WWR Vortex - Show 6

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WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by VadeKruger » Jun 16th, '11, 07:10


The WWR logo appears followed by the graphic, then darkness engulfs the screen.

The out of the darkness and smoke the figure of WWR World Heavyweight Champion vade Kruger appears and stares at the screen for a moment................

..................then he closes his eyes but doesnt move away from the camera..................

.......as he opens them his eyes are red.......glowing even, then he puts his head down allowing his hair to cover most of his face..............

...........................Kruger steps back and flicks his head back, revealing his eyes again, back to normal this time.

Vade "Tonight.................................................."

~Camera cuts to the Sanitorium and the broadcast table~

AJ "Good evening and welcome to Vortex ladies and gents"

Mike "A kind of bizarre start there AJ, that guys gotta be on crack or something man!"

AJ "Im not sure Mike but hes a loose cannon either way!!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by kiel297 » Jun 16th, '11, 08:09

AJ: Moving on to more pressing issues, we have received word that in just a few moments, the kidnapper of Charles Remmington-Smythe will be making an appearance. According to a deal he has reached with WWR, if he is allowed some time to speak uninterrupted here tonight, he will release Smythe, and allow everything to go back to normal.

Mike: I really hope that WWR find some way of stopping this crazy bastard! Nothing can excuse him for what he's done!

Suddenly another voice plays over the speakers,

Voice: COOEY! I have a visitor for you all!

AJ: I guess that'll be him then!

The attacker, still masked, appears on the stage, pushing a wheelchair with an unconscious Charles Remmington Smythe in it.

Masked man: Everybody, say hello to Charlie boy!! He's EVER so delighted to be home!

Mike: This man is sick! A despicable human being!

AJ: I hear ya there Mike!

Once the masked man is in the ring, with Charles propped up on a chair in the corner, he stands in the centre of the ring, and begins to speak.

Masked Man: SO! It's dawned on me now, that I haven't quite gotten as much support as I had hoped to. You know, with the way you all HATED this guy, I thought you would have been happy to see the back of him! But it's been made clear to me, that that isn't the case. You people have demanded everything from me. An apology, an explanation, and the safe return of this twat dreaming away in the corner. The explanation, I feel I've given you one already. The safe return of Charles, that's doable. But an apology?! You've gotta be freaking kidding me if you think I'm going to apologise for one thing I've done to this moron!

At that moment, a distraught Chives comes running down the ramp, and straight into the ring. Before he can even attack however, he's met with a huge big boot to the face and goes down like an extra large sack of potatoes.

Masked man: You stupid, fat man! What the hell were you hoping to achieve?! Well now you're gonna pay just like your master over there has!

He grabs the same steel pipe he used to attack Smythe with from the back of his blue jeans, and then he proceeds to lay into Chives with it! Blow after blow, he batters Chives while he screams in agony!

AJ: What is he doing?! Chives isn't an athlete like Charles! He can't take this sort of punishment!!

Mike: Somebody's gotta get in there and do something!

Mike rips off his headset and runs towards the ring! The attacker however is too quick for him and raises the pipe, stopping Mike dead in his tracks. As Mike begins to plead with the man however, the crowd starts to cheer loudly! Charles Remmington-Smythe has stood up! He's come to, and he's headed for the masked man! Charles knocks the man down and then pounces on him as Mike runs back to the announce table!

AJ: I think that distraction might have just saved the day!

Mike: Well after how close that was, I'll tell ya that's a one time thing!

Charles hammers the attacker with rights and lefts, until he spots the steel pipe laying on the floor next to him. He picks it up, and brings it down hard into the stomach area of the attacker! He keeps hitting, and connects every time. He turns around, lets out a roar of anger and the crowd go crazy! Charles spots the attacker trying to crawl away, but he grabs him just in time. He grabs the microphone.


The crowd cheer loudly

Charles: Well I guess that's that then! Come on you silly sod, get up on your knees!

The attacker complies with Charles' demand, and gets on his knees. Charles rips the mask off and the crowd take one collective gasp at the realisation of who the attacker is!



AJ: For our viewers who aren't familiar with Jordan Stone, his rivalry with Charles Remmington-Smythe on the independent circuit is legendary! Stone is a 4-time world champion across three different promotions, and before they became enemies, he held multiple tag team championships with Smythe himself!

Charles: You son of a bitch! I'll fucking kill you!

Charles begins to lay into Stone even more than he had before with the steel pipe, when what seems like the entire locker room floods out to separate the two!

Stone: Bring it Smythe! You got nothing, punk!

AJ: I can't believe what I'm seeing here! Jordan Stone and Charles Remmington-Smythe at war in WWR? I never thought I'd see the day!

Mike: But at least this sicko's been caught now, and Smythe is back where he belongs!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one hell of a development here on WWR Vortex! We'll be back after this commercial break!

*Cuts to commercial*

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by Sassafras » Jun 16th, '11, 10:30

*show returns from commercial and camera cuts to backstage where Roach is seen idly chatting with The Jones twins; crowd cheers*

AJ: "There we see Unbreakable/Unstoppable, chatting with the as-yet undefeated Superstar and fellow Memphian, Mike Roach."

*Roach shakes hands with both twins and turns to walk away and almost runs right into NNTK; crowd begins to boo NNTK as Roach puts up his fists in preparation of the expected attack*

Roach: "What the f*ck do you want?"

NNTK: "Put your fists down, kid. That is not the purpose of this visit."

Roach: "Look, man. If you're here to ask me to back off of your asses, then you know what my answer's gonna be. You know that better than any of the 3 of you."

NNTK: "Sass, kid, you best remember your roots. Where you came from. How you got into this company in the first place."

Roach: "The name I made for myself is how I got here."

NNTK, with a cocky chuckle: "Let's be honest with each other. On all levels. I am the sole reason you were finally able to leave that little island and come to the biggest promotion in the world. So repay me...and save yourself...by just letting go of this pipe dream of taking Vade's title."

*Roach coldly stares at NNTK as NNTK continues*

NNTK: "I'll leave the choice up to you...but you're very smart and I'm sure you'll make the right decision. You have until later tonight to answer me."

*crowd boos*

*NNTK prepares to leave before stopping and handing Mike a folded tee shirt*

NNTK: "Keep this nearby. I would hope it'd be a major factor in your decision."

*NNTK leaves as the crowd boos and Mike unfolds the shirt to see the letters BPA on the front; the crowd boos louder*

AJ: "We all remember the significance of those letters..."
Mike: "Yes, indeed. But, do they still mean anything to Sassafras?"
AJ: "I suppose we'll find out later, partner."

*Roach stares coldly at the BPA shirt as the camera cuts to...*
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by KILLdozer » Jun 16th, '11, 22:29

Chris Everlast is out in the ring as Its so easy fades out in the background and the fans are really happy to see him,cheering loudly for him

AJ:New champion out in the ring now,must have a celebration planned.

Mike:Not to take away from him,I like many fans have a new found respect for him after how he helped T hawk,but the way he won after The Origin just completely screwed the match all up for Tommy.

Everlast smiles in the ring,microphone in hand as he looks out over the crowd

Everlast:Alright how are ya WWR Galaxyyy! (Crowd yells loud cheers) Boy is it great to be here this Monday night on W..W...R Vortex!!!(more cheers) and Im standing before you as new champion....and a new man..(Crowd silences now listening in anxious anticipation) Friday night I looked like a coward when I ran from The Origin and left Tommy Hawk behind,,you all saw it,I stood there,wiping my brow,glad to be away from those three,as you could all see i wanted nothing to do with them,I know it looked like I couldnt get up the ramp fast enough,and believe me,,at the time..I couldnt...but you see,I had a wake up call when I stood there watching Tommy get jumped,It hit me.."What am I doing? Why am I standing up here? What have I become? Surely I was raised and taught better than this,theres a man getting leveled out in the ring,and Im just watching like a weak spineless coward" see thats why I didnt go down to help ,I was frozen in thought,it was when Origin passed by me going to the back,when I realized what I must do."

The fans all over the arena cheer with appreciation as Everlast takes a breath,then suddenly Trail of tears plays out to more cheers.

Mike:"Uh oh I knew that was comin,should be very intriguing to hear Hawks words.."

AJ:"Right,On one hand he was screwed but then afterwards he was shown respect by one of the LAST men around here I'd've thought"

Hawk appears to a big crowd reception,walking down the ramp with a slight grin,slightly touching his stomach area where the belt went.

Hawk takes another microphone from JD,and steps up into the ring.

Hawk extends a hand to Everlast,and he takes it and they shake,to a huge pop from the crowd.

Hawk:"First of all,thank you. I appreciate the way you helped me out Friday night,you didnt have to and I respect that,just like I how I respect you now.."

"But honestly...I see youve turned over a new leaf,but regardless of that,and dont take this the wrong way,but I dont respect how you won it,after Origin came out of nowheres when Shane Lynas and NNTK made sure I lost..."

Boos ring out from around the arena,fans even begin to chant:":You got screwed! You got screwed"

Hawk kind of slightly half grins shaking his head,when suddenly Undead begins to shout over the speakers to loud boos,and the Sons of Fortune walk out,with Leah and Randall out in front as the boos get louder.

AJ:Oh man now this bunch? this whole thing is turnin nuts,whose next out here?

Randall has a microphone coming down the ramp as they walk further.

Randall:"Hey hey hey hold on just a second you two,Just a moment...."

They continue their walk to the ring,Everlast and Hawk look at them curiosly,Leah now gets into the ring first,,Evan and Marcus Jones both stand on the left and right side of the ring,respectively. James North stands on the side of the ring behind Leah,Then Randall ducks in under the second rope joining Leah in the ring.

Mike:"What does he want?"

Randall:"Well look here,the man who lost the belt and the man who stole it from him.

Heavy boos let out from the audience.

"Im only telling the truth,even though I enjoyed watching that happen to you Hawk..Everlast...You proved to me and everyone else that what I said before out here was absolutely right:You cant win a good,straight,honest match. You are nothing more than a cheat,a coward,and a liar,I dont care what you,T bird here,or these fans think,you dont fool me..Sure Origin didnt do what they did to help you..but I noticed you didnt have any problems or qualms with taking the easy victory..I didnt see you try to point out that NNTK nearly broke his damn neck with a Lifetaker Kick,that Lynas knocked him off the top...So..that being said..Im challenging you tonight,one on one,Continental title,and Id LOVE to see you beat me without cheating you COWARD son of a bitch."

fans boo heavily ,more than before,when next thing you know Cold plays and Origin appears,walking down the ramp with NNTK in front as the crowd starts booing them extremely loud as well.

AJ:"OH GOD,and Now The Origins out here,,what the hell all order is gone out in the ring.."

Mike:"And with NNTK in front microphone in hand evidently hes running things right now,somethings evidently on his mind"

Origin walks down and all three get in the ring ,going up the steps into the ring in a row.

NNTK looks at Hawk...

NNTK:You. Tommy Hawk,I heard every word you and Everlast said,and you know what? You did get a raw deal on Mayhem.,but your looking at the wrong people with the finger of blame..you should be blaming yourself.

loudest boos yet ring through the building.

