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WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 16th, '11, 02:31
by Lynas
With no opening credits, a pre-taped segment is played.

The arena is empty except for Vade Kruger, Shane Lynas & NNTK stood in the ring.

Shane Lynas looks into the camera...

Lynas: "Ladies & Gentlemen... welcome to WWR Vortex... haha, where are the crowd you say? Well it's 3 in the afternoon and they're not due yet... but we're here... The World Heavyweight Champion Vade Kruger.... the deadliest bastard in the WWR NNTK... and myself... the best in the business.... Shane Lynas... You see, last night we put the world to rights. A lot went on... but it was wins where it counted...

Vade still stands here as your world champion... NNTK got an easy win... and I... well... I gave Bobby Anderson exactly what his ass deserved...

But why?... why huh?"

Kruger: "You see, the three of us have never seen eye to eye on alot of things... but there is things we have in common... we started in this business together... as a team... we've all gone on to do great things as single competitors... all have held world championship gold... as well as various other accolades... but as great as we are in alone... we're better as a team"

NNTK: "YOU SEE... THE ORIGIN has done more than arrive... in fact, we've been here all along... darkening the corners of arenas... we went our separate ways... fought each other over titles... but our hearts and minds always stayed true to each other... this is a brotherhood no-one can break... a brotherhood no-one can join... we are the originals... we are... THE ORIGIN"

Lynas: "That's right... the three of us are the top three in this business... and if we're united... who can stand in our way? The Renegadez?"

Kruger: "Pfft, DON'T THINK SO"

Lynas: "Viggo Dynamite?"

NNTK: "HAHAHA, Don't make me laugh"

Lynas: "Bobby Anderson?... HA.... that kid thought he was smart... until I rearranged his face with that steel chair... No-one or nothing can stand in our way"

Vade Kruger: "That's right... Alex Bourne... Come and have a go... SwannStarr... do you want some? Bryan Dean...? Mike Roach? Jesse Phillips? Fergal Kiley? Gutierrez Fernandez? Anyone..."

NNTK: "Roll up one and all... because this is more than a show... this is our time..."

Lynas: "Just when you thought you had it all under control Tony... eh?"

Vade Kruger: "The Origin is here... to take back what is ours... control, titles, and respect..."

Lynas: "You'd better believe that"

The camera pans away as all 3 men stand staring at the camera, before turning & talking among themselves...

The opening credits start to roll.

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 16th, '11, 09:20
by kirbs2002
Kayla Killings and Nina Cortez are walking backstage and then go into Tony Bastion's office.

Kayla and Nina, welcome back from Mexico. Have a seat.

They take a seat opposite Bastion across from his desk.

I wanted to talk to you about your request you made when you came over from BCW.

Okay, cool. What's the word?

Bastion hesitates for a moment.

I, honestly, had no problem with it. Most in your position can't pull it off, but I know for a fact that you two are not like any other team that WWR, and likely the whole world, has seen. You two ladies are quite possibly one of the most intense, cohesive teams that I have seen in all my years in the business.

Kayla and Nina nod approvingly. Bastion lets out a long sigh before continuing.

Unfortunately, the rest of the management group was deaf to my arguments in your favor... Yeah, THOSE guys. They have ruled that you can only compete with other women.



However, I was able to reach a compromise with them. I bet them my reputation that you could prove to WWR that you were without a doubt the best tag team around here, male or female.

This is bull...

Hold on, let me explain it. The compromise I made with the rest of them was that you would be more than capable of beating any team they pitted against you. After hours of reasoning with them, they agreed to meet my proposal in the middle.

Kayla and Nina whisper something to each other and start to leave.

Kayla Killings, Nina Cortez, I thought you were smarter than that. This is your best, and ONLY opportunity in this company. Are you at least going to hear the deal I was able to negotiate, or are you going to turn your back on a company that strained nearly every resource to get you two?

They stop and sit back down.

Okay. Tell us. It had better be worth our time.

I managed to bargain a promotion incentive with them. Here's what we finalized. One, you will compete in either tag-team or singles every week or as they see fit. Two, if at the end of the month the both of you have won 70% of your matches, at the monthly pay-per-view show they will book you in a match against a male team of their choice. Three, if you win the aforementioned match, they will book you against men more frequently. Four, if you can win three consecutive matches against male tag teams, you will be promoted full-time to the main tag team division.

Bastion takes a deep breath.

So, do we have a deal?

Kayla and Nina whisper, and talk it over with each other.

Ladies, opportunity only knocks once. I had to argue for hours on end to get even that deal from them.

Nina and Kayla shake hands and nod at each other.

Antonio, you have a deal.

Please, it's ‘Tony.’ Glad to hear it.

The three of them stand up and shake hands.

Miss Killings, Miss Cortez, it is a privelege to have the both of you here in WWR. I sincerely hope your career reaches all-new heights with this promotion. You'll see your opponents, Alycia Kruse and Luciana, in the ring tonight. Get yourselves prepared to shock the world and please prove my words about you two right.

The pleasure is all ours, Tony.

They both leave and Tony Bastion is smiling proudly as the camera cuts to the ring.

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 16th, '11, 12:00
by VadeKruger
~Camera shoots to the ringside area~

AJ "Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to WWR Vortex!! After those two small segments its plain for all to see that WWR truly is that place to be in wrestling today!"

Mike "Yeah but its all corrupt right now with this bunch of clwons running around calling themselves 'The Origin' I mean who the hell do they think they are?"

AJ "Lets not dwell on it Mike, what will be....will be. So tonight we have the talented Mason Garrett taking on WWR World Champion Vade Kruger, we will hear from the NEW WWR Tag Team Champions Awesome Booty, Michael Mark Adams will take on one half of Exodus: Terry Malone and SwannStarr will be in action!"

Mike "Also we have Alex Bourne facing Axxel Riggs, Fergal Kiley and Chris Everlast will square off and we will hear from the new WWR Continental and Dynamics Champions....Tommy Hawk and Bryan Dean respectively."

AJ "A whole lot more too, all in all its gonna be another amazing show!!"

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 16th, '11, 12:14
by KILLdozer
Mike:"Well were here at ringside on WWR Vortex and I gotta tell ya AJ,I'm not likin the way things are goin so far tonight,bad things appear to be on the horizon."

AJ:"After last nights chaos all night we got some answers earlier,from the three men -"

Suddenly Aint it fun by GnR plays over the arena to a mixed crowd reaction,and Viggo Dynamite appears on stage and makes his way down towards the ring,mic in hand.

AJ:"Well speaking of what happened last night there's the man that was cost the Dynamics title,ironically,by the former champion,a man he thought he was on the same page with!"

Mike:"Just completely screwed and robbed,he had his hands ON THE BELT! So you know hes looking for NNTK!"

In the ring,Dynamite looks a bit confused with a mixture of anger,he leans over slightly speaking into the mic.

Viggo:"Wow,what a night,first of all,Id like to say I'm sorry.

Sorry to you all most importantly.

Im sorry to all you fans ,and man am i ever sorry to the renegadez,i should've done something to stop him and those bats..

Well now that that's out the way,onto the reason I'm out here,lately Ive trusted the wrong people,NNTK especially.

Last night I had my hands on the belt you threw in the trash ,and what happens?

You come down there and jerk me down from it and kick me in the face and never looked back,not to mention adding to that when you roughed me up a bit more and hit me with one of those bats.

You listen to me NNTK,you took that title from me,and you took it from these fans,and you had better believe that that's not going to be forgotten."

Aint it fun plays again now the fans erupt with cheers as Viggo stands on the turnbuckle arms raised.

Mike:"Well Viggo Dynamite admits he was wrong and hes not happy about being screwed at all."

AJ: "Its obvious hes done some thinking since last night,big change of heart."

Viggo steps down But before he can leave the ring,The end of everything plays and the arena turns bright red as flames briefly fly high up from the corners of the ring,NNTK walks out with Shane Lynas to very heavy boos,Viggo stares them down all the way.

