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Re: BRM Books Raw 1,000 and beyond

Post by Big Red Machine » Sep 10th, '17, 15:40 reports that Becky Lynch has been cleared to return to action following injuries suffered last week against Tamina. She will face Brie Bella tonight on Smackdown. Also on Smackdown, we will see Team Anger team with Roman Reigns to take on Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Adrian Neville, & Michael McGillicutty, as well Cody Rhodes vs. Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose vs. Tyson Kidd, and Kalisto challenging The Miz for the US Title. We will also hear from John Cena following Sheamus’ attack on Raw.

Smackdown (2/11/2016)- Portland, OR
We kick off Smackdown with two pieces of news. First Dean Ambrose will officially cash in his MITB contract for a WWE Title shot at Unforgiven. Secondly, tonight’s main event will be The Wyatt Family vs. AJ, Owens, & Zayn.

Becky makes Brie tap clean in four minutes to the Disarmer, then says that she wants another shot at Paige’s title.

We go backstage to Renee Young. The announcers ask her how she is feeling after the heinous way Wade Barrett treated her on Raw. Renee says she was a little shaken up, but she is fine now- thanks to Dean Ambrose for preventing it from going any further- and she is ready to return to doing what she does best, which is asking the tough questions.
Her guest at this time is Roman Reigns, who has been booked to team with Team Anger tonight in an eight-man tag despite having some very public disagreements with them over the past week or so. She asks him for his thoughts on the matter. He says that he is pretty sure that Team Anger went to Steph to get this booked, and while he is unhappy about having to team with them, he is going to do his job and try to win the match because that's what professionals do, no matter who they have to team with.

We go back to the ring where the Dudley Boyz are once again cutting a promo asking for some competition. The Brain Trust come out and call them disgraces to the tag titles. They say they’ve been trying to send the Dudleys a “letter of intent” to challenge for the tag titles for weeks but they keep bouncing back because “Dudleyville isn’t even a real place.” Bubba responds by saying that, due to Big Daddy Dudley’s many travels just about anywhere is Dudleyville and anyone could be a Dudley. Even you might be a Dudley, Sandow.”
Sandow gets gravely offended by this, shouting “HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY MOTHER LIKE THAT!” (Otunga pipes in with a threat to sue the Dudleys for slander), and insists that he is far too smart to be a Dudley. More barbs are exchanged until Steph comes out and books a tag match as tomorrow night’s featured match on Superstars.

Renee Young is interviewing Heath Slater backstage. He tells Renee that he is very glad that Dean Ambrose was able to protect her from Wade Barrett on Raw and says that he hopes that Dean will be able to show Tyson Kidd some pointers on how to fight someone off to protect a woman tonight in their match tonight.

We then go over to Byron Saxton, who is standing by with Cody Rhodes. Cody explains that he asked for this match tonight against Dolph Ziggler because he heard what Dolph said about him on Raw and he is going to prove Dolph wrong and earn himself another shot at the World Heavyweight Title all in one fell swoop.

Team Anger keep shouting at Roman to use his anger, but he keeps telling them to shut up and stop bothering him. Eventually this leads to Roman being distracted at a key moment and eating a WMD from Big Show. Team Anger, realizing that they have screwed up, all charge in to attack Big Show. Truth and Swagger both get put down with WMDs but Kane manages to clothesline Show over the top rope. Neville makes a blind tag as Show is going over the top, nails Kane with a dropkick to send him to the outside, then hits Roman with a Red Arrow for the pin.
After the match Show grabs a mic and points out that he just put a bunch of guys down with his WMD, just like he did to Rusev two weeks ago and reiterates his demand for a title shot. Lana, Lefort, and Rusev show up and say that Show doesn’t deserve one. Steph comes out and says that she is really pissed at the League of Nations for what Barrett did on Raw so she isn’t going to let them duck title shots any more. She points out that Neville- who got the win tonight- also did beat Rusev when he beat him by DQ on the 1/7 Smakdown, so Neville will get an IC Title shot next week on Raw, while Big Show will get a shot after that.

Byron Saxton is interviewing Sin Cara about the fact that he seemed to let Kalisto get a pin instead of going for one himself in their four-way on Raw. Kalisto shows up and points out that Cara’s attempts at helping him once again failed because he still doesn’t trust him, and tells Sin Cara to keep his nose out of his US Title shot against The Miz tonight.

Emma wins clean in four minutes. After the match she says that she wants a shot at Paige’s title. Paige comes out to address this, but is then confronted by Becky, who also wants a shot at the title. While the three women argue in the ring, Tamina comes out from the crowd and lays all of them out, then poses with the title.

Byron Saxton interviews Tyson Kidd about his match with Dean Ambrose tonight and the various comments that have been made about him recently by both Michael McGillicutty and Heath Slater. Tyson says that Dean is a great wrestler and the #1 contender to the WWE Title and he’s honored to have the chance to go out there and face Dean and hopefully get himself back into title contention with a win. About McGillicutty calling him a “loser” because he got pinned in their tag match against the Dudleys on Raw he politely says that he is sorry that Michael feels that way and will gladly accept his challenge for a match next week on Raw.

Mark & Big E. win clean in seven minutes when Big E. pins Darren Young after a Big Ending.

We now go to a pre-taped promo from John Cena, who has been held off of tonight’s show due to fears that he might have suffered a concussion after getting hit with two Brogue Kicks during Sheamus’ unprovoked attack on Raw. He says that he is still awaiting final results from the doctor, but the preliminary results from his testing is that everything looks good. He then delivers a message for Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and everyone else who doubts him: “Telling me that I can’t do something is a great way to make sure that I work my ass off to do it.”

Dean wins a perfectly clean and sporting match in eight minutes via Dirty Deeds. After the match he looks into the camera and says “Barrett, you’re next!”