"Its noones fault but your own,,you started this when you came down last week and decided youd be a hero and help out Bishop and Ignatius when we had them just where we wanted..on the floor,getting beaten senseless..Noone told you to do that,sure I know your upset because of the way I treated Azande and Pontiac at Path to Glory..but they deserved it,and it shouldve tipped you off to stay away from me,but I see your too stupid to just learn the lesson so you wont end up like them."

The crowd roars with excruciatingly loud boos now,,Hawk goes to jump at NNTK but hes cut off by Everlast,who can be heard saying :"Come on man,I understand how you feel but calm down,its exactly what he wants,were severely out numbered look around"

Now Sad but true plays and Tony Bastion comes out to the top of the ramp to applause and cheers from the crowd.

AJ:"Here we go maybe time for some order out here finally!"

Bastion:"Well,it looks like weve got quite a problem out here in the ring,,Randall you want a go with Everlast tonight and Tommy its obvious you want some of NNTK,,so heres what Im gonna do..Were gonna make everyone happy..Tonight its gonna be Chris Everlast and Tommy Hawk teaming up to take on former Prophecy team mates Robert Randall and NNTK!"

AJ:Did you hear that?!? A one night reunion of sorts as later its gonna be Randall and NNTK teaming,and man I dont have to say a word about what theyve done here together in the past.(AJ shudders and shakes his head)

Loud cheers ring out as Sad but True plays again and then Bastion dissapears..NNTK and Randall are shown shaking hands in the ring as Randall smirks and NNTK nods as the show cuts to a commercial.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by Shogun Rua » Jun 18th, '11, 11:21

Back from commercial with the Berg standing in the ring. He tries to throw fans t-shirts, but they throw them back at him.

Blood and Thunder by Mastodon blasts through the speakers. The Berg looks to the ramp as Michael Mark Adams makes his way to the ring.

JD: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall, already in the ring is The Berg!"

The fans boo as The Berg again tries to throw a t-shirt into the crowd, and it is thrown back.

AJ: The Berg trying very hard to get people to like him!
Mark: He did always try too hard, AJ.

JD: "And his opponent from Ontario, Canada, Michael Mark Adams, M M A!"

Adams gets into the ring with the Berg as Blood and Thunder stops playing. Adams looks into the crowd, who cheers loudly, then throws his shirt to them. The Berg then jumps him from behind!


The Berg stomping at the head of Adams, who can't seem to recover from the attack from behind. The Berg picks up Adams and irish whips him. Adams off the ropes, ducks the clothesline from the Berg, crossbody from Adams!


The Berg kicks out at one. Adams goes into the corner to recover a bit. The Berg gets to his feet and runs at Adams, but eats the turnbuckle! Adams then hits him with a seven strike combo!

AJ: Right jab, left jab, right leg kick, right body kick, left hook to the body, knee to the body, HEAD KICK! Seven strike combo executed by Adams!

Adams walks to the Berg, then puts him in TAPOUT! The Berg taps in a matter of seconds!


Mark: Well, that was quick.

JD: "Your winner by submission, M M A!"

MMA walks over to JD and shakes his hand, then takes the microphone.

MMA: "Shhh, shhh. I know, I just made that guy look like more of a fool than he already is. But right now, this is not about the Berg. You know, I've seen many changes happen in this company. I've seen Vade Kruger, once champion of the people, turn his back on everything he stood for. I've seen Shane Lynas, prideful owner of this company, try to kill us by bringing in BCW guys. I've seen the ever so mighty NNTK, who didn't need anybody, resort to hiding behind his friends, to do his dirtywork for him."

The crowd boos quite a bit, as MMA motions for them to be silent again.

Mark: I don't think he'd say that to any of those guys faces.
AJ: I think he would.

MMA: "But this does not concern them either. You see, what I'm trying to get at here, is things, and people, change. I, the great Michael Mark Adams, have changed. I was once just an MMA Kid, but no more."

The crowd begins to cheer, as Adams begins to pace.

MMA: "I'll get to the point. A while ago, back when it was the golden age of the WAC, there was a man, who took me to the limit every time we had a match. He took me on in the first ever CellHell match, and beat me to a bloody pulp, as I also did to him. I was the first ever, Continental champion. Then, he took that from me, and I was never the same. I was weak. But now, I feel ready. He may not have the belt that is rightfully MINE, but it's about honor, not the belt. Robert Randall, I'm putting you on notice. Whether or not you beat Everlast tonight, I challenge you. You have two weeks to give me an answer. And if you refuse..."

Adams gets a smirk on his face. He drops the mic and heads to the back, as Blood and Thunder plays.

AJ: What could that mean?
Mark: We've all seen how sick and twisted Adams can be. I hope Randall accepts, and shows Adams how real men wrestle!

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by kirbs2002 » Jun 19th, '11, 13:38

Well, let's go back to the ring for some women's action now.

"Woman" (Wolfmother) plays to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Stella Ressling heads to the ring, sharing some choice words with the fans.

The following is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, standing 5' 7" and weighing in at 159 pounds, Stella R. Ressling.

Stella gets into the ring, then the music switches to Hellraiser (Motörhead), the crowd letting out a lukewarm eruption as the camera pans over the crowd, before stopping at Terri Ryzing who's confidently heading through the crowd with a cigarette hanging from her mouth.

And her tag team partner, from Chicago, Illinois, standing 5' 10" and weighing in at 210 pounds, Terri Ryzing!

She hops ontop of the ringside barrier and raises her gloved hands to a small ovation, she then hops down and climbs up on the apron and goes inside of the ring, pulling her torn jeans-jacket off and throwing it away. "Perfect Insanity" (Disturbed) hits to a large pop from the crowd. Kayla Killings and Nina Cortez slowly make their way down the ramp.

And their opponents, from Juarez, Mexico, weighing a total combined weight of 325 pounds, the team of Kayla Killings and Nina Cortez, Beautifully Dangerous.

Kayla and Nina look at each other and nod, then they enter from opposite sides of the ring and climb the turnbuckles and strike a pose. They then get down and look over at Stella and Terri. Kayla and Nina whisper, and Nina ducks out of the ring. Terri gives Stella a light punch on the shoulder and ducks out of the ring, leaving Kayla and Stella to face off as the referee calls for the start.

There's the bell, and we're underway.

All four women here have a real mean streak. I think it's only a matter of time before this match degenerates into a brawl.

Kayla and Stella approach each other. Kayla offers a handshake, Stella goes to kick her hand away, but Kayla grabs her leg and takes her down into a quick kneebar. Stella is quick to get to the ropes to break the hold. Kayla backs away, and Stella gets back up. Then immediately after Stella approaches, Kayla takes her down with a flurry of kicks to the back of Stella's leg. Kayla then puts on a spinning toe hold.

Shades of Terry Funk with that spinning toe hold.

Stella growls in pain as she tries to get out of the hold, before crawling to the ropes and grabbing the lowest. Kayla lets go after the ref's count reaches 4 and rolls to her back, grabbing Stella by the hair and dragging her off to BD's corner, tagging in Nina. Kayla lifts Stella in a fireman's carry and Nina climbs up on the midturnbuckle, hopping off and planting her elbow in Stella's backhead.


Nina rolls Stella up.


TW- Stella kicks out! Nina pulls Stella up to her feet, but Stella kicks her in the gut and whips Nina into the ropes. As Nina rebounds, Stella is bending over for a overhead bodydrop, but Nina leapfrogs and rebounds once more - This time, Stella stands up and turns around and gets hit with a Discus Clothesline!

''OW! That almost knocked Stella's head off.''

Nina goes into a cover


Two... Kickout by Stella.

Nina and Kayla in control of this match in the early goings.

Nina picks up Stella for some more offense but Stella punches Nina with a closed fist, backing off Nina and drawing a warning from the referee. Stella drops Nina with a scoop body slam and tags in Terri, who leapfrogs in with a senton and follows up with a cover.


Two... Kickout by Nina.

Looks like the tables have turned now.

Terri follows up with a falling knee drop, pulls Nina to the middle of the ring and then twists her into a Boston Crab. Kayla rushes in and kicks Terri across the chest to break the hold. The referee then backs Kayla to the corner to try and get her out. Stella then rushes across the ring and knocks Kayla over the top rope with a dropkick. Kayla tries to get back into the ring with the referee preventing her. Terri reapplies a Boston Crab and Stella joins in, applying a camel clutch.

Come on now! How do you not see that?! Even Jesus couldn't cure this guy's blindness!

Kayla then drops to the floor and the referee starts a countout on them, with Stella bailing out of the ring at the count of 4. Nina slowly crawls to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope to force a break, with Terri relenting at the count of 4. Nina then uses the ropes to get to her feet, only to get met with a Backstabber by Terri.

Woah! That'll herniate a disc or two!

Terri gets up and grins at the crowd which boos and Terri returns the warm feelings with a middle finger.

Mike: ''Can she do that on national TV?''

AJ: ''I don't think we can stop her!''

Terri shouts at a fan in the frontrow for a few. She turns around and is caught by surprise with a kick to the gut by Nina, who hits a Tiger Driver! Pin!



T-Terri kicks out in the nick of time.

''Almost too close for Terri Ryzing!''

Both Nina and Terri are down and the referee starts counting to ten.


Nina and Terri slowly crawls to their respective corners.


Both are halfway, Kayla and Stella waving their hands to urge them to come faster.



Terri springs and slaps Stella's hand who rushes in.


Nina does the same and Kayla hops up on the top rope, springboarding off! Hurracanrana brings Stella down.

''Wow! The rarely off-ground Kayla Killings caught Stella by surprise!''

Kayla quickly gets to her feet and bounces off the ropes, Stella is keeling over and gets a kick to the face and gets driven into the ground with a neckbreaker!

''Kayla's gonna kill you! Kayla's gonna kill you!''

Kayla looks at the crowd with a slight grin. She slowly climbs up on the topturnbuckle, and the crowd slowly starts to clap in increasing rhythm as Stella gets to her feet. Kayla jumps off... and Stella tags in Terri, who superkicks Kayla MIDAIR!


Terri throws herself onto Kayla, covering.



TH-Nina springboards in with a legdrop across Terri's neck to break the pin!

Nina may very well have saved the match right there!

Stella charges into the ring after Nina, but Nina thinks quickly and dumps Stella to the outside. Stella then gets to her feet, and as she does, Nina jumps up onto the top rope and then jumps to the outside, nailing Stella with a picture-perfect cross-body, getting a huge cheer from the crowd.

Amazing! In what other women's division are you going to see a match like this?

Kayla and Terri are struggling to get to their feet, as Nina pulls up Stella and whips her, sending Stella head-first into the steel ring steps. She then turns toward the ring, only to get met with a suicide dive to the outside by Terri. Terri goes over to help Stella to her feet, then turns toward the ring, as Kayla leaps from the top turnbuckle onto the both of them with a senton bomb!

Everyone's out on the floor, and from what I know, Kayla and Terri are still the legal women, and they look worse for wear than the other two. As you know here in WWR, competitors only have a ten count. Could this match be over?

