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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 4

Post by VadeKruger » Mar 20th, '11, 09:52

AJ "Yeah, so the ring is now clear, batten down the hatches folks here we go!!!"

Mike "Woo!"

~Camera swoops over the crowd to JD who is waiting in the ring smiling~

JD "Ladies and Gentlemen this is the WWR Vortex main event of the evening. It is a tag team match set for one fall!!!"

~The fans cheer loudly as 'Its Not War' by Manic Street Preachers plays. Johnny Bishop appears in his usual attire with long dark hair and black trunks. He greets the fans as he walks to the ring slapping hands with as many people as he can~

AJ "What an impact this man has made since his retirn to WWR!"

Mike "And he WILL beat Kruger this Sunday at Path To Glory!!"

~Bishop enters the ring and poses for the fans, the flashes of the cameras lights up the whole arena. His music stops, Bishop looks at the ramp awaiting his partner, then 'The Pretender' by Foo Fighters starts and again the fans erupt as Ryan Ignatius walks out, then stops as fireworks go off behind him. He walks toward the ring again stretching aas he does~

Mike "Now THIS guy is the best technical wrestler in WWR!! He can reverse any move, Im tellin ya!"

AJ "Man I hope does tonight!!"

JD "His tag team partner from Los Angeles California, weighing 246lbs, Ryyaaannn IIIgnaatiiuuss!!!"

~The fans cheer loudly as Ryan gets in the ring, then the music stops~

AJ "We now await assholes incorporated!!"

~Fire shoots out from the turnbuckle in a red explosion of smoke as "The End Of Everything"
begins to play to a loud reception of boos from the crowd and NNTK walks out~

Mike: "There he is, Krugers tag partner in this main event...the fierce and brutal NNTK. Hes like a wolf in there but also hes got the cunning of a snake so dont ever turn your back on THAT man."

AJ: "Absolutely correct, last week we saw him return as a second surprise mystery opponent for Kruger in the main event only for him to turn around and screw Ryan Ignatius over by siding WITH Vade and Legion, now Ignatius has got a chance for revenge and sunday at Path To Glory hes got him in a one on one match!"

~NNTK walks slowly to the ring now when suddenly the fans erupt with cheers loudly as Ryan Ignatius leaps off the apron and runs at NNTK and hits him right in the face knocking him down~

Mike:"Hey speaking of revenge and retribution Ignatius has gotten a headstart in this match!"

AJ: "Looks like he couldnt wait and I cant say I blame him either!"

~NNTK is back up now and theyre trading punches back and forth going down the ramp, the fans continue to cheer still.....as they get to ringside NNTK ducks a right and comes back with a kick in the below the belt and shoves Ignatius by the neck back into the ringsteps with a thunderous thud.~

~Deafening boos come throughout the arena~

Mike: "Oh that stopped him in his tracks......he got pushed right into the steps by NNTK!!"

AJ: "And the match hasnt even started yet!"

~Suddenly 'Slither' begins to play, a wall of white sparks fizz out around the entrance ramp, after a short moment Vade appears to tremendous boos from the crowd. As the sparks disappear he looks up at the ring and fireworks shoot up up from where he stands~

JD: "And his tag team partner from Warrington England, weighing 260 pounds, here is the WWR World Heavyweight Champiioooonn..........'The Scorpion' Vaaaaaade Kruuugeeerrr!!!!"

~The fans boo again, he begins to approach the ring slowly, spitting at a fan on his way by. Kruger walks straight up the steps and over to the waiting Bishop, then holds the world title belt up in his face~

AJ: "Bishop will be holding that belt come Saturday, Scorpion!!!"

~Kruger walks away and gets a pat on the back from NNTK. Ignatius is still showing the effects of the shot to the steps so Bishop will start with NNTK~

#Bell rings#

~Bishop ducks an attempted 'Lifetaker' kick by NNTK and hits a dropkick followed by a hip toss and then an arm drag into the armbar. NNTK kicks his legs in anger, Bishop gets a huge cheer from the crowd as he applies more pressure~

Mike "Thasts how you beat these guys, use your quickness and your brains. These guys arent too smart!!"

AJ "On the contrary Mike I know Kruger very well and hes a very smart man!!"

~NNTK gets back to his feet but Bishop drags him back down again. Ignatius is now back up on the apron and cheering Bishop on. NNTK again gets to his feet, this time he backs Bishop into the corner and knees him in the gut. NNTK slows the pace right down and chops Bishop across his chest~

AJ "Reverse knife edge there, NNTK will now look for a big move I suspect"

~NNTK goes for a suplex and hits it. He drops a big leg across Bishops chest and goes for the cover but doesnt hook a leg~


~Kick out from Bishop~

Mike "Smart eh? Really AJ?!"

AJ "Ummm..."

~NNTK drags Bishop over to Kruger and tags him in. Vade enters the ring to massive boos that echo all over the arena. He stomps on Bishop as he is still on the mat. Vade looks at Ignatius who is itching to get in the ring. Vade spits at him, Ryan comes in and the ref stops him. NNTK and Kruger double team Bishop behind the refs back, NNTK holds Bishop from behing, Vade hits Bishop with a Spuerkick and NNTK lifts him over with a release German Suplex. NNTK leaves the ring before the refturns around like nothings happened. The fans boo again, Vade smirks and then covers Bishop~




~Bishop rolls a shoulder~

AJ "He barely got out of that one!!"

