WWR Vortex - Show 5

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Post by NWK » May 21st, '11, 13:42

Just as TAO and BBBD head backstage, the Jumbotron starts starts going crazy
Ring announcer-....it seems as though we're having technical difficulties.....

The Jumbotron goes back to normal, showing a man sitting in a recliner, wearing a Player Uno-esque mask, with the Super Nintendo 'A' and 'B' buttons on the cheeks. He is wearing a plain black T-shirt and denim shorts. On the wall behind him, you can see three championship titles in a trophy case. He seems pre-occupied with playing an original Game Boy. He looks up at the camera and sets the game down.

Man- Evenin' folks. My name is Ian Sterkley, but I prefer to go by The Gamer when I'm in the ring. As y'all can tell from that little display earlier, I love to play video games, 'specially the old school stuff. Now, that might make you think, "Oh hahaha, is the nerd gonna get in the ring? For Schizzles?"

Gamer pauses
Gamer- Yes, my friends, for schizzles indeed. See, nerds....we nerds have a bad reputation as computer loving do-nothings. But, as you can see from my three VCW Championships, I ain't your average gamer geek. I work my a** off in everything I do, everything, from video games, to wrestling.....

Just then, a tall, skinny, brunette wearing a tanktop and some jogging shorts walks into the shot.
Woman- Crap, am I late for the promo hun?
Gamer- Nah Anna, I knew you had Christoph to take care of, and I'd knew you'd come in when you were done with him.
Anna- Okay!

Anna proceeds to sit on one of the arm rests of the chair.

The Gamer- Anyway, as I was saying, I work really hard at everything I do, especially at supporting my wife and child. I plan to serve as WWR's representative of nerds, geeks and dweebs everywhere. And The Gamer....
Anna- And his wife Anna!
The Gamer....Are here to educate the world ' bout what a nerd can do, one 5 star classic, at a time. All you have to do, to start the mayhem.....
Gamer and Anna, together- Press start.

The screen goes black, and the words "Press Start" flash on jumbotron as Vortex goes to a commercial.

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Post by Phreak » May 22nd, '11, 07:34

the scene opens to a dim lit room, candles are burning in a circular pattern, some faint opera music can be heard playing in the background, a plush looking chair sits in the middle of the candles, as the soft music plays we can hear footsteps coming closer. all of a sudden we see a man with long hair covering his face, he's wearing black jeans and boots along with a black shirt and a long trench coat, he places his left hand on the back of the chair as he slowly walks around it. he looks at the camera as slowly sits down, he brushes the hair from his face as a slight grin crosses his lips

Man In Black:For many months I have sat watching the World Wrestling Revolution and the best wrestlers it has to offer, I have felt their anger as well as their love for the sport, I have been watching, learning and waiting for the time to step into the company, and wreak havoc inside and out of the ring. I have been paying very close attention to each and everyone of the wrestlers, and as I have watched closely, I have seen people become champs and dominate and I have seen others try only to fail.

the man takes a deep breath as the slight grin turns into a smirk, he then brings a cigarette to his lips with his right hand, only to follow it up with his left which olds a lighter, he takes in another deep breath and exhales it slowly

You see I have seen many great things within the ring as well as many unjust as well and for that very fact I have decided to become the newest star within the World Wrestling Revolution, and not only to become one of the best, not to become world famous. but to bring justice and honor to the wrestling world once more, you all are probably wondering just who I am, while others just think I am trying to put on a show but the truth be told, I am here to make more then an Impact, I am here to show that there are still some people out there that love and honor those that were hear before us. My name is the "Gentleman" Nic Williams and pretty damn soon, each and everyone of the wrestlers and each and everyone of the fans will know who I am and exactly what I stand for.

he takes another long puff of his cig, he smiles as the smoke pours from his nose and mouth

You all will see in due time that I fear no man and soon enough you will have to deside to either stand up or just walk away, because once you cross paths with me, you will find out that I don't intend to just beat you and win but I plan on beating you within an inch of your life.

a very cold and disturbing laugh comes from his mouth as he exhales a puff of smoke and flicks the cigarette at the camera and the scene fades to black with blood like effects forming an N.W on the screen[/i]

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Post by VadeKruger » May 23rd, '11, 12:03

~Camera flies back over to the ring with JD~

JD "Ladies and Gentlemen this match is set for one fall, approaching the ring.................Masooonnnn Garreettttt!!!"