The referee starts the double countout, with the crowd counting in unison.




Four! Terri starts to crawl towards the ring.

Five! Kayla begins to stir.


Seven! Terri climbs up onto the apron and rolls into the ring.

Eight! Kayla gets to the apron, but struggles to get up.

Nine! Terri is shaking her head as Kayla starts to get up onto the apron.

Te-Kayla rolls into the ring in the nick of time to a loud cheer from the crowd and Terri, visibly frustrated, gets onto Kayla and starts pummeling her with repeated forearm smashes. Kayla slowly regains her footing, manages to slowly lift Terri up, and then drops her with a powerbomb! Pin by Kayla...



Thre-Terri kicks out at the last moment, to a collective groan by the crowd.

Neither woman still giving it up, even after all the punishment that's been absorbed!

Kayla yells in frustration, as both Nina and Stella get into the ring again. Kayla manages to see Stella coming, and lifts up Stella in a flapjack as Nina grabs her head and drops her with a cutter to the delight of the crowd!

Double D's!

But Stella's not the legal woman!

Terri sneaks up behind Kayla and rolls her up!



Thr-Nina plants a stiff kick to the back of Terri's head to break the pin!

Now THAT'S teamwork right there! Nina just saved Kayla's rear!

And Kayla looks like she's ready to murder Terri!

Terri is holding her head, writhing in pain as Kayla picks her up by the hair with a look of pure rage. She tucks Terri's head between her thighs, underhooks both arms, grabs onto Terri's thighs, pulls her up, delays a moment, and then spikes Terri with a brutal package piledriver!

Kill! Driver!

Kayla kneels at Terri's head and plants a hand on Terri's chest for a pin.




The bell rings as the crowd cheers.

Here is your winner: The team of Kayla Killings and Nina Cortez, Beautifully Dangerous!!

Well, this hard-hitting brawl is finally over, with BD as the winners.

Any wrestling fan anywhere, much less the WWR owners, has to be impressed with the efforts by not only Kayla and Nina, but also of Terri and Stella. This is one of the more brutal women's contests that WWR has seen in recent times.

Nina and Kayla hold their hands up in celebration, then walk slowly up the ramp to the backstage area. Stella and the referee help a nearly unconscious Terri to the back as the show fades to commercial.
Reality TV is faker than "fake" wrestling!

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by kirbs2002 » Jun 19th, '11, 13:56

The show cuts back briefly from commercial, showing AJ and Mike at the announcers' table.

We've learned that Terri Ryzing has been taken to the hospital just now, with what WWR's in-house doctor is calling a moderate concussion, with mild swelling around the neck.

We'll try to keep you updated on details as they come.

The show returns to commercial.
Reality TV is faker than "fake" wrestling!

"The views that I'm about to express are not necessarily those of anyone else but myself, but they ought to be and, in fact, they probably are"

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by Robert Randall » Jun 19th, '11, 19:18

Show returns from the break and "Piece" by Lita Ford blares over the speakers as the guitar and drum kicks in,And Leah Luxon walks out with Robert Randall along side her to quite a bit of boos from the crowd as the music continues to blare even louder.

JD:"The following match is scheduled for one fall.weighing in at 135 pounds...Hailing from London,England...She is accompanied By Robert Randall, Leah Luxon!

"And In the ring,Her opponent from Savanah, GeorgiaJulie Sinclair!"

Fans boo Leah as she continues down and gets into the ring as she hopes up on the apron snatching the snatching the microphone right out of JD's hand.

Mike:"Leah Luxom Of the Sons out here for her in ring debut on Vortex,,taking on hometown girl Julie SInclair as we have more womens action here tonight."

AJ:"And dont forget we still got the main event tag match later between Randall and NNTK taking on Everlast and Hawk,man thats gonna be huge,I just hope everything goes alright and NNTK and Randall dont cause any trouble!"

Leah:"Give me the damn mic JD! Your not worthy of handing it to me!"

Crowd boos Leah heavily as Piece starts to dye down and slowly fade out.

Leah:"Now later tonight my man and leader of the Sons Robert Randall is gonna destroy those two fools later on with his former partner,But right now this is my turn to show what i can do,cuz never before have you people gotten to enjoy my talents and see my pure ability! Ive come all the way across the water to shine here like the star that I am! Dont get me wrong know Im going to have to take out the competion,but thats alright Im not going anywheres,Ive got plenty time,and thats all it is.TIME before my beautiful waist shines with gold! "

The crowd boos massively at her as she gives the ref the microphone and the bell rings.

Leah grins arrogantly at Julie across the ring and goes and offers a collar and elbow lockup,they lock and then Leah breaks it off and slaps Julie right in the face to more boos.

Julie stands stunned a minute and then runs in on Leah and gets taken down immediately with a superkick cracking her in the jaw hard with a loud smack.

AJ:"Oh thats quite a superkick ,dropping her in her tracks."

Lena waits for her to stand,and grabs her,clutching an arm around the neck and grabbing the trunks with the other hand quickly slinging her back over head roughly hitting a snap suplex.

Leah maintains the suplex clutch the kicks her legs outward,coming back of on her feet flipping Sinlclair back over onto her feet,in "Three Amigos" fashion,still not letting go of the clutch.

She then bends her some under the arm,then grabs the trunks and jumps backwards to the mat slamming her down facefirst with an impaler DDT.

Mike:"I gotta say AJ this Leah Luxom looking quite impressive in the ring,just look at how she transitons between holds and moves like that uninterupted."

AJ:"Yea very nice in the ring but attitudes another story."

Leah runs across the ring and quickly hops over onto the apron and stands,waiting for Sinclair to rise,as she gets up she jumps into the air and bounces off the ropes and goes flying into the air,smashing her in the face with a dropkick from almost halfway across the ring.

AJ:"She leveled her with a springboar dropkick!"

MIke;"She went flying off those ropes !"

Leah gets back up and runs grabbing her in front facelock with both armsand then runs towards the corner jumping off the turnbuckle spinning around as she plants her with tornado DDT.

Sinclair is laid out in the corner slightly under the turnbuckle and Leah goes and jumps onto the top rope.

Mike:Shes quite quick in there as well and looks like shes gonna fly again now!"

Leah taunts Julie yelling at her:"Thats it your done!" as the crowd boos

Leah crouchs over and raises her both arms palms up a few times taunting the crowd who boos,she then flips forward towards Julie and on the way down she connects a big legdrop in the face'

AJ::"Frontflip Legdrop! Quite an impressive move!"

Mike::"Shes going up again too!"
Leah gets back up and turns and climbs up to the top rope with her back to the downed Sinclair,she then jumps off flipping backwards rolling through the air,moonsaulting,then comes down standing up with a hard double leg stomp in the face to a collective oh from the crowd.

Leah into the cover just pushing her hand across the cheek of Julie Sinclair as she lays over the top of her with a huge arrogant grin .

AJ:"What a move,Moonsault Stomp,Thats called The "One Night Stand",And into the cover,One,Two ,Three!"

Mike:"Its over,Bad attitude but extremely impressive ring skills,,she wasnt lying when she said she had extreme talent,like her or not."

The bell rings and Piece plays again blaring back over the speakers again to heavy boos,,the referee raises Leah's arm in the middle of the ring as she sneers.

JD:"Here is your winner by pinfall..Leah Luxon!!"

More boos now as Leah now is standing over Julie whos still prone in the corner,,she jumps right over her onto the second bottom rope,then climbs up and flips off backwards again nailing the moonsault stomp one more time,hitting the one night stand again to even more boos.

Leah rolls backwards to her feet and looks down laughing at Julie SInclair and then turns and leaves the ring joining Randall as Piece still blares heavily over the speakers as the crowd boos them to the back.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by kirbs2002 » Jun 20th, '11, 00:39

The music quickly changes to "South of Heaven" (Slayer), causing Randall and Leah to hesitate a moment. Heather Gilchrist walks out from the back applauding. Randall and Leah glare at her.

Impressive! No, seriously, I mean it. I'm quite in awe of what you've accomplished just now. But don't mind me, I didn't come out here chit-chat with you, I'll play with you later when I've got the time. Go on back.

Randall and Leah cautiously continue towards backstage, not taking their eyes off of Heather. Heather then walks down to the ring.

I've got bigger fish to fry than some dirty British floozy and her punk-a**, gangster goombah wanna-be. I'm out here to address a much bigger problem plaguing this otherwise cool place.

She gets into the ring and leans over the top rope facing the stage.

Angel Dust, I know your here tonight. I've got something for you.

Angel Dust walks out to a mixed reaction from the crowd and stands at the top of the entrance ramp, glaring at Heather.

And what might that be?

Well, look what the cat dragged in, and with impeccable timing, too! Isn't she great, folks? Let's give her a big hand!

Heather grins and starts applauding sarcastically.

Alright, you little jerk! I've heard every word you've said about me the last two weeks. I ought to teach you a little lesson in humility!

Hah! You aren't in any shape to wrestle! You've been champion for a little over a month now and how many title defenses have you made?

That's got nothing to do with it!

That's got EVERYTHING to do with it! I was champion in BCW for it's final month and a half! You know how many title defenses I made in that time span? SIX! And three of them were broadcast on a national stage! That comes out to once a week! You're not fit to hold that title that you desecrate and I intend to prove it to everyone! The sooner the better!

You know who I had to beat to get this? Earth Child! Twice the woman you can ever hope to be!

And how'd you manage that? A cheap roll-up pin. After she'd exerted nearly all her energy beating you senseless.

And that's all it takes to win.

(With obvious sarcasm) Fine, then. I clearly was mistaken this whole time about my perception of you. I hereby apologize for anything and everything demeaning I've ever said about you.

Angel Dust rushes into the ring and gets right in Heather's face, seething with anger.

Your immature, smart a** is about to get the taste smacked out of it!

If you don't like what my, quote, immature smart a**, un-quote, says, then do something about it already! Challenge me in this very ring and then embarass me! Shut me up for good by showing everyone how much better you are than me!

How does three weeks from now sound? You and me, one on one for this very title that I, quote, desecrate, un-quote.

Since you're apparently so much better than me, and don't need cheap pins to win, let's not make that a factor in the outcome. How does 'submission only' rules sound?

Pin, last woman standing, I quit, or submission only, I'll beat you bloody either way. Submission match it is!

Your proposal is acceptable.

They both take a step back and shake hands. Heather turns and walks away as "South of Heaven" (Slayer) plays again. Heather has a big smirk and is laughing smugly as Angel Dust glares angrily at her.

Well, there you have it! In three weeks, Heather Gilchrist will finally get her chance at the WWR Women's Title.

And judging by Heather's laughter right now, she probably just got it in exactly the way she wanted, too. Perhaps she knows something we don't know?

We'll have to wait to find out. But we will see it LIVE on pay-per-view!
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by kirbs2002 » Jun 20th, '11, 14:43

Angel Dust gets out of the ring and starts to walk up the ramp when "The Blister Exists" (Slipknot) hits to a huge pop from the crowd. Allanah walks to the top of the ramp and does a Shawn Michaels-like flex. Angel Dust doesn't look impressed as Allanah speaks.