~Vade applies a reverse chinlock to Bishop, the fans start to clap to try and get Bishop off the mat. Vade tags in NNTK who waits for him to get back up on his feet, as he turns around NNTK runs and drops him with a hard lariat~

~NNTK pulls Bishop up on his shoulders and then drops him across his knee with crushing force with a gutbuster. Then he goes to the corner and tags in Vade who enters the ring to loud boos again~

~NNTK whips Bishop over towards Kruger who catches him with a belly to belly overhead release suplex~

AJ "Hey NNTK youre not the legal man!"

~Vade holds him down on the mat as NNTK jumps into the air and comes down with stiff knee in the face~

AJ "Get him outta there ref!!"

~The fans boo the double teaming as the ref tries to restore order....demanding NNTK leave the ring. He eventually does...getting back on the apron~

Mike "The referee needs to wake up if hes gonna keep his one under control!!"

~Bishop has rolled over to Ignatius and tags him in!! Kruger was too busy having words with the referee.......Kruger goes for a spinning heelkick on Ignatius but he counters with a standing ankle lock, Vade panics but manages to get over to the ropes and Ignatius breaks the hold. Vade flies off the ropes looking for a flying clothesline but Ignatius manages to move and catch Krugers arm in mid air, applying an armbar as they hit the mat. Kruger struggles to get free but then walks right into a German suplex by Ignatius, then a gutwrench suplex finally followed by a belly to belly suplex. Vade is flat out, Ignatius climbs to the top rope looking for the flying headbutt. He leaps but Kruger rolls out of the way, both men down~

AJ "Come on Ryan!!" Get up, you have to!!"

~Bishop is still feeling the effects of this onslaught he was on the receiving end of, but hes up for more action as the refs count reaches four~

Mike "Ryan make the tag!!!"

~Ignatius begins dragging himself to his corner, Vade gets hold of his foot but Ignatius kicks him off then makes the tag to Bishop who comes in swinging, he nails Vade with a right hand, then goes over to the corner where NNTK is stood and nails him, he then turns to Vade and whis him to the ropes, he puts his head down and throws Vade over with a backdrop,Kruger gets up and runs into a clothesline, then another. Cover by Bishop~



~Kick out from Kruger. Bishop whips him to the corner and follows in but Vade gets the boot up. Bishops head snaps back and he falls into the ropes. Kruger hits him with a right hand, Bishop returns with a right hand of his own, Vade hits Bishop. Bishop hits Vade. Vade hits Bishop but he blocks it, then kicks Vade to the mat~

AJ "Back and forth in this one, Vade needs to tag a somewhat fresh looking NNTK!!"

~Vade grabs Bishop by the trunks and drags him over the top of himself through the ropes to the outside~

Mike "Bishop landed hard outside the ring with that one!! Look at Ignatius!!!"

~Ryan Ignatius has climbed to the top rope, as Vade turns around he leaps and hits a flying spear, flattening Kruger, NNTK comes in the ring and charges Ignatius but he hits a drop toehold and hooks in the 'Foregone Conclusion' in the middle of the ring. NNTK cannot get to the ropes, hes tapping~

AJ "But neither of these men are legal!! Whats Kruger doing?"

Mike "Hes got a steel chair!!"

AJ "Dont do it you son of a bitch!!"

~Vade has slid outside the ring and got a steel chair, he waffles Johnny Bishop~

AJ "What a coward!!!|"

~Vade gets back in the ring and smashes Ryan Ignatius across the back of the head with the chair knocking him out cold. The referee calls for the bell~

#Bell rings#

JD "The winners of this match as a result of a disqualification...........Johnny Bishop and Ryan Ignaaaaatiiuuss!!"

~Fans let out a cheer, Kruger pulls NNTK out of the ring and they back up the ramp, staring at Bishop and Ignatius who are still down following the chair shots~

AJ "I cannot believe it ended this way!!"

Mike "We will see exactly what theyre made of come Sunday at Path To Glory AJ!!!"

AJ "I suspect we will see much the same as here Mike, they cheat to escape losing!!"

~Just as Kruger and NNTK get halfway up the ramp, 'Sad But True' plays to an enormous reaction and Tony Bastion appears holding a microphone~

Bastion "Well it seems you two scumbags like using steel chairs?! Well in your matches at Path To Glory you can use them all you want because both bouts are no NO disqualification, NO count out!! So there is no escape!!"

AJ "Whoa!!! Huge news!!"

~Bastion leaves the stage, Vade and NNTK look visibly worried as they disappear to massive boos~

Mike "AJ I have just been informed one more match has been added to the card, it will be Danny Allen versus Sinister in a Hardkore match!! I would think Allen has let his heart rule his head after the beating he received earlier on!!"

AJ "So here you have it folks, the end of this Vortex and on to Path To Glory!!! We will see you then right here in the Sanitarium!!! So long!!!"
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