We got backstage to Byron Saxton, who is standing by with Dolph Ziggler for his thoughts on the comments we just heard from John Cena, as well as the whole situation with Cena and Sheamus. He says that he doesn’t really care about any of that. All that matters to him is that Sheamus has been stripped of his rematch for Dolph’s World Heavyweight Title, and he’s not afraid of Cena because he knows he can beat him, just like he did in the semifinals of the tournament that won him this title at King of the Ring, and just like he did last year at WrestleMania. All he cares about right now is his title defense against Jericho at Unforgiven. He says that he is going to get into Jericho’s head by beating Cody Rhodes tonight in a much quicker and more dominant fashion that Jericho did on Raw.

The announcers remind us that Kalisto has asked Sin Cara to keep away from this match, and he does so. Someone who doesn’t, however, is Jey Uso, who returns from his injuries by jumping out of the crowd and attacking Miz for the DQ just a few minutes in (basically the first time Miz goes to the outside). An angry Kalisto attacks Uso, allowing Miz to escape. The fight is broken up by security and we go to a commercial.
When we return from that commercial we are standing by with Renee Young and a still-seething Kalisto, who is angry at Jey for screwing up his title shot. Adrian Neville comes over and points out to Kalisto that if he had accepted Sin Cara’s offer to watch his back for this match, he might have been able to stop Uso from interfering. Neville says that Kalisto should be nicer to Sin Cara because they are all on the same side in the fight against the League of Nations, and asks Kalisto to please work with Cara to watch his back in his IC Title shot against Rusev on Raw. Kalisto accepts.

We learn that the Dudleys have been attacked backstage and we don’t know who did it. Everyone’s suspicious immediately fall on the Brain Trust.

We make up some excuse for why Heyman isn’t here tonight. Dolph has solid control for the first few minutes, but then #1 contender Chris Jericho shows up to do commentary, and it is clear that Jericho’s presence has gotten into Dolph’s head. Dolph does pick up the win, but Cody gets several very close nearfalls in, and it takes Dolph almost thirty minutes to put Cody away, five more than the twenty-five it took Jericho on Raw which Dolph had vowed to best.
While on commentary Jericho was asked for his thoughts on the Sheamus/Cena situation. His thoughts are pretty much generic babyface thoughts. Sheamus shouldn’t be assaulting people like that, Cena is tough, and Jericho would love to defend the World Heavyweight Title against Cena in the main event of WrestleMania XXXII after he takes the belt from Dolph in ten days at Unforgiven.

We get a backstage interview with the Brain Trust where they vehemently deny having had anything to do with the attack on the Dudleys, even though they are facing them tomorrow on Superstars.

Babyfaces win clean in however much time is left on the show, though it should probably be a good chunk. AJ pins Harper after a big flurry of moves by all of the babyfaces, ending in a Superman Splash.

Superstars: (2/12/2016)

Tonight’s featured match is a non-title bout pitting the WWE World Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz against the Brain Trust. Much of our pre-match interviews focus on the attack on the Dudleys last night on Smackdown by unknown assailants. Everyone assumes it is the Brain Trust even though they deny it. We focus on the idea that this attack has weakened the Dudleys and severely hampered their chances of winning. Bubba and Devon talk (aided by many clips from WWE’s vast video library) of times where they have fought through injuries in the past.

This match will have to go long because I doubt we can get more than about fifteen minutes out of those interviews without it feeling too repetitive. To that end I’d have a double heat here, and do everything possible to make it look like the Dudleys really are being affected by these injuries. The Brain Trust eventually get the win in about twenty-five minutes. Any remaining time can be used to plug Uforgiven, which we now learn the Brain Trust will be getting a title shot at by virtue of having defeated the champions here tonight.
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Re: BRM Books Raw 1,000 and beyond

Post by Big Red Machine » Mar 4th, '18, 04:09

Over the weekend, Chris Jericho sends out a Twitter video challenging Dolph Ziggler to a night where they each get to pick the other’s opponent on Raw. Steph retweets it, saying she thinks it’s a good idea. Heyman Tweets back a simple statement saying that his client has no interest in such a silly and pointless competition.
The hype for tonight’s Raw revolves around several major points: Rusev defending his Intercontinental Title against Neville, an announcement for the Divas Title match at Unforgiven, the announcement of John Cena’s match at Unforgiven, and the return of Ashley Flair from her indefinite suspension for assaulting Nattie Neidhart after their #1 contendership match at the Raw 23rd Anniversary Show. She will face her arch-rival, the current WWE Divas Champion, Paige, in tonight’s main event.

Raw (2/15/2016)- Anaheim, CA:
The show opens with Chris Jericho coming out to the ring. He tells the fans about the challenge he made over Twitter, and that Heyman turned it down. He calls out Dolph to ask why he turned it down, insinuating that Dolph was afraid. Dolph said he never told Heyman to turn the challenge down. Heyman comes out and tells Dolph that he turned it down because he knows what Jericho is doing, which is trying to find ways to get into Dolph’s head, and he is trying to prevent that from happening.
Jericho says he was just trying to give the fans a more interesting show, and Steph liked the idea so much that she let him come out and start off the show making this direct appeal to Dolph to accept the challenge. She already has match slots blocked off for them, and knows which alternates she will substitute in if anyone she was planning on booking in a different match tonight is selected by either Dolph or Jericho to face the other. Besides… he doesn’t need to get into Dolph’s head. He already proved he was better than Dolph when he beat Cody Rhodes in a shorter amount of time than Dolph did, and when he pinned him in the 1—Way Elimination #1 Contendership match a few weeks ago.
Dolph is goaded into accepting, despite Heyman’s warnings, and Jericho reveals that his opponent of choice for Dolph is none other than the #1 contender to the WWE Title, Dean Ambrose!

They go for about twelve minutes, brawling to a double-count-out.

Byron Saxton is interviewing Roman Reigns about his match against Kevin Owens tonight. Team Anger show up and once again try to tell Roman to get angry during his matches and then channel that anger into motivation. Roman tells them that he’s sick and tired of them butting their noses into his business. He has no use for their stupid philosophy, and their attempts to convince him of it have done nothing but cost him matches… and last week on Smackdown it even cost them a match as well because he was their teammate and they still distracted him. He tells them to leave him alone that he doesn’t want to see any of them again.

