BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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Tuesday’s VideoWire contains:
- Daizee Haze cuts a promo on Sara Del Rey for attacking her and stealing her pin in NYC even though they were partners. Daizee says she wants a piece of Sara in Houston.
- As Daizee’s promo is winding down we hear a lot of shouting coming from one of the locker rooms and run over to investigate. It’s the NRC’s locker room, and Roddy is yell at Albright for losing again, telling him that he isn’t carrying his weight.
- Dragon is cutting a promo about failing to win the tag titles tonight. Nigel McGuinness shows up and is a dick. They argue over who is better, with Dragon noting that Nigel hasn’t won the tag titles, either. Nigel notes that he beat El Generico tonight and that win plus Steen & Generico’s “open contracts” gimmick should put him first in line for the next title shot. Nigel says that he is going to prove that he is better than Dragon by not just winning the tag titles before him but by doing exactly what Dragon failed to do tonight and win the ROH World Tag Team Titles with KENTA as his partner. Nigel rushes off, presumably to go see Cary while Dragon fumes.
- We get some footage of Jimmy Jacobs being very sad about failing to win the ROH World Title from Tyler Black tonight. Lacey tries to console him but Jimmy is clearly depressed. In fact, he is so depressed that he is neglecting his role as leader of the Age of the Fall, as he doesn’t even seem to notice MsChif and Rain getting into a shoving match, with MsChif blaming Rain for their loss tonight. It is Brodie Lee and some civilian AOTF members who have to step between the two women.
- The Briscoes explain their attack on Steen & Generico as follows: They have failed to win the belts from Steen & Generico four times and they had just lost two straight matches and they’ve been losing a lot lately, but they really want a tag title shot because they know they can beat Steen & Generico, so they felt that they had to do something to “get their attention.” The tone of this promo should be something along the lines of two guys who know that they did something wrong for entirely selfish reasons and on one level they do feel bad about it, but they also stand by their actions and in the same situation they would do the exact same thing all over again.
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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On Wednesday, we get another NewsWire:
- ROH doesn’t want to reward The Briscoes for attacking the tag team champions, so instead of giving them the title shot they want, ROH is putting them in the second match on the card at Supercard of Honor IV, but that doesn’t mean that the Briscoes won’t have their work cut out for them, as they team with AAA’s Magno to face AAA’s Incognito and Alex Koslov, who will team up with ROH’s own Grizzly Redwood.
- Bryan Danielson was extremely unhappy about Nigel McGuinness’ actions documented on yesterday’s VideoWire saying that they disrespect both Dragon himself as well as the ROH World Tag Team Titles, he demanded a match against McGuinness at International Showcase. Unfortunately, ROH officials had just finished finalizing a match between McGuinness and Erick Stevens for that show, so the match was unable to be made. Realizing that in addition to possibly winning the ROH World Tag Team Titles, McGuinness might also be the ROH World Champion coming out of Take No Prisoners 2009 by the time he is unsigned for a match at an ROH show, Danielson demanded to be booked against big-name opponents at International Showcase and Take No Prisoners 2009 to put himself in a position to challenge McGuinness for the ROH World Title should he win it, and ROH has obliged, booking Danielson against whoever walks out of Supercard of Honor IV’s Tyler Black vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima ROH World Title match without the title for the next night’s International Showcase, and with Larry Sweeney’s consent, against Chris Hero at Take No Prisoners 2009.
- ROH’s newest tag team, Colt Cabana & D’Lo Brown have been signed for action in Houston, facing the YRR contingent of Kenny King & Jason Blade at Supercard of Honor IV and then the ROH Dojo’s own Grizzly Redwood & Andy “Right Leg” Ridge at International Showcase. In other tag team news for that weekend, local wrestlers Darin Childs & Mike Dell will team up to face The Embassy’s Jimmy Rave and Ernie Osiris at Supercard of Honor IV, while the same two teams will also be involved in the same match the next night at International Showcase, this time as part of a Tag Team Four Corner Survival, also featuring the YRR’s Kenny King & Rhett Titus, and the Sweet N’ Sour Inc. duo of Adam Pearce & Chris Hero.
In other Sweet N’ Sour Inc. news, Shane Hagadorn will be part of a Four Corner Survival match at International Showcase, taking on Delirious, Brent Albright, and ROH Dojo trainee Alex “Sugarfoot” Payne. We hope to have even more news about Sweet N’ Sour Inc. related matches early next week, after ROH officials finish negotiations with Larry Sweeney.

