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Post by Big Red Machine » Sep 10th, '17, 15:40 reports that Becky Lynch has been cleared to return to action following injuries suffered last week against Tamina. She will face Brie Bella tonight on Smackdown. Also on Smackdown, we will see Team Anger team with Roman Reigns to take on Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Adrian Neville, & Michael McGillicutty, as well Cody Rhodes vs. Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose vs. Tyson Kidd, and Kalisto challenging The Miz for the US Title. We will also hear from John Cena following Sheamus’ attack on Raw.

Smackdown (2/11/2016)- Portland, OR
We kick off Smackdown with two pieces of news. First Dean Ambrose will officially cash in his MITB contract for a WWE Title shot at Unforgiven. Secondly, tonight’s main event will be The Wyatt Family vs. AJ, Owens, & Zayn.

Becky makes Brie tap clean in four minutes to the Disarmer, then says that she wants another shot at Paige’s title.

We go backstage to Renee Young. The announcers ask her how she is feeling after the heinous way Wade Barrett treated her on Raw. Renee says she was a little shaken up, but she is fine now- thanks to Dean Ambrose for preventing it from going any further- and she is ready to return to doing what she does best, which is asking the tough questions.
Her guest at this time is Roman Reigns, who has been booked to team with Team Anger tonight in an eight-man tag despite having some very public disagreements with them over the past week or so. She asks him for his thoughts on the matter. He says that he is pretty sure that Team Anger went to Steph to get this booked, and while he is unhappy about having to team with them, he is going to do his job and try to win the match because that what professionals do, no matter who they have to team with.

We go back to the ring where the Dudley Boyz are once again cutting a promo asking for some competition. The Brain Trust come out and call them disgraces to the tag titles. They say they’ve been trying to send the Dudleys a “letter of intent” to challenge for the tag titles for weeks but they keep bouncing back because “Dudleyville isn’t even a real place.” Bubba responds by saying that, due to Big Daddy Dudley’s many travels just about anywhere is Dudleyville and anyone could be a Dudley. Even you might be a Dudley, Sandow.”
Sandow gets gravely offended by this, shouting “HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY MOTHER LIKE THAT!” (Otunga pipes in with a threat to sue the Dudleys for slander), and insists that he is far too smart to be a Dudley. More barbs are exchanged until Steph comes out and books a tag match as tomorrow night’s featured match on Superstars.

Renee Young is interviewing Heath Slater backstage. He tells Renee that he is very glad that Dean Ambrose was able to protect her from Wade Barrett on Raw and says that he hopes that Dean will be able to show Tyson Kidd some pointers on how to fight someone off to protect a woman tonight in their match tonight.

We then go over to Byron Saxton, who is standing by with Cody Rhodes. Cody explains that he asked for this match tonight against Dolph Ziggler because he heard what Dolph said about him on Raw and he is going to prove Dolph wrong and earn himself another shot at the World Heavyweight Title all in one fell swoop.

Team Anger keep shouting at Roman to use his anger, but he keeps telling them to shut up and stop bothering him. Eventually this leads to Roman being distracted at a key moment and eating a WMD from Big Show. Team Anger, realizing that they have screwed up, all charge in to attack Big Show. Truth and Swagger both get put down with WMDs but Kane manages to clothesline Show over the top rope. Neville makes a blind tag as Show is going over the top, nails Kane with a dropkick to send him to the outside, then hits Roman with a Red Arrow for the pin.
After the match Show grabs a mic and points out that he just put a bunch of guys down with his WMD, just like he did to Rusev two weeks ago and reiterates his demand for a title shot. Lana, Lefort, and Rusev show up and say that Show doesn’t deserve one. Steph comes out and says that she is really pissed at the League of Nations for what Barrett did on Raw so she isn’t going to let them duck title shots any more. She points out that Neville- who got the win tonight- also did beat Rusev when he beat him by DQ on the 1/7 Smakdown, so Neville will get an IC Title shot next week on Raw, while Big Show will get a shot after that.

Byron Saxton is interviewing Sin Cara about the fact that he seemed to let Kalisto get a pin instead of going for one himself in their four-way on Raw. Kalisto shows up and points out that Cara’s attempts at helping him once again failed because he still doesn’t trust him, and tells Sin Cara to keep his nose out of his US Title shot against The Miz tonight.

Emma wins clean in four minutes. After the match she says that she wants a shot at Paige’s title. Paige comes out to address this, but is then confronted by Becky, who also wants a shot at the title. While the three women argue in the ring, Tamina comes out from the crowd and lays all of them out, then poses with the title.