NNTK and Lynas head to the ring and enter it standing in front of Viggo,NNTK microphone in hand.

AJ:"Uh oh.."

NNTK:"Where do you think your going? Your standing in our house,right in our ring,so you should watch your step if your a smart man,you say your not going to forget what I did last night huh? Well here I am,take your revenge upon me at this very second,why wait,and you know I hope Bastion gives you a rematch because given the opportunity Id do it all again in the blink of an eye."

Viggo stares across at NNTK through narrowed eyes.

Viggo:"Your house huh? Well excuse me Im sorry for not knocking."

Viggo now leaps forward and attacks NNTK to a major ovation from the crowd,punching him right square in the face,more punches from Dynamite and NNTK manages to shove him back some,Dynamite comes back in running but NNTK drops him with a big chop to the head.

Mike:Oh NNTK turned the tide there quickly with that shot!

NNTK grabs him up and hoists him high overhead with a press then slams him with a huge jumping spinebuster into the canvas.

AJ:Oh we saw that last night after Vade screwed Ignatius damnit,that press spinebuster!

NNTK begins to jump on the downed Dynamite now,attacking him with punches to the face,Lynas begins to kick him over and over in the gut to more boos now

AJ:GOD DAMN! Its over NNTK got the best of him get out out the ring already!

NNTK now pulls him up and hold him from behind,naturally since hes bigger than Lynas,Lynas starts really teeing off now with lefts,then he blasts him with a superkick in the face,knocking him down flat as NNTK lets go.

Lynas now lifts him across his shoulders in a firemans carry,apparently going for the 3rd Degree.

Mike:Oh god theyre still not done,Third degree coming!

But Lynas stands with Viggo drapped across the shoulders,NNTK begins to back up,lining himself up.

AJ:"Wait a minute...whats going on..NO dont tell me hes gonna kick him!!"

NNTK backs up a bit more and runs off the ropes ,coming back and jumping as he smashes into Dynamite with the Lifetaker Kick.

Mike:He sure did,and if he wasnt out cold before he is now..."

Lynas now spins him around and lays out,dropping Viggo to the mat with the Third Degree.

Lynas gets back up and stands over Dynamite alongside NNTK looking down on him,then they turn and leave to the loudest boos yet as The end of everything plays again.

AJ:"Good god man,just absolutely ridiculous,it was over a long time ago,there was no reason for them to do all that!"

Mike:"Way too far and over the line,and we gotta get some help out here,make sure hes alright!"

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 16th, '11, 12:37
by VadeKruger
AJ "Well Viggo is up and on his way to the back Mike. Im sure we havent seen the last of him and NNTK!!"

Mike "Dynamite is gonna really wanna get revenge for that attack!! Anyway its time for some action!"

JD "Ladies and Gentlemen this match is set for one fall, approaching the ring accompanied by Adam Griffin, hre is Terry Maloonnnee!!"

~Fans boo as Malone gets in the ring and starts stretching~

AJ "These guys dont care about anybody!!"

JD "His opponent from Ontario Canada weighing 226lbs here is Michael Mark Adams!!!"

~Adams approaches the ring to the sound of his music, then slides in the ring under the bottom rope. Malone attacks him with stomps and kicks immediately and the bell rings~

Mike "OH!!"

AJ "Quick start, Ive noticed Exodus like doing that a lot!"

Mike "Early advantage AJ it makes sense with someone like Adams!"

~Malone headbutts Adams before whipping him to the ropes, Adams underneath a clothesline, then another, he flies off the ropes with a crossbody but Malone catches him in a fall away slam~

AJ "Huge impact there!!"

Mike "He used Adams' own momentum against him!!"

~Malone lets on to the fans who boo, then drops the big elbow across the chest of Adams. He picks Adams up and sets him up for a suplex but Adams blocks it, then Adams kicks Malone in the gut and spins malone over, landing on his neck~

AJ "WOW!! Adams put him down with that one!! Is Malone out?"

Mike "It looks that way AJ!!"

~Adams climbs to the top rope and leaps off, catching Malone on the back of the head with a perfect legdrop. Adams gets to his feet and the fans begin to chant "TAP OUT! TAP OUT! TAP OUT!" Adams stalks Malone, as he begins to get to one knee Adams pounces and applies the crossface variation known as 'TAP OUT!' but Griffin gets up on the apron and Adams lets go of the hold, he confronts Griffin who swings at Adams, but he evades the punch by sweeping the leg of Griffin causing him to fall off the apron and landing in a heap on the outside~

AJ "Keep your head in the game kid!!"

Mike "A win tonight would surely put him up there with those in line for a Dynamics or Continental Title shot!!"

~Adams turns around and gets nailed by a big boot from Malone. Both men are down, the referee begins to count~



THREE ~Malone begins to stir~





EIGHT ~Malone is up, the count stops~

~Malone picks up MMA and sets him up in the corner. Malone walks gingerly over to the other corner and calls out to the fans that the match 'is over' before charging towards Adams who moves out of the way, Malone leaping straight onto the steel ringpost. Adams catches Malone with a seven strike combo which sends Malone down with a thud. Adams calls for 'TAP OUT!' again and immediately applies it. Malone taps hard on the mat as his face has begun to bleed in several places from the combo~

AJ "Hes tapping, hes had enough!!"

#Bell rings#

JD "Here is your winner......Michael Mark Adams!!!"

Mike "Good win there for Adams, he managed to keep them both at bay and that combo at the end was awesome!!"

~Griffin crawls back into the ring to check on Malone, however Malone looks to be blaming Griffin for his loss. The two bicker for a short while as Adams walks off to the back, slapping the fans hands. Exodus eventually walk to the back seperately~

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 16th, '11, 16:08
by Sassafras
Camera cuts to the inside of Tony Bastion's office and a knock is heard at the door*

Bastion: "Come on in!"

*Gutierrez Fernandez walks into the room*

Bastion: "Ohhh, shhhhhh--"

GF: "Good evening, Mister-A Bastion! My name is GUUUUUTIIIIE--"

Bastion: "What can I do for you, Gutierrez? I'm kinda busy..."

GF: "I only wish to ask why is it that...I....had no match at ROOOAAAAAD TOOOO GLOOOOORRRRYYYYY!"

Bastion: *sigh *"It was PATH To Glory, Gutierrez...and I offered you a match. You said you didn't have your ring gear."

GF: "I did? I see, so I must procure that I always travel with my ring gear from now on?"

Bastion: "To say the least. Do you want a match tonight? Would that make you go away?"

GF: "Si`, si`."

Bastion: "Do you have your ring gear tonight?"

GF: "But of course."

Bastion: "Then you've got a match tonight. Go get ready."

GF: "Come to think of it, Meester stomach. It hurts. Bad enchiladas after Road to Glory last night."

Bastion: "You wrestle or you don't get paid. Those are your options."

GF: "But I need the money, you see, back in my beloved home country of Mexico, there are many, many much poor people who need a new television set, I want to give these people TV's, so they can see me rise to the top and..."

Bastion: "Then you better start getting matches, don't you think?"

*Gutierrez begins to leave Bastion's office, much to Tony's relief, until GF stops at the door and speaks again*

GF: "Uhh...Mister Bastion..."

Bastion: "WHAT?!"

GF: "I was wondering...Who is my opponent for my match?"

Bastion, with a slight smile: "You'll see. It's a surprise."

GF: "Can you not tell me? I must prepare my counter techniques you see..."

Bastion: "It's a surprise, I said. Don't you like surprises?"

GF: "Well...yes. Bu--" *Gutierrez's eyes light up* "It's Meester Vade, yes? The World Champion of the World? I get title shot?!"

Bastion: "Not quite. But, fret not. Your opponent is of the highest caliber here in WWR."

GF: "Then I shall prepare to defeat him! And earn my match for the World Championship OF THE WOOOORRRRRLLD!"

Bastion: "Great. Now...LEAVE! Go get ready! You don't wanna be unprepared, do you!"