On Friday we get another VideoWire. In this one:
- Sara Del Rey & Larry Sweeney accept Daizee Haze’s challenge for a singles match with Sara in Houston, call her a “pawn” in their game.
- We get an extremely angry promo from Steen (& Generico) on the Briscoes, with Steen throwing things and shouting “you wanted to make us mad, Briscoes? Well now you’ve made us really f*cking mad!” We want a piece of your asses in Houston!
- Rhett Titus cuts a promo saying he is sick of being attacked after his match by Sweet N’ Sour Inc., and even though he and Kenny King will be facing off against Pearce and Hagadorn as part of a tag team Four Corner Survival at International Showcase, he doesn’t feel like waiting that long. He doesn’t have a match for Supercard of Honor IV yet, and neither does most of Sweet N’ Sour Inc., so he wants one of them, and he doesn’t care which one he gets.
- Angry promo from Jerry Lynn about Claudio Castagnoli attacking his proteges. He says that if Claudio likes putting people through tables so much then he is challenging Claudio to a Tables Match at Supercard of Honor IV!
- Local Houston wrestlers Mike Dell & Darin Childs cut a promo saying that no one should sleep on them because they have a big surprise for WM weekend.

On the next Monday morning we get our next newswire, which is mostly full of matches pertaining to Larry Sweeney’s Sweet N’ Sour Inc. faction.
- Sweeney has accepted the booking of Chris Hero against Bryan Danielson for Take No Prisoners 2009 in Philly
- The match between Daizee Haze and Sweeney’s client Sara Del Rey will take place at Supercard of Honor IV
- In last week’s VideoWire Rhett Titus said he wanted a match against any member of Sweet N’ Sour Inc. at Supercard of Honor IV. Instead Rhett will get four of them, as he teams up with frequent Sweet N’ Sour Inc. foes the No Remorse Corps to face SnS’ American Wolves, Chris Hero, & Shane Hagadorn.
- Speaking of the Briscoes, they have been signed to a match against Kevin Steen & El Generico at Take No Prisoners 2009 in Philly, as has been requested by both sides, but because ROH does not want to reward the Briscoes for assaulting the tag team champions and because Steen & Generico might lose the titles to Nigel McGuinness and KENTA at Supercard of Honor IV, this match is non-title.
- Speaking of the tag champs, also signed for Houston is a Four Corner Survival match pitting one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions Kevin Steen against the Age of the Fall’s Jimmy Jacobs against the YRR’s Jason Blade against Ace Steel.
- The Tables Match between Jerry Lynn and Claudio Castagnoli has been accepted by Claudio and made official.

Supercard of Honor IV (4/3/2009)- Houston, TX

The Embassy come out to start the show, but Jimmy Rave is missing. Nana explains that Jimmy had travel problems and was not able to leave Ghana, so he will not be here this weekend. But we should not despair. Rather we should feel honored because although the “Crown Jewel” of the Embassy will not grace us with his in-ring skill tonight, none other than the great Prince Nana himself will step into the ring to team with Ernie Osiris against… whoever these jabronis are that they have been booked against.
The Embassy’s opponents tonight, Darin Childs & Mike Dell, come out and take offense at Nana calling them jabronis. They then remind everyone of the big surprise they promised for tonight, which is the legend who will manage them. The announcers will get excited that it might be Sunny, who showed up at last year’s WrestleMania weekend shows, but instead we get… BUSHWHACKER LUKE!

THE EMBASSY (Ernie Osiris & Prince Nana) vs. DARIN CHILDS & MIKE DELL (w/Bushwhacker Luke)-
They go for about six minutes, with Nana being your typical cowardly heel, making Ernie do all of the work and only tagging in when the babyfaces are down. The babyfaces eventually take over, but Nana is able to slip Ernie his crown to use as a foreign object, which he uses to get the win, and while the referee didn’t see it, Bushwhacker Luke sure did, and he Bushwhacker walk-chases Nana through the crowd and all the way out the front door.

Briscoes & Magno win a fast-paced six-man tag in eleven minutes when Jay Briscoe pins Grizz after a Spike Jay-Driller.

COLT CABANA & D’LO BROWN vs. THE YRR (Kenny King & Jason Blade) (w/Rhett Titus & random hot chicks)-
D’Lo once again shakes hands in a very mocking, over-the-top way. Then he immediately goes over to try to pick up the YRR’s chicks. They have a back-and-forth match for twelve minutes until D’Lo finally pins Blade with the Lo Down. D’Lo doesn’t want to shake hands after the match but Cabana gets him to grudgingly admit that they were much tougher competition than D’Lo thought they would be and gets D’Lo to follow the Code of Honor.