The announcers explain that Sami Zayn isn’t out here at ringside for Owens’ match because he is preparing for his own match, which is next.
They go for about thirteen minutes. Roman has the advantage at this point, but Team Anger come out and try to get Roman to use his anger more. Roman gets angry at them, and they urge him to now redirect that anger to Owens but Roman just keeps yelling at them. Owens takes advantage of this by hitting Roman from behind, then nailing him with first a pop-up powerbomb and then a moonsault for the pin. The announcers put this over as a big win for Owens, with JBL lauding him for showing the necessary “ruthlessness” to take advantage of the fact that Roman was paying too much attention to Team Anger.
After the match Roman grabs a microphone and says he has changed his mind. Earlier he said that he didn’t want to see Team Anger again, but now he wants to see one of them standing across the ring from him at Unforgiven.

CODY RHODES vs. MARK HENRY (w/Big E. Langston) vs. SAMI ZAYN (w/Kevin Owens) vs. KOFI KINGSTON (w/Big Show) vs. KANE (w/Team Anger) vs. BRAY WYATT (w/the Wyatt Family)-
Kofi wins cleanly in eighteen minutes, pinning Cody. The announcers put this over as a big win for Kofi, given the high level of talent involved and the fact that he just pinned a former world champion in a match involving two other former world champions.

Jey Uso comes out and calls out The Miz for a fight, demanding that Miz face the consequences for attacking his family. Miz’s music plays, but a random geek comes out and reads a statement saying that Miz had to go home to Hollywood because he got sick. Neither babyface announcer Michael Cole nor Jey Uso believes this, but of course our heel announcer JBL does. Kalisto’s music plays and he tells Jey Uso that he is happy to fight if Jey is looking for a fight because he’s pissed at Jey for getting him DQed in his shot at Miz’s title last week on Smackdown. They start shoving each other, but Adrian Neville comes out to break it up, with Neville asking Kalisto to at least wait to fight until after he keeps his word to watch Neville’s back against the League of Nations during tonight’s US Title tonight. Kalisto backs down, but makes it clear to Uso that this is only happening due to him giving his word to Neville. It is later announced that Kalisto and Jey will face off tomorrow night on Main Event.

Tamina wins clean in two minutes, all but squashing Fox.

Byron Saxton interviews Dean Ambrose. He asks Dean if his double-count-out against World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler has put any doubts in his head about his ability to defeat WWE’s other top champion Wade Barrett when Dean challenges for Wade’s WWE Title this Sunday at Unforgiven. Dean replies that tonight’s double-count-out changes nothing. Tonight was just him letting out some of his frustration over having to wait so long to face Wade. Tonight he was merely imagining it was Wade Barrett’s face he was swinging at every time he threw a punch at Dolph, but come Sunday, when he gets the chance to make Wade pay for what he did to Seth Rollins and the way he treated Renee Young, he’s going to take things much more slowly and deliberately. He’s not worried about getting counted out because the match won’t ever get to the floor because Wade Barrett is going to quit long before Dean runs out of ways to hurt him inside the ring.

WWE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Alexander Rusev(c) (w/the League of Nations) vs. Adrian Neville (w/Sin Cara & Kalisto)-
Cara and Kalisto are able to work together to thwart all of the League’s attempts to cheat, but in the end it doesn’t matter as Rusev manages to pick up the clean win over Neville in twenty minutes. The LON take advantage of their numbers advantage to attack the babyfaces after the match but Big Show comes out to make the save, knocking every one of them (but Lana) out with the WMD. He says that now that Neville has had his title shot, he is the next in line (per Steph’s dictate from Smackdown) and he doesn’t want to be kept waiting.

AJ wins clean in ten minutes. After the match AJ cuts a promo saying that he doesn’t mean to disrespect Ryder because Ryder is a former multi-time US Champion and Tag Team Champion… but he’s AJ freakin’ Styles and he’s looking for a higher level of competition. Kofi Kingston comes out and points out to AJ that not only is he a former multiple-time IC, US, and WWE World Tag Team Champion, but he is also undisputedly the best athlete on the WWE roster. This has AJ’s attention, so AJ challenges Kofi to a match at Unforgiven, which Kofi accepts.

Renee Young interviews the Dudley Boyz. She says that most of the WWE Universe seems to believe the Dudley’s assertions that the Brain Trust were the ones who attacked them on Smackdown, and says that many in the WWE Universe have been speculating that the injuries suffered in said attack played a role in the Brain Trust defeating the Dudleys on Superstars to earn a shot at their WWE World Tag Team Titles at Unforgiven. Renee asks the Dudleys if they think those injuries did play a role in their loss, and if so, is it fair that the Brain Trust are still being given this title shot.
Bubba replies “While Devon and I appreciate the vote of confidence from the WWE Universe, we like to think that we’re tough enough to take a beating on Thursday and then come back at full strength on Friday and the fact of the matter is that the Brain Trust are a great tag team so it’s entirely possible that them attacking us backstage on Smackdown didn’t factor into that match at all and they just straight up beat us. The attack was the attack, and the match was the match. They’re separate. In six days at Unforgiven, we’re gonna get our chance to get avenge the blemish they put on our record and prove once again that we are the greatest tag team of all time… which just leaves one more thing to be avenged: the attack. And we plan on avenging that a little sooner.” Devon adds in “Oh my brother, TESTIFY!”

Heath Slater interferes, causing Tyson to lose in eight minutes.