GF: "No sir, no sir! Thanks you, Mister Bastion! I go now!"

*Gutierrez leaves and the camera pans over to Bastion*

Bastion: "What the hell is with that guy? Oh, well. He's got his work cut out for him."

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 16th, '11, 17:58
by kirbs2002
"The Blister Exists" (Slipknot) hits to a pop of approval from the crowd and both Allanah and Heather walk out to the stage. Allanah drops to a knee and flexes her arms as Heather stands over her, sticks her arms out and lets out a scream.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Heather Gilchrist and Allanah!

Here come the two beautiful ladies who probably stole the show last night at Path To Glory.

Wonder what they're out here for?

They slowly walk down the ramp, greeting fans along the way, then both dash under the bottom rope and climb opposite corners. Allanah flexes and lets out a scream of exhilaration, while Heather sticks her arms up and lets out a Banshee's howl, to the crowd's delight. They then drop down, leave the ring and go to the announcers' table.

Up, up, up! Need your seats!

You work hard for this place, take the match off, handsome.

Well, I guess these lovely ladies will be doing commentary for this match, while Mike and I take a breather.

AJ and Mike leave and go sit at the timekeeper's table while Heather and Allanah get situated.

Quite an interesting job those two have. Not that we need an introduction, but I'm your FUTURE WWR Women's Champion, Heather Gilchrist and along with me is my "big sister" and fire under my ass in the ring, Allanah. How's it feel to be on this side?

I feel... powerful! You won't be Women's champ for long if I've got anything to say about it, heh heh. Anyway, let's join Sexy, I mean, JD in the ring for the announcement.

"Twilight of the Thundergod" (Amon Amarth) hits to a cheer of surprise from the crowd. Ronja Martinsdottir slowly makes her way to the ring.

No! That isn't...

I believe it is! Boys at home, if you think that Isis the Amazon is a whole lot of woman, look at this chick and be surprised!

The following match is a 3-on-1 gauntlet. Introducing first, from Reykavik, Iceland, standing 7 feet tall and weighing in at 280 pounds, Ronja Martinsdottir!

There she is! Ronja's probably TOO MUCH woman for all those boys at home, Ha ha! Tell 'em her resumè, sis!

Four time tag team champion with Amazing Kong in AWR, 2007's most surprising breakout for "Strike" magazine, and to top it all off, December 2010's covergirl for "Fitness Women" magazine.

So she'll beat ya bloody and look good while doing it! I can't help but feel sorry for the three other poor suckers that gotta face her!

Ronja steps up onto the apron, steps over the top rope and turns to the entrance ramp, cracking her knuckles. Familiar music hits and Leon Thompson walks out to the top of the ramp, and then he goes pale, his eyes nearly popping out of his skull.

And her opponent, from Washington D.C., standing 6' 3" and weighing 215 pounds, Leon Thomson!

I think somebody's in for a rough day at work!

Leon slowly walks down the ramp, hanging his head, and cautiously gets into the ring. He looks up at Ronja, who glares icily at him, as the bell rings. Suddenly, Ronja grins slightly, grabs Leon by his throat with both hands and tosses him effortlessly into the corner. She then presses Leon's head back and puts a finger over her lips.


Uh-oh! Heh heh.

... And nails Leon with an overhand chop that echoes throughout the building. She then whips him to the opposite corner, pushes Leon's head back and calls for silence again.


Tsk, tsk, tsk. Oh no.

... And whacks Leon with another overhand chop. As Leon stumbles out of the corner, Ronja lifts him effortlessly up over her head and holds him for 5 seconds before tossing him away with a Gorilla Press Slam. Ronja grabs Leon by the hair and lifts him up with a delayed vertical suplex, holding him up for 5 seconds before dropping him down. She then grabs him by the hair once more and pulls him to the middle of the ring.


Here it comes!

Take notice, she calls this the "Howl of Fenrir."

Ronja lifts up Leon and slams him down with a sitout powerbomb! She then folds her arms and leans forward onto Leon for a cover...




The bell rings, as the crowd lets out a stunned cheer.

The winner of the first fall, Ronja Martinsdottir!

And Leon's day is over just like that! Let's see if her next competitor can fare any better.

Fat chance. After that, I tend to think that even I could have beat him. Heck, even YOU probably could have beat him, Heather!

Aww, not cool!

A couple of security guards help Leon to the back as Ronja leans back against the ropes in anticipation.

The next opponent is...

Familiar music hits as Katoshian walks to the ring, stopping halfway. Ronja beckons him to get in. He wolfwhistles at her and smugly gets into the ring.

From Tokyo, Japan, standing 5' 9" and weighing in at 245 pounds, Katoshian!

Apparently SOMEBODY likes what he sees.

Well, lucky him. He gets to "play" with her.

Katoshian stares provocatively at Ronja and lowers his head. Ronja blasts him with a palm strike and as Katoshian gets up, she knocks him inside-out with a running lariat.

He fell "head over heels" for her! Ha ha!

*Groans* Lamest! Pun! Ever!

Katoshian is slow to get up, and Ronja grabs him around the throat with both hands. She holds him up face to face, quickly kisses him, and then dumps him down with a two-handed chokeslam. She then sits on him, putting both hands on his chest for the cover. The referee facepalms himself and shrugs before making the count...




The bell rings and the crowd cheers as both Heather and Allanah are laughing uncontrollably.

The winner of the second fall, Ronja Martinsdottir!

That's gotta be the raunchiest cover I've seen since Edge pinned Beulah at One Night Stand 2006!

Terrible form, especially for this TV-14 show, but still damn funny! I think they'll be having a rematch back at the hotel, amirite?

As security helps Katoshian to backstage, Ronja runs her fingers through her hair and blows a kiss his direction, walks to the edge of the ring and leans forward on the ropes awaiting her next opponent.

And the final competitor in this gauntlet match...

Familiar music hits as The Blade walks to the ring cockily, shaking his head. Ronja stares, perplexed, at him.

From Parts Unknown, The Blade!

The Blade gets into the ring and both he and Ronja get into a staredown. Suddenly, the Blade smacks Ronja and turns away, laughing. Ronja runs her hand across her face, visibly shaking in rage.

Hoo boy, now you done did it!

Don't look behind you!

The Blade turns back towards Ronja and she lights him up with a running big boot! She then picks him up by the throat, tosses him into the corner and repeatedly smacks at him with chops until the referee finally backs her up. The Blade stumbles out of the corner and Ronja picks him up and powerbombs him into the turnbuckle. She then grabs him by the mask, pulls him to the middle of the ring, lifts him up for a reverse suplex, but as The Blade comes down, she transitions into a cutter!

She calls that work of art "Twilight of the Thundergod."

And it couldn't have happened to a better person. I use that word loosely, of course.

Ronja gets up, uses her boot to roll The Blade over onto his back, plants it right across his chest and flexes as the referee counts...




The crowd cheers as the bell rings.

The winner of this gauntlet, Ronja Martinsdottir!

Heather and Allanah stand and applaud.

Now, THAT'S the way to debut, ladies and gentlemen. Her first night and she's already 3-0!

And don't forget, she's got some... Err... Unfinished business with Katoshian.

Heather and Allanah get up and head to backstage. AJ and Mike resume their spots at the table as Ronja walks to backstage, with The Blade still laying in the middle of the ring.

We'll be right back on WWR Vortex.

Show cuts to commercial.

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Posted: May 16th, '11, 18:14
by kiel297
*Comes back from commercial*

The familiar heavy rock instrumental version of God Save The Queen plays, usually signaling the arrival of Charles Remmington-Smythe. Up on the screen, we see some sort of object with a union flag draped over it. The music cuts abruptly and a man, wearing the same clothes and mask as Remmington-Smythe's attacker comes into view.

Masked Man: So apparently, I've caused quite the stir among the suits at WWR. They're out of their minds with worry and panic. Not only have they got some Freddy Kruger guy and people turning all over the place... but now their wrestlers are being taken from under their very noses.