What's the rush? I don't think you came here to look pretty and to be fan service. Get back in that ring, let's all see what you've got.

Fine! I'll bloody you up, you little b***h!

Eesh! I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say that Angel Dust is a little mad right now.

Tonight is definitely not her night.

They both get in the ring and stare icily at each other, the referee separating them.

The following women's contest is a non-title match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Manteca, California, standing 5' 2" and weighing in at 163 pounds, Allanah!

Allanah jumps up onto the second turnbuckle and strikes a pose, to the delight of the crowd.

And her opponent, from Austin, Texas, standing 5' 6" and weighing in at 112 pounds, she is the current WWR Women's Champion, Angel Dust!

Angel Dust gets right in Allanah's face and holds her title belt up. The ring clears and the bell rings. Allanah and Angel circle each other cautiously. Angel raises her hand, calling for a knuckle lock.

Calling for a test of strength. This could be foolish, Allanah looks like she could easily out-muscle the champion.

Allanah raises her hand to meet Angel's but Angel pulls her hand down and raises her other one. Allanah steps back with a look of slight irritation. She hesitantly raises her hand to meet Angel's, but Angel does it again. Allanah is now furious.

Perhaps a bit of mental warfare by Angel Dust?

Allanah quickly goes to meet Angel once more, but Angel switches hands yet again. This time Allanah kicks Angel in the back of her leg to drop her to a knee, and then puts Angel in a straightjacket hold. Angel quickly gets up to her feet and hits a mule kick to free herself before rebounding off the ropes with a swinging neckbreaker.

Cover by the champion.


Two-kickout by Allanah.

It's going to take more than that to put away someone like Allanah.

Angel quickly gets up, jumps, and drives a knee into the head of Allanah. Allanah slowly sits up and gets to her feet. As she does Angel cinches in a waistlock and takes over Allanah with a German suplex, bridging for a pin.


Two... Kickout by Allanah.

Allanah gets up onto all fours and as she does, Angel follows up with a Fame-Ass-er, then puts Allanah in a camel clutch. Angel fish-hooks Allanah's face drawing a four-count and a warning from the referee.

No, no, no. She likes it. See?

She then fish-hooks Allanah's mouth into a smile, drawing another count and warning, as well as some laughter from the crowd. Allanah manages to scoot close enough to the ropes to get a boot on the bottom rope to force a break. Angel hesitates, but breaks at four. Allanah gets to her feet and Angel rebounds off the ropes and hits a running big boot to knock Allanah out of the ring. Angel Dust backs off as the referee starts to count out Allanah. At about five, Allanah gets up to the apron and Angel slingshots Allanah off and face-first into the guardrail.

Angel now follows Allanah to the outside.

Angel grabs Allanah by the hair and rams her head into the guardrail again. As she goes to do it once more, Allanah elbows her in the stomach and rams Angel's head into the guardrail. She picks up Angel to do it once more, only to have Angel rake the eyes and send Allanah head-first into the ring steps.

We may need new ring steps after tonight. They've certainly taken a beating in the last half-hour or so.

Angel rolls in and out of the ring to break the count and grabs Allanah, who now has a sizeable gash on her forehead, and rams her head into the ring steps again. Angel then whips Allanah into the announcers' table and rolls in and out of the ring to break the count once more. Angel then looks right at Allanah with an evil glare.

What's she got in mind here?

I dunno, but I don't wanna be in the way.

AJ and Mike back away from the table as Angel Dust charges and looks for a big boot, but at the last moment, Allanah grabs her and delivers a devastating spinebuster to put Angel through the table! The crowd cheers loudly in approval as Allanah crawls away, leans against the apron and wipes some blood from her face.

That's got to be the turning point that Allanah was hoping for!

But she's got to get Angel into the ring to pin her. They're still being counted out.

Allanah then grabs Angel and rolls her into the ring, underhooks both arms and takes over Angel with a butterfly suplex. She then covers Angel Dust.



Thr-Kickout by Angel.

Angel Dust is struggling to get to her feet, but manages to stand up. She keels over to gasp for air, and as she does, Allanah jumps onto her back, and takes down Angel with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb! Into a cover.



Thre-Kickout by Angel Dust at the last moment!

Frustration starting to set in for Allanah now.

Allanah grabs Angel and whips her to the corner, but Angel manages to jump up onto the top turnbuckle and rebounds off with a moonsault! Cover by Angel.



Thre-Kickout by Allanah.

That didn't do it?!

Angel then gets on top of Allanah and starts pummeling her with forearms out of frustration. Allanah then throws a palm strike right in Angel's face, stunning her. Allanah then grabs Angel up by the legs and spikes her with an Alabama slam! She lifts up Angel to do it once more, but Angel slips down Allanah's back and takes her down with a desperation sunset flip.



Thre-Allanah kicks out just in time.

Allanah starts to sit up but Angel plants a stiff boot to her face. She then grabs a leg, spins, and locks in a figure four leglock!

Figure four! Right dead-center in the ring!

Nowhere to go for Allanah! Will we see her tap out here?

Allanah yells in pain and tries to roll over, but Angel wrenches the hold, causing Allanah to fall to the mat. The referee counts.



Th-Allanah sits up.

Allanah tries to throw a palm strike but Angel dodges, but Allanah rolls the hold over to reverse! ...And the momentum causes the hold to reverse once more, with the pressure back on Allanah! After a moment, Allanah slowly falls back onto the mat.




The bell rings to a fair amount of applause from the crowd.

Here is your winner, as a result of a submission, Angel Dust!

Angel leans back into a corner to catch her breath and shake off the cobwebs. She gets her title and stumbles up the ramp to backstage. The referee is kneeling at Allanah's head as a couple of medics get into the ring. After a minute she slides under the ropes with some help and the medics help her to the back to a tremendous standing ovation from the crowd. The show cuts to commercial.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by Sassafras » Jun 22nd, '11, 08:50

*show returns from commercial, and the camera cuts to the ring, where an unknown wrestler waits, alongside JD*

JD: "The following contest, is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, already in the ring, standing at 5 feet and 9 inches, weighing in at 240 pounds...Adam Watkins!"
*small cheers*

AJ: "It appears a local kid is here to try his luck tonight."
Mike: "Let's hope all goes well for him..."

*The lights go off as the opening riff to "Words of War" begins. As the song kicks into the first verse, the lights go blue, with strobelights flashing all over the arena; Mike Roach appears on the stage, long hair tied into a ponytail, with his customary taped hands and feet, with the BPA tee shirt slung over his shoulder*

Mike: "I thnk his luck just ran out..."

JD: "And his opponent...standing at 6 feet, 3 inches...and weighing in at an impressive 392 pounds...from Memphis, Tennessee...Mike 'Sassafras' Roach!"

*Roach's normal cocky smile is replaced by a cold look of contemplation and worry, as he walks to the ring*

AJ: "A new entrance for the big man. Quite impressive."
Mike: "And he's got the BPA shirt with him. The one NNTK gave him earlier."

*a short video plays, recapping the Roach/NNTK conversation from earlier, as Roach walks to the ring; the video ends, Roach climbs the ring steps and steps between the ropes, the lighting returns to normal, and Roach drops the BPA shirt in his corner*

Mike: "I kinda feel bad for this Adam kid..."

*the bell rings; Watkins and Roach face off in the middle of the ring, Roach looking indifferent, Watkins looking somewhat intimidated*

Mike: "Could you imagine looking up into those eyes and knowing that his main interest and high point of his evening is going to be to hurt you?"

*Roach looks down at the mat, and back at Watkins. Then, at the mat again. And back to Watkins.*

AJ: "What's he getting at?"

*Roach looks down at the mat and back at Watkins once again, and the young jobber finally gets the point and, out of intimidation, slowly lies down on the mat*

AJ: "Oh...I see."

*Roach places a gargantuan foot on Watkins's chest, and the ref reluctantly begins to count*


*Roach lifts his foot*

Mike: "I guess he decided against taking the victory that way!"

*Roach begins to climb the turnbuckle and Watkins moves to stand; Roach looks Watkins in the eyes and points down to the mat, prompting Watkins to lie back down*

AJ: "Wow. What presence."

*Roach climbs to the top rope and stands up straight*

Mike: "This is gonna hurt..."

*Roach points to the sky and delivers a diving elbow to Adam Watkins*

AJ: "Amazing tribute to the late, great 'Macho Man' Randy Savage!"
Mike: "Crushing!"

*Roach climbs onto Watkins's back and locks in the Humbler*

AJ: "One of these days, he's gonna rip a man in half with that move! A 400-pound Camel Clutch!"
Mike: "It's the Humbler! The Humbler!"

*Watkins takes little time to tap out; the ref calls for the bell*

JD: "Here is your winner, by way of submission, Mike 'Sassafras' Roach!"

*Roach rolls Watkins to the apron and exits the ring*

AJ: "What's he gonna do, now?!"

*Once on the floor, Roach lifts Watkins on his shoulders and carries him to the trainers and EMT's, who at this point are halfway down the ramp*

Mike: "Wow! An uncharacteristic display of mercy and sportsmanship from Big Sassafras!"

*Roach returns to the ring, takes his hair down, and paces, waiting*

AJ: "I believe the moment of truth has all but arrived..."

*"End of Everything" begins and NNTK makes his way to the ring*

Mike: "It appears so. NNTK is likely coming for his answer..."

*NNTK climbs into the ring and grabs the microphone from Dennis*

NNTK: "Very impressive, Mikey. It seems that you're only getting better, especially since our little talk earlier. Now that you've had time to think it over... *motions to Roach's corner, where the tee shirt lies on the mat*...the time has come, son."

*Roach nods and goes to pick up the shirt*

Mike: "What the...?"

*Roach retrieves the shirt and returns to the middle of the ring, face to face with NNTK; the crowd rumbles with suspense. Roach takes the microphone and begins to pace*

AJ: "This young man seems to have a lot on his mind. I just hope that the respect of the fans and his burgeoning success help him to make the right choice..."

Roach, still pacing: "Ya know...I've made my short career out of little more than defying what a big man can do in the ring...defying what a teenager can do in this business...and when I came to WWR, I immediately started doing things that were humanly disgusting...and I loved every minute of it. I was part of a family. And I loved it."

*NNTK smiles and slightly nods, in approval*

Roach continues: "And the 3 letters on this shirt represent that. They represent the family that you were responsible for myself being a big part of. You were almost like a dad to me, man. I never had one as a kid, and it felt great to have the approval of a father figure, for once. And as much as I respected your opinion, you've definitely made me think tonight...maybe you're right. Maybe I'm not nearly ready to be the face of WWR. Maybe I'm not nearly ready to challenge a Superstar the caliber of Vade Kruger. Maybe I'm not ready to take on you or Shane Lynas, either. In sum, I think I've made my decision."

*Roach drops the mic and begins to put the shirt on; the crowd explodes into jeers of disapproval*

Mike: "Mike, don't do it!"