Steph comes out to the ring to make some announcements about this Sunday’s Unforgiven PPV. First she confirms that the AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston match is now officially booked. Next she announces that she has booked Jey Uso vs. The Miz for the PPV, and because Jey actually pinned Miz a few weeks ago before Miz assaulted him and his brother, this match will be for Miz’s WWE United States Championship!
But Jey Uso isn’t the only one who has been waiting weeks for a title shot who will get it at Unforgiven, as Big Show will be getting his shot at Rusev’s Intercontinental Title on this Sunday’s PPV! And Rusev’s League of Nations compatriots, Justin Gabrfeil & The Colons will have to face the music for their earlier post-match attack as they will face off against the high-flying trio of Adrian Neville, Sin Cara, & Kalisto!
The next situation she addresses is that of the Divas Title. She notes that both Emma and Becky have three wins each and no losses over the past few weeks, and Tamina, while she only has two wins in that time frame, has only suffered one loss, which was a count-out where she just barely missed the count, and the many matches of hers that have resulted in the action continuing after the bell have all seen her stand tall at the end, so Paige will be defending the title at Unforgiven in a Fatal 4-Way.
She also assures us that the WWE Title match between Dean Ambrose and the suspended WWE Champion Wade Barrett will take place as advertised, as she had given Wade certain conditions he must meet in order for her to reinstate him, and Wade has assured her that those conditions will be met by the time the PPV rolls around. She then pointedly warns Wade to do what he has promised to do and not make her look like a fool come Sunday, or else she’ll leave him in the doghouse until after WrestleMania, which would not only cause him to miss out on his WrestleMania payday, but also to be in violation of the Thirty Days Rule with more than enough time for her to build up a match to crown a new WWE Champion at WrestleMania which Wade will have to watch from his couch.
Finally, she says, she is going to deal with someone who doesn’t currently have a match for Unforgiven, but should: 2016 Royal Rumble Winner John Cena. She calls Cena out and tells him that she is going to do something for him she rarely ever does: let him pick his own opponent for Unforgiven. She says she knows that he won’t choose a tomato can he thinks he can easily beat, due to both his own pride and work ethic, and the respect he has for the WWE roster and the WWE Universe.
She starts throwing suggestions at him. Cody, a former multi-time World Heavyweight Champion, multi-time MITB winner, and mutli-time tag team and IC champ. There is the Big Red Machine, Kane, a former WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, and ECW Champion, multiple-time tag team and Intercontinental Champion, former Hardcore Champion, and a man who Cena has engaged in some hellacious matches with in the past. Or “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry, a former World Heavyweight Champion and ECW Champion. Or the mysterious and dangerous Bray Wyatt, or one of his followers, Harper and Rowan. Or perhaps Cena would like to give a chance to one of the many hot up-and-comers in WWE’s ranks such as Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Big E. Langston, or the man Cena had an argument with last week and never got resolve his issues with: the second longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time, Roman Reigns.
At this point Cena cuts Steph off and tells her that after last week, there is only one man he wants to face: Sheamus. Steph reminds him that Sheamus is suspended but Cena says that the only guy he is interested in facing right now is Sheamus. He understands that this suspension is Steph’s way of punishing Sheamus, but for Sheamus’ cowardly attack on him last week and for the cowardly attack on Daniel Bryan back at Night of Champions which might well have ended Bryan’s career, that’s not good enough for him, and it’s not good enough for the fans. Steph relents and books the match, saying that she will officially reinstate Sheamus on Sunday, but will let him cut a promo live via satellite from his home on this week’s Smackdown.
The segment seems over and Cena heads off to leave but Dolph Ziggler shows up and tells Cena that he has chosen him to be Chris Jericho’s opponent tonight, so Cena had better pull it together and remember how to win because Dolph is going to be very annoyed if Cena screws things up for him. Vena responds by thanking Dolph for giving him this big match and saying that he does intended to win tonight, but he’s not winning for Dolph; he’s going to win for himself, to prove to himself that he hasn’t lost his touch in big matches. After a commercial we get…

Jericho wins clean in eleven minutes when he wriggles free of an attempted AA and rolls Cena up for the win, leaving Cena stunned. Jericho grabs a mic and cuts a promo noting that he was able to win his match against the opponent Dolph hand-picked for him but Dolph was unable to beat Jericho’s hand-picked opponent, once again proving that he is better than Dolph… and he is going to prove that fact one more time this Sunday at Unforgiven.

Renee Young tries to get a reaction interview from John Cena as he comes back through the curtain, but Cena simply tells her that he’s not sure what went wrong out there. He lost and he’s not sure what else there is to say about it, then walks off.

The Brain Trust come out to the ring to cut a promo saying that they’ll beat the Dudleys and win the tag titles at Unforgiven, but the Dudleys come charging out looking for a fight, but the Brain Trust run away through the crowd.

Ashley does none of her usual Flair stuff. Her demeanor is cold; almost stoic. They wrestle an intense mat-based, almost EVOLVE-style match for about twenty minutes with Ashley coming out on top due to some sort of roll-up. We go off the air with the announcers telling that Ashley has just propelled herself to the front of the line for a title shot after Unforgiven.

Main Event (2/16/2016):
Our opener is scheduled to be Bo Dallas vs. Darren Young but John Cena comes out before the bell rings. Cena cuts a promo saying that he rarely ever throws his weight around like this, but he insists that they add him to this match. Steph comes out and says that it’s okay with her as long as it’s okay with Bo and Darren. Bo rambles on about how Cena being in the match gives him the opportunity to beat John Cena and jump-start his career. Darren cockily vows to kick Cena’s ass, so we get…
They do some spots, including one where Bo rolls Cena up for a false finish. At around the nine minute mark Cena manages to hit Bo with an AA. Darren comes at Cena to try to knock him out of the ring and steal the pin but Cena sees him coming and AAs Darren over the top rope and onto Titus, then pins Bo for the win. On his way up the ramp, Cena tells the camera that he is “back on track.”

Mark & Big E. defeat the abnormally large jobbers in normal squash match time and fashion.

Uso wins clean in twenty-five minutes. Not only will this let Kalisto look strong in defeat, but hopefully they will tear it up enough to get people talking about Jey Uso as a singles guy heading into his title shot at the PPV.
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Re: BRM Books Raw 1,000 and beyond

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NXT Takeover: Validation (2/17/2016)- Winter Park, FL

Swann wins by roll-up in fourteen minutes, once again leaving Corbin stunned. Corbin again throws a fit afterwards.

Mojo & Elias win in ten minutes when Dana shoves Enzo off the top rope, letting Mojo hit him with Hyderdrive for the pin.

Crews wins clean in ten minutes, pinning Dempsey after whatever his finisher is.

NXT TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: American Alpha(c) vs. The Ascension-
Gable is the babyface in peril but manages to make the tag to Jordan. American Alpha manage to use their technical skills to chop down the big trees and get the clean win in twenty minutes to retain.