The masked man walks over to the object with the flag over it, and rips the flag off to reveal a battered, bloodied and unconscious Charles Remmington-Smythe, gagged and bound to a chair. A collective gasp of shock is heard from the audience watching.

AJ: My God! What has this maniac done?!

Mike: I don't know AJ, but he needs to be stopped! This has gone too far!

Masked Man: You see, I thought I was doing you all a favour! This piece of crap came in, and he insulted everything WWR stands for!

He takes a moment to control his rage

Masked Man: So what do I do? I take care of him! I got him out of WWR, thinking that there would be nothing but gratitude for my actions. BUT NO! THE MOMENT HE'S GONE, YOU ALL CHANGE YOUR TUNE, AND I'M THE VILLAIN? I'M THE ONE THAT YOU WANT TO HUNT DOWN AND PUNISH? WHERE'S THE JUSTICE IN THAT!? Well you know what, you can try and try as hard as you like to find your little British boy here, but you won't. I guess for now, Charlie boy and I will keep having fun with this...

He holds up a bloodstained lead pipe to the camera and waves it slightly before swinging it into the midsection of Remmington-Smythe. The crowd starts to boo intensely, and Charles regains consciousness with an immediate groan of agony.


Mike: Charles Remmington-Smythe needs to get some medical attention as soon as possible!

AJ: But how are we gonna do that if he's being held by this lunatic?! We need to find him, and we need to find him quickly!


He grabs the camera and points it directly at Remmington-Smythes face.

Masked Man: Don't worry now! You'll be seeing plenty more of me and Charlie boy here! Maybe we'll even pay you guys a visit! VISITING HOUR'S OVER CHARLIE! HAHA, SAY GOODBYE! [facing the camera towards himself now] Oh, and do send my regards to the fat man, Chives! HAHA!

The video feed cuts abruptly, and the crowd continue to boo louder and louder. The camera cuts to AJ and Mike.


Mike: But what can we do AJ?!


AJ presses his finger to his earpiece and listens to what is being fed to him.

AJ: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed by WWR management that the police have become involved in the search for Charles Remmington-Smythe, and they have assured us that they will not rest until he is found and this mad man is brought to justice!

Mike: And to think that this could possibly be someone involved in WWR is just disturbing!

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 17th, '11, 10:02
by Sassafras
*Camera cuts to the ring and JD stands there, waiting for his cue*

JD: "The following scheduled for one fall, with a 15-minute time limit!"

*Music blares from the speakers and Gutierrez Fernandez arrives on the stage to a lukewarm reception, smiling broadly at the crowd and waving, wearing the same clothes from earlier*

JD: "Standing at 5 feet, 4 inches and weighing in at 260 pounds, from Zihuatanejo, Mexico...GUTIERREZ FERNANDEZ!"

*Fernandez makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with every fan he passes, and gets into the ring*

Mike: "I thought this clown said he brought his ring gear tonight? And what is that stain on his shirt? Salsa?"
AJ: "While all these questions are very good, partner, we gotta ask ourselves the biggest question of all, here. WHO is Fernandez's opponent?!"
Mike: "We don't have to wait long to find out..."

JD: "And his opponent..."

*Gutierrez smiles patiently, waiting in the middle of the ring for his opponent. "Compound Down" by Dimefox begins to play over the speakers. After the first 10 seconds, Mike Roach appears on the stage to unfamiliarly loud cheers.*

AJ: "Oh, goodness...Poor Fernandez..."

JD: "Standing at 6 feet, 3 inches and weighing 390 pounds...from Memphis, Tennessee...Mike 'Sassafras' Roach!"

Mike: "I guess now would be a good time to go get a soda, huh?"

*Roach steps into the ring and GF immediately bails*

AJ: "Gutierrez Fernandez, clearly wanting NO part of Big Sassafras."

*Roach rolls under the bottom rope to chase after Fernandez, as GF climbs back into the ring and performs a tope suicide to the outside*

AJ: "Whoa! Impressive leap, knocking Mike Roach to the ground! He may have the big man's number!"
Mike: "That was ONE impressive move. It ain't over 'til it's over. And I don't think that'll keep Roach down."

*Fernandez struggles to lift Roach to his feet and roll him into the ring*

AJ: "Valiant effort by the somewhat eccentric Gutierrez Fernandez, so far."
Mike: "If by 'somewhat eccentric', you mean 'village idiot', then I wholeheartedly agree."

*GF finally gets Roach into the ring and climbs in. The bell rings. GF, thinking that it was the ending bell, begins to celebrate.*

Mike: "Look at this guy! You didn't win! The match never started!"

*The referee corrects him, and he processes the information before pinning Roach*


*Roach kicks out*

Mike, laughing: "Almost, huh?"

*GF climbs the turnbuckle as Roach quickly returns to his feet.*

AJ: "What's he going for, here?"

*GF attempts a top-rope hurracanrana, which Roach catches and drives GF to the mat, in a powerbomb*

AJ: "The patented Antidote powerbomb, from mid-air!"
Mike: "That had to break Fernandez in half!"

*Roach looks down at GF and mouths the words 'It's just business, brother' before applying the Camel Clutch*

AJ: "And Roach calls that the Humbler! This may be it."
Mike: "What was that he just said?"
AJ: "I think it was 'It's just business, brother'."

*GF quickly taps out and the ref calls for the bell*

JD: "Here is your winner, by way of submission...Mike Roach!"

AJ: "A sound victory for the man they call 'Sassafras'."
Mike: "Without a doubt. I wouldn't stand in Roach's way. Ever."

*"Compound Down" blares over the speakers as Roach walks up the ramp, grinning arrogantly*

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 17th, '11, 10:36
by Sassafras
#commercial break#

*camera cuts to the backstage interview area*

Xander Chapman: "I'm here with the winner of his first match since his return, Mike 'Sassafras' Roach."

*Roach steps into camera view, holding a towel and a bottle of water, to the sounds of cheers and a "SASS-A-FRAS" chant from the audience.*

Xander: "First off, we saw you at last week's Vortex and, after quitting the competition and returning to Japan, we have to ask: Why are you back?"

Sassafras: "I thought I made most of my intentions clear last week. I want the top title in the top promotion in the world. I love Japan and feel that being a 'former WWR champion', if and when I return there, can only help the business in that country."

Xander: "Quite interesting. But why wo--"

Sassafras: "I already know what you're going to ask. Why not wait until someone else takes the belt off of the most dominant champion in the company's history, especially with his lackies on standby to do his bidding, yeah? Or why not stay in Japan and the stateside indies and hone my skills before jumping in the deep end, right? Or why not wait until the World Title scene thins out a bit? I'll start by addressing the first question...I'll just say that I wouldn't be here were I not invited. *small laugh* A certain gentleman...let's call him..."Bony Tastion"...called me up and told me about a little problem he was having here with a group of top competitors. He felt that some new blood was necessary. And here I am. The bloodiest of the new blood. *small cheers from the crowd* As for the second question...I've proven to be more passionate and more able to carry a company in the last few years than most guys get to prove in their entire careers! And the third...I'm Mike Roach. I'm the most dominant, charismatic force in WWR. Possibly, the entire world. And I've got the youth factor on my side. There are a certain 3 seniors around here who need to be listening." *small cheers from the crowd*

Xander: "That brings me to my next question. Do you have a response for the comments made by Vade Kruger at the last Vortex?"

Sassafras: "Give me the mic and go away...NOW!"

*Sassafras holds his hand out and Chapman places the micropone in his hand and rushes away*

Sassafras: "A speck of dust, Vade? A speck of dust on your title? Let me ask you something, Vade-asaurus, b*tch...when was the last time you looked under your dresser and saw a 6-foot-3, 390-pound, barefoot dust-bunny? I'm willing to bet that it's NEVER happened!
Because I'm more than some insignificant speck. I'm more than you've ever had to put that title, or your well-being, up against!
Let me bring my temper down from a boil to a simmer...and let me tell you a story...