DAIZEE HAZE vs. SARA DEL REY (w/Larry Sweeney)-
Sara wins clean in eight minutes with the piledriver. After the match Sweeney cuts a promo explaining that everything that happened in New York was done to get Sara in the same match as MsChif but on the opposite side so she could beat her and the plan was always to betray Daizee if it ever became necessary. Between that win in New York and this win over Daizee in this match here- which they had known Daizee would challenge Sara to because Daizee is so pathetically predictable and they were training for it all along- there is now no way that ROH or SHIMMER officials can deny that Sara Del Rey deserves a shot at the SHIMMER Title, and now, with the eyes of the world on them, they are going to demand that shot take place the next time the eyes of the world will be on ROH, next week in Philadelphia at the Take No Prisoners 2009 PPV!

After Sara and Sweeney have left, Daizee Haze-still selling her head and neck from the piledrier- grabs a mic and says that while she had hoped to be able to do this after a victory, she, too, has something very important to say. She calls out Jimmy Jacobs.
Jimmy comes out. Delirious wants to come out, too, but Jimmy orders him to stay by the curtain. Delirious shows that he really wants to check on Daizee, but Jimmy spins it by saying that because Brodie Lee isn’t here tonight, he needs Delirious to make sure that Lacey is safe, so Delirious heads to the back.
Daizee pleads to Jimmy for Delirious’ freedom. Jimmy insists that Delirious has joined the Age of the Fall by choice. Daizee concedes that this is true, but it is because Jimmy has been emotionally manipulating Delirious. Daizee compares this to the way that Lacey manipulated Jimmy’s feelings for her back in 2006, which makes Jimmy very mad, but he manages to calmly respond that in the end he was proven right: he and Lacey were meant to be together, and he won her love. He knows destiny and when he sees it, and the Age of Fall needs Delirious and Delirious belongs with the Age of the Fall.
Daizee angrily shouts back that “the Age of the Fall doesn’t need Delirious! YOU need Delirious! He doesn’t speak well enough to spread the Age of the Fall’s message. You just use him to fight your battles for you!” Daizee then begins to list off the many times in recent months that Jimmy has used Delirious as a pawn in his battles with Aries and Tyler and Necro, and how it is always Delirious taking the bullet for Jimmy, always Delirious who winds up going to the hospital, and not because any of these people are standing in the way of spreading the AOTF’s message, but all for Jimmy’s personal vendettas.
Daizee asks Jimmy how many times he went to the hospital while fighting BJ Whitmer or Colt Cabana because of something Lacey ordered him to do. The mentioning of Lacey and the… less than innocent start to their relationship once again makes Jacobs rather mad. Seeing this, Lacey comes running out to try to calm him down. Delirious follows Lacey out, then tries to get to Daizee but Jimmy cuts him off and tells Delirious “Lacey is safe because she’s with me now. You did your job. Now go to the back.” Delirious doesn’t want to, but finally relents when Jimmy authoritatively shouts at him to “GO TO THE BACK!”
While Delirious slinks off, dejected, Lacey grabs a mic and starts trying to make peace between Jimmy and Daizee, and just when she is about to say something to Jimmy about Delirious, Delirious comes flying back out through the curtain, having been hit with a steel chair by Austin Aries.
Jimmy shouts for Lacey to run to safety and tries to push her away from the on-coming Aries, which allows Aries to get over to Jacobs and nail him with the chair before he is ready to defend himself. Aries goes over to hit Delirious again but finds Daizee Haze shielding Delirious’ with her body. After Aries shouts at her to move and Daizee refuses, Aries says “fine. Then you’ll get what you deserve you deserve you stupid bitch” (the “stupid bitch line” hopefully making it more clear that this is intended as a little callback to the similar situation with Lacey and Jimmy and Aries at Undeniable 2009) and rears back and smashes Daizee with the chair. Aries then pulls Daizee off of Delirious and rears back to hit Delirious again…
But the time that Daizee bought allowed Jimmy Jacobs time to recover and he dives on Aries from behind. Delirious soon joins in, which forces Aries’ partner for tonight, Bryan Danielson, to come out to help Aries, and soon we wind up with…