NXT TITLE MATCH: Finn Balor(c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Tyler Breeze-
Balor wins clean in twenty-five minutes. The finish has Joe locking in the Coquina Clutch but Balor comes off the top with the Coup de Grace onto both of them, then pinning Breeze to retain.

NXT WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH: Sasha Banks(c) vs. Bayley-
Bayley wins clean in twenty-five minutes with a roll-up out of the Banks Statement to win the title. The crowd goes wild. Sasha just sits there in disbelief while the celebration happens all around her.
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Re: BRM Books Raw 1,000 and beyond

Post by Big Red Machine » Apr 4th, '18, 12:23 announces that WWE Commissioner Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley has granted Roman Reigns’ request for a match against a member of Team Anger at Unforgiven. The task of determining which member he will face has been left up to Team Anger themselves, although Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley has given them the end of tonight’s episode of Smackdown as a deadline.
Tonight’s episode of Smackdown will feature a main event of John Cena vs. Kofi Kingston, a heavyweight tag team showdown pitting Mark Henry & Big E. Langston against The Wyatt Family, and we will have contract signings for the both the World Heavyweight Title match and the Divas Title match at Sunday’s PPV. We will also hear from Sheamus for the very first time since his indefinite suspension for Brogue Kicking Daniel Bryan in the back of the head after losing the World Heavyweight Title began almost five months ago.
The Miz will not be at Smackdown due to the same illness that caused him to miss this week’s Raw. Other matches for Smackdown are stilling being finalized, but we do know that the Lucha Dragons will be in action willingly as a unit for the first time in sixteen months.

About an hour before Smackdown, Steph tweets out that she is looking for a volunteer to team with Cody Rhodes against the Lucha Dragons tonight.

Smackdown (2/18/2016)- Ontario, CA:

Brain Trust win in eight minutes with illegal leverage on the pin. After the match, The Dudley Boyz come out and put Sandow & Otunga through tables.

We go backstage to John Cena, who cuts a promo building up his main event match against Kofi Kingston tonight and his match with Sheamus at Unforgiven.

ALEXANDER RUSEV (w/the League of Nations) vs. A VERY LARGE JOBBER-
Rusev destroys this jobber who is obviously a tomato can set up by Lefort, and who Lefort has dressed as the Big Show. Rusev starts to cut a promo in Bulgarian when Big Show charges out with a chair and chases the League of Nations off. Big Show then grabs a mic and cuts a big promo on them, saying that this isn’t fun and games to him. He hasn’t won a championship in four years but he’s still as dangerous as ever, and come this Sunday at Unforgiven, he’s going to knock out Rusev and anyone else who stands in the way of him winning the Intercontinental Title.

We got to a quick backstage promo from Mark Henry & Big E. to build up their match with the Wyatt Family later tonight.

Roman wins clean with the spear in five minutes. After the match he calls out Team Anger and demands to know which one of them he will face at the PPV. Kane and R-Truth come out of the crowd and jump Roman from behind. They beat the crap out of him, including Kane giving him a chokeslam through the announcers’ table. Then they tell him he will be facing Jack Swagger.

We go backstage for a promo from The Wyatt Family to build up their match with Mark Henry & Big E. later tonight.

Slater squashes the jobber.

Byron Saxton is getting a reaction interview from Heath Slater when Tyson Kidd walks by because his match is next. Heath starts to heap the usual abuse on Tyson, but this time Tyson Kidd snaps and assaults Slater. Security comes and pulls them apart. After a commercial break, it is time for…

Tyson is hyper-aggressive and all but squashes Ryder. The announcers wonder if Heath Slater’s comments have finally gotten to him and he has started to give into his anger again.

The Miz cuts a promo live via satellite from his house, where he is sick in bed. Being the egotist that he is, of course he has his US Title right there in bed with him. He starts to tell us how even though there is no doubt in his mind he would be able to kick Jey Uso’s ass, his doctor has recommended that he not wrestle in his present condition and doesn’t think he will be able to make it to Sunday’s PPV barring some sort of miraculous reocvery. In the middle of this, Maryse makes a cameo to bring him some soup, which he slurps throughout the rest of his promo.
Steph comes out and tells Miz that he had better hope he does have a miraculous recover because he has been home sick for most of a week now, and she still hasn’t seen a stich of paperwork from Miz’s personal physician and Miz has been refusing to be examined by WWE medical staff, so if he doesn’t show up to defend this title at the PPV, she’ll strip him of the title. Miz gets very angry at Steph and vows to “bravely” defend his title at the PPV even if he is sick, then claims that Steph is being horribly unfair and threatens to call the commission on her, then kills the feed.

Steph gets ready to head to the back but she is interrupted by the Prime Time Players. They think it is highly unfair that Cena was allowed to insert himself into Darren Young’s match with Bo Dallas on Main Event. Steph points out that she gave Darren the chance to refuse Cena but Darren and Bo both accepted Cena into the match. Titus says he wants revenge on Cena for embarrassing his partner, so Steph books Titus O’Neil vs. John Cena as tomorrow’s featured match on Superstars.
PTP head to the back and Steph is once again about to leave when Naomi comes out. She says that the Dudley Boyz' attack on the Brain Trust earlier tonight was clearly premeditated, as proven by their comments on Raw. She tells us that the Brain Trust would be out here themselves but are currently too injured to even walk. She says that they were clearly looking to injure the Brain Trust before their tag title match at Unforgiven to get an advantage because they can’t beat the Brain Trust fairly, and demands that they therefore be punished for this “heinous and cowardly attack” by having to forfeit their title match on Sunday to the Brain Trust.
Steph says that forfeiting titles is a rather extreme punishment, and even if she was going to strip the titles from the Dudleys, she wouldn’t just award them to someone. But Naomi is right that the Dudleys’ attack was premeditated and thus deserves punishment, so she is hereby suspending Bubba & Devon from Friday and Saturday’s live events, and will instead send them to Cleveland early in order to do media appearances to promote the PPV. Naomi tries to argue further but Steph puts her foot down and Naomi leaves.
Steph says that “because this is turning into one of ‘those’ segments,” she might as well make a few more announcements while she’s out here. First is that Bo Dallas has volunteered to team with Cody Rhodes against the Lucha Dragons tonight, so we’ll see that match later on. Second, both Kane and R-Truth of Team Anger have been suspended following their premeditated attack on Roman Reigns earlier tonight. Roman has been taken to a local medical facility where he is being examined by doctors as we speak. And finally, after their altercation earlier tonight, she has booked Tyson Kidd vs. Heath Slater for Unforgiven.
And now, because she’s already out here, she suggests that they go to a commercial break so they can get the ring set up for the contract signing for the World Heavyweight Title match at Unforgiven between Dolph Ziggler & Chris Jericho.