A hawk was soaring above the desert...and saw a Scorpion *slight boos* with a busted leg, in the open. In the path of the brutal sun and at the mercy of the elements and any predator who saw the opportunity for a quick meal... The hawk was the king of the desert, the top tier of the food chain in a land devoid of mercy. But from the kindness of his heart, the hawk stopped and asked the Scorpion what the problem was.
The Scorpion said 'I'm not the being I once was. I'm getting old, reaching the end, and it shows. I can barely move. I've been left here to die, in the face of desolation. I am now but a worthless creature in a land I once loved.'
The hawk replied 'I can get you to safety. I can help you heal and set you out upon a new life. Just so long as you don't sting me.'
The Scorpion says 'I would never do that. You're trying to help me. You're my only shot at survival.'
And thus, their journey began. Miles and miles together, the Scorpion clenched in the haven of the hawk's talons. But it was only a matter of time...until the Scorpion stung the hawk.
And the hawk, drawing his last few breaths and realizing the false sense of security he'd been lured into by the bastard Scorpion, asked the Scorpion, 'Why would you sting me? Now we're both gonna die.'
And the Scorpion's answer was...'I can't help it...I'm a Scorpion.'
There they were, the hawk and the Scorpion, lying almost-dead in the middle of the scorching plain...until a medicine man passed by and left the safety of his cart to examine the situation...And what he saw was call for action.
He lifted the stung hawk from the ground, and the touch of his hand was enough to bring it back from the brink of death, give it new life, and revitalize it with an energy that it hadn't seen since it's prime!
After listening to the hawk's detailed account of his experience with the Scorpion...the medicine man decided immediately upon a punishment. He crushed the Scorpion under his foot, and heard the damn thing crunch under his weight! And when he lifted his foot to wipe away the disgusting remains...the Scorpion had disappeared completely. Gone, from the face of this earth, with nothing but a small, barely noticeable scar under the hawk's feathers to prove that the Scorpion had ever existed.
The medicine man then raised both arms, with the hawk perched on his shoulder, and made lush, green vegetation spring from the ground, and a light rain trickle from the sky! He had successfully turned this desert into an OASIS! And when he finally left this Earth to join his brothers in the Heavens, the medicine man was recognized by all beings in the oasis as a a GOD! And the hawk...lived forever.

Now...for the Origin, who I know don't understand this hip new thing called symbolism...the one Vade Kruger.
The World...Wrestling...Revolution.
The desert is what's left of the wrestling business, and the medicine man is the so-called dust-bunny, Vade! I'm the future GOD, here to immortalize the hawk, turn the desert into an oasis, and KILL THE SCORPION!"

*loud cheers, as Roach walks away*
*Roach returns, microphone still in hand*

Sassafras: "And Alex Bourne, don't think those 3 were the only ones who noticed your act of defiance and challenge last night. You're on notice, too, motherf**ker."

*Roach finally drops the mic and leaves*

AJ: "What...the hell...was that?"
Mike: "Wow...just...wowww..."

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 17th, '11, 12:37
by VadeKruger
AJ "I have to say Mike, Sassafras has GOT to be considered as one of the top contenders straight away! I mean look at the impact he has made already......Kruger and the rest of 'Th Origin' are NOT gonna like it!!

Mike "I toally admire what Roach has done there, to come out and throw his name straight into the mix takes some balls, but you gotta be thinkin Lynas and NNTK stand in front of Kruger. I mean thats how shit like that works!"

AJ "Hang on Mike.....Im receiving word that..........yes I CAN confirm were gonna get an immediate response from the champ!"

~Camera shoots to a dark place filled with smoke. Its almost ghostly as the camera slowly works its way through the smoke............eventually the outlined figure of Vade Kruger comes into shot~

Vade "Michael Roach................the Holy Grail which you seek is the one I hang on my shoulder.............the belt I wear around my waist..........the WWR World Title.................your ignorance will be your downfall, your over confidence your weakness, your pandering to the fans is the final nail in your coffin.................and I, now known as 'The Instrument Of Destruction' Vade the Priest who will bury you and send you straight to hell."

~Camera reverses back the same way it went in, Kruger starts walking towards the camera as it moves backwards. Then the camera shoots bnack to ringside~

Mike "Umm......eerie. That guy gives me the creeps!!"

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 17th, '11, 13:17
by VadeKruger
~Suddenly 'Sad But True' bellows out across 'The Sanitorium' and huge cheers follow as WWR Owner Tony Bastion appears~

AJ "Hes here!"

Mike "The man!!"

Bastion "Okay folks, hope youre all enjoying tonights show......and I sincerely hope you enjoyed Path To Glory!!"

~Fans cheer~

Bastion "Now, as you all know I have purchased this means I have also bought the entire BCW roster. So unlike a certain other wrestling company who allowed some of the top stars to sit at home on fat contracts after buying the 'competition' I DEMAND that they all stake their claims for a permanent spot on the WWR roster. Enter my guest at this time.........he is the very last BCW World Heavyweight Champion..................DAVIS HARDYYYY!!!!"

AJ "Hardy is here?!?!"

Mike "Yet another huge star here in WWR!!"

~Hardy appears to a huge ovation, he walks towards the ring carrying the now defunct BCW world title belt on his shoulder, he points to the crowd and gets in the ring, shakes hands with Bastion and readies himself to speak~

Bastion "So, Davis Hardy.....the final BCW World Champion everyone!!"

~Fans cheer, Hardy acknowledges the compliment from Bastion~

Bastion "I have brought you out here tonight to show that even the biggest player in BCW doesnt nevessarily have a contract with WWR."

~Fans boo~

Bastion "However, given your overall talent and the fact you still carry the gold around tells me you respect that title, professional wrestling and each and every one of these fantastic fans!!"

~Fans erupt~

Bastion "SO, this Friday on WWR Mayhem.......THATS RIGHT!!! WWR will face a familiar foe...............Judas Salem!! If you can beat Salem then youre in!! However if you lose...........youre out. Done. Its back to Daddys farm for you!! We are WWR Davis.........."

~fans cheer louder than ever~

Bastion "...........and we expect nothing but the best!!! Better than WWE, better than TNA and even better than ROH!!!!"

Hardy "Well Mr. Bastion Id like to thank you for the opportunity.....I wont let you down!"

~Davis smiles at Bastion and leabes the ring, slapping the fans hands as he walks to the back, not even turning around. Bastion smiles and puts the mic back to his mouth~

Bastion "Now, on to business. It seems we have no 'main event' this evening, so I have booked a match. It will be the traitorous Shane Lynas and his buddy NNTK taking on Johnny Bishop and 'Saint of Submission' Ryan Ignatius!!!"

AJ "WOW!!"

Mike "Great move Tony!!"

Bastion "Now as we have a new WWR Continental Champion in Tommy Hawk who says hes gonna be a fighting Champion I feel it only right he defends his title on the winner of the Chris Everlast/Fergal Kiley match will get a title shot!! So Chris, mr. Kiley you better both bring your A-game!! Oh and one more thing..................................Vade Kruger................I will get that title off you. Bank on it."

~Bastion hands the mic back to JD and exits the ring to the sound of 'Sad But True'~

Mike "Now THATS how you handle business!!"

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 17th, '11, 15:24
by cero2k
Suddenly, we see Xander walking into a locker room where Gutierrez Fernandez is sitting...

Xander: Hi Gutierrez Fernandez, you just had your in-ring debut, but you unfortunately lost against Roach....what are your comments, how do you feel??

GF stands up and looks Xander straight in the face

GF: you know Xander.....I don't like you...

GF walks away

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 17th, '11, 16:11
by kirbs2002
The show goes to commercial and when it returns, "Decadence" (Disturbed) plays to a mixed reaction from the crowd as Alycia Kruse and Luciana make their way to the ring, snubbing the fans.

The following is a women's tag team match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, at a total combined weight of 260 pounds, the team of Luciana and Alycia Kruse.

A couple of newcomers to the WWR scene we have here.