(Lacey has taken the injured body of her former arch-nemesis Daizee Haze to the back for medical treatment.)
They go for about twelve minutes, mostly brawling, with Delirious getting beaten on for a lot of it until the referee finally stops the match when Dragon keeps nailing Delirious with the MMA Elbows. Dragon heads to the back and the referee tends to Delirious, but Aries and Jacobs just keep fighting. Some other refs and some security are sent to break them up, but they want to keep fighting so ROH Senior Referee Tod Sinclair quickly runs to the back, then runs back out and orders the bell to be rung, we’re having a…
RELAXED RULES MATCH: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Austin Aries-
They brawl all over the place and hit each other with stuff. The announcers note that we’ve finally got Aries vs. Jacobs one-on-one again, as none of their usual allies are likely to interfere, as Delirious is injured, Brodie Lee is working elsewhere this weekend, Tyler is preparing for his big title defense tonight, and Necro was not booked by ROH this weekend because he hasn’t been winning enough. Eventually Aries gets the clean win via Brainbuster in about fifteen minutes.
After the match Aries stands over Jacobs' fallen body and kicks Jimmy bit to make sure he is conscious before getting a chair and sitting on him to ensure that Jimmy hears every word of what he has to say. Aries then cuts promo calling Jacobs “inferior” and “inadequate” for Lacey. He says Jacobs failed to beat Tyler for the title at the 7th Anniversary Show but tomorrow Aries will defeat Tyler or Nakajima to become the first ever two-time ROH World Champion- while Jimmy has never even been ROH World Champion once.

During intermission, a brawl between the Steenerico and the Briscoes spills out from behind the curtain. Security and most of the babyfaces in the locker room quickly pour out to break it up, but not before one of the Briscoes violently rams Steen’s shoulder into the ringpost.

At this point on the DVD we will go backstage to Daizee Haze trying to get into the Age of the Fall’s locker room to check on Delirious, but Jimmy Jacobs is refusing to let Daizee in to see him, claiming that Daizee’s presence “only makes the Age of the Fall weak.” Lacey tries to convince Jimmy to let Daizee in, telling him that she knows why he is doing this, and he doesn’t need to show her how strong or tough or powerful he is. She knows that everything Aries said was bullsh*t and she wants to make sure that Jimmy knows it, too, and that Jimmy knows that she knows it. This seems to mollify Jacobs a little bit, but he still doesn’t relent and let Daizee see Delirious so Daizee slaps him and storms off. Jimmy looks like he is about to go after her but Lacey calms him down.

RHETT TITUS & THE NO REMORSE CORPS. vs. SWEET N’ SOUR INC. (Chris Hero, the American Wolves & Shane Hagadorn) (w/Larry Sweeney, Adam Pearce, & Sara Del Rey)-
Kenny King & Jason Blade show up to stop SnS from cheating, and the babyfaces pick up the win when Roddy pins Hagadorn in twelve fast-paced minutes.

TABLES MATCH: Jerry Lynn vs. Claudio Castagnoli-
Lynn wins in fourteen minutes by reversing an attempted Superplex through a table into a sunset flip powerbomb through that same table.

NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Blue Demon Jr.(c) vs. Adam Pearce (w/Larry Sweeney & Shane Hagadorn)-
Blue Demon Jr. wins clean to retain the title in however much time we need to spend on this politically to mollify the legend we are bringing in to hopefully help us draw. During this match the announcers let us know that Delirious might have a concussion, and has been sent to the hospital to undergo concussion testing.

ROH WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Kevin Steen & El Generico(c) vs. Nigel McGuinness & KENTA-
Steen is still selling his shoulder, and he gets to play the babyface in peril as KENTA and Nigel work it over with their kicks and their armlocks respectively. The announcers note that the only chance the Briscoes have of getting the title match they want in Philly would be if Steen & Generico are still champions, and it would be quite ironic if an injury they caused resulted in Steen & Generico losing the belts- and thus the Briscoes losing what little chance they have of their match against Steen & Generico being a title match.
Nigel and KENTA appear to have the match won several times but Steen always fights through the pain or Generico saves him at the last possible moment. Eventually Steen ducks a Lariat which accidentally catches KENTA in the jaw, allowing Steen to make the hot tag, leading to their big babyface comeback and victory to retain the titles, with Generico pinning KENTA (if NOAH will allow it, which they hopefully will because I’ll be offering them not just a rematch for KENTA’s GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title to take place in Japan where KENTA will get his win back, but they’ll also be getting some other guys from me for an angle, as will be revealed in the coming months).