*Just before pulling the shirt over his broad shoulders, Roach stops. He pulls the shirt off his head and picks the mic back up*

Roach: "Come to think of it...you're actually a lot like my biological father. A pathological liar. A self-serving bastard. A piece of garbage. I hate him, and I have no respect for him. As well as none for you. In fact, that 'family' got me nowhere...so..."

*Roach spits in NNTK's face; the crowd explodes into cheers of 'Sass-A-Fras'*

Mike: "Whoa!"

*NNTK, shocked, wipes the spit from his face and attacks Roach with several punches*

AJ: "And the fight is on!"

*Roach and NNTK trade vicious punches, causing security to come through the arena and into the ring to pull them apart. Once they're separated, they both break through the security personnel holding them back and continue the brawl*

Mike: "The hatred is so thick, it cuts through the WWR Security team!"

*Roach throws NNTK outside the ring and bounces off the opposing ropes, runs, and performs a suicide dive through the ropes to the outside, taking out NNTK and the security guards*

AJ: "Oh, my God! Amazing! A 400-pound dive to the outside, taking out anything in his path!"

*the fight continues and NNTK clotheslines Roach over the guardrail and into the audience*

AJ: "And now the safety of our fans in attendance is being compromised!"

*NNTK and Roach continue to trade shots until several wrestlers from the locker room come to assist security; some of the wrestlers and security drag Roach near the ring, and NNTK up the ramp and to the back*

Mike: "It appears that they're finally apart. But, man, was that intense!"

*Roach climbs back into the ring and picks up the BPA shirt. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Zippo lighter, igniting the shirt.*

AJ: "The BPA shirt is ablaze! That's a resounding 'no', from the bloodiest of the New Blood!"

*Just then, as the shirt burns, Tony Bastion comes out onto the stage*

Mike: "Uh-oh. They've clearly gotten the boss man's attention!"

Bastion: "Roach, you want NNTK? Do you want him?!"
Roach: "Hell f*cking yes!"
Bastion: "You've got him, at Mayhem! Give him Hell!"
Roach: "Patricide, boss!"

*Roach's typical arrogant grin etches itself across his face as the crowd cheers itself into a frenzy*

Mike: "Did you hear that? NNTK vs. Mike Roach at Mayhem!"
AJ: "Monumental news, there!"
Mike: "It's bound to be a make-or-break match for Big Sassafras!"

*Just then, as Roach is looking toward the entrance at Tony Bastion, Vade Kruger descends from the rafters and hits Roach in the back of the head with the WWR Championship belt*

AJ: "The champ just clobbered Sassafras!"
Mike: "He came from nowhere!"

*Kruger lifts Roach and delivers a Krugenator with relative ease*

AJ: "Amazing! He just delivered a Krugenator to the biggest competitor in WWR, and looked like it wasn't the least bit difficult!"
Mike: "With all of Roach's weight, if Kruger lands that move right one of these days, it'll break Roach's neck!"

*Kruger continues the attack on Roach with punches and kicks; Roach begins to fight back*

Mike: "That's it! Stand your ground, big man!"
AJ: "How is Roach even fighting back, after the brawl with NNTK, being nailed with the title belt, and receiving a Krugenator?!"
Mike: "It IS quite remarkable!"

*As Roach and Vade trade punches in the middle of the ring, NNTK and Lynas run to the ring to assist Kruger; the Origin quickly gain the upper hand*

AJ: "This is disgusting! When Roach tries to fight back, they just have to throw off the balance of power to benefit themselves!"

*As all 3 members of the Origin stomp and kick away at Roach, Alex Bourne and Viggo Dynamite run down the ramp*

Mike: "The cavalry is coming! Help has arrived!"

*Bourne attacks Kruger, Viggo attacks Lynas, and Roach begins to fight back against NNTK*

AJ: "This is a war!"

*Roach powerbombs NNTK and throws him from the ring; NNTK retreats to he back, holding his neck*

AJ: "Antidote! And NNTK is outta there!"
Mike: "That's one down!"

*Dynamite hits the Viggoplex on Lynas; Lynas follows suit of NNTK*

AJ: "A solid Viggoplex, and Lynas is gone, as well!"
Mike: "And I don't think Vade is yet aware that he's all alone in there!"

*Bourne attempts the Cutthroat Driver, but Vade pushes him off*

AJ: "The champion might be more aware than we realize."

*Roach is waiting behind Vade and attempts a Samoan Drop, but Vade slides off Roach's shouders, grabs his title, and bails from the ring*

AJ: "What a coward! For once, be the courageous Vade Kruger we always knew, and finish your battle!"

*Vade smiles evilly and walks up the ramp with his championship in hand*

Mike: "Nah, he's outta here! Impressive work by Roach, Bourne, and Dynamite."

*Roach shakes hands with both Bourne and Dynamite, before leaving the ring and walking up the ramp*


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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by kirbs2002 » Jun 22nd, '11, 16:16

The show returns. The lights dim down as the arena turns to black as the opening rift to Overlord by Black Label Society begins to play. Purple and green lights start to flash through out the arena, the fans don't know what to expect as they neither cheer or boo as a man steps out onto stage, he's wearing blue jeans and a white shirt with a red “S” with a sword cutting through it. His long black hair covers his face as he makes his way down the ramp to the ring, he stops and looks at the ring, he then looks to his left and to his right as he brushes his hair back from his face, he then steps up the stairs and onto the ring apron. He looks over the crowded arena with a little smirk on his face, he wipes his feet on the apron as he slips between the top and middle rope.

Solurex: Ladies and Gentlemen, you all are most likely wondering just who the hell I am, well I am the next big thing here in the World Wrestling Revolution, I will be the one person that goes straight to the damn top and become known as either the best champion the Revolution has ever seen, or I will be simply known as the man that puts people on the shelf.

The crowed boo's and jeer's him, he just smiles as he paces inside the ring, he then stops by a turnbuckle, he places his left foot on the middle buckle hops up and sits down on the top one

Solurex: What you idiots fail to grasp is yes, everything I have said is the exact same thing any other bad guy has ever said inside this ring, but what you fail to understand, what you need to know is that I can and I will do everything I can in order to become not just the best champion in the Revolution's history, but to be the one single man that everyone is scared as hell to enter the same ring with me. No matter how big and bad they think they are, you see I love to wrestle, I even love to put on a show for you slack-jawed idiot's, but one thing I love better then that is to cash checks and break necks.

The crowd starts throwing cups of beer and other forms of trash into the ring at him as the boo loudly, he smiles and chuckles as he steps off the turn buckle, walks to the middle of the ring, he bends down and picks up a cup.

Solurex: what is this? Are you dumb-ass's trying to tell me that you are nothing but trash ? Well that is something we can agree on, you lazy fat-ass worthless pieces of trash can only boo, cheer or throw trash, because your don't have the balls to try to do half the things I can and will do. Hell I really doubt and I'm willing to bet, you fat F-word's run out of breath just getting off the couch to walk into the kitchen just to feed your in fatness.

Now yes I do know and understand that there's a skinny person inside of every fat person, but what the hell? Did you *censored* eat the starving people in new guinea?, I'm willing to bet when you all see the sign “all you can eat” you take it as a personal challenge. Anyways for the main reason I am out here. It's to put everyone in the back and everyone in the offices on notice that I will make myself known here in the Revolution, by hook or crook, but no matter what I will be making an Impact here one way or another.

the fans boo him as “Overlord” starts to play over the P.A, he flips a few fans off as he heads to the ropes to exit the ring, when all of a sudden “Sign of Evil “ starts to hits the P.A as Fergal Kiley steps out onto the stage, a small smirk crosses his lips as he makes his way down to the ring.

Hoo boy! Here comes trouble for Solurex!

I can bet that Kiley isn't out here to have a chat with him!

Solurex starts pointing at Kiley and motions for him to bring it. Kiley steps over the top rope as Raven attacks him as he enters the ring, but Kiley just pushes Solurex to the mat, Raven gets back to his feet as Kiley approaches him, Kiley grabs Solurex by the throat, picks him up off the ground slightly and throws Solurex into the turnbuckle, Raven hits the mat holding his neck as he gets up, he charges Kiley and delivers a dropkick to the big mans knee, Kiley falls to his knee's as Solurex hits the ropes, comes back and hits a big boot to the big man's face as a Referee comes running down and enters the ring and calls for the bell to start the match as the fans boo Solurex as he has a slight advantage on the big Kiley.

Well, I guess we have a match here.

Raven starts putting the boots to Kiley's ribs trying to keep the big man down, but Kiley gets up to his knee's as Solurex yells at the crowd to shut the hell up, Kiley starts to get to his feet as Raven gets behind the big man and applies the Cobra Clutch to Fergal.

Kiley in a bad spot early on.

The Ref checks on Kiley, raising the big mans arm, as it the crowd starts to chant his name, the Ref checks his arm again, this time it doesnt fall, the fans start to chant as the big man gets to his feet, Raven still holding on, but lets go as the big man falls backwards into the turnbuckle, pancaking Raven. Kiley shakes his head to clear the cobwebs, he turns to Solurex who's stepping out of the corner only to be met with a stiff right hand from Fergal. Solurex staggers as he's met with another right hand followed by a left, Kiley grabs Solurex and sends him into the far corner, he charges in after Solurex, but Solurex steps up from the middle turnbuckle to the top, Kiley stops and focus' as Solurex leaps off the top rope with a big clothesline, knocking Kiley back, he then hits the ropes and spears the the bigger man.

It's just going from bad to worse for Kiley now.

Solurex then grabs Kiley by the hair, drags him to his feet. He then sends Kiley into the rope as the big man bounces off the ropes he's met with a big arm drag flip, both men get to their feet, they lock-up, Kiley pushes Solurex into the ropes and sends him to the far side, Kiley goes for a big boot, buy Solurex ducks, hits the opposite ropes and hits Kiley with a flying forearm smash. Cover by Solurex.


Two... Kickout by Kiley.

Solurex then throws a few forearm smashes and goes for another pin.


Two... Kiley bucks Solurex off and gets to his feet.

Raven then charges at Kiley and hits an overhand chop that causes Kiley to look at his chest then back at Raven. Kiley then shakes his head, pushes Raven into the corner and follows him in. Kiley then pushes Raven's head back and cracks Solurex with an overhand chop, causing Raven to fall to the mat and eliciting an "Ooh!" from the crowd.

It's almost like he told Raven "THIS is how you do it!"

Raven gasps for air as Kiley backs up and beckons Raven to come at him. Solurex then rushes Kiley and hits a flurry of overhand chops, causing Kiley to stagger backwards. Raven turns away and laughs mockingly and then goes back to Kiley, walking right into an outstretched hand that wraps around his throat!

That's why you don't take your eyes off your opponent in the ring.

Kiley then wide-eye glares at Raven, lifting him off the mat. As the referee starts to count, Kiley throws Solurex into a corner, then charges, punting Raven in the head with a running big boot. Raven stumbles out, and into a sidewalk slam by Kiley. Kiley with a cover.


Two... Kickout by Solurex.

The tables have turned, as they often do in professional wrestling. Kiley is not clearly in control.