~Garrett walks towards the ring in his usual ring attire, tagging the fans before getting in the ring and climbing the corner to look out at the crowd~

Kirby "This guy is really put together, I remember seeing him over in Japan a few times, he had some great matches with Kenta."

AJ "Hes had a fantastic start to his WWR career too!"

JD "And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by members of 'Origin'.....from Warrington England weighing 261lbs, the WWR World Heavyweight Champion.....'The Instrument Of Destruction' Vaaaade Kruuugeerrr!!!"

~Fans boo as Kruger approaches the ring, showing signs of the match the night before at Path To Glory~

Mike "Whatever you say about Kruger, hes not one to back down from anyone. Tonight Im sure hes gonna have his hands full with Garrett!"

Kirby "Very similar styles too, both enjoy a technical game with plenty of power thrown in there, Kruger needs to stay away from that Hurricanrana off the ropes or hes done for!"

AJ "Not forgetting the vast array of Krugers offense."

~Kruger gets in the ring after verbally abusing fans at ringside, he lifts up the WWR title as fireworks go off then 'Cold' by Static-X stops playing. Vade hands the belt to JD and he exits the ring. The referee calls for the bell~

#Bell rings#

AJ "Here we go!"

~Kruger and Garrett lock up collar and elbow tie, Vade pushes Garrett back into the corner~

Kirby "Already trying to stamp his authority in this one! Oh nice chop!"

~Mason Garrett feels the sting of a chop from Kruger, then Vade grabs his by the jaw and talks some trash to him in the corner. NNTK and Lynas look on from the outside with approval~

Mike "Garret wont like that one bit!"

~Vade backs away and dares Garrett out of the corner. Garrett moves forward and they lock up again, this time Garrett locks in an armdrag, straight into an armbar. Vade kicks his legs out in anger but Mason manages to hang on~

AJ "Thats it Garrett, pick a body part and go to work on it!"

Mike "If he can isolate that arm, maybe Kruger wont be able to get him up in The Krugenator!"

~Garrett now applies a wristlock and grapevines the leg, Kruger stretches for the rope but cant get there, the fans cheer as Garrett applies more pressure, making Kruger cry out in pain~

Mike "Vade feeling the pain right now, he should get out of this quickly or he may have to tap!"

~Vade begins to get to one knee but Mason still has hold of the arm and wirst, Kruger lifts him up and slams him down to the mat~

AJ "ONE HAND!! Kruger lifted him up with one hand!!"

~Vade shakes his arm trying to get the blood flowing properly, Garrett is still down on the mat winded. Kruger grabs him by the head and lifts him up but Garrett rolls him up~



~Kick out from Vade. Both men are immediately up and Garrett hooks Vade over with another arm drag, Kruger rolls out of the ring and is approached by NNTK and Lynas who offer words of assistance~

AJ "Count him ref!!"

Mike "Imagine this eh AJ? Vade Kruger escaping the ring from a rookie such as Mason Garrett!!"

AJ "Garrett is really showing us what hes got tonight!!

~After a few moments, as the referees count reaches eight Kruger slides back in the ring. Garrett and Vade lock up again, this time a side headlock from Kruger. Garrett throws him to the ropes but Kruger hangs onto the hair and re-applies the headlock, but before the referee can shout at Vade for it, Kruger switches it over into a vertical suplex, slamming Garrett down onto the mat. Vade attacks again, lifting Garrett up and throwing him across the ring with a gutwrench suplex, then a belly to belly overhead release suplex. Vade jumps up to the delight of a section of fans at ringside, but they are soon drowned out by the boos echoing around the arena~

Mike "I have to say it, but that was an awesome flurry of offense from the champ."

~Vade picks up the hurting garrett and throws him into the corner, vade follows in for the big splash but Garrett moves out of the way. Garrett catches Kruger from behind with a T-Bone suplex, then he climbs to the second rope on the inside......he waits a moment for Vade to get up, as he does Garrett lepas off and catches Vade with a clothesline, knocking Kruger through the ropes to the outside~

AJ "Thats it Garrett, take it to him!!"

Mike "He cannot afford to give Kruger a chance to recover again!"

~Garrett walks to the other side of the ring, as he has seen NNTK and Lynas go over to Kruger, helping him up. Garrett sprints across the ring, over the top rope and lands right on all three members of The Origin. The fans go crazy~

AJ "Wow Mike, hes really up for it. Sacrificing his own body!"