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Tyler Black(c) vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima-
Tyler wins clean to retain in thirty minutes.
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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International Showcase (4/4/2009)- Houston, TX
Lenny Leonard notes that Delirious’ concussion tests were negative, so he can wrestle tonight
On the pre-show we get a segment with Prince Nana knocking on the locker room door of an extremely angry Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio almost attacks Nana just for bothering him, but Nana says he has come to give Claudio money… if he is willing to be Jimmy Rave’s replacement for tonight in the Embassy tag team so that Nana doesn’t have to wrestle again. Claudio snatches the money from Nana’s hands and grunts “fine. Now get out!”

KENTA wins clean in seventeen minutes with the GTS.

D’Lo doesn’t take either of his opponents seriously, and this time Cabana doesn’t really do so, either. At one point D’Lo gives Ridge a powerbomb on the floor, and when the ref reaches ten in the twenty-count on the outside, Cabana jokes that if this were WWE, he and D’Lo would have won by count-out.
Ridge manages to get back in just before the twenty count and eventually manages to tag in Grizz, who gets to do something that sort of resembles running wild, but not quite. We wind up on the outside so we can get some dives from the students and the match turns into a bit of a brawl. D’Lo goes for the powerbomb on the outside on Grizz but he slips down behind D’Lo and slides into the ring in time to beat the twenty count, so D’Lo is counted out.
It takes D’Lo a moment to process what has happened, but Bobby Cruise’s announcement drives it home for him, and he starts to attack Grizz and Ridge out of frustration. Cabana quickly runs over and pulls D’Lo off of them and brings him to the back, trying to calm him down.

TAG TEAM FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL: Sweet N’ Sour Inc. (Adam Pearce & Chris Hero) (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.) vs. The YRR (Rhett Titus & Kenny King ) (w/random hot chicks) vs. Darin Childs & Mike Dell (w/Bushwhacker Luke), Ernie Osiris & Claudio Castagnoli (w/Prince Nana)-
YRR’s chicks are freaked out by Luke and run away. At the first sign of Nana trying to interfere, Luke chases him away, too. With his manager gone- and thus his chances of winning reduced- Claudio, already in a foul mood after losing to Jerry Lynn last night, gets even more pissed off. This seems to work for him, as he dominates a good portion of the match, but as he nails Kenny with a Riclola Bomb, Hero makes a blind tag, then tosses Claudio out of the ring and steals his pin.
An angry Claudio nails Ernie with a Bicycle kick before storming off. Once everyone else leaves, Sweeney begins to cut a promo talking about how SnS Inc. will erase the stain of their recent failures with a big night tonight, and he wants to keep their hot-streak going, so he calls out the other three men in Shane Hagadorn’s Four Corner Survival match, so next we get the…

FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH: Shane Hagadorn (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.) vs. “Sugarfoot” Alex Payne vs. Brent Albright (w/the No Remorse Corps) vs. Delirious (w/Jimmy Jacobs & Lacey)-
The match starts off with Albright using his power to dominate everyone, tossing both Hagadorn and Sugarfoot around and even being able to dominate Delirious due to Delirious’ being very banged up after the rough past few weeks he’s had and last night’s concussion scare. Eventually the other three start to gang up on him. Albright valiantly fights back, managing to toss both Hagadorn and Sugarfoot out of the ring, but Delirious nails him with a Cobra Clutch Suplex then locks in the Cobra Stretch. Albright manages to make it to the ropes, although it is quite the struggle, as he just manages to get a foot on them, and when Delirious lets up on the hold, Albright is barely able to move. As Albright pushes himself up to his hands and knees, Delirious climbs to the top rope and hits Shadows Over Hell… and then Shane Hagadorn yanks Delirious out of the ring, scampers in, and gets a clean pin on Brent Albright.
Sweet N’ Sour Inc. go nuts. Even Hagadorn can barely believe it. Roddy, on the other hand, shouts “ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?! HAGADORN?! I got pinned by KENTA… and this guy gets pinned by Shane f*cking Hagadorn. Roddy walks to the back in disgust, but Stevens stays at ringside to help Albright to the back.
Sweeney cuts a promo about Hagadorn’s improbable victory. He then tells the fans that ROH management agreed to give Sara Del Rey her shot at the SHIMMER Title next week at the Take No Prisoners 2009 PPV just like he demanded, and that they allowed him to arrange a “warm-up” match for Sara tonight, which is…

SARA DEL REY (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.) vs. A RANDOM JOBBER-
Sara squashes the jobber like a bug and cuts a promo vowing to regain the SHIMMER Title from MsChif. Sweeney then cuts a promo plugging his charges’ other PPV matches and tells the Wolves that it is all up to them now to make sure that SnS leaves with a perfect record tonight.