When we come back from commercial we do, in fact, get the advertised contract signing. Throughout the whole thing, Jericho keeps bringing up Dolph’s failings while Heyman keeps warning Dolph not to let Jericho get in his head. Dolph snaps and tries to attack Jericho but gets laid out with a Codebreaker and Jericho counts his own pinfall on the champion.

Mark & Big E. win clean in thirteen minutes.

We then go backstage to Jey Uso, who cuts the big go-home promo for his US Title match against The Miz at Unforgiven, vowing to win the US Title and get revenge for everything MIz has done to his family.

We then go to Renee Young, who is interviewing Bo Dallas about him volunteering to team with Cody Rhodes against the Lucha Dragons. Bo is all optimistic about what a big opportunity this is for him. He explains that this spot was originally intended for Miz, but due to Miz’s unfortunate illness, the spot opened up and now he has a chance to team with a former World Heavyweight Champion to take on a team of super-popular high-flyers.
The interview is cut short by the League of Nations attacking Bo from behind and Rusev laying him out with a Machka Kick. Renee tries to run but Lana grabs her. Wade Barrett, who had been suspended for putting his hands on Renee last week on Raw, returns to WWE TV and tells Renee that Steph decreed that in order to get reinstated he had to publicly apologize to her, so that is what he is going to do now, and he doesn’t care if this is a good time for her or not: she is going to listen to him.
Wade pulls out a piece of paper and begins to read in the almost monotonous voice of someone who is clearly only reading something because he has been forced to. “I apologize to you, Renee Young, for putting my hands on you in a threatening manner. It is conduct unbecoming of a great champion such as myself to act so aggressively towards one as weak and easily frightened as you. I also apologize for calling you obnoxious.”
Wade then smirks, reaches out, and pats Renee condescendingly on the cheek, asking “all good now, cupcake?” Renee responds by snarling defiantly. Wade then says “good,” and he walks off whistling, followed by the rest of the League of Nations. The camera then focuses back on Renee, who mutters “not as good as I’ll be when Dean takes your title on Sunday.”

The announcers can be sure to let everyone know what a douchebag Wade is, and find a tasteful way to point out that Wade stopped short of apologizing for calling Renee a rat. After a quick video package hyping up the PPV, Steph will come out to the ring and demand Wade Barrett’s presence. Wade comes out and Steph immediately shouts “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!” Wade responds by telling Steph that that was the apology she asked for, and that will have be acceptable because if she keeps him suspended any longer, she won’t have a WWE Title match at this Sunday’s Unforgiven PPV. Steph says that Wade isn’t quite right. There are still WWE live events this weekend, and he is suspended until the PPV. Wade says this is fine with him and starts to walk off but he is jumped by Dean Ambrose. Steph orders security to come out and separate them and orders Wade removed from the building.

Jack Swagger cuts a backstage promo saying that Team Anger doesn’t care that Kane and Truth got suspended. This was all part of their plan to try to get Roman to give in to his anger and learn to use it as a motivational force, just like they have. He says that he will drive Roman over the edge on Sunday at Unforgiven. He also notes how glad he is that Tyson Kidd has once again begun to tap into his anger, and predicts a victory for Tyson over Heath Slater at the PPV.

Dean Ambrose cuts a backstage promo in which he says that what he did to Wade Barrett earlier was just a taste of what he’s going to do to him at Unforgiven, where he will avenge the wrong done to Renee Young by beating the living crap out of Wade, and then avenge Seth Rollins by taking Wade’s WWE Title from him.

The Lucha Dragons work perfectly together and have no miscues. They win cleanly in seven minutes, pinning Bo. The announcers put over the fact that they worked perfectly together and say it is a good sign for their match on Sunday when they team with Neville to take on the League of Nations.

Next we get the contract signing for the Divas Title match. Steph comes out, then introduces all four women one-by-one. Each woman gets a chance to cut a promo, and just when it looks like things will be all wrapped up nice and smoothly, Ashley Flair comes out. She points out that she just beat the Divas Champion cleanly on Raw and says that she should be in the title match, too. Steph says that it’s okay with her as long as it’s okay with the competitors. Each of the four women say yes, so now we’ve got a Fatal Five-Way for the PPV (Steph says she’ll have new contract drawn up and sent to everyone ASAP).

We get a promo from Sheamus, live via satellite. He is much calmer than the last few times we’ve seen him, but he still insists on referring to the World Heavyweight Championship as “my World Heavyweight Title and vows that at Unforgiven he will “Brogue Kick John Cena even harder than I did to Daniel Bryan.”

AJ Styles is on commentary, scouting Kofi for their match on Sunday. Kofi picks up the major upset win in however much time is left in the show (should hopefully be about twenty to twenty-five minutes). The announcers note that Cena is right back to his losing ways in big matches.