Kiley continues the assault with a falling headbutt, causing Solurex to sit up. Solurex then slowly gets to his feet, Kiley then applies a waistlock and takes over Raven with a German suplex. Raven gets up a little slower than before, Kiley maintains the waistlock and takes him over with another German. Solurex has trouble getting up, but gets to his feet, only to be taken over yet another time with a German suplex. Kiley bridges this time for a pin.



Thr-Kickout by Raven.

Kiley gets up and eyes Raven, as he struggles to get up. Kiley then plants a kick to Raven's back, grabs his head and drops him with a neckbreaker. They both get up and Raven pushes Kiley away into the ropes. As Kiley rebounds off, Raven ducks for a back body drop, but Kiley jumps and delivers a dropkick to Raven's head, causing him to tumble out of the ring. Kiley then walks to a corner and kneels, watching Raven. At a count of four, Raven gets up onto the apron and starts to get into the ring, but Kiley blasts him with a running knee smash!

That'll wake you up!

Raven just hangs limp over the second rope, and Kiley gets a big grin. Kiley applies a front facelock, gets onto the second rope, and falls back to spike Raven with a DDT! Kiley then picks up Raven, and lifts him up for a powerbomb, but Raven counters with a Guillotine choke to prevent Kiley from dropping him!

What a counter!

Kiley then drops to his knees and his arms go limp. The referee checks, and Kiley's arm falls.


The referee lifts up Kiley's arm and... it falls again.


What a turn! If his arm falls again, that's it!

The referee lifts up Kiley's arm one last time and... it clubs Solurex in the back, but doesn't break the hold. He clubs Solurex again, this time in the shoulders, causing Raven to yelp in pain, but still maintaining the hold. Kiley lifts his arm up once more, shaking, and clubs Solurex in the back of his neck, which finally frees Kiley from the hold. Kiley grimaces and massages his throat as Raven writhes on the mat holding the back of his neck, but both competitors are down so the referee starts a double countout.





Five! Raven scoots to a corner.



Eight! Kiley sits up and gets to his feet as Raven uses the ropes to get to his feet.

Kiley grabs a hold of Raven but Raven buries a knee in Kiley's abdomen and climbs the turnbuckle, rebounds and drops Kiley with a bulldog. Raven is quick to get up as Kiley gets to his knees. Raven grabs Kiley, tucks his head, lifts him up and finishes with a piledriver!

Raven now mounting a comeback.

Kiley rolls onto his back, and Raven wastes no time twisting Kiley into a Boston Crab. Kiley starts to slowly scoot to the ropes and just as he's about to grab hold of the bottom rope, Solurex pulls Kiley back to the middle of the ring, and transitions into a Liontamer, kneeling on Kiley's head.

It just got worse for Kiley! Can he get out of this submission? Or will Raven be the first to submit Kiley?

Kiley thrashes around, and manages to get Solurex's knee off his head. Kiley starts to get to the ropes, stretches out an arm and... grabs the bottom rope! Solurex waits until four to break the hold. As Kiley gets to his feet, Raven applies an inverted facelock and drops him with an inverted DDT. Kiley is slow to get up, but as he does, he gets dropped with a dropkick.

Kiley got out of the submission, but is still in trouble.

Raven picks up Kiley and goes to whip him into the corner, but Kiley reverses to send Solurex into the corner, but Raven jumps up onto the top turnbuckle and rebounds with a headscissors, but Kiley counters by holding on to Raven and dropping him with a sit-out powerbomb!

Amazing! Kiley now looking to put away Raven!

Kiley grabs up Raven, tucks his head and... freezes with a blank stare! Raven wastes no time back body dropping Kiley off. Raven quickly bolts to the ropes, gets to the top turnbuckle and rebounds off with a Phoenix Splash! Into a pin!




The bell rings to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

The winner of this match, Raven Solurex!

Raven wipes his face and raises his hand victoriously. He then stumbles up the ramp towards backstage, as Kiley sits up in a corner trying to regain his bearings.

And Kiley's funk continues. Something is definitely not right here.

Something deep must be afflicting him. Last Vortex, he froze just like tonight, and on last week's Mayhem, he just walked out on the match. He'd better hope he can find his winning ways again or he might find himself out of WWR soon.

Kiley gets out of the ring and a referee tries to help him to the back, only to get pushed down. Kiley stumbles up the ramp as the show fades to commercial.
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by KILLdozer » Jun 22nd, '11, 19:25

Camera cuts to the backstage interview area where JD stands by ,microphone in hand,as NNTK stands next to him and soon the crowd begins to roar with boos.

JD:"I'm here with my guest at this time,member of The Origin ,NNTK. NNTK,you've got a big tag team match later on stemming from you and the rest of Origins actions against Tommy Hawk,its going to be you and your fellow former Prophecy member Robert Randall taking on Chris Everlast and Hawk,what are your thoughts?

NNTK:My thoughts? Youd like to know what I think about those two? Well one of thems a wrong place wrong time wannabe hero..Hawk,Ive said it before and Ill say it again,This had nothing to do with you,I sent your friends Azande and Pontiac out of here drenched in their own blood on stretchers as they rode in ambulances to the local hospital. Like I said earlier tonight,I understand you may want to get even with me,pay back your fallen downed comrades,but why?Why would you want a fight with a man like me after seeing the things im capable of? What happened to them was only an example ,a message to everyone around here who wants to come in here after Lynas Vade and myself built this place you stand in off our own blood and tears,WE made WWR the huge promotion it is today, noone else..and War Party and the rest like them didnt even show the slightest appreciation,,not one "thank you" "we appreciate it",nothin..Thats what this is all about JD..ungrateful unwanted and unwelcome pieces of absolute filth coming into the house we made...Hawk,As I just said that was nothing,Im going to break your neck out in that ring tonight..then youll join the two of your friends in a bed next to theirs...

Now for you,Everlast...Youve made the wrong choice..Your as stupid as Hawk is if you think helping him was the right choice,,completely wrong choice. You saw firsthand what were capable of,and you and everyone else around here KNOW what Randall and I are capable of..So see that right there puzzles me..almost kind of confuses me,,with the knowledge that you have..Why would you make such a reckless,brainless decision? You may just prove to be one of the shortest reigning champions ever..Because after tonight,you're not gonna be in any shape to be having any matches no time soon."

Fans boo tremendously,,louder then before,as NNTK walks off away from JD .

JD:"Well AJ back over to you guys!"

Camera cuts away back to the announce table

AJ:"Thanks JD,,Talk about nasty,,Very harsh,cold,violent and threatening words from NNTK directed towards his opponents..."

Mike:"You said it,we are gonna have a blockbuster main event when that match rolls around!"

AJ:"Now about what we saw last week though with -Wait a minute Mike Ive just received word that weve got something going on backstage,lets see whats happening!"

The camera cuts back to backstage and right at that moment NNTK is jumping into the air,,boot colliding with the head of The Berg...

AJ:"Oh man! That was a Lifetaker Kick on the Berg! What for though?!? He did nothing to him!"

Camera pans over some slightly to the side and Robert Randall is shown grabbing Coreno from behind,dropping him to the floor with an inverted DDT

Mike:"And Randall just sneak attacked Coreno from behind! DDT right on the back of the head! Like the men or not AJ theres no reason for this!"

NNTK stands back some away from Berg whose on the floor,he slowly rises then NNTK runs in and nails him with another Lifetaker kick to the head,dropping him again..

AJ:"Another one! God damn it man this is getting out of hand!"

Randall begins to stomp Coreno as he lays on the floor still favoring the head from the DDT,,Randall repeatedly stomps Coreno in the face ,over and over as he lays in several boots just stomping all over him ,kicking away,really doing a number on him..

Mike:"Look at that,,there back there assaulting two defenseless men for absolutely nothing!"

NNTK still stands over the Berg again,,this time hes slower to get back up,as Berg makes it slowly to his feet with all his strength,NNTK flys in with a third Lifetaker Kick,,this time busting him open as Berg collapes to the ground.

Coreno is trying to clutch at Randall from the ground,trying to pull himself up on his shorts,but Randall quickly drops him again with a heavy left hook..Randall picks him up back to his feet,gives him a quick sharp kick in the gut,,hooks both arms,slightly twists his hands some to the side,then jumps into the air,,spinning around in a complete circle with a gator roll as he falls forward,planting Coreno on his face with a thud...

AJ:OH ! Thats a move weve never seen Randall use before! And man was it devasting!

NNTK leans down and grabs Berg around the neck with both hands,lifting him right off the floor from the horizontal position straight into the air with ease..NNTK then throws him backwards through the air forcefully,,Berg collides into a large rolling cart behind him with a heavy crash,it goes falling to the floor with another crash and Berg is laid out on top of it spread eagle..

NNTK and Randall step towards Coreno...Randall leans down over him...

Randall:"What youve just felt there is called the "Sword of Chaos",,Thats only the first of many to come around here.."

The crowd boos extremely loud as NNTK and Randall walk off

AJ:"OUT OF HAND. That was just ridiculous,,No call for any of that at all,,,Coreno and Berg have never ever been liked at all around here but regardless of that theyre human beings who didnt deserve any of that..They never had a chance,never even saw them coming..."

Mike:"Just way too far,,just unwarranted,,undeserving,vicious attack from NNTK and Randall,,Like you said I dont care how much you hate the two goof dumbasses,,that was completely out of line,,theyve gotta be hurt bad,,Theyre both out cold and Berg is visibly bleeding... Possibly Coreno too....and when he threw him into that cart...my god...weve gotta get some help back there.."

Trainers and referees rush to the back as the show cuts to commercial...
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by Robert Randall » Jun 24th, '11, 20:19

the show returns from commercial

The Berg & Coreno are being wheeled out on stretchers and being placed into seperate ambulances

the camera goes out to AJ and Mike

AJ: "That sure was a heinous attack by Randall and NNTK."

Mike: "You're certainly not lying"

AJ: "We hope to have updates for you soon."

Mike: "Definitely, but for now lets get ready for our main event tag team match."
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by kirbs2002 » Jun 24th, '11, 21:33

But first, our crew has tracked down Beautifully Dangerous to a nearby bar, and apparently Kayla and Nina have some words to share with the WWR Tag Team Champions. Let's go live now.

The camera fades to a bar, where Kayla and Nina are sitting, each with a drink. Kayla is wearing a white wife-beater and a lowcut miniskirt, while Nina wears a somewhat revealing strapless dress. A heavy portion of the males in the show audience give various cat-calls.

I haven't got to see your reactions to know that every man is drooling at us. Don't get any ideas, though, we haven't sold out to become mindless, talentless fanservice.

Keep in mind, "beautiful" is part of our collective name. On the topic of fanservice, Nina, what about those tag team champions we got here in WWR?

Them an' their skanky lil' putas haven't got a hope against the collective force of us, hermana. They might think of ladies as their little toys, but we damn sure ain't anyone's toys.

Unless your idea of fun is a loaded gun to yer head. Believe it or not, there's those who get off on that. Since those pubescent, hormone-plagued little boys, ... what's their name again, sis?

"Awesome Booty." I know, what the f*ck kind of name is that?

Kayla and Nina laugh as they repeat the name.