Dragon wins clean in twenty-two minutes.


LUCHA RULES FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL: Magno vs. Incognito vs. Alex Koslov vs. El Generico (w/Kevin Steen)-
LUCHA! Generico wins clean in ten minutes. On the DVD, the camera will follow Steen & Generico through the curtain, where they will have a silent stare-down with the Briscoes, who are waiting for their match, which is next.

30-MINUTE IRON-TEAM MATCH: The Briscoes vs. The American Wolves (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
SnS do something on the outside that causes a distraction and results in Eddie Edwards rolling Mark Briscoe up for the first fall in about eight minutes. A few minutes later they cause another distraction, this time, resulting in the ref not seeing a pinfall Mark has on Eddie. Soon afterwards Mark is tossed to the outside where all of SnS go to work on him with stomps, especially concentrating on his knee. Although the referee never sees it, Jay Briscoe complains about it and SnS are ejected from ringside.
Unfortunately, the damage seems to have been done, as the Wolves work over Mark’s knee, and he taps to Davey’s cloverleaf at around the eighteen minute mark. The Wolves work Mark over for several more minutes before he finally makes the hot tag. Despite being down 2-0 with just ten minutes left and Mark’s knee being injured, the Briscoes manage to make a comeback and score three falls on the Wolves, getting the final one with just seven seconds left on the clock to pick up the 3-2 win.
While the Wolves slink off in humiliation, Jay Briscoe picks up a mic and proclaims himself and his brother to “the best tag team in the world.” This brings out an angry Kevin Steen, with El Generico trying to hold him back but failing. Steen grabs a mic of his own and tells the Briscoes “it’s time for my match now, so why don’t you stop running your mouths and get the f*ck out of my ring.” The Briscoes dare Steen to “make us” and some shoving starts. Generico, who had been trying to hold Steen back, stops trying to restrain him and instead leaps into the fray by his side. Security and most of the locker room quickly pour into the ring to break it up before any punches are thrown, but Steen gets one good sucker-kick off to Mark’s injured knee as they are being separated.

FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH: Ace Steel vs. Jason Blade vs. Kevin Steen (w/El Generico) vs. Jimmy Jacobs (w/Lacey)-
The announcers explain to us that the rest of the YRR isn’t at ringside with Jason Blade because they are trying to pick up new chicks for tonight after their previous gaggle was scared off by Bushwhacker Luke earlier. Jimmy Jacobs looks extremely angry and the announcers don’t know why at first, but during this match they get word that someone has jumped Delirious backstage and he has been taken to the hospital.
Steen is still angry, so he is very aggressive, tossing guys into things on the outside and using his size advantage to keep throwing guys around. The finish sees Jimmy hit Ace with his big diving senton, only for Steen to come off of another turnbuckle with a moonsault on top of both of them. Steen quickly pulls Jimmy off of Ace and pins Jimmy in about eight minutes.
As Steen huffs to the back, it becomes clear that Ace, who got squashed underneath both Steen and Jacobs, is quite hurt. Jacobs recovers enough to grab a mic and calls out Aries, telling everyone that it was Aries who attacked Delirious backstage. Instead of Aries, it is Colt Cabana who comes out, going over to check on his trainer, Ace Steel. Upon seeing Cabana, Jacobs gets very aggressive- as aggressive as he can be after the getting squished by Steen in the match he just had, anyway- and shouts for him to “STAY AWAY FROM LACEY!”
(At this point the announcers will explain the history between Jacobs and Cabana and Lacey, and why- especially after Aries’ comments last night and Jacobs’ losses this weekend- Jacobs might feel paranoid or feel like Cabana’s presence threatens his masculinity.)
Cabana assures Jimmy that he’s only here to check on Ace, but Jimmy keeps glaring at him suspiciously, and yells at him every time Cabana even turns his head in Lacey’s direction, even though Cabana is never even looking at Lacey. Lacey tries to calm Jimmy down and tells him that she only has eyes for him now, not for Aries or Cabana. She says that there should be no hard feelings between Jimmy and Cabana, and she says that she regrets ever having been with Cabana in the first place, and everything that Jimmy and Cabana put each other through because of her.
This perks up Cabana’s head and he uses the opportunity to try to draw a comparison between the way Lacey used Jimmy against him and the way Jimmy has been using Delirious against Aries, Tyler, & Necro Butcher. Lacey tries to support this idea but Jimmy will have none of it and just walks away.