We haven't seen much of either woman, so it should be interesting to see how they perform as a cohesive unit.

Kruse and Luciana get into the ring as "Perfect Insanity" (Disturbed) hits to a loud pop from the crowd. Kayla Killings and Nina Cortez make their way to the ring, greeting fans along the way, and get in and pose for the fans.

And their opponents, from Juarez, Mexico, at a total combined weight of 325 pounds, Kalya Killings and Nina Cortez, together they are Beautifully Dangerous!

If there is a list that exemplifies teamwork at its finest, these two women have got to be near the top of it.

Most definitely, they trained together at Team 3D's wrestling academy, they travel everywhere together and consider themselves to be, in their own words, "Sisters from another mother."

Kayla and Nina exchange words, and Nina ducks out, leaving Kayla to square off with Luciana as the bell rings. The crowd then shouts in unison "Kayla's gonna kill you!" causing both Kayla and Nina to have a laugh, and Luciana shouts some choice words for the crowd.

What'd she say?

I don't think I'm allowed to repeat it!

Kayla shakes it off and offers a handshake to Luciana, who kicks her hand away. The crowd then starts a chant of "You b*tch!" as Kayla and Luciana lock up, collar and elbow.

No, no, no! It's 'Let's go Kayla!'

Class act, trying to keep it clean.

(Quietly) Probably a little too late for that...

Kayla easily pushes Luciana away. Luciana charges and Kayla tosses her with an arm drag, Luciana charges again and gets another for her efforts. She charges Kayla once more and gets met by a standing dropkick by Kayla, who then follows up with a quick jacknife cover...


Two... Kickout by Luciana

She ought to be more careful, that nearly could have been all there.

Luciana gets to her feet and Kayla drops her back down with a side Russian leg sweep, and quickly transitions into a cross arm-breaker. Luciana scrambles to the ropes and gets a leg on the bottom rope, and Kayla breaks immediately.

Good sportsmanship by Kayla there. Unfortunately, it's probably not mutual.

Although, many will likely tell you that being nice never really gets you anywhere in the world of professional wrestling.

Kayla and Luciana tie up again, with Kayla whipping Luciana to the ropes. Kayla looks for a back body drop but Luciana grabs her head and plants Kayla with wrap-around running DDT. This stuns Kayla, allowing Luciana to lock in an Indian deathlock. Kayla slowly drags herself to the ropes and grabs hold, forcing the break. Luciana holds until 4 to break.

Luciana breaks the hold, but the damage could be done.

Looks like she's going to target that leg now.

Luciana whips Kayla to the ropes and dropkicks her in the leg to bring her down, Luciana then drags Kayla to the corner and tags in Alycia Kruse, who monkey flips Kayla out and locks in a single leg Boston crab. Kayla tries to get to the corner to tag in Nina.

She's almost there...

But Alycia then pulls her back to the middle of the ring, and puts on a Shawn Michaels modified figure four leglock. Alycia manages to pull Kayla and herself to her corner and tag in Luciana. Luciana climbs the top rope and then hits a moonsault as Alycia breaks the hold and leaves the ring. Luciana with the cover.



Th-Kickout by Kayla.

Kayla is in noticable pain as she gets to her feet. Luciana then springboards off and hits a crossbody into another pin.



Th-Kickout by Kayla.

Luciana then tags in Alycia. Kayla gets to her feet slower than before and gets met with a missle dropkick from Alycia coming off the top rope. Alycia then pulls Kayla up, lifts her up with a vertical suplex, and sets her up for a screwdriver, but Kayla leans back in desperation, lifting Alycia up, and then falls to her knees, nailing Alycia with a Tombstone. Both ladies are down, with their partners calling for the hot tag and the referee beginning the double countout.








Eight! Alycia tags in Luciana, who darts across the ring, putting a desperation Ankle Lock on Kayla to stop her, inches from tagging in Nina.

So close too!

She's almost there!

And Kayla makes the tag! As Luciana lets go of Kayla, Nina springboards and blasts Luciana with a dropkick. She then pulls her to the middle of the ring and puts her into a Liontamer elevated Boston crab. Luciana has nowhere to go and taps out, but Alycia has the referee distracted.

This match should be over!

Give Alycia some credit, at least that's heads-up thinking on her part.

Kayla sneaks up behind Alycia and pulls her off the apron as Nina releases the hold and waits for Luciana to get up. The crowd lights up as outside the ring, Kayla lifts up Alycia and drills her with a Package Piledriver!

Kill! Driver!

And in the ring, Nina's murder on her mind as well!

Luciana slowly stands up and turns toward Nina, who blasts her with a Yakuza kick! She then stands up Luciana as Kayla gets into the ring. Nina and Kayla make eye contact and nod at each other. Nina then whips Luciana into the ropes.

Double D's!

Luciana rebounds, Nina lifts her up for a flapjack and Kayla nails a cutter! Nina then makes a jacknife cover as Kayla and the crowd count in unison.




The bell rings as Kayla and Nina congratulate each other and "Perfect Insanity" hits.

The winners of this match, Beautifully Dangerous!

Well, they certainly made a positive impression in their first WWR match tonight.

Let's hope that they can dominate all their matches the way they did here.

Kayla and Nina slowly walk up the ramp, satisfied, as the show cuts to commercial.

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 17th, '11, 16:45
by KILLdozer
The show returns as some jingle from the commercials fades out,and were looking at AJ and Mike.

AJ:Well were back here live on WWR Vortex,and what a night its been here!

Mike:You said it,and were nowheres near done yet!

Now the camera cuts to somewheres in the back,the taps of footsteps are heard,and NNTK appears on screen,and looks into the camera,,his bad eye unblinking,not moving in the slightest.

NNTK:So tonight in the main event its gonna be me and Lynas against Johny Bishop and Ryan Ignatius,the man of the clothe and the "Saint",well John I'm sorry to tell you this but no amount of prayer and scriptures are going to save you from the unrelenting HELL i unleash on you tonight,I figured after how you got knocked over the head last night you wouldn't be here,but so be it. And Ignatius,whats there for me to say to you? After the way I ran wild on you last night and threw you quite honestly all over the place, there's no reason really for me to tell you anything,other than be prepared for for more of the same,'cause I'm going to finish what I started,and also,Bastion,why do you this? Why? Why do you do these sorts of things? Why put these two men in this situation? Is this your futile attempt at fighting back because you know damn good and well your standing in our house now? Well if that's the case I cant blame you for realizing your in a bad spot with not much chance at doing anything about it.

The crowd rains down a tremendous amount of boos as NNTK turns and walks off as the camera cuts back to Mike and AJ.

AJ:"Strong aggressive words from NNTK regarding the two men hes gonna face tonight in our tag team main event,and not to mention more of the Origin agenda directed at the man that made it,Tony Bastion."

Mike:"Well I gotta say,after that I'm anxious for the main event to see how Bishop and Ignatius will deal with what was just said!"

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 18th, '11, 01:19
by Lynas
The Camera then cuts backstage to show NNTK & Shane Lynas walking and generally chatting..

Tony Bastion walks into shot.

Bastion: "Oh God"

Lynas: "OH come on Tony... you had to face me eventually... come on brother what's on your mind?"

Bastion: "What's on my mind? WHAT'S ON MY MIND, I'll tell you... you broke my trust before, but I learned to trust you... I always liked you, but now you hang around with this friggin moron"

NNTK: "Watch it old man"

Bastion: "And Vade Kruger... I mean c'mon... it's freaking Vade Kruger... I don't get it Shane, you had it all... why'd you have to blow it?"

Lynas: "Because Tony, you may sign the checks around here... but it's simple... you and many others that have come in... don't belong"

Bastion: "Oh come on... you were all about progression, look at Bobby Anderson, you freakin' trained him... told him to chase his moment... his moment came... and you ripped it away from him..."

Lynas: "The kid had it coming"

Bastion: "He looked up to you Shane, no matter what he said, he looked up to you... OH... but just to put you on guard... he called me today... and he's coming back next week... and Shane... he's pissed"

Lynas: "Let him come... what could he possibly have that could overcome the greatest tag team in the world?"