Superstars (2/19/2016):
Tonight’s featured match is John Cena vs. Titus O’Neil, and while PTP do get some interview time to speak their mind on John Cena, claiming he “bullied” his way into Darren Young’s match with Bo Dallas on Main Event and stole Darren’s win, the real focus here is on Cena’s match with Sheamus at Unforgiven.
On the Cena side of things we focus on his poor win-loss record since his victorious return at the Royal Rumble. Since then Cena has lost to WWE Champion Wade Barrett, been pinned by Bray Wyatt, picked up a disqualification victory over Roman Reigns when Sheamus attacked him, been pinned by Chris Jericho, pinned Bo Dallas, and then been pinned by Kofi Kingston. JBL will push the point that this shows that the Royal Rumble was a fluke and Cena is going right back to having the trouble he was having before he decided to take time off. “Big Match John” is no more. Cena will push back on this, saying he is trying to get back into a rhythm, which is why he has been taking any match he can get into, even against guys like the Prime Time Players or Bo Dallas who some would consider beneath him.
For Sheamus, the build will be all about the Brogue Kick, with lots of clips of him putting people down with it, and with Cody putting over that the Brogue Kick to the back of the head put him on the shelf for several months with a concussion. I’d also have Daniel Bryan’s doctors talk about the damage the move did to him (I wouldn’t have Bryan appear, as this isn’t a good way to have him make his first post-injury appearance). Sheamus would get to cut a short promo in which he calls Cena an idiot for taking this match because wrestling Titus O’Neil can’t possibly prepare Cena to face someone like him.

JOHN CENA vs. TITUS O’NEIL (w/Darren Young)-
Cena wins clean in sixteen minutes (hopefully we can get that long out of Titus). The remaining time in the show will be used to plug Unforgiven.
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Re: BRM Books Raw 1,000 and beyond

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WWE Unforgiven 2016: (2/21/2016)- Cleveland, OH

WWE TITLE MATCH: Wade Barrett(c) (w/the League of Nations) vs. Dean Ambrose
This title shot was originally scheduled to go to Ambrose's best friend Seth Rollins, who was attacked by masked men in a parking lot shortly afterwards and suffered an injury, forcing him to miss this match. Ambrose, like many, suspects Barrett and the League of Nations of being behind the attack and is cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase in an attempt to avenge not just Rollins, but also to punish Barrett for putting his hands on WWE backstage correspondent Renee Young when Renee asked Barrett if he had been behind the attack.

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Dolph Ziggler(c) (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Chris Jericho
Jericho looks to prove once again that he is the best in the world at what he does by taking the World Heavyweight Title from Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler has the best manager in the business in his corner, but will that be of any use if he allows Jericho to get into his head?

WWE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Alexander Rusev(c) (w/the League of Nations) vs. Big Show (w/Kofi Kingston)
Big Show has already knocked the Bulgarian Brute out once with the WMD, and looks to do so again in order to claim his first WWE gold in almost four years.

FATAL FIVE-WAY MATCH FOR THE WWE DIVAS TITLE: Paige(c) vs. Tamina vs. Emma vs. Becky Lynch vs. Ashley Flair
With five worthy athletes but only one fall, this match is sure to be pure chaos!

Kofi is on a major hot streak, with victories over the likes former world champions John Cena and Cody Rhodes, but will that be enough to overcome the extremely talented WWE newcomer? Find out at Unforgiven, when two of WWE's best pure athletes face off for the first time ever!

Sheamus returns to the ring for the first time in five months and faces off against one of the all-time greats in John Cena... but the question that seems to be on the tip of everyone's tongue is "is Cena one of the all time greats, or did he merely used to be?"

Uso is looking for vengeance for his father and brother, and his first ever singles gold for himself.

WWE WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Dudley Boyz(c) vs. The Brain Trust (w/Naomi)
Will the Brain Trust be able to overcome the Dudleys' two decades of experience and capture the tag titles for the first time?

After a month of taunting, Tyson seems to have finally snapped and given in to his anger... and now Heath Slater will have to reap what he has sown.

Roman's dispute with Team Anger finally comes to a head in a WWE ring... but that's assuming Roman is even cleared by WWE doctors after the beating he received from Swagger's teammates Kane and R-Truth on Smackdown. And even if Roman is cleared to compete, will any lingering injuries prevent him from winning this match?

ADRIAN NEVILLE & THE LUCHA DRAGONS vs. THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS (Justin Gabriel & The Colons) (w/Sylvester Lefort)
The Lucha Dragons are reunited and back on the same page. Will the League of Nations be able to stand against this now-unified high-flying unit with revenge on their minds?
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Re: BRM Books Raw 1,000 and beyond

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WWE Unforgiven 2016 (2/21/2016)- Cleveland, OH

The pre-show starts with a taped announcement from Steph that despite what WWE officials and Roman himself had hoped, the injuries Roman Reigns sustained at the hands of Kane and R-Truth of Team Anger on Smackdown will keep Roman from participating in his scheduled match against Team Anger member Jack Swagger tonight. However, Steph says that she does have a surprising replacement for Roman tonight, but she is keeping this man’s identity a secret to prevent Swagger from trying to gain an advantage by attacking him before the match.

The panel spends their time talking up the matches and doing the usual speculation. We also get interviews with AJ, Kofi, Cena, Sheamus, Jericho, and Heyman to hype up the matches they will be involved in. Miz and Jey Uso also get to cut promos to hype up their match, with Miz claiming to have made a “miraculous” recovery from his illness.

Byron Saxton is interviewing Adrian Neville & the Lucha Dragons before their match but they get jumped from behind and beaten down by The Colons & Justin Gabriel. Security, Big Show, and Kofi make the save, and the babyfaces insist they are still able to complete in their match, which is scheduled for right now.

ADRIAN NEVILLE & THE LUCHA DRAGONS vs. THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS (The Colons & Justin Gabriel) (w/Sylvester Lefort)-
The babyfaces put up a valiant fight, but it’s clear they are hurt from the backstage attack moments ago, and eventually lose in twelve minutes when one of the Colons pins Sin Cara. After the match, Steph comes out and tells them that they are suspended for three days for their pre-match attack, and that starts right now, so she has security eject Gabriel & The Colons from the building.

Big Show comes out and says that he has gone four years without holding a championship in WWE and he doesn’t want to wait any longer. He wants his IC Title match right now! Lefort comes out to protest that Rusev isn’t ready yet but Steph tells him that’s too bad. His group shouldn’t have attacked people backstage. Steph tells the production people to play the video package, and tells Lefort to go get Rusev out here or else she’ll declare Big Show the winner by forfeit.