NIGEL MCGUINNESS vs. ERICK STEVENS (w/the No Remorse Corps)-
On the outside, Roddy is treating Albright like a young-boy, telling him to “pay attention” to how Stevens does things and ragging on him for getting pinned by “Shane ‘still an ROH student after five years’ Hagadorn.” Albright puts up with it for a while, but finally snaps and starts yelling at Roddy, too, until Stevens asks the referee to eject them both from ringside. Nigel wins clean in sixteen minutes with the London Dungeon.

Bobby Cruise announces to the crowd that due to the Briscoes’ wins this weekend combined with Kevin Steen’s role in instigating tonight’s incident with the Briscoes in direct contradiction to instructions he was given earlier tonight by ROH management, ROH has decided to make the match between the Briscoes and Steen and Generico next Saturday night at the Take No Prisoners 2009 PPV taping a title match. They had been told to stay away from the Briscoes until Philly or else it would be changed to an ROH World Tag Team Title match, but it will also be the last title shot the Briscoes get as long as Steen and Generico are champions.

NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Blue Demon Jr.(c) vs. Jerry Lynn-
Blue Demon Jr. wins in thirteen minutes after Claudio Castagnoli attacks Lynn and costs him the match.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Tyler Black(c) vs. Austin Aries-
Before the match, Aries comes out and assures us that, unlike the title match we just saw, tonight’s match will have no interference because he has personally seen to it that his and Tyler’s shared enemies, the Age of the Fall, won’t interfere because he has taken both Delirious and Jimmy Jacobs out backstage tonight.
Nigel McGuinness is on commentary to hype up his title shot against the winner at the PPV taping next weekend. That winner turns out to be Tyler Black, who wins cleanly in thirty minutes.
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

Post by Big Red Machine » Nov 28th, '20, 17:59

On Monday we get a VideoWire containing the following:
- D’Lo Brown cuts a promo on ROH, calling it “small-time” because it doesn’t use big-time WWE rules like ten-count on the floor. If ROH used big-time promotion rules, he would have won his match tonight! (This would be included on the DVD somewhere in the show).
- Footage of Roddy and Albright arguing as they come through the curtain after being ejected from ringside during Nigel vs. Stevens. Roddy yells at Albright for losing, Albright yells back that he had three guys coming after him, while Roddy only had one opponent to deal with.
- Claudio Castagnoli challenges Jerry Lynn to hardcore match at Take No Prisoners in Philly, saying he is going to embarrass Lynn by beating the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion in a hardcore match at the former ECW Arena to show that, like ECW is over, done with, and irrelevant, the same is true of its alumni.
- Jerry Lynn cuts a promo accepting Claudio’s challenge and vowing to once again prove that he still has plenty left in the tank.
- Promos from the Briscoes and Steenerico building up their Last Chance match for the tag titles, with Steenrico saying they look forward to ridding themselves of the Briscoes for a long time, the Briscoes saying they won’t screw up their one shot because they’re the f*cking Briscoes!
- Larry Sweeney cuts a promo saying that Take No Prisoners will be the beginning of Sweet N’ Sour Inc’s rise to the next level. It won’t just be Sara Del Rey winning the SHIMMER Title, but several other big opportunities that he has been involved in negotiating that fans don’t even know about yet! Sara gets to cut a promo about wanting to set the example and be the first one to bring gold home to SnS.
- A promo from Jimmy Jacobs challenging Austin Aries to a no DQs match at the PPV, saying that he will prove that he is superior to Austin Aries by taking him out one on one.
- A big promo from Nigel McGuinness about his need to win back the ROH World Title.

On Tuesday, we get some big announcements from ROH:
- On the non-PPV portion of Take No Prisoners 2009, we will see a gauntlet match for a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Titles. Entered in that match are: the No Remorse Corps of Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong, the American Wolves, the YRR of Kenny King & Rhett Titus, Kenny Omega & Sal Rinauro, Irish Airborne, The Embassy of Jimmy Rave & Ernie Osiris, the Age of the Fall of Brodie Lee & Delirious, and Colt Cabana & D’Lo Brown.
- Because he has now won 5 out of his last seven matches 7 and hasn’t been pinned or made to submit since losing to Tyler at Trios Tournament two months ago, Bryan Danielson has been awarded a shot at the ROH World Title, which will take place later this month, although which show this will take place at is still being hammered out.
- One show we know that match won’t take place at is the show right after Take No Prisoners 2009 on April 17th in Montreal, Gold Rush, as the main event of that show will see Danielson team up with three other big names in ROH to take on Top of the Class Trophy holder Rhett Titus and whoever holds the ROH World Title and ROH World Tag Team Titles coming out of Take No Prisoners 2009!
- Also on that show, Sylvain Grenier will be making his ROH debut. This is a big match for Sylvain, as the only way to guarantee that he’ll get booked again is if he picks up a win.