~Garrett gets up and pulls Kruger in the ring by his hair, but Vade rakes him in the eyes. Kruger pulls Garretts neck down across the rope as he jumps off the apron. Vade spits at a fan and yells "YOU HAVE NO F**KING IDEA OF WHATS GOING ON AROUND HERE!!!!"

Mike "What did he just say?"

AJ "I didnt hear anything!"

Mike "You must have!"

AJ ""Mike I just told you I didnt hear him say anything!"

~Vade slides back in the ring and covers Garrett~



~Kick out from Garrett. Vade lifts him up and slams him across his knee with a side backbreaker~

AJ "Shades of Bret 'The Hitman' Hart there"

~Vade goes to the second rope on the inside and hits a legdrop. Straight into the cover, hooking a leg~



~Again Garrett kicks out. Kruger lifts Garrett up again and whips him to the ropes, putting his head down. Garrett leapfrogs him and comes off the other ropes with a dropkick, then another, followed by a bodyslam and a clothesline. Garrett yells in anger as he gets a second wind~

AJ "Garrett back in charge of this one Mike! Hes looking good!!"

~Just then, a large figure comes out of the locker room area, clapping as he watches the action in the ring~

Mike "AJ look!! Its Roach!! Mike Roach is here!!"

AJ "I see him Mike, Sassafras is here to see what all the fuss is about I expect!"

~Garrett whips Vade to the corner and walks in, climbing to the second turnbuckle...he shouts "HUH?!" and holds a clenched fist up menacingly before hammering away to the count of the crowd~


~Garrett shouts "More?" but Vade grabs him by the legs and smashes him back first to the mat with a huge spinebuster. Both men down for a moment, NNTK and Lynas have spotted Sassafras and tell Vade, who turns around and glares at Roach who claps again and waves to them all, mouthing the words 'Hello pensioners!'~

AJ "He has some balls coming out here!!"

Mike "You better believe it, he is so well known in Japan AJ!"

~Vade turns around and picks up Garrett, whipping him to the ropes but Garrett reverses, sendsing Kruger to the ropes and hitting The Frankensteiner~

AJ "He hit it!!"

Mike "Cover cover cover!!!"

~Garrett has fallen down next to Vade in exhaustion. NNTK and Lynas have no idea whats going on because theyre shouting at Sassafras. Garrett finally manages to get an arm over Krugers chest~




~Kick out from Vade. The fans thought it was three as did Garrett. Suddenly Kruger stands up and shakes his head vigorously~

AJ "Shit Mike, Krugers doing that thing again....."

Mike "Doesnt look good for Garrett!!"

~Garrett pulls himself up using the ropes but Kruger races across the ring and catches him with an earth shattering spear. Vade again jumps up and throws himself over the top rope, rushing into the fans at ringside and screaming at them. He then gathers himself and gets back in the ring, grabbing Garrett by the head and pointing up, holding a dark, evil look on his face~

Mike "Come on Garrett!! Wake up!!"

AJ "Nah, hes done Mike."

~Kruger lifts up Garrett in a vertical suplex clutch, then drops him down throat first across his shoulder..............The Krugenator~

Mike "He hit it."

~Sassafras turns around and walks to the back as the referee counts the three. Kruger gets up and lifts his arms up in victory as 'Cold' by Static-X plays. NNTK and Lynas get in the ring and celebrate with Kruger and the world title belt. Suddenly Lynas grabs Garrett and hits the 'Third Degree' then urges NNTK to have a go~

AJ "Come on guys hes done, Garrett put up a brave fight but hes done so get the hell outta there!"

~NNTK smiles from behind his mask, then grabs Garrett and hits 'Endless Rage' then starts choking away at Garrett~

Mike "Well we havent seen that move for a while, however Garrett is in a shit load of trouble here!!"

~Now Kruger, Lynas and NNTK and beating down Garrett who appears to be unconscious. The fans boo loudly, the music has stopped and the bell is still ringing~

Mike "Ive gotta do something about this!!"

~Mike gets up and takes off his headset, but AJ pulls him back~

AJ "NO Mike!! Your neck!!"

~NNTK begs Mike to get in the ring, Mike thinks better of it because of his injury, sits down and puts his headset back on~

AJ "Wise move Mike, he would have ripped you in two"

Mike "Thats a matter of opinion!"

~Then, just as Kruger is about to Krugenate Garrett again, Sassafras sprints out from the back and hits the ring, nailing NNTK with a right hand, then Lynas. Kruger leaps on Sassafras' back choking him, but Roach throws him over his shoulder. Kruger rolls out of the way of a stomp, Lynas clobbers Sassafras with a low blow. The three members of Origin begin beating Sassafras down, until the crowd erupts as someone else enters the fray.....~

AJ "Its Alex Bourne!!"