Bastion: "I dunno, But I hear he's packing Dynamite & you two better love it. Next week on Vortex... it will be you two... versus Bobby Anderson & Viggo Dynamite"

Tony Bastion walks off and leaves Lynas and NNTK standing alone...

AJ: "WOAH! What a tag team match we're gonna have for you on the next Vortex... Shane Lynas & NNTK versus Bobby Anderson & Viggo Dynamite..."

Mike: "It's gonna be huge AJ!"

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 18th, '11, 09:20
by Robert Randall
Suddenly, "Undead" by Hollywood Undead starts to play and there is a mixed reaction from the fans in the arena.

Robert Randall, Leah Luxon, James North and Marcus & Evan Jones appear on stage and immediately walk to the ring.

AJ "This is the same group of people that cost Chris Everlast the Continental Championship at Path To Glory!"
Mike "Robert Randall TRICKED Everlast into trusting him!"

Randall grabs a microphone as the fans still don't know how to react

Randall "Rember me?! Who am I kidding, of course you do--

he pauses for a minute and thinks, then continues

Or at least you SHOULD remember me, I mean let's recap for a minute. I'm a former Continental Champion, half of the LAST BCW Tag Team Champions, and OH YEAH, I USED TO PUT MY DAMN BODY ON THE LINE TO IMPRESS YOU!! I FOUGHT ONE OF MY LAST MATCHES HERE IN WWR BEFORE I WENT TO BCW, NEARLY KILLING MYSELF IN THE PROCESS OF PUTTING ON A GREAT MATCH!!"

the fans start chanting "Hardkore Gangsta *clap**clap**clap**clap**clap*"

Randall goes on "But no matter what I've done in my career, I've lived in people's shadows. The last time I was here, I was in a tag team, but was I recognized as an equal to my partner? NO!! You people clinged to the newer guy, The Psychotic Luchadore, SPIDER!! Well I'm done being in the shadows, from here on out I am the LEADER of the SONS of FORTUNE!!!"

the fans instantly start booing

Randall speaks again "Here we have pure greatness in James North and the Jones brothers, Marcus and Evan. With the help of Leah, I'm going to lead these three men to greatness. As you people have seen, our prime target as of now is Chris Everlast...

the fans give a very mixed reaction to Everlast's name

Randall continues

Everlast, as long as we are still breathing, you will NEVER hold gold again. You do not deserve it, you worthless piece of sh*t. You are a disgrace to the business I-- WE love."

Randall drops the mic and he, Leah and the Sons walk out as "Undead" plays

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 18th, '11, 09:25
by Chris Everlast
A mixed reaction fills the arena as "Sign of Evil" (Classic Doom Remix) plays. With a blast of flames from the stage, Fergal Kiley walks slowly from backstage towards the ring, appearing to be in a state of deep thought.

The following contest is for the number one contendership to the WWR Continental Championship. Introducing first, from County Kildare, Ireland, standing 6' 7" and weighing 287 pounds, "Hell's Vengeance" Fergal Kiley!

Something's clearly weighing heavily on his mind. Wonder what it is?

Well, regardless, he should hope that his mind is clear enough to win here tonight and take the title that nearly eluded him at Path To Glory.

He gets into the ring and kneels in a corner, facing the entrance ramp. "It's So Easy" (GnR) plays to a mixed reception from the crowd. Chris Everlast, Terasa and Tokyo Drift walks deliberately down the ramp and hesitates a moment before all of them gets into the ring.

And his opponent, from Miami, Florida, standing 6' 1" and weighing 226 pounds, Chris Everlast!

And here's the one who lost the most last night.

No doubt he wants it back as soon as possible.

Chris Everlast walks around the ring cautiously, with Kiley watching him the whole way. Everlast slowly gets into the ring and circles around Kiley, who maintains his icy stare. Kiley rises to his feet and Everlast hesitantly approaches. Kiley stares down at him listlessly.

A staredown, perhaps?

This doesn't seem wise. Not only for the size discrepancy, but because Kiley appears more unstable than ever before.

But before the bell rings, Robert Randall appears on the stage with the Jones Brothers, Leah and James North.
Randall: Hello, Everlast.. You don't seem to happy.

Everlast puts his arms out with a 'Duh!'-expression.

Randall: And I bet you're wondering why I did what I did last night.

All of Everlast's crew nods, now Kiley also focusing on the titantron.

Randall: Well, my last match in WWR was against you.. and I actually gained some respect for you. But then I realized.. That you're nothing but a spoilt brat. You can't win a single match without your silly little Japanese friends and your little wh*re of a girlfriend.

The crowd lets out a mix of agreement with Randall and some boos, Everlast's friends being quite upset with the comments. Everlast scratches his cheek in thought as he asks for a microphone, being handed it by AJ.

Everlast: Okay, so you want me to show that I can beat you without any help, Randall? Well, you got it, son. I'll leave an Everlasting Impression on you..

Everlast turns around to Tokyo Drift.

Everlast: And you..

Everlast quickly hits a double cutter, bringing both Tokyo Drift down to the canvas, to the surprise of the crowd. He pushes them out of the ring before turning to Terasa, shouting at her to get backstage.

Mike: WOAH! That was the last thing I was expecting.

Everlast takes a step back with a slight grin. Suddenly, Kiley's complexion changes to one of pure anger, with wide eyes. He then grabs Everlast by the throat and tosses him into the corner, and begins furiously and repeatedly hacking away at Everlast with overhand chops. The referee backs him up, but Kiley pushes him away and continues to hack away angrily with overhand chops. The referee backs him up again and Everlast, wincing in pain, rolls out to the floor.

Mike: Everlast going for a breather after that unruly, savage attack by Kiley!

Kiley grabs the toprope and impatiently waits for Everlast to get in, who's tending to his chopped chest. The referee has already started to count, now at 3. Everlast leans against the apron and slowly rolls in, Kiley quickly getting ontop of him with kicks to the gut, before planting his boot on Everlast's throat, the referee beginning another DQ-count and Kiley letting go just as the ref reaches 4.

AJ: Kiley's pissed off and Everlast's getting the worse of it. Both Everlast and Kiley got screwed last night by Robert Randall and his cliq!

Kiley grabs Everlast by the hair and pulls him up to his feet, whipping him into the ropes and catches him in the rebound with a huge clothesline, almost sweeping Everlast's head off to a large 'Ooooh' by the crowd.

Come on, Everlast! Don't give up!

Well, actually Everlast screwed himself earlier so the odds are not in his favour even in the shadier perspectives.

Kiley again grabs Everlast by the hair and slams the back of his head into the canvas with a brutal bang. He does it again and again, the referee finally interfering. As Kiley's getting scolded by the referee, Everlast is recuperating in the corner, with a devillish smirk on his lips.


Kiley walks over to Everlast determined, and turns him around but is greeted with a thumb to the eye! The referee didn't see it!

Goddamnit! Even when he said he wouldn't cheat he did it!

Discouraged, AJ, not illegal.

Everlast stalks behind Kiley, waiting for his chance. Kiley wipes his face and is trembling in anger. He turns toward Everlast, who jumps for a dropkick but Kiley catches his feet, twists the legs and kneels down on Everlast for an elevated cloverleaf!

Four Leaf Clover! Going for the win early!

Everlast is already in a bad spot! Could this be over as soon as it started?!

Everlast tries to scurry to the ropes but Kiley kneels on his head, trapping him. Everlast, out of ideas, digs his nails into Kiley's leg, causing him to grunt in pain, and his knee slips off Everlast's head. Everlast then arches his back and visibly bites Kiley's leg, the pain causing him to break the hold. Everlast now lays face down, holding his back, and Kiley grabs the referee, who agrees not to stop the match.

Interesting, a DQ there would have given him the win.

I guess he really, REALLY wants to inflict the punishment on the former Continental Champ. Winning appears only to be a bonus.