Take No Prisoners 2009
(4/10/2009)- Philadelphia, PA

GAUNTLET MATCH FOR A SHOT AT THE ROH WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Colt Cabana & D’Lo Brown vs. the Embassy (Jimmy Rave & Ernie Osiris) (w/Prince Nana) vs. Kenny Omega & Sal Rinauro vs. Irish Airborne vs. No Remorse Corps (Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong) vs. the YRR (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) vs. Age of the Fall (Brodie Lee & Delirious) vs. American Wolves (w/Larry Sweeney, Shane Hagadorn, & Adam Pearce)-
Cabana and D’Lo beat the Embassy fairly quickly when D’Lo pins Ernie after a Sky High. They control a lot of the match against Sal & Kenny, but Omega manages to get a quick spurt of offense in on D’Lo, stun him with an enzugiri, and roll him up for the pin. D’Lo is very angry about his and has to be restrained by Cabana. Next in are Irish Airborne, who brawl with their enemies Sal & Kenny, and eventually beat them with a low blow.
The NRC are in next and make relatively short work of Irish Airborne, come out on top of a long fifteen-minute segment with the YRR, and even manage to defeat a third team, the Age of the Fall, when Roddy capitalizes on Delirious’ not yet healed injuries to get a submission victory, but by this point they are so exhausted that they are easy pickings for the American Wolves, who win the gauntlet.

Larry Sweeney cuts a gloating promo and predicts victory for Adam Pearce next in the…

FOUR-CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH: Brent Albright vs. “Sugarfoot” Alex Payne vs. Jason Blade vs. Adam Pearce (w/Larry Sweeney & Shane Hagadorn)-
Pearce wins clean in seven minutes.

Sweeney is really happy now because his guys are on a roll so he demands that we now start the PPV portion of the show with…

BRYAN DANIELSON vs. CHRIS HERO (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
Hero wins clean in fifteen minutes. The announcers put over that Hero just beat the presumptive #1 contender for after the PPV. Sweeney cuts another promo, saying that this should not only earn Hero a title shot, but that Hero should be able to cut Dragon in the line. SnS are 3 for 3 tonight, and it’s time to make it 4 for 4 with the…

SHIMMER TITLE MATCH: MsChif(c) vs. Sara Del Rey (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
MsChif wins clean to retain in ten minutes. Sweeney is stunned, then angrily tells his team that they are leaving this dump right now!

NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Austin Aries-
The announcers tell us that Jimmy has ordered the entire AOTF, including Lacey, to stay in the back, so that when he wins, he will know it was 100% on this own. They brawl for about ten minutes with Aries talking trash and having the advantage for most of it when Delirious charges out for the back and beats the crap out of him with a chair while shouting “YOU HURT DAIZEE HAZE!” over and over again, interspersed with Delirious-Speak, until the referee calls for the bell and declares Jimmy Jacobs the winner because Aries can no longer compete. Brodie Lee stumbles out a few moments later, holding his groin. Jimmy shouts at Delirious and slaps him, and brodie apologizes to Jimmy for letting Delirious get loose, explaining that he tried to restrain Delirious but Delirious hit him in the nuts. Jimmy berates Delirious some more, then heads to the back, while the announcers put over the idea that this result completely failed to soothe Jimmy’s psyche by giving him the psychological boost of proving Aries’ claims that he isn’t “inferior” to him and not man enough for Lacey wrong.

LAST CHANCE MATCH FOR THE ROH WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Kevin Steen & El Generico(c) vs. the Briscoes-
We get a violent, twenty-minute brawl that Steen & generic win clean. The Briscoes are very upset afterwards, but still follow the Code of Honor and shake Steen & Generico’s hands.

HARDCORE MATCH: Jerry Lynn vs. Claudio Castagnoli-
Lynn wins in thirteen minutes. He pulls Claudio up and offers him a handshake afterwards, but Claudio rejects it.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Tyler Black(c) vs. Nigel McGuinness-
Tyler wins clean in thirty minutes to retain. The announcers put over that this is a rematch from this same PPV last year, but now the shoe is on the other foot.
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