Mike "The Rage Alex Bourne has hits the ring!!"

~Sassafras and Bourne unload on the three members of Origin who soon retreat out of the ring, down the aisle and to the back.........shouting obscene things at Bourne and Roach. The two look at each other and shake hands, the fans erupt again~

AJ "Never thought I would see Bourne and Roach teaming up like that!!"

Mike "Well The Origin soon got outta there when Bourne and Sass got a hold of them!!"

#Commercial break#
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Post by VadeKruger » May 23rd, '11, 12:55

~Camera shoots to somewhere in the back where Bryan Dean is chatting with Tommy hawk~

Dean "So yeah like I said its taken me a while to get my act together but I am finally here with my first title in WWR!"

Hawk "Yeah man thats cool, and when I won my first title it was like a huge weight of expectation was lifted completely off my shouders!! Unbelievable!"

~Michael Mark Adams walks into the picture~

Dean "Whaaup Mike?"

MMA "Whats up? Man Ima tell you whats up right now!! For sure you guys are on cloud nine right now with your new titles, but did you see my match tonight? Man I am ready for another title reign. Now which one of you guys is gonna give it to me?"

Hawk "Dude, you win one match and expect a title shot? Theres other WWR Superstars in front of you man!"

Dean "Yeah, just calm yourself down there son theres plenty of time for gold.....right after you get to puberty HAHAHA"

Hawk "HAHAHA!!"

MMA "Thats reall funny coming from a dude in his mid thirties and only just winning his first singles title. Tell you what, Ima earn a title shot and take both your belts away from you!"

~MMA marches away chunnering to himself. Hawk and Dean look at each other, laugh and then carry on chatting~
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Post by Chris Everlast » May 23rd, '11, 13:25

The camera swings off to none other then Chris Everlast and his lockerroom, standing with a wineglass and a bottle of champagne, Chapman standing next to him with a microphone.

Chapman: Ladies and gentlemen, I am backstage with the number one contender for the WWR Continental championship, Chris Everla-

Chapman is interrupted by a cork hitting him straight in the face.

Everlast: Sorry, Chap'. It's just time for celebration.

Everlast fills his glass.

Everlast: I mean sure, I lost Sunday night. But, T-Hawk needed help to get me down. T-Hawk needed help from that Robert Randy-f****t, because that match was mine. But don't worry, my Everlasting Fanbase, T-Hawk is merely transitional. Soon I will be two-time champion. See, when I start losing, I turn that around and start winning instead. True story.

Everlast lifts his wineglass for a toast, the crowd cheering at his reference.

Everlast: In four weeks, the Continental championship. In a couple of months, the World championship! Ofcourse, there's big opponents there.. There's Vade Kruger, the reigning champion and your local wusszilla. There's Mike Roach, the flukester. There's Johnny Bishop, your local madman Christian..

The crowd gives a loud response to Everlast in form of cheers. Everlast takes the microphone from Chapman.

Everlast: But they all pale in comparison to the Everlastingly Elegant Gentlemaaaan... CHRRRRIS! EEEEEEVERLASST!

The crowd's reaction heightens and the camera cuts away after showing a confused Chapman, holding his banged face.

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Post by VadeKruger » May 26th, '11, 13:40

~Camera shifts over to the ring~

JD "This contest is set for one fall, currently in the ring weighing 289lbs....'Solid' Axxellllll Riiiiiggssss!!"

~Fans boo~

JD "And his opponent....."

AJ "Prepare for the agony!!"

~Suddenly the fans erupt as 'Sucker Train Blues' by 'Velvet Revolver' bellows out across the arena, Alex Bourne appears to a huge ovation, wearing his usual MMA gear. He looks intense and stares Riggs down who is awaiting Bourne in the ring~

Mike "Look at the condition Bourne is in AJ. This gy is really put together and hes here for one thing and one thing only.......the gold!!"

AJ "Yes but Im not sure making an enemy out of the world champion is the best thing to do!"

Mike "True, but hes making his mark!"

JD "approaching the ring weighing 297lbs..........'The Rage' Aleeeeexx Boouurrrnneee!!!"

~Bourne jumps onto the apron and climbs in the ring, his huge frame and 6ft 6inch stance even him up with Riggs. They go nose to nose in the ring as the music stops~

AJ "Here we go!!"