Byron Saxton interviews Tyson Kidd about his match with Dean Ambrose tonight and the various comments that have been made about him recently by both Michael McGillicutty and Heath Slater. Tyson says that Dean is a great wrestler and the #1 contender to the WWE Title and he’s honored to have the chance to go out there and face Dean and hopefully get himself back into title contention with a win. About McGillicutty calling him a “loser” because he got pinned in their tag match against the Dudleys on Raw he politely says that he is sorry that Michael feels that way and will gladly accept his challenge for a match next week on Raw.

Mark & Big E. win clean in seven minutes when Big E. pins Darren Young after a Big Ending.

We now go to a pre-taped promo from John Cena, who has been held off of tonight’s show due to fears that he might have suffered a concussion after getting hit with two Brogue Kicks during Sheamus’ unprovoked attack on Raw. He says that he is still awaiting final results from the doctor, but the preliminary results from his testing is that everything looks good. He then delivers a message for Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and everyone else who doubts him: “Telling me that I can’t do something is a great way to make sure that I work my ass off to do it.”

Dean wins a perfectly clean and sporting match in eight minutes via Dirty Deeds. After the match he looks into the camera and says “Barrett, you’re next!”

We got backstage to Byron Saxton, who is standing by with Dolph Ziggler for his thoughts on the comments we just heard from John Cena, as well as the whole situation with Cena and Sheamus. He says that he doesn’t really care about any of that. All that matters to him is that Sheamus has been stripped of his rematch for Dolph’s World Heavyweight Title, and he’s not afraid of Cena because he knows he can beat him, just like he did in the semifinals of the tournament that won him this title at King of the Ring, and just like he did last year at WrestleMania. All he cares about right now is his title defense against Jericho at Unforgiven. He says that he is going to get into Jericho’s head by beating Cody Rhodes tonight in a much quicker and more dominant fashion that Jericho did on Raw.

The announcers remind us that Kalisto has asked Sin Cara to keep away from this match, and he does so. Someone who doesn’t, however, is Jey Uso, who returns from his injuries by jumping out of the crowd and attacking Miz for the DQ just a few minutes in (basically the first time Miz goes to the outside). An angry Kalisto attacks Uso, allowing Miz to escape. The fight is broken up by security and we go to a commercial.
When we return from that commercial we are standing by with Renee Young and a still-seething Kalisto, who is angry at Jey for screwing up his title shot. Adrian Neville comes over and points out to Kalisto that if he had accepted Sin Cara’s offer to watch his back for this match, he might have been able to stop Uso from interfering. Neville says that Kalisto should be nicer to Sin Cara because they are all on the same side in the fight against the League of Nations, and asks Kalisto to please work with Cara to watch his back in his IC Title shot against Rusev on Raw. Kalisto accepts.

We learn that the Dudleys have been attacked backstage and we don’t know who did it. Everyone’s suspicious immediately fall on the Brain Trust.

We make up some excuse for why Heyman isn’t here tonight. Dolph has solid control for the first few minutes, but then #1 contender Chris Jericho shows up to do commentary, and it is clear that Jericho’s presence has gotten into Dolph’s head. Dolph does pick up the win, but Cody gets several very close nearfalls in, and it takes Dolph almost thirty minutes to put Cody away, five more than the twenty-five it took Jericho on Raw which Dolph had vowed to best.
While on commentary Jericho was asked for his thoughts on the Sheamus/Cena situation. His thoughts are pretty much generic babyface thoughts. Sheamus shouldn’t be assaulting people like that, Cena is tough, and Jericho would love to defend the World Heavyweight Title against Cena in the main event of WrestleMania XXXII after he takes the belt from Dolph in ten days at Unforgiven.

We get a backstage interview with the Brain Trust where they vehemently deny having had anything to do with the attack on the Dudleys, even though they are facing them tomorrow on Superstars.

Babyfaces win clean in however much time is left on the show, though it should probably be a good chunk. AJ pins Harper after a big flurry of moves by all of the babyfaces, ending in a Superman Splash.

Superstars: (2/12/2016)

Tonight’s featured match is a non-title bout pitting the WWE World Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz against the Brain Trust. Much of our pre-match interviews focus on the attack on the Dudleys last night on Smackdown by unknown assailants. Everyone assumes it is the Brain Trust even though they deny it. We focus on the idea that this attack has weakened the Dudleys and severely hampered their chances of winning. Bubba and Devon talk (aided by many clips from WWE’s vast video library) of times where they have fought through injuries in the past.

This match will have to go long because I doubt we can get more than about fifteen minutes out of those interviews without it feeling too repetitive. To that end I’d have a double heat here, and do everything possible to make it look like the Dudleys really are being affected by these injuries. The Brain Trust eventually get the win in about twenty-five minutes. Any remaining time can be used to plug Uforgiven, which we now learn the Brain Trust will be getting a title shot at by virtue of having defeated the champions here tonight.

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