Since those teenagers-trapped-in-men are likely watching, and probably doing god-knows-what at the sight of us, we're going to be clear. Your titles will be ours. You think those little skanks that follow you around are real women, you're out of your league with us.

Nina sips her drink. Kayla looks away from the bar and then raises an eyebrow.

Well, speak of the devil.

An audible wolf-whistle is heard. The camera pans over to show Awesome Booty walking in, alone. The crowd pops as they walk over to Kayla and Nina.

What brings you chicos around here? Shouldn't you be playing with yourselves?

And where's those dumb broads that follow you around?

They had other plans. Besides, we wouldn't bring them when we're looking for... other babes to accompany us.

Really, now? That's cute, thinkin' yer gonna get us.

How so? Are you... more than sisters?

You'd like to think so, wouldn't you? I've known her too long to be that kind of into her.

We're plenty into men, just most men consider us to be too much woman for them.


I bet we could drink you little boys under the table.

Hah! Anyone can say that, but can you back it?

Loser pays the tab.

This'll be way too much fun, but I'm game.

You're going to get us drunk and try to have your way, aren't you?

You know it!

You're my kind of scumbag. Yer on! Prepare to pay up!

Lead the way, baby!

The four of them walk off. As the camera catches Nina smacking BBBD on his rear, the show cuts to the final commercial break.
Reality TV is faker than "fake" wrestling!

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 6

Post by KILLdozer » Jun 25th, '11, 22:03

AJ:"Were back on WWR Vortex on Monday night,,and man has it been one hell of a crazy night here as always,,and the main event tag team match is gonna happen in just a few minutes!"

Mike:"This Prophecy reunion of sorts weve been talking about all night is about to go down,I only hope things dont get of out of control like they already have earlier! "

The camera then cuts to somewheres in the backstage area,With Origin and Sons Of Fortune all standing around together,all of them talking things over with each other but it cant be made out what theyre saying,they appear to planning something out and coming up with an idea for the match.

As NNTK and Vade are turned talking to each other,Vade suddenly seems to lose his train of thought or something,and he stops talking and appears to be deep in thought somewheres else..NNTK stands looking at him waiting a moment,then as quickly as he went away Vade resumes talking again and he and NNTK continue..

All of them continuing talking as it cant be heard what exactly is being said over all the voices,then they turn and walk off towards the ring,NNTK can be heard saying::"Tonight we do it." As he and Randall begin walking up to the front of everyone else as the show cuts to a commercial..

The show returns to Undead playing as Randall walks out with the Sons of Fortune to heavy boos.

JD:"From Worcester Massachusetts,Weighing in at 245 Pounds,He is accompanied by Leah Luxon and The Sons of Fortune,ROBERT RANDALL!"

Randall wears a black SoF basketball jersey with gold trim ,with "Randall" and the number 90 0n the back,black jean shorts with "SoF' going down the right leg vertically,black tape around the left wrist and also around the right hand,and black sneakers.

Randall takes the shirt off and rudely throws it in a fans face too boos from the crowd.

AJ:"What the hell was going on back there,,did you see Kruger?!? What the hell was he doing,Daydreaming? And What about NNTK saying "Tonight we do it" ? Do WHAT? "

Mike:I dont know,there was so much goin on at once back there we couldnt tell what was being said by who,but obsivously theyre up to something,Remember what they did to The Berg and Coreno?!?

Now "The End Of Everything" plays loudly over the speakers to a storm of boos and the lights go out and come back on as flames shoot up into the air from the turnbuckle as NNTK walks out with Lynas And Kruger.

NNTK wears a black hockey mask,plain short black gloves, black knee pads and plain black boots, and wears black trunks that say "Origin" in the front in black highlighted with lime green around the edges,and "NNTK" on the back in black highlighted by lime green as well.His arms, hands neck and body are covered with black and red dark gothic and tribal tattoos all over all the way aound.

JD:And his tag team partner ,,From The Netherworld,Weighing in at 285 pounds,Accompanied by Shane Lynas and The WWR World Champion "The Instrument Of Destruction" Vade Kruger...NNTK!

The crowd boos louder than before now as The Origin walks down the ramp

AJ:"And Now here we go,Here comes The Origin. The men who have stated over and over they made this company by themselves!"

Origin continues down the ramp and NNTK gets in the ring ducking in under the top rope,,he grabs JD around the neck,choking him as the crowd boos..

He takes the microphone away from him and then pushes him backwards until hes up against the ropes,NNTK then shoves him backwards to the outside over the ropes down to the floor as the crowd boos even louder.

AJ:"Come on NNTK hes a god damn announcer! Get your hands off him for cryin out loud"!

NNTK now stands alone in the middle of the ring alone with the microphone.

NNTK:Now tonight everybodys been talking about a Prophecy reunion tonight with me and Randall teaming in a match..Well that being said,,We cant have a Prophecy reunion without one certain person...That being said..Id like to introduce to you all..My special guest of honour here tonight...

The crowd boos at this then silences with anticipation and genuwine curiosity.

AJ:"What?!? Whos he talking about?! That means theres another Ex Prophecy member in here tonight!!!"

Mike:"You dont think it could be..."

Suddenly the camera shoots over to the crowd at ringside,and Earth Child is shown sitting in the front row right behind the barricade!

The crowd boos her loudly as she sits grinning widely at NNTK,the same way weve seen her do several times before..

NNTK:"Thats right,Please welcome my guest of honour for the night,Earth Child."

AJ:"NO way! Earth Child is his "guest"?!?" "You heard Heather and Angel Dust talking about it earlier,shes a former WWR Womens Champion,She had one hell of a reign here!"

Mike:"Oh man I dont believe this,The three founding members of The Prophecy are here tonight at ringside!"'

NNTK drops the microphone and waits in the ring back in the corner as Randall stands on the apron while The rest of Origin and SoF stand at ringside around the ring as they await Hawk and Everlast.

Its so easy plays to a loud good pop from the fans and Everlast comes out with the continetal title strapped around his waist.

JD:"And theyre opponent,From Miami,Florida,weighing in at 226 pounds,He is The WWR Continental Champion,Chris Everlast!"

Everlast walks down and raises the the belt into the air to huge cheers from the crowd and he sets it at ringside and stands on the apron waiting for Hawk.

Trail of tears plays to a big ovation from the fans as Tommy Hawk walks out down the ramp staring at the ring.

Mike:"Lets take a quick look back at what happened on Mayhem and how this match really came about."

A clip plays quickly showing NNTK and Lynas running through the crowd and costing Hawk the title match as Vade has the referee distracted.

The crowd boos loudly as the clips fades out.

Hawk now gets down to the ring and NNTK comes out of the corner approaching him .

Ref:"Get back let him in the ring NNTK!"

NNTK pays no mind to this though as Hawk slides in the ring under the ropes and NNTK attacks him immediately,stomping him quickly several times.

NNTK then begins dropping elbows on him over and over then begins to hammer down on him with shots to the back of the head and neck,knocking him to the mat.

The crowd boos heavily as NNTK lets up finally as he stands back over Hawk,the ref gets on him to "get off him like that"

The bell rings now,Hawk sits up and NNTK runs forward jumping and dropkicks him in the face,knocking him back over,NNTK pulls him by the head and neck into a front facelock,then spins him around into an inverted facelock,drops him down backfirst across one knee,then spins around as he drops him to the mat with a neckbreaker.

AJ:Talk about an early start! NNTK's been all over him since before the bell even!"

NNTK pulls him up by the neck and twists him around,then holds him by the neck,then he lifts him overhead quickly with ease,holding him over his head with a press,then throws him forwards across one knee gutfirst..

AJ:"Military Press Gutbuster BY NNTK!"

Mike:"Couple of huge moves there from NNTK,,the backbreaker neckbreaker combo before that!"

NNTK tags in Randall and Randall goes to the top,NNTK lifts Hawk up and slams him across the knee with a backbreaker,he holds him in place as Randall flys off the top and nails hawk with a sick elbow in the face,sending him backflipping off NNTK''s knee.

The crowd lets out boos at the illegal double teaming as NNTK leaves the ring.

Randall with the cover.


Kickout at one at one and a half,Randall picks him up and gives him a scoop body slam sending him to the mat.

Cover by Randall.


Kickout again at one and a half,Randall picks him up fires him off the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline.

Randall tags in NNTK,who comes in and drops Hawk with a running enzugiri as he gets up.

NNTK walks over and jumps up into the air and lands on T Hawk with a body splash.

NNTK goes into the cover.

AJ:"One! Kickout from Hawk at one and three quarters."

Mike:Man,Thats quite A good sized man jumping on you like that.

NNTK tags in Randall,Who jumps off the top rope with a hightime leg drop,then lifts him up.

He whips him off the ropes,and goes for a clotheline,Hawk ducks it and comes back with a clothesline of his own,he grabs Randall who rakes him across the face as the crowd boos heavily.

Randall picks him up to his feet,kicks him in the gut doubling him over,then lifts him overhead down to the mat with a vertical suplex.Randall goes to pick him up for another bodyslam but hawk slips down over his shoulder and pushes him to the ropes,then dropkicks him in the back when he comes back.He then runs over to Everlast making the tag to cheers from the crowd.

Everlast comes in over the ropes with a springboard dropkick on randall,then he lets him stand and runs in with a flying crossbody to more cheers from the fans.

Cover by everlast.

AJ:One! Kickout by randall at one and a half.

Everlast picks him up for a german suplex and throws him back,but before he can turn around NNTK runs in and hits a lariat from behind,then turns him around and grabs him around the neck,then lifts him up with a one armed chokeslam and throws him to the mat then leaves the ring to big boos from the crowd.

Randall is up now and grabs Everlasts legs and locks in a figure four,laying flat back on the mat.

Everlast gets over to the ropes eventually,and randall refuses to break,the ref counts all the way to four,then he finally gets up and lets go.

AJ:Break the hold Rope Break come on Randall!

Randall tags in NNTK who comes in and turns him over and slaps on an ankle lock in the middle of the ring.

NNTK stands straight up grabbing the ankle with both hands,everlast reaches out for the ropes in pain.

AJ:Hes got the ankle lock on tight and thats a much bigger man for Everlast to try to pull across the ring.

Everlast still trys to get across,grabbing his head with pain,the crowd begins to chant for him to rally him up,He slowly starts to inch across the ring,but every time he gets further,NNTK stops him and drags him back over.

This goes on for several minutes until finally everlast manages to somehow get to the ropes,grabbing onto them.

NNTK refuses to break the ankle lock though,the ref counts to four and NNTK lets go and tags Randall.

He lines up on the apron behind Everlast,waits for him to turn around and hits the springboard spear,taking him down.

AJ:Cover! One! Two! Kickout from Everlast just at two.

Everlast is pulled up by Randall and jumps out of nowheres hitting a picture perfect dropkick to a pop from the crowd.

Everlast jumps and stomps him in the gut with both feet,then goes for a cover,NNTK runs in and drops an elbow in the back of the head of Everlast .

NNTK throws everlast across the ring roughly by the hair,and leaves the ring,this gives randall enough time and space for a tag,NNTK comes in and Everlast runs towards him.