#Bell rings#

~Bourne grunts in Riggs' face, Riggs slaps the taste out of Bournes mouth~

AJ "Oh dear"

Mike "Theres a way to get your head torn off!!"

~Bourne smiles at Riggs after a moment, then floors Riggs with a right hand. Bourne goes bright red as the anger insdie him begins to bubble over. He picks Riggs up and lifts him up in a Gorilla press with considerable ease. He holds Riggs up in the air high for a few seconds, Riggs shaking his head.....then Bourne throws him out of the ring and into the third row~

Mike "Holy sh*t AJ!!! He threw Riggs into the third row for christs sake!!!"

AJ "I have NEVER seen that before in WWR!!"

~Bourne beats his chest as the referees count reaches four. Bourne stops the count and says to the ref: "Do NOT count me out!!!! The referee doesnt count any as Bourne leaves the ring and heads over to the fallen Riggs in the crowd~

AJ "Look how scared that referee is!!"

~Bourne climbs over the railing and grabs Riggs, suplexing him further into the crowd. He gets up and drags Riggs to the railing, smashing his head into it busting him open, then throws him over the railing. Bourne holds his hands up in the middle of the crowd, they gather round him and chant "BOURNE!!! BOURNE!!! BOURNE!!!" he leaves the crowd and climbs over the railing, Riggs begging him to stop but Bourne relentlessly grabs him and throws him into the steel steps before picking him up and scoop powerslamming him onto the concrete floor~

AJ "Oh my god were gonna need some help out here for Axxel Riggs"

Mike "Not so 'solid' now eh?!"

~Bourne drags Riggs up and slides him into the ring. Bourne climbs up to the top rope, waits for Riggs to roll over then leaps off and connects with a huge splash. The impact knocked the referee off his feet~

AJ "Again a thunderous impact from a Bourne manoveur. This kid is unbelievable!!"

Mike "Yeah pushing three hundred pounds throwing his own body around like that, not to mention the power he posesses to throw Riggs around!!"

~Bourne lifts an almost unconscious Riggs up, kicks him in the gut and lifts him up for a Powerbomb, but as he drops him he falls back so Riggs' back lands on Bournes knees, a huge crack reverberates around 'The Sanitorium'~

AJ "Like I said, get some help out here for Riggs!!"

~Bourne gets up, a fiery rage filled look on his face. He goes to Riggs' feet and hooks in a figure four leglock~

Mike "OOOHH a figure four!! Classic move!!"

AJ "Wait........theres more!! Look at what Bourne is doing to Riggs' trailing foot!!"#

Mike "Is that....an ankle lock??"

AJ "It is!!!"

~Bourne having already applied the fogure four has applied an ankle lock at the same time....Riggs immediately taps out and the bell rings, 'Sucker Train Blues' plays loudly and Bourne lets go, gets up and has his hand raised in victory by the referee. Bourne celebrates for a short while, then his attention is drawn upwards......high above the ring in the rafters as WWR World Champion Vade Kruger is watching all the action. Bourne points up at him....Kruger points back with a ballbat. Bourne grins at Kruger then shrugs it off and leaves the ring, walking backwards towards the locker room smiling at Riggs' laying out in the ring, getting oxygen and being strapped onto a stretcher~

AJ "That is the defining moment in Alex Bournes' career in WWR. He IS a big player, its official!!"

Mike "God help Kruger if he ever gets in the ring with Bourne!!"

AJ "True, but Kruger is a totally different proposition to Riggs!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 5

Post by KILLdozer » May 26th, '11, 14:02

AJ: "What an evening we've had this Monday night here at WWR Vortex and its about time for it to come to an end soon,cause we've got our main event right here right now here we go!"

Mike: "Yep its time for the tag match we've been waiting for ,I can barely stay in this chair AJ lets go!"

JD:Introducing first,From Sacramento California,weighing in at 240 pounds,Johny Bishop!

The fans cheer loudly as Its not war begins to play over the speakers and bishop walks out grinning and joking with some fans and continues down and up the steps into the ring waiting.

JD: "And now Introducing his partner, Ryan Ignatius! "

The pretender plays out and Ignatius appears to a big pop from the crowd and walks down the ramp grinning at Bishop and clapping his hands and mouths at him "lets go." and bishop kindve shakes his head with a grin and nods.

AJ: "After what happened last night when both these men were screwed out of a win by The Origin Tony Bastion made this match to give them a chance to get some revenge ."