Kiley picks up Everlast, whips him to the ropes and as Everlast rebounds, he blasts Everlast with a huge Brogue kick. Kiley then quickly gets to the second rope and jumps off to nail Everlast with a diving headbutt. Cover by Kiley.



Thr-Everlast just kicks out.

Kiley lifts Everlast and whips him into the corner, rushing right behind him, but Everlast slides underneath the lower rope to the otuside, Kiley crashing into the turnbuckle. Everlast quickly climbs up on the top turnbuckle, and launches off with a crossbody!

Picture perfect execution by Chris Everlast!

Everlast quickly uses the momentum to roll Kiley up.



Kiley kicks out and pushes Everlast off him. Kiley climbs to his feet and so does Everlast, being a step ahead and sending Kiley onto his back with a monkeyflip. Kiley quickly gets up again and Everlast this time catches him with a kick to the gut, planting him in the ground with a DDT!

Perfect everything from Everlast! Kiley's got it rough!

Tables have turned, as they often do here in the world of professional wrestling.

Everlast rolls Kiley over for a cover.



T-Kickout by Kiley.

Kiley is slow to get up, but as he does, Everlast grabs an arm, and drops Kiley down with an arm-trap neckbreaker. Everlast then climbs the top rope and then jumps, landing a Ghetto Stomp on Kiley into another pin.



Thr-Kiley just kicks out.

Everlast tries to pick up Kiley for a Burning Hammer, but can't quite lift him. Kiley quickly grapevines Everlast's arms into a crucifix pin.



Thr-Everlast just escapes.

That's what happens when you try to go out of your league.

And it nearly cost him, too.

Kiley then goes to the corner, and climbs the second rope. Everlast slowly gets to his feet and as he does, Kiley comes flying off and faceplants Everlast with a diving bulldog. He then gets behind Everlast, who starts to get up. Kiley puts on a modified Indian Deathlock and grabs Everlast's arms as he struggles to get up and then drives his face back down to the mat with a vicious curb stomp. Everlast starts to lean up again and Kiley grabs his arms and drills him with another curb stomp.

Look at the force behind those, any lesser man would probably be missing teeth from that.

I think Everlast is! Look, he's bleeding from the mouth!

Kiley picks up Everlast and throws him to the ropes and looks for a side slam but Everlast counters with a wrap-around DDT. Kiley is hesitant to get up but as he does, Everlast runs to the ropes and springboards back with a dropkick. Kiley sits up slowly, and then Everlast backhands him, rebounds off the ropes and decks Kiley with a Shining Wizard. Cover by Everlast.



Thr-Kiley barely kicks out.¨

Everlast is on his knees, holding his jaw while muttering ''Stupid.. stupid..''

Everlast seems to be tending to the blood coming from his mouth.

There isn't time for that! The longer he delays, the more Kiley can recover.

Kiley slowly starts to get to his feet, and Everlast notices. Kiley stands up and Everlast grabs his head for an Everlasting Impression, but Kiley musters the strength to keep hold of Everlast. He then pounds Everlast in the mouth with a palm strike, causing Everlast to let go and cover his mouth.

Give Kiley credit on the heads-up thinking there.

It won't take an opponent long to target an injury you have.

Kiley then follows up by putting on a grounded full nelson, as blood starts to drip onto the mat from Everlast's mouth. Everlast manages to scoot to the ropes and drape his leg across the bottom rope, and Kiley hesitates until four to break. Kiley then goes to the corner and climbs to the top rope, as Everlast is slow to regain his bearings.

Hoo boy, the big man is about to take flight!

It's about to get worse for Everlast!

Everlast stumbles toward the middle of the ring and looks back at Kiley who jumps and tosses Everlast into the corner with a spectacular hurricanrana!

Unbelievable! Where else are you going to see a 6' 7" man fly like that?!

Kiley then slowly gets up and puts Everlast in a tree of woe. He then paces to the opposite corner then darts at Everlast, jumps up and nails Everlast with a brutal elbow drop, causing him to slump over onto himself. He then pulls Everlast to the middle of the ring, lifts him up and plants him with a side slam. Robert Randall now runs down the ramp, chair in hand, to loud boos.

What in the hell is he doing here?!

Guess he isn't content to watch this match from the back.

Randall slides into the ring and lifts the chair up. The referee grabs the chair to stop him, and then Kiley snatches the chair from both of them, smacking the referee aside. Randall backs away, but gets wallopped with the chair. Kiley then sets the chair down, grabs up Randall, and Stakes him into the chair, to the delight of the crowd!

What goes around, comes around, scumbag!

Kiley then kicks the chair out of the ring, and rolls Randall out. Everlast sits up on his knees and Kiley turns and glares at him. He grabs up Everlast by the hair and... freezes. Kiley's gaze indicates a state of self-reflection and deep thought.

What the?! What's happened to him?

Everlast doesn't care! Look at this!

Everlast quickly grabs Kiley's head and drops Kiley with an Everlasting Impression! He dives onto Kiley for a cover as the referee comes to.




The bell rings to a reaction of shock from the crowd. "It's So Easy" (Guns 'N' Roses) plays as Everlast jumps up onto the second rope in celebration.

Your winner, and number one contender for the WWR Continental Championship, Chris Everlast!

Inexplicably, something just came over Kiley, allowing Everlast to hit the Everlasting Impression.

You suppose he was struck by Everlasting Envy?

Cut that out, this is serious!

Everlast cheerfully walks back up the ramp as Kiley sits up with the same gaze as before, as the show goes to commercial.

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 18th, '11, 12:27
by kirbs2002
The show returns from commercial to show Fergal Kiley storming down a hallway, in obvious anger. As he walks, he punches out an overhead light fixture. He then passes by Tony Bastion's office, stops, and then kicks the door off its hinges before storming down the hallway again. Tony pokes his head out the door and shakes his head.

That's coming outta your pay, buddy.

Bastion goes back to his desk and slumps into his chair. He lets out a long sigh.

This is really not my week...

Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Posted: May 18th, '11, 15:09
by VadeKruger
~Camera cshoots to the ring~


~The fans erupt as Awesome Booty appear to the sound of their entrance music, wearing the title belts. They slap the fans' hands and enter the ring to a huge roar~

Mike "Well they finally did it last night ar Path To Glory AJ!"

AJ "Yeah, gotta say its well deserved too."

~Booty, dressed in suits and wearing shades stand either side of JD, TAO leaning on his shoulder looking over the top of his sunglasses~

JD " did it after months of pursuing the belts, you overcame all in the gauntlet match!!"

BBBD "Thats right JD and you know what else dude, were true to our word and right here next week were giving The War Party their title shot!"

TAO "Ya seems to me that WWR has a new team at the top, and its Awesome Booty!! Now the competition in the tag team division is fierce, but next week marks the start of the single most dominant title reign in tag team history. Were taking on all comers, we fear no-one!"

JD "Not even The Renegadez?"

BBBD "Not even The Renegdaez dude. And I have to mention the fact that theyre both doing well and will be back in a matter of weeks...."

~The fans clap~

BBBD ".....and when they do they will get their opportunity because they deserve it! They pushed us to the limit last night."

JD "What about Lynas and NNTK?"

TAO "What about them? Theyre in no position to ask for a tag team title match!! Sure we wont back down from them, but theres other teams in front of them for a title shot. Would you folks like to see Booty take on SwannStarr?"

~TAO looks to the fans and they cheer loudly~

BBBD " and Shane Lynas have never seen eye to eye. Id even go as far as to say that we never liked each other, but even I never thought he would side with NNTK. Man Im still tryin to get my head around what Kruger did at Meltdown so this just confuses me even more. Either way when the time comes we will be waiting for them!!"

JD "Well you sure do ooze confidence guys!!"

TAO "Oh, theres one more thing we need to do..........."

~TAO and BBBD lift their WWR World Tag Team Championship belts high in the air as the music kicks in again, the fans cheering, after a few moments they leave the ring and walk to the back. The music cuts~