NNTK drops him with a swinging lariat,Everlast gets up then another lariat,another and then another swinging lariat as he pulls everlast up shortarm style.

NNTK goes for another lariat but Everlast ducks and when NNTK comes across tommy comes in and dropkicks him in the face knocking him back to cheers from the crowd.

Everlast runs and dropkicks NNTK as well now,,then tags in Hawk quickly who runs in with another dropkick on NNTK,knocking him down again.

AJ:Look at this Hawk and everlast managing to keep NNTK off his feet here,and thats what they need to keep doing if they want to avoid his intense strength.

Hawk now jumps running at NNTK and slings him over with a hurricanrana,,then he tags in Everlast and they both go the apron together to cheers from the crowd.

AJ:What are they thinking here!?

Mike:This could be huge!

They both hit the ropes and springboard off towards NNTK in the ring going for a double clothesline,but they both get caught at the last second around the neck as NNTK lifts them both into the air by the throat and slams them down double chokeslamming them both .

The crowd lets out a collective gasp followed by boos as NNTK stands over them both.

AJ:Oh my god,he just chokeslammed the both of them at one time like they were small children!

Mike:Thats the strength you were talking about!

NNTK slides Hawk out the ring and covers Everlast.

AJ:One! Two! Kickout at two and a half from Everlast!

NNTK picks Everlast up in a front facelock and drags him to the ropes backwards,then picks him up with a suplex lift and takes him over,letting him drape out across the top rope,,NNTK then sits down and sends Everlast crashing down with a neckbreaker.

Mike:Cover!One Two! Kickout from Everlast at two and a half!

NNTK jumps into the air and hits a knee drop in the face,then another right after.He picks everlast up sending him Off the ropes but he ducks and he comes back NNTK goes for a lariat but Everlast ducks again,comes back and wraps NNTK up with an armtrap neckbreaker.

Everlast tags in Hawk who goes to the top rope as NNTK gets up and he jumps off but NNTK counters him with a shot in the face dropping him out the air. NNTK lifts him up grabbing him around the head,then pushes him into the corner with a claw hold,then as he maintains the claw,he grabs the tights and slams him down in the corner with a claw chokeslam combination.

NNTK pulls him out to the middle of the ring and covers .

AJ:One! Two! Everlast in to break it up!

NNTK gets up turning around,and Everlast jumps at him going to dive on him,but NNTK sends him backwards with a big boot to the chest.

But as NNTK turns backs to Hawk,hes coming off the top rope with a flying forearm smash,and he hits NNTK in the face,knocking him down to a big cheer from the fans.

Hawk comes off the top rope and hits a nice diving moonsault off the ropes,,then he backs up as NNTK gets up , he runs in nailing a shining wizard to the face. Hawk runs in again and takes NNTK over with a somersault neckbreaker,then goes for the cover.

AJ:One! Two! Kickout from NNTK!

Hawk runs off the ropes and hits a running shooting star elbow on NNTK,He lets him rise and goes to spit the green mist War Cry,,NNTK ducks tho and Hawk turns around and gets hit with a throat thrust from NNTK.

Mike;OH NNTK turning things around.

NNTK Lifts him up with both hands around the neck straight from the mat into the air high overhead,then sits down slamming Hawk down onto his back and puts his hands across the chest right into a cover.

AJ:One ! Two! Kickout from hawk at two and a half again!

NNTK pulls him up,then slings him off the ropes and Hawk goes to jump on NNTK's shoulders,And he holds onto him and runs across the ring throwing him with a powerbomb.

NNTK tags in Randall,Who comes in and hits an elbow drop to the gut,then to the face,he then jumps up leg dropping him in the face,then he tags out and NNTK comes in.

Randall stands in front and NNTK behind Hawk,As he gets to his feet Randall hits a clothesline at the exact same time NNTK chopblocks the leg out from behind as they knock him for a flip.

AJ:Big double team move!

The crowd boos as the ref orders Randall out the ring,NNTK whips Hawk off the ropes and Hawk comes back with a dropkick to the knee,he drops NNTK to one knee then runs in with a dropkick to the face,then he hits a rolling thunder to the gut of NNTK and tags in Everlast.

Everlast picks NNTK up and hits three germans in row,,then he he lets him up waiting and grabs him and drops him on his head with a spike ddt to huge cheers from the crowd.

Everlast looks at Hawk on the apron and out to the crowd and says to hawk ,"Do you want him?" Hawk nods with a grin and comes into the ring with a cheer from the crowd.

AJ:Oh man,looks like Tommy might finally be getting some retribution on NNTK here,Come on T!

Randall quickly runs in at Hawk,but hes intercepted by Everlast to loud cheers,Everlast jumps and dropkicks him in the face,then slings him out the ring with a twisting hurricanrana to bigger cheers.

Mike:Randall taken care of! I bet that felt good for Everlast there!

Hawk points to the top with a smile to cheers from the fans and goes up top over the downed NNTK,Hawk goes for the "Scalped em" shooting star leg drop,but at the last second as hawk comes down ,NNTK rolls out of the way and T Hawk hits nothing but mat..

NNTK rolls to the corner and sits up for a minute and looks at Randall across the ring on the outside still whos just starting to get up and shakes his head nodding a few times,,Randall returns the gesture and nods back...

Randall then starts waving his hands at the Jones brothers and James North and pointing to the ring and shouting at them.

The three of them nod and enter the rings on all sides of Hawk and Everlast now enters as well to fight with Hawk,,NNTK is rising to his feet in the corner behind them..

AJ:Hey! Whats going on ?!? NNTK looks at Randall,Nods ,Randall nods back and orders the Sons of Fortune in,but Everlast and Hawk are gonna stand and fight anyways!!!

Everlast goes after Randall quickly and Hawk goes after James North,Quickly though the Jones turn the tide,,jumping on them both,and NNTK turns and nods to Lynas and Kruger and they nod back and slide in as well now.

Mike;Origins in there too now! This doesnt look good at all for Everlast and Hawk!

Evan Jones grabs Everlast in a flapjack over the shoulder and Marcus Jones grabs his head in a DDT clutch as they drop and hit the Gotcha nailing the Flapjack/DDT combination..

Randall motions North to the top rope and he goes up and jumps off and hits Everlast across the neck with the Headhunter to more boos from the crowd.

Origin begins to attack Hawk,NNTK stands behind him and bends down, lifts him on his shouders in an eletric chair,and Lynas flys off the top with a clothesline sending Hawk flying off NNTKs Shoulders.

Sons of Fortune are jumping Everlast together,and NNTK whips Hawk off the ropes.

The bell is ringing over and over now as the fans boo wildly.

Hawk hits the ropes and suddenly Earth Child jumps the rail and runs and grabs his ankle holding him in place!

AJ:Hey!!! Did you see that!?! EC just jumped the rail and tripped up T Hawk! This is getting way out of control the refs done thrown the match out!

The crowd boos massively and Hawk turns around arguing with EC as she shouts at him angrily,While hes turned around distracted,,NNTK grabs him under one arm ,then puts his other arm across the throat locking in a Half Nelson Choke.("Devil's Choke":Standing Tazmission)

NNTK jerks him back away from the ropes through the air with the choke,locking it in tighter as EC laughs at Hawk from ringside..

NNTK still chokes him while Hawk steadily trys to fight out,trying to get one of NNTK's arms loose somehow,but Hawk starts to fade as hes losing energy slowly.

Hawk starts to stop fighting back now more and more as NNTK puts more and more pressure on,after a few minutes NNTK swings Hawk through the air as his eyes shut and he passes out unconscious and NNTK throws him to the mat letting go finally.

NNTK steps back to heavy boos from the crowd as Sons of fortune and Kruger and Lynas are all jumping on Everlast now in the corner.

AJ:Oh my god,NNTK just choked Tommy Hawk right out with that move! Look Mike hes flat out unconscious now Everlast is alone with Origin and The Sons!

Mike:Tommy tried to fight back and get loose but it was no use NNTK just absolutely overpowered him,straight up dominated him!

NNTK now goes over to Everlast too and begins to join in as they all hit with gang like strikes beating him down to heavy boos..

Jones Brothers get him up and hit another Flapjack DDT combo and slam Everlast down.

AJ:My GOD this is getting out of control now! These guys are in a lot of trouble,could this be what they were planning earlier and What NNTK meant by :"Tonight we do it." ?

Everlast is laid out in the corner and hawk is still out cold as well.

Randall and NNTK look at each other now for a minute,then they both nod at one time and Randall makes a motion to the outside and they both go outside of the ring.

AJ:Where are they going?

NNTK lifts up the apron and he and Randall reach out and pull out a glass table...

The fans collectively gasp at this and then go into stunned silence.

AJ:Oh my god! Thats a glass table! This is very reminiscent of what the Prophecy used to do,,together way back NNTK and Randall put many men through glass tables!

Mike:They were known for taking it to extreme ultraviolent levels beating the hell out of guys,,doing stuff just like this!

NNTK and Randall pick the glass table up and slide it into the ring,then go in behind it.

Evan and Marcus Jones and James North grab Everlast up on his feet and NNTK and Randall set up the glass table in front of the corner..

NNTK goes over to the corner and climbs up to the top rope and motions for Evan and Marcus to get Everlast up to him,They lift him up into the air and NNTK grabs him pulling him onto the turnbuckle in front of him and shoves him down between his legs...



NNTK grabs Everlast around the gut and lifts him up on his shoulders in a powerbomb,,then he lifts him all the way up over his head by the tights,standing straight up on the top turnbuckle in the process..NNTK then jumps forward down to the mat landing on his feet and drives Everlast down with massive force through the glass table with a Last Ride type powerbomb as the table cracks all over.

The arena all gasps at once in complete shock as Everlast lays in the destroyed remains of glass,covered in blood bleeding from several places..



Origin and SOF stand over him now as the shock has turned to an incredible amount of angry boos..And Randall grabs Everlast up in a double underhooks,gator rolls,and drills him with a facebuster hitting the "Sword Of Chaos" now..

Randall:"EVERLAST! Hows it feel to get cheated out of a match and have the holy hell beaten out of you like how you win all the time?!? Me and You,,at the next PPV,,Continental title! "

Randall now turns into the camera..


Security and trainers EMTs and refs come running out helping Everlast up and out of the ring and onto a stretcher and apply an oxygen mask to him taking him up the ramp..

AJ:Well Everlast is out of here,and theyre gonna take care of him so hopefullys hes alright for Mayhem after this all out assault and vicious heinous beatdown from Origin and the Sons...This has gotta be what "Tonight we do it" meant...

Mike:What a message,,what an ultimate statement made here tonight by these two groups,,theres going to be hell come Mayhem Friday night...

All of Origin and The sons stand in the ring now with their arms raised in the air,Vade holds the World title up as the fans boo louder than ever before now.

AJ:Yea were done for tonight,,catch Mayhem for an update On Chris Everlast And backlash from this whole situation..

MIke:See you friday folks...

The show cuts out as the last Image shown is Origin and The Sons all leaving the ring together through the crowd...
When they come, they'll come at what you love.

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