Mike:"Yea it was just wild,I'm still a bit shocked after what happened ,not to mention tonights events."

JD:"And now their opponents,weighing in at a combined weight of 534 pounds,accompanied by "The Instrument of Destruction" Vade Kruger.....Shane Lynas and NNTK,this is The Origin!"

"Live for this" by "Hatebreed" shouts loudly through the speakers and Origin walks out to massive loud boos,with Lynas and NNTK in front and Vade closely behind."

They begin down towards the ring,Vade stops and tells a fan:"Boo? then points at the title and says:"Boo this" and they continue down the ramp as the boos continue

Mike:"Now these three men have stated that since the doors opened here in WWR that they busted their asses to make it what it is today,that this is their house and only theirs,AJ youve been here a little longer than me maybe you can give a bit of insight on this."

AJ:"I mean Mike in a way its sort of true they've been here since the beginning,longer than anyone else,but they dont have to be such assholes about it though!"

They continue around the ring to their corner and NNTK picks up a microphone and steps up into the ring and Lynas stands on the apron, Vade stands down at ringside as the bell rings to start the match.

Mike:"Well NNTK and Bishop starting for their respective teams here."

AJ:"And NNTKs got a microphone though,whats this about?"

Bishop looks at NNTK like he doesn't wanna hear it and begins to step towards NNTK.

NNTK:"Just a minute there,Ive got something Id like to say to you,surely you can wait just a minute before I begin to tear you apart"

The crowd boos loud and then suddenly Lynas comes running in off the apron and jumps and nails bishop with a jumping shot right in the head taking him down ,NNTK now throws the microphone out of the ring and Lynas leaves back out the ring.

NNTK backs up and lets Bishop stand,and then runs in and drops him with a hard lariat and the crowd boos louder.

AJ:"What the hell?! Something to say? it was all a damn set up for that cheap shot to the head!"

Mike:"Man that was ridiculous ,and were underway here tho,that lariat didnt help any either."

NNTK stands over him as Bishop rises and then jumps into the air and catches him with an enziguiri kick to the side of the head,knocking him back down,he pulls him to the corner and then tags in Lynas.

Lynas comes in and whips Bishop to the ropes and ducks behind when he comes back and then throws him with a german suplex and bishop lands right on his head and neck

Lynas waits as Bishop staggers to his feet slowly and again goes behind,taking him over with a belly to back suplex,again dropping him on the head and neck.

Lynas tags back out to NNTK and NNTK comes in,as Bishop begins to sit up NNTK runs off the ropes and connects with a dropkick to the face knocking him back.

NNTK now turns him over and pulls him over to the ropes by the neck and lays him sideways so hes on hands and knees,then steps up on the second rope with one foot and comes back down with a stomp right to the back of the neck.

NNTK tags in Lynas and pulls Bishop up and holds him in a sleeper and Lynas claps him in the jaw with a superkick and NNTK leaves the ring,letting Bishop fall as the crowd boos the illegal double team.

Lynas goes into the cover now on Bishop as Ignatius looks on from the apron anxiously.

AJ:"Cover! One! Bishop kicking out at one and a half."

Mike:"Managing to get the shoulder up,Bishop just hasn't been able to do anything ever since that quick cheap shot to the head from Lynas at the start of the match,and its obvious what their game plan is,go right after the head and neck and dont stop."

Lynas pulls him up and turns him around twisting into a neckbreaker then lifts him again and tags NNTK.

NNTK lifts him on his shoulders into a powerbomb and Lynas stands with his back turned and takes hold of the neck with both hands and they slam him down with a big layout powerbomb neckbreaker combination.

AJ:"That was a huge double double team move ,and again like you just said they're all over the head and neck of Bishop just picking him apart."

The ref admonishes Lynas to get out the ring then begins getting on them both for the double team as NNTK goes into the cover.

Vade shouts from ringside:"Hey ref quit bitchin and count the damn pin! Do your job!"

The ref now starts the count.

Mike:"One! Bishop again kicking out at one and a half."

AJ:"And did you hear Vade Kruger over there just now? Maybe the ref could do his job if his team mates would quit the damn cheatin."

Bishop is still down and NNTK leaps into the air and comes down with a knee in the face,Ignatius is shown shaking his head waiting on the apron again.

NNTK now pulls him up with both hands around the neck to his feet,then he lifts him with both hands up in the air,choking him off the ground.

The ref begins to admonish NNTK.

Ref:"Let him go NNTK get off him break the choke!"

NNTK pays no attention though and continues the mid air choke as the ref continues to yell.