WWE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE: Alexander Rusev(c) (w/Sylvester Lefort & Lana) vs. Big Show-
Kofi Kingston comes out to ringside a few minutes in to be at his best pal’s side for this big match. The story of the match is built around Big Show going for the WMD, which he has knocked Rusev out with in the past. Rusev works Big Show’s back, eventually getting him in the Accolade. Big Show makes it to the ropes, but before he can get up, Rusev knocks him out with the Machka Kick to pick up the win in about twelve minutes.

Slater enters first and does his whole entrance shtick. Tyson Kidd, to contrast, just charges right down the ramp at Slater and we start off hot. Tyson is extremely aggressive and picks up the victory in a 75-25 beating. Total time should be about nine minutes. Byron Saxton is standing by to get a reaction interview from Tyson. He asks Tyson about his aggression tonight, to which Tyson replies “if you thought that was aggressive, just wait till you see what happens later.”

Jack Swagger cuts a backstage promo saying he is glad to see Tyson Kidd once again channeling his anger and using it to motivate himself in the ring. He says that it doesn’t matter who the mystery replacement for Roman Reigns is; Swagger will use this same technique and, like, Tyson, he will come out the winner.

WWE WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Dudley Boyz(c) vs. The Brain Trust (w/Naomi)-
Dudleys win clean in thirteen minutes with the 3-D.

The announcers let us know that the reason Big Show isn’t out here with Kofi is because he’s getting concussion-tested after being KOed by Rusev earlier. They have a totally clean, athletic match. AJ wins clean with the Styles Clash in sixteen minutes.

Uso is very aggressive and dominates a good chunk of the match, but this leads to him making a mistake, allowing Miz to take over. Uso makes a comeback and goes for the top rope splash but Miz moves out of the way, then hits the Skull-Crushing Finale for the clean win in twelve minutes.

They have a hard-fought match full of big moves. The story of the match is Cena avoiding the Brogue Kick for as long as he can. Cena hits three AAs over the course of the match but Sheamus kicks out every time. Sheamus eventually connects with the Brogue Kick for the clean win in eighteen minutes. The announcers put over that this is yet another loss in a high-pressure situation for Cena.

FATAL FIVE-WAY MATCH FOR THE WWE DIVAS TITLE: Paige(c) vs. Tamina vs. Becky Lynch vs. Emma vs. Ashley Flair-
It’s a five-way clusterf*ck of action, with pins and submissions getting broken up all over the place. There is a ref-bump, during which Tamina gets a visual pinfall on Paige. Later, Ashley hits Paige with Bow to the Queen but Natalya Neidhart hops the guardrail and pulls Ashley off of Paige and out of the ring. Nattie then proceeds to beat the sh*t out of Ashley, with the announcers reminding us that Ashley cost Nattie a title shot by injuring her after a #1 contendership match at the Raw 23rd Anniversary Show, and now Nattie is back to wreak vengeance. Ashley attempts to escape by going through the crowd, but Nattie follows her.
Meanwhile, back in the ring, we set up some spot where Tamina is going to do her big splash but gets shoved off the top rope. We then get some sort of Tower of Doom type of set-up that results in Becky and Emma giving Paige a double-superplex. Both crawl over to make the cover but are so weakened that they can each only get an arm across Paige’s chest. The referee makes the count and Paige doesn’t kick out, resulting in a double-pinfall. There is much confusion over who won, so Steph comes out and says that she and her team will review the tape and make an announcement tomorrow night on Raw.

The announcers are all shocked that Rollins has returned this early, reminding us that Rollins was originally supposed to challenge Wade Barrett for the WWE Title but was injured in an attack by masked men in a parking lot a few days later and WWE officials didn’t think he would be ready to return in time for tonight’s show. The announcers put over Rollins’ fortitude for this amazing ahead-of-schedule recovery. Swagger works the knee, but Rollins picks up the clean win in twelve minutes with the Curb Stomp.

Renee Young is standing by to get a reaction interview with Seth Rollins when he comes through the curtain. He says he’s back at 100%. Renee asks him if he knows who it was that attacked him. Seth says he can’t prove it for sure, but like everyone else, he’s certain it was the League of Nations.
Dean Ambrose rushes over to celebrate with his best friend, so Renee transitions it into an Ambrose interview about his WWE Title match in tonight’s main event. Dean says he’s got determination in his heart, vengeance on his mind, and now his best buddy Seth Rollins in his corner, and when he leaves the arena tonight he’ll have traded in the briefcase in his hand for gold around his waist. What more could a guy want, Renee?
Renee looks down for a moment, then responds “how about some good luck?” grabs Ambrose, and gives him a big kiss on the lips, then walks off.

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Dolph Ziggler(c) (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Chris Jericho-
Dolph wins clean in twenty minutes to retain.

WWE TITLE MATCH: Wade Barrett(c) (w/Sylvester Lefort) vs. Dean Ambrose (w/Seth Rollins)-
They have an intense brawl for about twenty minutes before Dean manages to hit Dirty Deeds, but as he goes to make the cover, Lefort hops up onto the apron to distract the referee. Rollins comes over to try to get at Lefort, but Rusev runs out from the back to attack Rollins. Rusev beats Rollins down and gives him a big suplex through the announcers’ table.
Just then, a large man jumps the guardrail: IT’S RYBACK! He goes after Rusev and they brawl away. We get a ref bump, at which point Lefort begins to interfere. He holds Dean up so Barrett can hit the deadly spinning backfist finisher of the Barrett Barrage but Dean ducks and Wade accidentally takes out Lefort. Dean hits Dirty Deeds, and the referee recovers to slowly count the pin:



The anti-League of Nations babyfaces (Big Show, Kofi, Neville, Sin Cara, Kalisto) come out to celebrate with Dean. Sin Cara and Neville hoist him up on their shoulders and he holds the belt up in the air victoriously as they parade him around the ring.

Hidden text.
The pile topples down to the mat and Rollins climbs on top of Ambrose and starts pounding away at him. The other guys in the ring pull Seth off of Dean and restrain him while some other babyfaces come out to try to hold Dean back, and we go off the air with Michael Cole screaming "What the hell has gotten into Seth Rollins?!"
(I’ve been waiting YEARS to get up to being able to post this angle!)
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