Kirby:"One! Two! NNTK in to break it up !"

NNTK leaves the ring and Randall and Anderson both get up and again go for another lockup,Randall cracks him the head with an elbow and Anderson returns with his own elbow,then they trade punchs in the middle of the ring..Randall chops him over the chest,Anderson chops right back then Randall kicks him in the knee then runs as hes downed and jumps up and crashes into him with a shining wizard to boos from the crowd.

AJ:Randall back in control here for his team,its now a three to two advantage for them just to remind you.

Randall grabs him in a front face lock and pulls him backwards to the corner and tags in NNTK,they go to work on him with double kicks in the gut all the way to a four count then Randall leaves the ring.

NNTK grabs Anderson's leg and slings him out of the corner towards him,then turns him over and applies the ankle lock pulling him to the middle of the ring.

Lebeau:"Oh heres that ankle lock again look out ! Remember how he almost snapped Roachs ankle Friday Kirby?"

NNTK wrenches back on it as the ref asks Anderson if he wants to quit,he shakes his head no stretching his arms toward the ropes,but NNTK isnt budging.

Kirby:"Yea weve seen that move before and he must've had it on 15 minutes against Roach!"

NNTK twists and pulls on the ankle with both hands now,really wrenching it back as Bobby shouts out in pain,the crowd trying to will him into it..he pulls across the ring some but NNTK pulls him back,,he gets back across a bit more but again NNTK stops him dead and yanks him right back.

Anderson is beginning to turn red from the pain now and the ref asks him to quit again and he refuses trying to reach the ropes still,,NNTK continues yanking and tearing back on the ankle until finally Anderson reaches the ropes to cheers from the crowd,the ref orders the break now but NNTK refuses and just grapevines the leg now instead.

AJ:"Break the damn ankle lock up hes got the ropes damnit!"

The ref gets all the way to the four count and NNTK finally releases,then he lifts him up and whips him to the corner,and runs in and catches him in the face with a big high knee,then jumps off the ropes and blasts him with an enziguri in the head,then grabs him up by the hair and lifts him over his head and powers him down with a side slam.

Kirby:"He was all over his hair!"

NNTK into the cover.

AJ:One! Two! Hawk breaking it up just in time!

NNTK turns and cracks Hawk with a throat thrust heard round the arena,then runs in on him with a swinging lariat,then grabs him and throws to the ropes and Randall pulls the ropes down on him as he falls over to the anger of the fans.

NNTK turns back to Anderson and jumps high into the air and knocks him for a 180 with the Lifetaker Kick as he falls over,then NNTK brings both arms up over his chest then brings them out to his side,signaling its over.

Kirby:"Oh my god! Hawks been thrown out the ring and NNTK just got the kick on Anderson there! Hes done for sure!"

NNTK waits for him to get up,as he slowly gets to a vertical base,NNTK grabs him with an arm wrapped around the neck and the other under the arm,,Locking in the Devils Choke in the middle of the ring.

AJ:"There it is! That Devils Choke!"

NNTK begins to swing him side to side violently over and over again,,Lifting him off the ground as the referee steadily watches his eyes.

NNTK continues to swing him and apply more pressure ,the whole time Anderson continues to try to fight back and break free.

NNTK continues to pull back and jerk him from right to left as Anderson begins to lose strength.

The crowd begins to boo loudly as Anderson stops fighting as much and starts to pass out in the hold until completely going unconscious.

The ref tells NNTK "Hes out let him go!" and the bell rings as the crowd boos louder now.

JD:"Bobby Anderson has been eliminated!"

NNTK flings him to the mat breaking the hold and the ref helps him out the ring as he comes to and leaves up the ramp.

AJ:"Damn nows its just Hawk v NNTK Randall and Marcus Jones! Major Disadavantage here!"

Hawk comes flying in,he knocks NNTK down with a forearm,then one for Randall knocking him off the apron,then he pulls Marcus Jones in over the ropes and steps off the ropes and drops an elbow the major cheers from the crowd.

Kirby:"Hawks on fire! Take it to em!"

Lebeau:"Not very sportsmanlike."

Hawk pushes Jones out the ring under the ropes now with his boot and turns back to NNTK-and gets turned inside out with a lariat to boos from the crowd.

NNTK sends him off the ropes but Hawk jumps off and counters with a back elbow dropping him to more cheers.

Hawk runs across the ring and hits a senton on the gut of NNTK,then he pulls him up and NNTK ducks down and lifts him off the ground forcing him to the corner,slamming him backfirst into the post.

NNTK tags in Marcus and he comes in and runs off Hawks chest and nails a big mule kick,then he flings him back to the middle of the ring,then turns and starts stalking him .

AJ:"He must be going for that Blackout running enzigiri! Itll be be bad news for hawk if he gets it!"

Marcus runs in full speed and jumps going for the kick in the head,but Hawk ducks and he goes flying and Tommy rolls him up from behind.

Kirby:"Counter! One! Two! Three!"

JD:"Marcus Jones has just been eliminated!"

NNTK runs into the ring now and out of nowheres hits a heavy clothesline and at the same Randall runs full speed and chop blocks the leg out from behind and then Randall leaves the ring as NNTK goes into the cover.

AJ:"Hey!!! Did you see that!?"

Kirby:"But hes got a pin! One! Two! Three! Its over! Just like that!"

The bell rings now a few times signaling the end of the match,and The End Of Everything plays as the ref raises NNTK and Randall's arms as the crowd reigns out with the loudest boos yet.

JD:"Here are your winners,,NNTK and Robert Randall!"

AJ:"What a sudden end to another amazing match here!"

Kirby:They just chop block/clotheslined him out of nowheres
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