Ref:"Now! Put him down! One! Two! Three! Four!"

Just before the five NNTK turns around and throws him down into the Origin corner and Bishop slumps down trying to regain his breath.

The crowd boos heavily at the illegal choke and NNTK's refusal to break it til the last second.

AJ:"Illegal or not,thats smart strategy because cutting off the air supply with a move like that isnt going to help Bishops head and neck at all."

Mike:"He hasnt gotten one offensive maneuver at all theyve been all over him hes just trying to survive in there."

NNTK tags in Lynas now and they both begin double team kicks in the face of Bishop as as hes seated in the corner as the crowd boos.

Ref:"Get out the ring NNTK and lets break up the kicks now! One! Two! Three! Four!"

NNTK leaves the ring now as the fans boo heavily,Vade turns to them and says:"Thats right the greatest tag team in the world right there!"

This causes the crowd to boo more and louder.

AJ:"Again with him,well Id like to see what "the greatest tag team in the world" can do when they play fair.

Lynas grabs bishop to his feet by the arm and immediately scoops him up around the gut,and slams him down on his head and neck with the gutwrench powerbomb.

Lynas tags in NNTK who pulls Bishop right back up and shoves him down between the legs then lifts him on the shoulders and runs across the ring and throws him with a running powerbomb,again right back on the head and neck.

AJ:Man what a couple of moves,first Lynas with the Gutwrench then NNTK with a powerbomb of the running variant.

Mike:"Now Ive got to say regardless of their attitudes and actions that I am impressed with NNTK and Lynas here tonight,they are putting on a tag team clinic out here,singling out Bishop,picking a body part and tearing it apart,cut the ring in half,Ignatius hasn't even stepped foot in the ring!"

Cover after NNTK pulls him back out into the middle of the ring.

AJ:One! Two! Kickout after two,Uh oh now they get a two count before it was one and a half this attack on the head and neck is obviously wearing him down.

Ignatius is yet again shown now pacing on the apron,shaking his head more and looking even more anxious.

Mike:"Hes GOT to make the tag to the fresh man there or this will be over very soon I think,hes getting weaker and they're not slowin down at all."

NNTK whips Bishop off the ropes and as he comes back Bishop somehow manages to duck another attempted lariat from NNTK and comes back with a clothesline of his own,quickly downing NNTK with another as he gets back up quickly!

AJ:"Counter now keep goin Bishop! "

Bishop with another clothesline on NNTK when he gets up,then turns around and knocks Lynas off the apron,then turns around and runs off the ropes and jumps over the top rope and lands on Vade with a big splash ,knocking him over and back some!

Mike:"Oh Bishop just nailed Lynas and theres one for Kruger too!"

But before Bishop can turn around Lynas has gotten up and NNTK has slipped around the ring and they both knock him in the back of the head quiclly from behind knocking him down,then NNTK throws him back into the ring as Lynas gets on the apron .

AJ:Bishop taking too much time with his back turned to NNTK which allowed that 2 on 1 big hit to the head and now theyre back in the ring.

The crowd boos as NNTK stands over Bishop,he pulls him up by the arm and turns him around backwards,as he twists the arm behind into a rough hammerlock,then turns him around maintaining the hold throws Bishop down face first as he drops back into a DDT,sweeping the leg out as well.

NNTK covers him,pushing the elbow into the face as well.

Mike:Heres a pin after that big ddt! One! Two! "

Just gets the shoulder up right at two and a half,and Vade tells him from the outside:"See thats what you get Bishop!"

NNTK now pulls him up again,grabs him around the neck then lifts him into a firesmans carry ,he takes hold of the legs and locks hold of the head with the other arm and slams him on top of his head with a brainbuster as he takes him over.

AJ:"Another big move from NNTK,cover again! One ! two! Bishop still in this match as he gets out at two and a half again!"

The crowd cheers and begins to start chanting for bishop as NNTK pulls him up,then out of nowheres bishop hits an atomic drop quickly on NNTK,then drops him with a front facelock ddt!

Mike:"Man bishop got a burst of speed and strength there from nowheres!"

Bishop lays there holding his head and the back of his neck though trying to shake the cobwebs from the methodical tactics of Origin the entire match..

AJ:"But look,all the shots to the face,slams on the head and right onto the neck,this Origin game plan has taken its toll on Bishop,hes got to shake it off quickly as hes got NNTK downed briefly,it wont be long and he needs to get to Ignatius!"

The crowd erupts for Bishop loudly trying to will him to his feet and hes trying to get across the ring shaking his head several times side to side as NNTK begins to stir.

Bishop finally makes it up and dives across the ring to Ignatius and slaps him with a tag just as NNTK gets up !

Mike:He got the tag ! Now Ignatius whos been waiting this whole match is in !

Ignatius clotheslines NNTK,then again,and again,then hits a german,a snap,then a back suplex quickly coming in on fire!

Ignatius gets up and runs over and knocks Lynas off the apron with a dropkick to the outside!

AJ:"You said it and there goes Lynas too!"

Ignatius turns back around to NNTK and hits a dropkick on him as well and drops him and runs off the ropes as he gets back up but is caught around the ankle by Lynas on the outside of the ring...

NNTK runs forward with a heavy swinging lariat knocking him down,the ref never saw Lynas grab the leg,Johny Bishop did tho..

Bishop:Dangit ref do somethin about that he was all over his leg just now come on man!

The ref shouts back though turning around Bishop"Hey I'm in charge Bishop Im trying my damndest!"

Mike:"A frustrated Johny Bishop there giving the ref an earful"

But while the refs back is turned NNTK drapes Ignatius over the middle rope outside some and motions to vade as he holds him with both hands,Vade quicky runs forward and nails him in the face with the belt.

The crowd lets on big for this, booing and chanting "you suck!" over and over again.

By the time the refs turned around again NNTK has him up quickly and has him up across his shoulders in a reverse firemans carry then slings him back around standing locking under both arms as he kicks the leg out leveling him with a full nelson facebuster.

NNTK quickly tags in Lynas who picks Ignatius up in a firemans carry and NNTK runs across the ring and hits the Lifetaker Kick,then Lynas Immediately spins him around into the Third Degree.

AJ:"Oh we saw that earlier on Vigo Dynamite too they just nailed a combination Lifetaker Kick and Third Degree!"

Mike:Man thats gotta be it!

NNTK knocks bishop off the apron and goes out after him as Lynas pins Ignatius.

AJ:"One! Two! Three! Thats it its over!"

Mike:"And the ref never saw the damn belt shot from Kruger at ringside! Bishop was trying to point out cheating from NNTK and Lynas to the ref and they took advantage!"

The bell rings and Live For This plays again to a storm of boos in the arena,NNTK has just thrown Bishop over the steps and Vade joins lynas in the ring..

NNTK throws him in the ring now and joins Vade & Lynas.

Mike:"Ah no things arent looking good here.."

As Bishop and Ignatius get up immediately Vade nails Bishop with the belt in the face dropping him,NNTK and Lynas jump right on Ignatius as well.

NNTK and Lynas are quickly going to work on Ignatius now and Vade is nailing Bishop with mounted punchs repeatedly ,busting him open.

Boos reign out and continue as the beatdown goes on,,when Suddenly Trail of tears play and Tommy hawk comes running down to a major pop and into the ring and knocks Vade off Bishop giving Bishop the chance to get up and help Ignatius with NNTK and Lynas..

AJ:"Tommy hawk Hes here to come down to help and hes evening the odds too on The origin!"

Hawk is trading punches with vade back and forth quickly and Bishop and Ignatius are fighting with NNTK and Lynas,soon tho NNTK starts turning the tide on Bishop,then he hits a heavy chop to the head knocking him down,then NNTK and Lynas double team Ignatius with an enzugiri/superkick combination dropping him then all three members of Origin surround Hawk .

Mike:"Uh oh but The Origins back in control and this looks bad.."

They all quickly jump on Hawk,putting him on the mat,then begin to stomp punch and kick him in the face then go to Bishop and beginning triple teaming him as they get him up,Lynas and Vade Hold him as NNTK hits him in the face with a big right ,then NNTk and Vade hold him as Lynas drops Bishop to his knees with a kick in the gut,then Vade smashes him with the belt...then Ignatius gets thrown out of the ring to the outside right over the top rope by NNTK with a a claw chokeslam combination...

Live for this plays again as boos come from all over the arena as Origin stands tall in the ring.

AJ:"My god they just tore them apart! it started when they started the numbers advantage after the match and then just completely broke down!"

"Mike:Im shocked at what we just saw here AJ What a night and thats it for us well see you this friday on Mayhem,be sure to join us as Im sure there'll be major backlash from this not to mention the continental match! See you the folks!"

AJ:"Yep thats it for this show,You dont want miss a moment of Mayhem !"
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